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Major_Blackhart's page

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For whatever reason, Mutation Warrior is not but the brawler variant is.

Anyway, my suggestion is this: Two Weapon Warrior Archetype, Dwarf race.
From there, go with the two weapon fighting chain, and then the Dorn-Dergar chain, and the cleave chain.

You'll get two weapons that can go reach/close at any time and can clear out a room full of baddies like a whirlwind of death. Couple that with Lunge and Enlarge person and you're a lot nastier. You shall not pass becomes your mantra.

Nice. I do like that none of them appear overpowered as well. Not a bad setup overall.

Actually, I really like the Steam Bloodline.
Overall, they're all pretty interesting and flavorful, each with its own quirks that certainly separate it from other bloodlines.

Wizardry 8, my favorite.

Added to cart!

Goliath druid half-orc devoted to gorum wielding a huge falchion. Yeah. I can dig it.

Will this guide be updated with new bloodlines, specifically the Kuthite bloodline and Black Blood?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Got it. Absolutely love it. My order of the claymore Orc riding a gothrek thanks you very much!

Love the illustrations as well. You guys need more books like this. I'd buy!

Got this one and the Cavaliers order book. Love them both. Will get the next.

That's not counting power attack penalties either

This looks good. Will definitely be purchasing.

Officially day 1 purchase.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Dammmit this is awesome.
Ugh, I can't wait for this one to come out.

Edit: Also, I wonder what mythic tier the iron god itself will be.

Skeld wrote:
Xethik wrote:
Any chance we could see what Effortless Lace is?

** spoiler omitted **


Aw man, Titan Mauler Barbarian wielding a heavy shield and a greatsword got a little better I think.

G&&~~~n I need this to come out on pdf.

So, any awesome melee weapons in this one? Kevoth-Kul got a magic or techno weapon?
What about Ozmyn Zydow?

Hell, you could make an interesting class with the Tiefling with the oversized arms trait plus the Titan Fighter then the Titan Mauler, tho I have yet to see what the titan fighter actually does.

Ok, so after reading Castles of the Inner Sea, my group has decided to really give Fort Ramgate (a heavily fortified town) the once over for a homebrewed campaign taking place in Molthune and Nirmathas.

Fort Ramgate is considered a state of the art location with regards to magic and military defenses. It weathers attacks almost daily from Nirmathi skirmishers and the population is still growing.

I'm thinking this should be for mid-level individuals (8-12) and that major characters such as General Hakar should be around level 13 or so, barbarian class.

Here's the thing: How do we represent the magic/technological advancements that are militarily relevant? Ballistas on the walls that magically replenish their ammo? Augmented catapults? Regenerating walls?

I need advice on this kinda badly.

Half-Orc druid with an Impacting Greataxe wildshaping into a storm giant sized monster? I'm in.

Sometimes, dead is better.

I'd love to see a later monster and NPC Codex set of books with various archetypes more in use, as well as advanced classes.

I'd definitely restat someone like Krun Thuul as a Vanguard Slayer rather than straight up fighter, or maybe a polearm master.

No no no, I mean Orcs as PC's type of AP.
Maybe they'd do an adventure of median level, similar to the We Be Goblins series.

Now that is awesome. Friggin Goliath druid. Badass.

I don't think Paizo would do a full Orc AP because of the level of evil acts it would probably involve, tho I would buy it in a heartbeat.

That would be AWESOME. But I suspect they'll have that in the giant hunters and giants unleashed books (are they doing a giants unleashed? ).

I would have loved to see a Magus that can wield weapons in 2 hands and still do spell combat etc. That would be a great archetype.

Strix were in the arg.

I'd love to see more of this. Looks interesting and I love giants.

Distinctive monster races of the inner sea region?

What other groups/races would be in this? That's half right there.
Goblinoids? Orcs? Gnolls? Lizardfolk? Trox?

Are you gonna go to full 20? If so, don't do a level in fighter. The capstone for battle is just too damn good. Move up to speed and full attack, either before or after. It's basically just a slower, more versatile version of pounce.

This is tough, never did a dex based anything. Not even magus. Always a strength based conan type character.

Also, if you take power attack, eventually you'll need furious focus, unless you can get Divine Power and Divine Favor, which can mitigate the negatives of power attack. Take Fate's Favored as a trait, increase luck bonuses all around.

Eh, you got a point in those, yeah. Maybe Viking Fighter is a better entrance into Sentinel. Can take Extra Rage Power as a combat feat. But rage rounds suck. Meh, I still guess Fighter is the best bet.

Awwwwwww! So far away!!

Toughness is a good start I think.
Also, other forms of survivability include getting the right curse. For instance, I've gone with Half-Orc wielding a falchion and heavy armor type. Totally awesome. But he's strength based. This guy will have a harder time at surviving because he doesn't have HP bloat, and he doesn't have any ways to increase his AC the way that other classes do. I'd suggest that you at least consider combat reflexes, or maybe some sort of panache adding feat to help you out if there are any.
Also, Eldritch Heritage, anything that increases your armor class or hitpoints is considered a godsend.

Leadership. Bonuses to initiative when wielding your deities favored weapon. Damage reduction 10/alignment. Diehard, free cure critical wounds, bonus feats, sentinel levels stack with fighter for feat prerequisites, bonuses to resist divine spells, bonus to cmb and cmd with greatsword. I don't think it's a bad tradeoff. Yeah, you lose SOME abilities, but not much. And it may not be as flavorful as straight bloodrager, but I dunno, I think it is damaging as all hell.

And most guys will only ever benefit from one attack on the charge, the exception being the barbs who get pounce, and the shape shifters who choose an animal form with pounce. I'm not sure of any other way to really get it.

I've been in love with the Sentinel Prestige Class since it first came out, but other than fighter and maybe barbarian, I've always been at a loss of how to maximize damage with this particular class. I've always taken it as exactly what this class is for, maximizing the level of punishment each round of attacking.
And I think that now, with the Bloodrager, we have a way of doing that even better than before (at least on par with the two handed fighter).

Tell me what you guys think. I won't go crazy with stats and such, but just as a general idea to be improved upon.

Arcane Bloodline.
He'll need Deific Obedience and Weapon Focus (Greatsword). Combine that with Blooded Arcane Strike, Arcane Strike, Horn of the Criosphinx, Raging Brutality (for full attacks), and Blasting Charge for charging actions (both feats use a swift action, so it's one or the other) you can do a virtual metric TON of damage when combined with Weapon Specialization (Greatsword), the Sentinel of Gorum rage bonuses, and the Sentinel Weapon benefits. Take as one of your bonus feats to be Improved Initiative, and now by the time you reach level 10 sentinel, you've got +8 Initiative, +11 base damage when raging, then add in the benefits from Power Attack, Arcane Strike and either Raging Brutality or Blasting Charge.

All you need is Half-Orc, Power Attack, improved Sunder, and Destroyer's Blessing and you're good to go. You can also take any other regain rounds of rage feat you want.

Overall, what do you guys think? He's got two Bloodline Feats to choose, 7 feats while a sentinel, and another 5 as a bloodrager. 14 feats total.

Also, Haste while raging, just thought I'd throw that in.

What do you guys think? I wonder, but I think we may have found a new favorite base class to use with Sentinel.


I think you have too many Eldritch Heritages. If I recall, because people have told me on the rules forums many a time, you can only have one eldritch heritage per character. Not sure why.
Not only that, but the inherent strength bonuses from Orc and Abyssal don't stack. Both from the same source, so I've been told again.

Ok, been about a month, cause it's December, so I'm keeping my promise of posting here once a month to keep interest up.

Anyway, I'm still pumped for this, and the Monster Codex helped keep my interest up, though I still wish that book had a new archetype for Orcs. Still, it was awesome.

At any rate WAAAAAAAGH!!!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Samurai Jack.

I gotta thank Paizo so much for this book.
The PDF is amazing to go through.
My only complaint is that, me being a faithful of the green horde, I would have liked a little bit more for the Waaaagh!, but I digress. And no, it's never enough.

I absolutely love the stuff written about the various giant races, something we were sorely missing, as well as bugbears (though I would have loved to see a Koblak in the print).

My big question is this: Was there ever any artwork done for the Trogdolyte Paragons (the original Xulgath race)?
I just need to see what they looked like. The difference between degenerate serpentfolk and the advanced, on a physical scale, is quite noticeable. I can only imagine what these guys looked like.

Edit: Also, what gives, no Urdefhan guys? That race alone is so evilly iconic, as one of James Jacobs' creations. I would have loved to see them broken down a bit further, as you guys did for Drow and Duergar, both races found in the depths.
But, I get the limited space thing. Did you guys plan on doing Urdefhan and they just didn't make the final cut?

The Stygian Slayer is easily one of the nastier types of builds out there. You can get sneak attack damage off quite easily, along with a bunch of other moves, all thanks to Invisibility/Greater Invisibility, plus all the SLA's that the character gets.
Add in Arcane Strike to the mix, and the Stygian Slayer just became a bit more vicious.
I'd love to see a build that utilizes a falchion effectively and just goes to town on his enemies.

I'm amazed nobody has said Samurai Jack, though that concept might be a better fit in a Numenera type setting.

I'd love to see a Slayer guide thrown out there.
Some guidance for the Bounty Hunter would be nice.

Good to know, good to know.
I'd have to wonder how quickly those who worship deities other than the Horsemen are hunted down or exiled from Urdefhan society.
Considering that their existence is pretty much thanks to the four, I'd hazard a guess that it's pretty much you worship the four or you're gone. Hell, I'd love to see some sort of secret civil war occur in Urdefhan society between traditionalists and a small cadre of ultra-violent psychopaths who worship the rough beast.
Outcasts, they've essentially taken over a small settlement and are conducting raids using the Urdefhan's extensive network of settlements and civilization and roads and highways against them.

Hmm, a half-fiend Urdefhan Slayer/Sentinel of Szuriel. G++!~*n that's a scary thought.
Negative energy affinity, all of that nastiness. Really great villains.

Quick thing tho, are they so attuned to Abaddon and the daemons themselves that any evil alignment other than NE is out of the question for them? I'd say possibly, but at the same time, I could see some sort of renegade so utterly nihilistic he falls to the worship of Rovagug.

Ahh yeah. Not a bad look either, pretty nuts.
Interesting tho that the Urdefhan are referred to as vampiric, when I don't really see too much evidence either way of them specifically drinking blood or souls.

What about the second most powerful warlord, Hundux half Mann? A lot of questions remain about his actual power, influence, and parentage thanks to towns of golarion.

James Jacobs wrote:

Nope; not Todd's.

The urdefhans and Doga-Delloth are 100% from me. From my homebrew campaign, in fact. A significant portion of the Darklands, in fact, are from that source.

In my homebrew, the urdefhans are one of the primary bad guy factions/races/nations. Been building up their mythology for decades, in fact, so there's only a portion of what I've done for them in print so far. I do have plans to expand on them at some point in the future when the time is right.

They're not any more technologically advanced than the drow, though, or any other similar group. They have VERY powerful magic, particularly as a result of their close associations with daemons and Abaddon. (In my homebrew, they were actually more tied in to demons and the ancient wizards of the Imperium, who got translated into Thassilon and the runelords for Golarion).

Gotta say, totally friggin awesome material on these guys. I'm so damn hungry for more to be honest tho.

Will there ever be some sort of connection to Thassilon written in, maybe with the Runelord of Wrath doing some work with them or something similar?

Also, with regards to their ruling caste, mostly arcanists or divine casters or pure military meritocracy? I'd figure a combination, simply because those with the half-fiend template, due to breeding, have a tendency to rise faster, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll become an arcanist, or a cleric. Could just be a badass general with some extra abilities hidden up his sleeves.

However, for the religious bent, I'd expect Holy Vindicators to be a VERY popular prestige class with these guys, as well as Sentinel for the more militant.

James, you gotta tell us, what sort of magical nastiness can we expect from these guys? Also, I noticed we've seen only the males so far. Or at least I think they're the males. Any females or are they all just sequestered away, focused on making kids?

A lot of people have been saying that it's not a really viable class, but I think if you combine it with destined it can actually be pretty good. That, with that eldritch rage feat that gives you bloodrage for a few rounds per day can make a pretty decent strength magus. I think maybe you can even get blooded arcane strike to work this way. if you make the right build, what do you guys think? I've never done magus before so I've no idea. I know auto critical with a weapon is an awesome thing for a magus.

Has there ever been much written about the Urdefhan or their empire and cities in Doga-Delloth? What about their holdings elsewhere?

I'd imagine that their cities would be ruled by high priests and would be technologically advanced at the least, thanks to their relationship with the Horsemen, who themselves are quite advanced in that regard. I'd think their architecture and city structure would be significantly influenced by all of this, with alien, unrecognizable geometry, soul-powered technological nightmares, genocide engines, etc.

I can't wait for the god writeups of Minderhal and Zursvaater. Two major giant deities, one worshiped by the Fire Giants, the other by old Thassilon, Kellids, and some stone giants, etc.

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