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Marko's page

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4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 6, 6) = 17 - 15
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 4, 1) = 14 - 13
4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 5, 4) = 14 - 13
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 3, 5) = 17 - 14
4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 6, 6) = 17 - 15
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 2, 3) = 13 - 11

I have an idea but I also have a few questions...

In this case, I'm speaking specifically of a Paladin with the Power of Faith and a Skald who is using his Raging Song. Unlike the bard, which is a flat bonus, the Skald increases Str and Con by +2, and AC is decreased by -1. The power of Faith ability from the paladin is more in line with the bard, giving a flat +1 bonus to attack and damage, as well as a +1 to AC. Both can do more but this is the focus of the discussion. So too clarify...

Skald- Raging Song
+2 Str
+2 Con
-1 AC

+1 Attack
+1 Damage
+1 AC

The question is, what happens if both are up at the same time, in regards to the AC of those affected? Since they are both morale bonuses they would not stack (And thus not cancel out? I'm not certain). So mechanically, by those rules of stacking, a player gets one of them. Does it default to the better? The worse? If so, where does it say so?

Str - 8
Dex - 1d10 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
Con - 1d10 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14
Int - 1d10 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
Wis - 18
Cha - 1d10 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

-whistles innocently- Feel free to ignore me. Not sure if you guys are actually using this thread or not, but on the off chance that I get in, I want to have the guy all made so I don't slow anything down. (Not actually assuming I'm getting in, I just like doing math and junk for characters, so I'd likely make the guy anyway just for funsies. XD)

I saw! It seemed you guys were worried about getting a divine caster before a GM and then having him lose interest. I've got a lot of patience for good games. (Waited almost a year for one game before it finally became clear the DM wasn't interested in it anymore.) Anyway, I have been dying to play both this adventure path and a Fiendish Vessel cleric, and I like lots of detail with my writing. If you guys want feel free to check me out in any of the three games I'm in.. also apologies if this is too forward. XD Saw a chance and had to jump on it.

As a heads up, I am not trying to interrupt the search or anything. I noticed you guys don't have a divine caster, and the Way of the Wicked path opens up one of my favorite archetypes. Fiendish Vessel. If you guys start recruiting feel free to drop me a message or something! (Also, I think I know one of you. DM Omen is running a homebrew set game I'm in! Granted, it might not be a good thing that he knows me, but I don't think I've inspired him to homicidal rage yet!)

Well hotdamn! Lets see... That should work nicely.

Edit: Forgot to roll health! 5d12 ⇒ (12, 7, 8, 7, 3) = 37

Edit 2: Wooo, I got lucky on this guy. XD

Str = 18
Dex = 1d10 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11
Con = 1d10 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
Int = 1d10 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14
Wis = 1d10 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14
Cha = 8

Ah, I should probably point out that from level 4 to level 20, Joe will be full Cleric (Crusader). She'll get every spell level a cleric does, but three levels behind. She'll actually be ahead of the Warpriest in a few levels though. And with her Wisdom as high as it is, the Crusader archetype doesn't cripple her spellcasting, it just makes it a little weaker.

I recognize that spellcasting is that much better, which is why I plan to stay cleric from level 4+ with this character if I ever have to use her. Heck, she was made specifically because the group will need a full divine caster. I just wanted her to be competent at other things too, for those fights when Banishing won't work and so on, and to allow some of her spell slots to remain open (and thus available for filling up by need rather then every morning.) Not to mention I don't have the experience to play a full caster that can do nothing else, especially at higher levels, so this will let me get my toes wet.

There are probably dozen's of ways to do the idea that the title alludes too, some of them not even using cleric levels. With the new Warpriest class this is especially true. Fact is, I really dislike the Warpriest, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. What I'm here to talk about is levels I have no experience in (7+).

Mechanically speaking, I know how to make a character up to level 6 and how they'll fair against poor odds and really dangerous monsters, but beyond that I have no game experience, and just running the number's isn't quite the same.

Here is my Johanna 'Joe' Ironheart

Mechanically she was built to be able to have the full cleric spell casting experience, while also being really bad ass when it comes too using a bow. Why? Honestly for several reasons. I'd like the message boards to check her out and give suggestions.

As a summary for my intentions, I intend to spend the attribute point at level 8 increasing her strength to 16, and then from there focusing on her wisdom. She's a follow of Erastil with Guided Hand, so not only does increasing her Wisdom give her a bonus to her spells, spell slots, etc. It also increases her attack bonus.

At this point, the only feats I have planned in the future are Clustered Shot at 9, Weapon Specialization and Point Blank Master at 13, and Greater Weapon Focus when I'm able. Otherwise, feat suggestions (anything but summoning abilities, as its a PbP game and we don't want to slow the game down) are welcome, as are magic item suggestions and spells.

Things I don't want to change, but still want the opinion about, are her current class choices, archetype choices and how well a character like this will play at higher levels. Will she continue to kick ass (if not quite as much as a full born fighter Archer) at higher levels? Will her spell casting later become her focus, but her archery will still give her something to fall back on? Or is the archer concept completely pointless?

I had decided to do a ten minute background anyway, as well as strive to get home a little early. I can definitely get a character done by 9 AM est tomorrow! XD

Crap, you're an hour ahead of me. I get home around 11:15 your time. No way I can make a character in 45 minutes. (Well, flesh one out. I'll be making him in my head at work.) Guess I'm waiting for the next literate GM to start a Zeitgeist game.

Midnight whose time? XD

For instance, my time is 1:30 pm, but it could be 3:30 pm for you, or the reverse.

Oh my god, yes! Wait, maybe? How long is recruitment open? I have to head to work in an hour (eight hour shift) but by the time I get home I'd have a character done! XD

Although I'd honestly have a lot of questions to ask... Is it too late to get a hat in the ring? I've done the whole 'find something at the last minute, post a character I'm excited about, never get looked at' thing before and it'd kinda stink considering how much I love settings like this. XD

Edit: Sorry, finally finished reading the opening post. I have time, I think, but not much. And it seems like you do pick over the course of the recruitment. Well, I'll still work something up! I do like this setting and the opening post had plenty of details.

Mechanically mythic can be a lot of fun to play with, but it'd be about the story aspect for me. Even a couple levels of mythic would deserve something epic, like saving a god or stopping an evil god, or even being chosen to face an evil god for past deeds by gods and blah blah etc other ideas etc. If we weave it into the story right, I'd be all for it. If not, we're already gestalt so that already gave us a lot of fun options, and I'd prefer it to not just be a mechanical thing.

Question! Do the islands we'll be landing on count as forests or jungles? I think its technically jungles, but I can't be certain.. XD

Dag might not be too keen on meeting someone that gave up the worship of the Three, considering he's a Ranger of old angry face himself, but he wouldn't hold it against them if they were good people. He's got a cha of 7 though and ontop of being ugly as sin, he's not very good at socializing. Blunt and direct. If that wouldn't turn someone like Mori away, then its possible they could be drinking buds.

Hrm... The only problem I see is that Besarana wasn't meant to be that connected. She knew a couple of people to get Dag a job, but by and large she's just a regular citizen of the port who has a soft spot for people with half-blood or diverse nature's thanks to the trouble she's gone through because of hers. She's the kind of character that can help someone integrate into the port and while she might be connected -in- the port to a fair degree thats kind of the idea I was going with. The DM might have other plans for her of course, but... If I may suggest, Captain Taylor would likely be a much better candidate as far as helping someone, especially when it comes to dealing with pirates.

Other then that, it depends on the time frame. Dag was brought to the port about six years ago, so if Mori was saved before that, it's possible Dag met her when he was brought in every once in a while. If it was after and Mori spent any length of time at the Salty Siren, she'd definitely have met him. He used to live there, still lives nearby, and visits every night he's in port.

Ah, missed that part.

Not too pry, but doesn't your wisdom suffer the same max 'dex' bonus from armor? The Studded leather armor only has a +5.

I am CTZ I think... Fargo, North Dakota.

He's certain Alar and himself can both defend against regular folk and maybe even an adventurer or two. Veren was a Hellknight, someone who has skill fighting outsiders, and he wanted to take Bart and Alar to a house of people who are known for seeking knowledge and probably know a great deal about trapping dangerous beings that have that knowledge. Its a difference in scale, if that makes any sense.

Ontop of that, he'll probably be lying his butt off with Alar's origins at first. Hr'll probably claim that Alar is just a special type of creature he learned how to summon, nothing special from the stars. When he learns to trust the group he'll be a lot more open about what Alar is.

And he'll have to get over his fears eventually either way.

I just realized that was probably over 20 paragraphs... Sorry. XD I was basically just pushing through at the end because I need to sleep for work in the morning. Oh, and my times!

I am in North Dakota so... I'm on... Central Time Zone. I think I'm always behind Eastern by an hour. I'll be working 3 PM - 11 PM shortly, so I can reply any time before and after, and I'll only be working about 4 shifts a week so a little less then half the time I can post during that time too. I can honestly write as many posts as will work in a day, but consider it a min of 2 or 3 if the pace continues. There will be some days where this isn't the case of course but I'll give advance ahead of time if I can.

That would be interesting! Maybe your character was on the ship that 'rescued' Dag and Stumpy?

GM Queen:
Dagoresh Telarawr

He never knew his mother. This might come as a surprise to the more civilized folk, especially those like the preachers and the priests of the goodly gods, but for his tribe and for many tribes this was as it should be. It wasn't because they didn't value children, have family units of a kind or even because of women's roles within the tribe. Children were the lifeblood, the future. Families were born and though ceremonies were less ostentatious, they were just as celebrated so that the Three might bless a union, and women could lead just as well as men in their eyes. In fact, it was a woman who lead the tribe, and it was a woman that ordered his death when he was born.

He never liked her.

He was born a Dajobasu. He was told that it was the pleas of his mother who saved him. The tribe was remote, far off from the troubles of colonists. But pirates loved to come to such islands in order to make bases far away from authority. They were in desperate need of warriors, and though Dajobasu were hated by the Tulita for the one that created the race, their fighting prowess was well documented. Dag was saved on the condition that he would not be raised as a child, but as a warrior. On his second year he would be taken from one of the 'nurse maids' of the tribe and handed over to the care of a warrior.

He never knew his father either, though he suspected the one they gave him to, to be trained by, was him. Who else would be so filled with shame and anger by a child as to do the things that man did to Dagoresh? It was training, but it was more brutal then anything the Tulita would subject to even their strongest warriors. The reasoning was this. Should he not survive, he could not possibly be the champion they needed. And so the elder allowed it, and when he turned five his training began.

By the age of ten, he knew how to kill a man, and could easily do so. Despite the fact that he was obviously becoming -exactly- what they wanted him to be, he was hated and derided for his appearance, though he never chose to be born this way, but instead of fighting against it he let the rage inside him build. He took the name they gave him, Dagoresh Telarawr, as -his- name. He knew the meaning. Dagger Mouth. But he took it and used it to fuel his hate, and whenever anyone called him that, he simply pushed that anger deep inside.

At one point, he came across a very large turtle during the few days he had away from his training a month. The turtle was clearly injured, his shell cracked by something, though what he couldn't be certain. He knew exactly what the turtle was to his people. Though they didn't expect their gods to care, they would not have a Dajobasu insult their gods. Ten years of mistreatment and anger had been built up within the young child, and for a moment he very nearly started down the path that would lead him to the progenitor of his race.

Hunger flashed in his eyes as he stepped forward to devour the sacred creature... and then he saw its eyes. And the anger fell away. Would he truly kill this creature simply for what it was born as? Cause it pain because it was a turtle? It wasn't the turtles fault fault that his people were cruel toward him.

Dagoresh Telarawr became Dag that day. For the next week, he stayed away from the village, tending to the turtles wounds with the local herbs and a little of his own supply of medicine. He knew well how to treat injuries, having needed to learn long ago to treat his own. Dag cared for the turtle, fed it, and even began trying to fashion something to cover the vulnerable spot in the creatures armor.

He was nearly finished when his father found him, having been sent by the leader of their tribe to 'deal with his responsibility'. The man was livid, so much so that he very nearly killed Dag for becoming distract and shaming him further within his tribe. The turtle stepped in between them, taking the blow and then striking out at the man. The creature didn't seem to care what Dag was. Dag was the one that had protected him from predators. Dag was the one that had healed him.

The turtle crushed the warriors arm, leaving a mark for all to see that none could mistake. The three returned to the village, the turtle following Dag, and the warrior recounted his story to the village leader. He told the truth, the entire truth, feeling the sacred creatures eyes upon him. The tribe was in an uproar, demanding he take it back, but the leader saw the danger in this. Turtles, all turtles, were avatars of Tumatenga, Grandfather Turtle. This was known. To defy one was to defy Old Angry Face himself.

Dag was given... better treatment from that day on, though whether it was because of his good deed or because Snappy, the turtle he had saved, never left his side was uncertain. In the days to come, Dag would realize the change that had over taken him. He didn't care. He kept his name, but changed what he asked people to call him slightly. He did not want to forget the past, to forget his mistake, but he also didn't want to let it hang over him eternally. He would not let other peoples anger decide for him what he would be.

Dagoresh Telarawr had become Dag over a week and a half before he ever told someone to call him that, but he only realized it after time and patience.

Snappy taught him a great deal without ever needing to say a word. It was never really certain if the turtle was more then what he appeared or not but Dag could care less. He came to love the creature and even learned to fight beside him, using the great mass and surprisingly fast strikes to confuse and delay opponents until he could get in close.

By the age of 15, Dag stood at 7'4 and weighed nearly three hundred pounds. His greenish, scaled body was layered with many scars and his tail, short as it was, was missing its tip. And he was respected, if not liked, by his tribe as a champion and defender. By the age of twenty, he had even built a simple home closer to the beach, away from the tribe and closer to the shore that the various roaming bands of pirates often landed on. He was happy. Not because the tribe treated him better, but because he had found a way to be happy with the life he had. He paid respect to all the three gods, but in particular he worshiped Tumatenga for what the deity had granted him.

It was at the age of 22 that Dag's life would change and he would lose his only real friend. Pirates came to the shores of the small, remote island. Pirates attacked the tribe, knowing exactly where they were. And when Dag came out to fight, Snappy by his side, the pirates slew the turtle and injured him enough to subdue him with some sort of metal sticks that exploded with fire.

Some of the tribe bowed down to the invaders, believing they represented the wrath of Pele. But Dag fought bravely, knowing that it was simply another weapon they used, and slew several of them before he was finally brought down.

When he awoke, his injuries were healed and he was in the cargo hold of one of the vessels the invaders often used. Even in the cage his wrists were bound behind his back with leather and chains, a collar resided around his neck, and two shackles bound his legs. They were taking no chances with the monster that had killed so many.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Dag would hear of his fellow tribesman, kept in a separate hold meant for slaves rather then cargo, succumbing to sickness and eventually dying. Of the slaves they had captured, only he was hearty enough to resist the knew ailments the pirates brought with them. He would learn through idle chatter that it was a grand plan that had fallen through, but still left the pirates with a base and a slave for heavy lifting.

He would learn what they meant by that after a month, when he was forced to, in chains, do anything that required more then a single man. He was whipped constantly to make him move faster and he earned new scars trying to resist nearly daily. This lasted so long, Dag couldn't keep track of the days or the weeks. But he was not alone. Though Snappy was dead, Dag still prayed to Tumatenga, believing Old Angry face would watch after snappy.

It was near the end of his days aboard the ship, though Dag had no way of knowing this, that one other cargo was brought aboard. A creature he had never seen before. It looked like the crocodile his features so mimicked, but it walked on two legs instead of four and had two stubby arms in its place and smooth scales rather then ridged ones.

As he was want to do, Dag befriended the creature. It was so small then, barely four feet long counting the tail and seemingly very fragile. It was adorable, in his eyes, while the pirates seemed to fear it or pretend not to. Dag could smell the difference though. They all knew something about this creature he did not and they were desperate to get it to the 'buyer' they kept speaking of, smuggling it through port authorities.

Unfortunately their fancy metal sticks did not protect them. Well, they might have, but from what Dag learned of the day he freed himself and Stumpy, the other guy brought bigger sticks. The biggest in fact. Cannons.

The captain himself was in the hold inspecting their precious cargo... Stumpy, not Dag. He was giving his men careful instructions when thunder peeled across the ocean and the ship rocked back and forth, as if Old Angry face himself had slammed into the bow. The captain stumbled and Dag saw his chance. He broke the metal binding his wrists behind him with one rage filled surge of effort and moved forward with blinding speed. His thick arms reached through the bars of the cage and grabbed the captain. His neck snapped rather easily. Then he dragged the body through the bars, breaking as many bones as he needed to do so.

The other three in the room watched with horror. And then one asked, "Didn't... the captain... have his keys?"

The three looked at each other. And then Dag used the keys he had seen used a hundred times before to undo the cage door. The shackles around his legs were already broken. The three tried to run, but Dag learned many things that day. For instance, Pirate Captains have very nice swords.

The Falchion cut them down as easily as if it had been a God-blessed spear. Dag turned to Stumpy and calmed the critter down, promising to return shortly, and as the ship rocked and reeled again from another explosion, Dag went up top onto the deck of the ship.

When the authorities finally boarded the ship, the only one's left alive were Dag and Stumpy, the former standing between the latter and the attackers. It took several long attempts for them to communicate, but Dag was no fool. He had managed to pick up on the basics of the pirate language and was able to reply back in simple, short and terse sentences. He told them he had been a slave and he had freed himself, then slew the pirates while the authorities vessel closed in. He told them he would rather die then be a slave again, but he meant no harm to them.

The captain of the ship that had attacked the pirates was feeling particularly grateful to Dag for sparing his men the need to fight what would have been a bloody battle. He offered the creature passage in return for fighting for them on three more hunts. He would bring Dag to a place called Port Shaw with a handful of gold after they were done.

Dag knew the basic idea of currency. His tribe had never used it, but he had been on the pirate ship long enough to know that there was more to it then give gold and get stuff. He was also slyer then his appearance let on. He began bartering. Two hunts, and the captain would also teach him to read and speak the language, and would teach him the basics of this 'Port Shaw'. The captain was surprised, but instead of being angry at the suggestion he threw back five hunts and he would teach the man how to speak.

They bartered for an hour before finally settling on six hunts, everything Dag had asked for, and that Dag could keep some of the gold, the pirate captains weapon, and Stumpy.

Captain Taylor was not particularly happy about the last being aboard but Dag had been able to convince him he had the creature under control. Dag boarded Taylors ship and fulfilled his obligation to the fullest. He also learned rapidly, devouring the common language and then any book the captain had aboard. Not... not literally. He just learned how to read very fast.

When he was finally put off at Port Shaw, he had a purse full of gold numbering in the thousands, a brilliant magical blade, a new friend, new knowledge and absolutely no idea what he was going to do. It was only thanks to Taylor that Dag knew to look for a particular inn, the Salty Siren. Within resided two people that would help him... adjust.

The owner of the place was a woman by the name of Besarana, someone of both Colonial and Tulita descent. The Bartender was a half-orc named Jared, a man nearly as large as Dag and with skin far brighter and greener. Dag immediately sensed a theme as he entered the inn, but the pair proved to be just as helpful as Captain Taylor promised once he gave them the mans name.

They started by grilling him. Intensely. They were surprised with how fluidly he spoke the common language, and though his horrific appearance and direct manner wasn't exactly charming, they understood he wasn't any threat to them. They asked for his story and listened intently when he spoke, probably looking for any lies. When they tried to brush off his own inquisitiveness as to the nature of the questions, he could smell their deceit on them and called them out on it.

It was intense for a few moments, but then Jared made a joke, and they were all laughing. Dag would learn each of their stories in turn and as a good friend would, he would keep them to himself. Things weren't always perfect of course. He and Beserana fought as often as they got along, but Jared was always able to calm them down.

Besarana and Jared both knew what it was like to be outcasts, and while they admitted that Dag was a... severe case, they knew what sort of trouble came with the life. They eventually found a place for him in the Port as a guide and a bodyguard.

With a little study, he knew the region well, and could lead a group through any of the island with little trouble. What trouble he did meet he could easily deal with too. Dag began making gold and a name for himself. And he had friends. Dag never learned to like beer, but Jared and he spoke often at the bar during the Salty Siren's later hours. And Besarana put him up for rent and defended anyone that tried to have the Dajobas kicked out. In return, Dag paid his rent on time every month and helped Jared with some of the more... difficult groups of drunks.

Dag has been in Port Shaw for five years now, and while he can only guess his age within a few months of any sort of accuracy, he believes he has finally found a home. In that time, Stumpy has grown, and Dag has moved out of the Salty Siren to a nearby apartment. When he's in the port and not on a job, he visits every night after bar rush.

He has a home now and friends, and every night he thanks Old Angry Face for showing him the truth of things all those years ago. In recent days, the Grandfather turtle has even started to reply in... subtle ways. A dream awoke Dag one night to the possibility of something... more. He went outside to the sea and cast his very first spell, feeling Tumatenga's power flow through him. It was a simple thing, so very simple... and so perfect.

Please comment and ask any questions that come to mind! If anything needs to be changed I'd be more then happy to do so as well. I haven't really touched on his tribe that much, but the fact is that they were wiped out, and he's a bit more divorced from their traditions then I originally planned. I think its actually a good thing though. Snappy was born from inspiration while I wrote, and I like the idea that his ranger spells are granted to him by Tumatenga.

Mechanically Dag will be an Invulnerable Barbarian on one side and a straight Ranger on the other. The idea is that he's a beat stick that can take a licking and he knows how to survive, track, and even guide others through the dangerous jungles, so his purpose is beyond just combat. Eventually Stumpy will be right along side him too, in both skills and combat. I'll be working on transferring the mechanics to the correct format on this site tomorrow after work!

Oooh, a scaled friend for my character and a band of monstrous misfits will protect Port Shaw! You've got a lot of interesting choices GM Queen.

I had to eat and take a shower. And I took my time doing both. XD I'm actually about to write my characters background now. Stat wise the most important stuff is done, did it all in my head, and with the T-rex puppy approved I just needed to iron out the flow of the story in my head.

Talking to the Hands:
Beer tasted awful. Bart had been hoping, for all the talk he had heard of the drink, that it would be one of the best things he had ever had. It simply made him bury the awful taste with the meat he had been given, which was hot enough to simply burn it right off his tongue. He got some strange looks from the man behind the pub but Bart knew how to play the game and ignored the guy.

Aside from being hot, the meat really wasn't that good either, and Bart began to hope that maybe beer was better tasting when it wasn't from this little piss hole. It definitely wasn't his favorite, but with the rain outside falling as it was tonight he didn't really have much choice but to stop here. The nearest town in either direction was at least two days and that was while riding Alar, which Bart could only do at night.

He glances back behind him to the table in the corner. There was a group of four mercenaries. The Red Sashes or something like that, he hadn't really been paying attention. Right now they were the only ones aside from Bart in the inn, but they were loud enough that Bart could hardly tell the difference when he wasn't looking. The group was right now talking about jobs. Or laughing, rather. The story they were just finishing up wasn't terribly interesting. Something about a farmer that had tried to hire them to save his wife.

Barts ears burned at some of the phrasing they used to the describe the woman they 'saved', apparently naked and in bed with the man she had willingly run away from her husband with. He turned away. Hopefully stuffing his face would make it easier to drown out their loud voices. And then one said, "Hey, you remember that message going out? That guy from Dustpawn that you owe a couple gold? We going to go to that?"

They were all drunk, so the words weren't quite as clear as that, slurred and stumbling. But Bart was able to pick out the meaning. It was a surprisingly serious question from the man who had apparently started all of the storytelling. But Bart quickly realized from the snickers they were all holding back that it was just a lead in to another story. "Can you believe it? From the stars above, a SHIP of all things crashed into the ground! And he wants people to go and check it out! If I weren't afraid of ruining our reputation I'd bring us down there in a heart beat to take that fool's offer and his gold."

"Hey, kid, you okay?" The deep voice of the bartender draws Barts eye. The young lad looks up to the man, then down to the food he had dropped on the counter before him, half eaten. The words of the mercenary behind him continued to ring in his ear so he could only nod numbly for a few moments. Unfortunately, after laughing about the fool they called Dalviss Crenn, instead going on to other weird stories. But their words continued to move through his mind and long after they retired, Bart sat there, thinking about the possibilities. The only sound that filled the inn with the drunks gone was the rain pitter-pattering outside.

It was probably near midnight by the time the Bartender interrupted his thoughts again. "If you're not going to finish that, you need to head to bed so I can close up for the night."

Bart looked up to the man, who seemed quite tall, and nodded slowly. As he grabbed at Barts leftovers, a rare occurrence for the orphan who normally ate every scrap of his meals, Bart reached out and took the mans wrist. Gently, of course. Not that he could really be anything else to someone that big. Barts worst shot would be like a light pat to the man. When he had the bartenders attention, the lad let go. "Who is Dalviss Crenn?"

The man tilts his head to the side curiously. He had heard the mercenaries laughing earlier, but had long since learned to ignore such rabble. It didn't do for a man to learn to much of other peoples buisness after all. "Dalviss... thats a name I've been hearing a lot recently. He's an... ex-adventurer of sorts. Runs an inn in... Dustpawn was it? I think so. Why you asking?"

Bart hadn't thought far enough ahead to think the man might be curious but his lie rolls quickly off of his tongue. "I have a message for him, but I've been hearing a lot of... crazy things. People are saying he's looking for help to investigate a space ship or something? Get a little worried about a job like that."

The bartender nods knowingly, actually respecting the pragmatic attitude of the younger man in front of him. "Well, Dalvuss... was good people but its been years since I've heard anything about him. At the very least, he ain't a liar, so if the rumors are true he really does believe something like that fell from the sky. I'd suggest- Kid, where you going?"

Bart had left a couple silver on the counter for the food and was now running up the steps, his mind racing far ahead of him. The Bartender grumbled, but took the rather nice tip as thanks and went about his business as the young lads light footsteps ceased upstairs. Bart quickly ran to his room, shutting the door and waiting a heartbeat or three before looking around. The shadows in the corner bent and twisted, and then Alar stepped out from them. It happened naturally, apparently. Though his body -seemed- to burn like miniature stars, what with all the bright points at each of his limbs, Bart had realized that Alar represented more then the light of the Astral sea. The darkness between the stars could steal across the Lion and make him difficult to spot. But Bart knew what to look for.

When the Lion fully stepped out from the shadows and into the candle light of Barts room, the young man through his arms around the creature. Alar bristled, as he always did, but after a moment he nuzzled the boy back. The creature had been with Bart for several months now and a large part of that was spent on the road alone. They were more then friends now. But he was still unused to the affection Bart showed him, despite his own nature of returning it almost instinctively. "I expected you back hours ago."

The lion spoke simply, as he always did. His voice was deep, but soft and quiet, aware that anyone could be listening. Bart nodded and whispered back, "I heard a rumor. Some guy... Dalviss Crenn... he says he saw a ship fall from the sky!"

The Lion took several moments to consider this news, tilting his head to the side curiously as he did. Those bright points of light burned as the creature leaned forward and took the ridiculously large hat Bart wore off of his head, setting it aside. It revealed the glowing mark the child hid beneath it. Since the day they had been attacked, Bart had not returned him to the stars, ever fearful of being alone. Instead he wore the hat to hide the mark, letting him travel about in broad daylight without fear while Alar followed him in the shadows. The young mans unkempt hair fell into his eyes, but Alar knew he saw sparks similar to his own flickering in them for a brief moment. Reflections, perhaps. Or perhaps not. "You are curious about this?"

Bart nods vigorously. "It could be a clue! Maybe more like you? You fell right through my roof, and you said you came from up there right? Maybe its someone looking for you or someone who needs your help!"

Alar once again took his time thinking it over. He knew Barts mind went much faster then his own and rather then let this bother him, he took the chance to teach the boy patience while he accepted his own limitations. Eventually he replied, to the chagrin of Bart, "It could be danger as well."

Bart grimaced, but he was not one to lie to Alar. He dips his head in acknowledgment of this and says to Alar, "I know. But... we have to go and look. None of the towns we've been too had anything on what you were. Somethings were similar, summonings from other planes, but nothing fit your origins. Maybe we could get answers there! Maybe we could find out more about whoever attacked us back... back home."

The young mans words were no longer as excited as they had before, so Alar leaned into the childs side to give him something to lean against. It was a familiar gesture, one that Bart took great comfort in. It was also not something a Lion would do, at least from what the books said. At times, especially in battle, Alar acted a lot like a lion. But at times he seemed almost like a pet, sharing similar habits with house cats or dogs even. Bart again wondered if his friend was really his friend or something imaginary he had accidentally made with his magic. He wondered and worried. "Why not go to the House of... Leroung? Brother-Guardian thought that this... Leroung might have answers."

Bart winced, and quickly shook his head. "If I go there, they might take you away. Veren wasn't willing to make a promise to protect you as he did me and I couldn't risk losing you." His arms tighten around the star lion's neck, despite the fact that he wasn't nearly big enough to wrap them all the way around. The creature weighed several hundred pounds, against all evidence that he was an ethereal and weightless creature. Ontop of that his translucent fur felt as real as any animal Bart had ever encountered, even the mane. The young man took comfort in the creatures presence. "I... can't... I can't..."

The boy shakes his head into the creatures pelt, hiding his tears, while the Lion waits patiently for his young ward to calm down. It took several long moments, but Bart managed to gather himself once more, and he quickly wiped away his tears with the sleeve of his arms. "I'm not willing to risk losing you. We could run into danger investigating this rumor, but you'll definitely be in danger if we go back to Cheliax. Veren might have been willing to protect me, but he didn't care about you, and he wouldn't hesitate to kill you or take you away if they told him you were a danger. Even if you weren't. I know I could send you back to wherever you come from and then call you again, but by all accounts, House Leroung sounds like the exact type of people who would know how to prevent you from escaping even with that."

Alar said nothing. The two had argued about leaving Veren behind since Bart had made the call. Bart continued to insist that they need to investigate without the authorities, for Alar's safety. Alar insisted that 'Brother-Guardian' as he called Veren could be trusted to protect Bart, even from himself, and that meant he was trustworthy in the Lions eyes. In the end, Alar went along with Barts wishes, letting the argument drop, but they both knew that if Bart really got hurt that the lion wouldn't leave him a choice in the matter. They looked at each other for a moment, and then Alar finally allowed himself to feel his own curiosity. "Perhaps... we will learn more about who and what I am. I hope we do."

Bart smiled, broadly, and nodded. "We'll leave first thing in the morning for Dustpawn."

"What about our task to deliver the letters?"

Bart looked over to his bag and thought about the letters within, then shook his head as he scooped up his hat and made his way over to the corner where he and Alar would sleep. "They can wait. They're nothing important. I know, I already read them."

And there is how Bart learned of Dustpawn and the call for help, and how Alar and Bart came to the decision to go there! I have a better feel for both characters now, and I even thought of some interesting ideas to start showing with them. Any thoughts, comments or questions are appreciated DM's.

-nods- I was hoping for a hint to more obscure languages but that works. As a heads up, neither Alar nor Bart are done. Whats there (aside from the languages) should be good, but I still need to total out their equipment, write out their abilities as well as Barts spells. I'll be doing that after I finish the scene I'm writing for Bart hearing about the invitation.

I noticed and left a comma there so I didn't forget. XD I'm still thinking of one more Language to take. Any suggestions?

Yeah, T-rex. Cause its a T-rex. XD And awesome!

That would change the young template to more of a penalty, but I suppose it makes sense. I'll change him back to medium and describe him as dwarf short!

Edited: To make it readable. I'm not quite sure how what I wrote got through my brain, but it did. Anyway, it actually makes sense now.

Yup. Its been a while since I've had a good excuse to play a high int character. And Bart was capable of teaching himself how to do magic so... XD

As a side note, I also used the +1 for Alar that he gets to bump his int from 7 to 8. -nods-

Alright, I am working on the scene where Bart hears about the invitation in about a half hour. Eating dinner first. Will get it to you soon.

Alright, his new stats are... Str 8, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 16.

I accidentally read the quick rules for the change rather then the bigger ones at first. XD Aside from your ability modifier changes, I just made him small. Some advantages and disadvantages to that, but that's rather fun!

A quick breakdown for you to double check.

Str 10 - 2 = 8 (0 pb)
Dex 13 + 2 = 15 (3 pb)
Con 14 - 2 = 12 (5 pb)
Int 15 + 1 = 16 (7 pb)
Wis 14 - 2 = 12 (5 pb)
Cha 14 + 2 = 16 (5 pb)

Total pb = 25

Bart's a little hardier then I originally imagined, but being born on the street's ended up making that unfortunately necessary I suppose. Not to mention what he's been doing since running from the city has probably helped him in that regard. Those stats work for you guys?

If I'm allowed to play him as such, I'd like to stick him around 13 or 14, yes. I was trying to stick to ambiguously young, so that's why there isn't any reference towards it. XD Changing him up now.

Shall I also take the other penalties and bonus that come from the young template? (small size?) If nothing else the small size would fit. XD

Righty and Lefty:
I didn't know I could add the young template. XD Would you like me too? I stated him out like a normal character.

Righty and Lefty:

Barts stats

Str 8 (-2 pb)
Dex 14 (+5 pb)
Con 10 (+0 pb)
Int 16 (+10 pb)
Wis 14 (+5 pb)
Cha 15 (+7 pb) + 2 human bonus + 1 fourth level = 18

Total point buy (pb) = 25.

The other set of stats below that is Alar's, and those are also counting a very expensive +2 strength belt. XD These two aren't in need nor do they have access too much magic gear, so I intend to write in what they do have is stuff Alar came with, though its not necessarily attached to him.

The weak strength score will be played properly. I'm attributing it to his young age and small height at the moment.

Tylasaurus appear to be the giant crocodiles of the sea. The animal companion is medium and large, and is basically what a the large cats are to the small cats for animal companions. A bit better in some area's, a bit weaker in a couple others (though admittedly not many weaker areas).

Also, you may have read my mind as far as the T-rex goes. I'm definitely going with boon companion at fifth level, and then if allowed I'd be going into Mammoth Rider at tenth. With the other side being pure, angry rage man. And the T-rex was my first pick anyway. I shall have a background up by the end of the night, hopefully! I'll make sure to post my posting rates and times with it.

@Feral- *waves*
@Ixos- *waves*

Reposting this because the question has been edited. XD

Is a T-rex or Tylosaurus animal companion possible? I looked at the alligator and it fits thematically, but man is it small, and I mean -small-. I think I can get the same level of adorable cute out of a baby t-rex or Tylosaurus. It matters a bit, honestly, as I imagine him actually meeting his animal companion aboard the pirate ship, perhaps freeing them from slavery too?

I think you misunderstood my question. XD What is the upwards limit of the character background? The last one I wrote for another recruitment thread had over a dozen paragraphs I think, and that was me restraining myself a little.

Awesome! In the meantime, I'll work on his character. I really do hope choosing a Dajobasu doesn't mess up my chances of getting in this game. So far it sounds like a lot of fun and I like what you're focusing on.

A couple quick questions! How long of a backstory do you want? Is it okay if my character really doesn't have much loyalty to the Dajobasu race as a whole? I kind of seem him learning, through his mistreatment by others of all races, that race itself matters little. People are either jerks or they aren't. XD A very zen-like approach for a barbarian character, perhaps, but I like the idea of him being wiser and intelligent, simply having a very dangerous temper.

I planned on making a rough, gruff sort of character that truly loves Port Shaw. A noble, NG warrior that fights to protect because thats the sort of honorable thing his tribe raised him to do. He doesn't really care about the disdain he gets from people for his looks. He know's his own worth and the few friends he'll already have in the port will have long since looked passed his outward appearance to see the intelligence behind his yellow eyes.

As far as a Werecroc goes, I'm definitely intrigued! I just don't have the stats to look at. XD Do you mind sharing them with me, if you can? Perhaps in a PM?

I... -was- thinking of a full on fighter/barbarian character. Risky basically asked what I wanted to with the Dajobasu a moment before I did. XD... but now I'm thinking a barbarian/ranger. Hrm... could I go full croc-man with the Dajobasu look?

This is my inspiration and I want to give him a crocodile pet too. XD

The basic concept is actually a Dajobasu who was honored for his strength and skill by his tribe and seen as a protector. They might have feared him, but they dare not insult him. He was fighting a particularly odd band of what he thought were colonials only to be captured by them using tactics they never had before, underhanded ones at that.

Taken captive, he's forced into slavery for a couple years aboard the ship, often made to do the heaviest lifting and so on. But then one day the ship is attacked by pirate hunters and he see's his chance to escape. By the time the pirate hunters catch up to the pirate ship, which had slowed to a crawl, he was the only one left alive. They took him in and since then he's been helping hunt down pirates whenever he can.

Personality wise, I'm thinking a noble warrior kind of concept, with a bit of a mercenary side and a huge fan of combat. He'll literally revel in it.

Edit: Correction, he will have a small, baby crocodle for one level! XD

@ Righty:
Actually, I was going to do with my second idea for how he ends up going to Dustpawn. The whole 'over hears a bunch of drunks talking about it' that I wrote after my first concept but before the background. It takes away the personal invitation aspect, but I thought it might be interesting if he's forced to lie or trick his way into the group at first (since he can't really summon Alar just to get in lest he attract trouble). As for the rest, I agree, and I'll write it out shortly! I think I'm going to make it a full RP moment rather then just a more vague description as well. I want to delve a little more into both Bart and Alar's personality.

Also, guess I'm rolling HP like this. XD

4d4 ⇒ (1, 4, 1, 4) = 10
3d5 ⇒ (4, 5, 2) = 11

It was good talking with you Righty, Lefty. I'll be heading to bed now. If you guys have any questions or comments about the background I submitted, I'll reply to them when I wake up. Have a good night you two!

Alright, with a bit of thinking I came up with a concept I can be happy with if vanilla summoner is all that's allowed. Rather then turning into a being of stars, he summons a lion like creature made from them. (Mufasaaaaa!) I remember thinking as a child that nothing could ever take a lion and I like that sort of naive perspective not only shaped his astral guardian, but may very well be the source of his original strength, in a way. In some ways the concept is a little more powerful, but it does leave Bart vulnerable, and his Astral Guardian has a good mix of skills and defense with his offensive capabilities. (Both him are pretty sneaky XD). If you have any questions in that regard feel free to ask. I'll be transferring the info for Bart, at the very least, over to this site from mythweavers shortly while I continue thinking up the story and wait for your answers.

As far as background goes, how much do you want me to detail and how much do you guys want left up to, well, you guys? Do you want me to go into detail about whose chasing him? What his father researched and why his son is being affected? Or is that stuff I can leave to you guys to weave into the story, if I get chosen? (Those are the kinds of things I'd actually enjoy learning about through roleplay, which is why I ask.)

Finally, are there any limits on how long a background can be? If there isn't one I'll probably just write until I think its done, and I can be a somewhat prolific writer.... I ramble a lot okay?

The only downside is that I'm not sure how many NPC's I can work into Bart's story. I have two down (a fellow thief that taught Bart a lot of what he knows) and a Knight that saved Bart when he was younger, but I'm also not certain how many NPC's you want. Some stories like to be a bit more contained but you guys sound like you have plans beyond Dustpawn (may have accidentally written Duskpawn once or twice. Go me.) As a final final question (I ask a lot of questions), what are your recommendations as far as NPC's go? Would you appreciate the plot hooks or...?

Well it won't ruin the concept one way or the other, as I may have initially thought. At this point I'll avoid touching on exactly what his powers are while I think him up, and I'll write up both mechanically. Won't be too big of a difference. So whichever you decide I'm happy to go with.

Or a pet... thoughts to think...

As far as his abilities go... This has very heavily inspired the form that Bart would take when synthesizing with his powers. With slight alterations to reflect the fact that the void is a large part of the Astral place in pathfinder, and its also a part of the powers that touch mortals when they delve into such mysteries. Perhaps at times, especially when stealth is required or Bart is angry, the stars might darken?

And hrm... the fact is that the Summoner aspect makes the character more powerful, not less, due to the fact that he gets something just as strong, doesn't need to spend feats for melee stuff, and can also cast all of his spells at the same time. It also creates the dynamic of needing to govern two characters rather then one. In a normal game I wouldn't normally be against it but that might not the most optimal choice in a PbP.

Not to argue. If that's your decision I may have to think of something else. Bart having an imaginary friend that's not so imaginary perhaps? I'm not certain, but the idea is salvageable and could even work well in another way.

Hrm... interesting. I'm actually to happy to have that sort of suggestion and I can guess there's reasons for it. As far as approval goes, I don't mean 'you're in' kind of approval. I mean... hrm... that the concept I have in mind will not, in your eyes (both pairs) at the very least hinder me in getting in. XD

I think I shall take the suggestion. I can already see it working. Bart flees from the city or large town he was in and hides in a much smaller one, traveling by night. He over-hears word of the invitation, but not from curious folk, but rather drunken mercenaries talking about fools and fools errands. He hears enough to know they think Dalviss is daft, but he -knows- enough because of his own abilities that the former adventurer may be more right then he thinks. His curiosity afire, he sets off that night, hoping he might find some answers in this mysterious place called Dustpawn.

How does that alteration suit you both?

Also, rather eerie how you both did that.

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