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Major_Blackhart's page

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Rune giant! I am officially pumped for this AP. Now, the big question is how many rune giants will be involved overall. A handful, a small family, a clan? Will these be the grand overlords or ate they themselves serving a higher power?

Jester has great style.

Yeah. That's what I was looking at too guys...

Saw the Hill Giant on the cover.
Wow. All I'm gonna say.

YES! Minderhal for the win!

Ive always found it interesting that cave giants have always been kind of the ugly cousin that hardly anybody ever mentions, despite their terrifying appearance.

Oh dammit I saw falchion, melee styles, and feats and I just dropped a brick. Why must it be so far away though.
I really want to see some sort of fighting style for a two handed melee weapon user, some sort of duelist who can fight effectively with a falchion, greataxe, or greatsword.
Not just this one handed or unarmed garbage anymore.


Exemplar is an awesome idea for an entry into Battle Herald. Full BAB is an awesome thing.

Some of the better undead templates to have are vampire, grave knight, zombie lord, and juju zombie. You could make him a graveknight styg ian slayer, and just add a few more sneak attack dice on there. Give him an energy type the party has no resistance to and let him go buck wild. Or graveknight sanctified slayer. Sneak attack, bane,and energy sage like a mutha.

Molok-Kath, a kellid Bloodrager from the Sunder Horn tribe.
Crossblooded of Abyssal and Black Blood bloodlines, Molok has been exposed to the nightmare technologies of Numeria, and as such has parts of the Nanite Eldritch Heritage bloodline.

He frequently has nightmares and dreams of dark caves of terrible vastness, the size of continents, and of great skinless warriors...

He has so far, out of homebrewed weapons and such, managed to get his hands on a greataxe designed by the Technic League, made from an advanced alchemical alloy similar to how the Null Blades were formed. This one is made from Inubrix and Adamantine, and shares the qualities of Adamantine with necromantic energies that, when he bloodrages, go all sorts of crazy.

The look does actually mesh more with their culture of meritocracy and militarization.

I'd say it ultimately depends on the artist, but I've noticed the shift in Hobs for sometime in terms of appearance.

That's too long of a wait.

Or a monstrous rune giant that mastered electricity. Or a runelord.

The storm tyrant, the fire giant tytarian. Paizo running out of names and titles or is there a theme I'm missing?

I'm pumped for this. I've been waiting for an adventure that has fire giants in greater depth and it appears that this certainly quenches that hunger.

Volcano themed class options? I can't wait.

How many of them are pure barbarian?
Too many?

Ugh, never been a fan of anime. Not my thing for cartoons.
Anyway, I'd love to find out if one of our major backers would be the sixth king himself, Daralathyxl, though one would have to ask why the sixth king just didn't act overtly himself, as he always seems to.

This is truth.

Hey, the Technic League is made up of utterly brutal politics. Why not our group?

Kulgara and my Half-Orc Crossblooded Bloodrager (Undead and Destined) went toe to toe. She literally nearly tore him a new one. Almost died if not for some of his abilities. Her chainsaw is absolutely nasty. Totally horrific weapon. I loved it!

Anyway, he managed to take her alive and when it came time to take Leadership, guess who he took as his cohort?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd love to see some sort of advanced rogue or slayer talent open up the base level mutagen ability to those classes. Maybe sacrifice several talents to gain mutagen increases as an archetype or something.

I would have liked for them to go into the details regarding the rune giant in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings that wears a Linnorm's jaw atop his head, with runes as white as ice.

Love for a falchion wielding Orc swashbuckler would be nice please.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Cyclops! Rune giants! Aboleth! Urdefhan! I need these. I want my urdefhan pirate queen who "rescued" a duergar, drow, orc, and demon-spawn as their ship sank on the sight less sea to have a hearty crew as she sails the isles and meets the true last descendants of ancient Azlant, albino humans that are masters of telepathy wearing jade armor.

I'd even suggest just going the route of amateur swashbuckler.

Urdefhan! More of the Urdefhan please.

Slayer can get a TON of bonus feats if you take them through Slayer Talents.
Not only that, but a Slayer can be awesome at coup de gracing enemies at high levels. You get the right party and build the slayer within it, and you suddenly got a phenomenal executioner.
Fighter, while it can be awesome, is kinda boring in some respects because he seems to lack flavor. Some, like Viking, Martial Master, Mutation Warrior, add a TON of flavor and fun to the class, while others like Two Handed Fighter are kinda the 'old reliable' in terms of damage output. Badass and fun all around.

That's actually really awesome.

I thought that it didn't regeneration with natural attacks?

Very nice. A great looking feat overall. Thanks a bunch. Overall, he should be a great and interesting damage dealer, using shield bash, a scimitar, and riposte, as well as combat reflexes to get a good number of attacks each round.

Well, being from Belkzen does mean that a scimitar isn't entirely out of the question. Do you mean seize the moment that teamwork feat?

Ok, dammit. So he'll still need slashing grave anyway for his battleaxe but he won't be able to use precise strike. That is understandable but it still sucks all the same.
At least he's not limited to bucklers for a shield though. I believe panache doesn't care if you use a shield or not, just a light or 1 handed piercing weapon. Meh, he'll still probably do a ton of damage.

One of the guys in our group came up with a really awesome character concept: a viking fighter that uses swashbuckler deeds with his battleaxe. Now, besides 1st level deeds, can the Viking get higher level deeds any way aside from multiclassing? I was taking a look, and while him getting rage, rage powers, come and get me, opportune parry is awesome, the idea of also getting something like precise strike is pretty badass. Outside of multiclassing is there any way to get the 3rd level swashbuckler deed?

It's certainly an extremely interesting concept either way. Definitely worth more than a second glance. And like others have pointed out, you could certainly make a group of anarchist s.o.b.'s out of them. Would be fun I think, a real interesting encounter.

Well, here's what I was looking at.

I chose the vanguard because eventually, with this and Improved Initiative, I'm almost guaranteed to go first (+1/2 Vanguard Slayer level to Initiative). That's somewhat key in this whole thing. First round, I go, charge the enemy who is hopefully flat-footed, and sneak attack them.

Now, here's what I was going for via feats:
Power Attack, Intimidating Prowess, Hurtful, Killing Flourish, Gruesome Slaughter, Cornugon Smash, Weapon Focus (Falchion), Dazzling Display, Shatter Defenses, Stunning Assault (maybe)

And here's what I was going for via Slayer Talents. He gets a total of 8 slayer talents, losing one to a tactical feat requirement and another to his initiative bonus. Overall however, coupled with the human racial bonus to slayer, he can still get up to 11. Not bad. And those can be replaced with feats via the Rogue Talents Combat Trick and Feat. So, here goes:

Tactician Feat - Lookout (good for the nasty surprise round)

Slayer Talents - Surprise Attack (for that great first round bonus), Combat Trick (Combat Reflexes), Combat Trick (Improved Initiative), Combat Trick (Critical Focus), Combat Trick (Improved Critical, Falchion), Combat Trick (Dastardly Finish), Combat Trick (Merciless Butchery), Combat Trick (Staggering Critical), Combat Trick (Stunning Critical), Combat Trick (Sneaking Precision),Combat Trick (Onslaught)

None of these are in any particular order, so I'm not too concerned one way or another. Sneaking Precision becomes more important as time goes on, being able to trade sneak attack damage for a critical feat on the second sneak attack in a round.
With the following traits: Veteran of Battle and Bruising Intellect, I should be able to pretty much draw a weapon immediately and be an intelligent intimidation machine.

Some of these may be a bit redundant (Onslaught and Surprise Attack for instance) and the whole thing will need to be cleaned up a bit I suppose. But overall, he's got some great opportunities to really lay on the hurt.

Now, I intentionally avoid Assassinate because it's a fortitude saving throw = 10+1/2 slayer level + Int modifier. Stunning Critical and Stunning assault, while VERY late game, have DC's = 10+BAB. Overall, better but not by a whole lot.

I go half-orc just because that's how I roll yo.

Anyway, the group is known as The Murdered Children, and is made up of the following besides my Vanguard Slayer, all half-orcs:
A female Sanctified Slayer of Gorum (Anger Inquisition)
A male Cleric of Gorum (Rage and War domains)
A male Viking Fighter that focuses on using the Falchion and a buckler.
A male Investigator.

The GM has basically told us the whole campaign will take place in Belkzen, specifically starting out in Wyvernsting and going from there. I'm looking forward to this, playing one side against the other, so on and so forth. It looks to be a hell of a good time.

The ragers will all be getting the Amplified Rage power, and at least one of them will get Warleader's Rage for a bonus in range (probably the Viking and the Cleric). The Investigator will be our official party leader, but the group plans on being a bunch of pains in the asses towards one another in general, trying to get the others to submit to them.

Backgrounds are all interesting. The investigator is a bit of a thug himself, and despite his relative genius he enjoys clubbing someone but good. The Sanctified Slayer is a religious nut who views anyone who's not an overt Gorumite as an enemy of the faith. The Cleric is an extortionist who used a combination of brawn and divine magic power to collect taxes for the Murdered Child tribe. The Viking was a slave-born pitfighter from another tribe, but was freed by the Murdered Child tribe during a raid, and is now utterly loyal to Hundux and the other half-orc warlords of Wyvernsting. My character, the Vanguard slayer, was a bodyguard type character and a favored executioner for a time before being chosen to be a part of what is essentially the Murdered Children, Hundux Half-Man's personal group of investigators and operatives.

We've been told that so far, our job is to root out disloyalty and discover plots wherever they may be, throughout the city and the dirt sea region, etc. Discovering plots against the second most powerful chieftain in Belkzen will be easy, and if not we plan on manufacturing a few just to increase our own prestige.

I think with the right tactics and tools, we can be an overall destructive and deadly team. Let me know what you guys think, mostly of my character but of everything else overall.

Working on a half-orc vanguard slayer. basically a completely brutal butcher of men. I want to maximize my use of sneak attack to do damage along with maximizing damage in general with a falchion. I'd like to take advantage of stun late game so I can coup DE grace enemies.

But in general, I'm curious how I could maximize his damage in general. Slayer gets some really great intimidation based feats, but I'm wondering if that's the way to go. Deciding on vanguard because of the initiative boost, which guarantees he will go first against all but the fastest.

Anyone got suggestions on how to build this guy? Posting from my phone. When I get home I will give further info on feat choices.

So, do you guys go into any sort of detail regarding the various religious organizations across Belkzen? I would figure that in some places, like wyvern sting, Gorum would be the dominant god due to the huge number of half-orcs living in the city.
It would certainly mean that in some communities religious institutions would hold greater sway.

Jesus. Two years?!

For whatever reason, Mutation Warrior is not but the brawler variant is.

Anyway, my suggestion is this: Two Weapon Warrior Archetype, Dwarf race.
From there, go with the two weapon fighting chain, and then the Dorn-Dergar chain, and the cleave chain.

You'll get two weapons that can go reach/close at any time and can clear out a room full of baddies like a whirlwind of death. Couple that with Lunge and Enlarge person and you're a lot nastier. You shall not pass becomes your mantra.

Nice. I do like that none of them appear overpowered as well. Not a bad setup overall.

Actually, I really like the Steam Bloodline.
Overall, they're all pretty interesting and flavorful, each with its own quirks that certainly separate it from other bloodlines.

Wizardry 8, my favorite.

Added to cart!

Goliath druid half-orc devoted to gorum wielding a huge falchion. Yeah. I can dig it.

Will this guide be updated with new bloodlines, specifically the Kuthite bloodline and Black Blood?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Got it. Absolutely love it. My order of the claymore Orc riding a gothrek thanks you very much!

Love the illustrations as well. You guys need more books like this. I'd buy!

Got this one and the Cavaliers order book. Love them both. Will get the next.

That's not counting power attack penalties either

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