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It makes me wish Warpriest could take Domains and Inquisitions the way Inquisitors and Clerics could.

Warpriest with Rage and the Vital Strike chain would be an absolutely vicious combo. Combined with fighter levels for bonus feats, etc, it all of a sudden becomes phenomenal for one hit wondering enemies and maxing out damage, especially if you're using something like a falchion and getting 2D6 or 2D8 damage with it, not counting if you're large sized (then it' 3D8). Combine that with Greater vital strike, Furious Finish, etc, and suddenly the warpriest is a cannon.

I've never really thought about this. I'd suggest anything with pounce, but maybe that's a bit limiting.

Yeah. If I were more interested in the sacred hunt master I'd advocate for it. It is a good archetype.

The thing about the Sanctified Slayer is that it's both a great archetype and a not so great one. I've never played it, but maybe someone could tell me if they've reliably in combat gotten the sneak attacks off.

Inquisitor is easily my favorite class. I jjust wish they were proficient with more weapons. Still, half orcs are great. Weapon choices are amazing, racial traits are great. I ALWAYS do fates favored with sacred tattoo and shamans apprentice for endurance. Diehard at level 1 and take it from there. You want a slicer keep his existing weapon proficiency. Otherwise you can give him flails, whips, longswords, and nets. Great class that can be a phenomenal flanker and with sacred healing and diehard pretty dead hard.

Did they push the release date back?

I don't honestly see the need for a second book. Even with alchemy, constructs, etc. anything that can be put into a new ultimate equipment can easily be put into any sort of guide. For example the technology guide.

Physically Unfeasible wrote:
Slight tangent, but as it's rolling out, does Iron Gods (first book at least) look to play nice with Kingmaker?

It seems like it could work. What you could do is actually increase the level of technology within the Kingdom of Pitax, even going so far as to recharge Irovetti's weapons with Silverdisks.

Sanctified Slayer to Grey Gardener. Not a bad combination.

Rise and Shattered Star merged are excellent ideas. Running those two campaigns past level 20, even mythic levels is a great game experience. It requires some serious modification, but overall can be done and can definitely make for a LONG and intense game.

I think Vital Strike is good with Warpriest and Greater Weapon of the Chosen feats. Those can actually make for a pretty potent one hit build.

I fell in love with the concept and idea of the Weapon Master fighter Archetype. Basically, someone so devoted to his weapon that he masters every aspect of it to a level of obsession. However, I thought that the class left a LOT to be desired, especially when you have other, more flavorful archetypes like Foehammer and such coming out from Paizo. So, for home games, I've decided to rework the Weapon Master archetype. I'd like to get your input on what I've got so far. Please let me know if there could be some improvements here or there.

Weapon Master
Bravery – Unchanged

Weapon Training at level 3 – Replaces Armor Training 1. Choose one weapon. The weapon master gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with that single weapon. The bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond third.

Reliable Strike at level 5 – Unchanged

Mirror Move at level 7 – Replaces Armor Training 2. The Weapon Master gains his weapon training bonus as an Insight Bonus to his AC when attacked with any weapon from the same Weapon Group as his chosen weapon.

Master’s Focus at level 9 – Replaces Weapon Training 2. With his chosen weapon, the Weapon Master increases his critical threat range by 1. This ability stacks with feats that increase the critical threat range, such as Improved Critical, but not with magical abilities such as Keen.

Critical Insight at level 11 – Replaces Armor Training 3. When wielding his chosen weapon, the Weapon Master gains a bonus to his critical confirmation rolls equal to one fourth his class level. This ability stacks with Critical Focus.

Deadly Critical at level 13 – Unchanged

Improved Critical Mastery at level 15 – Replaces Armor Training 4. When wielding his chosen weapon, when the Weapon Master scores a critical, he can apply the effects of two critical feats in addition to the damage dealt. If he has the Critical Mastery Feat, he can apply the effects of three critical feats.

Critical Specialist at level 17 – Unchanged

Unstoppable Strike at level 19 – Unchanged

Weapon Mastery at level 20 – Unchanged

Basically, I decided to add some more abilities to the class, because I felt that the Weapon Master gave up too much and got too little in return. He's a critical specialist more than anything, but I felt that he just didn't get enough of a push in that direction.

More Orks!
Sorry... Orcs.

I actually love the Abyssal Bloodline. I combine that with Horn of the Criosphinx, Steelblooded Primalist, Beast Totem, Raging Brutality, and the Blooded Arcane Strike to pretty much create a beast that does INSANE damage as a half-orc.

And it works phenomenally for my character, because while in Wyvernsting, he was part of a summoning group that summoned forth Balingorg, aka Bloody Hands, a Hezrou demon that serves Gorum. After my character proved his worth through slaughtering several summoned enemies, Balingorg created a concoction for him to drink, which had some of his own blood mixed in for good measure.

No way. These are Orcs, and they're made to fight and win.
We don't need none of these pansy Aasimar and Tiefling alternate racial traits!

God, if only Paizo would answer my wishes and feature more and more ORCS!!!

This will definitely help with our group's Raiders of Lost Thassilon campaigns.

I hate that this is so far out.

I wonder if they'll have some sort of modification to the cleave line of feats that allow for multiple whirlwind attacks, etc.

Woo!! Let's do this! I am honestly pumped for this AP.

I will await to see what it includes. I'm interested tho.

Cool. I'd say tho that the additional weapon trait is unnecessary.

I'd consider getting rid of Smite Good, but that's the Anti-Paladin's bread and butter. Even Rovagug's archetype, which technically should be Smite All, keeps it. There's unfortunately no precedent for the Anti-Paladin set yet for me to get rid of it.

I'm thinking maybe some sort of fiendish template tacked on that the character gains for X minutes a day, instead of Divine Bond maybe.

I remember that. Wasn't that character no longer good considering Sacred Weapon works only with melee, not when thrown?

This is why I love this AP. Shattered Star allows for so much screwery to go on.

Something similar to the Evangelist PRC capstone?

Weapon Versatility would work, but I'd suggest keeping a club or something similar on hand in case things turn to crap.

Ahh ok.

With regards to that, how would a Bounty Hunter qualify for Dirty Tricks Master at level 11 vs other classes? They'd still need Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Greater Dirty Trick, etc in order to get that feat, or does Bounty Hunter do something different with those feat requirements?

Module then, no full AP I assume.
I think most of the ACG stuff is legal, so those feats are A-OK.
I honestly think you're good by way of damage, so no real need to focus there. And your wisdom is off the charts for an Inquisitor, so that's always a bonus.
Were you thinking maybe some dirty tricks or some sort of combat maneuvers maybe? How about something like Lunge or Mobility?

Edit: What about toughness? The extra HP can always come in handy.

Has there been an update as to what archetypes we can expect?

What's the composition of the rest of your party?

Cool. The only reason I'd say keep those is if you're going Sanctified Slayer, those feats help with intimidate and sneak attack type stuff. And yeah, Dueling is for combat maneuver focus. I thought you might want that with the net.
However, Bludgeoner can be replaced with a magic weapon ability that also increases damage. Enforcer can be substituted with Cornugon Smash as well, so those are both good retrains.
Weapon Focus, Dazzling Display, Shatter Defenses is a heavy feat investment, and may not be worth it for your character, as you're not necessarily a front line fighter.

At the same time, those feats definitely sync well with Sanctified Slayer, denying dex and allowing for sneak attacks to flourish. In addition, you might want to consider the following: Motivating Display, Violent Display, Dreadful Carnage. All of them are phenomenal for an Intimidate focused build, be it Cockatrice Cavalier or Inquisitor, etc.

Edit: Disheartening Display from the ACG and Merciless Butchery and Ranged Concentration are all good possibilities as well. Tho the last two only if you're a Sanctified Slayer.

Nice, dude. Looks pretty good and for a level one character she's solid so far.
You may not even need Intimidating Prowess unless you require it for some prereq because of her intimidating bonus and stern gaze, etc.

What will your feat progression look like later on? Do you plan on using the net more actively?
You may want to get at least Dueling on your flail and Net for the luck bonuses and combined with Fate's Favored.

Sanctified Slayer would be great for a knockout/intimidator build as long as you had a reliable way of getting sneak attack off. Personally, I really like Judgements too much, but that's cause I always play a devastator 2 handed beast type.

See this.

If it's a home game and you guys are going beyond 20, then you'd have to basically rule it yourself or have your GM do it for you.

I'm not a fan personally. Those bonuses seem way too weak to replace with Solo Tactics.
Those feats open up SOOO much, especially for a half-orc.

Wow, this is an interesting build.
Personally, I'm hoping that there will be some sort of an archetype for the Slayer in the upcoming release in december that is similar to the Skulking Slayer.

Hmmm, order of feats.
The thing is, your character won't be front line focused, right? So you won't really need big combat feats at first to help out. Rather, you'll be a flanker primarily I'd hope.
I'd suggest getting Bludgeoner first off if you're a flail man. From there, you'd get enforcer. Just work on knocking the enemy out and then going from there.
If you're using the whip, then just go enforcer route, because you're already dealing nonlethal.
And I don't think you take penalties for wielding the scorpion whip as a whip to do nonlethal.
The idea is that it takes special skill to get the blades of the scorpion whip to work properly and hit the target just right, that's why you need proficiency to deal damage. Otherwise, it's just a whip with a fancy name.

What type of template did you have in mind?

I've never actually used the Sanctified Slayer archetype. I'd be hesitant because it gets rid of judgements, which is one of the better ways for the Inquisitor to lay a beating on someone.
If you do, think of the Inquisitor as a Skulking Slayer at that point, but in your case do you have a reliable way of getting off sneak attack? If so, then it's a good trade.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd love to see devilish obediences similar to those demonic and deific found in other books to add to the aspects of worship for the various infernal dukes, etc, who are said to be much more active with their interests on the mortal plane than Hells masters.

I really don't want to read 400 posts to see if it's answered.

Will we get further information on Infernal Dukes and Malbolge in this AP? I'd love to hear a yes on that, especially because Uruskriel sounds so viciously awesome.

1 Belkzen. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

2 Molthune. The Imperial Army is just the sort of place for ultra-militant hobgoblins to fit right in.

3 Numeria. Just because.

4 Brevoy. Not because of GoT or ASoFaI, because I've never watched one nor read the other. But because it can be an awesome place filled with enough mystery and references to the Old Ones and sea demons and dragons that it is awesomesauce.

5 River Kingdoms. You gotta ask why?

What goal is that?

Awe man, bump anyone? Anyone have anything for this?

If you want reach that badly, go Dorn Dergar maybe.

I gotta ask, who cheats at one of these things? The whole point is to have fun. And make the DM seem like a chump for a wimpy adventure.

I'd say keep it at 13 for power attack if you need it, that way you can at least get some power attack related feats that are intimidation and demoralize types, such as Cornugon Smash and Dreadful Carnage, etc.
This type of Inquisitor might be better off with some of the following stats:
Str 13
Int 10 or more
Cha 7

and take the Bruising Intellect trait so you use int for Intimidate instead of Cha.
In addition, you COULD try and bump up your dexterity, for attacks of opportunity, combat reflexes, and a dex to damage feat if you can find one that works with whips, spiked chains, nets, etc. I don't know, because I've never really looked.

Also, you can go for the following alt racial traits:
Beastmaster - replaces orc ferocity, gain whip and net proficiency
Chain Fighter - replaces weapon familiarity with flails, heavy flails, and spiked chains and double flails count as martial weapons
City Raised - replaces weapon familiarity with Longswords and whips

I'd suggest taking Beast Master and using mithril chain shirt and bumping your dex to much higher levels. Take something that allows you to make your dex replace your strength for damage, and you should be decent for defending yourself if you need to.

Edit: For me, as a half-orc, I almost ALWAYS take Shaman's Apprentice, but my half-orcs are always front liners and so I eventually go Diehard and Deathless Initiate or something similar. It means I'm going to be standing long after I've gone into the negatives and will need someone to keep me going. Works best with Holy Vindicator and Vicious weapons, or with Sentinel or Invul Rager/Steelblooded Bloodrager.

Anyway, I'd go so far as to suggest that you might be too strength focused with this character. I'd also suggest that if you bump your intelligence, consider taking an extra language and the additional traits feats. That made my half-orc Two Handed Fighter absolutely FUN as hell with dialogue. Noble-born bastard type from Wyvernsting, or as noble as a scion of the Murdered Child Tribe can possible be.

Edit #2: Also, I'd like to link a specific comic that I have in mind when I see this character in my head, but I cannot because it is from Oglaf, and as awesome as that comic is, it is definitely NSFW.

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