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Mage Evolving's page

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We instituted a 3 month policy. A book has to be out for at least 3 months before you can use it in game. This allows the message boards to solve a lot of our problems we might encounter in game for us. It also lets everyone get familiar with the content before hand.

So short answer no but that might change in a few months.

Simple monk fixes:

Full BAB, D10, and altered Ki powers.

Some suggestions that we've tried:

Stunning Ki:
You can use your focused ki to up the DC of your stunning fist. Each ki point you spend in this manner raises the DC by +1. You can not spend more than 1/2 your monk level in ki points in this manner.

I was afraid that this would get too powerful but when we tried it out the monk had a 3/4 BAB so he never hit with it and when he did he never dumped all his ki into it.

Ki Dash:
At 5th level you may spend 2 ki points to move 20ft as a swift action. This movement invokes attacks of opportunities.

This is one that we stole from Dabblers thread on Monk ideas. It made sense to have the character that thrives on mobility be able to be mobile and effective in combat. Again it was hardly game breaking.

Interesting that this is a feat.

We've been doing this untrained for the longest time with a bluff/intimidate/diplomacy check. Really it's just a thinly veiled excuse to curse at and make fun of the DM.

Sounds like someone has Hero-envy. Honestly just ignore him and play your character the way you like playing him. Anything else and you are feeding the troll.

I have found this thread incredibly enlightening. Thank you so very much for the effort you've put in Dabbler.

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It sounds like you are all good to go. I think the build sounds like a lot of fun.

While not an item exactly I recently introduced these to my campaign.

54. Waystone Constructed by a long lost civilization these large magical pillars can be found along the old kings road every 50 miles or so. Sought out by travelers these pillars give off an aura of warmth (20 ft), Can create water (10 gallons a day), and can cast daylight.

Headfirst wrote:

For example, here's my idea on how to fix rogues.

Ambush: For purposes of sneak attacks, the rogue's base attack bonus from rogue levels is equal to his rogue level. For all other purposes, such as qualifying for a feat or a prestige class, the rogue uses his normal base attack bonus.

Canny Defense: When wearing light or no armor and not using a shield, a rogue adds 1 point of Intelligence bonus (if any) per rogue class level as a dodge bonus to his Armor Class while wielding a melee weapon. If a rogue is caught flat-footed or otherwise denied his Dexterity bonus, he also loses this bonus.

One of my players suggested the following house-rule and it worked out just fine.

Stab them in the Squishy bits: All attacks involving sneak-attack get a bonus to attack and damage equal to the number of sneak attack die being rolled.

Functionally it's the same what you have suggested and very easy to implement.

Can I ask what the background of the character is? And what you ultimately want her/him to do?

From what I understand shocking grasp doesn't interact with water.

I'm going to say no. It's in a pocket dimension.

I like to think about it like this.
Said creature and the PCs are in combat. The creature takes a PC down to zero or a little below. That PC stops fighting and falls down. Does the creature stop fighting to? No. There are still others that are attacking it. If I stop to eat or waste my turn beating a downed PC it's an attack I could have used to down another PC.

That said I only really use this logic for none intelligent monsters. Any enemy with a intelligence over 14 knows that you finish the job.

Also flesh eating mindless undead will also begin eating PCs the minute they go down. They don't care about their well being just lunch.

I personally don't give out my PDFs. If there is a map or something that needs to be shown to the PCs I will copy it as a smaller PDF and show it to the PCs. The newest DM in our group has a computer monitor at the head of the table if there is anything he wants us to see he throws it up on the screen via a connection to his tablet. It's kind of nice especially when fighting monsters to see a picture of what you are fighting. He'll also use if for descriptive purposes. Ex. the room is filled with trash and then he shows us a trash filled room.

I recently started making 3D terrain for my games.
TheDMGinfo youtube channel is pretty great although I think he makes somethings overly complicated.
We also made a 2 tiered gaming table. The second tier is just tall enough that a 2 liter of Mountain Dew fits underneath. This lets everyone have their food and drink and books and dice out with out having it on the board. The original table was super easy modify and it cost less than $10. The best part is that the top tier just comes right off so the wife can't complain about the stupid look table.

Rikkan wrote:
Mage Evolving wrote:
Diminuendo wrote:

Me and my GM have a disagreement on this. he told me to ask the Paizo forums.

One side thinks that 5-foot steps and free action can only be activated during your turn.

The other thinks they can be activated any time.

From my understanding you can use a free action anytime you are taking an action. So free actions are ok during your turn, during AoO, and during readied actions. Or at least that is how I am understanding it.
Since I can use a swift action whenever I can use a free action, does that mean in your games I can cast swift action spells during AoO?

To clarify. I don't believe that free actions and swift actions are the same. The quote you are posting is not saying they are equivalent they are simply similar. If they were the same thing then they wouldn't have 2 different words. That said I seem to recall on of the devs saying that you can drop an item during an AoO. You can also talk, fall, draw an arrow, etc. To me this implies that free actions are allowed. This is simply my interpretation and I seem to be in the minority.

Hi Razgrizfox.
Welcome to the boards. I think your rogue build is pretty solid. While the rogue may not be the most powerful class in the game, I find it one of the funnest to play. It sounds as if you are staying with the CRB and for what it's worth there is little improvement to offer your character if that is the case. Other than switching point blank shot to spring attack. As was pointed out earlier this will let you get in and out of combat while possibly delivering one solid hit. Just remember that if you only take one attack that you are not two weapon fighting so don't apply any of the penalties.
If you are willing to use the Advanced players guide you can take the scout and rogue archetype and then every time you charge you will deliver a sneak attack with d8 damage.
To answer your question people are taking 2 RT feats at level six because they are selecting Rogue as their favored class and opting for the 1/6 rogue talent option every level instead of hitpoints or skill points.

I've never taken issue with players trying to figure out a creatures stats. If they want to play the game like that and are having fun doing so then what's the harm.

Normally, I will allow a player to use a knowledge (appropriate check) roll to determine what it is that they are fighting and possibly its strengths and weaknesses. I generally use the Monsters CR +10 for an identification and add a +5 difficulty if it's a rare monster. IF they roll Monster CR+12 then they know its strengths (it breaths fire). If they roll monster CR+15 then they know its weaknesses as well (it fears potatoes). Its a house rule developed by the DMs in our group and it works fine.

Well it's called Elemental fist and as a monk ability it replaces Stunning fist. So I would say no you can't apply it to your weapon but yes apparently as RAW you are ok to use it on a weapon.

Kazaan wrote:

Side-note: While not "technically" what you're looking for, look at the Sunblade. It's a Bastard Sword that "spoofs" the handling of a Shortsword. This means that, while it does the damage and has the impact of a full Bastard Sword, it only weighs as much as a shortsword and handles like a light weapon rather than a 1-h weapon (or 2-h if lacking EWP). This means that a Sunblade 1 size too big for you deals damage comparable to a Greatsword, but you wield it as a 1-h weapon (a light weapon 1 size too big is treated as 1-h) for -2 improper size penalty. So a Medium character could wield a Large Sunblade as a 1-h weapon and do 2d8 damage at -2 attack one-handed as compared to a Medium Greatsword dealing 2d6 damage two-handed. It also saves you a feat as martial proficiency covers shortswords and proficiency with a shortsword covers the Sunblade. You could even go a step further and wield a Huge Sunblade as a 2-h weapon for -4 attack and 3d8 damage. A Huge Sunblade would be about 16' long; you're basically swinging around the wing of a Cesna.

This. There are two handed weapons that can be used with one hand. The bastard sword is another 2 handed weapon that can be use with a single hand if you have exotic weapon training.

In other words if you have to roll to hit with it you are all good.

My2Copper wrote:

My interpretation of RAW is that you have to burn every square on its own.

I handle it that every square subject to fire burns free in that round. So a torch would clear 1 5ft square while a burning hands spell would burn all the squares it affects.

RAW I have to agree with My2Copper. The 5ft square would be not be a random square but the one you set on fire.

Give the campaign a little bit of personality by explaining a local cultural tradition. Maybe every time you enter another's home you need to break bread with them to establish that you mean them no harm. Or some other quirky tradition. It's little things that bring life to a world.

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Diminuendo wrote:

Me and my GM have a disagreement on this. he told me to ask the Paizo forums.

One side thinks that 5-foot steps and free action can only be activated during your turn.

The other thinks they can be activated any time.

From my understanding you can use a free action anytime you are taking an action. So free actions are ok during your turn, during AoO, and during readied actions. Or at least that is how I am understanding it.

daimaru wrote:
Mage Evolving wrote:
The toughness feat adds 3 hitpoints to the total plus an extra hitpoint for every level beyond 4.
No, like Zhayne says, an extra hitpoint for every level beyond 3. So you get +1 at level 4.

I stand corrected. Beyond third. Thanks for catching that mistake.

DnD Android wrote:

I've got a question about increasing your hit dice? I read the toughness feat that you gain more HP as you gain hit dice (...when you level). So does that mean every time i level up I also gain a hit dice.


Level 1 fighter with 1 hd 10. When I hit level two is my hit dice now 2 hd 10?

I've looked in the core rule book but it's hard to determine what happens to your character after level 1. Thanks.

Lets say you are a level 1 fighter with a constitution score of 12. As a fighter you get 1 ten-sided dice of hit-points per level. And because you have a constitution score of 12 you gain an additional +1 at every level. If you had a con of 14 it would be +2, a 16 would be a +3, etc. In order to ensure that you don't die from a stubbed toe everyone gets their max hit-points at level one.

Every level after 1st your fighter gets to roll a ten-sided dice and add that to his hitpoints. then you add your constitution modifier in this case +1 to the total. The toughness feat adds 3 hitpoints to the total plus an extra hitpoint for every level beyond 4.

Now the question becomes can you even use dispell magic to counter a spell with instantaneous duration?

wraithstrike wrote:

1. You can not dispel instantaneous spells so no.

prd wrote:
The effect of a spell with an instantaneous duration can't be dispelled, because the magical effect is already over before the dispel magic can take effect.

Also there is a difference between holding an action and readying an action.

The sorcerer should have been using a ready action because he was waiting for a condition to be met, not hold action. If the sorcerer readies an action he can interrupt the wizard's turn to cast his spells. If he is only holding his action then he has to wait for the wizard's turn to complete.

So let's say the sorcerer had actually readied his action, then he would get his turn and the wizard could not do anything about it, even if the sorcerer had cast a spell that was not instantaneous.

For clarification: The sorcerer was in fact readying an action. They were in rounds and he had run from the fight 2 rounds prior knowing that the PCs would follow him down the tight corridor and into his lab.

My logic at the time for why he could fire off the second quickened lightning bolt was the line:

Swift actions can be taken any time you could take a free action.

Since during a readied action you can in fact take a free action I saw it as legal.

We ran into a bit of confusion last night and I would really appreciate any input that you all might offer.

A 13th level sorcerer holds his action so that he can fire off 2 lightning bolts when the PCs open the door. One of the lightning bolts is a quickened lightning bolt.

The door opens and the sorcerer fires his standard lightning bolt.

1. Can the PC wizard who has already taken a move action to open the door casts a quickened dispell magic and cancel the lightning bolt?

2. Can the sorcerers second quickened lightning bolt be canceled with a regular dispell magic?

3. Can the sorcerer even cast a quickened lightning bolt since he held his action?

When ever we have a short handed party we introduce the NPC Ban Daid.

He is a merciful healing cleric who has sworn off violence but knows that the PCs are doing the right thing so he aids in their adventures. He is 1- level below the rest of the party and is played by the PCs. Every round his character sheet is passed from one player to the next and his action is decided by that player. Normally he just cowers, casts bless, bursts, heals, or removes afflictions. Since he carries no weapons he can't flank and will normally go a the bottom of the round.

It's an easy work around for the party and works well with my players since none of them ever want to play a cleric.

Can a witch use a hex while grappled? If so is there a concentration check?

Bruunwald wrote:

Funny this should come up, as I am in the middle of writing something in just that style. Can't think of a published adventure that is heavy on that, though.

You know, it's interesting that in all the time Privateer Press was publishing 3.5 encounters and mini adventures in their No Quarter Magazine (a good seven years or so), I can't recall them publishing much of anything that had fights or encounters with Steamjacks or other clockwork creatures. Which was/is their bread-and-butter.

I looked at a lot of these suggestions and just started to work out my own campaign as well. I figure there must be a Golem master's keep out there somewhere... I went and designed a clock work wizard tower that spun like the gears of a giant clock.

Can anyone tell me if there is a dungeon or campaign that is golem or construct focused? I couldn't find an AP or older campaign in my collection and thought someone on here might know of one.

I think that you might want to read the GM's Guide to Creating Challenging Encounters post. (It's a couple of posts down) It will give you an idea of how to go about adjusting the difficulty level of various encounters to ensure that your PCs don't just blow through them. He has a really well thought out guide and makes the math behind encounter design easy to understand and scale appropriately.

That said if your Player are all new to pathfinder and you are first time DM you might just want to sick to the book.

Shalafi2412 wrote:
Inquisitors are always fun as would be an anti-paladin. Which world are you playing in?

I suppose you could call it a homebrew but the initial levels were all from the Shackled City AP.

Matt2VK wrote:

The real question now is -

Who's hunting who?

The heroes already know that there's drow lurking around + a number of their friends and establishments have been attacked, wounded and/or killed. These heroes probably want some answers and will go looking for them.
This might actually turn out in the Drow's favor as they could then leave a trail of bread crumbs (clues) leading to a trap/ambush for the PCs.

This I like... Angry PCs demanding vengeance. Crafty Drow waiting with retribution of their own.

Thanks for the input. I think I have some really good ideas to work with now. If, and it's a big if, the players go down in this fight I might incorporate the slave/trial, prisoners component but more than likely they will eat the Drow for lunch.

Not at all.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would not like this... As a DM it's too much work. As a player it's not much fun.

Many many years ago (in game play) my players encountered a group of Drow nobles. Battle ensued and the end result was that the Drow were all slaughtered. One was questioned first and the Drow noble offered amnesty to the party if she were freed... She was killed with a "Burn in the Abyss you Dark-hearted scum" type quip.

Fast forward 6 years game play time. In almost every encounter my players have had in the past several months they have seen shadowy figures watching them. They know these spies to be Drow but are not sure what to make of it.

While the party is out on an adventure the Drow have made their move. Killing, attacking, burning, and generally destroying everything that the Party holds dear. Friends, relatives, known acquaintances, the bar that they own and operated have all be targeted with various degrees of success. (I rolled some random numbers for what lived, died, was maimed, etc.)

So the question becomes what do I challenge my party with? What would a Drow hit squad look like if they were crafted to deal with the following party:
- Magus
- Barbarian (Just big and mean)
- Witch (Scarred)
- Monk (master of many styles)
- Cleric (buffer/heal stick)

All the players are 13th level.

Note: All of my players are cool and seemingly excited about the idea of going up against characters that are designed to challenge them. We've spoken about it at length and they all thought it would make for a great story arch. I am not looking for specific builds but thoughts on what character class would be best to deal with each of the players...

I would stick with a pure inquisitor. The things you gain are not worth what you are losing in terms of spells, abilities, skills, bonuses.

I just put on pandora channel two steps from hell.

Game Space Beta Tester

I absolutely love the program but I am having issues finding people to play with. Few people want to play outside of their group and those that do don't have access to the software yet. That said I think that could be a great web based application.

Dot. I need a longer lunch break. This thread has really gotten good.

I think you've brought a really nice and well balance build to the table. This is the kind of build that adds to a party and can be helpful in almost any circumstance. There are definitely a few changes I would make but they fit my play style and are not necessarily improvements.

What I really like about this build is that you kept it CRB, didn't take an exotic race or use any splat. It's a straight forward build.

Game Space Beta Tester

I am guessing that they will not be making any big announcements until it is all ready to go. They've already miscalculated the launch date by ~1 year and I think they want to hold off until they know exactly when it will be ready... But this is just my opinion.

Half orc Inquisitor of Rovagug with the rage domain.
The amount of damage you can dish out is insane...
The intimidate bonus is silly...
You can bully people into getting your way.
And you are a true Swiss army knife. There is almost never a situation you can't adapt to.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've done this in the past. It works out although it feel very canned.
some ideas...
-Escaped prisoner: Bounty hunters needed.
-Caravan Guard needed.
-Missing adventuring party... Families hiring trackers.
-Body guards needed for visiting dignitary
-Contestants needed for tourney of champions
-Shipmates needed for wreckage salvage mission
-Prisoner escorts
-Kobold removal service wanted.

I would recommend using a pregen campaign as a launching point.

I recently used the shackled cities adventure path to launch into my own city based campaign. I was able to use the first book of the adventure path to transition into a campaign that I really wanted to run. This gave me a world, Maps, a city, and NPCs that I could draw upon easily to fit into my own world. When I disagreed with how a NPC would act or wanted to add something to the story I made changes accordingly.

This might be the easiest way to go with your campaign. 40% pregen 60% original material.

Be willing to make snap in game decisions on the rules. There is always time after the game to look things up and make sure that you get it right the next time.

Be sure to remember that you are not competing with your PCs. Your goal is not to defeat them. Your goal is to ensure that everyone is having fun.

If your issue is that you want a staff earlier in the game why don't you just talk to your DM and ask if you can reskin it and call your wand a staff. A very delicate and not to be confused with a bludgeoning weapon staff.

Personally, I have always thought that Staffs are something that elite wizards use not your run of the mill battle mage.

Unfortunately the last staff we found we used to bar a door... sigh.

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