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Mark Sweetman's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2014 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,968 posts (25,875 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 29 aliases.


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Topically relevant

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An awesome gallery of the vehicles of Fury Road - complete with lore snippets

Personally decide a movie is 'probably' outrageous - yes.

Deride a movie as guaranteed to be carrying a 'feminist' message - no.

His claim from the initial article: But let us be clear. This is the vehicle by which they are guaranteed to force a lecture on feminism down your throat.

There's one big shining and flashing reason to ignore the so called 'Captain Capitalism'... which is thus:

Clickbait Merchant Himself wrote:
Hopefully, (unless the movie proves otherwise) we can save a lot of people a lot of money and a lot of time, and again, I am more than happy to watch the movie if it proves NOT to have a lecture on feminism or SJWing, etc. in it.

Otherwise known as the 'I'm so damn outraged by this thing that I've not even bothered to watch myself before getting outraged about.'

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Klaus van der Kroft wrote:
Had so much fun watching it the first time I've already watched it twice. The Boom Truck with the flaming guitar guy really stole the movie.

The mighty Doof Wagon that is ;)

A nice article with stills of some of the choicer cars in the movie - my favorite is the Buzzard Excavator.

My thoughts are currently running to a Buckler of Swash, mouser archetype so he can stand under bigguns and stab them in the ghoulies, and utilising a stabby tail ornament as his weapon de rigueur.

It's on like Donkey Kong... but I'll need to have a ponder first before I weigh in with tangible intent.

Average Aussie's work day commute...

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To be fair the comic had a better explanation of the walker getting inside the walls

Comic Explanation:
They swarmed up on one of the temporary walls that wasn't sunk deep enough and pushed it over - letting a horde of them inside the walls.

The muse did not materialise, and thus I shall withdraw.

A hand raised in quizzical interest as I ponder.

If I do put forward a character it will most likely be of an Occult bent.

Shifty wrote:
True, but I'm not that fussed as I have rolled with PFS groups seven deep before. If that's not your bag though and you are more inclined to sit out and see then thats ok too.

After a bit of thought on it... I'll pull back to leave you with an even six. I'll tag along a watching, but leave it to the A team for the ROFLstomping.

Shifty - with Karlan, Ailetha, Sable, Bree, Kabal and Celestra you've got six already.

Seven can get a little bit unwieldy, if you'd prefer to keep it to the six only I don't have any issues keeping to the shadows on the outer.

Awesome :) - Ansha's Rogue should pair pretty well with Vhailor as one of the lynchpins of his combat effectiveness is going to be Threatening Illusions (from Gnomes of Golarion), which basically uses illusions to provide flank partners.

Also, as I was researching into cats to fine tune Vhailor's familiar choice I was pleasantly surprised. The khao manee is a thing - and is a spitting image for the otherwordliness that I was actually looking for! I'm always chuffed when the natural world trumps imagination.

Stat Rolls:
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 4) + 6 = 11
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 4) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 3) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 5) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 4) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 1) + 6 = 11

Array: 15, 15, 14, 13, 11, 11

*Waves an enthusiastic hello*

I'm reasonably sure I'll know at least a few of whoever else has been invited to join Joana's new adventure here, and am looking forward to facing up to the orc and giant threat.

I'll be playing a Gnomish Illusionist... or more specifically a Wizard (Illusion specialist with Shadow subschool) with Familiar Adept archetype; and cat familiar with Sage familiar archetype.

I'll take a good look at the NPCs and figure out how to slot Vhailor in, though he'll be a relative newcomer to Truneau (having arrived as an apprentice to a master that is now gone).

That would be for Insanity Points methinks.

Shaman Level 8 with the Heavens primary spirit

3 Hexes - Enveloping Void (puts the lights out), Heaven's Leap (dim door for others), Shapeshift?

Familiar - Sugar Glider?

The idea of a Shaman is warming on me...

Hmmm... Heavens Shaman with Enveloping Void and Heaven's Leap... would likely combo well with allowing Bree to get into flanks, forestall AoOs from getting close to giants... has potential *stroking beard thoughtfully*

Coven still needs a hag... so not really a go there.

Shaman is a possibility though...

Cool - well with Sable returning I'll likely drop Cat back into a middle of the road role, maybe an Investigator... will ponder before post (probably tomorrow as I've got work shenanigans today).

So there is a face smasher, a crit handing bard, a cleric... and no arcane yet.

Who else are we expecting / hoping to rock up in? - looks like I might plug the spellzapping hole if no other arcane options rock up.

An impression formed on a piece of malleable material through the application of force unto a pointed object


I'm in, and am happy either to dust off Caterine, or cobble together something else to fit in the gaps.

Shifty - is the ACG fair game?

Though standing by the door ever welcoming to it's arrival... the muse has not decided to visit and thus I stand bereft of clarity.

With generous heart and thought to all, I sidle unnoticed out the servant's entrance.

A placing of a marker of nascent intent...

Are we measuring purely on length or on mindmelting depravity as well?

Aranna - que?

The game has afflictions, which come from a very long list... of which syphillis is but one of a wide plethora.

There is no 'creepiness' involved.

Respectfully withdrawing the nugget of intent. Good luck and Iomedae bless.

Consider this a marking of the thread, such that information, detail and spawned thought shall follow.

No worries at all dien - both the new jobski and RPGSS would be a more important focus at the moment anyhow ;)

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Hmm... now have 25,000 posts to my name... my 20,000 th was made on Oct 22 2013, so that's about 469 days for 5,000 posts... about 11 posts a day...

Was there anything in particular you wanted more info on snickersimba?

I'm not that far in, but I can probably shed a bit of light if there's specifics you're interested in.

Anyone else up on this? (Early Access was released for kickstarter backers, and opens up on Steam tomorrow)

I'm loving it at the moment... even though my second major foray (after the requisite faffing about to learn the system) involved an epic fail.

Two rooms in and the stress had already gone past breaking point so I had to back out and run away... which was compounded by my Occultist catching Syphilis and my Grave Robber the Creeping Cough. Scorched earth policy was the only way forward from there...

A good first impressions summary

No worries on the no occult, and 13, 14, 12, 10, 12, 5 sounds like a fine challenge...

Edit: right and done, it'll be a Halfling Swashbuckler (Mouser) with the following array:
Str: 12-2=10, Dex: 14+2=16, Con: 12, Int: 10, Wis: 5, Cha: 13+2=15

As he's got to be lacking a bit upstairs as far as common sense goes to be three foot high and looking to take on giants...

Oh fine I give in - gimme some rolls and I'll see what inspiration strikes.

Also - does the Paizo content extend to the occult classes?

Surprisingly Cosmo only has 9,055; Liz Courts 18,227; Vic Wertz 18,898...

I think James Jacobs would be the most prolific poster (45,034 posts (47,114 including aliases)) or potentially one of the Fawtl peoples.

Edit: Joana has the likely answer below... wow.

Easiest and simplest solution is to just start a thread in the Play by Post forum and get your players to chime in on it.

You would then have a primary (IC RP) thread for the roleplay and can even open a discussion thread for the OOC banter.

Lastly you can set it up as a Campaign so that you can share whatever you like in the campaign info page for easy reference.

In short, it's exactly the purpose of the boards so go for it :)

gamer-printer wrote:
in fact except for the symbiotes, and those tall horned aliens that once served as a host in some of the episodes, there are no non-humans in the entire series and movies.

I don't think you watched to the end of all the series there...

Stargate Wiki List

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Surely Dr Jackson is an Archaeologist Bard no?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Painlord - indeed, that particular incarnation of Hathin would've been interesting over time... but such is PbP :)

I agree mostly with what you're saying - just that they are polarizing and you'll get some solid PbP'rs who will see it and not consider any further... plus if you have a completely new player come onto an RP thread and see a couple of profilic posters dominating the back and forth that can also be a turn off.

One of the other issues can be the sheer number of players that apply sometimes. I ran a Reign of Winter recruitment that ended up with over forty applicants. As a DM it took me damn near a week from memory just to read the applications and ask a few simple questions of each of them. Having an open RP with that sort of number would've been chaos unadulterated.

So yes, an RP thread can be a good thing and it works for a goodly number of people... but it's not and shouldn't be seen as the only way to do it. I'm not implying that you said it was the only method, just reinforcing that there's multiple ways to skin a cat.

Other options:

  • The method I put above, where you ask for a single IC response to a posed question.
  • Question and answer - where you ask a few directed questions to the player on their background / character and measure them on the response.
  • Picking six players for a five player game - and making a conscious decision to give the sixth spot to a newbie. That way if it works - great, if not, then you still have a functional party to move forwards with.

Other things that a first time player can do to be involved and put their hand up a bit higher is things like:
1) Answering straightforward questions in the Recruitment thread. Ie. if someone asks 'What's the starting gold?' and it's clearly stated in the first post.
2) Putting together a list of applicants.
3) Checking in on the recruitment thread regularly over time and remaining engaged where appropriate. Not spamming it obviously, but showing that you're there, engaged and keen.
4) Paying attention to what the DM posts and indicates. Read and re-read the guidelines, double check what's been asked and answered before - and take that into consideration before posting.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
verdigris wrote:
If showing your PbP skills in a recruitment is an imposition, then yeah, it's better just to skip it and find another more tailored to your individual play style.

Not necessarily, I love to RP... just not in the recruitment threads.

An example - here's a recruitment RP thread that I was involved with.

It's a fairly straightforward one for CotCC, with the applicants asked to RP out within a tavern. However the problem comes in several points:
1) It's mixed in with the OOC posts - which makes it hell to actually follow and read what's going on.
2) You'll find it gets dominated by a few more prolific posters.
3) If done wrong it can promote wierdness - such as broody loner ish types feeling like they have to engage off type to get seen amongst the rest.
4) If done this way - do you then reset the clock for the main campaign? - or do all the characters now know each other, etc.
5) It's a lot more work for the players to do... which is fine in some respects, but also means that as a DM you're imposing more upon those that you will eventually regret - which leads to a I just spent two weeks RP'ing and still didn't get picked, bugger this I'm giving up. feeling at times.

A different option would be to do something like: This - where the request is for a single IC post to show a small taste of both character and posting ability.

But the best information is going to be obtained via Player Stalking (ie. researching their other PbPs or posts) for the most part.

A lot of good information in the guide - with the keys being to attempt to establish your expectations and stalk your prospective players.

First past the post recruitments don't have to be horrible (I'm in an 8,000+ post PbP coming on four years running that was selected on first past the post); though they do have a tendancy to be hit and miss.

In your second point you allude to and reference the potential for pre-selection RP or 'Auditions'. These are probably one of the most polarizing choices in recruitment - some people like them... they make me want to puke blood and I instantly avoid any thread that proposes them.

To me it's enough of an imposition to request prospective players to put forward a character concept plus a bit of background.

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Greg A. Vaughan wrote:
Good news from Richard Pett today. He thinks he'll probably be able to get me all the completed manuscripts for The Blight by Easter. If that is the case, then an end-of-year release for The Blight is much less speculative. Still no guarantees as the manuscript is still sight unseen, and we'll have to do all the development work from our end as well, but it fills in a lot of blanks on where we're at in the process exactly. So, woohoo!

Cold and clammy palmed excitement ensures as the Wheel of Fortune board states:

M ' N _ _ _ _ _ _ R R R R!

Would you like to buy a vowel?

From Inner Sea Gods:
Blackfingers: represents unethical experimentation for the sake of knowledge and the harmful use of chemistry... practice vivisection and surgery without anesthetic.

It's not just Skinsaw that's overtly evil in nature, and while the Reaper and the Gray aren't as explicit - they still bend towards nefarious purpose in their implementation.

GreyWolfLord wrote:
Bolg IS mentioned in the Hobbit I believe, but is much more pertinent to the final battle than Azog.

In the book canon Bolg was indeed the leader of the goblin armies at the Lonely Mountain. Book-Azog was long dead by the time of the Battle of Five Armies.

I'm of the cynical view that the only reason Jackson decided to resurrect Azog was so that he could keep Bolg specifically for Legolas to fight and kill.

The times I've been involved it's been a DM run deck - as in the DM did the drawing and assigned the cards.

No reason for there not to be trust - it's no different to some DMs that occasionally do off-screen rolls for their monsters, etc.

Confirmatory hand raised.

Dear Sir / Maam,

Could you please cancel the miniatures subscription attached to my account?

I've had significant issues with customs clearance (unrelated to Paizo) and a lost case shipment (also unable to resolve due to no tracking) that have made it too much of a hassle to continue with the subscription.


DM Stalwart wrote:
Available classes: Any published Paizo class or archetype (nothing from the current playtest, however).

gyrfalcon - above from the first post.

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