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thats pretty much my experience as well darkbridger

I agree

That's one thing the following oculd fix

Let solarians add their key ability modifier to ac when only in light armor but cap it like they do with dex

coupled with that and being able to use their solar armor at the same time, they will have the AC to be viable in melee but not outshine the soldier in terms of ac (who will often still edge out ahead of them)

Dude ravingdork id kill for that
or letting your key ability modifier to be applied to light armor but capped in the same way dex is

1 person marked this as a favorite.

in combat it holds up pretty well if you're emphasizing str, using heavy armor, and have a decent charisma

however the solarian will never be as good at its skills as other classes

gimped i would say is maibly attributed to graviton mode and its revelations because they're too situational to use when most of hte photon revelations are more useful for most solarian builds comparitevly

ive made some homebrew to fix those issues if you're interested

@Hwalsh part of this was to help kinda reduce the fear tax on melee solarians while keeping their ac competitive

What I wa trying to say was this. A melee solarian is more often than not better served being in photon attunement because photon attunement offers them more melee bonuses. Bonus damage, mobility boosts, resistances etc depending on the revelations chosen
Whereas on graviton very little there is enough to make a melee solarian choose to attune to graviton over photon

i mean that's fair but i feel that even with the ac bonus
due to just how much photon mode and its revelations are just more conducive to melee, then a melee solarian will be in photon more often than not

well for this specific tweak
1. the cha modifier would be used in place of dex for their armor not in comination
2. this build would still be improving dex because well dex so so so damned much for a character in Starfinder (initiative, reflex, acronatics, piloting, stealth, sleight of hand, ranged attacks, etc)

so theyre still incentived to upgrade dex but their key ability will do more for them and not feel that useless as it does now beyond resolve and revelation dc's


see thats also why i was thinking of making this change
most melee solarians are going ot be spending 99.9 of combat in photon mode so an ac bonus fro graviton would be next to useless

so i feel taht the use of the key ability mod in place of dex in light armor isnt a bad change up you know

yes my level 10 and 15 numbers are correct except for the int and wis lol seems like they should be upgraded as well my bad

regardless getting back to the meat of this
i feel letting the solarian use their key ability in place of dex for their bonus to armor lets them stay competitive with the soldier for ac (which gets out ahead but then again its less MAD so it can afford to pump its dex secondarily and a gear boost to bump its ac)

yet still good for melee despite that

remember that oncea stat reaches 18 (not including uprades)they only get one point per 5 levels for an increase

so for this i was just using an example of the build I would use in these scenarios

that is a very interesting combo however due to that kac+8 to hit for bull rush its really hard to pull off

for the standard effective str solarian (using human as a base) the stats are (using the mercenary theme)
level 1
str 16
dex 13
con 10
int 10
wis 10
cha 14

level 5 (with a str+2 upgrade)

str 20
dex 15
con 10
int 12
wis 10
cha 16

level 10 (with str +4 and cha +2 upgrades)

str 22
dex 17
con 12
int 12
wis 10
cha 20

level 15 (with str +6 upgrade and cha+4 upgrade)
str 24
dex 18
con 14
int 12
wis 10
cha 22

level 20 (with str +6 cha+4 and dex +2 upgrades)
str 24
dex 20
con 16
int 14
wis 12
cha 22

so using say level 1 as an example
str melee solarian with heavy armor using hidden soldier armor with a +1 dex has
eac: 14
kac: 16

a dex solar armor solarian with the kasatha microcord mk 1 with a +3 dex
eac: 15
kac: 17

now if we allowed the solarian to use their charisma in place of dex for light armor, with a 16 cha without solar armor and using kasatha microcord mk1

eac: 14
kac: 16
the same as the regular melee solarian with 13 dex and heavy armor

yes @jetsetradio but the issue is that the melee solarain benefits more from being more str focused than dex, so to compensate for that they have to take heavy armor, my idea was coming up with a way to offset that ac loss when in light armor and only mediocre dex so they can do their job as a mobile frontliner

So one thing me and a friend of mine are looking at is how we could make a tweak to the solarian. Seeing as how the revelations and class features seem to emphasize mobility and melee we thoguht that the necessity of melee solarians needing heavy armor as a bit, antithetical to the lightly armored mobile combatant it seems to be flavored and base built for. In light of this we've been trying to find a way how either through a base feature or maybe a revelation could make up the difference in AC so that it isnt broken but stays competitive with a soldier in terms of it's ac.

Potentially letting it add its cha mod to ac instead of dex? as in it replaces dex to ac and uses charisma as long as it wears light armor?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

how I roleplay my solarian is that they can feel the various energies of stellar phenomena and taht each of them have a primal set of instincts/emotions. As a solarian he must keep himself calm and centered so as not to fall too much into these instincts and lose control of his powers. In addition he has his own pool of cosmic energy to use his powers, but draws from the energy of these phenomena to refill said pool once he's used a zenith revelation (seeing as it automatically knocks you out of attunement). And that as a channeler of the energies of creation and entropy that he must do his best to defend these ideals (in his mind, being a symbol of hope and strength for hte meek against those who would harm others)

space dinos!
hopefully with this book we also get stuff related to more bio enhancements from creatures ala Xcom Enemy Within!

armored storm for hammer fist
its an unarmed strike
take melee striker gear boost
it's great

would it be better for a combat envoy to use unwieldy ranged or melee weapons?

Im leaning towards ranged because it allows them to be a bit less MAD

so question is it better to use unwieldy ranged weapons or melee weapons for the envoy?

Id lean towards ranged weapons because it prioritizes dex, and makes them less MAD

im surprised that we didnt see silencers in the core rulebook or AA

i really like that idea
separate consumables as compared to more permanent or longer lasting stuff

yes that 100%

to me most ofthe utility or flavor items are priced too high for their usefulness

for example, some of the rings (looking at you camoflauge ring) and the serums that give bonuses to certain skills

honeslty out of all the class grafts
the solarian is the worst offender in terms of abilities
being able to fully attune with jsut a 1d3 roll

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So, jsut ahead, spoilers for the Dead Suns continuation AP with Temple of the Twelve

One of the possible encounters is a Solarian who has the following things

Pulse Dart (Su) As a standard action, Panelliar can fire a dart
of stellar energy as a ranged attack against EAC with a
range of 60 feet. The pulse dart deals 1d10+6 fire damage
and has the critical hit effect burn 1d6


Solar Spear: 1d8

just a question

1. how come the spear does 1d8 instead of 2d6 as the solar weapon of a level 6 solarian?

2. was the pulse dart meant to be for PC solarians as well and was just not implemented due to time or just meant for NPCs?


Is there an actual Azlanti race? Or is it just a multi species empire?

So a few gods I noticed that arent in teh CRB as of yet are Cayden, Iori and a few others

were they jsut not added due to book space or?
has something else happened?

ring of cosmic attunement?

Id say amateur solarian would be similar to the amateur swashbuckler feat
allow access to one of the low level revelations

does anyone kinda find it odd that energy infusions or abilites that deal energy damage with melee weapons still target KAC?

so coud you have a megaman x style buster by combining vesk overplate with a plasma cannon?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

extra revelations/improvisations/gear boosts/tricks for solarians/envoys/soldiers/operatives respectively

anything for silencers/suppressors in there?

@Jetset radio

you're forgetting the increased damage of using a solarian weapon crystal to add to the solar weapon as well as: plasma sheath, photon mode attunement, strength modifier, and weapon specialization

Very fair point jetset


maybe instead of just a damage bonus
maybe an attack bonus instead?

its pretty hard as a solarian to get 28 str (more realistic you'll end up with 26 str)

also thats a high level example anway as most games wont go to 20th level

most games will be between 1-12

@Claxon I was considering making it a graviton but phonton revelations seem to be the theme of damage dealing

exactly claxon
in SF youre going ot get hit
I was thinking this being like a
"I need to end this quick, and I know im not going to be able to stay up long either way"

the thing is that the spell is a high risk high reward type deal
you cant shut it off once it gets going and yo ureally have to monitor your health

I kinda wanted to reflect that with a revelation

yeah kinda
I dont know Im still trying to piece it together in my mind

Because I wanted to make a sheer damage buff type revelation (granted corona is pretty good as well)

so far this is what I have

Pulsar (8th level minimum, photon)

You condense and channel strong forces of fire and cosmic radiation that both invigorate and harm your body, pushing yourself beyond physical limits. Using a move action, you surround yourself in glowing flames and gain a bonus to melee damage rolls equal to your level, and take damage equal to your level at the start of your turns. This can only be used when in photon attunement

So Im trying to put together a Solarian revelation that's similar to the Power Within pyromancy spell from Dark souls.

Basically the spell boosts your damage but you take damage for the duration of the buff every second based on a percentage of your total health

I need help to make a revelation that does something similar to that but Im hitting a wall and would like to help

so far what I have is:

Last for a round per level
not sure if it should burn HP or stamina points
how much of a damage boosts it gives

SO what do you mean by when you say
You should make a full attack if you need a 12 or less to hit. At a 12 the benefit of full attack is marginal.

never dump dex in SF
flying (with said jump jets adn jetpacks)

dex affects so much

Looks like that build takes a hit with resolve points though


I agree with you on most points, however for the technomancer the first 1-7 levels are a slog because they dont get good aoe spells to fill out that role, and being stuck with small arms from the get go kinda hurts them. They really dont come online till level 8 when they can spell shot fireballs and lightning bolts

so there's htat to consider as well

While you do bring up a good poitn Darkling consider this

Spells are limited compare to say ammo

and while they can do more aoe damage, technomancers have a very hard time doign sustained damage on their own for the cost of a small arm, when longarms are just overall better

that and longarms really help out with classes like the nevoy and mystic who dont have a lot of damage dealing options, still contribute to combat outside of improvisations and spells

I have trauma from cat people

Overcharge is also great for switch hitting
someone gets close, pull out your Two handed weapon and bonk on the head

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