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Sheriff Belor Hemolock

Marcus Cole's page

48 posts. Alias of Grand Moff Vixen.

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Greetings programs! I am one of the founders of a Google + community, The Idiosyncratic Gamers. We are looking for members to hang out with and have fun. The primary things we do are role-playing and video games. If you are looking for a laid back group, look no further.

There is really only one rule: no grumpy allowed. We are all about fun. Part of our objective in recruiting is to have a solid group of people to play video games with.

Here is a partial list of some that have been played recently:

*Terraria (PC)
*Hammerwatch (PC)
*Risk of Rain (PC)
*Alien Swarm (PC)
*How to Survive (PC)
*Castle Crashers (PC)
*100% Orange Juice (PC)
*Wanderlust: Rebirth (PC)

And any others that are fun and have co-op play. The primary feature of games like these is that they have co-op multiplayer so we can game together.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, come over to our community and take a look. We don't have many members just yet, but by bringing people in our hope is to build just a fun place to hang out at. No complicated politics or people on a power trip. We don't want drama and will actively discourage anyone from such behavior.

We can be found on our Google + page, The Idiosyncratic RPGers.

I go by the moniker Tarc Novar.

We look forward to seeing you there!

PS: posting responses here is cool as you must be a member of our Google+ community to post there.

I have found out that the 50th anniversary special is going to be in select theaters on November 25th.

Day of the Doctor.

This will run 90 minutes total. 75 minutes will be an extended viewing of the episode and 15 minutes will show behind the scenes. Heck yeah! I already have tickets in my area.

I know a couple GMs that because of some players who somehow abused speaking in combat created a houserule that states no PC can speak more than 3 words unless a standard action is used. Also stemming from this is a limit of 1 free action per round. How am I supposed to accomplish anything when certain attacks, skills, and/or abilities can be done as said free action? It is most frustrating. My PC doesn't even speak in combat anymore as it is most unrealistic in ANY sense of the word to speak. I am not wasting an action on 5 words. I would rather attack instead.

In any case, I call shenanigans on it. Thoughts?

So, I am still hammering out the details on my dragon. I have been tired the last couple days but I should be able to get something out soon. Hopefully by Saturday.

Does anyone here watch Perry Mason? I have been drawn into this excellent series by my roommate. I love deducing who will be charged with a crime, who is the red herring, and who really committed the act.

If anyone likes to watch it ME tv has it every night at 10:30 central time and Hallmark plays two episodes starting at 2am central time.

I have not seen any of the movies yet.

I am looking to play in a high level game (20+). I had been involved in such a game but it fizzled before we got beyond the initial intro and beginning investigation.

I really would like to play a similar game again with a chance to to have lots of roleplay opportunities. I understand that combat would not be a focus but that is what I want. Lots of rp with less combat.

I am no spring chicken to gaming. I consider myself a mature easygoing gamer.

Would anyone be interested in running a game like this? I want another opportunity at playing one again.

Hi everyone! My fiance's son entered his dog into a contest that if they win they will get $1000 donated to a no-kill shelter of his choice.

Don't forget to vote EACH day!

Contest link

If anyone doesn't to use the link, here is the full link to the contest. If you do use the full link, do a search for Victoria from Red Oak.

Full contest link.

Here is a picture.

Seirios the Airdale Terrier.

Hi everyone. I am looking to expand my horizons and find a group I can pathfinder with. I also am familiar with GURPS, D&D, Palladium (mostly Rifts) and some Traveler. I would definitely be up for some Pathfinder the most though. I live in South Omaha if anyone would like a mature gamer for their group. I do like games with good opportunities for RP as well as action.

If anyone is interested you may contact me on AIM at GrandMoffVixen (no spaces.

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