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Drow Battle Wizard

Marco Massoudi's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,435 posts. 444 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Dark Archive

That´s a gret little summary and adresses most basic rules.
Thank you Owen & James!

Dark Archive

Starfinder Season 1 really begins to feel like a cool tv-series-like storyline being about the "Scoured Stars Incident" and it´s aftermath.

Is there an official title to Starfinder Season 1?

Dark Archive

I love caves & tunnels, but could we get some sample art? ;-)
Thank you!

Dark Archive

Why is the print edition not pre-orderable?

Is it already sold out?

Dark Archive

These are currently listed for august in Wizkids monthly release schedule.

More are listed for a september release, but that could easily shift to october.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Now that the regular "Pathfinder Battles" blogs are back again, i´m gonna post news about the D&D minis here to not cluster up the Pathfinder thread. ;-)

I´ll begin with the D&D Icons of the Realms: Classic Creatures Box Set out in november from Wizkids.

It contains nine different prepainted miniatures:

Ogre (large)
Demogorgon (huge)
Orc (medium)
Troll (large)
Purple Worm (looks to be GARGANTUAN)
Orc Archer (medium)
Sahuagin Mystic (medium)
Owlbear (large)
Sahuagin (medium)

The price is $79.99 and shops will be able to order one free 3 inch Demogorgon (medium) miniature per box.

Dark Archive

There are less than 100 left of the Pathfinder Player Companion: Dungeoneer's Handbook, which has really gorgeous art and some useful stuff for dungeon-exploring.

If you are curious about STARFINDER, get your tentacles on Pathfinder Player Companion: People of the Stars, it has rules for playing ANDROIDS, KASATHA, LASHUNTA & TRIAXIANS. There are less than 250 left.

If you like ULTIMATE CAMPAIGN, get Pathfinder Player Companion: Quests & Campaigns for a director´s cut from that hardcover book. There are also less than 250 left in stock.

From the books mentioned above, i can personally recommend the Dragon Slayer´s Handbook, Giant Hunter´s Handbook and Haunted Heroes Handbook.

My TOP 10 Player COMPANIONS are (in no particular order):











Dark Archive

Sounds interesting, Owen.

So multi-classing is a thing in Starfinder, that´s cool.

Do you have to take ALL of an archetype´s alternate class features (like in Pathfinder) or can you choose for instance to take the first possible replacement power but not the second?

How does this work with multi-classing?

If have one level of soldier and gain a level, you decide to take the phrenic adept archetipe and gain "Phrenic Defense" instead of what you would have gotten as a 2nd level soldier.

Then later, you decide to make your 3rd level a mystic level.
As you level up to level 4, do you have to replace that levels class feature with the 4th level "Phrenic Adept" alternate class feature?

And on top of that comes one single theme i guess?

Thank you.

Dark Archive

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Keep making them and i'll keep buying them. ;-)

Dark Archive

This could seriously use an update.
If i wouldn´t be such a minis hound, i would be wondering what was in this set. ;-)

Here is a link to the gallery:

Dark Archive

I guess the container with the actual minis ist still held in customs, too bad. ;-(

The third link doesn´t work.
Also the headline has a typo. ;-p

I love the Skeleton Cavalry and would love to get my hands on a few more than one, but it´s probably the right rarity.

The Reclamation Cavalry looks good in the video, but it´s painted plainly enough to be an uncommon, which would have made much more sense (switched with the "Monstrous Skeleton"/Owlbear Skeleton).

I havn´t yet gotten a good enough look at the "Reclamation Sky Cavalry" mini, so i can´t say anything on details, but the rarity is probably in order. The fact that this Griffon looks so different (better actually) from the wild one in the "Dungeons Deep" set (#32) is a little unfortunate...

Still, these will be three useful minis, but to build an army they would have to be uncommons... ;-)

25 days till release and still 3 more previews till then, hopefully with pictures of actual minis. :-)

Have a nice weekend, Michael!

Dark Archive

5 people marked this as a favorite.

The first book to mix Golarion lore with freely available rules.
Personally i think this is long overdue, as i know NOBODY in Germany who makes a distinction between the rulesbooks and the Golarion setting. ;-)

Looking forward to buy the hardcover next month!

Dark Archive

Preview pages

Dark Archive

These would be great for a DROW campaign! ;-)

Dark Archive

These look very nice.

The price for the "Horror Game Set" is missing, though. ;-)

Dark Archive

The price is missing.

I assume it is $39.99 like the other 50 coins sets?

Dark Archive

These would be useful for the "Hell's Rebels" AP.

Dark Archive

The "bat" mini is made from clear plastic, so you can paint it to appear flying in the air. ;-)

Dark Archive

There is a painted version of this mini "Allevrah, Elf General" in the Rusty Dragon Inn series.
It's taken from the alternate cover of AP #13 - Second Darkness part 1 and appears in AP #17.

Dark Archive

Again an early preview (15 minutes before midnight in germany), thanks Mike!

Two common skeletons with gold armor, each one 4-5 times in a case.

One rare skeleton with silver armor and flaming head per case.

I wonder if the "Skeletal Cavalry" will be uncommon or rare...

Dark Archive


Is that the right price?

The scenery packs were between $30 and $40 before, the ONLY case incentive (no matter if from D&D or Pathfinder Battles) that was $50 was the Gargantuan Red Dragon.

For that price, i would expect a real throne room (with floor and one wall) OR lots and lots of pieces (certainly more than in the Adventurers Camp...

Dark Archive

The "Golem Sale & Clearance" link only leads to the "scratch and dent sale" for Paizo Products, where a lot of products are only available as pdfs, which makes no sense for a scratch and dent sale.

This wasn´t the case a few days before (i checked last on wednesday).
Could you please clear that up?

Thank you and have a nice weekend! :-)

Dark Archive

I can´t say how disappointed i am.

Although these Kickstarter minis look pretty cool and some advertisement for the Pathfinder add-on is certainly in order, i am not going to spend money on a board game kickstarter 20 hours before it finishes.

I wouldn´t have minded this, if we would have gotten regular blogs, but 5 weeks of no news, then getting something that has nothing to do with Pathfinder Battles - after all i´m here for roleplaying and not tabletop (as nice as that can be too) - and then having to stomach another two weeks of no news is a little too much for me.

I wish you a nice holiday none the less, but please consider not putting the minis previews on the backburner for new (and also exciting) things like Pathfinder comics or crossover projects in the future.


PS: If i sound a little cranky, i´m sorry, but i am sick and been staying awake for hours to see something new of PFB. :-(

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Sprays coffee.

Oh s&&!! I didn't see that coming!

Dark Archive

A five page preview:


In stores today!

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Good, bad - i'm the guy with the gun!

Dark Archive

All the class features sound really great, Erik!

I'm looking forward to buying the first issue on halloween and will put up a review as soon as i have read it.

I hope you can get around to write an introductory adventure set in Galt one day.

Hope to read your minis blog on friday (saturday morning here in germany).

Take care.

Dark Archive

I'll get my monthly comic dose here in germany on october 31st, but Pathfinder Worldscape #1 is part of it (along with The Walking Dead #159 and Bloodshot Reborn).

I'm looking forward to it almost as much as for fridays last Deadly Foes preview. ;-)

Erik, what will the mini-battlemap depict?

Greetings, Marco

Dark Archive

Otyugh - great!

Keketar - very cool!

Arcane Pillar - nice and useful.
Is it large or medium?

Thanks, Erik & Mike!

Dark Archive

The Murajau looks great and would translate into a cool Pathfinder Battles PPM.

I'll definetly buy this book, as it will also be a great additional resource for AP #120 - The finale of Ironfang Invasion!

Well done, Paizonians! ;-)

Dark Archive

Release date for North America is september 21st.

The set will have 44 minis, 14 of them giants.

There are 11 different giant sculpts plus 4 alternate versions with different weapons.

Dark Archive

Here is the link:

Dark Archive

Havn't been more excited for any other AP ever.
I love Rule of Fear.

How are the chances that we'll get the Players Guide a few days before the street date of AP #109?

Thank you for making this AP!

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Campaign Setting, Card Game, Cards, Class Deck, Companion, Maps, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

I just took a quick look at this, and noticed that many of the items shown in the "On Sale" listings (Adventure Paths, Pathfinder Chronicles, Campaign Settings, Map Packs, Modules, ...) are links to the PDFs, not to physical product. That's not going to be much help in clearing shelf space in the warehouse ...

Dark Archive

You just got my vote for best miniature and best publisher!

Dark Archive at-01.27.50.png

The screenshot above seems to support the notion that the giant minis are of huge size.

Also an australian website offers the series as early as august 3rd 2016 - which is in 4 weeks - 4 weeks before the american release date.

See the link below.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Germany's biggest miniature shop announced a REPRINT of "The Rusty Dragon Inn" yesterday.

It's on their starting page and should be out in the next 4 months.

It seems Wizkids is reprinting other miniature sets too.

Dark Archive ooster-brick.aspx

There is no release date yet and i hope it is not too close too "PFB DEADLY FOES".

What is very interesting, is that the case incentive is called "adventurer's camp", which reminds me of "The Rusty Dragon Inn Bar incentive" and also brings tents and a campfire dressing to mind...

Dark Archive

Every one's a winner, baby!

The rarity is spot-on.

Only the soles of the Pit F... feet look strange, but i can live with that.

For me this is the best set, creature-wise.

Only the huges are very niche - again, but i'll still buy them with a case.

So i guess we will get the set for x-mas, which is fine too.

Thank you for the "double preview", Erik!

Dark Archive

It´s out.
Preview: -6-dynamite-entertainment-2016

Dark Archive

It looks as Hollow Mountain '5 didn´t come out on march 23rd.
Nor march 30th.

There is no other release date on the Dynamite Entertainment homepage yet nor is there a preview...

Dark Archive

The hardcover Bestiary is 1.2 kilos/2.4 pounds - this pocket edition is 0.8 kilos/1.6 pounds.

That's 0.4 kg/0.8 lbs lighter.


Dark Archive

A great idea!
1 kilo/2 pounds is much better for my back than - how heavy is the regular CRB?

Time to stop using a blank base for an invisible stalker, I guess! Actually, I may be tempted to use some inks on that stalker to get some other sorts of effects, too. I agree, looks really versatile!

Dark Archive

The best series yet.

This is even better than "Origins" because the Iconics work all together in an already half-developed locale (Hollow Mountain from "Dungeons of Golarion) against enemies statted out in the Bestiary 2, written by people who developed the Golarion setting.
The iconics begin to feel like super-heroes in a fantasy setting and each acts with his or her unique behavior.
A great read.

Dark Archive

This mini is taken from the pages of AP #17 Second Darkness #5 "A memory of darkness" and appears again in AP #18 "Decent into midnight" in a slightly different form.

Dark Archive

Looks like it should be possible to remove the goblin (with an x-acto knive) to get a vulture and a sitting goblin mini to put on a bar stool in the Rusty Dragon Inn bar.;-)

Dark Archive

Damn this looks bad. I hope it is not as bug-eyed in hand as on the picture.
I'll reserve my judgement till i have my case.

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