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I'd say go armored hulk 5 and the rest Mutation Warrior if you're dead set on multiclassing. You get great movement in heavy armor and some monster bonuses. I can't recall if you can take the +6 mutagen before then, but overall it's not a bad choice.

I wonder about how well a sanctified slayer of Nulgreth would pan out. Anger inquisition with a combo of feats and ranger styles to focus on two weapon fighting. Orc double axe as the weapon of choice.

Personally I love the sanctified slayer.

I've never read this series of books before so I'm wondering how it actually reads. Is it over the top in terms of the high fantasy stuff or is that seen only at certain points? Not much for reading Pathfinder books simply because I prefer Robert E Howard styling low fantasy. Gonna get it cause I love Thassilon either way.

Feint is trickery O ly if you don't get the feat that replaces bluff with intimdate.

I might get this one. I've always loved James Jacobs' Thassilon and reading about one of the Runelord returning or at least some more info on one or all of them is something I always enjoy.

Slayer is an amazing class. My personal favorite is either vanguard or stygian slayer.

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Those are all good options actually. I'd say just exchange the gun themes for crossbow related ones, including proficiency in all crossbows if he's not already.

Not sure what deliverer gives up but if you can, I'd say go for shatter defenses and the feint tree to get your sneak attack off as much as possible. Maybe some stuff that let's you exchange sneak attack die for critical feats, that sort of thing.

Isn't there a module that takes place on the moon? It's some sort of failed azlant experiment to colonize the moon I think and they opened up something similar to the worldwound.

The GM my group has run with in the past and for this one rarely cares if we get too high level simply because he just makes things even more difficult. At the same time I'd never really thought of adding pfs scenarios. Playing some of these scenarios and adding a runelord like krune and the cult of lissala to the mix would be relatively simple I think and definitely fun. It would make for a great sense of foreboding that something even more powerful is just on the horizon. For major battles like xin, if you're worried about the ease, just add hit die and mythic ranks, maybe allow him to control a greater number of constructs, things like that.

I'd love to see the tank build in action, what feats and general progression you suggest.

What does Nulgreth look like?

Hell, if you want to multiclass and are set on it, you could go skulking slayer/scout/slayer. Go with the skulking slayer-scout combo until you get what you need then switch to slayer if you choose.

Feinting as a move action, D8 sneak attack dice on the charge, and always sneak attack on a charge are some great options for the slayer. My suggestion is to mix the classes on an even keel.

Personally I used slayer for executions on the go, but really effective at higher levels mostly. Requires several coup DE grace feats, stunning critical, stunning charge, and that talent that let's you aply a critical feat instead of sneak attack damage. It's best used with a greataxe or other high critical weapon like a scythe. Get the stun on the charge, then next round coup DE grace the stunned opponent.

I'd love to see class archetypes similar to the teng sword master archetype, maybe something for slayers considering they are a combination of rogue and ranger. Maybe a ranger or slayer archetype that allows for heavy armor and combat styles to be taken with it.

There are a LOT of possibilities for this book, and it's certainly impossible to fit them all in. But I'd love just additional options not just in archetype form but also in plain simple feats that can be taken by any class which enhance melee prowess.

The problem with the mad dog is that the reduced rage and reduced powers are a major killer.

You want a tactical rager, go for that Pack Rager. Teamwork feats are pretty boss with rage AD tactician.

You know, with Sanctified Slayer inquisitor, you have a real monster of a character who can do quite a few things as well.

Doubt you want to go that route, but it is an option.

Branding Opportunity wrote:
Major_Blackhart wrote:
I really want there to be more weapons with the word Orc in front of them. Would make orc is weapon proficiency even more awesome.
Since this is a Campaign Setting title, most of the information contained within is fluff, although there is a chapter on orc war machines.

I know. I just would have liked a mention of something, not necessarily stats, that would maybe bring a little anticipation for later releases.

God, slayer is right now my new favorite class. If they could get access to more rogue abilities and talents such as bomb crafting and what not, that would just make my day. Sure, a GM could house rule it in, but I'd rather have it be legal. A stygian slayer bombardier or a vanguard slayer who is a bit cracked in the head and doesn't care if his own people die in the process would be awesome.

I really want there to be more weapons with the word Orc in front of them. Would make orc is weapon proficiency even more awesome.

Ok, this is awesome information. Is there further information on them and their cults or just little blurbs?

Also, what about the big two that EVERYONE in Belkzen talks about, Rovagug and Gorum?

There are so many questions I need to ask but won't because I want to read it all. DAMMIT!!

Edit: Also, the # of domains doesn't necessarily denote demi-god status. The Giant Pantheon, Dwarven Pantheon, Alseta, Brigh, Hanspur, Naderi, etc have 4 domains each. It simply means that they're lesser gods than the big ones. Don't know what that actually means, but it just means that they have less influence maybe or are limited in followers or something.

Images of Orc gods: Are there any?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The advanced metallurgy aspects of the Technic League honestly interested me more. I always wished they had more examples of advanced alloy types, mixed skymetals and such, than simply the Null Blade.

You could just check out the tech guide. I think there's a laser torch there that does just about what you're talking of.

Ugh, I HATE the fact that the PDF release date is so far off. Dammit this isn't fair!

Wow, that's a good idea.
Man, I should really figure out about using familiars and such, eh?

Hmm, so does it go into the Orc Cults at all, or which gods aside from Rovagug play the largest part in tribes? Some appear devoted to the Orc Gods, but at the same time, are they a minority?

That's actually a pretty good way of having the cult enter into the whole fray. I'd always loved the cult of Lissala in it's purest Xin form (7 virtues, loyalty, magic, etc) instead of the debased form it became in control of the Runelords (7 sins, flagellation, mortification, sacrifice, brutality, tyranny, etc).

I'm both dreading and anticipating this release. It's one of those things where I fear too much watering down of rules and such, too much simplification (Blackguards vs Blackguards 2, though not in that much of an extreme) yet at the same time I await some of the rules changes that are much needed.

So, this is awesome and I hate that I have to wait for the end of February. How much detail do they go into with the tribes? Also, any new items or something like that? What about the major powers of belkzen? Any word on their motivations or movements?

Very cool. I was honestly on the fence about studied combat, and figured it was too strong.

Any other suggestions on how to flesh out the class further?

I was thinking that maybe killing blow may be changed instead to move up to your speed to perform a killing blow.

This looks awesome.


I'm looking to combine the Cavalier with the Slayer.
The idea behind this class is taken a bit from the concept in a Song of Ice and Fire that the best sort of knight is a ruthless killer, not some courtly honorable fellow.

Background on the Blackguard:
Blackguards are knights of the basest sort, and every king, queen, warlord, and even petty lordling has at least one under his command. Blackguards are men and women who eschew any sort of courtly mannerisms, any notion of honor, or the illusion of a fair duel. No, Blackguards are the very epitome of the notion that the very best sort of knight is a killer. And if good knights are killers, then Blackguards are unmatched, for they eschew any sort of leadership, any sort of finesse, for simple brutality and killing prowess.

Blackguards are never good, but they need not be evil. Some are barely restrained monsters of men, so ferocious they are barely held in check by their masters. Others see their work as a means to an end, and carry out their duties regardless of their personal feelings, should they even deign to have any on the matter at hand. Yet others are simply immune to the sufferings and cruelties they inflict on their fellow man, or pure cynics who readily acknowledge the fact that power is never granted, but taken with force, and force must be used to keep it.

Anyway, I'd like him to keep the Challenge class feature and his order abilities, but everything else I'd like to lose in favor of more slayer abilities and slayer-like abilities.
Some of the things I'd like to gain for this class:

Studied Target - Not sure if I want to go up to 5. Maybe have it at 1, but progress in damage and the like as if the class were a slayer.

Sneak Attack - up to 6D6.

Slayer talents - 4, and never advanced slayer talents, only the base ones.

Other abilities, some influenced by existing classes such as Skulking Slayer, others new:

Murderous Charge - Sneak Attack becomes D8 instead of D6 on the charge. Replaces Cavalier's Charge

Bloody Footwork - Certain combat maneuvers, such as bullrush and overrun, when performed successfully, do sneak attack damage and weapon damage to the enemy in addition to normal abilities. Stacks with feats that do damage when performing such maneuvers, such as spiked destroyer and trample.

Blaggard's Blade - Can feint as a swift action before or after any movement, as long as an attack is not made before the movement is actually taken. If you have Improved Feint, can feint as a swift action when full attacking.

Killing Blow - When performing a coup de grace with a weapon with which you have the weapon focus feat, the critical multiplier increases by one step. For example, x2 becomes x3, and so on.

Butcher's Strikes - An enemy that is challenged is considered flat-footed by the Blackguard for the purpose of sneak attack if he attacks anyone other than the Blackguard. In addition, in these challenges, Sneak Attack damage is no longer considered precision damage, and can be multiplied on a critical hit.

Some of these things probably won't go through, but others are fairly unique, while still keeping some of the core of the Cavalier classes. I was inspired specifically by the Daring Champion cavalier, which combined the more interesting parts of the Swashbuckler with the Cavalier. It would mean that, against a challenged individual, a Daring Champion could do up to 40 points of damage with a piercing weapon, successful as either a strength or dex based sort. THAT really got my attention.

Plus, I always enjoyed the concept of the Cleganes, not that I like the show that much, but those characters were always great on screen and in the books.

I look forward to seeing this book in action.

I like going for coup de grace builds with slayer. Lotsa fun.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hopefully this has lots of options for slayers and the like.

Yes. Any new gods that are in an AP will from now on have writeups similar to that from inner sea gods. So we get all the deficit obedience stuff on mimderhal and zuurvastal or whatever the fire giant god is.

Dotting for interest.

Has anyone tried Bloodrider with Eldritch Heritage? Would you consider something like the Orc or Protean bloodline as something that could add to the Bloodrider's power and ability?

Awww man, JULY?!?

Rune giant! I am officially pumped for this AP. Now, the big question is how many rune giants will be involved overall. A handful, a small family, a clan? Will these be the grand overlords or ate they themselves serving a higher power?

Jester has great style.

Yeah. That's what I was looking at too guys...

Saw the Hill Giant on the cover.
Wow. All I'm gonna say.

YES! Minderhal for the win!

Ive always found it interesting that cave giants have always been kind of the ugly cousin that hardly anybody ever mentions, despite their terrifying appearance.

Oh dammit I saw falchion, melee styles, and feats and I just dropped a brick. Why must it be so far away though.
I really want to see some sort of fighting style for a two handed melee weapon user, some sort of duelist who can fight effectively with a falchion, greataxe, or greatsword.
Not just this one handed or unarmed garbage anymore.


Exemplar is an awesome idea for an entry into Battle Herald. Full BAB is an awesome thing.

Some of the better undead templates to have are vampire, grave knight, zombie lord, and juju zombie. You could make him a graveknight styg ian slayer, and just add a few more sneak attack dice on there. Give him an energy type the party has no resistance to and let him go buck wild. Or graveknight sanctified slayer. Sneak attack, bane,and energy sage like a mutha.

Molok-Kath, a kellid Bloodrager from the Sunder Horn tribe.
Crossblooded of Abyssal and Black Blood bloodlines, Molok has been exposed to the nightmare technologies of Numeria, and as such has parts of the Nanite Eldritch Heritage bloodline.

He frequently has nightmares and dreams of dark caves of terrible vastness, the size of continents, and of great skinless warriors...

He has so far, out of homebrewed weapons and such, managed to get his hands on a greataxe designed by the Technic League, made from an advanced alchemical alloy similar to how the Null Blades were formed. This one is made from Inubrix and Adamantine, and shares the qualities of Adamantine with necromantic energies that, when he bloodrages, go all sorts of crazy.

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