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Scarab Sages

7 people marked this as a favorite.

I've read the new playtest, and I'm quite disappointed.

I haven't been able to read a single class to the end, I've stalled before the end for each of the 6 new classes.

I have the feeling that my game is becoming more and more bloated, and I'm unhappy with that.

I cannot give feedback about how they play because I've been unable to create a single character using the playtest. I really tried to but I felt overwelmed by the number of things to take care of before making my choices.

That was about 3 days ago.

I steped back and didn't open again the playtest until today. Today I decided to give it another try. But still I found those new classes to complicated. I really love the description of the classes.

I read this :
Mediums channel spirits into themselves, using their
own bodies as vessels for astral entities. Whether the
spirits represent the souls of the departed, mental
archetypes, or disembodied outsiders, the medium
balances his need for the spirits’ power with the danger
of allowing such beings inf luence over his mind.

And I say "Yes, that's cool, I want to create a medium character !"

I read, role, alignement, hit die, starting wealth, class skills, weapons & armors, everything id OK, until :

Damn, that's way too long and complicated !!! And still I have only 18 spirits instead of 54 (I know these are the 54 cards of my harrowing deck - cool idea by the way).

So I step back again and think : Is that me getting too old ?
I open my CRB and compare :

Barbarian : 3 pages
Bard : 4 pages
Cleric : 10 pages
Druid : 7 pages
Fighter : 1 page
Monk : 4 pages
Paladin : 4 pages
Ranger : 3 pages
Rogue : 3 pages
Sorcerer : 7 pages
Wizard : 6 pages

Kineticist : 13 pages
Medium : 11 pages
Mesmerist : 6 pages
Occultist : 12 pages
Psychic : 6 pages
Spiritualist : 9 pages

In the CRB, all classes have a beautiful picture that takes up some space but still, most classes are shorter than Occult Adventures playtest.

So it's not only me getting older !

Well, it looks that for me, a class description shouldn't exceed 4 pages before I get bored.

I know that some classes in the CRB exceed this limit, but :
- I already knew these classes from D&D 3.5, so I guess it's easier to understand.
- A cleric only chooses 2 domains, a sorcerer has only one bloodline, a wizard can only choose 1 specialisation school.

I'm not sure because I haven't been able to keep my concentration to read everything on the medium, but it seems to me that a medium can take absolutly any spirit in the book over his career. 18 spirit to choose from every day is quite too much. And tomorrow 54 spirits to choose from ??? Woaw.

I said that de spirits matching the Harrow deck is a good idea, but every spirit is too complicated by it's own.
I think each spirit should only give 1 bonus, 1 boon, or 1 spell, and it's description shouldn't be more than 5 or 6 lines.

Also, a character should be restricted to only some spirits, using for example the cleric's 1 step alignement rule.

So I have only one feedback fo this playtest : Make it simpler.

I want to add a quote for a conclusion :

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 - 1944)

Scarab Sages

@eakratz : Yes it was too late for my game, but thanks anyway.

@Christopher Dudley : It's funny because it was almost the same thing in my game :
The witch (played by my wife) made a successful Linguistics roll to identify the language as Terran. And she decided to use the summon monster II wand to summon a small earth elemental ! ;-)

Scarab Sages

I'm DMing LOF with pathfinder rules, and my players are now finishing The end of Eternity (part 4 of 6).

I find that there is too much treasure in this campaign.

Since the end of The howl of the Carrion King all characters have been ahead of the wealth by level.

Of course most of the treasure is hidden, and my players missed about 25% of the hidden treasure, but still they're ahead of the supposed wealth for their level.

However there's one thing to my campaign :
I gave them less levels than suggested. The reason is simple : Pathfinder characters are a bit more powerfull than 3.5 characters, and the LOF campaign was written fo 3.5.

The characters in my campaign are 1 level behind the proposed progression.

Scarab Sages

I'm thrilled to play with you next week-end ! ;-)

Scarab Sages

Yes it's common that a class gives a class feature that works like a feat, but in this case, the feat is far better than the class feature.

To use the "targeting torso exploit" you have to spend 1 grit point and a full-round action.
If you don't roll a 19 or 20 on your d20 (90% chance you don't) you've basically lost one grit point, and you round of action for almost nothing !

So, I have this class feature I've only tried to use once (unsuccessfully) and I won't probably use it in the next game. After next game I'll reach level 8 (if we survive) and take Improved Critical feat, so that this class feature will become totally useless.

Scarab Sages

Still no official answer on this ?

My gunslinger is about to reach level 8, and I'll take Improved Critical as a bonus feat.

I think it's very strange that a capability you gain at level 7 becomes obsolete with a feat that is very often choosed at level 8.

Scarab Sages

Are the characters build with a 15-points buy ?

If not, maybe that's why they are too poweful. I made that mistake at the start of my current AP, and I now find my players have too powerfull characters.

Another solution to that problem is possible if you don't count XP and just tell the players "You level up Now !".

Instead of leveling when it is supposed to, you just shift and make them get levels more slowly.

Scarab Sages

I downloaded this updated version but I'm desappointed :

The updated version is far more bigger than the previous one. The last one was 68,250 KB, but the new one is 117,403 KB.

I remember there was already a problem like this a few years ago, It was solved.
I hope Paizo can reduce the size of the PDF again.

Fortunatly I can stick to the lite version now.

Scarab Sages

Thanks very much !

I'm not sure they will go in area I9, but that's good to know.

Madfang is stil alive in my game, and they have no plan to attack him. All of the Unchosen are dead. Right now the PCs' objective is to go under the Maggot Trone to find out what is seeking Zayifid there.
Ghartok is dead, "Rokova" has been dismasked to the surviving gnolls and troglodytes. The PCs showed them that Rokova was no gnoll. Zayifid fled. However his cache in H7 was not found, so he is still spying around.
Grundmoch is now the leader of the House of the Beast, he made peace with the surviving gnolls and he will not let the PC harm Madfang.

Good catch on the whispering wind spell, I missed it.

But it's even better about summon monster II, because they just found a summon monster II wand in coils of flames (the set piece with Salamanders).

The Witch has 1 rank in Linguistics, so I will allow her to identify the runes as Terran. This should be enough, I hope.

Again, thanks a lot Are.

Scarab Sages

I was re-reading Part Five in the House of the Beast, preparing for my gaming session tonight. And I suddently realized that my players are totally unable to gain access to the Pit of Screaming Ghosts !

The problem lies in the earth-elemental animated cage in J4.

It can only be activated by one of 3 means :
- Talking in Terran
- Casting an [Earth] spell
- Casting an [Air] spell

None of my players have access to any of these !
None of them know the Terran Language.
None of them have access to a spell that can make them speak that language.

I knew this for a long time, but I thought they could rely on spellcasting.

However :
- The fighter cannot cast spells.
- The Paladin of Sarenrae can only cast 1st level spells. I cannot find any 1st level paladin spell with [Earth] or [Air] descriptor.
- The Inquisitor of Iomedae has only a handfull of spells no higher than 2nd level, and none of them has the [Earth] or [Air] descriptor.
- The Witch knows quite a lot of spells, but I cannot find any with the the [Earth] or [Air] descriptor.

I can solve that problem by adding a scroll in the treasure they found last time. Last game finished late, and I didn't told them exactly what they looted.

Tonight's session should be started by an inventory of the looted material.

So, I've been looking for a spell with [Earth] or [Air] descriptor, on their spell list. But I'm unable to find any !

Can anyone help me finding a spell with [Earth] or [Air] descriptor in those lists :
1st level Paladin
1st or 2nd level Inquisitor
1st to 3rd level Witch

Or any other idea ?

Thanks !

Scarab Sages

Name : Yassmine
Race : Female Human, Badawi
Class : Barbarian 3 / Ranger 1 (gnoll killer)
Adventure : House of the Beast / Coils of flames

Yassmine was once a slave to Amwyr Yuseifah, she was bought for only 100 gp. She was the cheapest of the slaves because she was not so pretty, but moreover because she was very violent towards the eunuch guards. The good natured PCs wanted to save as much slaves as possible so they buyed the cheapest slaves to free them. Other slaves took mundane jobs in the recovering town of Kelmarane, but Yassmine wanted to kill gnolls. She was enslaved by gnolls, her family was killed or enslaved by gnolls also. So she began to help the heroes of Kelmarane and volonteered to come to the House of the Beast.
She was destined to become a Cohort for one of the characters.

After they allied with Grundmoch and killed Ghartok the Carrion King, they discovered that Zayifid was looking for something under the House of the Beast. By then, the PCs knew Zayifid was Evil, and wanted to find whatever he was searching, before him. They tried to access under the house of the Beast by going to an unexplored tunnel in H11, and so they went to the lair of the salamanders.

As they were now level 6, I decided this module was a bit too easy for them. So I Added 2 regular salamanders with Thratnias, and discarded Lesaar's dreams of ruling the tribe.
So in the end, the party face Thratnias, Lesaar's and 2 Salamanders.

One Salamander was able to knock Yassmine unconcious and drag her into the lava pool.

Scarab Sages

Exemple of broken maths ?
Here is my example :
In my old D&D 3.X Campaign, I had two players with these characters :
A human paladin and an elven monk. Both were level 29 at the end of my campaign.
The paladin could hit most monsters, but his AC was so low that the monsters couldn't miss him except on natural 1.
On the other hand, the monk had an AC 25 points higher than the Paladin, and could only be hit by a natural 20, but his BAB was so low that he could only hit most monsters on a natural 20.

The paladin's BAB was actually higher than his own AC. And the monk had an AC about 25 points higher than his BAB.

That is the kind of broken maths you can find at such high levels.

Scarab Sages

It's not a PC, but it's a death worth mentioning :
Chapter : Howl of the Carrion King
Monster : Xulthos the Daemon
Catalyst : The 4th level Witch, the 4th level Paladin and poor rolls.

After Xulthos says that he wants to kill every PC until the last one begs to become his slave, everyone rolls initiative.

The witch rolls a natural 20, and acts first.
She moves at 30 ft from Xulthos and cast the sleep HEX.
I roll the will save in front of the players it's a 7, and I needed an 8 to make the save !

Xulthos sleeps.

The paladin comes by, everyone waits for the next turn, and then the paladin smites evil with a coup de grace.

I roll poor again, and fail the fortitude save (DC above 30).

Game over Xulthos !

It was way too easy for the players, I did not follow the recommandation that the PCs should be level 5, because they are Pathfinder characters. They were only level 4.

Scarab Sages

DMFTodd wrote:

Pale Mountain Region map from House of the Beast with a hex overlay: Click Here.

The scale is wrong. Kingmaker says hexes should be 12 miles, hex on this map makes it about 3 miles. I just felt that this sized-up better on the map.

The link is broken.

Is there somewhere else, where we can find this map ?

Scarab Sages

HangarFlying wrote:
Hmmm...I wonder if I can get a French CRB. That would be sweet!

If no one gives you such a gift, you can buy it by yourself :


Scarab Sages

Thanks for your feedback, both of you.

Maybe I will do it that way :

Undrella will go on a spying mission for Kardswann, and show up at the Monastery.

Depending on the PC's reaction she might :
1) (if attacked on sight) : Flee back to report Kardswann that they are at the monastery. This will set up the clock before he comes with reinforcements.

2) (if they look like they want to talk) : Try to negociate, by asking her stuff back, and proposing her help against Kardswann again.

My next game is in 2 weeks, so any other advice will be welcomed.

Scarab Sages

I run Howl of the Carrion King, and my players did quite well so far. However half of them never played Pathfinder or D&D before, and last session was not so brillant.

During last session, they made a few poor choices, and now Kardswann is aware of them.

Here is what they did after installing in the monastery :

They manage to save Oxvard, and to kill a group of 6 gnolls near the pesh field, they escaped the dust digger and let it devour the freshly dead gnolls.

This first step was brillant, Kardswann has no idea why his 6 gnolls disappeard, and he didn't know about Oxvard's rescue. Oxvard gave them some informations about the village, and how he was captured by the gnolls and their demon ally (Kezurkian).

Next day (the 4th after the Monastery's liberation) they went on another hit & run raid against the village. They were able to kill the Peryton, but not without raising the alarm. However the guards from B9 and their hyenas took a long time to go from B9 to the other side of the bridge.

And they split the party !
Some characters went to search the watermill, and others to explore the other building (Undrella's Tannery).

I made Undrella appear then, she proposed them to cover their track if they gave her the peryton's horns, heart and fangs. She wanted to use these components for her potions. She also asked for a future service (but had no time to ask for the snake's head). She talked passionatly with the seductive Paladin.
The players in the tannery agreed, but the others in the mill didn't know about it. One of them found the magical longsword in the watermill, and wanted to kill some gnolls. This player has the "Gnoll Killer" campaign trait.

As Undrella began to talk with the gnolls, he went out of the mill and attacked them (insulting the gnolls and ignoring the harpy).
Meanwhile, the rogue robbed some stuff in Undrella's home.
Undrella fled to her tannery, and the other characters went out from the tannery to help the gnoll killer. They killed on gnoll and some hyenas, but on gnoll was able to flee to the battle market. Kezurkian showed up to block the bridge, and the PCs fled from him.

They went to the monastery to recover.

We stopped the session at this point.

Now, the gnoll and Kezurkian can explain Kardswann about the PCs, and they should prepare for another attack. However, they cannot send the peryton spying on the monastery.
What do you think they should do to prepare ?

I don't know what to do with Undrella.
I think Kardswann could believe she is a traitor, but maybe she could come up with a good explaination and save her head. Maybe she could do the spying mission on the monastery on day 5, and defenitivly side with Kardswann, she was robbed and ignored after all.
Or maybe she could flee from Kelmarane, to see that handsome paladin again ?

Scarab Sages

I'm DMing this AP right now, and I've already bought the first sets.

I would enjoy buying the next ones if they come early enough.

I believe we are quite a number of players in France to start this AP now. It has just been translated, we've already recieved the PDF, and we are waiting for the paper versions.

Scarab Sages

John Mangrum wrote:

Legacy of Fire, Chapter One, Part Four

Individual NPCs
AC 20, touch 13, flat-footed 17 (+6 armor, +2 Dex, +1 dodge, +1 natural)
hp 70 (8d10+24)
Str 20, Dex 17, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 15

I think his AC should be 21, and touch AC 14, because his Dex give him +3.

Also his hp should be 68 (8d10+24 = 5+6+5+6+5+6+5+6+24).

PS : Also the fear bonus for the fighters is writen differently in other Pathfinder sources (eg in the GMG) : it's the bonus writen in brackets, not the total will save against fear.
For Kardswann it should be : Will +4 (+1 vs. fear).
Also for Ugruk it should be changed.

Haleen needs no change by luck.

Scarab Sages

I've just started the campaign last saturday, from the French translated version by Black Book Éditions.

I have 5 players around the table, their chartecters are :
Arana Séthi : Elven (f) Witch looking for Haleen (Haleen has been made an elf in my campaign)
Haram Laurelang : Elven (m) Inquisitor of Iomedae, gnoll hunter
Abû Tâlib : Human (m) Fighter (weapon master : Scimitar) reclaiming his roots
Aziliz Hawa : Sylph (f) Rogue, member of the pathfinder society
Asiunnit from Qadira : Human (m) Paladin of Sarenrae, missionary

For those able to read French, I post my summaries here :

I won't do it in English.

Scarab Sages

Thanks a lot for this conversion John Mangrum.

I will start this campaign soon, and your job is awesomely valuable !

Scarab Sages

Thank you so much Paizo !

That's what I've been dreaming of for so long...

Scarab Sages

Many good ideas of AP places have been posted so far, but I wish some other things in future AP :

- An AP that goes up to level 20.
- An AP that starts higher than level 1 (level 4 looks good to me).
- An AP with less than 6 parts (3 or 4 parts).
- An AP with more than 6 parts (9 or 8 parts) to complete with the shorter AP just above.

This maybe combined in some way. For example, an 8 volume AP going from level 1 to 20 looks good, combined with a 4 volume AP starting at level 4.

Scarab Sages

That's good for me as I allow only classes from Core Rulebook + APG except Summoner. No Summoner, no Gunslinger, no Ninja, no Samouraï.
I will allow the core races plus Ifrit, Oread, Sylph and Undine from Bestiary 2.

The witch is probably advantaged if she takes the Slumber Hex, but with so much heat, she will have to spend much ressources on protecting her familiar. That's balanced in a way.

If one wants to play a Camel or Horse Rider, I'll give a warning.

What do you think about Shazathared or Nefeshty as Witch patrons ? Is that a good idea, or should a Witch patron stay unknown at the end of the AP ?

Scarab Sages

It looks like it's the same problem with every language.

I'm a French Pathfinder Player, and we also have to wait quite long to get products. It looks like we are luckier, because our APG was released earlier than in Germany or Italy. But Black Book Editions put all of their effort on rulebooks, and there is not much effort left on the other supplements.
Right now, I'm waiting for "L'Héritage de Feu" which is the translation of Legacy of Fire AP. I've ordered it (and paid around 140 €) in October 2011, and I'm still waiting for the Player's Guide PDF.

But as a German player told before, the translation of rule books is a very complicated manner, the French APG is full of mistakes.
For example, The Summoner class has been translated with exactly the same word as the Invoker specialist wizard. This causes great confusion.

If you are posting here it means you can read an write english correctly, so I suggest that you do it this way :

Buy the rulebooks in English, and only the fluff (Setting and Adventure Path) in your local language. These books are not so sensitive about precise words, and it is far much easier to read a boxed text aloud to the players if it's in your own language.

Scarab Sages

Maybe I'm missing something, but I think this character is illegal.

I believe you can't multiclass Barbarian and Monk, since a Barbarian must be unlawful, and a Monk must be lawful.

No one seems to be surprised by this combination, so I'm probably missing something, what is it ?

Scarab Sages

About Finding Haleen using PF-RPG rules, does the +1 hp or sp stack with a +1 hp or sp from favored class ?

In other words, can a 1st level Witch with Constitution 11 have 8 hp using this trait ? (6 from d6, +1 from favored class, and +1 from finding haleen ?)

Scarab Sages

I plan on running this AP as soon as it is available in French. (more info about that here : )

One of my players wants to play an Inquisitor of Iomedae (Gnoll Killer from Solku), and another one want to play a Witch.

I think this will be fine, but if anyone knows about a potential problem, let me know.

I'm still waiting to know which kind of patron the witch will choose, maybe I can tie her with Shazathared or Nefeshty ? (especially if she chooses Agility, Elements or Water)
What do you think about that, may a Genie grant witchcraft to a 1st level character by using a wish ?

Scarab Sages

When I'm not logged it says the PDF will be available at 7am, but when I log on, It says 4pm.

I'm waiting and eating my fingernails...

I'm in Britany (Western France), same timezone as in Germany.

Scarab Sages

Let me introduce myself :
I'm a Pathfinder Fan from, the french speaking community of Pathfinder fans.

I loved this module when it came out, but I didn't GMed it yet, because of the handouts : Most of my players aren't fluent in english.

I beleive Andrew C Gale is aware that Christophe "Dalvyn" started translating this great module in french.

I'm not talented at translating, but I've a sharp eye to find mistakes and I've rereaded keenly the working version of "Horreur au Roc de la Dague". In my reading I spoted a few mistakes that were not translation errors but were in the orginal version.

I guess it should have been reported earlier, but I've just received the new updated version today, only to find out the mistakes I've spoted are still there.

Here they are :

Page 57, the dwarven wizard has only 15 point of abilities whereas the other pregenerated characters have 17 points :
STR 12 : 2 points
DEX 10 : 0 points
CON 10 : -2 points (he's a dwarf, racial +2)
INT 15 : 7 points
WIS 15 : 3 points (he's a dwarf, racial +2)
CHA 12 : 5 points (he's a dwarf, racial -2)
Total : 15 points

STR 15 : 7 points
DEX 14 : 5 points
CON 10 : 0 points
INT 10 : 0 points
WIS 12 : 2 points
CHA 15 : 3 points (she got a racial +2 either here or in STR which is the same)
Total : 17 points

STR 12 : 2 points
DEX 17 : 7 points (he got a racial +2 here)
CON 10 : 0 points
INT 10 : 0 points
WIS 14 : 5 points
CHA 13 : 3 points
Total : 17 points

STR 16 : 5 points (he got a racial +2 here)
DEX 12 : 2 points
CON 10 : 0 points
INT 13 : 3 points
WIS 10 : 0 points
CHA 15 : 7 points

Since the module is very difficult for 1st level characters, I believe this mistake is important.

My suggestion : Give the dwarf 12 in Constitution, that will get him 7 hp (which is still quite low given the difficulty of this module), and +1 Fortitude Save.

(By the way, nice thing the Pregens have a picture now)

Another mistake :
Page 63 in the Diary, an entry dates (Dated 7 months and 3 days after the earthquake) and the text starts :
"A terrible thing has happened. Father Arden has been found murdered."

But earlier, an entry states "Father Arden has returned" and it is (Dated the same day) as the previous entry (Dated 8 months after the earthquake).

So I belive the Entry starting with "A terrible thing has happened. Father Arden has been found murdered." should be (Dated 8 months and 3 days after the earthquake).

If readers are interested with a french version of this module we are working on it here :

Work is slow, we are just a bunch of volonteers, but we are eager to produce quality work for free.

Scarab Sages

I've downloaded the new version, it's around 77 MB and it's great !

Thanks a lot Paizo !

@DigitalMage :
Check at, in the download section, there are 2 PDF files with only OGL text. No pictures, no flavor text at the begining of chapters.

One is called "TurboPRD", it's full of links and very useful checking a rule quickly with a laptop/tablet/smartphone. But it's 1484 pages long and around 25 MB.

The other one is very 'printer friendly', it's only 7 MB.

Scarab Sages

I really hope you find out how to improve this.

The 3rd printing was diplaying rapidly on my destop computer, but the 4th one is really slow (I have to wait about 2 seconds between pages).

3rd printing was quite slow on my androïd smartphone, but doable. Now it is really a nightmare !

Fortunatly i found a lightweight SRD on, which is very usefull for quick reference on my smartphone.

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