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Major_Blackhart's page

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Meh, what I want I can't mention here.

Ugh, all the way til December, eh?

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Thank you skeld! So awesome.

Non-melee route that makes use of strength? You could go the following: Archer or Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple.
Melee route that's different? Inquisitor, Rogue, Slayer, any of the other interesting advanced classes such as Investigator.
I mean it's up to you. You could also go Oracle and choose one of the mysteries.

Edit: Also, a different look for an Orc: Two Weapon Warrior. Use battleaxes and name yourself Choppa.

Ok, I gotta get specific now with everything for the two following races. I'm getting this on the 22nd when the PDF gets out, no question, but dammit I can't wait any longer.

What is actually in the book for the two following races:
Orc and Fire Giant.

I love Orcs, and for monster races, outside of Rune Giants, Fire Giants are another favorite of mine. Tell me of feats, abilities, spells, all of it please!!!!!

Also, you can assume that the Fire Giant who has that specific apocalyptic mystery worships either the god of the fire giants or any one of the Horsemen. It's a nice touch, because I never really thought of the Fire Giants, incredibly militaristic and uptight, to put much stock in oracles and divining and divinations and such.

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I love Orcs.
I can't wait for this book to come out.
Day 1 purchase.

Hmm, is there any focus at all on the Aldori Swordlord?

Holy crap this is awesome. And I love Orcs, so it's got some Orky goodness right in there.

Orcs. I love them.

Also, make sure the reasons for the rough beast to actually send a vision is a valid one. He may or may not give a damp about his spawn, and really it's more likely to be chance that one of them erupts from the pit anyway. I'd say make the visions from an extremely powerful prophet or the artifact be intelligent as was suggested earlier as a way of furthering the progress of a spawn or creating a new one. Examples include entries regarding the pit of gormuz already written for inspiration. One that comes to mind specifically is the newborn babe being raised by a high priest to the beast within the pit. If you're a good party or an evil one opposed to Rovagug you could try and either redeem the baby or kill it or corrupt it to your own ends.

The rough beast is perfectly capable of trickery tho not necessarily on a mortal scale. The best and only example I can think of is the creation of the pit of gormuz. Rovagug corrupted the citizens of gormuz over time to the point where Sarenrae in divine fury smote the city, obliterating it. She then saw the pit below, descending all the way to the seals made where the rough beast was imprisoned and that the prison had... changed enough that Rovagugs spawn could enter into the world. As the first of his spawn crawled up from the pit, she heard his taunting laughter.

And word of God has confirmed that he is in fact an eldritch qlippoth.

Eldritch Heritage isn't really worth it for anyone other than fighter and a few other classes, Bloodrager not being one of them I'm sorry to say.
Why? Because the Orc Bloodline doesn't add anything other than the strength bonus to the character, which the character can get anyway thanks to Abyssal Bloodrager bloodline, a manual of strength, etc. It's only really worth it with the THF, because for the THF it adds 6 points of damage for the Strength, and then another 6 points of damage for the size bonus.
All the third feat for Eldritch Heritage will add for a Bloodrager is +3 damage. You're better off with the Reckless Rage feat, saving you two feats and netting you +3 damage with a 2 handed weapon. Take Horn of the Criosphinx as well and you'll do OK.

I've played as a half-orc and some of the things that can be done with the half-breed are pretty good vs human. If you want, as a human or half-elf take racial heritage (orc) and get the same benefits at the cost of a feat.

And so you guys know, Abyssal is actually a great bloodline to half for a half-orc. Destroyer's Blessing coupled with the bonus feats of Power Attack and Improved Sunder actually saves you two feats and gives you the ability to free up some slots for other stuff as well as eventually getting a decent rage recycler.

So far my favorites have been Steelblooded with either destined or Abyssal bloodlines. Destined makes for a nasty critical specialist with my falchion, and the guy becomes nigh untouchable after a certain point because of his insanely high armor class. You combine Destined with the Gore Fiend and Destroyer's Blessing feats and you have a guy who will never run out of rage guaranteed.

Blooded arcane strike means you no longer use a swift action to activate. That frees you up a good bit for feats and abilities that do require them, such as raging brutality. based on your stats that could be another 10 or 20 points of damage or more per swing. That isn't bad in my mind for a feat a swift action and 3 rounds of rage.

You'd have to take orc I think because abyssal may not stack with itself. Not sure what the official ruling on that is regarding how bloodrager and sorcerer bloodlines mix and match.

You know, taking feats like raging brutality and combining it with blooded arcane strike make for a particularly brutal bloodrager. That combined with the bonuses from abyssal bloodlines make the bloodrager one of the most potentially dangerous classes in the game.

Which ap was krune ffeatured in? I never saw that.

Shattered Star AP, one of my favorites, deals exclusively with ancient Thassilon, Varisia, and the Xin himself.

Wicked, I can't wait to see what comes out of this.

Looks good.

God there's so much with regards to both Orcs and Hobgobs that I want Paizo to do.

Hmm, has anyone considered destined Primal Steelblood with a falchion, some critical feats, and the accuracy rage powers? Might be an interesting critical build.

So, out of how many warlords and would be conquerors, we've gotten maybe three people in all the known history of Golarion that have managed to unite the Orcs of Belkzen under one banner.
Kazavon (to a lesser extent than the other two, but for a time he was gathering Orcs under him)

It's almost like the time is ripening for another great warlord, another great Waaaagh!
One of the great things about Orcs is that only ONE of those three individuals is an Orc. The others are a human lich turned demi-god and a monstrous blue dragon. The thing the three all have in common? Ungodly power and utter ruthlessness.

You just have to imagine how powerful, cunning, charismatic, driven, and intelligent Belkzen was to unite the Orcs. He wasn't a lich or at least believed to have been a powerful spell caster, he wasn't some dragon blessed by a deity and personally recognized by said god. He was a mortal. And an Orc no less, the guys that get -2 to each of their metaphysical stats.

This is true about half-orcs. they make great warpriests for several reasons and access to human racial bonuses is one of them.

Ironbound master would be awesome on a warpriest.

I wish they had extra fervor feats. That would make ALL the difference.

Gorum offers a lot of flavor for a warpriest.

Aren't there feats that can mitigate the action economy for throwing? I never built a thrower so this is all Greek to me. And like a gyro this is an appetizing concept.

Warpriest is a great class. One I'm currently working on uses a majority of the vital strike feat chain and greater weapon of the chosen. Use an enlarged warpriest with that and you're doing tons of damage. In addition the scaling damage really lends itself to two weapon fighting with stuff like kukri blades or big hitting with a faction or falcata and going for a critical based build. The warpriest is very versatile in this way.

In addition, using sacred fist and crusaders flurry, I don't know if it's been ruled on but you may be able to use pummeled pounce with that. Maybe not though.

That's not a bad setup. I've always avoided the cad archetype out of habit more than anything, but in this case it may work out. I went with the skulking slayer-scout combo because of the d8 sneak attack dice and the ability to get it off on a charge, etc. With a high initiative, this class can do insane damage. If I go bounty hunter instead of slayer the opportunity to do really nasty choke hold stuff and in general being a her really presents itself.

Edit: bounty hunter might go well with the archetype.

I'm hoping they'll allow the warpriest to take domains and inquisitions. That would make for a powerful vital strike build.

I'm wondering if this would be a viable build. I think it would end up looking like a slayer for 11 levels and then the other would be skulking slayer-scout rogue. What do you guys think? I'd use him for charging and wailing on people with sneak attack but he'd also get some dirty tricks and feinting off as well.

This is so awesome. I frigging love orcs. Great post and I hope that there's more in store for the green skins as time goes on. I can't wait to see the latest books and news about my favorite races.

This is so great. I can't wait to see Orcs and Hobgoblins fleshed out further.

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I hope against hopes that raging cannibal can combine with the gnawing gnasher goblin barbarian archetype.

It makes me wish Warpriest could take Domains and Inquisitions the way Inquisitors and Clerics could.

Warpriest with Rage and the Vital Strike chain would be an absolutely vicious combo. Combined with fighter levels for bonus feats, etc, it all of a sudden becomes phenomenal for one hit wondering enemies and maxing out damage, especially if you're using something like a falchion and getting 2D6 or 2D8 damage with it, not counting if you're large sized (then it' 3D8). Combine that with Greater vital strike, Furious Finish, etc, and suddenly the warpriest is a cannon.

I've never really thought about this. I'd suggest anything with pounce, but maybe that's a bit limiting.

Yeah. If I were more interested in the sacred hunt master I'd advocate for it. It is a good archetype.

The thing about the Sanctified Slayer is that it's both a great archetype and a not so great one. I've never played it, but maybe someone could tell me if they've reliably in combat gotten the sneak attacks off.

Inquisitor is easily my favorite class. I jjust wish they were proficient with more weapons. Still, half orcs are great. Weapon choices are amazing, racial traits are great. I ALWAYS do fates favored with sacred tattoo and shamans apprentice for endurance. Diehard at level 1 and take it from there. You want a slicer keep his existing weapon proficiency. Otherwise you can give him flails, whips, longswords, and nets. Great class that can be a phenomenal flanker and with sacred healing and diehard pretty dead hard.

Did they push the release date back?

I don't honestly see the need for a second book. Even with alchemy, constructs, etc. anything that can be put into a new ultimate equipment can easily be put into any sort of guide. For example the technology guide.

Physically Unfeasible wrote:
Slight tangent, but as it's rolling out, does Iron Gods (first book at least) look to play nice with Kingmaker?

It seems like it could work. What you could do is actually increase the level of technology within the Kingdom of Pitax, even going so far as to recharge Irovetti's weapons with Silverdisks.

Sanctified Slayer to Grey Gardener. Not a bad combination.

Rise and Shattered Star merged are excellent ideas. Running those two campaigns past level 20, even mythic levels is a great game experience. It requires some serious modification, but overall can be done and can definitely make for a LONG and intense game.

I think Vital Strike is good with Warpriest and Greater Weapon of the Chosen feats. Those can actually make for a pretty potent one hit build.

I fell in love with the concept and idea of the Weapon Master fighter Archetype. Basically, someone so devoted to his weapon that he masters every aspect of it to a level of obsession. However, I thought that the class left a LOT to be desired, especially when you have other, more flavorful archetypes like Foehammer and such coming out from Paizo. So, for home games, I've decided to rework the Weapon Master archetype. I'd like to get your input on what I've got so far. Please let me know if there could be some improvements here or there.

Weapon Master
Bravery – Unchanged

Weapon Training at level 3 – Replaces Armor Training 1. Choose one weapon. The weapon master gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with that single weapon. The bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond third.

Reliable Strike at level 5 – Unchanged

Mirror Move at level 7 – Replaces Armor Training 2. The Weapon Master gains his weapon training bonus as an Insight Bonus to his AC when attacked with any weapon from the same Weapon Group as his chosen weapon.

Master’s Focus at level 9 – Replaces Weapon Training 2. With his chosen weapon, the Weapon Master increases his critical threat range by 1. This ability stacks with feats that increase the critical threat range, such as Improved Critical, but not with magical abilities such as Keen.

Critical Insight at level 11 – Replaces Armor Training 3. When wielding his chosen weapon, the Weapon Master gains a bonus to his critical confirmation rolls equal to one fourth his class level. This ability stacks with Critical Focus.

Deadly Critical at level 13 – Unchanged

Improved Critical Mastery at level 15 – Replaces Armor Training 4. When wielding his chosen weapon, when the Weapon Master scores a critical, he can apply the effects of two critical feats in addition to the damage dealt. If he has the Critical Mastery Feat, he can apply the effects of three critical feats.

Critical Specialist at level 17 – Unchanged

Unstoppable Strike at level 19 – Unchanged

Weapon Mastery at level 20 – Unchanged

Basically, I decided to add some more abilities to the class, because I felt that the Weapon Master gave up too much and got too little in return. He's a critical specialist more than anything, but I felt that he just didn't get enough of a push in that direction.

More Orks!
Sorry... Orcs.

I actually love the Abyssal Bloodline. I combine that with Horn of the Criosphinx, Steelblooded Primalist, Beast Totem, Raging Brutality, and the Blooded Arcane Strike to pretty much create a beast that does INSANE damage as a half-orc.

And it works phenomenally for my character, because while in Wyvernsting, he was part of a summoning group that summoned forth Balingorg, aka Bloody Hands, a Hezrou demon that serves Gorum. After my character proved his worth through slaughtering several summoned enemies, Balingorg created a concoction for him to drink, which had some of his own blood mixed in for good measure.

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No way. These are Orcs, and they're made to fight and win.
We don't need none of these pansy Aasimar and Tiefling alternate racial traits!

God, if only Paizo would answer my wishes and feature more and more ORCS!!!

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