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Malstrom Kolozsvar's page

68 posts. Alias of MShindi.

Full Name

Malstrom Kolozsvár


















Commom, Gnome

Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 17
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 17

About Malstrom Kolozsvar

Malstrom Kolozsvar CR 1/2
Male Gnome Oracle
Init +2; Senses Perception +8
Spd 25 ft.

HP 12
Conditions: Nil
Coin: 35 gp
Encumberance: Light Load 57
AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 17 (+5 armor, +1 shield, +2 Dex, +1 Small)
Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +4

Melee +4
Long Sword +4 (1d6+3/19-20/x2) or
Dagger +1 (1d3+3/19-20/x2) or

Base Atk +0;
CMB +4; CMD 16

Tongues -
In times of stress or unease, you speak in tongues.

Effect Pick one of the following languages: Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Ignan, Infernal, or Terran.

Whenever you are in combat, you can only speak and understand the selected language - Celestial. This does not interfere with spellcasting, but it does apply to spells that are language dependent. You gain the selected language as a bonus language.

At 5th level, pick an additional language to speak in combat and add it to your list of known languages.

At 10th level, you can understand any spoken language, as if under the effects of tongues, even during combat.

At 15th level, you can speak and understand any language, but your speech is still restricted during combat.


Metal -

Deities: Torag.

Class Skills: An oracle with the metal mystery adds Appraise, Bluff, Disable Device, and Intimidate to her list of class skills.

Bonus Spells: lead blades (2nd), heat metal (4th), keen edge (6th), versatile weapon (8th), major creation (metal items only) (10th), wall of iron (12th), statue (metal statue instead of iron) (14th), repel metal or stone (16th), iron body (18th).

level 1 - Dance of the Blades (Ex): Your base speed increases by 10 feet. At 7th level, you gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with a metal weapon in any round in which you move at least 10 feet. This bonus increases by +1 at 11th level, and every four levels thereafter. At 11th level, as a move action, you can maneuver your weapon to create a shield of whirling steel around yourself until the start of your next turn; non-incorporeal melee and ranged attacks against you have a 20% miss chance while the shield is active. You must be wielding a metal weapon to use this ability.

Skill at Arms (Ex): You gain proficiency in all martial weapons and heavy armor

Level 3 - Armor Mastery (Ex): You become more maneuverable while wearing armor. You can move at your normal speed in medium armor that is made of metal. This does not grant proficiency in armor. At 5th level, whenever you are wearing metal armor, you reduce the armor check penalty by 1 (to a minimum of 0) and increase the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by your armor by 1. At 10th level, and again at 15th level, these bonuses increase by 1.

Level 7 - Iron Constitution (Su): You gain a +1 bonus on Fortitude saves. At 7th level, and again at 14th level, this bonus increases by +1.

Level 11 - Iron Skin (Sp): Once per day, your skin hardens and takes on the appearance of iron, granting you DR 10/adamantine. This ability functions as stoneskin, using your oracle level as the caster level, except it only affects you. At 15th level, you can use this ability twice per day. You must be at least 11th level to select this revelation.


lvl 1 - Extra Revelation
lvl 3
lvl 5
lvl 7
lvl 9
lvl 11


•Acrobatics -3,
•Appriase 0,
•Diplomacy +8,
•Heal +2,
•Intimidate +3,
•Knowledge (Religion) +7,
Linguistics +2
•Perception +4,
Profession - Musician +6
•Sence Motive +6,
•Swim -1




Teachers Pet - +2 to knowledge Local and it now a class skill
Adopted - Militant Merchant (Dwarf)

You know what it takes to get your goods to market and will stop at nothing to protect your products. Years of fending off thieves, cutthroats, and brigands have given you a sixth sense when it comes to danger.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus to Perception checks made to determine surprise, and Perception is always a class skill for you.

Combat Gear:

•Scale Mail
•Dagger x1
•Long Sword

Other Gear:
Clothing, Cold-Weather Outfit, Backpack, Blanket, Flint and steel, Rations, trail (per day) (5), Rope, Hemp (50 ft.) Torch (2) Waterskin



Torag - (pronounced TORR-awg)[1]is a stoic and serious god who values honor, planning and well-made steel. The dwarves believe that Torag created the world at his great forge, striking it again and again with his hammer to get the shape he desired.

Angradd - Where Torag is the god of defense and strategical thinking, his younger brother Angradd prefers aggressive tactics. Together with his older brother Magrim, he watches over battles and decides the destinies of dwarven spirits.[1] In practice, dwarves will offer prayers and sacrifices to Angradd if they are about to begin an offensive battle.

Kols - Torag's eldest son, Kols, known to his faithful as "Oath-Keeper", is the dwarven demigod of duty. His personal duties are following and serving his father Torag and protecting his brother Grundinnar. He is also the deity tasked with exacting punishment on those poor souls who shirk their responsibilities or break sworn oaths and solemn promises

Background & Personality::

It was dark times some 54 years ago, the land was still under the control of Whispering Tyrant’s hand. My parents lived in a small community of Gnomes in Ustalav and would trade with the humans and Dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains. The night of my birth there were unnatural storms brewing as far as the eye could see. You could see the dark clouds rolling over the hills. The melovent spitits swarming over the land to feed.

The rain came in a deluge, then the lightning and last the thunder. It was so close you could feel the land groan with every flash of lightning and rumble with every crack of thunder. It felt as if Torag himself was working at his anvil. Every swing of his mighty hammer coming crashing down upon his anvil would reverbriate through the sky. The wind howled and the undead spirits shrieked throughout the night, but we survived, our little village. The devastation was horrific, the neighbouring villages were wiped out, devoured by the waiths, wights and other evil spirits. We could not believe our luck, we believed the Gods themselves had preserved us.

As a baby I was growing fast, babling incoheriently as all babies do, but as time went on I continued to speak in toungues. At first the village believed that it was just a stage, but the longer it went on the more the villagers talked. Superstitions grew, fear grew and soon our famity was ostracised within the community. It was beleived that I was possessed by one of the undead spirits from the night of my birth and that is why our village was spared, not that we had the Gods favour.

The village enders believed me to be deamon possessed and ruled I my life forfeit. My parents had no choice, they had to give me up. My father said he would do it himself and took me out to the hills. But he couldn't and left me near the road to Five Kings Mountains.

It was hear at the age of 4 that the Gods smiled on me once more. A dwarven armour merchant came upon me and through the good grace of Torag took me home to his clan. I grew there with his family and it was there in the great iron temple of Torag that I first began to understand the voices in my head. Angradd and Kols they called themselves angels of Torag.

Years later my adopted father requested Petros Lorrimor to visit to see if he could assist with my condition. It was Petros (or Teacher as I would call him) who discovered my affinity with metal. He saw that the more metal that was close to my being, the more clarity my mind had. And from that day forward I would carry metal on my person at all times. It allowed me to function normally in social situations, but more importantly allow me to understand Angradd and Kols.

Years later my adopted father said it was Torag that saved my village that night, that is was he who kept the spirits at bay. He said that when Torag decides to interveen, he has a reason.

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