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See this.

If it's a home game and you guys are going beyond 20, then you'd have to basically rule it yourself or have your GM do it for you.

I'm not a fan personally. Those bonuses seem way too weak to replace with Solo Tactics.
Those feats open up SOOO much, especially for a half-orc.

Wow, this is an interesting build.
Personally, I'm hoping that there will be some sort of an archetype for the Slayer in the upcoming release in december that is similar to the Skulking Slayer.

Hmmm, order of feats.
The thing is, your character won't be front line focused, right? So you won't really need big combat feats at first to help out. Rather, you'll be a flanker primarily I'd hope.
I'd suggest getting Bludgeoner first off if you're a flail man. From there, you'd get enforcer. Just work on knocking the enemy out and then going from there.
If you're using the whip, then just go enforcer route, because you're already dealing nonlethal.
And I don't think you take penalties for wielding the scorpion whip as a whip to do nonlethal.
The idea is that it takes special skill to get the blades of the scorpion whip to work properly and hit the target just right, that's why you need proficiency to deal damage. Otherwise, it's just a whip with a fancy name.

What type of template did you have in mind?

I've never actually used the Sanctified Slayer archetype. I'd be hesitant because it gets rid of judgements, which is one of the better ways for the Inquisitor to lay a beating on someone.
If you do, think of the Inquisitor as a Skulking Slayer at that point, but in your case do you have a reliable way of getting off sneak attack? If so, then it's a good trade.

I'd love to see devilish obediences similar to those demonic and deific found in other books to add to the aspects of worship for the various infernal dukes, etc, who are said to be much more active with their interests on the mortal plane than Hells masters.

I really don't want to read 400 posts to see if it's answered.

Will we get further information on Infernal Dukes and Malbolge in this AP? I'd love to hear a yes on that, especially because Uruskriel sounds so viciously awesome.

1 Belkzen. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

2 Molthune. The Imperial Army is just the sort of place for ultra-militant hobgoblins to fit right in.

3 Numeria. Just because.

4 Brevoy. Not because of GoT or ASoFaI, because I've never watched one nor read the other. But because it can be an awesome place filled with enough mystery and references to the Old Ones and sea demons and dragons that it is awesomesauce.

5 River Kingdoms. You gotta ask why?

What goal is that?

Awe man, bump anyone? Anyone have anything for this?

If you want reach that badly, go Dorn Dergar maybe.

I gotta ask, who cheats at one of these things? The whole point is to have fun. And make the DM seem like a chump for a wimpy adventure.

I'd say keep it at 13 for power attack if you need it, that way you can at least get some power attack related feats that are intimidation and demoralize types, such as Cornugon Smash and Dreadful Carnage, etc.
This type of Inquisitor might be better off with some of the following stats:
Str 13
Int 10 or more
Cha 7

and take the Bruising Intellect trait so you use int for Intimidate instead of Cha.
In addition, you COULD try and bump up your dexterity, for attacks of opportunity, combat reflexes, and a dex to damage feat if you can find one that works with whips, spiked chains, nets, etc. I don't know, because I've never really looked.

Also, you can go for the following alt racial traits:
Beastmaster - replaces orc ferocity, gain whip and net proficiency
Chain Fighter - replaces weapon familiarity with flails, heavy flails, and spiked chains and double flails count as martial weapons
City Raised - replaces weapon familiarity with Longswords and whips

I'd suggest taking Beast Master and using mithril chain shirt and bumping your dex to much higher levels. Take something that allows you to make your dex replace your strength for damage, and you should be decent for defending yourself if you need to.

Edit: For me, as a half-orc, I almost ALWAYS take Shaman's Apprentice, but my half-orcs are always front liners and so I eventually go Diehard and Deathless Initiate or something similar. It means I'm going to be standing long after I've gone into the negatives and will need someone to keep me going. Works best with Holy Vindicator and Vicious weapons, or with Sentinel or Invul Rager/Steelblooded Bloodrager.

Anyway, I'd go so far as to suggest that you might be too strength focused with this character. I'd also suggest that if you bump your intelligence, consider taking an extra language and the additional traits feats. That made my half-orc Two Handed Fighter absolutely FUN as hell with dialogue. Noble-born bastard type from Wyvernsting, or as noble as a scion of the Murdered Child Tribe can possible be.

Edit #2: Also, I'd like to link a specific comic that I have in mind when I see this character in my head, but I cannot because it is from Oglaf, and as awesome as that comic is, it is definitely NSFW.

Ok, so you're definitely not going the devastator route that I normally go with Inquisitor.
What do you want to do with this class primarily?
Also, if I might make a suggestion: nets. Great for entanglement, etc.

Ok, one of the players in our group is going to use the Stygian Slayer and is wondering about what appropriate critical related feats would be good. I'd say Impaling Critical, but that appears to be limited thanks to Weapon Specialization, which is fighter only (or a class that gets access to the fighter feats).

His original idea was a Stygian Slayer that carries around a bunch of rapiers and on getting a critical just leaves it in the guy and quickdraws another rapier, etc. Because of Impaling Critical requirements, that's out the window.

He still likes the idea of a TWF stygian slayer, possibly rapier and pick or even flail type build. However, the possibility for a THF Stygian Slayer is also pretty strong, as Falchion is a popular weapon in my crew.

What do you guys suggest for critical feat and weapon loadout? I think Stunning Critical, combined with Dastardly Finish and Sneaking Precision would make for a rather vicious combination as a rather brutal executioner.

What sword is that on the cover?
On Ultimate Equipment, the sword that Valeros was about to snag was Rixbrand.
Also, hope this book gives rules for creating legendary artifacts for your own home games, for the purposes of power, etc.

God, I hope they have information on Belkzen and Nidal in this book. Really I do. That, and the archetypes that come out of there. Rules for evil religious types and military commanders etc. God this is awesome. An Inquisitor of Rovagug archetype who seeks to destroy other divinities.

I thought in Castles of the Inner Sea the Storm Giant in question was a woman? Did I misread something, or is that a different floating castle?

I can't wait for this one. I really want to see what they'll do for evil players.

You know, I've never thought about an Oracle of Lissala. In a way, it does make some sense because while Oracles, like Clerics, have divine magic rather than arcane, they are certainly more mysterious and not dogmatic like Clerics, who were looked down upon in ancient Thassilon.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd hit that.

Awww man. I love giants, and this is incredibly interesting.


Will there be an FAQ on the subject?

That surprises me. The dwarves of Janderhoff and the settlements are renown for being giant slayers.

Ok, here it goes.
War Champion of Iron, or Iron Aggressor or (placeholder name here)

I'm keeping the Fiendish Boon idea as only forming with their weapon and expanding on the types of magic enhancements he can apply to it.

Rage Domain type raging ability however isn't something that's a part of the Anti-Paladin code of Gorum. Rather I'll make it so that he can smite good more often or do something more interesting.

He'd change Touch of Corruption to not heal undead in any way and change the damage type from negative energy to another type. That way he'd decisively be more Gorumite and move away from the undead feel. Instead it would be pure divine or force energy, like that one half damage from Flame Strike.

Replace Aura of Cowardice with Aura of Savagery. You gain a -4 penalty on saving throws against emotional effects and when within 30 feet, you must make a saving throw each turn or be under the effects of the Rage Spell. All allies and enemies are effected by this. You can choose to gain the benefits of it. Anti-Paladin is immune.

Plague Bringer is gotten rid of. It was mentioned in Inner Sea Gods that Gorum has a bit of a problem with Uragotha, and in the Kingmaker campaign Pharasma as well, so this would be thematic for him to rage that his warriors can be laid low by disease. Instead he can Smite Good an additional three times per day as a result of the exchange.

Cruelties are changed significantly to be less status causing like they are and more militant in nature, similar to some other paladin archetypes that replace mercies. His cruelties will allow for a bonus to initiative at level-X, then at level-Y a bonus to confirm criticals, then at level-Z an increase in the critical threat range that stacks with keen and improved critical. This will affect allies. Will be renamed to War Boons. I was thinking a bonus to Damage Reduction, but that might be too stacky with Skald and other classes like Torag's own Channel DR feat.

Channel Negative Energy will be replaced with Battle Ineptitude or something similar, but the basics will be the same. It will be, like Channel Negative Energy, an extension of Cruelties that have been replaced with War Boons. Instead, this will negatively effect enemies with penalties to initiative, armor class, and to hit rolls, using up two uses of war boons to be used.

Bonus Spells: Gorum's Armor (level 1), Communal Protection From Arrows (level 2), Haste (level 3), Divine Power (level 4)

Replace Aura of Despair with Aura of Prowess, which further increases the effectiveness of all allies within range. All gain a +4 profane bonus to their CMB for Bull Rush, Overrun, and Sunder combat maneuvers while they gain a +4 profane bonus to their CMD for Disarm, Sunder, and Dirty Trick combat maneuvers.

Replace Aura of Vengeance with Aura of Brutality. Expend two uses of Smite Good and grant all allies, including the Anti-Paladin a +1 increase to their critical multiplier, so x3 becomes x4 for for 1 minute.

Aura of Depravity is modified accordingly, changing the compulsion modifier to make it easier for the Anti-Paladin of Gorum to incite violence in all parties.

Unholy Champion is replaced with Boundless Conqueror. His DR becomes DR 10/Adamantine and Good. Whenever he uses smite good he can cast Murderous Command, using his Anti-Paladin level as his caster level and lasts on a round/level basis, with the victim requiring a will save each round for the duration of the improved spell if it makes a successful will saving throw. In addition, he is now no longer unconscious when below negative hitpoints, automatically stabilizes, and is not considered staggered. That MIGHT be a bit too powerful, but for a Boundless Conqueror who can resist?

So, what do you guys think?

Also, other religions that are organized, depending on location, are Gorumite faiths in Lastwall and Belkzen and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords as well as Brevoy, and Rovagug faiths in Belkzen specifically, as well as Lamashtu to a lesser extant. In Belkzen, while we have little description of life in any of the settlements or religious habits of the Orcs and Half-Orcs, we know that their nihilistic and violent view of the world certainly influences their practices.

Many times it has been mentioned that Gorumites in Lastwall are becoming more aggravated as they see more and more of Gorum warpriests in the orcish and half-orc ranks. We can also assume that, Gorum being the choice god of Half-Orcs, many of whom at least pay a lip service to him, that Wyvernsting is a major source of Gorumite worship within Belkzen, considering Hundux Half-Mann's influence, his alleged parentage, and the fact that the Murdered Child Tribe is comprised of more half-orcs than any other in the entire nation, and more are flocking to his banner daily.

Well, I'd suggest looking at Dwarves of Golarion. That's a good start, and I believe that it does have some info on Janderhoff as it is a dwarf hold, and gives you an idea of dwarf settlements that surround the community.

Well, it never specifies if it's just the first attack or not in the feat. When I give it to my barbarian and have him pounce, the GM has always ruled in my favor that it affects ALL attacks, not just the first.

Oh that's interesting. I always figured on having the auras effect everybody.
For the Aura of Rage, each turn they have to pass a will save or be affected by rage for the duration they are within that 30 ft aura.
The highest aura would increase the critical multiplier of weapons maybe.

I think if you're a monk, yes. Otherwise it requires the use of a 2 handed weapon.

How so?

Can a mod move this to House Rules please?

Downloading now.

You're right. I took a look again at the Sentinel feats, and it only stacks with fighter level prerequisite. Doesn't actually stack with the fighter class in any way unfortunately.
Now Evangelist, on the other hand, does. So I could use Evangelist with Viking fighter if I wanted.

You see, I don't really know either way. It's a bit of a confusing topic for me for the reason primarily that it allows you to count as fighter levels for feats. And with the Viking you can take rage powers at bonus feats.
I'm more inclined to agree with you on this, but I'd like some further clarification from other people at this point. I dunno. I'm just a bit confused right now.

With regards to this, would the carryover of treating fighter levels as barbarian level -3 still apply for the purpose of feats and rage powers?

I ask because it could get interesting with regards to choosing rage powers for bonus feats with a sentinel wielding a greatsword, etc. Not only would the beast totem line be available for this guy, but so would the Surprise Accuracy powers line. Could make the Viking Fighter/Sentinel of Gorum a rather destructive class if the classes stack with regards to fighter and barbarian levels.

The only reason this comes up is because Sentinel stacks with Fighter Levels with regards to feats. I'm just pushing the rules a bit to see if changes in the Fighter class would carry over as well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm working on an archetype for an Anti-Paladin of Gorum. I'd like the tenets of the anti-paladin code of Gorum to play a part in it.

The class should work to instill battle frenzy in all people, so an aura that incites violence in some way should replace at least one of the existing auras. I was taking a look at the rovagug, the Rough Rampager. The archetype basically causes enemies to die or get closer to death when wounded and begins to screw with divine healing. That does match up with Rovagug, who destroys and hates divine beings.

What sort of palpable auras of rage and frenzy could the Anti-Paladin of Gorum give off that would match up with Our Lord in Iron? I'd love some suggestions, maybe morale bonuses for allies, penalties to enemies, bonuses to initiative for allies, some sort of rage-inducing aura that forces people to become more aggressive in game terms, more likely to fight and less likely to sue for peace.

For information, here are the anti-paladin codes of Gorum:
-Peace is death. Conflict is life. I will not let anyone take
the easy way out.
-Battle defines me. Without battle I am empty. I make my
purpose with blade and brand.
-I will bathe in blood and breathe in iron. Where there is
no conflict, I will create it. Where there are skirmishes,
I will make war.
-The sword is the answer to any question.
-If there is peace ahead of me, I leave struggle in my wake.
-Poison is for the weak. Ambush is for the cowardly.
Plague is a consequence of slaughter.
-Aggression is not foolishness. If I cannot stand against a
foe, I will find another, and mark the first for later.

An Anti-Paladin of Gorum should be a tactical genius, or at least militarily intelligent, and be capable of manipulating leaders of nations to incite war. In addition, they should be masters of martial combat.

So skills should change, as should the auras. Maybe even changes to his fiendish boon might be in order.

I'd love suggestions on what should be done with this. Thanks a bunch in advance.

Edit: Crap, meant to post this in House Rules. Sorry!

Lemme ask you first, what's going to be the focus of this build? What do you want to accomplish? Healing? Combat control? Frontline fighting?

Has anyone checked out the new Oracle archetype in the advanced class guide, the Warsighted Oracle?

You exchange 1st, 7th, 11th, and 15th revelations for the ability to get combat feats for one minute at a time, equal to a number of times per day of 3+1/2 oracle level. Up to 3 combat feats as a swift action by level 15. Giving up revelations is a bad thing. BUT, at the same time, getting to use a bunch of feats might not be.

This plus maneuver mastery might end up being OK, or using this with Vital strike and Greater weapon of the chosen, etc. I dunno.

Bloodrager. I love the class.

If you want to be an insane bloodrager, go Primal and exchange some of your crap bloodline abilities for Rage Powers.

Ahh man, that would be a great way for a Sentinel 2-handed fighter of Gorum to get pounce man!

Also, so you remember this: Eldritch Heritage feat line if you can.
Either use something like destined or another to increase your AC or Orc or Abyssal to increase your offensive capabilities.

Interesting. That's good to know.

Overall, like I said, I've never been much for a dex to damage fighter, always strength. More fun that way. But I'm always looking for ways to expand on the fighter class. That's why I ask about this.
Currently working on the Mutation Warrior and working on ways to make him bad to the bone. Might take the Orc Bloodline Eldritch Heritage and that lesser bloodrage feat, giving him an interesting boost to his abilities.

I've never done dex based fighters before, always been a pretty hardcore strength guy.
However, I'm really curious about this one. Ustalavic Duelist has some great flavor to it that I love, and while the fighter archetype doesn't outright appeal to me, I've always looked for ways to make these sorts of things more interesting.
I'm also always interested in pushing the rules to their limit I guess, a way of testing what works with what doesn't, both for flavor and for maximum gamer fun.
Anyway, back to the point of this. How much does Amateur Panache and investing further in Panache styles actually improve the Ustalavic Duelist?
An afterthought is the Aldori Swordlord. What about that guy? Would this work with him? I ask because with the proper feats, the Aldori Dueling sword can be considered a one handed piercing weapon.
Overall, there are some great possibilities, and I'm just wondering if it will improve the character classes with BOTH flavor and ability.

Thanks a bunch in advance.

I didn't even realize that they had the Rage Power class feature. For some reason, I always thought it was just an extension of their skald class.
Ok, here's how it goes. The way you should consider things is based on several features. Our group currently has our Raging Skald as a face, while me as the Primal Steelblooded Bloodrager and our Mutation warrior human are the front line combatants, and the warpriest is a healer/rearguard combatant. All of us are devout Gorumites BTW, going for a theme.
Anyway, the way we built things is that he took a look at what rage powers would augment the group best. So he went with the following:
Reckless Abandon, Superstition, Ghost Rager, Knockback, Overbearing Advance, Guarded Stance

Both Ghost Rager and Guarded Stance allow for additional armor class of different types, Reckless Abandon basically allows us to use power attack with, well reckless abandon, and the other abilities are essentially icing on the cake, allowing for the entire group to do a lot of battlefield control.

But really, it depends on what you want him to do. Our guy is acting the controller. Check out all the rage powers, the totems especially can make for some interesting options.

For instance, if you want your group to be entirely armor proof and impenetrable juggernauts, you could go the Dragon Totem line and all three Increased Damage Reduction abilities. That will give everyone in the group DR9 eventually I believe. Which ain't bad. And if you have an invulnerable rager or an undead bloodrager, then you have some real hard hombres.

Half-Orc gets great feats that do not allow it to die under majority of circumstances. That's part of their power.

One of my favorites was a half-orc falchion wielding monster that used the Battle Mystery. Friggin Waricle and a half man.

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