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Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2014 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,921 posts (24,666 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 29 aliases.


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Star Voter 2014

Confirmatory hand raised.

Star Voter 2014

Dear Sir / Maam,

Could you please cancel the miniatures subscription attached to my account?

I've had significant issues with customs clearance (unrelated to Paizo) and a lost case shipment (also unable to resolve due to no tracking) that have made it too much of a hassle to continue with the subscription.


Star Voter 2014

DM Stalwart wrote:
Available classes: Any published Paizo class or archetype (nothing from the current playtest, however).

gyrfalcon - above from the first post.

Star Voter 2014

My proposed Halfling Mouser will be named Tobar Pannell

Rough Crunch:
Str: 10, Dex: 18, Con: 12, Int: 10, Wis: 12, Cha: 17
Swashbuckler (Mouser) 4
Traits: Ilizmagorti Native, TBC
Skills: Stealth, Acrobatics, TBC
Feats: Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Fencing Grace
Gear: Rapier +1, MW Chain Shirt, Buckler +1, TBC

Standing average height and of a slight build, the halfling doesn't immediately draw your attention. Mousled brown hair sits like an unkempt mop atop a thin clean shaven face with narrowed brown eyes. There is but a single feature to him that both diminishes and enhances the effect... a duelling scar that arcs across his left cheek and back to his ear. The scar draws the left corner of his mouth slightly higher twisting his mouth into a permanent half-smirk.

He wears loose fitting pantaloons and an open silk shirt that clearly shows the linked chain shirt that protects his chest. At his right hip is a thin blade with basket hilt, and his bearing suggests that he knows full well how to use it.

Tobar maintains a relatively sardonic air to all and sundry whether they be fleeting acquaintances or close friends. There is little bias to his mocking, as near all subjects are at risk of his whim. That said it takes ardour and effort to rouse his anger... though when cause is given he pursues vengeance with singular purpose.

The one topic that draws his attention entire without skeptical bent is application to the tasks put before him by Red Mantis superiors. Tobar does not share the fanatical deification of Achaekek (though he does pay a homage) and instead views the art as his life's calling.

Tobar Pannell was born to Chelish slaves aboard a galleon at sea, and served his youth afloat. Though his life truly began when the Chelish vessel was chased into the shallows of Mosquito island off the shores of Mediogalti. The galleon scuppered it was easily boarded by a Mantis manned skiff and the most of the crew slaughtered. Tobar, though still a boy, took up a blade and resisted... and something was seen in him, as the Mantis before him turned his blade and laid him out with the flat.

Dumped in the outskirts of Ilizmagorti, Tobar was left to fend for himself and prove that he had not just heart... but a will to survive. An existence was eked out at first, before the halfling turned to the blade as well as the shadowed step - and began to find succor more easily. Always Red eyes were watching, as Tobar grew into adulthood and carved out a niche in the piratical city.

Enough potential seen by the watching eyes, Tobar was eventually given a final test - and surreptitiously given a task at theft... that put him squarely before a Red Mantis assassin. Given the option of flight or death, Tobar stubbornly stayed - and though he pushed the assassin for a few minutes, he was disarmed and earned the dueling scar that marks his cheek. An ultimatum of join or die was given, and Tobar accepted.

Since then he has been trained and incorporated into the lower echelons of Achaekek's cult - put to learn with blade and word... and now ready to be unleashed unto the world to spill blood for profit.

The assassin that admitted and initially trained him is left open to either be incorporated into the narrative - or swept to one side and left as a pure backstory character.

Star Voter 2014

My proposition is slowly coming together, after vacillating between Slayer and Brawler I've instead reversed path and ended up with a Halfling Swashbuckler with the Mouser archetype. I'll put him up for perusal once I've got both the nitty and gritty aspects narrowed down.

Star Voter 2014

Hand raised in interest... shall ponder then post.

Star Voter 2014

Behind the times - ThanksKilling came out in 2009...

Star Voter 2014

Good quality on our M36s would give us nothing, as they're already Reliable.

Good quality flak armor would an option as well. (increases AP by 1 vs first attack each round)

I'm fond of micro-beads, as they'll allow for communication at distance.

Survival suits are similarly decent options.

Star Voter 2014

On the topic of favored weapons:
From the rules: Each regiment has weapons that its members prefer to wield, or have a natural aptitude for. Each regiment may choose one Basic Weapon and one Heavy Weapon to be their Favoured Weapons, these weapons must be Very Rare or more available.

BoggBear's chosen the Heavy weapon to be the M34 Autocannon - a quite beasty jobbie that does 3d10+8 (6 Pen)

The options for the basic weapon are quite open - though here's a short list:
Triplex Pattern Lasgun - it's versatile, but lacks some degree of hitting power.
Meltagun - up close and face melty, massive armor penetration.
Plasmagun - more range, decent penetration and can be shot on maximal... but has overheating issues.
Long Las - your las based sniper rifle, but at only scarce availability we lose a bit of 'bang for the buck'
Boltgun - cut down version of the Space Marine's staple gun.
Flamer - low penetration, but good against swarms, though again only scarce availability. Plus you could choose it directly at character generation.

A Weapon Specialist has the following text: Specialist Equipment: 4 frag or krak grenades, Good Craftsmanship lasgun or Common Craftsmanship flamer or Common Craftsmanship shotgun or Common Craftsmanship Regimental Favoured Basic Weapon. - so if you want a shotgun or flamer, you could take it as part of your starting gear.
Alternatively, you could take whichever the favored basic weapon is.

The reason it's important to pick a 'good' basic weapon is that it's much easier for us to get reloads and resupply on it. Anything else we need to be subject to logistical rolls... which will suck initially.

If you want to be a sniper, you could always go Ratling as well.

At character generation (in keeping with us being grunts of the Imperial Guard) we get nada outside of the basic kit. So if we want it, we need to choose it as part of our base loadout.

For starting skills - I'd support BoggBear to say that Dodge and Parry > most other choices if you want melee capability.

Star Voter 2014

For kit - let's have the Heavy pick their gun, and if we have any Weapons Specialists then they can pick the favored basic weapon.

I would recommend we have at least one gun with some punch though. The M36 is a nice workhorse of a gun... but it does have Pen of 0.

Star Voter 2014

Point Allocation:
WS: 20 +2 +18 = 40
BS: 20
Str: 20 +3 +3 +9 = 35
Tough: 20 +3 +7 = 30
Agi: 20 + 15 = 35
Per: 20 + 10 = 30
Int: 20 -3 + 13 = 30
WP: 20 +10 = 30
Fel: 20 +18 +5 = 43

Other Character Details:
Aptitudes: Defence, Fellowship, Leadership, Perception, Strength, Toughness, Weapon Skill

Skills: Command, Navigate (Surface), Survival, Athletics

Talents: Iron Discipline; Weapon Training (Chain, Las, Low-Tech), Die Hard, Rapid Reload, Lightning Reflexes, Street Fighting

Specialist Gear: Common Las-pistol; Common Chainsword

Wounds: 10 +2 +1d5 ⇒ 2

Standard Kit: M36 lasgun and four charge packs, suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, 2 x frag grenades, 2 x krak grenades

Regimental Kit: upgrade standard melee weapon to Common Low-Tech weapon; or apply mono upgrade to standard melee weapon.

Equipment: Chameleoline: gain either chameleoline cloaks or chameleoline-coated armour

Star Voter 2014

The 30 points are on a regimental level to update our 'standard kit' - so they're spent as a group, rather than individually.

Star Voter 2014

Regimental Details:
Homeworld: Death World: +3 to any two of Per, Str, Tough
Trained in Survival
Fluency: can speak Low Gothic, but do not start with Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Hardened: choose one of Light Sleeper / Lightning Reflexes / Resistance (Poisons)
Wary of Outsiders: -10 on Interaction tests in formal surroundings; also -10 on Interaction tests made on them by non-death worlders.
Start with +2 Wounds

Commander: Sanguine: gain Die Hard talent

Regiment: Line Infantry: +3 Str, -3 Int
Starting skill: Athletics
Starting Talent: Rapid Reload
Standard Kit: M36 lasgun and four charge packs, suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, 2 x frag grenades, 2 x krak grenades

Training: Hardened Fighters: +2 WS
Starting Talent: Street Fighting
Regimental Kit: upgrade standard melee weapon to Common Low-Tech weapon; or apply mono upgrade to standard melee weapon.

Equipment: Chameleoline: gain either chameleoline cloaks or chameleoline-coated armour

I'll run with allocated points, and unless anyone else has a strong desire for it I can be our Sergeant.

Star Voter 2014

Well in line with Tark's desire to follow KISS - here's my suggestion:

Homeworld - Deathworld (3 pts)
Commanding Officer - Sanguine (2 pts)
Regiment - Line Infantry (2 pts)
Training Doctrine - Hardened Fighters (2 pts)
Special Equipment - Chameleoline (3 pts)

This will give us a hard-ass line infantry regiment that can fight up close, sneak around pretty decent with the chameleoline cloaks, and has 30pts of regimental kit left to play with.

Are we doing random rolls down the line for character creation Tark?

Star Voter 2014

On Armour:
Flak Vest is AP 3, Helmet is AP 2
Full Flak armor is AP 4 for all locations

You get hit in the head 10% of the time, body 40% - meaning light armor gives 50% coverage only.

Ergo - full coverage armor is very important to make us slightly less likely to be MDK'd without much effort.

My suggestion is to make our own regiment, but am happy to have specific Tark guidelines as to the core theme, mandatory choices, etc.

I would suggest the following as a skeletal regiment build (all from the Core book):
Homeworld - I am unfussed - we could go Death World to allow people to run with the 'Catachan' angle?
Commanding Officer - open to suggestions
Regiment Type - Line Infantry (it's boring, but gives us a main gun upgrade to the M36, full flak armor, and frag and krak grenades for all)
Training Doctrines - I'm fond of 'Hardened Fighters' (more stabby) or 'Sharpshooters' (more shooty)
Special Equipment - I like 'Chameleoline' (cloaks of elvenkind for all) or even 'Combat Drugs' (exactly what it says on the tin)

Star Voter 2014

Think Soviet Union Morale Officer... except with more discretionary powers and less conscience. They have abilities that only function when they summarily execute one of the guard squad (not our characters but 'comrades' which are kind of like super underpowered cohorts). They can do whatever they want, you have no recourse against them, and if they like they can decide to shoot you in the head for sh1ts and giggles.

Perfect as NPCs... not so much as PCs.

Star Voter 2014

I am vehemently opposed to Commissars as PCs in Only War. If one gets included then I'm out.

I'm happy to run through the regiment creation aspect if there is a desire to custom fit our regiment? - I've got all the resources as PDFs so it's not hard for me. I also find regiment creation one of the nicer aspects as well; and the pre-built regiments come with too much baggage as far as how they're meant to react, etc.

Are we stationed on a Paradise world Tark?

Star Voter 2014

Hand raised as a potential player also.

Star Voter 2014

Joana wrote:
Once you're in a few, though, you can start building a network: players and DMs with whom you click well and have similar gaming styles. When vacancies open up in other games they're in, they're likely to suggest you to fill them. When they decide to start new games, they'll invite you to join.

As a slight addition to what Joana's said - I'd note that all four of the characters selected in the recruitment that RD is referencing are currently playing with the DM in at least one or more other PbPs already.

It's something that I do as well - as a DM you're more likely to pick what you know over something you don't.

Star Voter 2014

Within the limitations of not quite knowing exactly what type of regiment, whether we're running with or without ogryn, etc, etc, etc... I'll put my hand up for involvement.

What is your characters first experience with death?
"At basic... some idiot didn't put his helmet on before live fire exercises. Suffice to say he... nor anyone that got painted with his brain matter'll make that mistake again."

How important is family to your character?
"Worth nothing and everything... blood is gone, overrated. Only family I know is the bastards in the line beside. And if I don't care for them... then word'll get round and I'll end up with a monoknife in my kidney because some drek liked the shine on my boots"

Describe your characters childhood.
"Meaningless banality punctuated by short periods of sleep... then I joined the corp... now it's banality with some great purpose... and less sleep."

Star Voter 2014

mplindustries wrote:
Whatever the rest end up, Gluttony is a Hungry Ghost Monk.

Bloatmage? (it's the one on the right...)

Star Voter 2014

Barbarossa - that's kind of what the revised module line is meant to provide.

Plunder and Peril is 4-7
Tears at Bitter Manor is 5-8

Star Voter 2014

The 'simplification' doesn't actually simplify or change anything though....?

Star Voter 2014

Strict RAW: Breaking Stealth: ... Your Stealth immediately ends after you make an attack roll, whether or not the attack is successful.

As a CDG doesn't require an attack roll - technically it doesn't explicitly break stealth.

I would've gone with a Stealth check after each CDG - with appropriate modifiers depending on the situation. A CDG with a dagger (slit throat) being quieter than a CDG with an earthbreaker.

Probably DC 15 (modified up to 25) if the CDG was successful.
DC 5-10 (modified up to 15-20) if the CDG didn't autokill, or they were using a bludgeoning weapon.

Star Voter 2014

I've lost my muse this week with work being amped up, so I'll respectfully withdraw from the running. Good luck and godspeed to all.

Star Voter 2014

I'm going to respectfully back out - the muse has been limited with work and I won't be able to do a concept justice.

Star Voter 2014

Jester David - the psychic rogue is just one way to play it though.

You could equally build it to be a dwarven soldier who inscribes his armor with the runes of the dwarvish pantheon and the gladdringgar of his ancestors.

Upon his axe - Angradd, the Forge Fire; upon his helm - Bolka, the Golden Gift, etc.

Star Voter 2014

*Nods* - for a frame of reference to the question, the nascent mental thread I have is to build a Brawler that's able to Stealth and potentially take out sentries / witches in a single burst.

The Bushwhack feat allows for enacting a Chokehold as a single action (initial grapple plus follow-up as a free action) and doesn't rely on winning initiative to prevent the target making a noise / alerting others.

Star Voter 2014

2 people marked this as a favorite.

In the Occultist thread it was stated that they are looking at Resonant Powers not being depleted as you spend mental focus - so hopefully that makes it into the final class. I think this is key to making the Occultist work - as it allows you to actually spend all of your Focus rather than hoard it for resonant powers.

Similarly it's also been suggested that there will be an Extra Mental Focus feat that could be taken. Which could easily turn itself into a 'must take' feat.

My view on the class is that you cannot set yourself up only for one role - as in build it with implements and powers that funnel into a sole purpose, you need to keep yourself open to changing the Mental Focus split depending on what you expect to do for the day and keep the options open.

Star Voter 2014

Consider the challenge duly accepted :)

I'll be incoming with an Occultist, race and background pending.

Star Voter 2014

Dot - will come back with something shortly... Leipstadt Inspector sprang to mind.

Does the all Paizo sources include or exclude the Occult Adventurer's Playtest?

Star Voter 2014

JamZilla - a question... would you allow the following feat from the Monster Codex to be taken?

Bushwhack (Combat):
You can subdue an unsuspecting foe quickly.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike.
Benefit: When a flat-footed creature is unaware of your presence and you successfully grapple it, you can attempt a second grapple combat maneuver check to pin the creature as a free action. If you have the Chokehold feat (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 92), you can instead use this second combat maneuver check to initiate a chokehold.

Star Voter 2014

Respectfully I meld out of the shadows and raise my hand for consideration. While I have DM'd the way through most of the first AP volume twice - I can keep the player and character knowledge apart.

I'll ruminate on possibilities before submission.

Star Voter 2014

JoelF847 wrote:
Am I the only one who wishes this was a 9-level caster with d6 HD and low BAB? I really like the implement based casting, and various powers, but wish it was a full caster instead of a hybrid.

TBH I like the concept enough that I can see all the variants (4 level, 6 level and 9 level casters) as viable options... but if we only get one I like the middleground hybrid the best :)

Star Voter 2014

Why Abjuration?
Abjurations are protective spells. They create physical or magical barriers, negate magical or physical abilities, harm trespassers, or even banish the subject of the spell to another plane of existence.

Divination spells enable you to learn secrets long forgotten, predict the future, find hidden things, and foil deceptive spells.

Surely the fluff in the PRD on Divination is far more on point?

Star Voter 2014

2 people marked this as a favorite.

If Trap Sense is added... let it at least be a Resonant Power or Focus Power option and not hard-coded into the base class. Divination would be the obvious fit. Sure it fits for some concepts - but it doesn't fit for all concepts.

I personally don't see why the Occultist should have Knowledge Geography, Nature or Nobility... but could see a partial case for Dungeoneering or Local.

4+Int = likely 7-8 for a non-Human or 8-9 for a Human... which is plenty in my books. The class benefits more from Martial weapon proficiencies than it would through an extra two skill points it doesn't really need.

Star Voter 2014

Apocryphile - the choice you make at 1st is for the ability to use an Implement Group, which allows you access to the whole list. Each day, you select one item - which is your implement for the day. Each implement group also comes with a base focus power.

If you choose the same group twice then you get two spells of each level, plus need to select two different implements. Those then get invested into individually with Mental Focus and unlock resonant powers separately.

For example - you want to make a two weapon fighter, so you choose Transmutation twice at first level. You can then choose 2 x knacks and 2 x 1st level Transmutation to chuck onto your spells list. You also get access to the Base Focus Power Psychic Weapon.
When you prepare for the day, you choose two Implements - in this case two shortswords. You then invest your mental focus, and choose a Resonant Power for each weapon - in this case it has to be Legacy Weapon.
If you invested at least three Mental focus into each weapon, you could choose a separate +1 equivalent ability for each weapon / implement.
You would also only have one eligible Focus Ability to choose - which would be Sudden Speed.

Honestly you'd get more out of choosing two separate groups at 1st level, or going with a 2H weapon / Belt combo.

Star Voter 2014

3 people marked this as a favorite.

The Occultist can fight, and has great survivability. Also has greater flexibility of magical items, as you can utilise your implements to replace a couple of the big ticket items - this translates into having more character wealth available to invest in other stuff. (eg at 8th level you could use Warding Talisman to get +3 Resistance on saves - saving 9,000gp or 27% of your WBL).

He has a good skill selection and will be rocking 7-8 skill points per level. He also rocks out UMD due to Magic Item Skill. Object Reading is situationally awesome as well - and can help both player and DM to breadcrumb plots and nudge things along.

While the spell list is limited, he will typically have more spell choices than your typical spontaneous caster. eg at 7th when you get 3rd level spells a Bard would know 2, you know 4; at 10th when you get 4th a Bard would know 2, you know 5 The spell list also includes healing, blasting, mind altering and Necromancy - it's limited but broad.

You can reset your focus on a day by day basis - use Legacy Weapon to tweak your sword to be holy before facing demons, undead bane before you go into a crypt... then when you come back to town switch on Glorious Presence through your helm.

TL:DR - Utility is your trademark, that and flexibility. You can contribute in all scenarios - plus the way in which you get to do it is freaking cool.

Star Voter 2014

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Excaliburproxy wrote:

You aren't alone - I seem to be one of the few that thinks the Occultist retains decent melee utility... but you've got to think beyond only the damage they're dealing.

Will you deal as much damage as a fighter - probably not, but do you need to? - also probably not.

You are still able to retain decent melee potential, massive flexibility (as by changing your focus investments you can turn from a combat based to a social beast with Glorious Presence), and while the spell list is limited, you have much more high level spells than a typical spontaneous caster. (Eg. at level 13 you get access to five 5th level spells, where most would only have two).

Could it use a couple more combat boosters? - probably, a few combat spell boosters, a psychic version of Arcane Strike would help to mitigate that gap as well. Maybe a Focus Power that allows a Spellstrike?

The class is fine with 4+Int as it's an Int based caster - it'll have as many or more skill points than your average Bard, which is fine.

Star Voter 2014

I hear what you're saying... but neither of you actually gave a number that the occultist needed to get to.

You've listed a great number of things that other classes are capable of, and the spells that they can cast, the benefits that they can give to the party, etc, etc, etc.

But neither of you have said what you'd consider the Occultist itself to need to be considered 'effective as a martial'.

I'm not trying to be obtuse here, just trying to realistically get a figure of what added bonuses you'd expect to see in order to get a 'tick' from your side.

Star Voter 2014

So, directed question then - quantify how much it's lacking?
In your opinion how much to hit does it need, and how short is it?

Similarly as you stated above, set a bar that it needs to reach at an arbitrary level to have a 'high enough' to hit.

Star Voter 2014

Aratrok wrote:
Their reliable benefits (duration based or permanent) to hit from class (that are not easily reproducible by non-classed means) total at +0. +5 at 17th level with transformation if you shut off your spellcasting.

That's a very narrow way of looking at it though - as it kind of ignores what they are capable of.

The magic item flexibility is an underrated part of the class. It allows you to get alternate sources of the primary magic items that frees up the slots for other uses.

The Transmutation implement for bane / holy is always on, and doesn't need to be activated / cast - so there isn't any action tax on initiating it.

The defensive component is also important, sure you might miss once or twice - but you'll survive for longer as well.

There's more to combat than just to hit.

Edit - oh, and they have a good will save as well.

Star Voter 2014

  • Legacy Weapon (taking Bane or Holy) - you can reset this on a day by day basis. So if you're going into a tomb - undead bane, against giants - giant bane, etc.
  • Physical Enhancement - the belt doesn't consume the magic item slot, so you can get a +X Strength belt in addition to another; or use it to get a significant discount on an effective belt of physical might.
  • Abjuration Implements - sure they don't add to hit / damage, but they do make you significantly more durable. Also, the spell selection is decent. Shield at low levels, rising to stoneskin.
  • and the stuff you mention.

Are they a fighter / barbarian? - no.
Can they be favorably compared to an Inquisitor / Magus - I would say yes.

Does this make them a 'martial' character - in my eyes, yes.

Star Voter 2014

The Occultist can be built to be an effective martial character if you choose to.

Star Voter 2014

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Not a movie... but still memorable:
The Polito form is dead, insect. Are you afraid? What is it you fear? The end of your trivial existence? When the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence.

Star Voter 2014

I'm not absolutely sold on the idea of handing the implements out to others. That sort of ability might be better handled through an archetype or a feat?

A feat like 'Implement Specialization' would also be cool - something like a watered down version of the 20th level capstone.

Star Voter 2014

mechaPoet wrote:
1. Maybe I missed it, but does the Occultist have any way to protect their Implements from sunder maneuvers and the always-unfortunate natural 1 on a saving throw versus a fireball? Or at least to shift or preserve some of the focus in those items?

At this point I don't think so - but that's no different to a cleric with his holy symbol or wizard and their bonded item.

Star Voter 2014

I agree that the diminishment of resonant powers is an issue.

At 4th level you'd likely have about 10 Focus (4 level + 3 base + 3 for 16 Int).

To keep holy active you'd need to have 6 of that locked away in your weapon, leaving only four to play with.

One way around that might be to make the Base Focus Powers not require Focus expenditure. The Illusion one for example isn't worth wasting a point on.

That would give you stuff to do without needing to trade off depowering your implements.

Star Voter 2014

Each implement group is represented by a small list of objects. Each day, the occultist selects an item from that list to be his implement for the day.
Each time you invest mental focus into an abjuration implement, choose one of the following resonant powers. The implement’s bearer gains the benefits of this power until you refresh your focus.

Just re-read this and smiled - If I read right this is fantastic. It lets you fine tune your resonant powers as you refresh.

It also means that you can choose your Legacy Weapon power on a day by day basis? - which means that you could choose the bane ability vs whatever you think you're most likely to face that day?

Star Voter 2014

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There's a lot to me that screams 'This class is cool' - not the least of which that it would serve equally well for a runic Ulfen warrior, Mwangi shaman, Shackles voodoo practitioner, Varisian harrower, etc. The class has a huge amount of cultural flexibility because the implements share that same flexibility of definition.

While spell options are limited, you still get a wider set of spell options than any of the spontaneous crowd.

The class gets a decent amount of skill points as it's Int focused, so you'll have 7-8 per level. That's comparable with the Bard / Inquisitor / etc - and it's a decent skill list as well.

I would hate to see it with full BAB - and it doesn't need it. If you invest specifically down the martial arm, then you can boost yourself with Transmutation and Abjuration implements. If you want to be a blaster (which you can with an Evocation implement) then there is a massive difference between a 6 level and 4 level spell list.

But a big big benefit in my reckoning is that you can free up a couple of the big magic item slots. You don't need a cloak of resistance, as you can get that through your Warding Talisman. Physical Enhancement means that you could swap out your Belt of Strength for another option.

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