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Malach the Merciless's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter. 128 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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... you represent the Lollipop Kids

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Wow, not to start a argument, but I would never play with that GM.

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Dwarfism in humans (real life) does not result in childlike weakness, in fact many little people can be as strong or stronger than regular sized adults if you need a real life example. This in real life is considered a "disabling condition" to a "normal human"

Translate that to halfling, which that height and mass are normal for the race? Don't see an issue.

Oh and did you see that dragons can fly?

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Jack Chick wants to post a new banned topic list

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Man do I hate Asian Guns

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John-Andre wrote:

I played 3.5e for a few years, mostly in Living Greyhawk and Living Arcanis. I've played Pathfinder for a few months. I must not be terribly intelligent or bright, because I can't figure out how some classes are inherently better than others. Apparently there are only certain classes which, according to some people, are complete wastes of time, and if someone were to want to play one, then these people would just refuse to play with the offender.

I don't get it. How does the rogue suck? How does the monk suck? Why does the paladin suck? I tried looking in the archives and got overloaded. The posts I read didn't cite reasons.

Please, tell me exactly why, in your opinion, these classes are so bad they shouldn't be included in the game -- and how you would fix them. And please, don't limit it to just the paladin, rogue, and monk. If you think any class is subpar, please, give a shout out -- and be sure to tell us how you would fix this inequity.

It is all a matter of opinion. I don't think any characters are "broken" or sucky. They all have their +'s and -'s. I love playing each of them. What some consider "broken" is only because they don't meet what they want to do with their character, so you know what, don't play that character.

People want "balance" well then only have one character type who can do everything - oh wait, that's a single player video game.

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DM: So your having relations with the bar wench, when suddenly . .

Make a fortitude save . . Fail? Oh well the bar wench is disappointed.

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Swish them around you mouth a bit, problem solved

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Charisma does not suck. I love the fact CHA is used for social skills, and is great for RPing.

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