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Rima Kell

Mapleswitch's page

399 posts (778 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Mystic Theurge:

I have been play testing Mystic Theurge builds for about a year. There are in essence two decent/good builds.

1) focus on cleric spells
2) focus on wizard spells

The best class build I have found is:

Mystic Theurges always fight defensively and only cast attack spells that do not require attack rolls, such as (acid) burning hands / (acid) fireball, (acid) flaming sphere, magic missile, etc.

1 level dip spire defender (magus): +int to concentration (this is why magus: if you think your GM will not target you - the caster - then don't bother with magus) + dodge feat (+1 AC) + combat expertise (+1 AC +1 additional AC/4 BAB when fighting defensively) + exotic weapon focus (nine section whip: +1 AC when fighting defensively) + (always chose feather fall as one of the magus' spells)

1 level dip into crossblooded sorcerer (orc / dragon (acid)) +2 damage per dice rolled when casting acid spells

1 level dip into cleric (trickery / travel) (+10 movement)

1 level dip into admixture wizard (able to change normal spells into acid spells, +1 damage when casting acid spells)

Mystic Theurge 1-10

Then more of either wizard or cleric until Level 20.

I know the build above looks dumb, but in my current L11 group, my MT has the 2nd highest AC (before combat buffs) and does the most DPR... by a lot.

*** I am currently exploring the ?maybe? brokenness of Aasimar: Oracle 3, Cleric 1, Inquisitor 1, Hellknight Enforcer 1 (Warrior Priest feat: cleric, oracle, inquisitor), Evangelist 10 (Hellknight Enforcer), then more Oracle build.

Fantastic... Another "I'm right, you're wrong, I will look up no information to prove that I'm right, you must look up all the information to prove me wrong, because I'm right" thread....

Look under Multiclass in the Core Rulebook. Too hard? I'll simplify this for you:

(page 30) Instead of gaining the abilities granted by the next level in your character's current class, he can instead gain the 1st-level abilities of a new class, adding all of those abilities to his existing ones. This is known as "multiclassing."

I listened to an argument between a fellow player *cough* Mike *cough* and the DM about how dark the darkness spell made an area... for over an hour.

Right after that argument - the party entered a room with a pressure plate trap next to the exit door. When standing on the pressure plate, a spear ejected and retracted from a hole in the wall around chest level. We broke the door from a distance, then tried to crawl over the pressure plate and under the trap... Yeah... all of a sudden, the spear, which was consistently shooting out at chest level shot out at ankle level... then ensued another argument between Mike and the DM about the chest high spear hole not being able to hit someone crawling.

Fotta wrote:

In all fairness, this happened in a purposefully difficult and gritty campaign. We were okay with the ruling, and able to get it fixed...mostly.

A monk was attacking an enemy knight, and rolled a 1. The DM used a crit fumble chart he found online, The rolled result was "Attacker is disarmed"

Monk: Not bad since I don't have a weapon to drop.

DM: Nah. We'll just disarm you literally. he cuts off both your hands.

... that chart is for vorpal weapons back in 2nd edition....

Arcane bonded object ring and necklace are very safe objects to have. They are of masterwork quality (always) and despite you adding magical properties to them, they appear (through detect magic / arcane sight / identify / etc.) and essentially are non-magical to everyone else.

ABO helps save a feat slot for something else: since you get craft wonderous items (for the amulet only) or forge ring (for the ring only).

ABO's allow you to cast any spell from your spellbook that you are capable of normally casting (1/day).

Optimized level 1 party of 4 characters is two Clerics, a Magus, and a Gunslinger imho. One of the clerics needs a high dex to take disable device and perception.

*picks a random page in a random book to list words not defined*
selection, can, be, applied, find, a, store, or, your, most, hated, section, extensive, specific, these, after, time, again, starting, settle, why, with, for, when, have, capable, cutting, last, through, an, assortment,

Words in dictionaries are not defined in Pathfinder game books.

The game doesn't define words found in dictionaries.

The game does not define: while, playing, the, describes, events, that, occur, in, game, world, take, describing, what, their, do, unlike, however.....etc.

Paizo assumes players have at least a rudimentary grasp of grammar when playing the game.

RAW: cannot switch weapons mid-turn (action economy).
RAW: can drop primary-hand weapon (free action) + quick draw (free action) other weapon to primary hand.
RAW: can drop primary-hand weapon (free action) + (+1 BAB / move: free action) switch weapon during pounce/mounted skirmisher full round action

I'm sure we could theorycraft several other exceptions. By-in-large, the answer is no to switching weapons.

Wielding a Nine-Section whip grants an additional +1 to AC while fighting defensively, prevents being tripped, and provides a +2 bluff to feint. You need not use the Nine-Section whip in melee to gain its benefits.

Wielding a Tekko-Kagi - treat it like a buckler when not attacking with it, +2 to sunder and disarm slender blades and swords, disarming does not provoke attack of opportunity.

The eidolon can count as either natural armor or normal armor and takes up the armor slot. I am not sure why anyone would ever chose for the eidolon to count as armor. The shield bonus mentioned earlier is around a level 6 class ability.

Sgt Spectre wrote:
Exactly, all I am saying that to be game breaking it takes a player not simple numbers usually. Now if one player rolled all 10's and the other rolled all 18's you may have a problem... (Chances if that both happening in the same game are like what .040%?)

0.04% is a really high estimate.

Using the 4d6 drop the lowest, people roll 18s 1.62% of the time and roll 10s 9.41% of the time. The odds of rolling 6 stats of the same number is that number to the 6th power and also extremely unlikely. If someone rolls straight 18s, they are clearly cheating (weighted or shaved dice).

The chance of rolling straight 18s is 1.62%^6 (1.62% for the first 18, 1.62% of the second 18, 1.62% for the third 18, 1.62% for the fourth 18, 1.62% for the fifth 18, and 1.62% for the sixth 18). 0.00000000181% is the chance of rolling straight 18s.

The chance of rolling straight 10s is 9.41%^6. 0.0000694% chance to roll straight 10s.

These numbers are confusing by themselves, but are great for comparing. Rolling straight 10s is 38,400 times more likely than rolling straight 18s.

Ashiel wrote:

Back when we used to roll (we did it, but we have seen the light of truth and it is both beautiful and liberating), I was helping a friend roll up her first D&D character, a bard, while everyone else was making a character. My poor buddy Brandon ended up with crappy rolls, so bad that he had to re-roll them according to the PHB. Meanwhile, he bard rolled 4 17s and 2 18s, using 4d6-drop. lowest method. Half-way through the rolling, I was like "guys, look at this", and finished rolling.

If anyone had brought me the sheet, I'd have been certain they were the most obvious cheaters in the history of cheating, but what could I say? I was the GM, I'm the one that rolled them, right there in front of everyone.

I'm not sure what the statistical probability of four 17s and 2 18s is, but damn, it's gotta be low.

Probability of rolling 4-17s and 2-18s in a 4d6 drop the lowest, 6 times is 1 in 1,260,160,177.

*the player handed you weighted or shaved dice*

cdglantern wrote:

I like rolling. I actually mostly just like not perfect arrays. I hate that all fighters lack charisma. This is a side effect of rolling and of point buy so I lose no matter what.

Seriously though, I think spell casters gain the most from point buy and since they are already superior I prefer to roll to help out the martials. It used to be if you had crummy rolls excepting one 17, you were a wizard and your fighter buddy sporting two 18's a 14 12, 10, and 8 was also awesome.... and had an 8 charisma.... SAD FACE.

18, 18, 14, 12, 10, 8

First off, interesting how they are all conveniently even numbers.
Assuming "4d6 drop the lowest, 6 times":
Odds of rolling 6 even numbers: 1 in 63.
Odds of rolling these stats: 1 in 53,214,817.

Forthepie wrote:

I suspect this is how it works:

4 players, each roll 4d6, 7 times, drop lowest.

so you might have the following arrays


Or something, whatever.

Each player then votes on which array they think is best. In my example there might be one really good one that you think everyone will vote on. So the votes are tallied and the winning array is the one everyone uses.

Lovely array to do probabilities. "4 players, each roll 4d6, 7 times, drop lowest."

Odds are 1 in 12,570,302.
Odds are 1 in 29,303,248.
Odds are 1 in 561,338,337.
Odds are 1 in 1,561,643.

Keep in mind the most likely outcome is 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13 which has odds of 1 in 284,373. The third roller's rolls are not probable. The GM should make sure s/he is not cheating: weighted or shaved dice // adding incorrectly // making up numbers that the dice doesn't actually roll.

The thin floor trap is simple. The Rogue pulls out some chalk and marks around the edge of the trap. The party simply does not walk inside the chalked box. If the entire floor is thin, then he marks the chalk across the entry hallway and the party simply does not enter the room (unless they are idiots).

andreww wrote:
Mapleswitch wrote:
Jadeite wrote:

The Glorious Heat feat allows a character to heal an ally half his levels in hit points each time he casts a divine spell with the fire descriptor. Spark is an orison with the fire descriptor.

So, for a single feat, a character now has the option to heal his companions for free as long as he has sufficient fine objects to burn.

That should really hurt the wand of CLW market. And now all clerics are pyromaniacs.

Spark is a Level 0 orison. 1/2 times 0 = 0. Yes, you can heal yourself and party for 0 all day long with spark/glorious heat feat combo.

You're totally correct Jadeite. Healing all day long for 0 will really hurt CLW wand market and clerics.

*sighs and rolls eyes*

Read it again. It is healing for half of character level, not spell level.

... you read it again
Mark Moreland (Paizo Developer): "Were we to reprint the book, we would change the Glorious Heat feat to grant the fire spell's spell level in healing instead of character level. This keeps unlimited use orisons from being spammed, and 1st level spells from being abused at higher levels. This clarification will appear in the July update to the Pathfinder Society Additional Resources document." Healing#73
Jason Bulmahn (Paizo Lead Designer): "Unlimited healing at the cost of a feat and an orison slot is just too good. This is a fix. It is neither elegant, nor my preferred solution (which would have been to catch this before it went to print, but mistakes do slip through), it is simply a fix for the OP system. This fix will go into official campaign documentation, unless Mark and Hyrum decide that instead a ban is more appropriate."

Jadeite wrote:

The Glorious Heat feat allows a character to heal an ally half his levels in hit points each time he casts a divine spell with the fire descriptor. Spark is an orison with the fire descriptor.

So, for a single feat, a character now has the option to heal his companions for free as long as he has sufficient fine objects to burn.

That should really hurt the wand of CLW market. And now all clerics are pyromaniacs.

Spark is a Level 0 orison. 1/2 times 0 = 0. Yes, you can heal yourself and party for 0 all day long with spark/glorious heat feat combo.

You're totally correct Jadeite. Healing all day long for 0 will really hurt CLW wand market and clerics.

*sighs and rolls eyes*

If encumbrance were brought into the game, more people would buy and travel around with pack animals. How would you feel if your character had 5 donkeys and a skilled laborer 'animal trainer/leader' - and these 5 donkeys each carried 2 suits of armor?

Clearly #2.

#1 is not a viable choice.

"Any shaken, frightened, or panicked opponent hit by you this round is flat-footed to your attacks until the end of your next turn. [...]"

The way I figured out is not PFS legal 8(

Kydeem de'Morcaine wrote:

I have had least 3 people tell me a ranger can have an eidolon and I've seen it mentioned in at least 4 threads. But no one ever points to the actuals.


Hmmm.... I wonder if there is another way to do it.

PFS Additional Resources wrote:

Pathfinder Player Companion: Knights of the Inner Sea

Cavalier Orders: all cavalier orders on pages 24-25 are legal for play; Equipment: all equipment on pages 30-31 are legal for play except war lance; Spells: all spells on pages 28-29 are legal for play; Traits: all traits in the book, except on pages 26-27, are legal for play

Knights of the Inner Sea Page 20 wrote:
Squire (feat) ... Prerequisite: Character level 3rd, proficient with all martial weapons. (Ranger level 3 = check for both) ... A squire can only take levels in a class that grants proficiency with all martial weapons as a class feature (Synthesist Summoner with 2 ranks in Weapon Training: 4 of 5 points granted at level 1 = legal; check) ... If a squire gains enough XP to bring her to two levels lower than your level, the squire does not gain the new level until you gain your next level—until then her new XP total is 1 less than the amount needed to attain the next level and she gains no additional XP until you advance. (same (character level -3) that an animal companion for a Ranger would be)

The squire stays in eidolon form and responds just like an eidolon.

So, technically, not an eidolon. This is Paizo, not MCA.

I've never heard of the Multiclass Archive Wiki. It is not third party material. I am 95% sure it is PFS legal and want to be 100% sure before I post it. (I cannot remember where Paizo has the 'what is accepted for PFS' list for Paizo books that are not the core 'Ultimate Combat' and 'Ultimate Magic' and such.)

Louis IX wrote:

The "essentially gaining" is suspicious, because it can be interpreted as an example of how the ability functions, not what the ability actually is. Dave's question is spot on.

What happens when you take classes X for 5 level, Evangelist for 2, and X for 1 more level?
Is this last level considered the 6th class level of X, or the 7th?

Most posters here seem to agree of it being the latter case.
I think it could reasonably be the former, but it opens another can of worms: in this case, the character gains the 6th level abilities AGAIN (and some abilities are not clearly defined as "you gain Y one more time", just "Y 5/day").

...or you ask your GM.

Aasimar (daylight)

3 ranks religion
worship a deity
level 3 feat is Deific Obedience

Fighter 1 - bonus combat feat
Fighter 2 - bonus combat feat
Fighter 3
Evangelist 1
Evangelist 2 - bonus combat feat
Fighter 4 bonus combat feat
Evangelist 3 - bonus combat feat
Fighter 5
Evangelist 4 - bonus combat feat
Fighter 6 - bonus combat feat
Evangelist 5 - bonus combat feat
Fighter 7
Evangelist 6 - bonus combat feat
Fighter 8 - bonus combat feat
Evangelist 7 - bonus combat feat
Fighter 9
Evangelist 8 - bonus combat feat
Fighter 10 - bonus combat feat
Evangelist 9 - bonus combat feat
Evangelist 10

Correct? 14 bonus combat feats (3 more than a level 20 fighter)

The problem is the exact opposite from what this forum is describing. Boosting saves is to easy at high levels and casting spells with DCs get resisted too often. DCs essentially plateau at a very low level and remain almost the same throughout the life of the caster.

My level 15 character in my last campaign (Level 1 to Level 15 until a party member wiped the group) had the following saves:
Fort +21 +5 vs. cold weather, Ref +21, Will +19, +2 vs. Fear; +2 vs. Enchantment

You are gestalt? It depends on the exact order you level your classes.

MendedWall12 wrote:
Dude... You killed your 8 year old daughter's character?!


You are the GM, you can just hand-wave the animal companion turning into an eidolon instead. In case you are curious, there is a very technical method to legally get an eidolon as a ranger. This method is probably too burdensome for an 8 year old.

*Edit* Reading the above posts - obtaining the eidolon is not through the Boon Companion feat line.

I understand that taking Power Attack twice would be a waste of a feat slot because the benefits with Power Attack do not stack with itself, but I know of no rules that prohibit me from taking Power Attack twice.

LazarX - can you direct me towards where that rule is stated?

Alternate Racial Traits -- if you have the feat mentioned in the previous post.

The following racial traits replace existing elf racial traits. Consult your GM before selecting any of these new options.

Desert Runner: Some elves thrive in the deepest deserts, forever roaming across burned and parched lands. Elves with this racial trait receive a +4 racial bonus on Constitution checks and Fortitude saves to avoid fatigue, exhaustion, or ill effects from running, forced marches, starvation, thirst, or hot or cold environments. This racial trait replaces the elven magic racial trait.

Dreamspeaker: A few elves have the ability to tap into the power of sleep, dreams, and prescient reverie. Elves with this racial trait add +1 to saving throw DCs for spells of the divination school and sleep effects they cast. In addition, elves with a Charisma of 15 or higher may use dream once per day as a spell-like ability (caster level is equal to the elf's character level). This racial trait replaces the elven immunities racial trait.

Eternal Grudge: Elves with this racial trait grew up in secluded, isolationist communities where generations-old slights and quarrels linger as eternal blood feuds. They receive a +1 bonus on attack rolls against humanoids of the dwarf and orc subtypes due to special training against these hated foes. This racial trait replaces the elven magic racial trait.

Lightbringer: Many elves revere the sun, moon, and stars, but some are literally infused with the radiant power of the heavens. Elves with this racial trait are immune to light-based blindness and dazzle effects, and are treated as one level higher when determining the effects of any light-based spell or effect they cast (including spell-like and supernatural abilities). Elves with Intelligence 10 or higher may use light at will as a spell-like ability. This racial trait replaces the elven immunities and elven magic racial traits.

Silent Hunter: Elves are renowned for their subtlety and skill. Elves with this racial trait reduce the penalty for using Stealth while moving by 5 and can make Stealth checks while running at a –20 penalty (this number includes the penalty reduction from this racial trait). This racial trait replaces the elven magic racial trait.

Woodcraft: Elves know the deep secrets of the wild like no others, especially those of the forests. Elves with this racial trait gain a +1 bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks. In forest terrain, these bonuses improve to +2. This racial trait replaces the elven magic racial trait.

Alternate Racial Traits

The following racial traits replace existing half-elf racial traits. Consult your GM before selecting any of these new options.

Ancestral Arms: Some half-elves receive training in an unusual weapon. Half-elves with this racial trait receive Exotic Weapon Proficiency or Martial Weapon Proficiency with one weapon as a bonus feat at 1st level. This racial trait replaces the adaptability racial trait.

Arcane Training: Half-elves occasionally seek tutoring to help them master the magic in their blood. Half-elves with this racial trait have only one favored class and it must be an arcane spellcasting class. They can use spell trigger and spell completion items for their favored class as if 1 level higher (or as a 1st-level character if they have no levels in that class). This racial trait replaces the multitalented racial trait.

Dual Minded: The mixed ancestry of some half-elves makes them resistant to mental attacks. Half-elves with this racial trait get a +2 bonus on all Will saving throws. This racial trait replaces the adaptability racial trait.

Integrated: Many half-elves are skilled in the art of ingratiating themselves into a community as if they were natives. Half-elves with this racial trait gain a +1 bonus on Bluff, Disguise, and Knowledge (local) checks. This racial trait replaces the adaptability racial trait.

Sociable: Half-elves are skilled at charming others and recovering from faux pas. If half-elves with this racial trait attempt to change a creature's attitude with a Diplomacy check and fail by 5 or more, they can try to influence the creature a second time even if 24 hours have not passed. This racial trait replaces the adaptability racial trait.

Water Child: Some half-elves are born of elves adapted to life on or near the water. These half-elves gain a +4 racial bonus on Swim checks, can always take 10 while swimming, and may choose Aquan as a bonus language. This racial trait replaces the half-elf's adaptability and multitalented racial traits.

Falling into Water: Falls into water are handled somewhat differently. If the water is at least 10 feet deep, the first 20 feet of falling do no damage. The next 20 feet do nonlethal damage (1d3 per 10-foot increment). Beyond that, falling damage is lethal damage (1d6 per additional 10-foot increment).

how much damage does he takes when his firing crew completely miss the boat.

Nope. Special feature of the Scout (Rouge) Archetype is to charge and get sneak attack + feat above are the only two ways.

Edit: I think Claxon worded the intent of the feat very nicely.

FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:

"Roll perception"

"You got hit with an axe, but you have no idea from where, take 17 damage"
"... what?"


Remy Balster wrote:
Could a Magus use both spell combat and TWFing together at the same time?


Remy Balster wrote:
I believe the answer is 'yes' if he meets each requirement. But I could very well be missing some crucial bit of information, and was curious what other people thought.

The time required to cast a spell.

You are wasting other peoples' time. You clearly know better what wield is. If you really want to talk about that, go post something in the advice forum. This is the rules thread. Rules are clear. If you need to find the rules on 'wield' --> look in Core Rule Book; not dictionary dot com.

Courageous wrote:

This special ability can only be added to a melee weapon.

A courageous weapon fortifies the wielder's courage and morale in battle. The wielder gains a morale bonus on saving throws against fear equal to the weapon's enhancement bonus. In addition, any morale bonus the wielder gains from any other source is increased by half the weapon's enhancement bonus (minimum 1).

Weapons max at +5 enhancement / +5 special quality. 5/2 round down = 2. Courageous gives either a +1 or a +2 to other morale bonuses. Morale bonuses do not stack; so if you have a bard in your group, the +to save vs. fear is likely to be less than the bard's ability.

I only see one way to read the above statement and I really do not see what is so broken about a +1 or a +2 enhancement to morale bonus when you get buffed by spells like heroism. You're spending 8.3k minimum to get this bonus and you need group effort for casters to prepare morale bonus spells for you.

...we all know what wield means. People only bring stuff like that up when they have no argument. Ignore them.

Have you ever played a siege mage (wizard archetype) and come into play with a heavy ballista attached to a wagon?

Nullmancer wrote:
For example, I once made a level 6 gish for a pf-converted ravenloft game out of the oracle class. One of my friends got a ranger, talked with the dm so he could sacrifice all of his starting gold for an enchanted quiver of unlimited +3 arrows.

50: +3 arrows costs 18,000g. The spell that is applied to a quiver to cause this effect is: Abundant Ammunition. 1 x 1 x 2 (minutes/level) x 2000 (continuous) = 4,000 (minimum). This is one of those spells I would GM to be way more expensive (similar to continuous mage armor).

Minimum price: 18,000g + 4,000g = 22,000g. With this minimum, it means this character has no food, no clothes, no armor, no weapon, nothing but this quiver.

This was a bad DM option as it clearly unbalances the game. L6 starts with 16,000g. This is an unfair advantage of at least 6,000g by this other player. Did you DM compensate you and other party members for this imbalance? No other player character can predict this level of bullshi... will be introduced to a game.

AerynTahlro wrote:

We agreed upon his salary of 5sp/day [for "Bob"]

This salary is incredibly low. You pulled a nice one over on your DM there. The books have increased ranges of hireling salaries: Doctors for 1 gp/day and Sages for 15 gp/day are two examples. Governors of Castles are not one of the noted examples with predetermined hiring price, but I would bet they would get paid more than a doctor.

AerynTahlro wrote:
Here's the main question... Can anyone think of a way to calculate how much business the inn would pull in so we can determine if our castle can be self-sustaining without us feeding more money into it regularly?


Item Price Source
Inn stay, good (per night) 2 gp CRB
Inn stay, common (per night) 5 sp CRB
Inn stay, poor (per night) 2 sp CRB
Inn suite, small 4 gp UE
Inn suite, average 16 gp UE
Inn suite, luxurious 32 gp+ UE

When I'm the GM:
if a player creates an item like this without telling me - s/he can no longer create magical items other than straight book items.
if a player brings the idea of what they want to do to me, I will determine if the price is fair (EX a use activated bow of true strike should cost more than 1,800g; a robes of continuous mage armor or shield should cost more than 4,000g, etc.)

I agree with the piggy Blahpers. Order does not matter. There are three different scenarios that I do not wish to explain. One increases price over time, two keeps the price the same over time, three decreases price over time. The one that occurs depends on whether the item takes up a body slot and whether the bonuses contribute to the exact same thing (like AC or Attack).

If the first enhancement costs 5,000g, the 2nd enhancement costs 1,000g, and the third enhancement costs 3,000g AND the price is going up over time, then the prices are as follows:
1,000g + 3,000gx(lowest increase in price) + 5,000gx(second lowest increase in price)

If the first enhancement costs 5,000g, the 2nd enhancement costs 1,000g, and the third enhancement costs 3,000g AND the price is going down over time, then the prices are as follows:

5,000g + 3,000gx(lowest decrease in price) + 1,000gx(second lowest decrease in price)

Does this make sense?

Improved Initiative is a waste of a feat imho. Starting gold for a L4 character is 6,000 g, so you will not have enough money for both the headband of stat +2 and the +1 mighty bow of +str, let alone anything else.

Whether the OP is getting additional arms from vestigial arm, synthesist summoner, the 4 armed race, polymorph, playing a monster race, Titan Mauler (Barbarian Archetype) - wield 2 handers in 1 hand, or some other weird combination; the rules on whether multiple arms can wield multiple, two handed weapons will be universal for player characters.

...What does the source say?

Side A: Vestigial Arm does not grant an additional attack and is not able to help wield a sword/bow 2-handed.

Side B: Vestigial Arm does not grant an additional attack and is able to help wield a sword/bow 2-handed.

blahpers wrote:
Wanted: cook. Must be relatively clean. No goblins need apply.

lol nice

A jobs board in a tavern is a good idea of how to list your prepared material to the party. Player characters are notoriously unpredictable, so I like to have 6-8 possible routes prepared when I DM.

There are rumors of something strange happening in the basement of the mage tower.
A lady in all blue has been sighted around town asking strange questions.
Local woodcutters have gone missing from the lumberyard in recent days.
A local election is coming up soon.
There has been trouble at a local farmsted with missing crops and animals.
Daughter of an influential family has gone missing.
Merchants have complained about increased monster activity on the roads leading into town.

Thank you for quoting the source.

Ghost Template wrote:

Malevolence (Su)

The ghost's jealousy of the living is particularly potent. Once per round, the ghost can merge its body with a creature on the Material Plane. This ability is similar to a magic jar spell (caster level 10th or the ghost's Hit Dice, whichever is higher), except that it does not require a receptacle. To use this ability, the ghost must be adjacent to the target. The target can resist the attack with a successful Will save. A creature that successfully saves is immune to that same ghost's malevolence for 24 hours.

Ghost is a template that can be added to a race that allows possession of other creatures.

Demon-Possessed Template wrote:
“Demon-possessed creature” is an acquired template that can be added to any living, corporeal creature that falls prey to demon possession

Once again, another template added to a race.

Vilkacis (Creature) wrote:
A vilkacis is a spirit of savagery and can take control of other beings, afflicting them with its savage nature. Once per round, the vilkacis can merge its body with a creature on the Material Plane. This ability is similar to a magic jar spell

Vilkacis possesses creatures very similar to the Ghost, except for a lesser duration.

fretgod99 wrote:
We could have an argument about whether the Vestigial Arm FAQ actually changed that statement of intent, but the FAQ and subsequent responses were kind of convoluted. The way the FAQ was made and initially supported, dual two-hand weapon wielding was not allowed. The way is was subsequently discussed (all you're attacking is the number of attacks) made it less clear and it's arguable that dual two-hand weapon wielding could be allowed.

Can you cite the location of this FAQ? People have been using this as the fallback argument, but for months, no one has bothered citing it. I doubt it really exists.

Claxon is pointing out an overly misquoted part of the alchemist section in the APG. He's diehard in his convictions and beliefs about vestigial arms, but he's wrong on this one. Vestigial arms do not grant extra attacks per round, but they can be used as part of an attack with another hand's attack - such as wielding a weapon with two hands.

In regards to OP, I make the secondary attack do 50% strength damage of whatever the primary attack does. I add the 50% increases together rather than multiply.
If the primary attack does 100% strength, the the offhand does 50% strength.
If the primary attack does 150% strength, the the offhand does 75% strength.
If the primary attack does 200% strength, the the offhand does 100% strength.
If the primary attack does 250% strength, the the offhand does 125% strength.
I do not know of a way to get more than 3, 50% increases to strength damage at once.

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