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Lucky Ben Willhuff

Martin Fredricks's page

3 posts. Alias of laiceps.

Full Name

Martin Julius Fredricks

About Martin Fredricks

Martin is ill. Very ill, doctors told him he has months to live. Something happened, something clicked. Marty has a purpose, kill every evil SOB he can get his hands on before he kicks the bucket. Remarkably something/someone/luck or some unexplained force has give marty the tools he needs to complete this mission.

Once a small time mortal enforcer for a local red court, marty has been loosely aware of the supernatural for some time. He has seen evil, he put up with it, worked for it, payed the mortgage. Now hes gona die, maybe its kharma, who knows, really it just pisses marty off. Ending evil suckers and helping the weak seems to relieve some of that rage.

inhuman speed (-2)
inhuman toughness (-2)
supernatural recovery (-4)

catch: restraints of any kind?
+2- for easy to get ahold of.

-6 refresh

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