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Vencarlo Orinsini

Malafaxous's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 130 posts. 6 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

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Forget Magic Jar...
Trap the Soul. Now that the Tarrasque is trapped in a gem, use that gem to create your liches phylactory. What paladin will destroy the lich and free the tarasque?

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Go Inquisitor. Be a "paladin" enforcing Chelish law.

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Practice mostly. Play around with it in your spare time, even if people look at you weird for suddenly talking to yourself in a Russian accent.

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My favourite to say after a search check on a chest or door. "You don't detect the trap." even if there is no trap.

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Put them on the labels of potion bottles.

"What did you find? Cure Light - BOOM"

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Here is how I handle it:

If the crit says normal damage, then it is handled as one crit multiplier less (x2 becomes x1, x4 becomes x3). Double crit is normal crit for the weapon. x3 crit is one crit up from the normal crit (x3 becomes x4, x4 becomes x5...)

But I am my groups GM... so it is my house rule.

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Yes A summoner creates these items cheaper... but summoners are rare, and a smart summoner would sell for the same value as anyone else so he can make even more profit off each item and not have to worry about the Wizards Crafting Guild hunting him down for cutting into their profits.

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Mostly it is a fiendish way to give money to charities and allow men to grow something hideous without reprimand. I am taking part.

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Our group uses something referred to at the Standard Adventurers Kit sold in most shops. It contain pack, bedroll, waterskin, some other odds and sods as well as X gp in random living essentials. If they want a razor or a simple mirror, it is in there.

They can pay for it and it covers a great deal of the basics.

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Making an insane asylum for the party to have to go through and looking for a selection of crazies to fill it with.

The system is Pathfinder, in the Inner Sea Region. Let me know what you think would work. Give me tame and give me Jokers.


Here was the situation in last nights game:

5ft wide hallway, o's are empty spaces, X's the party, D is my dwarf and B is the bad guy.


o o o X D X X B o o

So as you can see my dwarf was 15 feet away from the enemy, with two companions occupying the space between us. My dwarf has a movement speed of 30 (boots). For my action I moved forward through friendly occupied squares, struck the bad guy (with vital strike, but that doesn't really mean anything in this case) and moved back to my previous space ending my movement.

Noone disputed this, it was accepted but it got the back of my mind ticking away and I wanted to confirm if this is a legal action, or if we are going to house rule it.

Visually / Fluff ways the rest of the party are towering humans, so I could see a dwarf shouldering past their hips, striking and retreating back.


(post edited to enhance visual aid)

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Playing Pathfinder solo...

It is writing a book. You (GM side) create the scenario and bad guys, then you (player) react to said events.

More or less, solo play will end in you writing a book / short story

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Personally, I say go for whatever works for the flavor of your character. Why settle for a cookie cutter barbarian? If you wanted that you would have run with a half orc. As a half elf barbarian I can see more of a... not really graceful force of destruction (elegant barbarian?) but more of a brutal but almost spectral force moving among the wilds with inhumanly quick speed and leaving only corpses in the wake.

Just my take on things. Make what you want, play as you wish and do not worry about min-maxing.

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