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MMCJawa's page

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 5,064 posts. 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I've only skimmed this briefly, but so far loving it.

I always check out the monsters first, and was pleased that most of the stuff I wanted for a "slasher" monster template are in the implacable stalker template. Even a short range Teleport!

I will be curious how the book is received. More so than Occult Adventures, this is very much a GM friendly book. Quite a bit of the "player" content is designed for use with evil NPCs and may not see use in a normal campaign. I'm fine with it but I can see it rubbing some folks the wrong way

Someone just asked about monsters: It's a short section but includes:

Dread/Cursed Lord (template): Remember Ravenloft and the lords of the various domains? Yeah that is a good description of what the Dread Lord is.

Hive Larvae Swarm, Hive Queen, and Hive Warrior. Was the Akata too subtle an expy of the xenomorph for you? Well here ya go: a Xenomorph proxy that is probably as close as they can get to including a Xenomorph without lawsuits

Implacable Stalker (template): It's a slasher template that does a superb job of letting you create Jason, Michael, and the billion other slasher movie icons

Kyton Apostle (template): for people who converted to team Kyton after enough torture

Tromp L'oieL (Template) Viggo the Carpathian; e.g. a painting figure that comes to life

Unknown (Template): Fey template for the Slender Man pretty much; fey that reproduce by feeding and eroding the mental energies of their victims, turning the person into a new Unknown.

Waxwork (Template): construct made of wax

Besides these major templates, there are also simple templates for all the corruptions, allowing you to quickly produce vampiric and similar variations for a host of monsters, and 3 variant templates: The familial Lich that has been mentioned a few times, and the Bestial and Moonbound Werewolves, which allow you to produce werewolves that better emulate other media depictions.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

To be fair a lot of the problems with the new Trek movies are inherent to the various Trek series, old and new. But the TV show had the benefit of 20-24 hours of Trek a season, which meant that the really stupid/bad episodes were counteracted by a lot of really good ones. The movies, which honestly get a far larger budget and far more time to develop scripts and plots, as well as often access to pretty good actors, shouldn't be on par with really bad Star Trek episodes (which is what I think Into Darkness was at least).

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm pretty sure that Trump's only interest in this position is the ability to give regular speeches and appearances that are guaranteed to get media coverage and adoration from a certain segment of the public, and the ability to add the "former president" label to his existing brand. If he can use that position to punish a few critics or remove some business obstacles all the better.

Pence I suspect would be left with the day to day policy, which is stomach curdling in so so many ways.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Jaçinto wrote:
You don't even need to watch this movie to actually see the movie. Watch the trailers and you will see the entire movie laid out in front of you. They screwed up big there. Hey when was the last time that Sony made a good movie? I honestly can not remember, and I mean good as in it was quality, stands up to people actually paying attention to the movie rather than laughing at the shiny keys dangling in their face, and is rewatchable multiple times. Ghostbusters was a great film. Everything fit their narrative and you could tell they actually cared when they made this. The jokes were actually funny and the normal people actually acted like people. Plus, Officer Carl Winslow.

As someone who actually saw the movie, I couldn't disagree more. And as someone who recently watched the first movie, I actually find that just as many of the jokes in the original landed as the ones in this movie. Nostalgia can really help a movie.

I think the big failing of that there really is no market for a big budget blockbuster comedy. After all can you name a recent example? Other than Pixels, which I think was also a flop?

Sony should have reigned in the budget on this (a lot of the climax could have been trimmed down quite a bit without hurting the movie, and some more practical effects would have probably improved it in fact.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber


on one hand it is definitely fantastic. On the other hand...did we need a "streetsmart" Arthur? Is that the only interpretation Guy Ritchie can provide for characters from literature?

I am incredibly confused why the Camelot mythos is so damn hard to adapt for movies. The characters are well known to audiences, there is an infinite amount of material to work from, it has iconic villains and dramatic twists, and plenty of potential for awesome battles. And it's large enough that you could easily produce multiple trilogies off the material. Yet either people chuck out most of the story to produce a streamline narrative that is name only, or they go a hyper-realistic route and remove all the magic.

On another note, at least Littlefinger plays a character named "Goosefat Bill".

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Fetchlings are Azlanti that fled to the Shadow plane; Darkfolk just went underground

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I would have preferred someone a bit more liberal as a choice. I think Hillary may be underestimating the republican dislike of her. Just because a faction of Republican voters hate Trump doesn't mean they like Hillary. If the more "moderate" Republican voters stay home, and the hardcore Bernies supporters do as well, Hillary may not be able to defeat Trump.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

You know it always boggles my mind that solutions like A giant expensive wall are the best approach to illegal immigration, rather than you know...actually enforcing labor laws so businesses can't hire illegal immigrants, who because they are not here illegaly can be exploited far more easily than US workers.

It's almost as if politicians realize rhetoric about walls and border patrol are safe discussion points, because it's unlikely to tick off Big Business, and the measures that are discussed actually do squat.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

If enough Bernie supporters stay home because "Trump probably won't win", than Trump is very likely TO win...

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Well whose to say what exist in Arcadia. But since Arcadia is the Americas analog in this setting it would be one of the most likely places for trains especially since the Inner Sea doesn't have them.
It's supposed to be the analog for Primitive America, with all the civilisations and tribes that existed before the European extermination of them. So don't even expect to find wheels... save as children's toys.

I wouldn't expect things to play out like this. The dev's have already stated that they are drawing inspirations from Arcadia, and not adapting things whole cloth. I can't recall if Adam Daigle has flat out stated it, but it's at least heavily implied that many Arcadians nations are on par with Avistan as far as technological/magical development.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Almost done...


Tachwüll = Aonikenk SA; race of bola-using dwarves, who fashion tools of stone; first race to settle the Andes, their cities destroyed in a volcanic cataclysm; rather animal-like, with sharp claws; built cities of gold

Tailypo = US folklore; cat like monster with yellow eyes; sapient; loses its tail to a hunter, than returns to it, killing the hunter to remove the tail from his stomach.

Takwish = Penutian/Takwish; wife-stealing meteor spirit; giant who takes the form of a meteor or blue flame; eats people; power over ball lightning, meteors, and thunder; can turn a person’s heart into a star by ritually eating a person’s shoulder; stole souls

Tapire-iauara = Amazon; “Tapir nymph”; aquatic cow-sized jaguar, with red, waterproof fur with a cream patch on its chest, a thick mane, long droopy ears half a m in length; and an overwhelming stench; may be variable in color, including red, gold, and black; may have the limbs of jaguars or horses, and the paws of a jaguar, otter, or duck; putrid odor nauseates prey and can cause them to faint or die of shock; may also mesmerize prey into standing still before it pounces on them; resilient to damage; often catch and drag fishermen into rivers to feed on them; stench may cause a victim to lose there souls; Carana resin repulses them, and they can also be evading by climbing into a tree, as they can not climb

Tapugi = Macro Carib; sexually dimorphic giants; huge males and child-sized females (or vice versa)

Taquatu = Tierra Del Fuego; Invisible Giant who travels around via a canoe; can levitate over the tops of trees with no sign of his passing; collects and carrys away inattentive humans it encounters in its travels

Tariaksuq = Half man, half caribou monster from Inuit myth; can also appear as a humanoid shadow creature; powers of invisibility and control of shadows; invisible if viewed straight on; have complex human like societies and families

Tcetin = Athabaskan NA; apelike creatures, which rule over and created wolverines, wolves, dogs, foxes, and martens; dwell in dens and originally came across the ocean; spirit stored in his tail, which can allow him to resurrect.

Tcipitckaam/Jipijka’m/Chepechcalm = Alqonquian/Micmac NA; horned serpent with a single, unicorn-like red and yellow horn; horn has magical powers; body like a crocodile; inhabits lakes and eats people; can shapeshift into human form

Teakettler = Fearsome critter; stubby-legged dog like creature, with cat like ears; makes a sound like a whistling tea kettle; walks backward; shy and elusive forest denizen

Teakiak'k/Goga'ne/Na'hnias = Native American; fey; resemble young boys but size of babies; long-waist length hair; can run down trees upside down; decorate with red woodpecker feathers

Teehooltsoodi = Navajo; giant monstrous otter with bull-like horns; can control waters and create floods

Te’e’i = Navajo; Anaye of poverty; spirits which appear as a filthy old man and woman, dressed in rags; allowed to exist so people had an excuse to give away old cloths and items and buy new ones

Telek’um/Swau’waut/Tub-ta-ba/Tubsadad/Tubca’dad = Salish NA; gurgling two-three foot tall hunchbacked dwarves; provide dance power to people on vision quests; mean but can heal the sick; can possess people and make them crazy; avoid humans and dwell along damp creekbeds and and gullies, and hid amidst plants; hunter-gatherers; dressed like local native Americans and held potlucks

Tepictoton = Mesoamerican; legless mountain dwarves;

Teyu Yagua = Guarani; spawn of Tau and Kerana; chimeric beast, with the body of a lizard and the head of a dog; clumsy and slow; covered in gold and gems from rolling in the treasure of Itayu; sometimes given 6 heads; considered the lord of caverns and protector of fruits; although scary in appearance, it is benevolent, and feeds on honey and fruit

Thunder Horse = Sioux; immense horses who create thunder with their might hoof beats, and who leap down to the earth during storms. Based on remains of Titanotheres found

Tihwo’bi/Itsee’bi = California NaDene; Small, stinky, black dwarves of the wild; evil;

Tisikh Puk = Inuit; Colossal worm like creature, with the body of a caterpillar and the head of a human; could take human form

Tlahuelpuchi = Mexican vampire; born that way; females more powerful than males. feeds on the blood of infants/children can be distinguished by glowing aura while hunting. Sheds legs when hunting, and can shape shift into a vulture; usual vampire rules

Tlaloc/Tlacoques /Danzantes= Mesoamerican god and class of spirits; god of rain, fertility and water; toppled the Toltec empire when not appeased; goggle-eyed and fanged; dark-skinned and bearded; depicted with snakes around eyes, eyebrows, nose; made servitors such as Tlaloques which are dwarves tasked with delivering rain; held up the skies; may have had wings; Aztecs who drowned went to Tlalocan, the domain of Tlaloc; Tlalaques dwell in peaks and mountain caves and under water bodies; wears snake masks a crown of heron feathers; green and red jewelery,and sandles; carries a jade hatchet and can throw lightning; can be agents of retribution, and when angry will shatter water jars which contain bottled lightning, or thunder; can cause floods, snow, or droughts

Tlaltecuhtli = Aztec creator god; immense fanged sea monster that symbolized primordial chaos that the gods tore apart to form the heavens and earth; has both female and male properties; humanoid covered mouths with sharp teeth, which spit blood; clawed feet and hands; often depicted with a human exiting it’s nether regions; was propitiated with human sacrifice to keep it from eating the sun. blue, red and ochre; somewhat frog-like; lower half has a thick tail that ends with a massive crocodile head

Tlanowa = Cherokee/Natchez NA; Giant birds covered in impenetrable metallic feathers

Tlanusi’yi = Cherokee; monstrous giant leech with red and white stripes; would create giant spouts of water to wash people into the water, where it ate their ears and nose; aquatic, but sometimes returns to land

To-ya-nu-mu = Numic Na; Pygmies which live above treeline and whose dancing creates the snow seen in summer
Tonop = Algic NA; half a body and head, lives in trees and makes tracks like an axe strike; if wrestled and loses, will grant magic shaman powers; communicates by whistling

Toonahyannas = Taruma SA; Water people; humanoid who adapted to a life in the in the water due to encroachment of white men; build aquatic stockades and sleep underwater;

Totochtin = Aztec rabbit gods who enjoy partying and alcohol

Trempulcahue = Mapuche; a group of four flying mystical baleen whales who transport the souls of the dead to the afterlife; take the form of old women during the day, and hide from men; Like charon took payment to assist the dead in there travels

Trelquehuecuve = Chilean; ray like monster, with a thick hide with multiple eyes and claws around the exterior edges; brown splotched with white; creates whirlpools that suck people down, where it drowns and eats them by wrapping around them. Feeds on blood and can leave the water for short periods; Minion of the Ivunche

Tripodero = Fearsome critter; odd kangaroo like creature, with telescoping legs, prominent and long snout, and long balancing tail; stalks the chapparal, shooting clay bullets from it’s snout to kill its prey; nearly perfect aim

Trueno = Central and northern South American; Thunder Jaguars; fierce race of cannibals 4 feet tall with long beards; generally nude; linked to thunder and rainbows; suck blood; inhabit deep lakes; can shapeshift into serpents and are master shamans; related to olmec jaguar dwarves?

Tsamtas/Tosetax = Nivakle Paraguay; immense sky serpents that radiate heat and feed on rain bringing thunderbirds, causing droughts. Red and gree, with three mouths, one in the head, middle and tail; build nests in the sky

Tse’cabe = Siouan; black spiderlike fairies

Tsenahale = Navajo; Giant draconic eagle or harpy creature and progenitor of all other eagles; One of the Anaye; partly featherless, with feathers on its back and shoulders; capture humans to feed to it’s offspring at the top of the mesas; can create whirlwinds with it’s wingbeats

Tsemaus = Haida/Tsimshian NA; an immense fish whose dorsal fin is sharp enough to cut someone in half; personification of river snags; dorsal fin has the appearance of a snag; can be bear like, killer whale like, frog like, dogfish like, or sea lion like in form; often found in rivers

Tsenayai = Navajo; Sentient rock which rolled after people, crushing them to death; chips of stone from his body eventually formed the various pigments used in sandpainting as well as geological features; contact with the original fragments can drain the life force from a person; Escaped from the Monster Slayer by diving into a river, where it appeared as a rock gleaming with fire; promised that if it was allowed to exist it would ensure the flowing of rivers

Tsetahotsiltali = Navajo; Cliff dwelling Anaye monster who would butt travels off of the cliffs with it’s head or legs, killing them and feeding them to it’s scavenging young; can not be knocked from it’s ledges, as it’s long hair burrow through the mountain like roots; after it was destroyed vultures were formed from its flesh

Tshenkutshen = Ecuador arboreal rainbow hued cat; deadly predator; jaguar like build

Tsi-noo/Chenoo: Native American Abenaki; a person/giant with a heart of ice and no soul, who gains power through eating the souls of others. Originally a human but turned into a monster through a great crime motivated by greed

Tsi-Sgili = Cherokee; undead witch associated with owls; can be any sex or age; keep dogs, wolves, owls, and lizards as demonic familiars; power derived from lizards that inhabit the witch; will devour the witch if not regularly fed with human flesh; violate sacred spaces and can soar through the sky or shrink in size to enter any dwelling; psychic powers including the ability to make there thoughts real.

Tsiahk = Wakashan NA; nocturnal spirits with yellow hair covering their shoulders and horns on ther temples and behind their ears; placated by dance

Tsiatko = Stick Indians; Tall, thin, atheletic, uncivilized humanoids who inhabited the wilderness and lived like animals; frequently stole from humans; stole children to use as slaves. Communicate by whistling; will swear vengeance against any who hurt them; superstitious and won’t cross water; have an aura of fear and can cause people to go into a deep sleep; excellent archers

Tuniit = Short stocky arctic people; peaceful but very strong; use primitive technology

Tunkasila = Siouan; three feet tall, mud-daubed pygmies, with bare feet and dressed in breech clothes; smell like sweetgrass; hunt with bows and arrows; watch over ceremonies and teach the sun dance; can heat rocks; dwell between earth and sky and were driven from the earth by white people;

Tunrak = Innuit; monstrous creatures of varying shape and sizes; evil; tried to tempt people; derived from the souls of bears, wolves, and foxes

Tzitzakien/T’si T’son Kia Deneh = Canadian/Alaska NA; “chickadee folk”; change into chickadee’s in the winter; hunt rabbits and owls; start forest fires; pick the eyes out of people; can be as tall as three feet;

U’tlun’ta/Spearfinger = Cherokee; crone-like figure with stone-like skin and a long sharp finger on her right hand; mouth stained with blood; uses her finger to remove the livers of her human prey; only weak spot was in the palm of her left hand, where her heart was located; produces thunder as she hunts, warning of her coming; all animals flee her presence; enjoy shapeshifting into the form of her child victims, to infilitrate families; can only shapeshift when not observed; control of stone; invulnerable to weapons; victims may no realize their liver is initially eaten, and die days later; prefers to feed on children

Uahti/Wax-ti = Macro-Tucanoan; dark, hairy, ugly pot-bellied dwarfish creatures, with no toes; covered in ash; eat humans; associated with Whip-poor-wills, vampire bats, and morpho butterflies; cause echos; dwell in dark, secluded, abandoned buildings; enjoy strangling prey; strike down trees; formed from the spirits of the dead

Ucumar = Quechua Argentina; large-bigfoot/bear like creature, with prominent fangs, razor sharp claws, and thick black fur; small eyes, with prominent jowls and a huge mouth with protruding teeth; lack a soul

Ugjuknarpak = Inuit; giant rodent monster, with unpiercable skin and a long scaly tail, which it uses to snare it's victims. found near aquatic environments.

Uissa/Uissuit= Innuit; Deep sea dwarves; sometimes seen on ice

Uktena/Uhcegila/Misi-kinepikw = NA Horned Serpent; giant serpent with glowing iridescent crystalline scales and a single large crystal horn in it's forehead, with magical powers. Also stag horns; pestilence breath; glow can blind and confuse people; enemies of the Thunderbird; not evil, but avoid humans and may be a death omen; can control game

Urayuli = Alaskan Native American hominid; gray fur, 10 feet tall; very long arms which extend past his knees; shy and gentle, but often steals fish; good swimmer. Form from children who become lost in the forest.

Urkuyaya = Quechuan; Mountain Father who can kill trespassers with his gaze

Utano = Ge-Pano South America; 3ft tall, wild men with animal like skin from before the flood

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

oh rereading the comments, some general concerns raised based on the trailer:

As far as black characters being cliche/token, Leslie Jones as Patty is actually a huge improvement over Ernie Hudson's character. She joins the team as a self-taught historian of New York City lore, and significantly contributes to the team, versus just holding another proton pack.

As far as Raunch goes, uh...It's a stretch to really identify any. There is certainly far far less than the original, as the movie skews harder towards PG than the originals. The "all the cracks" comment might actually be as explicit as things get.

For people who dislike or have mixed feelings about Melissa McCarthy, her persona is more subdued than some of her other roles. Probably closer to Mike and Molly than her more outright slapstick work. To me none of the 4 ghostbusters came across as super over the top, although they all have their moments here and there (Kate McKinnon is probably the closest, and her characterization is more weirdo way to into her tech than comic relief)

Actually the only really overtly over the top character is Kevin, who is played as being so stupid he edges into "he really shouldn't be living on his own". He's basically the dumb yet hot secretary trope cranked to 11 (and for those who are interested, don't get a lot of shirtless Hemsworth humor).

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hi James...Did you start or are you going to watch Stranger Things? I literally just put it and the opening has several things you might like :P

Also...where was it announced you were taking over the module line? I was surprised to see that mentioned here but it was the first time I have seen that said?

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Arturius Fischer wrote:

MMCJawa: The Republican Party has effectively been nuked from orbit. Now the question is: Are they the survivors of the fallout who will try to rebuild a functioning society with the numbers they have left? Or are they the radioactive mutants who will mindlessly swarm the one they failed to take down before in a bid for vengeance?

There are pretty large swaths of the country that always go Red. So even if the Republicans lose the next presidential election, and lose some seats in the Senate and such, there will be still a pretty big base for them to build upon. So "nuked from orbit" is not at all what I would consider the state of the country. But they are reaching a point where they may now longer be competitive in enough states to win the presidency, and where many traditional battleground states are going to shift to being locked down as Blue states.

The Republicans can definitely still salvage themselves with some rebranding and strong leadership. But the current party leadership seems to still be in shock from Trump getting the nod and other events, while the latter might prove difficult with the amount of control the Tea Party still has on Republican politics.

Also, on a different tangent related to this thread. Something else to consider is that, even if by miracle a third party candidate got elected, how easily would they get anything done? Likely the third party candidate would either need to already be very close politically to one of the major parties, or need a significant number of house and senate positions to also go to his party. It's hard for me to look at say, the libertarian platform, and see positions that are not likely to annoy both the Dems and the Republicans.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
James Jacobs wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:

Oh wise Tyrannosaur:

1. Have you seen either "The Shallows" or "Purge: Election Year" yet? I have seen the former but not the latter, so curious on your thoughts?

3. Somewhat similar question, are there certain things which completely turn you off/sour you on a horror movie/book? I don't mean like basic craftmanship type of things (bad writing/acting, cheesy effects, etc), but rather topics you would just prefer not reading or watching. Since my parents got a new small dog I find I don't really like watching anything where a pet cat or dog dies (Especially if its played for humor).

1) Saw "The Shallows" and it was incredible. One of the best shark movies I've seen, one of the most intense PG 13 movies I've seen, and overall just a great movie. LOVED IT. Haven't seen the latest Purge movie yet... might do that today or tomorrow but I'm not sure.

2) Absolutely. Clowns are high up on that list.

3) Absolutely. Musicals sour me to horror. As does mixing it with disrespectful comedy. As does disrespecting the genre.

Hah...I am glad someone else likes it! I was feeling like the only one! A really solid Shark movie, and absolutely needed given all the Syfy channel drek.

Although as a birder I mentally thinking that I really hope someone submits that go-pro footage of Steven sea gull, since it would be the first record of Silver Gull (an Australian species) from North America :)

As far as your response to "disrespectful", do you have specific examples? I mean I can definitely think of examples of the first two but kind of curious on the specifics of that third choice?

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

RE: Cleric and archetypes. Probably best to start a new thread on this since its pretty off topic. I will conclude my own thoughts here is that, most of the "issues" with Clerics is that it has an overall boring chassis, like Wizard, which makes cool and equally powerful archetypes difficult to come up with. Not many people care however because Clerics and Wizards are already so powerful that even an inferior archetype is still likely to be very playable in most parties. The fighter situation is completely different (See the 50 bazillion threads on that subject). Again my last words on the subject here.

RE: Gods and clerics. Remember that hardcover rulebooks (or the books in general) are not just for people with PCs. Many options (especially in something like Horror Adventures) are also present to give GM's the ability to craft unique and flavorful enemies and NPCs for the PCs to play against. Not every option is put forward with the expectation that players will use it. Yes, you can go ahead and be a CG priest of Azathoth, a CN priest of Rovagug or a true N priest of Szuriel, but realize that you are likely the only worshipper in existence of that alignment, regular people will probably not trust you, other worshippers of that god will try to kill you, you have increased risk of losing your abilities by violating your gods credo, and you probably won't have a nice fate in the afterlife.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Oh wise Tyrannosaur:

1. Have you seen either "The Shallows" or "Purge: Election Year" yet? I have seen the former but not the latter, so curious on your thoughts?

2. On a horror related note, are there specific themes or topics that just really get under your skin and creep you out, even as someone I assume is a hardened horror reader? Personally I find the idea of losing control of your own actions (ala the puppeteering in Carrion Comfort or the basic premises of Neuropath) terrifying.

3. Somewhat similar question, are there certain things which completely turn you off/sour you on a horror movie/book? I don't mean like basic craftmanship type of things (bad writing/acting, cheesy effects, etc), but rather topics you would just prefer not reading or watching. Since my parents got a new small dog I find I don't really like watching anything where a pet cat or dog dies (Especially if its played for humor).

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Thomas Seitz wrote:


You could have fooled me...

Lovecraft based a lot of horror around the fear of contamination of (WASP) human bloodlines by other entities, deriving from Lovecrafts own xenophobia. These events are almost entirely backstory, as Lovecraft really seldom ever had significant female characters in non-antagonist roles, nor does romance really ever figure in much within a given characters motivations or even life.

That kind of the opposite of Hentai. Granted I am sure there is Mythos Hentai our there, but then there is Mythos slapstick comedy, so that doesn't mean much.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
djones wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:

No offense Liz, but I think you could have chosen the Ring maybe. ;)

But yes, the preview is awesome. :)

Very different beasts though; Ringu is monster horror, Uzumaki is cosmic/body horror; it's even less explicable and relatable than Lovecraft
Really? Some times I can't relate to Lovecraft since I'm not about hentia tentacle.

Neither was Lovecraft.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Strange Aeons will visit visit Casmaron and should contain a gazeteer for a new region of that place, the Parched Lands

We are getting a Quadira CS book soon and should have some more general info on the Padisha Empire in general, although I don't think it's going into the other satrapies or what not.

I think that is it as far as I know for already announced stuff, although I bet the Horror CS book for Horror Adventures will have at least one location outside of Avistan.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Azten wrote:
Raisse wrote:
I'll just leave this here.
Oh look. A soft cover of Golorian specific prestige classes. Divine only from the look of it. Now we just need a hard back making the old prestige classes worthwhile without tying them to a campaign setting.

I believe the current philosophy is that prestige classes work best WHEN tied into a specific setting. If something is generic, its best to have either a full class or archetype for that concept, so folks can play it from level one.

Personally I would prefer most (all?) of the prestige classes in APG and the core rulebook to be upgraded to regular classes.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I think the best way to treat them is as a high powered construct that any level of character (with the appropriate skill ranks) can operate. They would control the construct and provide the intelligence and wisdom scores, while the other scores would be from the mech.

Characters would only pilot mechs during big battles; they presumably would go on missions that don't involve giant robots and rely on there character abilities more (investigating derelict space ships, infiltrating smuggling rings, rescuing hostages, etc). This would mean that as PCs you might be dealing with some CR 2 thugs one game, and then the next game have to climb into your mechs to fight some CR 15 enemy robot. You would probably have to adjust XP in some fashion of course to deal with the range of CRs characters the characters have to deal with.

Under this scenario, A GM would probably have to decide early on if he wants to incorporate Mech piloting or save it for a late game random encounter. The best thing about this idea is that if you have a group of folks who really really want to play a mech game, they could do so from level one with an entire team of mech pilots (which wouldn't be a class, and so open to any class). It would mean however that Starfinder would really need to put in a lot of ginormous high CR constructs and monsters to fight.

Mechs are such a strong flavor though that I think you would need to make them a major element of the game or barely include them. A Star Trek or Farscape style campaign would be a poor fit for Mech combat.

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If you are hoping this to fix whatever problems you have in Pathfinder itself, how happy you are going to be will probably be dependent upon what you identify as problems. It sounds like magic will be less important in the game, so caster-martial discrepancies should be less bad. They are working with entirely new classes, so class imbalance issues won't be a factor due to not having stuff grandfathered in. I'd also expect crafting to less important, what with mass production probably being a thing.

If you have deeper issues in the design, than no you probably won't be happy. Or if you decide to adapt non-Starfinder classes into the game which are not balanced with the existing game (I am already expecting some ANGRY threads when people try to do the latter).

Personally, I plan on picking up Starfinder, but probably wouldn't if it wasn't sort of compatible with Pathfinder. I would guess I am not alone in that consideration.

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Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:

Sheepsquatch really is a cool monster, I just wish it had a name that was even remotely intimidating.

So the Squonk can turn into a liquid state by deliberately melting itself and surviving? Is that an embellishment or accurate to the myth? I was under the impression it just dies. If that's an embellishment it's a very clever one though, and really improves the creature.

well death is kind of an escape? But no I think the Squonk just dies when it melts into tears, I just didn't use the best phrasing there.

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Not much left to finish...


Q’eq/Kek = Macro-Mayan; ugly, black, hairy, 3ft tall dwarves with backward bending knees and horse hooves; active at night

Qiqirn = Inuit; large, hairless dog spirit; tufts of hair on its feet, ear, mouth, and tip of tail; skittish and foolish; mostly harmless, but its presence causes epilepsy in all humans who stand near it

Quanganjaat = Northwest NA tribes; Shrew-Woman; tiny grandmother who is guardian spirit of animal-spirits; dwell in the earth; works hard to keep to world orderly; disciplines those who take too much game; teaches people to deal with sea beings

Quechronamun = Mapuche; penguin-like dwarf which walks like a penguin on one webbed foot

Quemanta = Selk’nam SA; living tree spirit, generally benevolent but greatly feared by women

Quinametzin = Aztec giants that lived during the age of the Sun; venerated Tlaloc the sun god, but were destroyed or punished for failing to respect the gods enough

Rattle Jaguar = Warao Venezuala; evil spirit in the form of a humanoid jaguar; rests in a hammock over a pile of bones whose strings he strums, enticing and enthralling human prey into his clutches

Raven Mocker/Kalona = Cherokee; undead witch-like creature; Hunt the dying and the sick, tormenting them first before devouring their hearts; Their appearance was foretold by the sound of crying ravens and wind; attacks leave no marks on victim, and with every heart eaten they gain an extra year of life; can become invisible, and can only be seen by powerful medicine men

Raw Gums = Arapaho NA; Cannibalistic baby; resembles normal child, but leaves it’s crib at night to prey on people; immortal; can raise the undead as skeletal soldiers which it can command; can transform into adult form

Rawhead = American folklore; former witch’s familiar in the shape of a boar; bipedal hog skeleton topped by an ugly boar head; weaponized with the sharp teeth of panther and the claws of a bear

Ripi-bi-ri = Tarachahitan; small piglike spirits

Rock Swallows = Navajo; Anaye destroyed by the Twins; took the form of a swarm of fast moving swallows to fast to be struck with arrows; swarm opponents like giant angry bees; had to be destroyed via magical storms

Romsiwamnari = Serente Brazil; shapeshifting monsters, whose true form is that of a large flabby bat-winged bird flightless bird; long razor sharp beak that opens and closes like scissors; can shapeshift into the form of humans or tapirs; in human form often resembles the pope; inhabit forests and caves; feed on the living but also consume the souls of the dead; can be slain in the afterlife by shamans

Roperite = Fearsome Critter; bipedal fast predator; incredibly fast and bounds on two hind limbs; bird like face but long prehensile beak-like snout; Uses snout as a lasso to capture prey, which is then dragged to death through the brush; impervious hide; long rattler-like tail; First formed from the spirits of early Spanish explorers, but later hatched from eggs; can not be outrun by any human

Rougarou/Rugaru = Cajun; swamp-dwelling werewolf-like creature, body of a man with the head of a wolf; a human cursed by a spell, who must maintain his monstrous form until he is able to transfer his curse when he drinks the blood of another; targets those who do not follow the rules of lent;

Sa-Yin = Toba Pilaga NA; Aquatic centaur with black hair; inhabits desert lake

Sa’aitl = Pacific NW Algic; “Spirit people”; dwarfish spirits with elongated heads and long mouths. Sometimes called wood devils; shoot miniature flaming arrows valued by human sorcerers; live in areas overgrown with brush

Sacdijo’l = Navajo Anaye of old age; appeared as an old man or woman so withered in age that are shrunken and nearly incapable of movement; lie on the grown, curled up in a ball; had a magic ax whose touch would kill anyone who held it; allowed to live so that people could age and die in the proper amount of time

Sacha cuca waira = Quechuan; Evil wind of the forest; human sized evil spirit which dresses in leaves and branches

Sachamama = Giant Earth diety of Peruvian legend; Resembles a giant snail with black flesh and tentacles; hibernates for long periods of time; can suction engulf prey from a distance; capable of rolling over and decimating villages in its path

Sacharuna /DiDi = Northern South American cryptid; manlike beast which kidnaps young girls in the jungle. Covered in black/red hair; whistle and neigh as a means to communicate. Mate for life and monogamous; will seek revenge if mate dies

Saci = Brazilian Folklore; one legged urban/swamp prankster fairy with a red cap; Dark skinned Saci are malicious, whilewhite Saci are more benign; Ride around in dust storms, like to smoke pipes; and can become invisible; able to grant wishes if hat is stolen fiery eyes and snorts flame when laughs; small horn on head; wear red clothes colored by animal blood; bird-like speech; can bilocate; trackless; like to braid manes; fear religious symbols

Sand Squink = fearsum critter; canine-like creature with the pattern of a bobcat, jackrabbit like ears, and squirrel-like tail; lay eggs; feeds on electric eels to acquire an electric charge, when its ears and tail form an arc; used this ability to lure travelers to their doom

Scalp Mannikin = Pimic; dirty spirit incubi that dressed as tiny Apache; may appear as furry little animals; form from human scalps; can be controlled by given food and other offerings

Scoliophis = Gloucester serpent cryptid; giant serpent like creature; turtle like head; sheathed in armored fish scales, black in coloration; enjoys basking onshore; foot like horn emerging from back of skull

Shampe = Choctaw NA; monstrous man-eating beast, part windigo, part vampire, and part sasquatch; nocturnal; vulnerable to sunlight and fresh air; foul smelling; attracted to blood and will stalk hunters with fresh kills; poor vision but keen sense of smell

Sheepsquatch = Virginian cryptid; resembles a wampa, with low set eyes, sheep like horns, raccoon like paws, and a shaggy white coat; quadruped; can rear up to 6 feet in height; reeks of sulfur

Shiru/Halingo = Andean; race of evil 4 foot tall dwarves covered in short, brown fur; Nocturnal and inhabit high mountains

Shunka Warakin = cryptid/American folklore; long-legged, red-furred, plains dwelling, hyena like creature

Siat (M)/Bapets (F) = Ute Native American; giant cannibal humanoids; females possessed large breasts full of poison milk, which they give to children they would kidnap to kill them; Could only be killed with obsidian arrows; theropod dinosaur named after it

Siaskel = Selk’nam SA; underground dwelling monstrous giant, who ate people; had poisonous blood, disheveled hair, and a cape that deflected arrows. Slayed by the hero Kwanyip at the dawn of time

Sierpa = Yaqui; Giant underground dwelling shapeshifting rattlesnakes; formed from people who once committed incest; dangerous; Born and dwell on land, but evetuntually return to the sea; Can cause earthquakes

Siguanaba/Cigua/Cegua = Latin America; shapeshifter that appears as an attractive woman with long hair, but has the face of a horse or skull; appears at night, often bathing, or near empty roads; hides her face until the last second; her gaze causes insanity and death; may also take the form of a man’s girlfriend or a child’s mother; her touch causes madness; will lure children in the wilderness and leave them lost and insane; can be warded with the sign of the cross or iron; formed from the soul of a woman who tried to steal the throne from her son using black magic

El Silbon = Columbian boogeyman; A tall, gaunt man, who carries around a bag of bones; created from the the soul of a spoiled teenager, who killed his father when he did not grant him his wish of torturing an animal; cursed to wander the earth with the bones of his father; stalks and kills drunkards and partiers; his presence is marked by silence, while his whistling can be heard from far away

Sisiutl = Pacific NW Native American; Great two-headed sea serpent with a human head and limbs in the center of it's body, each head horned. may have been inspired by the rubber boa; can change size, from tiny to colossal; slime can cause sickness and death; gorgon like petrification powers; if killed can have great healing powers; natural enemy of Thunderbirds; guardian of the gods

Sisimite = Macro-Mayan; reversed foot, hairy ape-like dwarves with huge eyes; only come out at night; eat people and are fond of carrying off children; dwell in tropical lowlands and inside cave springs; guard rocky areas from humans; herd crabs and snails, and sneak into houses to eat ash; do not close eyes while sleeping; hide immune to all attack except bullets; contact with sisimite skin can cause disease; can only be killed with fire

Skahnowa = Seneca; enormous monstrous aquatic turtle which acts as the spy, hunter, and scout of the horned serpent Doonongaes

Skalalatoot = Cherokee; Little people; come in brown, white, black and golden skin tones; under two feet tall; women appear to resemble porcelain dolls; men look like ruddy, wrinkled old men, with mustaches, long white beards, and gray hair to their feet; strangely shaped eyes, often different colors; divided into three tribes; Rock people hate intruders and kidnap children; Laurel people make children laugh; Dogwood people guard humans; dress like traditional Cherokee; eat food raw, hunt bison and fight off birds with blowguns and bows and arrows; consider wasps a delicacy and will barter for them; love music and ball games; organized by clans which meet on mountain balds; each clan had a chief; can become invisible; associated with butterflies; predate humans; could resurrect the dead

Skatene = Choctaw NA; Shapeshifting Ogress who resembles an old woman; can transform into an owl to enter an abode, them decapitates the head of the family; boogeyman character

Skusiskwaq = Micmac NA; Weasel women; have skin the color of snow in winter, but brown in summer; Have the magical power necessary to call upon star people for husbands.

Snawfus = Ozark folklore; tree-dwelling white deer; antlers are blossoming dogwood branches; winged; bird like call; hooves split and grasping; creates tree top mists; can transit between the mortal world and the afterlife; anyone who kills it immediately dies

Snee-Nee-Iq = Kwakiutl NA; Mountain dwelling nursery boggle; monstrous bony female ogre, who collects misbehaving children in her giant basket; later smokes their flesh for food and hangs it from trees around her lair; not very smart

Snoligoster = American folklore, legless marsh crocodile like beast, with a propeller like tail which can be used to spear prey

Somberon = Hispanic; hand-sized spirits with sombreros, mustaches, and waistlength black hair; household spirits which become attached to families and move with them; made from children transmuted by demons; can be trapped by stealing his hat;

Sompallwe = Mapuche; thumb-sized dark fairy with curly hair who rules the ocean

Squaunit/Granny Squaunit = Algic NA; little old powerful fey woman; rabbit feet, long white hair and a narrow long face; related to river elves?; catlike, cyclopean, or square eyes; no visible nose; inhabit’s a coastal cave; greatly feared, her name was only spoken with respect lest it bring negative attention; could disappear/teleport

Squonk = tiny morose humanoid with fur, loose, saggy skin, and warts. Can dissolve into tears to escape pursuers

Stcemqestcinct = Coeur d’Alene Native American; race of people who wore nothing but buffalo skins and smelled bad; could hide from people by turning into trees; if in tree form too long, they couldn’t change back;

Suague = Arawak; fragile prehuman pygmies with little culture; minor spirits

Sumpall = Mapuche water dwarf; females beautiful with long golden hair; half-human half fish; volatile temperament; kidnaps evil people and punishes those who despoil rivers and lakes

Surem = Tarachahitan; Three-foot tall pygmies; dress in parrot and eagle feathers; after the coming of Christianity vanished into hills or sea; Born of a sea goddess; danced where no grass grows and later became ants

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Wow..been lightly skimming, but as an evolutionary biologist who is teaching at a medical school, I have some thoughts:

First...race as some sort of discrete category is not terribly useful, simply because most of the features originally used to define those categories are highly variable, and they don't perfectly track things of evolutionary interest. For instance, there is more genetic diversity in Africa than there is in pretty much all the continents combined.

That said, many medical disorders and propensities due have genetic components, and are often tied to specific geographic regions and ethnicities, even when taking in account dispersal of some group and other forms of genetic interchange. Race is a VERY IMPORTANT element to take into account when testing new drugs and therapies. Our students end up hearing all about this in school. For a very large chunk of the history of medicine, the default human was a white adult male. Doctors and scientists not taking variation due to sex and racial/ethnic differences can skew there data, or miss important side effects and other considerations. Hell this even extends to anatomy; People were still making major discoveries in female anatomy long after the male reproductive anatomy was well described, as an example.

Also, knowing the genetic variability of different populations, and the health effects, can actually teach us a lot about potential cures to disorders. Knowing why X group of people don't get this disease is just as important as knowing why X group of people do.

Secondly, Orfamy's description of phylogenetic analysis/cladistics doesn't seem that up to date. Most of the problems he cites with performing such studies on humans are present in other groups of organisms. If anything humans are often more simpler to examine: we don't parthenogenetically reproduce, exchange plasmids, or bud off new individuals. Yes, single genes can give a misleading picture of the evolution and phylogeny of a group, but it's not a human specific problem, but an issue known for well over a decade now and which influences everything from population structure in canines to the Avian tree of life. The solution is to just keep throwing more individuals and genes into the analysis (which advances in automation make increasingly cheap and fast), until you are able to sort out artifacts from past hybridization events or convergence.

Also species are INCREDIBLY MESSY. There are whole books written on what species concept is best and the problems with each one (We are up to 50+ concepts). Reproductive Isolation is far far more uncommon than people think. I work on pinnipeds, which have rampant hybridization between populations that the majority of people wouldn't hesitate to consider different species. Ducks are also notorious in this regard. The truth of the matter is, species are convenient fiction that biologists use because sometimes labels are important and meaningful, even when the underlying biology is messy.

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Another round before I head off to a conference for a week...


Nagumwasuk = Passamaquoddy NA; race of hideous sprites which dwell near Native American settlements; 7 inches tall, thin, with large noses, deep-set eyes, and little hair; self conscious and try to hide from sight; punish those who laugh at them or are rude, but will bring great fortune to those who respect them; dress in soft black bark clothes

Na’hnias = Penutian; dwarves who walk with a weird swinging gate and shiver uncontrollably; have big legs and feet and tiny hands and arms; can move as fast as lightning; made of dense stone; dwell in mountain caves and forests;

Nahuelito = Argentinian lake serpent cryptid; large and serpent like, with characteristics of other "typical" lake monsters; usually described as plesiosaur-like

Nalusa Chito = Choctaw NA; large black devil creature which emerges from caves to steal people for food; preys on depressed people, whose souls it can steal

Nalusa Falaya = Choctaw NA; strange small humanoid creatures; slinky long bodies with black fur, pointed ears, long noses, and small eyes; have sharp spines on their back, which they can project; can shed their skins to become luminious will-o-wisps to attract prey. Human sized; Cause extreme fear in those who see them; Spines covered in poison, which can turn a person into an evil berserker if infected; inhabit swamps

Necedzaltara = Canadian/Alaska NA; goblins which serve the bringer of death; monster animals, covered in hair and with long tails; small in size; can shapeshift into bear, moose, or caribou; could enter people and eat there souls, or induce madness; thinking of them attracts their attention; mostly abroad at night and communicate by whistling;

Nibanabas = Ojibwa/Ottawa; male nymph godlings, which aid people in war and can merge with them to lend them their powers; afraid of loud noises

Nida = Siouan NA; elf like being associated with fossils who creeps out of the earth

Night Doctors/Needleman = African American folklore/urban legend; white doctors who would experiment upon, rob the graves of, and murder and intimidate African Americans; used to intimidate slaves by white owners, to prevent them from fleeing north; may anonymously inject people with diseases and poison in public, via needle

Nihniknoovi = Kawaiisu NA; monstrous bird with enormous talons; carries off its human prey to its lair; drains the blood from its prey into a pond before eating them

Nimambitz = Numic; shoulder high, heavy-set, cave ogres; fierce; have secret entrances to caves which only they can open; kill with sticks and stones

Nimerigar = 14inch tall rocky mountain arrow shooting pygmies, no sense of altruism, killed elderly members of race by bludgeoning; brown-skinned with broad noses, carnivores

Ninimpi/Toyanum = Numic NA 3 ft tall mountain dwarves who wear buckskin; teach Shoshone culture; can be wild and dangerous; herd rabbits; dwell in caves; hunt with bow and arrow; arrows can spread sickness;

Ninumbee/Nunumbi/Nomorika/Tugupi/Pituguf = Numic NA; two and a half feet tall green muscular trolls; resemble old men with large heads, small bodies and feet, and short legs; tailed; females can be beautiful with long black hair; wear brightly painted mountain sheep skins and have large red noses; may form from dead people; dwell amidst boulders and high mountains; can spread disease and misfortune with magical arrows; may give people powers on vision quests, but may also scare them away. Can give good luck in dreams

Niwaxsax = Blackfeet; tobacco spirits; formed from sticks placed in a tobacco field; inhabit small gardens and grant magic power to tobacoo; one foot high dwarven creatures; can cure the sick

Niwinche/Ifunche/machucho/Chivato/Butamacho = Mapuche; deformed swollen, child-like creature with twisted feet, backward twisted neck and feet, and a leg emerging from his shoulder; covered in bristly white hair; shining; can only utter guttural cries; Made from corpses; fierce fighters who travel via underground caves

Numhyalikyu = Kwakwaka’wakw Pacific Northwest; Giant monstrous halibut; camouflaged as a beach; seal like head with shining eyes; possesses a magic gem (a tlugwi) in its head; makes a deep humming sound that vibrates through land and water, which also causes it to be hard to detect; can create storms; sometimes is mistaken for an island when resting at the sea surface

Nunga/Nungui = Jivaroan South America; Earth mothers; three ft high and very fat; masters of animals and gods of plants. Dwell in caves and topsoil; wear black cotton kilts; taught farming and domestication of dogs; song can prevent pottery from cracking; dance at night; symbolize fertility and help men hunt

Nunnehi = Cherokee; spirits which resemble Cherokees and live among them; guide the dead; handsome, invisible, and immortal; predate humans and dwell in hidden kingdoms within the mountains and mounds; ruled by a queen; could shapeshift to resemble specific humans. Ride white deer

Ochukullkos/Suripchaquin = Quechuan; Hairy little men as big as corncobs, with ostrich-like feet; dwell in a dark underworld of mirrors where everything is reversed; dress in wool ponchos and blankets; herd vicunas and chinchillas;

Octopod Tree = Brazil; cryptid tree; large and shaped like a willow; found admist dense thickets; hides branches underground forming a snare; if touched, the branches emerge from the earth and snare any victim in its tightening grasp

Odhow = Iroquois fey in charge of controlling the spirits of the underworld; up to one foot tall; dusky or saffron-skin color; luminous stalked eyes sensitive to sunlight; pointed chins, froglike legs with webbed hands and feet; generally look after animals and sources of freshwater, but often malevolent towards humans; dwell in caves where they tend massive gardens; can become invisible at will; race of Jogah

Ohi = Selk’nam SA; large flightless bird like beast, with the hindquarters of a guanaco and the forquarters of a bird; fast runner; possible legend of now extinct Rhea population

Omar = Macusi British Guiana; water monster in the form of a giant crab or fish; kills victims by drowning; prefers the taste of rotting wood, and will capsize ships to eat there boats; large enough to swallow prey whole; dwells near rapids

Oniate = Seneca/Cayuga NA; disembodied mummified undead arm; inhabits deserted places and punishes badly behaved people; can fly and will cause anyone touched by the fingers to wither, be struck blind, and suffer disease, until the victim dies

Oókempam/Goshg-e = Aonikenk SA; Monstrous man-eating armadillos; covered with a super-hard carapace, invulnerable to damage; possessed claws as sharp as a puma; only weak points were its ankles

Oriyu = Arawak; Water spirits which often accompany coriats; shapeshifter, may have a horse or a fish head; generally female; sometimes help people by providing charms against disease; strong sexual drive, and will take human form to seduce men and women; must keep relationships secret lest the Oriyu kill them; can introduce full term fetus’ into a women’s womb, causing rapid pregnancy;

P’uz = Macro-Mayan; hunch-backed dwarfish creatures; two feet high; built vast cities and stone pyramids before the sun appeared, and later disappeared; died or were petrified by a global flood, survivors becoming racooons and monkeys;

Paakniwat = Takic NA; white-skinned and haired dwarves that control water dogs

Paiyuk = Ute NA; violent water elk with magical powers who hunt humans as food

Parlangua = Cajun; 10ft tall swamp dwelling gatorman; bullet-proof hide, powerful tail and talons, and red eyes; capable of producing a deafening roar

Pach-an-a-ho = Yakima NA; Brown 7ft tall Diatryma-like birds

Pah-ho-ho-klah/Te-chum-mah = Native American; dwarves that look like miniature Native Americans; hunt at night and communicate via birdsong; inhabit mountains/cliffs

Pains/Akeki/Axeki = Pacific coastal NA guardian spirits; may take the form of animals or appear as 2ft tall pixies like spirits; may provide power to Shamans; some are evil and cause disease and pain; may possess people to cure them; dwell in little houses; reside in all environments; can cure disease by sucking out the bad blood; can pass through solid objects and like gifts of tobacco; hover above the ground; can be detected by the presence of a localized buzzing noise; observing one can induce headaches

Pal-rai-yuk = Yupik; freshwater crocodile-like predator; six legs, the longest in the back, and the middle legs short; musk-ox like horns; small eyes; fine dense fur; body like a elongated shrew; incredibly light, but after death increase in density and weight; dwelled in Alaskan rivers back when Alaska was warm and tropical

Pangam Kiktam = Takic NA; Lizardlike water-babies; could only be killed by an arrow to the chest; cries were death omens

Papa Bois = Trinidad; forest spirit and protector of animals; heals and helps sick and trapped animals; Appears as a hairy old man of African descent with feet ending in cloven hooves, small horns on his head, and a beard of leaves; dressedin ragged trousers and with a bamboo horn on its belt; Shapeshifter who can take the form of a stag or opossum; generally kind but can curse people into animal form if irritated; married to Mama Dlow

Papamasryam = Chumash, Swordfish-like fairy spirits

Patagon = Medieval writing; race of giants which inhabited southern South America, and who gave their name to Patagonia; 9-11 ft tall, and dress in furs and animal skins; vaguely canine-like features in the face; large somewhat misshapen feet; great strength, capable of pulling out trees and using them as weapons; cannibals; expert bowmen

Peyak = Ge-Pano South American; winged ostrich –like beings, made of wind and light; cause droughts and storm, can possess women and cause disease;

Piasa = Cahokian; monstrous dragon, described as having a head like a bear, antlers of an elk, giant fangs, and a scaly body with bird like claws and wings; head and neck covered in a whispy mane; Tail tipped with a spear; antlers red and body black; destructive beast that preys on people, and would occasionally leave it’s Cliffside lair to terrorize the land

Pihuchenyi = Mapuche; Green or Black Demon covered in poisonous bristles; drinks blood and leaves bloody footprints, vomit, and feces; name for vampire bat and can also turn into a giant frog or flying snake; dwell in hollow trees.

Pim-skwa-wagen-owad = Abenaki NA; small mischievous water spirits that like to pinch people

Pin-i-ni = Pueblo/Kiowa; foot high, tailed beings who dwell in trees and have enormous strength; attack people; serve witches; can steal the hearts from people

Pinuychen/Piwichen = Mapuche SA; chicken-sized flying snake; parrot like wings and beak; anyone who gazes upon it is instantly killed; feeds on blood

Pishtaco/Kharisiri/Nakaq = Peruvian/Bolivian folklore; monsterous humans who kills people for their fat; usually outsiders and white, sometimes blue-eyed; may disguise himself as a monk; uses a lariat made of human skin to capture prey; behind conspiracies to exploit indigenous people in order to harvest them.

Plat Eye = Gullah folklore; road spirit; can appear as a black hound or a black man, but always with glowing plate-sized eyes; hides in trees where it grabs travelers; often stalks its victims but does nothing to them; can create madness; those targeted by the spirit are never heard from again

Poira = Hispanic; small, naked spirit who takes the form of a black bear or is invisible; vulnerable to salt; golden, can create gold; cause horses to throw riders; nocturnal and dwells in mountains

Pombero = Mischevious black dwarf from Guarani culture of SA; unattractive, short with white hairy hands and feet; typically wears a hat and has a sack he carries around. Smells of incense; Dwells in the forest; enjoys stealing food, frightening horses, and causing chaos, but can be induced as a guardian with gifts of rum and tobacco. Protector of birds; communicate in whistles. Fight with whips; Can become invisible or squeeze through very small spaces. Doesn’t sleep; dwelt in secret places within mountains and estuaries; can shapeshift into capybaras, but also dogs and birds; repelled by garlic and a cross made of knives; like lemons

Pomola /Pamola/Bemola = Penobscot NA; giant bird spirit with a moose head; inhabits the top of mountains and is responsible for cold weather

Punalka = Mapuche SA; Evil spirit of the night; sometimes depicted as a monstrous water serpent associated with small water bodies like ponds, and sometimes as a sapient wolf-like creature, which takes a human mate and turns her into a Punalka; can breed with humans

Putrahilu/Cagua-Cagua = Mapuche SA; giant arboreal serpent, with a hairy tail; could create whirlwinds to drag prey to it; could swallow prey in one gulp; horrid smell

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GreyWolfLord wrote:

Well, perhaps they will have an SFRD or (StarFinder Reference Document) or something similar to the PRD?

They have I think confirmed they will be working with 3rd party folks, so I assume this will be the case.

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Speaking of Turkeys...

Turkeys belong to the genus Meleagris, which is today represented by two living species: The Wild Turkey of the Eastern and SW North America, and the the more brightly colored Occellated Turkey, endemic to the Yucatan Peninsula.

Turkeys have a fossil record which extends into the Miocene, and their relatively robust bones (compared to other birds) make them commonly preserved in the fossil record. A third species of Turkey ( Meleagris californica), the California Turkey, inhabited the Pacific coast of North but became extinct during the end Pleistocene extinction 10,000 years ago, possibly due to climate change and human hunting. It remains one of the few known non "raptor" birds to go extinct in North America during this time period. The modern Wild Turkey is not native to the Pacific coast of the USA, but wild game advocates have used the former existence of the California Turkey in this region to support widespread introduction, and the Turkey is now a common component of the fauna of this region.

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Okay another round of updates of Arcadian monsters

First some caveats, since it's been awhile since I started posting these:

Some entries I list are a bit sanitized from my actual notes, mostly because I don't want to post a 6 page list of critters that gets deleted because the creature's modus operandi is "triggery" or because a large chunk of the creatures description how endowed it might be (Seriously...this is a recurrent theme with male dwarf-like fey from South America).

Mama Dlow and the Maereboe are so so much more worse than they come across here

Secondly I try to make these notes as neutral as possible, but it's not impossible some of my own flavoring accidentally got left in. I mostly want to bring this up based on the Invunche reference: I am not sure the two creatures I describe are different types of the same thing, but they are often associated and linked so I described it that way. I also may overemphasize a few unique traits to help differentiate a creature from "variant dwarf #242" I may also group very similar entities together, which may in fact have some subtle differences or have independent origins from one another.

Third, don't consider this super complete; I mostly go through one source at a time, and generally target more obscure stuff first. I haven't really even intentionally hit up sites like Native American Languages or wikipedia listings, so I know I am probably missing some well known things.

Finally, I mostly post these because A) it gives an appreciation hopefully on how rich and diverse new world folklore is, which I think is important given the number of encyclopedias on the topic out there which neglect this area of the world but include every slight variant of celtic fairy/named nymph/slavic vampire. I don't expect all of these would make good or novel monsters but hopefully some will. B) I have received quests for my research so this is my way of sharing it.


Lake People = Canadian/Alaska NA; thumb-sized little people who dwelt around northern lakes; hunt mice and fish with agate spear heads; would not eat a creature which killed a sapient; wear conical hats; ruled by chiefs; avoid people, but will reward those who help them; can be resurrected when wrapped in a loved ones cloths

Lakooma = Tierra Del Fuego SA; mysterious giant sea and lake monster that dwelled near caves; pulled people underwater with it’s great “five-fingered hand”

Lampalagua = Chile; Reptilian monster, with a cat-like head reptilian forelimbs, and serpentine body; ambush predator which creates shallow tunnels just underneath the surface, from which it bursts out to attack prey; has a long dart-shaped tongue, which contains a venomous spike with which it uses to kill prey; ravenous beast which kills livestock and people; can create droughts by drinking up rivers and streams

Lawalawa = Coos NA; small invisible creatures who throw rocks and wrestle people, and live along rivers; can be identified by their tracks

Lenapizka/Mishibizhiw/Water Panther = Miami/Illini /Great Lakes region Native American; Water tiger which resembles a cross between a lynx and dragon; size of tiger; pale fur, antlers, armored scales, and dorsal spines; dwelt at the bottom of lakes and caused drowning; most powerful of the underworld beings; enemies of the Thunderbirds; can create storms and must be placated with rituals; hoards vast amounts of copper, resulting in local taboos against the metal’s use;

Letiche = Honey Island Swamp Monster; hairy humanoid reptile creature; lays eggs; aggressive; three-toed; covered in shaggy gray hair and scales; seven feet tall with amber-colored eyes. capable swimmer. can commune with alligators.

La Llorona/Churile (Caribbean) = Mexican "Weeping Woman"; a woman who killed her children in order to be with her lover, who ended up rejecting her. Out of grief she committed suicide, but was barred from Heaven since she didn't know where her children were; a death omen; found near water (she drowned herself); tries to abduct children to replace her own

Lofa/Yagnaca = Chicksaw; three feet tall pygmies who dwell in the earth and serve the giant Yagansha; drive off game and act as spies for the giants

Lox/Loks = Passamaquoddy/Micmac NA; malevolent wolverine spirit; gluttonous, rude, and impatient, with a bad temper; may steal souls

Luison/Lobizon/lobison/Lobishmen = human-like ghoul/wolf from Guarani/South American folklore; covered in dirty long hair; pale; ugly, with a smell that reeked of decay and death. dwell in cemeteries; nocturnal, often a death omen or psychopomp

La Lupuna = Peru; Giant Amazonian rainforest trees, and also the spirits associated with them; powerful spirits who guard the land; if disrespected can strike down violators with disease

Lutin = NA/French; Brownie-like household spirits; can take the form and attributes of pets, but also appear in the form of ten inch tall humanoids; typically travel in pairs; some have single eyes or reversed feet; dislike/fear snakes who bite their toes; gray in appearance; if turn evil will sometimes smother people in their sleep; may form from souls in purgatory; take the form of little old men in red hats; hats protect them from harm; move with families; may also inhabit areas near running water, bayous, and caves; repelled by salt, sickles, crosses, red wool, or bells; OCD…must count and pick up any spilled ash or grain;

Machudo = Chiloe SA; degenerate nocturnal goat-like beast; roams around at night making creepy goat noises

Machukuna = Quechuan; People of the moon; former inhabitants of earth, who venerated the moon; were wiped out in a cataclysm formed from the appearance of the sun; lair in caves and emerge at night to warm themselves under the moon; jealous of living people, and react with wrath if anyone raids their tombs; control of weather

Mad Gasser of Mattoon = NA folklore; a masked assailant that mid last century sprayed isolated homes with gas; no fatalities, but victims described swelling, nausea, weakness, and numbness of limbs; assailant was dressed in tight-fitting black clothes, cape, and gas mask. Slight of frame, maybe female; Some have linked the being with aliens or interdimensional beings

Madremonte/Marimonda = Columbian; incarnation of Mother nature, a spirit associated with protecting the forest and its animals; possesses glowing eyes, large teeth, and large bony hands; body covered in moss and plants; ruthless against those who would enter her domain and abuse nature; can control nature; emits bloodcurtling screams and can change forest paths and slay with water diseases; hair a source of disease; insults, tobacco smoke, and religious icons can ward her away

Maereboe = Bororo Brazil; the undead spirits of evil shamans; maliciously attack members of their own communities, stealing items of importance to people and using them to draw out, capture, and consume their souls; burns and cooks souls to feed them; turn children into animals; attacks seem like a never waking nightmare

Mahaha = Innuit; stupid tickling maniacal demon; ice blue in color, cold to touch with long stringy hair; white eyes and always smiling and giggling; doesn't wear cloths and not affected by the cold; tickles it's victims to death with its long nails

Mai d’agoa = Amazon; Mother of the waters; massive anaconda like spirit fathoms long; shapeshifter that can take many forms

Maihisikiri/Mansinskiri = Warao/Arawak Venezuala; shapeshifting jungle spirit who takes the form of an absent husband to seduce women; causes hopeless infatuation forcing women to run away and become the spirit’s plaything; dissolves and feeds upon its victims bones; can be differentiated from those they mimic by the absence of a big toe on the left foot

La Malogra = Hispanic folklore; “The evil hour”; demon which haunts crossroads at night; takes the form of a golden fleece which blows in the wind; rarely takes human form, but when does is an evil omen; drives all who see it insane; can change size at will; tricks people into wearing it or handling it, than strangles or otherwise murders them

Mama Dlo = Trinidad; “Mother of waters”; attractive woman from the waist up, but enormous anaconda from the waist down; traps men for husbands violates, crushing them in her coils, only to revive them and to repeat the process again and again. Found in swamps and similar habitats; if encountered, you must sacrifice your shoe and walk backward away; punishes those who despoil the environment

Mami Wati = African/Caribbean/South American Spirit of the Water; mermaid-like spirits, usually female; long black hair, with a serpent-like lower body; usually nude; can take human form; may abduct people and take them to her paradise like realm; people who return from this realm usually are wealthier and wiser. Devotees selected by her must remain sexually faithful to her, or lose favor; can visit dreams; associated with sex and lust and may take the form of prostitutes; usually benevolent, but can create undertows which drown people or cause langorous illness; may possess people in trances during religious rites; may be catered to with gifts of food, drink, fragrant objects, and jewelry; can make barren women fertile; worship widely spread throughout Africa and regions of the African diaspora, with local spirits merged into her worship

Mamlab/Maam = Macro-Mayan; human sized androgynous beings; retired lightning gods who now control thunder; use whips, machetes, and stone axes; can produce rain from their gourds; may form from people who have sacrificed themselves for rain; can control jungle animals. As they age their voices become childlike and and they turn into marine disease spirits, and enjoy beating and dancing to music drummed on a bloated animal corpse

Mannegishi = Native American fey/dover demon; 6-fingered, thin with lanky legs/arms; big head with no nose, and large red eyes; live between rocks in rapids; enjoy capsizing people

Manogemasak/Wana-games-ak/Nagumwasuck = Abenaki/Maliseet-Passamquody; River elves with narrow, hatchet like faces, narrow mouths, slit-like eyes, and large noses; can only be seen in profile; fiercely territorial of their stretch of river; cause mischief by tearing nets, capsizing boats, etc; use ggood and housing out of clay. Geometry to mark out territory/writing; cause patterns in nature that resemble people/objects. Can put people asleep. Only can leave the water at certain times of year.

Mapinguari/Isnashi = Brazil; cryptid ground sloth; 7 feet tall when bipedal, but usually walks on four limbs. Covered in dense red matted fur, over a caiman like hide. Powerful claws; won't cross water

Mare’t = Geh-pano South American; a foot shorter than native tribesmen; immortal, wealthy, with white hair and red beards; dwell in the sky

Maripill = Mapuche; draconic-like beast; vaguely horse-shaped body, whose back is topped with a sharp spine. Has a long neck, lizard-like head, long clawed arms, and vicious fangs; kill prey by running at great speed underneath them, slicing open their bodies with their razor sharp back ridge; associated with volcanoes, lakes, and streams; also grabs prey, often children, with its long claws

Massacooramaan: Guyana: aquatic giant hairy hominid with sharp teeth; lives in rivers and capsizes boats

Mastopogon/Aegomastus/Houperou = Medieval heraldry; fabulous fish derived from descriptions of sharks from South America; Large carnivorous fish, often accompanied by pilot fish, distinguished by salmon or pike like body covered in sandpaper like skin, sharp teeth, and a long backward projecting spine on it’s dorsal fin; beard like structure like a goat’s udder under it’s chin;

Matlose = Nootka NA; evil hobgoblin, humanoid in shape and covered in black bristles, with a strange deformed skull reminiscent of a man, sharp teeth, and claws like a bear; his shrieks can strike a person dead, while a slash from his claws can explode a person

Matintaperera – Hispanic South America; evil spirit with phosphorescent face; may be the same as Yaci-yatere; no mouth or genitalia, with black bird on it’s head; also a shapeshifting witch; associated with cuckoos; thin and yellowish; can’t open locks and repelled by prayer and holy water; can steal shadows, causing death; may foretell disaster; bird form by day, human form by night; hate and war with Duendes over children

Mazacame/Tepewane = Mesoamerican; evil dwarfish creatures; eat people and the dead; live in caves; repelled by tobacco smoke; mislead people and lure them away to their caves to eat them; more similar to worms than people; control powers of decay and sickness; can also possess people in attempts to trick and eat their families; look for human allies to provide them with food; malicious tricksters.

Mboi Tu’I = Guarani; spawn of Tau and Kerana; monstrous serpent with the head of a parrot; protector of aquatic animals and wetlands; fond of humidity and flowers; can create a loud squawk that echoes for miles

Mekumwasuck = Maliseet/Passamaquoddy; hairy-faced, stony, red dwarfs, with upright, animal like ears, and long white beards; male and sexless, made of stone; dressed like local native Americans, but more flamboyantly; will harm people without cause; dwell in caves and on sandbars and isolated islands; only come out at night; love to sing and play flutes; tame animals and enemies of hags, giants, and evil magicians

Melon Heads/Wobbleheads = Deformed child-like creatures reported from the Midwestern US. Hydrocephalic, with no external ears and large eyes; quick and spritely , only come out at night. Descendents of medical tests subjects and possible cannibals

Memegwesi = Ojibwa/Ottawa; three-four feet tall dwarves; ugly and ashamed of their appearance; had hairy bodies and faces and no noses; sweet smelling; bowed legs, short arms, horns, and no neck; dwell in tribal bands; dwell near waters; enjoy playing pranks; can be hired as mercenaries, enemies of serpents and Windigo; worship gods which take the form of white stones; have stone age technology and are hunter and gatherers; can walk on water and create storms over water; can not be harmed by gods and and protect the Manitou; can create lightning from stones; can turn rock to water or air; can take an illusion of a bird; can be death omens; can disappear by blinking or emerge from the earth; might form from dead people

Mi-Ni-Wa-Tu = Sioux; Beaver-like monster, covered in red fur, with one eye and one horn, and a spiked, beaver-like tail; aquatic and a fast swimmer

Mikumwesu = Maliseet-Passamaquoddy; Tiny Marten spirit, who can change size at will; has magic arrows which can pass through solid objects; guardian spirit of geese; can restore beauty to those who have lost it.

Millalonco/Millalobo/Pincoy = Mapuche mer-being; offspring of a “sea wolf” and a human, and lord of the sea; lower half a sea lion, with a humanoid torso and arms and a human face with seal-like properties; golden-skinned; “two faces”; wise and generous ruler of the sea and some lakes

Mimakwisiwuk/Mee’megwee’sii/Maskadisiquag = Algic/Cree NA; ugly noseless dwarves sometimes known as God Boys, thick hair on head; hollow eyes; small skinny bodies; sometimes snouts; can be malicious; inhabit rocky rivers and marshes; dwell at “Death’s Door”. Wear cloths made from mouse fur. Can swim through rock and sometimes act as psychopomps. Incredibly strong….afraid of running water. Masters of bears; dwell in colonies formed of extended households; dress like old time Cree; make homes of birch bark which are conical; have voices like children; use stone technology, including stone canoes; use magic to hide settlements; stone magic

Minhocao = South American cryptid; Giant, burrowing like creature, with scaly black skin and two sensory tentacles on it’s head; inhabits swampy/wet areas. Combines elements of caecilians with armadillos

Mishen Imokinakog = Ojibwa/Ottawa; “dancing turtle spirits”; humans cursed into bird form and then into spirit form; fairies attracted to romantic scenery; large spirits associated with the Turtle spirit, and associated with the earth and quick communication

Mo-yo = Macro-Mayan = ancient little people with baby-like faces; dwell in mountain caves; can not touch the ground, but rather float above it using whip-like serpents

Mojanes = Nicararagua; shapeshifting spirits; natural form is white and blonde, but can change to red or black

Momo = Missouri Monster; 6-7 foot tall sasquatch-like humanoid; black fur, shaggy, with face concealed by fur; not neck and large pumpkin-shaped head; yellow eyes and three toes; carnivorous; abhorrent smell which is strong enough to cause nausea and vomitting

Monai = Guarani; Spawn of Tau and Kerana; Massive serpent, with long, shark teeth and a pair of antennas; can hypnotize prey with his attennas; One of the most powerful Guarani monsters, and lord of open fields and wildernesses; enjoys to steal items from villages and return them to his lair

Montuna/Mae de Seringa = South America; beautiful short woman, with long hair; wears a skirt and flowers in her hair; Mother of Rubber Trees; light skin crossed with gashes that mimic cuts similar to those made by rubber collectors on trees; possess a faint glow; lives underground and can burrow through the ground faster than a person can dig; can shapeshift into a vine or tree;

Moogie = American folklore; Lizard like creature that inhabits the Ozarks

Moon-gazer = Guyana; tall muscular appearing man who appears on nights of the full moon along roads; if disturbed sucks out brains through hands

Moon-eyed People = Cherokee; pale, large-eyed Pygmies with blue eyes and white beards; nocturnal; daylight hurts them and can cause blindness; build homes of mud and branches; hunter and gatherers

Muhkeahweesug; Algic NA little people; nymph-like; associated with Whip-poor-wills;

Mukwitch = Numic “Dead Ones”; evil dwarfish beings with pointed ears; dwell underground; make pictographs;

Muqui = Quechuan; “He Who Suffocates”; old, three foot tall dwarves; red hair, white skin, metallic eyes, and long gray beard; shiny small horns; inhabit abandoned mines and wells; dress in green and wear helmets and carry lanterns; can change into dogs or phase through rocks; if removed from underground turn into stone and water; evil

Mura (M)/Pura (F)/Mist People = Macro-Arawakan; servants of mama di-di; little men with red faces and long beards; Mura give birth by having their wombs cut open then sewn back together; dwell in the sky; do not marry as considered inappropriate by their god; created humans from wood; shed skins to regain youth; can produce thunder and lightning

Mwono = Alakaluf Patagonia; Snow man who dwell in remote fjords and high mountains; reclusive; only really known from footprints

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the constraints on ap length are less of mechanical problems than they are of development and profit. I think there is 0 chance that AP length will vary from the existing pathfinder one, as well as what levels get covered.

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Lord Fyre wrote:
Rovewin wrote:
Is Starfinder going to be, in part, the proving ground for future mechanics of a PF2?
You're not the first to speculate that.

Practically every non CS book for the last few years gets this speculation.

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I don't see hardcover Starfinder books hurting Pathfinder too much. Pathfinder I feel has honestly reached a point of its development cycle where most of the low-hanging fruit have been picked, and and only producing 2 or 3 hardcover books a year for Pathfinder, allowing at least 1 Starfinder hardcover a year or something, wouldn't hurt the game, and may even help its long term viability.

I do worry about the AP lines however; People's budgets (not to mention time) stretch only so far, and I don't see myself having the money and time to subscribe to both AP lines + CS. I would imagine that I would probably only subscribe to Starfinder when the Pathfinder AP line covered a topic I wasn't interested in (I unsubscribed for the current AP because I am not interested in evil campaigns).

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Another round of North and South American creatures:


Iara/Uira/Yara = water nymph from Brazil; green hair and pale skin; connected to freshwater; song can enchant men who will devote themselves completely to that person; can be distinguished by blowhole in back of neck; immortal

Ibeji/Eres/erere/minimos = Brazil; impish spirits that possess initiates to local yoruban derived cults; inhabit wooden figurines. Act as messenger servants.

Ichik Ol’quo = Aymara/Quechan; resembles a hairy 6 month old baby; always angry; growls; inhabits the freshwater on high plateaus in Bolivia; pale, naked with round faces and large eyes, bellies, and arms; clear skin; white glowing hair; taloned feet

Iemisch/Hymche = Patagonian water tiger cryptid; otter like beast, covered in a brown fur coat studded with bony armor; no external ears on a short head with large fangs; long depressed and prehensile tail; the size of a big cat, but far stronger; can drag a horse into the water; amphibious in habits, equally capable of moving around on land as in the water;

Ihasikitse = Caddoan; “Lost Elves”; Winged dwarfish beings, strong stout and nocturnal; formed from dead lost people; dwelt in hollow trees and inhabited bamboo thickets; whirlwind magic

Ijiraq = Shadow people/shapeshifters from Inuit folklore; abduct and hide children, spread confusion; believe to exist between life and death, and to be the descendents of humans which traveled to far north and entered the world of the dead; cannot be looked at directly

Ikal-hua = Macro-mayan Death god and his children; skinny, ugly, imp-like beings which stood three feet tall and were covered in curly black hair; erect, animal like ears with a long thing toes and fingers; winged feet; cannibals; associated with the air and black winds; dwell in caves and come out at dusk to look for victims; afraid of holy water

Ikuutayuuq = Inuit; monstrous aquatic brothers; torture and kill victims they capture by drilling into them

Illa/Ylla = Peru; giant golden-horned black water bull; protects cattle and kills rustlers; can hypnotize other cattle; lacks hooves, but has webbed feet; herbivore, but territorial, and known to kill people by upsetting there boats or directly attacking them; sometimes described as having more fish-like hindparts

Imap Umassoursa = Inuit; Giant island like sea creature which resembles a flat island when it surfaces; can be detected by the shallowing of water; capsizes boats to kill their occupants in the freezing water, after which it eats them

Immawari = Akawai South America; bush spirits whose mouths are located in the stomach, and have immense tusks growing from them

Indacinga = Ponca Native American; Forest dwelling giants; destructive, enjoy rooting up trees, destroying houses, and eating children; communicate by hooting

Inipi = Numic Rock Babies; also a name for the soul; black, hairy, androgynous dwarves; can cause whirlwinds; dwell within the earth and gamble with Coyote for doves; can move through solid rock and acted as death omens for infants; can make pictographs which if touched cause sleep or death

Inulpamahuida = Mapuche; monstrous evil walking tree; no roots; climbs and moves about with its long flexible tree limbs; greatly feared by local

Ipupiara = Tupi South American; sea-lion like merfolk; set of forelimbs and a mermaid like tail; 15 feet long and scaly, with a muzzle filled with whiskers; Suffocated and crushed humans by hugging them; primitive and brutal; female form more attractive. Eat the soft parts of their prey

Ishigaq = Inuit; 1 ft tall little people, similar to fairies; so light in weight that they left no footprints or evidence of their passing

Inda’cinga/Istinike = Siouan; Large-headed owl-like trickster beast; long hair; emits owl like hoots; inhabit rugged mountains; creates fruits and vegetables from itself; neutralized by light

Inupasugjuk = Inuit; Arctic sexually dimorphic giant; mysterious; treat humans as play things

Inurulvt-kikit/inuArul v talit/Inuarutdligkat/Inuragudlit/Innuarolit/Inuquillit = Chugash; 1-3 ft tall little people with bald, pointed heads; hairy like fox; crazy; very strong and courageous; bow-legged with small feet; yellow skin with black eyes; coastal and hunt at sea for whales, seals, and salmon; dress like innuit; often friendly and like to smoke, play pranks, sing, and race; could change size at will; dwell in coastal barrows with invisible entrances; can become invisible if a person breaks sight contact with them. Allies of shamans

Invunche = Chilean abberation; occurs in two forms, the Invunche, a giant underground bladder shaped being with twisted limbs, and the Trelquehuecuve, a clawed octopus like creature with many eyes arrayed on ear like fins and on separate tentacles. The Invunche is a vampiric sapient creature, while the Trelquehuecuve serves as it's minions, acting as guards and bringing it food. Also served by Chivatos, Feral cannibals raised from birth from abducted children. Invunche dwell in caverns deep underneath the earth, connected to deep lakes. They are sorcerors, and may also collaborate with human warlocks, who provide them with Chivatos. May also be created from a Chivato

InYuarolliq = Alaskan Innuit; foot high humanoids with bird-like feet and owl heads; dwell underground in the tundra

Iqsiniraq = Innuit Alaska; short troll-like creatures

Ircenrraq = Innuit; animal-faced sprites who inhabit nelson island; give luck and share food with those in need; dwell underground, where seasons are reversed and time moves more slowly

Iskayhuahua Supay = Ge-pano South America; monster with a tiger’s body and the head of an elf

Isserkrat = Innuit; dwarves with one, large eye, that blinks lengthwise

Isti-Papa = Creek/Natchez/Seminole NA; Giant carnivorous monster, described as either bear –like or cougar-like; predator of men

Its'te-ya-ha = Native American "stick indians" dressed in dearskin, long hair, small eyes, and wrinkled skin; disproportionately strong; abduct livestock

Itseke = Kalapalo Brazil; malevolent spirit of sickness; living miasmas of fear and death that seek to steal the souls of the dying; can throw magical darts which cause a range of effects including disease and insanity, and may ally with and hunt alongside witches to bring down victims; fond of skin diseases and targeting children

Jabunni Estan = Navajo; Bat woman, giant human-sized bat with myriad of bats suckling attached to, suckling from her; help the Navajo hero twins after they were stranded on a mesa after defeating the Thunderbirds

Jackalope = Jackrabbit-Pronghorn hybrid; can mimic voices

Jasy Jatere = Guarani SA; fairy like being, child-sized, pale skinned, with blue eyes and blond hair; usually nude, but carries a magical staff; dwells in the wild. Generally benevolent, but takes naughty children into the woods, removes their eyes, and feeds them to Ao Ao. can become invisible; powerless if staff is stolen

Je’-rouge = Haitan; werewolf spirits who can possess people and transform them into cannibalistic canine monsters; attempt to steal children to transform into more of their kind, but must get the mother’s permission; actively spread their curse

Je su chin = Hokan; black imps which inhabit Mount Shasta; punish disrespectful actions by causing a condition of being permanently lost, scaring people, and or driving them crazy.

Jiques/Guijes = Cuban; mischievous, ugly black dwarves, 2ft tall; scaly; flattened and frog-like head; powerful claws, big bellies, short feet, breastlike navals. In build a mixture of monkey and dwarf. Live in river holes.

Jokao = Iroquois/Seneca = humanoid cannibal monsters covered with stony scales. Originally were a tribe of humans who in winter turned to cannibalism to survive, and mutated into monsters

Kacivoreri = Macro-Arawakan; luminous black winged, tailless imps; drip red and yellow glowing globes; feed on blood-sucking insects

Kahino’a = Huron; ancient dwarves with ducklike feets and jointless arms; dwell in the caves of the dead after being driven there by Europeans; dressed in clothes made of hide and hair;

Kajutaijuq = Inuit; nocturnal monster that takes the form of a giant human head which runs about on short stubby cloven hoofs; tattooed; devour all they come across and strong enough to burst through igloo walls in pursuit of prey

Kakaka/Akoka = Hokan; three foot tall spirits with round heads and no noses; dwell in deserts, making Cliffside dwellings with small openings; eat very little food, mostly eat a specific kind of cherry; loud yelling voice; can control the wind and walk up walls; can travel in whirlwind form; can augment another person’s magic; can control deer; secretive, punish those who tell about them with painful cramps;

Kanaima = Carib; Evil spirits which assassins and sorcerers looking to revenge a loved one can take into themselves, turning them animalistic and filling them with rage. Uncontrollable; seeks the slow death of its prey, and will remove tongues and knot intestines together; must be exorcised within three days of the intended targets death, or it drive it’s host insane unto death

Kanontsistontie’s = Iroquois; undead flying heads; appear as huge, disembodied heads with fiery eyes, huge fangs, and long tangled hair; fly through the air to hunt down and consume people; form from murder victims, either the severed head of a person slain, or emerge from mass graves; may also form from cannibals or act as primordial monsters from the dawn of creation; associated with whirlwinds; ravenously greedy and hungry, and sometimes killed if tricked into eating fire

Karaisaba = Warao Venezuala; tree-dwelling one-eyed ogre, with a single luminous eye; nocturnal; sucks the eyes from its human victims

Karuru = Dominican Republic; Dwarfish zombie

Kashehotapolo = Choctaw Deer-woman; two-legged deer below the waist, human above; short; shriveled small heads; dwell in swamps; super-fast

Kasonkati = Macro-Arawakan demon that takes the form of a tapir or little old man; hollow knees that produce eery whistling

Kat/Baruxes/A’lus/katob/Arushes = Macro-Mayan guardian of the mounds; resemble pottery figures; helper spirits made of clay

Kawas = Hokan; small birdlike humanoids with paw like hands; nocturnal bogeymen; communicate with grunts and lack fire; feed on abandoned children

Kawtcho/Ayayema = Alakaluf SA; evil night prowling beast; a tall brawny humanoid figure with sharp claws and covered in nail-like hair; dwelled underneath the ground and emerged at night, hunting along beaches; attacks from behind, devouring the eyes of it’s victims and killing them; marked by a horrid stench of rot, and afraid of light

Kci-Athussos = Maliseet/Passamaquoddy; lake dwelling great horned serpent; eats humans

Keelut = hairless underground dwelling dog beast from Inuit myth; opens up holes in the ground and drags it's victims beneath the earth to feed; can close holes without leaving a trace; cowardly and always ambushes victims, but can be scared off

Kelenken = Aonikenk SA; giant black bird of prey, brother of the evil spirit of the cold; gave its name to a genus of terror bird

Kelok = Miwok; winged giant; can heat objects; when killed by Coyote, his corpse caught fire and burnt the world

Kikituk = Innuit familiar; takes the form of an immense reptilian dog, with a massive maw and numerous teeth. It’s bite could heal or kill; Shamans use them in territorial battles; stored in the stomach of a shaman, which it emerges from at the Shaman’s command

Kfwi-tta/ = Canadian/Alaska NA; “War Feathers”; secretive little folk; warlike and very strong, despite size; drove humans from their lands; dwell in coastlines; hunt caribou and bears; pretty birds

Kilwe = California NaDene; silvery, foot-tall spirits; voices sound metallic and bodies shine-like tin; can become incorporeal; dwell in streams and lakes;

Kin’i /Queng’a skina, Queng’ah dnayi = Canadian/Alaska NA; Household weasel spirit; green and shingled

Kiwahkw/Giwakwa = Passamaquoddy; cannibalistic undead ice giants; created from corpses brought back to life by witches; morphed into ice giants after eating three people; intelligent and can speak, form tribes

Kiwolatomuhsisok/Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg = Native American fey; mischievous little people; sometimes help with household chores; like to braid things; live by water

Kokopelli = Pueblo/Kiowa; race of rabbit/locust/dragonfly creatures; possess antennae, rabbit-like ears and tail; long-pointed nose; associated with the rain; dwell in deserts; represent regeneration and fertility; also considered a game-keeper

Ko-lok = Mewok NA; Winged cannibal giant

Kolowa = Creek NA; Gorilla-like hairy, man-eating ogre

Kolowisi = Zuni; benevolent aquatic feathered serpent; fins the length of his body; save people from the flood, by providing them food and water; dwells underground within the aquifer; considered sacred; shapeshifter who can also change his size

Konakadet = Canadian/Alaska NA; Copper women; spirits of creek heads; appears as a toad or small women with curly gray hair; can kill people who annoy them with volcanic eruptions; can sing a mourning song; consider frogs her children

Koneso = Macro-Carib; small rabbit-folk; good jumpers and powerful shamans; reproduce like rabbits; immune to sticks and arrows; excellent escape artists.

Kooshda/kushtaka = Tlingit NA; Land Otter People; shapeshifters who trick people and drown them; carnivorous; may intermarry with people; can turn people into Kooshda if they are fed kelp and fish prepared by a Kooshda; can only eat raw food; sometimes save people from drowning however. whistling speech

Konase’/Black Water People = Yucatan; small female dwarves, with krinkly hair and small feet; prey on humans; pull prey into water and kill them; can control whirlwinds; dwell in caves;

Ku’ksu = Penutian wood spirit; takes the form of one-legged man with feathers, or a long mammal with short legs

Kuil-Kaax = Mexican/Mayan folklore; dwarfish nature spirits; kind and gentle, protected animals in the forests; wore palm leaf sombreros

Kuilob-kaaxob/Zaqui coxol/Uyumil gasob = Macro-Mayan; owners of animals, mountains, and jungles; dwarfish spirits associated with rainbows, spider monkeys, and curassows; resemble tiny, fat humans; wears a red breastplate and sandals, and dresses in silver; can be benevolent but very exacting and dangerous; can control wild boars

Kukwes = Mikmaq NA; greedy and hairy bear-headed man-eating ogre; up to 20-30 feet tall; carry off children to eat in sacs

Kupe-dyeb = Apinaye Amazon; Monstrous tribe of large bat people who encourage human tribes to fight so they can feed on the dead and dying of the conflict; dwell in a remote mountain cave hard to access by travelers; if not kept fed will attack neighboring peoples for food; can use weapons; no one who has ever ventured to their cave and returned alive

Kurupi = Guarani folk beliefs; short, hairy monster that dwells in forests and takes care of animals. Enormous serpentine penis that wraps around his body. Can send it into houses to impregnate young women. Could also lure women into the forest to satisfy their desires.

Kutzcata/Topi = Kariri-Tupi South America; small (six inch high) dwarves with long white beards and body hair; personify rain and thunder; fly swiftly using magic gourds; wear lip ornaments and parrot feathers; make thunder with singing and dancing; fire lightning bolts

Kwanokasha/Kowi Anukasha = Choctaw; forest dwelling little people, often associated with light; reclusive and only typically seen by shamans; will lure lost children into their caves, where they offer the choice of a knife, bad herbs, and good herbs to the child; if they choose the knife, they will grow up to be a murderer; the bad herbs a worthless person who will not accomplish anything, and the good herbs a powerful doctor or shaman

Kwayu/Chaup/Cuy-a-ho-marr = Fire Ogre of the southwest; boyish looking demon associated with ball lightning and meteors; could take the form of a flaming fish, comet, or small boy; feeds on the ground up bodies of children; death omen; originally only one individual, but made more of his kind with white rock and fire

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ThePuppyTurtle wrote:

You are absolutely right if we assume modern technology, but this is the far future. If you can make an android and a realdoll, you can make an android that is a realdoll. Highly advanced Artificial intelligence can be as creative as highly advanced naturally occurring intelligence. Remember that Androids in the Finderverse have souls. This is in addition to the fact that there are real composer programs right now which can compose music, and whose compositions humans cannot...

It's not really a realistic depiction of the future. It's a magical setting IN SPACE that has a lot of built in plot hooks. I think if you are hoping that it's going to capture an authentic/realistic depiction of the future, you are probably going to be really disappointed.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
I really hope nothing resembling Star Trek's pakleds shows up in Starfinder.

Hah...I could see Goblins in space setting be very Pakled like (only with more fire).

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"Serenity was one of our most important inspirations"

- Somewhere Freehold has fallen onto his knees and is screaming obscenities at the Gods.

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assuming that race stat design is not significantly altered (and i don't think it will be), I don't really think elves are all that important. I would rather see new races or races that are bare bones get more love.

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The existence of Babylon 5 doesn't mean the Babylonian Empire was still kicking around on that show. It might simply have been named after an important ancient city.

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ThePuppyTurtle wrote:

The idea of anyone having a large number of slaves, or indeed any biological manual laborers, in the distant future is as ludicrous as having combat still be dominated by swords and chainmail. It would make sense only in locales where there is not very much technology, and Space Cheliax would not be such a locale.

Now, it is possible that the people making the setting will realize this and have most of the slaves be AI (including androids), which would fix the problem so long as only the devout of Asmodeus put complicated AI in charge of easy work just to be evil.

However, I definitely do not trust anyone from Paizo to care enough to be careful about that issue, so I suspect to see a thinly veiled rebranding of Cheliax somewhere in the galaxy, whose history includes descent from Cheliax proper, and which practices slavery on biological beings rather than building machines which will do the job monumentally better without being fed, watered and allowed to sleep and who you can easily program to never try to escape and indeed to never defy you in any way.

Lots of things don't make "sense" but still exist, technology be damned. Slavery is great if you want cheap labor and don't have any concerns over basic human decency. Slaves create new slaves, require a minimal amount of care, and are cheap. Given the frequency of slavery in science fiction I would be surprised if it wasn't a trope somewhere in Starfinder.

Also for people concerned about Lovecraft not fitting with a Starfinder-like setting, Elizabeth Bear actually has several good stories that take place in a space opera setting where H.P. Lovecraft elements are real, and are quite excellent.

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I think 5E and Pathfinder separately cater to groups with different playstyles and game preferences. It's probably good for both games that they exist, rather than one group trying to adapt a game to a different approach or championing for corrections in the game to lend it to their GM style.

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I don't agree necessarily with the strict definition of the thread title, although I think many issues with the game do tend to be most apparent in the fighter or tend to be a bigger hassle.

In theory a class built around feats is a great idea. However since fighters lack much in the way of other class features, they need a lot of feats just to bring them up to par. And as a martial class the feats they need tend be locked behind feat chains. So in practice the fighter probably ends up more feat starved than practically every class which gets less feats.

I think a lot of unchained and recent player focused books have tried to get around this by building off of existing fighter features, or trying to make feats better for fighters via stamina, etc. The fighter is I would say in a much better place in two years ago, but the core class, probably more so than any other class with maybe the exception of monk has all these weird systems stacked on other class aspects. It's like someone trying to add a new floor to their house by just climbing atop the roof and just hammering in supports into the existing roof without any further modification. Any true improvement of the fighter is probably going to rely on changes to the class in a new edition (or maybe future unchained if that is likely).

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Steve Geddes wrote:

There's clearly a group of people who are not buying books who otherwise would. However, I personally don't think it's any more now than it used to be a couple of years after PF's release. There were people predicting the end of Pathfinder for this and similar reasons back then and I think we as individuals run the risk of over-valuing our own experiences as "typical" when, in fact, we're all pretty idiosyncratic.

I certainly agree that if there are enough who respond in this way then Paizo will notice it commercially. My thesis is that they would then adapt their processes - and consequently that the fact they haven't is evidence that the "I'm not buying any more Paizo books" people are actually quite a small section of the market.

Even on the messageboards, I tend to see the same people criticising the errata process and favoriting one another's posts each time it comes up. It seems to me to be about a dozen really prolific posters who feel strongly about it and probably fifty or so who share the view but who don't post much.

Obviously, I don't have any insight into what proportion of the fanbase are upset, what proportion are well served by the...

This sort of lines up with my own experiences. My circle of RPG friends is very very tiny compared to many, but most don't pay attention to this site or even realize errata exists.

I generally speaking notice that certain threads, including errata, caster-martial related issues, playtest critiques, etc tend to be dominated by the same core group of posters who all seem to share very similar interests and playstyles. So certain established viewpoints on the forum come across as being established viewpoints of the player base in general, which I don't think is true. And of course those people will probably in real life be playing with people whose playstyle gells with their own, so problems they see will be problems that others they play with will have.

I suspect most of people who are most vocal about errata and practically everything else people take issue with is less about Paizo production of books and business practices than it is simply a difference of playstyle, between the style and philosophy of games the devs and crew want and the style of game and game design those folks want. Even a drastic alteration in how errata was carried out would not at all make some (most?) of those people more happy. If you think a hardcover seriously only has 4 or 5 things worthwhile in it, why would a change in errata production suddenly make you purchase books if the underlying game philosophy stayed the same.

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Mavrickindigo wrote:

Let's not forget that HP Lovecraft stuff happened. According to "At the Mountains of Madness," humans evolved on Earth from the Great Old Ones' (Elder Things) leftover life-creation experiments, which would put the origin of human life on Earth, which means they would have had to migrate to Golarion at some point.

The leftover life creations didn't create man directly, but rather seeded the planet with life. So think less cave men and more Cambrian explosion.

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Richard Redmane wrote:
With regards to the original topic, a big thing I hope is absent are star systems/regions devoted to particular subgenres of sci-fi or are full of nods to famous properties, especially next to one another as we have seen in the Inner Sea kingdoms of Pathfinder. Putting a Star Trek region next to a Warhammer 40k region next to something inspired by Battlelords of the 23rd Century and people should reasonably wonder why the three regions haven't killed each other.

I actually hope that it is kind of kitchen sink like. The galaxy is a big place; there is plenty of room for different regions to have different feels or provide homages to different aspects of science fiction. Hell, to some extent large detailed settings like Star Trek and Star Wars already do this.

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Odraude wrote:

Honestly, I feel it's a mistake to go into this expecting Pathfinder 1.5. Rather, this should really just be here to add options for a science fiction/fantasy game, with some changes made to emulate the genre. Expecting this to be a new edition that overwrites the previous stuff with errata is just asking for disappointment. Not to mention it would split the fanbase. I can actually understand why they don't want a public playtest now.

This isn't the product to be championing Pathfinder 2e.

Yeah I have stated the same thing about starfinder a couple of times now. But then again people do this with like every book, take vague descriptions and decide that means the book is going to fix whatever specific problems they have that week with the game, and judge it poorly if it doesn't.

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yep as far as I can tell Androids, Lashunta, Ratfolk, and Humans are the confirmed or at least mostly confirmed races, and they have confirmed that the other 6 Pathfinder core races are NOT core races in Starfinder.

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shadram wrote:
I can think of plenty of reasons, many of them already stated above. But another is that it lets them use the outline in Distant Worlds but also allows it to be a brand new setting. If Golarion was there, people would just want more details on Golarion in the future setting. This way, they can keep the people of Golarion (based on Absalom Station) but focus on the stranger, more alien worlds they've created.

Yeah this is another good point. Keeping it in a solar system where all the basic worlds and many races have been fleshed out means less work for the writers. Also satisfies people who want more content specifically on these worlds and hope to use Starfinder content to flesh out Distant Worlds details in Pathfinder.

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The new planets I think refer to locations outside the Golarion system. Within the Golarion system there was a reference to Akiton at the very least.

Also man we really need a name for the system. I don't think Distant Worlds provided one?

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Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
I don't think so. I think of this as more alike to what Dragonstar was for D+D, with the addition including the basic Pathfinder engine to make it standalone.

Same here. I think they realized that something like Pathfinder was just an awkward fit to capture a lot of space fantasy/science fiction tropes, and that a more significant retool of the system was needed than a simple "Adventures" line hardcover.

I am seeing a lot of people though seeing this as some sort of stealth 2.0. I suspect a lot of those people may come away being disappointed if they think a lot of the Pathfinder "problems" will be resolved in this book.

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