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Maggiethecat's page

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Am I missing something?...

****( )

I can't help but wonder if I downloaded some rough draft of this PDF, because I am seeing a ton of errors in it, and I haven't even read over the entire thing yet.

It is riddled with typos, both spelling and grammatical errors. Heck, the "Pyromancer Spells Per Day" table on p.6 should clearly be "Pyromancer Spells Known", not spells per day. Some of the spells in the Pyromancer spell list don't match up with the spell descriptions (Fire Orb is listed as Orb of Fire, Flaming Bolt is listed as Fire Bolt...)

Worse than that, though, their spell list Yes, there are 14 spells listed as being new spells in the Pyromancer spell list, and there are 14 new spell descriptions in the PDF, but 3 of them do not match up at all. The Pyromancer spells list names Cinder Cloud, Fire Stones, and Flame Gate as new spells that Pyromancers should know. But there is no spell descriptions for any of these spells. Instead, we get spell descriptions for Sapping Flames, Weapons of Flame, and Smoldering Spittle, which aren't on the Pyromancer spell list at all.

I hope that some kind of revision will be released to correct some of these problems. It seems like an interesting class, but someone needs to sit down and proof-read this PDF before I would ever allow this class at my table.

Edit: A revision for this PDF has been published, fixing many of the problems that I had mentioned in my above review, so I have changed my rating from 2 stars to 4 stars. Cinder Cloud, Fire Stones, and Flame Gate are no longer listed on the Pyromancer spell list; instead Sapping Flames, Weapons of Flame, and Smoldering Spittle now appear on the Pyromancer spell list. There are still 2 small errors that could be addressed: In the short description of the spell Maddening Flames, it says the target takes a 1d6 penalty to Int, Wis, and Cha, but in the long description of the spell, it says the target takes 1d6 points of damage per round. Also, there still are no prices listed for the two new items (Arsonist's Kit and Fire Flask) that are on p.12 of the PDF.

This is looking like a fun class, definitely a top choice for a blaster, especially since they gain the ability to overcome fire resistance and immunity at higher levels.

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