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Mark-the-Aardvark's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 11 posts (20 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 10 Pathfinder Society characters.



Awesome to hear about this. We really need a PFS group in the Valley area of LA. South, West, and East LA players can usually head south to Warhouse in Long Beach on Sundays or North to Game Empire in Pasadena once a month, but things have been a bit sparse North of the Sepulveda Pass. I might be able to help GM some this Summer. I am still finalizing my summer schedule. VL Nicholas Milasich in Cnayon Country might also be able to help.

Pathfinder Design Team wrote:

The design team does not consider a prerequisite or requirement of "ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells" to literally mean "ability to cast at least two or more 1st-level arcane spells."

Being able to cast one spell of that type and level meets the prerequisite or requirement (if the prerequisite or requirement was intended to mean "two or more," it would say that, or use language like "at least two").

Then why is wording for Mystic Theurge Different from Arcane trickster about spells available?

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Mark-the-Aardvark wrote:
If one wants to get grammatically technical these builds would not work since the MT requires "Spells" plural, your build just casts spell singular
The Pathfinder Design Team disagrees with this interpretation.

Thank You, I couldn't find it myself. It does bring into question though the Arcane trickster which clearly says "one spell" as appose to all the rest of prestige classes. Discomancer should have this page on his smart phone to prove he can do it to his GM


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My wife also plays PFS but rarely GM's so as long as people are allowed to play for no credit I am fine with the rules. Sometimes there are no scenarios available for her but, imagine this, we drive together to the game or convention. I would enjoy gaming with my wife, even if she does not get a chronicle.

Discomancer wrote:

Alright, after looking it over, I think I am going to go with the Half-Elf.

Here is a basic look at what the character will look like at level 4:

** spoiler omitted **

Not solid on my feat choices at 1st and 3rd, nor am I sold on the Travel Domain choice. The Void arcane school choice is due to the powerful +2 to all saves vs. spells and SLAs, but I am happy to change it if there are better options.

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

I do think a wiz, cleric combo is the way to go. The trait magical Hack will be nice to up CL. I know I also like combat casting for the concentration checks. Just my 2 cents on the build. Is your GM allowing Clerics to take Inquisitions? I was under the impression they were inquisitor only unless stated otherwise in the archetype.

Dirge Of Hubris wrote:
No one here wants to hear that, Mark.

especially Discomancer from the GM of the campaign when he attempts to build the character. Best for him to not be surprised if the argument is used.

If one wants to get grammatically technical these builds would not work since the MT requires "Spells" plural, your build just casts spell singular


Congratulations rock, rock on!


thanks for the clarification Mike


LA convention happens 3 times a year Labor Day, Presidents day, and Memorial Day. Along with SoCal Smackdown in Anaheim around late Sept/early Oct. During the school year D & D & D meets at Cypress College in O.C. but since they host for free, Cypress College students get priority (could mean a long drive to not have room to play.) I know Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica sometimes has PFS games and that is near Culver City.


I know I am late to the thread ... but I have questions about this boon. The description for bonded mounts under Cavaliers, Oracles, and Paladins says they must be an animal they can ride. Unlike a horse, or camel which begins 1st level as a large companion, an Axe beak begins at size medium. I am unsure how this work for medium sized Cavaliers, Oracle, or Paladin who are not yet level 4 (quite possible with a level 1-5 scenario,) therefore unable to ride the medium axe beak. This would also be a problem if the character were a Gnome or Halfling who is level 4 or above. Could the the axe beak be taken as a companion even though it can not be a mount, does the axe beak automatically become the right size, or is it now impossible to chose an axe beak?

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