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Fadil Ibn-Kazar

Malak Jaedoom's page

389 posts. Alias of Stiehl9s.

Full Name

Malak Jaedoom




Cleric 3 - Unholy Barrister








Lawful Evil






Common, Abyssal, Infernal



Strength 8
Dexterity 10
Constitution 10
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 18
Charisma 16

About Malak Jaedoom

Combat Stats:

BAB - 2
CMB - 2
CMD - 12
HP - 18/18
AC 14 - Touch 10 - Flatfooted - 14


Fortitude - 3 (3/0/0)
Reflex - 1 (1/0/0)
Will - 7 (3/4/0)


total - Skill - (ranks/ability/trained/misc/misc)

10 - Bluff - (3/3/3/1/0)
10 - Diplomacy - (2/3/3/2/0)
7 - Intimidate - (1/3/3/0/0)
8 - Heal - (2/3/3/0/0)
6 - Kn/Arcana - (1/2/3/0/0)
6 - Kn/History - (1/2/3/0/0)
6 - Kn/Nobility (1/2/3/0/0)
6 - Kn/Planes - (1/2/3/0/0)
8 - Kn/Religion - (3/2/3/0/0)
6 - Perception - (2/4/0/0/0)
10 - Sense Motive - (3/4/3/0/0)
8 - Spellcraft - (3/2/3/0/0)

Campaign Traits:

Desecration - You receive +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against divine spells.
Convincing Liar - You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff and this a always class skill for you.


Boon: You gain +1 to caster level on summoning and compulsion spells, and +1 to Charisma-based checks when bargaining or directing controlled creatures. You also gain +1 Will save against any compulsion or emotion spells and are allowed a save (but at -1 penalty instead of the bonus) vs. ones that normally don't allow saves.
Penalty: If the character takes a full-round action or a move and standard action, and he has already done so in the previous round, he suffers a -2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity for the next round. If he attempts to do the same while under the effect of this penalty, fatigued or while carrying a heavy load, he is staggered for the next round in addition to this penalty. In addition, any morale or emotion-based bonuses he receives are halved to a minimum of 0.


Devil (Law) - Hell’s Corruption (Su): You can cause a creature to become more susceptible to corruption as a melee touch attack. Creatures touched take a –2 penalty on all saving throws and must roll all opposed skill checks twice, taking the worse result. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum 1). You can use this ability for a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Evil - Touch of Evil (Sp): You can cause a creature to become sickened as a melee touch attack. Creatures sickened by your touch count as good for the purposes of spells with the evil descriptor. This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum 1). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Cleric Abilities:

Weapons & Armor - Malak is profecient with all Simple Weapons, Maces, Light Armor, Medium Armor and Shields.
Aura - Malak has a Lawful Evil aura
Spells - Malak can cast a number of Divine spells per day. See below.
Channel Energy - 8 x day Malak can channel Negative energy in a 30' radius burst dealing 1d6 Damage (equal to 1d6 points of damage plus 1d6 points of damage for every two cleric levels beyond 1st). Malak cannot heal Undead with this ability. Instead, the unholy barrister can spend two uses of his channel negative energy class feature to heal all evil living creatures within a 30 foot burst. To receive this bonus, the creatures must each spend an immediate action, swearing loyalty to Asmodeus. In addition to the damage healed, creatures that swear loyalty gain the Devil’s Pact feat for a number of minutes equal to the cleric’s level, but can only use that feat once during that time. If the creature already possesses that feat, they can use it one additional time per day, as long as they use it during the duration of the demanding channel. Regardless of when the power is used, the creature’s soul is bound to Asmodeus for the entire duration and if that creature dies during that time, it cannot be brought back to life by any means aside from a miracle or wish . Even if it is brought back to life, it gains three permanent negative levels (just as if it had the Devil’s Pact feat). This ability otherwise copies and replaces channel energy.
Orisons - Malak can cast a number of 0 level spells per day that are not expended when cast.
Spontaneus Casting - Malak can convert prepared spells into Inflict Wounds Spells of the same level or lower.

Cleric Spells:

4/0 level - 3/ 1 level - 2/ 2 level - x prepared

0 level - DC 14
x - Detect Magic
x - Enhanced Diplomacy
x - Guidance
x - Light
- Resistance

1 level - DC 15
x - Burning Disarm
x - Cure Light Wounds
- Detect the Faithful
- Doom
x - Murderous Command
- Summon Monster 1

2 level - DC 16

x - Cure Moderate Wounds
x - Dread Bolt
- Spritual Weapon

1 level domain - DC 15
- Command
- Protection from Good

2 level domain - DC 16
- Align Weapon - Law or Evil


Extra Channel - Can Channel 2 additional times per day.
Sacred Summons - When using Summon Monster to summon creatures who's alignment subtype or subtypes exactly matches your aura, you may cast the spell as a standard action instead of a casting time of 1 round.
Selective Channel - Can choose a number of targets up to Cha modifier to not be effected by Channel.


Chain Shirt
Silver Holy symbol of Asmodeus
Iron circlet/Hat of Disguise
Heavy Mace
Nobles Outfit
MW Backpack
Shaving Kit
9x tindertwigs
2x Bottles of Fine Wine
5 days trail rations, Dwarven

His story:

Malak shivered in the damp cell and rattled the cold chains wrapped around his wrist for what must have seemed like the hundredth time. He knew it was futile as he was neither strong nor nimble enough to break or wiggle free and really didnt have the inclination to do so...the jig is up so to speak...unless the Dark Prince has bigger plans for me; I'll be enduring what will probably be a very short life before they chop off my head...The irony of wondering wether or not the First had plans for anyone and especially himself was ludicrous Hahaha...hahaha... The heavier set man's laugh echoed in the confines of the dungeon and he took the withering stares of his fellow prisoners with chagrin...who so ever has forsworn doubt of me shall not perish but shall rule eternal ... He recited the ancient verse and felt more secure with his faith wrapped around him. He had plenty of time so he fell into memories of better times...

...he watched from the shadows with wide eyed amazement at the very naked bodies writhing in ecstacy. At just 7 years old, Malak wasnt permitted to attend these ceremonies although his father had explained some of the details but wouldnt elaborate over much. This surprised the youth as his father was more often than not very up front with him; especially in regards to his faith. And then he saw why he wasnt permitted as one the men...thats Brother Demakru!..he was over for dinner just the other night... stood from the orgy of flesh and began chanting in a guttural tongue. He then stabbed a wicked looking dagger into the chest of a struggling young woman. She was wearing only a gleeming sun shaped medallion and was bound to the very familiar pentagram shaped altar...a sacrifice to the Prince of Darkness!..and I saw it...I saw it all...what a glorious day... he itched to see what happened next but a hand on his shoulder and the now apparent stern gaze of his father...uh oh...hes going to hit me I just know it...

That was years ago and it turned out neither of his parents were very upset about him spying on the ceremony. They were quite angry with him for disobeying. He had learned many a lesson about obeying since then...his eyes are wreathed in flames and upon his head rests a crown of iron leaking ash; a sign of his divine authority... so he followed the rules layed out before him and was fully indoctrinated into the flock of Asmodeus at young age and he studied hard in pursuit of joining the Dark Prince's clergy. He had feverish dreams of having the level of power his father did...he'd even summoned some sort of devil from the plane of Shadow!..the very one that was chained up across from him no less...

But Malak was lazy. He had lived a life of luxury where his every desire was sated and he had taken full advantage of it. A heavier set man with deceptively blank eyes who preferred to lay around indulging himself. It took him quite a bit longer than usual to meet the requirements but the day...or night rather... finally came when he would be annointed a Peritus of the God-Fiend...finally indeed...things will be different from here out... To complete thed ceremony he had to commit an act that would prove his loyalt

The paladins of Mitra found him just a few hours later. He had been taking a nap on one of the pews in their church after using his dark arts to compel one of the priest to murder another on the altar dedicated to their puny Lord. He had used the priest's blood to paint the Asmodean Pentagram on the very statue of Mitra. Awakened...quite rudely I might add...a man needs his rest after toiling so...and now Ive been caught quite literally red handed...damn it... the holy men were none too pleased and let him know in no uncertain terms what his fate would be...desecration...theyre gonna burn me alright...although what does a servant of the Ruler of Hell have need to fear fire?..why he doesnt....He walks with me beside lakes of fire beneath mountains of brimstone and I know that I am home...

The recital of yet more verses comforted as much as a man facing the stake could and he sighed yet again. Struggling was useless...perhaps my dark lord will hatch his plan now?...

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