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Mage Evolving's page

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Bruunwald wrote:

Funny this should come up, as I am in the middle of writing something in just that style. Can't think of a published adventure that is heavy on that, though.

You know, it's interesting that in all the time Privateer Press was publishing 3.5 encounters and mini adventures in their No Quarter Magazine (a good seven years or so), I can't recall them publishing much of anything that had fights or encounters with Steamjacks or other clockwork creatures. Which was/is their bread-and-butter.

I looked at a lot of these suggestions and just started to work out my own campaign as well. I figure there must be a Golem master's keep out there somewhere... I went and designed a clock work wizard tower that spun like the gears of a giant clock.

Can anyone tell me if there is a dungeon or campaign that is golem or construct focused? I couldn't find an AP or older campaign in my collection and thought someone on here might know of one.

I think that you might want to read the GM's Guide to Creating Challenging Encounters post. (It's a couple of posts down) It will give you an idea of how to go about adjusting the difficulty level of various encounters to ensure that your PCs don't just blow through them. He has a really well thought out guide and makes the math behind encounter design easy to understand and scale appropriately.

That said if your Player are all new to pathfinder and you are first time DM you might just want to sick to the book.

Shalafi2412 wrote:
Inquisitors are always fun as would be an anti-paladin. Which world are you playing in?

I suppose you could call it a homebrew but the initial levels were all from the Shackled City AP.

Matt2VK wrote:

The real question now is -

Who's hunting who?

The heroes already know that there's drow lurking around + a number of their friends and establishments have been attacked, wounded and/or killed. These heroes probably want some answers and will go looking for them.
This might actually turn out in the Drow's favor as they could then leave a trail of bread crumbs (clues) leading to a trap/ambush for the PCs.

This I like... Angry PCs demanding vengeance. Crafty Drow waiting with retribution of their own.

Thanks for the input. I think I have some really good ideas to work with now. If, and it's a big if, the players go down in this fight I might incorporate the slave/trial, prisoners component but more than likely they will eat the Drow for lunch.

Not at all.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would not like this... As a DM it's too much work. As a player it's not much fun.

Many many years ago (in game play) my players encountered a group of Drow nobles. Battle ensued and the end result was that the Drow were all slaughtered. One was questioned first and the Drow noble offered amnesty to the party if she were freed... She was killed with a "Burn in the Abyss you Dark-hearted scum" type quip.

Fast forward 6 years game play time. In almost every encounter my players have had in the past several months they have seen shadowy figures watching them. They know these spies to be Drow but are not sure what to make of it.

While the party is out on an adventure the Drow have made their move. Killing, attacking, burning, and generally destroying everything that the Party holds dear. Friends, relatives, known acquaintances, the bar that they own and operated have all be targeted with various degrees of success. (I rolled some random numbers for what lived, died, was maimed, etc.)

So the question becomes what do I challenge my party with? What would a Drow hit squad look like if they were crafted to deal with the following party:
- Magus
- Barbarian (Just big and mean)
- Witch (Scarred)
- Monk (master of many styles)
- Cleric (buffer/heal stick)

All the players are 13th level.

Note: All of my players are cool and seemingly excited about the idea of going up against characters that are designed to challenge them. We've spoken about it at length and they all thought it would make for a great story arch. I am not looking for specific builds but thoughts on what character class would be best to deal with each of the players...

I would stick with a pure inquisitor. The things you gain are not worth what you are losing in terms of spells, abilities, skills, bonuses.

I just put on pandora channel two steps from hell.

Game Space Beta Tester

I absolutely love the program but I am having issues finding people to play with. Few people want to play outside of their group and those that do don't have access to the software yet. That said I think that could be a great web based application.

Dot. I need a longer lunch break. This thread has really gotten good.

I think you've brought a really nice and well balance build to the table. This is the kind of build that adds to a party and can be helpful in almost any circumstance. There are definitely a few changes I would make but they fit my play style and are not necessarily improvements.

What I really like about this build is that you kept it CRB, didn't take an exotic race or use any splat. It's a straight forward build.

Game Space Beta Tester

I am guessing that they will not be making any big announcements until it is all ready to go. They've already miscalculated the launch date by ~1 year and I think they want to hold off until they know exactly when it will be ready... But this is just my opinion.

Half orc Inquisitor of Rovagug with the rage domain.
The amount of damage you can dish out is insane...
The intimidate bonus is silly...
You can bully people into getting your way.
And you are a true Swiss army knife. There is almost never a situation you can't adapt to.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've done this in the past. It works out although it feel very canned.
some ideas...
-Escaped prisoner: Bounty hunters needed.
-Caravan Guard needed.
-Missing adventuring party... Families hiring trackers.
-Body guards needed for visiting dignitary
-Contestants needed for tourney of champions
-Shipmates needed for wreckage salvage mission
-Prisoner escorts
-Kobold removal service wanted.

I would recommend using a pregen campaign as a launching point.

I recently used the shackled cities adventure path to launch into my own city based campaign. I was able to use the first book of the adventure path to transition into a campaign that I really wanted to run. This gave me a world, Maps, a city, and NPCs that I could draw upon easily to fit into my own world. When I disagreed with how a NPC would act or wanted to add something to the story I made changes accordingly.

This might be the easiest way to go with your campaign. 40% pregen 60% original material.

Be willing to make snap in game decisions on the rules. There is always time after the game to look things up and make sure that you get it right the next time.

Be sure to remember that you are not competing with your PCs. Your goal is not to defeat them. Your goal is to ensure that everyone is having fun.

If your issue is that you want a staff earlier in the game why don't you just talk to your DM and ask if you can reskin it and call your wand a staff. A very delicate and not to be confused with a bludgeoning weapon staff.

Personally, I have always thought that Staffs are something that elite wizards use not your run of the mill battle mage.

Unfortunately the last staff we found we used to bar a door... sigh.

I usually ask players to move through the room and give me a roll. If they make the check and they are with in ~15ft of the trap they notice the trap otherwise it will go off if they step on it.

We used to use a whole room gloss over but now I am really love traps and things that squish players.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I think the greatest character I've ever played was evil. My fellow players had no idea that I was evil until an alignment spell outed me.

My fellow players had no idea that nearly every person that we spoke to in our quest to find an artifact was then murdered by me. I mean why should they know. It didn't hurt them... I was helping. I didn't want the informants to tell other adventurers or evil monsters what they knew. Be sides loose ends make a whole mess of trouble.

My fellow players also didn't know that the crime we were blamed for in city "A" was one that I had actually committed. They just thought it was a plot point. They all thought that I had learned a bit of information about a enemy via a divination spell... not torture.

I didn't steal from the party, I didn't back stab them, I didn't kill them or argue. If I disagreed I just took matters into my own hands. Of course this all required DM approval but it was all great fun and when the other players found out it was awesome.

I've been pulling traps off this all day. Great site. I'm pretty sure my players are going to hate me and Kobolds by the end of our session.

Game Space Beta Tester

Pax Veritas wrote:

Pax here.

@ Mage Evolving - I'd love a date/time/code please. I'll be there with bells on. Any night except Monday nights is fine by me.

Pax Veritas

I'm afraid I have no code to give out. I was given one by a very nice member of this board. :)

I'm standing toe to toe with the Big Bad hoping that I can keep him occupied long enough for rest of my party to finish up with the mooks. It's a bad idea since this fighter clearly has me out classed. 4 rounds later I haven't hit him once and I'm down to single digits hit points. Then WHAM! I hit him with a stunning fist and it actually works. Then I finish the flurry of blows with 2 more crits! Giving me and my team just enough time to pummel him into the ground.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

445. The PCs lay siege to a bandits stronghold only to discover that it is only guarded by a token force. By the time they are ready to leave however the entire bandit hoard is at the front gate and now the PC must do their best to keep them out.

Game Space Beta Tester

Rusty Ironpants wrote:

Also, also I figured out a work around for letting player's know it is their turn.
1. Create a GM Player.
2. Create a macro named "Valeros' Turn", with the dice box blank, for each player with the appropriate name.

This is a great idea.

Game Space Beta Tester

Hey Slamy,
You needed to have attended the paizo banquet or received an invite from someone that did attend.

You might want to go with the rage domain. This will boost the intimidate, give you levels of rage, and allow you to wear the fearsome mask (or what ever it's called).

You will probably want to be an Orc.

I had a half orc inquisitor with an intimidate score that was absurd. I used it mainly in roll-play but every once in a while I would use it in combat and my DM would go nuts. A +32 is just hard to over come.

You could play an awakened dog or perhaps an awakened wolf that simply pretends to be a regular dog. So everyone seems to think you are just a very smart dog but in fact you are Awakened.

Game Space Beta Tester

Darn I just missed you.

Game Space Beta Tester

Rusty Ironpants wrote:

I am working on putting together a short adventure as well. Should be ready in a week or two.

Rusty please count me in. I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks so almost any time and day work.

GoldEdition42 wrote:
Scavion wrote:
Play good epic combat music. Two Steps from Hell makes good boss music too.
I heartily second this. Two Steps from Hell are fantastic.

Why have I never heard these guys before!!! I even had a music and combat thread. WTH!

valenswift wrote:
I was hoping to get some advice on how maneuvers are useful so i can explain this to the group.

I like a lot of the suggestions here. I've found that a well timed maneuver is often the difference between a dead party and a triumphant one. One way you may want to show your party how they work is to introduce a Duo. Perhaps two monks or fighters that use maneuvers to compliment each other.

Evil fighter 1 makes a full attack action with 2 attacks. His first attack he opts to trip the wizard, on his second attack your wizard has a -4 to his AC. Now the second fighter moves in. On his attack the wizard is still at -4 and the second fighter is at a +2 because he is flanking. Now the wizard in order to extract himself from this situation needs to stand up or cast. Let's for the sake of the argument say he stands. Standing up provokes an AoO from both fighters. Guess what. The first fighter swings with the -4 to the wizard's AC (cause he is still on the ground AoO go off before the action) and +2 for flanking while the second fighter decides to make a disarm attempt. More than likely your wizard will be disarmed and badly bruised by this point. His most likely decision will be to run away. Well darn that's another AoO since these fighters have combat reflexes. Fighter one trips. Fighter 2 swings for damage. Now your wizard is back on the ground and praying that reinforcements show up.

Heck just reading that scenario should be enough to convince them that tactics and maneuvers matter.

You can reskin another class. Maybe your sorcerer casts spells by belting out opera.

Question for the OP:

Will creating a challenge for the monk make game play funner?
I don't mean that as an attack but as a legitimate question. I've played with a lot of folks over the years and some people like to build high AC characters because they enjoy not getting hit or taking damage. And when they do get hit it can ruin their fun.

If this isn't the case with your player then I say introduce an opposing monk. Nothing is funner than a Monk off. Perhaps a Zen Archer or a MOMS.

HP or skill points all the way. Cantrip just don't pay off at the low levels.

mdt wrote:
Joey Virtue wrote:
By then the party has killed a fair number of Kobolds

Maybe so, but these are not your average kobolds. Which actually works in the kobolds favor. These are the personal servants of the dragon, and highly trained (outfit them with equipment from the dragon's horde, it'll buff them heavily). So in addition to their own NPC wealth, give them a nice equipment bump from the dragon's horde (not affecting expected wealth that way).

One of the nice things about dragons is they have 3x treasure, so, you can use that to beef up their flunkies.

Joey If you are in a pinch for time you can get NPCs from (just type in Npcs in the search function) or you can grab some from the combat manager app.

Personally I love the Combat manager app for encounter creation because it gives you the CR and Exp of each encounter. It also allows you to add templates to the creatures if you wanted to make it more or less challenging.

I immediately thought of the A-team fixing up the air ship. Also the only right answer is Flame throwers.

mdt wrote:
My experience is based on running games for over 25 years. Yours is based on? And I said earlier to mix and match this with putting in good guys with the mooks, so now they don't know which archers (or pikemen or whatever) are the good ones and which ones are the mooks until a round or two occurs, meaning they have to spread around attacks or just suck up the damage for the 2-3 turns it takes to ID the threats. Hmmm, isn't that what we're talking about? How to draw the fight out 2-3 extra rounds?

I recently did this. I had several high ranking Drow clerics and rogues disguised as Orcs (hats of disguise), traveling with their Orc slaves. The party ran in expecting to simply kill the stupid Orcs. Next thing they knew 3 of them were deaf and another was back stabbed for 36 damage.

Then it became a guessing game as to which creature you want to attack, what resources you want to attack with, and which creature you want to ignore. In the end the party lost 2 heroes.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A bit off topic but reading your section on forest terrain here is a quick tip for creating a random forested area. If you use battle maps you can simple take a handful of dice and drop them on the map.

Game Space Beta Tester

Just got back and would love to play a game. Dr Wu if you are still offering can you give us a time and url?

You might want to look at the ring of chameleon power.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just finished reading your guide and I have to say I am very impressed. It's clear you have a strong grasp on the math behind the system and you do a fantastic job of explaining it to the reader. Great work and definitely worth the read.

awp832 wrote:

I don't see how sending a group of 15 orcs against a 7th level party and watching them all get evaporated by a fireball qualifies as "fun" for anybody. Fun is generated by overcoming challenges. No challenge = no fun.

2 things.

I think it's how you play those 15 orcs that is going to make the difference.

Also I would disagree with your comment "No challenge = No fun." Sometimes the funnest encounters are those that make your character shine. If every encounter is a near death experience you never really appreciate how truly powerful your characters are becoming. Because sometimes opening a door, casting fireball into a room filled with Orcs, and then closing the door as they all incinerate is freaking Awesome. Should this be every encounter? No, but now your party is one fire ball short when they face the 15 ogres.

I've always been a fan of the battle ax, great sword, or falchion.


Apocalypso wrote:

Ooh, ooh, I haven't heard much about Gamespace lately. Is it alive? Is it kicking? Is it decent? Is it awesome?

There is a gamespace message boards you might want to checkout. For a Beta it is extremely well done. I've hosted 2 games thus far and I am sold. Once they polish up the rough edges and add in a few bells and whistles I am not sure my group will be using pen and paper.

I've been Beta Testing Paizo's Gamespace and it's pretty good. If you can wait a bit, it should be out soon.

Game Space Beta Tester

Had a blast! Thanks.

Game Space Beta Tester

Just played a quick game.
Had some issues, some suggestions, and a wish.

-The initiative tracker was stuck. I had started a battle but then I could not end it.

-It's been said else where but I think being able to select a certain number of creatures would be great. Or at the very least be able to copy monsters so that I don't have to create the same set of macros over and over again.

- Perhaps create a sound when people enter or exit the game. On that same note a ping or something would be great when receiving messages.

-Having an initiative tracker that lets you know when it's your turn would also be awesome.

-A hit point or life bar indicator. Perhaps give the person who controls the token the ability to change the color of the border from green to yellow to orange to red... Or something.

-Maybe a status option. One of my players went to grab a bite to eat and I had no idea where she went. If she had an I'll be right back indicator that would be sweet.

-I wish there was a simple sound board. Water dripping, dragon roar, dog bark, scream of pain, etc.

That said. Over all it was a great experience. The player seemed to grasp the controls in a matter of minutes and everything on my end was intuitive. It was also very fun and I love the fact that with no prep at all I can run the dungeon again. Can't wait for some AP maps and open access. :)

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