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Jhofre Vascari

Malcolm d'Varre's page

49 posts. Alias of PoorWanderingOne.

Full Name

Malcolm d'Varre


Human, Ustalav native


Fighter 1





Special Abilities

None yet (20pt max gold)




raised Iomedae, Personally favors Cayden Cailean


in the rain


Ustalav. Varisian.


Free Lance

Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 13
Charisma 10

About Malcolm d'Varre

Background, Appearance and personality:

Dark haired and dark eyed like 90% of the humans in Ustalav Malcolm inherited the de'Varre nose and his mother's tanned skin. Tall, lanky, and deceptively strong Malcolm is rarely found without a smile on his lips, an ale in his hand, and his hammer within arm's reach.

Friendlier than most in Ustalav. His unusual facility with a smile is balanced by the traditional Ustalav reticence. He is friendly on the surface but reluctant to let people inside his guard.

The d'Varre family has a long history in Ustalav. They farmed their land along the Belkzen marches before the Tyrant rose and stood in the host that saw his fall. Never rising much above their petty origins the de'Varre family has done what all all Ustalavic families have done, survived.
Recent generations however have been less kind and the family has faded into the kind of genteel, rural, impoverished, nobility that is so lampooned in the drawing rooms and theaters of Karcau.
This was the world Malcolm was born into, the world of the manor farm, the village and the countryside. Malcolm is a second son, third if you count his brother Johannes who died as an infant. His elder brother Rykert is being groomed to become Lord of the manor leaving Malcolm to pursue what career he can find. Growing up as he did among the histories of a noble past and the raids coming across the border, a military path seemed the most likely. So young Malcolm began training with the sword and the horse, learning what he could from the local militia and wandering mercenary companies.
Finally there came a time for him to leave. The family could not spare enough to buy an army commission so Malcolm joined "The Indomitable's" a small mercenary company of mixed foot and light horse.
The company had a shaky history being founded under Count Andachi and being all but destroyed by Kazavon's betrayal. NNonetheless they survived and managed to do some good in the marches. It was through the Company the Malcolm first met the Professor.
Professor Lorrimor hired the Company to help him track down the site of a battle in the war against Kazavon. Needless to say this took them well into Belkzen. The size of the troop, too small to be a military threat, too large to be destroyed out of hand made it easier for the local tribes and petty kings to take the Professor's money and send him on his way. Of course it all went wrong.
Malcolm does not remember much of that night. Bright lights, noise, riding like madmen into the darkness. Professor ended up together, walking out of Belkzen dirty, scarred and splattered with the blood of the horses that died under them.
The Professor never did find what he was looking for. At least Malcolm doesn't think he did. Malcolm though did find a new employer.

Combat stats:

Perception +7

Fortitude (+2Class+2Con)+4
Reflex (+0Class+2Dex)+2
Will (+0Class+1Wisdom)+1
Note:+2 vs Mind Effecting for 1 hour after drinking booze.

AC/Flatfoot AC
Touch AC
CMB +5
CMD 16

Hit Points:12
BAB +1
Initiative +2(dex)

Speed 30

Class and special abilities:

none yet.

Traits and Feats:

Campaign, On the Payroll +150gp
Religious: Fortified Drinker +2 vs mind effect for one hour after drinking booze.

Human: Cosmopolitan, Orc and Skald, Perception and Sense Motive are now class skills
Level one: Alertness +2 to Perception and Sense Motive
Fighter one: Power attack -1 to hit +2/+3 damage


(2+1Human) 3
*class skill. -armor check ()
-Acrobatics I, +3
Appraise, +
Bluff , 0
*-Climb , +3
*Craft .....,
Diplomacy, 0
-Disable device -
Disguise, 0
-Escape Artist,
*Handle Animal 0
*Intimidate, 0
Knowledge Arcane, +
*Knowledge Dungeon, +
*Knowledge Engineering, +
Knowledge Geography , +
Knowledge History, +
Knowledge Local, +
Knowledge Nobles , +
Knowledge Planes, +
Knowledge Religion, +
Linguistics -
*Perception (+2Alertness) I, +7
-Perform Wind, 0
*Profession, Soldier ,
*Ride , +
*Sense Motive (+2Alertness) I, +7
-Slight of hand +
Spellcraft -
-Stealth, +
*Survival , +
*-Swim , +


Dagger +5(+4) d4+4(6)PorS 19x2
.thrown 10' +3 d4+4 PorS 19x2

Throwing Axe +5(+4) d6+4(6) x2 S
.thrown 10' +3 d6+4 x2 S

Warhammer +5(+4) d8+4(6) x3 B 12g
.2-handed +5(+4) d8+6(9) x3 B

Shortbow +3 d6 x3 60' P 20arrows

Sling +3 d4+4 x2 50' 10bullets
.stones +2 d3+4 x2 50

Unarmed strike +5(+4) 1d3+4(+6) x2 B Nonlethal

Armor and Shield:

Masterwork Armored Coat +4ac 3maxdex -1check

Light wooden shield 3g +1AC -1check
~Shield Sconce


Magic and Alchemical:
~Alchemists fire 1

Arrows 20
Bullets 10
Oil 2
Torches 5
Rations 5

Magic gear:

None yet, drat!

Mundane gear:

{load limits 100/200/300 current 89.62 light}
Backpack - worn
~Flint, steel and tinder
~Grappling hook w/50' of rope
~Iron Spikes 3
~Waterproof bag
~~Ink, black
~~2 ink pens
~~Signet ring
~Waterproof bag
~~torches 5
~Waterproof bag
~~Rations 5

Bandolier - worn
~Flask of Applejack
~Flask of Caydenbrew
~Flask of Dwarven Stout
~Empty loop
~Empty loop
~Flask of lamp oil
~Flask of lamp oil
~Flask of Alchemist's fire

Belt-pouch, Worn brown leather - worn
~Caltrops 1 use

Belt-pouch, New green leather - worn
~Chalk, white
~twine 50'
~40g 7s 9c

Explorers outfit - worn

Signal Whistle - worn round neck

-Cash 140g 7 and 9

Unassigned party loot
Nothing yet.

Places to go, people to see.:


Level by level:

Level one,
~HP (10+2con)12
~Skills (2+1Int+1Human+1Level)5
~~Acrobatics, Climb, Kn.Engineering, Perception, Sense motive
~Feats. Cosmopolitan: orc, skald, Perception, Sense motive. Alertness. Power Attack
~Traits. On the payroll. Fortified drinker

Level two,

Level three,

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