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I think if you're a monk, yes. Otherwise it requires the use of a 2 handed weapon.

How so?

Can a mod move this to House Rules please?

Downloading now.

You're right. I took a look again at the Sentinel feats, and it only stacks with fighter level prerequisite. Doesn't actually stack with the fighter class in any way unfortunately.
Now Evangelist, on the other hand, does. So I could use Evangelist with Viking fighter if I wanted.

You see, I don't really know either way. It's a bit of a confusing topic for me for the reason primarily that it allows you to count as fighter levels for feats. And with the Viking you can take rage powers at bonus feats.
I'm more inclined to agree with you on this, but I'd like some further clarification from other people at this point. I dunno. I'm just a bit confused right now.

With regards to this, would the carryover of treating fighter levels as barbarian level -3 still apply for the purpose of feats and rage powers?

I ask because it could get interesting with regards to choosing rage powers for bonus feats with a sentinel wielding a greatsword, etc. Not only would the beast totem line be available for this guy, but so would the Surprise Accuracy powers line. Could make the Viking Fighter/Sentinel of Gorum a rather destructive class if the classes stack with regards to fighter and barbarian levels.

The only reason this comes up is because Sentinel stacks with Fighter Levels with regards to feats. I'm just pushing the rules a bit to see if changes in the Fighter class would carry over as well.

I'm working on an archetype for an Anti-Paladin of Gorum. I'd like the tenets of the anti-paladin code of Gorum to play a part in it.

The class should work to instill battle frenzy in all people, so an aura that incites violence in some way should replace at least one of the existing auras. I was taking a look at the rovagug, the Rough Rampager. The archetype basically causes enemies to die or get closer to death when wounded and begins to screw with divine healing. That does match up with Rovagug, who destroys and hates divine beings.

What sort of palpable auras of rage and frenzy could the Anti-Paladin of Gorum give off that would match up with Our Lord in Iron? I'd love some suggestions, maybe morale bonuses for allies, penalties to enemies, bonuses to initiative for allies, some sort of rage-inducing aura that forces people to become more aggressive in game terms, more likely to fight and less likely to sue for peace.

For information, here are the anti-paladin codes of Gorum:
-Peace is death. Conflict is life. I will not let anyone take
the easy way out.
-Battle defines me. Without battle I am empty. I make my
purpose with blade and brand.
-I will bathe in blood and breathe in iron. Where there is
no conflict, I will create it. Where there are skirmishes,
I will make war.
-The sword is the answer to any question.
-If there is peace ahead of me, I leave struggle in my wake.
-Poison is for the weak. Ambush is for the cowardly.
Plague is a consequence of slaughter.
-Aggression is not foolishness. If I cannot stand against a
foe, I will find another, and mark the first for later.

An Anti-Paladin of Gorum should be a tactical genius, or at least militarily intelligent, and be capable of manipulating leaders of nations to incite war. In addition, they should be masters of martial combat.

So skills should change, as should the auras. Maybe even changes to his fiendish boon might be in order.

I'd love suggestions on what should be done with this. Thanks a bunch in advance.

Edit: Crap, meant to post this in House Rules. Sorry!

Lemme ask you first, what's going to be the focus of this build? What do you want to accomplish? Healing? Combat control? Frontline fighting?

Has anyone checked out the new Oracle archetype in the advanced class guide, the Warsighted Oracle?

You exchange 1st, 7th, 11th, and 15th revelations for the ability to get combat feats for one minute at a time, equal to a number of times per day of 3+1/2 oracle level. Up to 3 combat feats as a swift action by level 15. Giving up revelations is a bad thing. BUT, at the same time, getting to use a bunch of feats might not be.

This plus maneuver mastery might end up being OK, or using this with Vital strike and Greater weapon of the chosen, etc. I dunno.

Bloodrager. I love the class.

If you want to be an insane bloodrager, go Primal and exchange some of your crap bloodline abilities for Rage Powers.

Ahh man, that would be a great way for a Sentinel 2-handed fighter of Gorum to get pounce man!

Also, so you remember this: Eldritch Heritage feat line if you can.
Either use something like destined or another to increase your AC or Orc or Abyssal to increase your offensive capabilities.

Interesting. That's good to know.

Overall, like I said, I've never been much for a dex to damage fighter, always strength. More fun that way. But I'm always looking for ways to expand on the fighter class. That's why I ask about this.
Currently working on the Mutation Warrior and working on ways to make him bad to the bone. Might take the Orc Bloodline Eldritch Heritage and that lesser bloodrage feat, giving him an interesting boost to his abilities.

I've never done dex based fighters before, always been a pretty hardcore strength guy.
However, I'm really curious about this one. Ustalavic Duelist has some great flavor to it that I love, and while the fighter archetype doesn't outright appeal to me, I've always looked for ways to make these sorts of things more interesting.
I'm also always interested in pushing the rules to their limit I guess, a way of testing what works with what doesn't, both for flavor and for maximum gamer fun.
Anyway, back to the point of this. How much does Amateur Panache and investing further in Panache styles actually improve the Ustalavic Duelist?
An afterthought is the Aldori Swordlord. What about that guy? Would this work with him? I ask because with the proper feats, the Aldori Dueling sword can be considered a one handed piercing weapon.
Overall, there are some great possibilities, and I'm just wondering if it will improve the character classes with BOTH flavor and ability.

Thanks a bunch in advance.

I didn't even realize that they had the Rage Power class feature. For some reason, I always thought it was just an extension of their skald class.
Ok, here's how it goes. The way you should consider things is based on several features. Our group currently has our Raging Skald as a face, while me as the Primal Steelblooded Bloodrager and our Mutation warrior human are the front line combatants, and the warpriest is a healer/rearguard combatant. All of us are devout Gorumites BTW, going for a theme.
Anyway, the way we built things is that he took a look at what rage powers would augment the group best. So he went with the following:
Reckless Abandon, Superstition, Ghost Rager, Knockback, Overbearing Advance, Guarded Stance

Both Ghost Rager and Guarded Stance allow for additional armor class of different types, Reckless Abandon basically allows us to use power attack with, well reckless abandon, and the other abilities are essentially icing on the cake, allowing for the entire group to do a lot of battlefield control.

But really, it depends on what you want him to do. Our guy is acting the controller. Check out all the rage powers, the totems especially can make for some interesting options.

For instance, if you want your group to be entirely armor proof and impenetrable juggernauts, you could go the Dragon Totem line and all three Increased Damage Reduction abilities. That will give everyone in the group DR9 eventually I believe. Which ain't bad. And if you have an invulnerable rager or an undead bloodrager, then you have some real hard hombres.

Half-Orc gets great feats that do not allow it to die under majority of circumstances. That's part of their power.

One of my favorites was a half-orc falchion wielding monster that used the Battle Mystery. Friggin Waricle and a half man.

You should also come to remember feats that can increase damage, such as Horn of the Criosphinx.

George Washington was a badass who wrote to his brother that there was nothing quite as musical as the sound of bullets whizzing by your ear.

You;re right. My mistake.

I thought speed was a melee only enhancement.

I mean, that sword just screams two handed duelist specialist. Instead we get ANOTHER dex based build. Not cool. Strength based tho, with that weapon, man. Think of it as a Brevan Katana and it would make an awesome beast of a blade.

You know I really want to know what they have in store for this one by way of archetypes.
I would love for them to put in a new and improved version of the Aldori Swordlord into it, something that may work with Swashbuckler for instance. God, I love stuff out of Brevoy, but the swordlord is just soo... lackluster at times that it's genuinely disappointing.

I wonder what types of feats they'll have for Bloodrager. Might be interesting.

I've avoided it, mainly because the fact that it's a full feat without some sort of scaling bonus that doesn't lead into anything else. The thing is, you're probably playing a strength based rager already, so this sort of thing is a bit of a waste.
I'm using a primal bloodrager that can do an INSANE amount of damage on the charge thanks to Horn of the Criosphinx, Raging Brutality, and the Beast Totem line of feats. All of those make for a really happy panda. 3 points extra of damage for one feat will make me a sad panda. Doesn't add enough to the list to warrant me spending a feat on it.

Probably will be in the archetypes book that comes out in four months.

Well, if possible, try and take Racial Heritage (Orc). That will basically open you up to everything you need.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, I'd say go with a specific theme with your Bloodrager. That's what I'm doing. Going with an Abyssal Primal Steelblood Bloodrager (long title). He's giving up some minor demon resistances and that fire aoe attack for Beast Totem and Savage Dirty Trick.

The spells he will use are as follows:
Spells –
Level 1 – Ray of Enfeeblement, Sundering Shards, Thunderstomp, True Strike, Unerring Weapon, Shield, Phantom Blood
Level 2 – Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, Ghoul Touch, Eagle’s Splendor, Mirror Image, Protection from Arrows, See Invisibility
Level 3 – Rage, Greater Thunderstomp, Force Hook Charge, Haste, Hold Person, Force Punch, Hostile Levitation
Level 4 – Stoneskin, Telekinetic Charge, Wreath of Blades, Greater False Life, Wall of Sound, Slow

Kind of all over the place, but some protection/enhancement stuff combined with battlefield control, etc. Using some of those as sacrifice for armor class, other stuff to knock people around, keep them off balance, force them into tight spots.

Half-Orc also gets a TON of fun rage feats, teamwork or otherwise.

Blooded Arcane Strike and Raging Vitality, if you're not going diehard or ferocity, are necessities.
Blooded Arcane Strike means no more swift actions used for Arcane Strike while Bloodraging.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Furious. Always go furious.

This special ability can only be added to a melee weapon. A courageous weapon fortifies the wielder’s courage and morale in battle. The wielder gains a morale bonus on saving throws against fear equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus. In addition, any morale bonus the wielder gains from any other source is increased by half the weapon’s enhancement bonus (minimum 1).

Sorcerer/Wizard 1-4, maybe the occasional bard spell, but mostly that's what they draw from. Arcane lists in general. They're mostly limited in spells, but I've chosen some stuff that will help with battlefield repositioning and protection for my bloodrager.

It's the go to for barbarian, viking fighter, Ragequisitor and now bloodrager.

I'd like to post an image of Randy/Bane confronting the UPS man, but I don't want to make the effort. I'm busy reading this and two other books that just came out.

Ok, what I'm going for as a build is essentially the following based off a 25 point buy.
I need help further refining this guy to be the main damage dealer of the group. Other members are a Mutation Warrior/Gladiator Fighter who does a TON of intimidation and performance fighting, a Warpriest of Gorum, and a Skald. So yeah, we're going heavy with the ACG. New stuff, getting really familiar with it, so we're gonna go to 20.

I need advice on the feats, rage power selection, etc. My big question is if a critical fisher build for the Bloodrager is actually viable. Not sure it is or not. If people have played a barbarian with with those critical rage powers, please let me know. Anyway, here's what I got so far, barring the necessary critical revisions. This guy below is focused on pure damage with his greataxe, not on criticals with a falchion.

Name - Vladislav Rex, from Ustalav
Race - Half-Orc
Bloodline - Abyssal
Stats at Level 1
Str - 19
Dex - 12
Con - 16
Int - 08
Wis - 10
Cha - 12

Traits - Reactionary, Mindlessly Cruel, Attached (drawback)
Alternate Racial Traits - Shaman's Apprentice, Acute Darkvision, Chain Fighter

Level 1 - Endurance (Trait Bonus), Diehard
Level 3 - Destroyer's Blessing
Level 4 - Eschew Materials (Bonus)
Level 5 - Arcane Strike
Level 6 - Power Attack (Bonus)
Level 7 - Blasting Charge
Level 9 - Improved Sunder (Bonus), Blooded Arcane Strike
Level 11- Improved Overrun
Level 12- Improved Bull Rush (Bonus)
Level 13- Raging Brutality
Level 15- Horn of the Criosphinx, Toughness (Bonus)
Level 17- Grudge Fighter
Level 18- Cleave (Bonus)
Level 19- Charge Through

Bloodrage - As a primal bloodrager, he gets the ability to actually exchange a bloodrage power for TWO rage powers. This is AWESOME!!! The only thing that sucks is that it kicks in at level 4, because otherwise I'd get rid of demon claws right away. Anyway, here goes.

Bloodrage Abilities, Abyssal Bloodline
Level 1 - Claws
Level 4 - Demonic Bulk (a keeper because of the size/strength bonus)
Level 8 - Lesser Beast Totem, Beast Totem (got rid of demon resistances)
Level 12- Abyssal Bloodrage (keeping the strength boost. I'd be crazy not to)
Level 16- Greater Beast Totem (pounce with this guy!!!), Superstition
Level 20- Witch Hunter, Spell Sunder (I think these are better capstones than immunities, but meh.)

Other abilities:
Level 1 - Ray of Enfeeblement, Sundering Shards, Thunderstomp, True Strike, Unerring Weapon, Shield, Phantom Blood
Level 2 - Bull’s Strength, Disfiguring Touch, Ghoul Touch, Frigid Touch, Mirror Image, Touch of Idiocy, See Invisibility
Level 3 - Rage, Greater Thunderstomp, Excruciating Deformation, Haste, Ray of Exhaustion, Force Punch, Hostile Levitation
Level 4 - Stoneskin, Detonate, Telekinetic Charge, Wreath of Blades, Fire Shield, Greater False Life

Now, if I wanted to crit fish, I'd exchange those Superstition based rage powers for the Surprise Accuracy line, and then move Improved Overrun and Charge through out of there so I could get Sundering Critical and Critical Focus. I'll keep Keen on my falchion if I go crit fishing.

Right now, this guy will be a demolisher on the charge. Eventually, he'll pounce his way to victory, but for now the way I'll play him is he runs up to the biggest guy, sacrificing a spell while charging to add up the dice rolls. Eventually, he'll get Impact on his great axe so when he rages and enlarges, he it does 4D6 damage, so that will be 8D6 damage on the charge, not counting his strength bonuses. Then he'll full attack the next turn using blooded arcane strike and raging brutality and hopefully anyone who gets in his way will fall after a turn or two.

Gorbacz wrote:
I'm tempted to rekindle the "What would be the favourite weapon of Jesus Christ" debate. These are always fun!

Everybody knows Jesus rocked his nine millie gat like a friggin' boss.

Earth Blessing is an excellent example.

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It's all Chainsaw good.
That's all I gotta say.

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Downloaded this, tech guide, and people of the stars.
Working on my half-orc Primal Steelblood Bloodrager. The psycho may wield a chainsaw for giggles. In fact, that may be his name, Giggles. Not sure yet. Dammit this is awesome.
I'm now trying to work on the proper build for this guy, and man is it NOT easy. All new feats to match up, makes things a bit difficult. Tough choices all around really.

I think having a Primal Steelblood Bloodrager wielding a badass chainsaw just topped my list of awesome.

God I can't wait to see the Steelblood in action. Would have been cool if he got the ability to have Metal Revelation-like abilities akin to the Oracle.

Hmm, a goblin daring champion.

I really can't wait until Thursday to see how this class and the feats stack up. God, I really wanna see how the Archetypes stack up and modify existing abilities.

Hmm, I'm wondering if a slayer with a falchion, improved critical, stunning critical, and dastardly finish has just become a real nasty combination. Anyone think this can be a good combo? Does the slayer still have the same increments of Sneak Attack as before?

Also, if you're going Aasimar, take the Scion of Humanity alternate racial trait and Racial Heritage (orc) so you can get benefit of added rage and/or Intimidate bonus on Inquisitor.
If you're human, take the Racial Heritage Orc as well. It burns a feat, but it does make your character very combat effective.

God I can't wait til thursday for the PDF.

Hmm, so a Barbarian can have the Abyss Bloodline AND the Beast Totem rage power? There a restriction on what he can take?

A Barbarian can get the Bloodrager Bloodlines?
How does that work? Similar to the Eldritch Heritage line of feats?

What book is it in? Advanced Class Guide? I can't find it.

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