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Simulacrum of Vraxeris the Illusionist

Manx Serimus's page

198 posts. Alias of fnord72.

Full Name

Manx Serimus of Korvosa


Human (Varisian)


Wizard 2








Neutral Good




Common, Varisian, Shoant, Thassilonian, Draconic, Abyssal, Infernal


Alchemist, Scribe, Wizard

Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 19
Wisdom 9
Charisma 14

About Manx Serimus

Combat Statistics:

AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10.
hp 12 (2d6+1)
Fort +1, Base 0 +1 Con
Ref +2, Base 0 +2 Dex
Will +2, Base 3 -1 Wil

Initiative +8, +2 Dex +2 Trait, +4 feat

Spd 30 ft.
Melee Dagger +0 (1d4-1) 19-20X2, 10’
Ranged Lt Crossbow +3 (1d8) 19-20X2, 80’
BAB +1


Scribe Scroll, Improved Initiative, Spell Focus (Conjuration)
Traits Outlander: (Lore Seeker Grease, Silent Image, Black Tentacles. +1 CL, +1 DC.);
Reactionary (+2 Initiative);
Fast Talker (+1 Bluff, Class Skill)


Class 2 + 4 Int + 1 race + 1 FC = 8
Appraise +8, 1+4+3
Bluff +7, 1+2+3+1 (Fast Talker)
Craft: Alchemy +10, 1+4+3+2 (mwk kit)
Knowledge: Arcane +9, 1+4+3+1 (Lore Seeker)
Knowledge: Dungeon +8, 1+4+3
Knowledge: History +8, 1+4+3
Knowledge: Nobility +8, 1+4+3
Knowledge: Religion +8, 1+4+3
Knowledge: Planes +8, 1+4+3
Linguistics +9, 2+4+3
Perception +0, 1-1
Perform (Acting) +3, 1+2
Perform (Oratory) +3, 1+2
Spellcraft +9, 2+4+3

Tracked Gear:

Backpack, 2g, 2lbs
Clothing, Explorers, 0g, 8lbs
Pouch, Belt, 1g, .5lbs
Pouch, Spell components, 5g, 2lbs
Dagger, 2g, 1lb
Crossbow, Light, 35g, 4lbs
Horse, Light War

Clothing, Explorers (pockets):
Flint & Steel, 1g, -
Chalk (1), .01g, -
Charcoal (1), .5g, -
wand of shocking grasp 28 charges

--Waterproof Bag
-Spellbook, 0g, 3lbs
-Scroll Case, 1g, .5lbs
-scroll of burning hands
-scroll of charm person
-disguise self
-Book, Abyssal prayer book of Lamashtu
-Tsuto's personal journal
-Parchment (20) 4g, ~ lb
-spellbook mats (3)
-scroll scribe mats (3)
Sack, .1g, .5lbs
Sunrod (2), 4g, 2lbs
Bolts, crossbow (30), 3g, 3lbs -2
Ink (2) (1 oz vials) 16g, ~ lb
Inkpen (2) .2g, ~ lb
Vial, empty (10) 10g, ~ lb
Everburning Torch 110g, 1 lb
Alchemist Fire (3) 3 lbs (crafted)
Climbing Kit 80g, 5 lbs

Artisan Tools, Mwk, 55g, 5lbs (Alchemy)
Waterskin (2) 2g 8 lbs

Coin: 1p 16g 0s 4c
black pearl 500g (1)
amethyst 100g (1)
carnelian 50g (1)
obsidian 10g (5)
Total value: 882.54g


Arcane School: Conjuration(Teleportation) Shift (Su): teleport as swift action as if using dimension door. No AOO. Must see space shifting to. Range 5’ per 2 wizard levels. Usable 3 + Int /day=7
Opposition Schools: Abjuration, Necromancy
Arcane Bond: Ring

0 level: Acid Splash*, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic**, Daze, Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Ray of Frost, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation
1st level: Color Spray, Corrosive Touch*, Disguise Self, Grease*, Hydraulic Push, Mage Armor*, Magic Missile, Obscuring Mist*, Silent Image, Unseen Servant*
2nd level:Flaming Sphere
*specialty school (+1 DC from Spell Focus)
**can be prepared without spellbook

Note: 28/100 pages used in spellbook

Spells: 4,3+1
DC 14 plus spell lvl
1-DC 15: Silent Image, Mage Armor, Grease*, Corrosive Touch*
0-DC 14: Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Acid Splash*
*specialty school

Grease: DC 17, CL 3 (spell focus & lore seeker)
Silent Image DC 16 CL 3 (lore seeker)

Manx is a young Varisian wizard recently released to his apprenticeship. As a young journeyman wizard, Manx left the contraints of Korvosa for a new home.
While traveling through Sandpoint, Manx took a liking to the town, and decided to set up shop in Sandpoint. He has been here for a little over a year now. He works out of his small room providing services to travels through scribing, or translating. He also supplies apothecary ingredients to Aliver “Pillbug” Podiker.

Shayliss Vindar, daughter of a prominent merchant in town. She asked him to help her with a rat problem in her father's basement, most likely for activities not related to rats. Manx asked the father about it and was warned off from the basement and daughter.

Tall and thin, Manx’ is generally clean-shaven though his reddish brown hair is often slightly unkept. His green eyes often glint with an inner humor. Manx is dressed in traditional clothing fit for exploring the country side. He finds the many pockets useful in his travels.

Manx has learned patience, though he often looks at the humorous side of an event. While he often portrays a callous demeanor, he has a soft heart for those in need. He is ruthless with those that would prey upon those unable to care for themselves.

Group Loot::


Gold split was 1128.05
Underground Complex:
mwk ranseur 310g,
Scroll of Flaming Sphere - Manx
+1 longsword, - Erodel
masterwork handaxe 306g,
silver dagger 12g,
scroll of burning hands - Manx
wand of shocking grasp 28 charges - Manx
Book, Abyssal prayer book of Lamashtu - Manx
dagger, returning 2302g
crown, tiny 50g

shortbow (+1 Strength), sold (150g)
ring of protection + 1, to Erodel
masterwork thieves tools, sold (100g)
masterwork flute, sold (100g)
silver earrings (25 gp for the pair),
Tsuto's personal journal,
6 pouches of gold dust worth 50 gp each,
8 pouches of silver dust worth 5 gp each,
10 pp
Total sold/split=(350*.5)175+465=640/5=128gold each

Goblin Attack: (from Radoslav's sheet)
Studded Leather (small) 25g
Masterwork Horsechopper (small) 310g
Wooden Shield (small) 3g
Shortbow (small) 30g
15 arrows (small) .75g
Total sold/split=(368.75*.5)184.375/5=36g 8s 7c

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