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Martin Stillwaters's page

433 posts. Alias of Rhiom.

Full Name

Martin Stillwaters




Paladin 2, Ranger 6










Silver Keep




Guide/Body Guard

About Martin Stillwaters

AC:27 Touch:18 FF:26 CMD:31 (25 w/o shield) Senses: PP:14 PI:14
Ac:32(vs ranged) Touch:23 (vs ranged)
Fort:+16 Ref:+10 Will:+11
HP:57/77 Initiative: +3

Standard: Flaming Scimitar, +16| 1D6+6+1d6(fire)
Lion's Shield: +15|1D4+6 (14/8 2d6 dmg, 3/day)
Full Round: Sword+Board, +16/+15/+10| 1D6+6+1d6/1D4+6 (Free bullrush /w bash)

MWK Composite Longbow (1) +11| 1D8+1, 110ft range
CMB: +14

Animal Companion (Ankou)-Large Size:
AC:27 Touch:12 FF:26 CMD: 23 (25 vs trip) Senses: PP:18 PI:18
Fort:+15 Ref:+8 Will:+8
HP:71/71 SPD: 35 ft (50 without armor)

Bite atk: +10| 1d8+6+trip (+7 to trip)
CMB + 10


Martin: Str:19(+4) Dex:12(+1) Con:15(+2) Int:8(-1) Wis:10(+0) Cha:16(+3)


Shield Focus-PHB(CC spell substitution)
Boon Companion-PHB
Improved Shield Bash-Human Feat
Shield Specialization-PHB2
Agile Shield Fighter-PHB2
Shield Ward -PHB 2

Combat Style-Sword and Shield-APG:
Shield Slam
Shield Master


Climb: +6
Diplomacy: +11
Handle Animal: +8
Heal: +6
Knowledge Nobility: +3
Knowledge Religion: +6
Knowledge Dungeoneering: +3
Knowledge Geography: +3
Knowledge Nature: +9
Knowledge Local: +4
Perception: +6
Ride: +8
Sense Motive:+4
Stealth: +3
Swim: +7
Survival: +6

Ranger Features:

Wild Empathy
Focus 2/day (Guide-APG 125, alternate class feature) (1/2)
Favored Terrain-
Animal Companion-Wolf (large)

Paladin Features:

Smite evil (1/day) (0/1)
Detect Evil @ will
Divine Grace (+ cha to saves)
Lay on hands (+1d6 4/day) (2/4)
aura of good

Defender of Silverkeep (Sealtiel):

Defensive Stance 1/day (+2 str, +4 con, +2 all saves, +4 dodge AC, can't move)
Shield of Faith 3/day


Crystal of Deflect Arrow, lesser
Handy Haversack
Counterstrike Bracers
Amulet of Shadow-walk
Headband of Alluring Charisma +2
Ring of Protection +1
ring of Feather Fall
Healing Belt (MIC 110) (0/3)
+1 Breastplate (GoldenCrest Soldiers)
Cloak of Resistance +1 (Leto's)
MWK Composite Longbow (1)
Wolf's Shield +2 Heavy Steel Shield (Lion shield, gift from Mother)
Daylight Pellets (7)

MWK Backpack:
Manacles (shoulder strap)
+1 Longsword (GoldenCrest Soldiers)

Total Weight: 74 lbs


Standing a little over six feet tall, this muscular man has dark brown hair, falling about shoulder length, framing a square face. His nose looks slightly crooked as if it were broken and then mended slightly off center. Under his dark grey traveling cloak, the man is wearing a breastplate of fine make, with a large wolf emblem embossed in the center. This armor is accompanied with a large heavy steel shield, which also bears a similar wolf insignia. However this wolf is bearing it's fangs, protruding as two inch metal spikes. While the rest of this traveler's clothes bear dirt and mud from his journeys, this shield seems to be untouched by the grim, sparkling as if just polished.

Clinging to his side to his side is a black sheath, containing a longsword with a polished steel pommel, in the shape of a wolf howling. On his back he bears a composite longbow, and a half-full quiver of arrows.

Recent Background:
For the last three years Martin has acted as a guide and body guard for expeditions up and down the Merin’he river and throughout Saker’s expanse. While note a sailor, martin has helped guide boats up and down the river. This has involved a few tussles with local bandits and has even included some limited skirmishes with Goldcrest sailors.
In addition to his time spent on the river, Martin has helped guide parties through Saker’s expanse. Having spent some time in the area, Martin knows a few back paths, and the best roads to take to avoid entanglements with local color.
Despite these adventures, Martin has almost spent all his coin from his previous journeys and is a little hard pressed for cash. Because of his current financial situation, Martin is looking for work and is willing to take a wide range of employment opportunities.

Animal Stuff:

6HD animal (d8 HD)

Evasion, Link, Devotion, Scent

Acrobatics (2 ranks):+8
Perception (3 ranks):+8
Swim (1 rank): +6

Improved trip
Improved Natural Armor
Iron Will


Str:23(+6) Dex:15(+2) Con:20(+5) Int:2(-4) Wis:12(+1) Cha:6(-2)

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