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God, I would love for some more fluff on Brevan warriors and Aldori swordlords, as well as other warrior cults.

Why is it so weird to think that Asmodeus is an ascended devil? Sarenrae is an ascended angel.

Look at Tsadok Goldtooth's parents as a perfect example.
Human man, Orc woman. Certainly a relationship born out of the situation, but one that prospered for ten years or so until slave traders came.

You know, if Vudrani flavored adventures were to come about, the Thugee cult would certainly be an interesting aspect to develop, as would the Sikh warrior cults.


Cool, very cool.

Now that is friggin awesome news.
What sort of feats are we talking about, combat wise? Fighter type feats or are we looking at something more? Something new?


What are the odds we get some gorumite archtype?

I really like this.

Especially the artwork for Gorum's altar. Really badass.

Such blasphemy.
Gorum is the first half-orc.
It's common knowledge.

I would think a majority of the Vudrani gods would be neutral in nature, having both good and evil aspects necessary to life.

Well, what I mean is that he seems the type, based on description that we have for him, his primary focus is hunting dragons or formidable foes, and killing them.

That doesn't necessarily mean he should operate within the confines of the law, especially if he's going against a dragon that controls authority, such as Blue Dragons.

I'm probably interpreting him wrong, but I've felt Smiad is the type that wouldn't give a damn about laws, more about his own notoriety, his martial prowess, and his personal honor.

That says to me a more chaotic or neutral nature, less of a good one.

One of my favorites is Smiad, the dragon slayer.

He just seems built for warriors, so it bugs me a bit that he's lawful good. A guy like that seems like he should be neutral or chaotic good. But that's neither here nor there.

Paladins, Clerics, Waricles, and the like should definitely love him. I also see Vikings, Barbarians, and Fighters paying homage to him.

I just wish there was more about him, especially with his blessings.

I actually enjoyed Orcs of Golarion. It has a ton of cultural tidbits about Orc society in general that I find quite informative and enjoyable. The role of women in a patriarchal society depends entirely on what they can do, behind the scenes and in public. In truth, Orc society seems less patriarchal and more merit based, with those merits being of the battle and violence variety. Ancient Mongolia had a similar social structure. Subotai was the son of a blacksmith, but became one of the greatest generals the world has ever known, commanding several armies often hundreds of miles apart from one another.

I don't look at Orcs as the type of creatures as 'Evulz' per se.
Rather, they come from an extreme culture, where violence is ever present and as such life means much less than it does in other parts of Golarion. An Orc HAS to be a bit of a nihilist because in their society only the strongest really do survive.

Their gods are a reflection of that, the Orc Pantheon, Gorum, Lamashtu, Rovagug, all of them.

Their history is a reflection of that. Remember, they have fought the dwarves at every turn, and that type of siege mentality isn't something that's easily forgotten.

The lands of Belkzen are a reflection of that. Food is scarce, water is scarce, and therefore things like honor and glory take a back seat to bitter survival. You'd turn to cannibalism too if it meant the difference between life and death.

It's easy to see the Orcs as one faceted villains, but I don't. They have a complex social structure not easily understood by the lesser races, with a mind and psychology that is wholly unlike anything else on Golarion.

If you want a Belkzen tribe that's not necessarily all evil, go to Wyvernsting with the Murdered Child tribe.

One of the things I like about the Orcs is that they're actually a religious race. Their religions just often require living sacrifice, but that's not really a bad thing. You can sacrifice criminals, people who lose duels, which are quite common in Orc society, and you can sacrifice prisoners of war. None of it is really a bad option.

Are Orcs evil? By the standards of other cultures of Golarion, they seem that way on the surface. But only on the surface.

I see the Orcs as closer to the Mongol Horde of old. The Mongol society is entirely merit based. So is the Orcs. That's why in Orc society it's possible for a woman like Kring the Beautiful to become one of the most powerful of the warchiefs in Belkzen. In civilized society, like Taldor, is that possible? Not really.

At least they're not the friggin elves.

Dude, I am seriously pumped about the Orc Gods. Demi-Gods, on par with Demon Lords, ruling swaths of the Abyss with iron green fists. Badass.

Here's a question: because most of them have Demon as a subdomain, does this mean it wouldn't be out of the question to have demons of various power and what not in their employ? So if I play as a Chaotic Neutral with evil tendencies Half-Orc Warpriest, I could theoretically summon a babau demon or a fiendish Dire Wolverine if I worshiped Nulgreth?

Has it been answered yet if the book, when it comes out, will it have archtypes and racial based favored class bonuses?

Ross Byers wrote:
In my heart, the only orc gods are Gork and Mork.

Don't I friggin know it. You have no idea how hard it is sometimes while playing to NOT say 'We'z Orks. We'z made ta fight an' win!" Not talking with an awesome cockney accent is hard enough.

At the same time, my half-orc Warpriest of Nulgreth will certainly be having a choppin good time. He can switch between that and a falchion with relative ease. This will prove interesting.

One interesting thing I can definitely see with the Orc Pantheon, which is awesome by the way, is references to other full powered gods (in a slight way).

For instance, Verex could certainly incorporate Calistria in some respects, just Orc'd up and made proper. Same with Varg and Gorum.

Right now, Blood God looks like a favorite of mine. I will be getting this PDF almost immediately. I can't wait for better descriptions, to see if Nulgreth represents bloodlust, killing frenzy, and slaughter in any form or simply in war and battle. With Orc Gods, you never know. Yeah, they're evil, but that may be just because they demand living sacrifices. Some of these guys could be strict about how they have worshipers act.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Rusty Venture.
Everything he creates is either a failure or, if it's successful, an abomination.

You know, for some reason, I keep imagining the leadership of the techno guilds to look and behave something like Dr. Rusty Venture.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Humans were created by Aboleths, and as such we owe all to them.

Anything else is part of the great universal lie perpetuated by the so-called deities and their outsider allied governments.


But beyond that, in this book, will we also get brief overviews of the afterlife places and servants of the various deities?

And I certainly love the fact that the Orc Pantheon is fleshed out a bit more, AND they have many weapons, animals, and subdomains.

I thought Aroden as well.

It's the abyss baby. Law doesn't apply there.

I would honestly say take a look at some of the sorcerous bloodlines and take it from there actually. Exchange some of your feats and fighter weapon abilities for different sorcerous powers and abilities and see if that works.

The Tetsubo has gotten interesting. Now if only it wasn't an exotic weapon.

Ok, that's pretty good.

I think Xin, if he survived, would become Mythic quite quickly, considering his knowledge and the power of the Sihedron at his disposal. Plus, if his city rises, so too does all the glory of old Thassilon with it's magnificent capital Xin. Not too narcissistic, eh?

Anyway, Xin is certainly a candidate for mythic power, perhaps what remains of Lissala's presence in Golarion (as she's never stated as being dead, just having left around earthfall) or perhaps with Xin's return, so too does she come back and make her presence known through her avatar.

Right now, Inquisitors are much more fleshed out. Now, if Warpriests get spells associated with their respective blessings, and an updated spell list, then they will certainly kick ass. Inquisitors are more versatile, but Warpriests have the capability to hit harder and more often. How? Channel Smite is one way. Warpriests also have much greater staying power than Inquisitors, and while the Inquisitor can only ever be moderately useful as a healer at best, the Warpriest can definitely devote some healing power to himself and his allies.

Crack them in the skull with the pommel of the sword.
Smack them in the nose with the hilt.
Flatten their crotch with the flat of the blade.

These are examples of dirty tricks that use weapons.

I think they should stack. One conveys size bonuses, the other conveys alchemical bonuses.

I bet their women put out.

For my half-orc Warpriest who's focusing on melee damage, I chose Fey Foundling as my first level feat. Better healing so I gets more staying power.

Is there an FAQ out that says you can't mix the archtypes because of that then?
Just because they modify the mutagen ability doesn't mean they can't be taken, as they modify different parts of the class itself. Plus, this is what the mutagen discovery is for, isn't it? So if you want to use a normal mutagen and you have an archtype that modifies the normal mutagen in some way?

So they both modify mutation. Now, here's the question: do their modifications stack with one another or not?

They'll come out when the book is done and done I reckon,

Now that would be awesome.

Not an Azlanti, just a saint in the Last Azlanter's pantheon (Aroden). I think her race before ascension was half-elf. In that way, in order to ascend you have to do something incredible (Nethys), the starstone (the big four) or be brought up into the ranks by being sponsored by another god, which I'm guessing was how Milani was pushed forward.

The fact that she was a saint already probably made it easier for the process to happen. Basically, she had mythic levels, ascended to sainthood by being hardcore enough without dying, and then when the capo passed on, the books were opened, and she was recommended for being made.

They both modify what the mutagen does, but because they're both modifying different parts of the class as Archtypes I don't see why both can't be applicable.

You think about it, and all of a sudden the mutagen focused meleer got a bunch nastier. But yeah, avoiding Ragechemist now like the plague.

Anyone know if there's an FAQ about this for these classes? Can they be combined?

Hmm, beastmorph seems actually pretty badass. Nice. I can combine Bramble Brewer and Beastmorph together to make a rather interesting class too.

Beastmorph replaces: Swift Alchemy; Swift Poisoning; Poison Immunity; Persistent Mutagen

Bramble Brewer replaces: 2nd-level Discovery; Mutagen; Greater Mutagen; Grand Mutagen

With those combined, I can definitely take some hits. Not only that, but his armor class would be pretty nasty.

Ok, so I'm looking at these two, and I know the Ragechemist isn't well loved on these boards, but I'm wondering if he can still be good for an Alchemist who wants to do melee damage.

I'm thinking a half-elf who uses a greataxe (the classic woodsman) with Bramble Brewer and Ragechemist can be pretty effective at melee. What do you guys think? Hit someone with a tanglefoot bomb, run up to them, smack them. Rinse and repeat. With Racial Heritage (Orc) he can get an extra ten minutes per level of mutagen, or with Racial Heritage (Dwarf) he can get some additional natural armor with his mutagen, which already is pretty badass.

So, at 6th level when he makes a mutagen that modifies strength, his armor bonus is +8 (dendrite mutagen base and rage mutagen).

Now, as the archtypes continue, I think it becomes pretty badass overall, with pretty damaging consequences for any enemy nearby. What do you guys think?

By level 20, he either has an extra 200 minutes per mutagen or +5 to his armor. Give him in addition to this medium and heavy armor proficiency feats, and now suddenly he's a bit of a damn tank.

If you're going to go Tiefling, go Oni-Spawn and take a large weapon. Or, choose Demon-Spawn and just try and work out with the GM for the lack of penalty to attack roll with a large weapon (an option for when you exchange your SLA for something else, if you're using the Book of Fiends.

I think that Iomedae is their principal deity, but they don't really play any role in the Worldwound. I have to check the worldwound AP's. Really, they're a lastwall institution. They may have operatives here and there, playing their part, such as hidden operatives in Geb, Belkzen, Ustalav and maybe in Mendev and elsewhere as well, but are they playing a major role? Most likely not.

I'd suggest something a little different, but similar to gingerbreadman.

Hulking could go into, if you'd like, large sized weapons. They only suffer a -1 penalty to wielding large weapons instead of the normal -2. Once their BAB hits +10, maybe they no longer suffer any penalty. I'd also agree that +2 strength is TOO good.
Or maybe some sort of trait bonus to damage or strength when you have a morale bonus to strength, that could work. Maybe like a +2 trait bonus to strength when you have a morale bonus to strength or you are under the effects of rage perhaps. But that's probably too strong, and favors barbarians too much. Then again, what about Orcs and Half-Orcs doesn't, eh?

I think Dragon Disciple is one of those that doesn't necessarily need a capstone.
You take dual blooded sorcerer to 10, and take the Orc/Abyssal and Draconic Bloodlines, and you have great possibilities for damage right there.
With the Orc bloodline, the capstone is a SLA that grants Transformation, DR 5, and immunity to fire. Dragon has a bunch of immunities and Blindsense, and Abyssal has immunities, greater resistances, and telepathy out to 60 or 90 feet. All in all, none of those are bad. DD stacks with levels of sorcerer if I recall correctly for determining bloodline powers. So, even if you don't want the capstone, but rather want to go something like Urban Barbarian 5/Sorcerer 5/DD 10, you got a great combination right there and a great possibility for insane damage. Depending on race and such, get a greatsword, large bastard sword, or large dwarven waraxe, and then just take it all the way.
+4 morale bonus to strength, +4 inherent bonus to strength, +4 untyped bonus to strength, and if you take the Orc's 15 ability, the chance to grow in size as per the Giant Form spell, get +6 size bonus to strength. That's a +18 bonus to strength right there! Coupled with Dragon Form, Wings, and the ability to cast while raging, none of that is anything to sniff at.

If you want to increase your damage further, I'd go so far to even suggest taking a large bastard sword and slapping on some damage buffs like Impact, Vicious, and Conductive. With Holy Vindicator and Fey foundling, you'll be able to heal yourself real well AND be able to dish out some serious damage.
In addition, you take Variant Channeler and you can channel negative energy through the weapon. By level 20, assuming 10 cleric and 10 holy win, you'll be doing 9D6 negative energy through your weapon, and 10D6 positive for when you're fighting the undeader than dead. Overall, not a bad combination.

3D8+7(furious and +5)+2D6 (Vicious)+9D6 and then there's power attack and the bonus from strength to factor in. Pretty good overall. And let's face it: Spontaneous healing don't hurt neither.

Depends on how high you plan on going with your campaign. You gotta remember, that if you go all the way, I'd say not, but that's just me. Not many classes I multiclass with unless I'm doing some sort of prestige class.

Oh I didn't forget. I just left them out. Those things, like you said, are stuff the gods have automatically, so it's not nearly that big of a deal.

Hmm, let's see. I can definitely work out a Warhammer/Shield based Inquisitor of Minderhal, or a Kellid Inquisitor that carries a Large Warhammer. Now THAT makes sense, thematically and rules wise. Pretty cool looking too.

You're right, I looked at the Lucerne Hammer and saw that it was B/P not just B. Ah well.

What about the Inquisitions themselves? Any complaints on those? If he were a cleric, Glory would be an obvious choice domain for the spells alone (surprising for an evil deity. Honestly I think Minderhal should have been Lawful Neutral based on his portfolio and the majority of his domains, but so be it).

Double mending.
That's like beating down the local bully with twin nerf bats til he screams uncle.

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