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I would think "basic respect for personal freedom" is more a chaotic good and some chaotic neutral opinion. Chaotic evil doesn't care about other people's freedom, and is a selfish "I can do what I want" attitude.

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Armin Zola also may have just not given a huge crap if he revealed Hydra's plans. I can't imagine getting mostly abandoned in an old military base is exactly the sort of thing that endears you to an organization.

Pierce seemed to believe that Zola was dead due to missile strike, so if Zola did download himself elsewhere, he obviously wasn't sharing that info with Shield-Hydra

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:

For now.

But you assume that they have no plans to ever develop that region. James Jacobs has said on many occasions they hope to explore southern Garund in the future, and in other products they have already hinted at specific nations found south of the map, so some thought has obviously already been put into the region (same as Arcadia, Casmaron, etc).

Seriously, take a look at that Forgotten Realms map (linked above) That is 21 years of development. That includes the 3e days of regular 160-196 page supplements plus regular dragon magazine articles. And they still have yet to finish Faerun.

Which is by a different company...which at various points has supported 3 or more campaign settings at a time, and has also done major reboots of their primary setting.

I mean really...this is about creative control. You could make this argument about legally publishing fan fiction for novel series. If you are going to invent new lands, why not just apply the effort to a novel setting. I mean, it's not like GM's won't cannibalize the parts they want anyway to fit into there own version of Golarion. Or attempt to organize a new setting with other 3rd party publishers that is completely OGL.

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Sovereign Wyrm wrote:

This is some serious b%%~!~@@. Spend some time on the internet and you'll see that, frankly a lot of people are into that, at least in theory.

Additionally, more people than have it as an interest might be able to muster some interest if the creature in question was a real person who they fell in love with. Some wouldn't, but it wouldn't be unheard of.

And finally, a lot of the creatures that have been discussed are shapechangers. Do you really care if the beautiful woman (or handsome man) you love happens to be able to turn into a snake or a spider, or whatever? I wouldn't.

A lot of people "on the internet" are into a lot of things, but I would argue that what one finds on the internet in regards to a great many things is still not normative. The internet simply allows obscure groups and subcultures to interact with relative ease. In the physical world, folks who have a borderline bestiality fetish are still very, very few and far between.

I stated that I could wrap my brain around romance between human and those who can take human form. I would just wonder why such a creature would find humans sexually attractive. I didn't say there was anything wrong with a fetish, I just think that such pairings would be very, very, very rare. That is unless monster/inhuman fetishists are common in Golarion.

Love? Really? I love my cat, but even if my cat started chatting with me like Puss n' Boots I'm not going to want a sexual relationship with him...1.) he's male and 2.) he's a cat....HE'S A TALKING CAT. Love is one thing, but the desire to be physically intimate with an individual is another often unrelated thing. I think it's a mistake to conflate the ability to love someone with the desire to have sex with someone. I could imagine loving a female gnoll as a dear friend but I wouldn't have sex with a even the sexiest gnoll female because the idea of such an encounter is unappealing...because she's a hyena person...with "hyena" being the operative word. She's a furry animal-person....


There are no doubt people who would find animalistic or abberrant monsters sexually or romantically attractive. But the internet is a bit of an echo chamber, and the actual proportion of the population who are into that population is probably very very small. If anything, it would be even smaller if some of those races existed in real life and acted like they do in Golarion. If a gnoll eats your neighbors, that might be a quick mood killer

Then consider the fact that the number of gnoll that are likely to consider humans attractive is probably also pretty small (again, assuming the Golarion default portrayal). So what are the odds that the one guy who finds minotaurs hot and the one minotaur who finds people hot would actually cross paths and have the opportunity to romance.

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Winter Soldier and Agents of Shield Spoilers:

First off...I seriously seriously doubt that Armin Zola is the Clairoyant. That would be horrible writing if if you have the big bad of your television series get taken out in passing in a movie that didn't feature any of the your major characters from the show.

Based on what happened last episode, I think Garrett is probably the Clairovoyant. Also, since agent Sitwell was taking off to board the ship from the beginning of The Winter Soldier, I suspect the rest of this season takes place before the events of Winter Soldier. Especially since I think Coulson would have gotten news of Fury's death, and it's not like Sitwell would board the ship, get held hostage by mercenaries, and get rescued by Captain America in a day. He could have very well been on that ship for a month, plenty of time for Agents of Shield to wrap up their season.

I am also not entirely convinced the Clairovoyant is related to Hydra. It could very well be a splinter group working for its own goals, or even against Hydra. It's not like there are a shortage of bad guy organizations in the Marvel Universe, and I suspect Hydra would have had other methods to figure out what happened to Coulson. Hell...Tahiti could very well have been a Hydra related facility.

Although...what the hell are they going to do with this show, which I heard has been renewed for a second season. rename it "Former Agents of Shield"?

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I think if you are really concerned about wasting your gaming dollars on a kickstarter that may be late or fail, than you probably shouldn't be investing in kickstarters period. Built into the Kickstarter terms of service is no guarantee of product or money back. Odds are, you are probably investing in a person who may not have much experience in either project management or design, on top of doing this stuff in free time between his family and work obligations. That people expect a kickstarter to precede in the same manner as an order from Amazon is hilarious.

I have a limited budget and from a financial standpoint a fairly uncertain future. I don't invest in kickstarters for this. I really wanted to chip in money on the Ultimate Psionics kickstarter..but hey, the product eventually came out and I was able to buy it on Paizo. So hey, I think if you are truly concerned about progress on kickstarters...DON'T INVEST.

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why is the movie "Saw" the first thing I think of when you say "design test"?

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With Kickstarter, you are funding a project to produce a product. You are not going into a store and buying something already produced. I think if you are going to back a project on Kickstarter, you need to keep in mind that production problems and other issues could still derail the project.

If Paizo has trouble keeping to release dates, with a "large" staff fully dedicated to producing product, than why is it weird that a couple of people producing a product in their free time, and without an extensive technical help network, wouldn't have issues?

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Guang wrote:

Not sure if I've responded to this post or not. Here are the entries I would most like to see in Bestiary 5:


Why should they be excluded just because they are core races? I realize that there are some human pirates and whatnot, but no basic, general, entry has been done yet.

The NPC codex (series?) pretty much does the job, with far more room and variety than can fit into a bestiary

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Wannabe Demon Lord requested I post some African creatures. Personally I suspect there are a lot of reprints here in the below list, as Africa appears to be even more poorly represented than North America in available information, but hopefully there are some new creatures here:

Abada /Nillikema/Arase= Kongo Unicorn; two spiraling horns that can be used as an antidote for poison; size of a donkey with a boars tail

Abatwa = Zulu ant herders; tiny people, can only be seen by children and those with the gift; shy, but easily offended and sensitive about their diminutive size; wise; hunt with poison arrows; skilled at hiding

Adjule = North African cryptid; desert dwelling, pack-forming wild dogs

Adroanzi = Lugbara African myth; descendents of the Serpent creator god, and guardians of rivers, streams, and trees; snake like in form; would follow people at night and protect them from harm, but ate anyone who discovered them

Adze = vampiric fireflies from Togo/Ghana; possess people, and can give them power. Feed on the energy of a person, causing symptoms similar to Malaria or sleeping sickness. Moves around at night

Aigamuxa = South African; race of man-eating dune dwelling monsters, with eyes located only on the instep of their feet

Ambize = Congo; enormous monster with the head of a pig, hands instead of fins, and the body of a fish; considered to have delicious flesh and might be based on early accounts of manatees

Aziza = Dahomey, Africa; Little hairy fairy-folk, who live in anthills and silk trees; protect hunters and act as tutelary spirits, teaching many crafts and skills such as fire; Used to be more powerful, but have fallen significantly in might. Feared but admired; impetuous and gifted with magic

Camphor = Aquatic, web-footed Unicorn from Ethiopia

Dingonek = "Jungle Walrus" African Cryptid; 18 foot long saber-toothed pangolin like creature, with a long tail topped with a venomous barb, reptilian claws, spotted

Emela-ntouka = Congo cryptid; gray-skinned Rhino-like beast with a single horn the size of an elephant. Known as “killer of elephants”; highly territorial and semi-aquatic; herbivore

Hai-uri (M)/Bi-Bloux = San African; One-legged, one-armed hopping monsters; man-eating

Ilomba = Zambia; destructive sea snake controlled by witch doctors, and given to people to do evil with. If destroyed, the controller dies as well

Inkanyamba = monstrous river eel of South Africa; migratory, breeding in the ocean; territorial, will guard chosen area from other river monster. Has control of weather, and can travel through the air in the center of a tornado.

Intulo = Zulu; Blue-headed Lizardman with agama characteristics, sent to tell creation that death would occur; a creature of death and ill omen; hated and considered death omens

Imilozi = Zuli; whistling ancestor spirits; tried to tell their descendents the secrets of the gods, but they couldn't understand the whistles

J’ba Fofi = Congo cryptid; giant tarantula like spider, with a 6 foot legspan; juveniles are yellow, and brown with age; build nests of leaves and webbing, or inhabit burrows in mudbanks

Kalanoro = Madgascan; short 3 foot tall hairy humanoid with long talons and backward pointing feet; telepathic abilities

Kikiyaon = Gambian folklore; Giant owl like monster; "Soul Cannibal"; mixture of human and owl; sharp spurs on wrist, long lion like tail, body covered in short green fur; disembowels prey with talons

Kishi = Angolan; two-faced demon, with an attractive man’s face in the front and a hyena’s face in the back. Use there human side to attract prey, usually young woman, then devour with the hyena side; incredibly powerful bite

Koakun-klun/Agenti = Cape Verde Islands; Sea monster that resembles a cross between a crocodile and monitor lizard; semi-aquatic carnivore ranging up to twenty feet long with long claws; fast and strong, can break ships in half

Lau = Sudan; monstrous carnivore, with a hippo like body, flippers, long neck, and a mouth bristling with tentacles which it uses to snag prey; inhabits reedbeds; 20 feet long

Lunwaba = Xhosha/Zulu = Humanoid Chameleon Lizardfolk; Slow moving; were sent by the Gods to give humans to slow, but didn’t reach them before Intulo

Mamlambo = large snake like South African cryptid; lives in river; body of horse, short legs, lower body of fish, and neck of snake; 70 feet long; glows green at night; enjoys eating the brains and face of it's victims

Mbielu Mbielu Mbielu = Congo cryptid; stegosaur like herbivore with planks coming out of it’s back; aquatic, with body covered in thick algae

Mbwiri: Central African possessing demon which causes epilepsy and can be driven out by good living; after exorcism often leaves victim insane

Migas = Congo cryptid; Tentacled flat predatory monster, possibly catfish like

Mngwa/Nunda = African cryptid, giant gray furred man-eating terrestrial cat

Muhuru = Kenyan cryptid; large lizard like creature with a back covered in spikes

Nasnas/Chiruwi (Central Africa)/Hai-uri (Hottentot) = Half Djinn-half human creature; vertically bisected, hopping on one limb; can become invisible; hates mortals but if defeated can be a source of great power and knowledge

Ngoubou = Ox-sized 6-horned African cryptid ceratopsian; 6 horns on frill and a small nose horn; humped back, cloven hooves

Nguma-monene = Congo cryptid; giant 30 foot long aquatic lizard with a serrated back and grayish skin; hunts hippos; low slung body

Ninki Nanka = Gambian folklore; dragon like monster; dwells in whirlpools and is semi-aquatic; crocodile like body long giraffe/snake neck, horse like head, with lateral spiraling horns and a robust central horn; 30-50ft long

Nyamatsane = South African folklore; Baboon/ape like; can speak, live in tribes, and form hunting parties

Obambo = Central African Ghost; Ghost of someone who dies in the bush, and is unburied. dwells in the jungle, but eventually returns to it's village. Dwells in a special house nearby the village, where worshiped and placated

Obayifo/Asiman = Dahomey vampiric spirit; obsessed with food; distinguished by phosphorescent light from armpits and anus; possess living people, who during the day are unaware of their possession; can enter animals and cause them to attack people. drain life from lan; found of chocolate; can travel as willow-wisp

OgBanje = Nigerian changeling. Evil spirit that will constantly died and be born to the same family; bound to a family by certain relics (Iyi-uwa), usually hidden and buried; can only be gotten rid of by destroying these relics. Sickly and feed off grief; always die at the same time in each reincarnation, always before puberty.

Olitiau = Cameroon Demon crypid bat; giant humanoid bat; black with red wings; 2 inch long sharp teeth

Pamba = Tanzania; giant perch capable of swallowing a boat whole, complete with crew

Rompo = African mythological beast, with the head of a hare, human ears, skeletal body, badger frontlimbs, and bear rearlegs; feeds on human corpses

Tibicena/Guacanchas = Demons/genies of the Canary islands, and the original occupants of the chain. Take the form of great wild dogs with red eyes and thick black wool. Inhabit caves, from which they emerge at night to attack people or livestock; offspring of the local god of evil

Tompandrano = Madagascar; reptilian sea creature similar to a crocodile but with a bioluminescent head; eats people

Trunko = white, furry, whale-like, marine creature with a long trunk and powerful tail. Larger than an orca

Yehwe Zogbanu = Dahomey; thirty horned predatory forest giant

Yumboe/Bakna Rakhna = Senegal Fairies; two feet tall, with pearlescent skin and silver hair; live under the earth and are served by invisible spirits; like corn and fish

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I don't think the war was won so much as abandoned. The media is always looking for the next big thing, and society always is trying to pin its problems on some minority interest which can be railed against without inconveniencing the status quo I was too young to remember the DnD panic, but I do remember the big debate over music lyrics and video games.

I think simply the media gets bored with a narrative after awhile, and so the hardcore people lose the spotlight and are relegated to the sidelines where they can be easily ignored.

Now that "nerd culture" is more mainstream, I think DnD is safe for awhile. And really...the hardcore fundamentalists have way way more things to be concerned about in American culture than DnD right now.

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This has some great descriptions of gods and creatures from Choctaw myth

Top Twelve Dieties in Choctaw Myth

"First Hatakachafa encountered a horse-sized white wolf, the very first wolf in the world. After fighting, the two were so impressed with each other’s martial skill that they became loyal companions and the wolf let the heroic Choctaw ride him like a horse in their travels."


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From my personal file of monsters, here are new world monsters which start with "B", that AFAIK don't exist in Pathfinder yet:

Backoo: Guyana; short humanoid with large red eyes, long arms and legs, and no kneecaps; like honey, milk, and bananas; sometimes inhabit glass bottles; if released, will bring fortune, but if it doesn't get its way it will become destructive. like small yoruba wooden carvings

Badogiak/Pa-don-gi-ak = Eastern NA Thunderers; 7 half bird half human spirits; appear as humans with bird wings and long golden hair; great warriors who can control lightning

Baka = Haiti; skeletal evil sorcerers; flaming red eyes, with red and black skin covering fleshless bones; small and bearded. Can shapeshift into animal form; serve evil gods; can be made from human sorcerers and can merge with demons

Bakru/Bolum = Haiti/Guyana/Suriname = ugly little fairies that resemble children partially made of wood; can be purchased and used by magicians; can shapeshift to apes; black eyes; cause bad luck and can be killed by hitting with a stick, although the person who does may die. Can cause people to wither. Can be made from body part and ensouled by a ghost

Balam (s), Balamoob (pl) = Macro-Mayan; long-clawed spirits associated with Jaguars, can appear as giants, dwarfs, or spirits of the air; Earth beings; protect villages or cornfields; evil ones manifest as baby-eating winds, good ones manifest as wizard like figures; use whistles to summon aid

Bawi-rachi = Tarachahitan; small rattlesnake spirits

"Beaman Monster" = Monster that dwells near kansas city; resembles a 12 foot tall bipedal cross between a wolf and a gorilla; cryptid, but originally used to warned children from playing in cornfields

Beast of Bladenboro = vampiric cat; cryptid; resembles a demonic bobcat with vampiric fangs

Bedzi-azE = Canadian/Alaska NA; caribou shapeshift; offspring of a woman and a caribou; ageless; can be helpful but can also be destructive; has a magic stick which can kill people instantly; quickly reach maturity; can change size

Behinder = American folklore, man-eating bear like beast, innate ability to change shape to blend into environment/hide behind objects

Big Owl/Bighoot = Apache; Depicted as either a shape-shifting ogres, a giant horned owl, or some combination of them; carries off children and eats them; can paralyze prey with their gaze; swallow prey whole; inhabit desert canyons

Binaye-Ahani = Navajo; stubby vestigial limbed, twisted, evil monster twins; bulging eyes; can shoot lightning from their eyes or turn people to gems; dwell in underground burrows; burrowers; transformed into prairie dogs after death

Black Tamamous = Pacific coast Native American creature; giant cannibal monster that stalks humans; leaves tarry footprints; Humanoid; only feeds on those who violate the cannibalism taboo or otherwise prey on humanity

Bohpoli = Choctaw; spirits which take the form of 3-ft tall wizened, white haired green pygmies, or small, feathered serpents; only visible to children, prophets, and doctors; can shift into owls and snakes; may dwell in deep, dark woods or the back of houses; can make plants grow

Boi-tata: Brazilian Folklore; giant anaconda with eyes of flame; blind during the day; can see anything that it's victim's saw; can set things on fire with its eyes and is protects the forest from arsonists

Bolter = American folklore; nearly limbless giant lizard like beast, with front limbs reduced to spur like claws. Ambush predator that drops onto prey after releasing itself from object that it's limbs are attached to. Adapted to different environments

Boo-hag = Undead skinnless hag that subsists on the breath of living beings; can change into mist to enter any room; OCD and can be stopped by making them count the straws in a broom; steal the skin of other beings to disguise themselves, until skin wears out; if caught in daylight with skin, become stuck in it

Bush Dai Dai = Guyana; shapeshifter which infiltrates jungle encampments, sleeps with the men, then turns into a wild beast to devour them

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TritonOne wrote:

I would be interested in hearing from the designers why they decided to incorporate the Egyptian pantheon in The Mummy's Mask Adventure Path rather than creating fictional gods in the style of the Egyptian pantheon. For example, the Nehekhara pantheon created for the game Warhammer Fantasy Battle for the Tomb Kings faction is fictitious. Though thematically, the Tomb Kings and their culture were obviously inspired by Ancient Egypt.

Was the intention to give players and GMs a pantheon they were already familiar with, or at least could recognize, so that the game world wasn't entirely alien and fictional to them?

Simplicity. If you are going to have a land that is basically pseudoEgypt, why not use actual Egyptian gods? There already is precedence for Earth existing in the setting, and by using real mythological figures you get to use a cast of characters already familiar to many players. The fact they come from real world mythology also means there are tons of books and websites for material to learn more about them for incorporation into your game.

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The Seattle area does have a thriving population of otters...

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A new edition doesn't necessarily mean it won't be compatible current material, or that they will go through and just redo all the book. IIRC, Call of Cthulhu has gone through 7? editions, but the actual rules have only been slightly tweaked. You can still use material from each edition pretty evenly

For instance, if say, Pathfinder tweaks the fighter, monk, and rogue classes, but leaves the rest of the classes the same, there probably won't be a need to reprint say the bestiaries. Similarly a book that largely keeps the same rules but clarifies corner cases or presentation material won't invalidate other rules.

And a good chunk of the material Paizo produces is flavor material, such as the campaign setting line. That stuff will remain useful regardless of most changes.

Also could we maybe dial back the emotion a bit and be a bit more careful on word choice?

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havoc xiii wrote:

I've never understood the whole "if you want this item here is an entire quest for it" thing. So is the character going to go "hey guys I know we need to save the world and stuff but I totally heard about this dwarves hero who had a really bomb shield I was thinking we could go and take it" how exactly does that work?

The whole game would just be item grinding...kill daimon awakened form until he drops a daimon claw to build your new sword...

A DM can integrate such quests though into the overall plotline. Its not like there isn't plenty of fiction out there involving characters needing to procure item x to a specific villain.

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As GM, I will tweak the treasure my players come across from AP's so that they are relevant to the players. if the adventure says it's a + 2 ax but no one plays a character that uses that weapon, I will change it to a sword or something else relevant. I will also boost treasure if I think the party is a bit underpowered for their level or if I know they will need certain items to deal with certain threats/problems.

I don't necessarily believe in filling out a players shopping list. Lower level stuff is available depending on city size, but again none of my games have gone to a high enough level where PCs were purchasing really powerful items, so I haven't really thought out availability. Although I really feel powerful items should really be a result of a quest or found after defeating a powerful enemy/exploring an ancient ruin. I don't really like the flavor associated with a character strolling into any old store and picking up some sort of super powerful magic item or weapon.

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Tequila Sunrise wrote:

Ah...the perennial "what do you want in the next edition of Pathfinder" thread topic

Personally, I want the next edition (which I think will someday happen, but probably not for another 3-4 years at the earliest) to be a relatively minor update of the rules. Revise the fighter, monk, and rogue classes, do a few tweaks of rules here and there. but mostly keep it so that it is compatible and "balanced" with the current ruleset. I have 4 bestiaries, several other hardcovers and more campaign setting books than I can count...I don't want them useless.

Biggest change though would be just to revamp the layout and formatting of the core book. It's dense and kind of a chore to read. I think you could simplify the presentation of the rules without simplifying the rules themselves. Maybe if the do decide to revise the rules, it might be time to consider splitting out the GM and player material.

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Just another comment to add to the mix, but Paizo does a pretty good job of reprinting AP and companion content in other sources, rather than just whole scale reprinting APs

Inner Sea Gods will compile and updates all the AP articles on the core deities (and I am guessing a lot of stuff from the books of the damned, etc.)

A good chunk of every bestiary are monsters that previously debuted in campaign setting or AP books.

Ultimate Campaign collates and updates a lot of rules systems from previous books (Kingdom building, mass warfare, etc).

So really...only the actual adventures run the risk of disappearing forever. Anything not specific to that game shares a fair chance of showing up somewhere else down the road.

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The thread pretty much went down the same way every thread on this subject does. People setting up ridiculous extreme strawmen and ignoring the intent of the other person's comments, to interpret them in the most ridiculous light possible.

I doubt in reality anyone on either side of the debate is so extreme as to have a complete freak out if someone asked to play a catfolk, nor are players so extreme they would table flip if every little whim of character design wasn't allowed.

At least I would hope so.

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The Devs have generally frowned on the idea of treating Arcadia as a place to colonize, and Adam Daigle specifically has called out that Arcadia is just as advanced as Avistan from a technological and population perspective.

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Oddly enough my original conception of Yeitso (back something like ten years ago) were as Tyrannosaur-folk as you describe.

Intulo would be better off as Agama-folk (Intulo is pretty much the word for Agama)

HOWEVER, there is a Chameleon in the same story that features Intulo.

Basically, when the Gods were deciding the issue of mortality, they first sent the Chameleon (Lunwaba) to tell the people they would be immortal. However Lunwaba was slow, and in the meantime they changed their mind and sent the Agama (Intulo), a fairly speedy desert lizard, to tell the people they would not be immortal but suffer death. Intulo beat Lunwaba to reaching the people, and to this day Agamas are seen as death omens among the Xhosha and Zulu.

Also, this is what an African Agama looks like:

Sample Agama.

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Joshua Goudreau wrote:
I dropped my subscription for Mummy's Mask because, while it really looks damn cool, I just don't have the money to spend or the time to run it. I will certainly be buying Iron Gods however, because it is something I really want to see happen.

I had to drop my subscriptions as well for financial reasons (although to be fair I am not a huge fan of dungeon heavy APs, which is the impression I get from MM).

Hoping to pick up as well the AP for Iron Gods, but that will depend on if Academia continues to be a cruel mistress.

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Honestly...I consider myself pretty easy going and I have enough character concepts that I wouldn't mind being in a restricted campaign. But to me, warning signs go off when a rule or restriction is in place with the only explanation being "I said so", because to me that suggests I am playing more with a dictator than anything else, and if that is all the explanation he needs to ban/rule on something, who is to say how the rest of the campaign will go.

Please note that I said "no reason"; If the GM explains that the absence of this race is tied into the plot in some way, or they think that particular race is unbalanced/doesn't work with home rules/contrasts to much with the flavor of the campaign, that is probably sufficient for me.

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Based on current popularity, the next generation might very well be pro "only humans". A good chunk of the current fantasy being produced is heavily inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire, and nonhuman races are either absent or rare.

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Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:
knightnday wrote:
Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:

my issue with the steriotypes

is when i play a character so drastically different from the steriotypes of their race, even if they are of a similar race class combination, people tell me i'm having BADWRONGFUN.

whether it's the Dwarven Druid that speaks to the earth, works as a Feng Shui Master, and has a pet Jaguar he rescued from slavers in a jungle ship

or the Elven Huntress whom uses every part she can of what she kills, including, consuming the flesh of her slain humanoid foes or feeling more like a bounty hunter and brigand than a proper tree hugger.

or heck, a Gnome whom doesn't have a 50 syllable name, doesn't tinker with gears, and lives a warden in service to a nymph matron whom abuses her if she doesn't remember to clean the pond on the new moon of every month.

My initial knee jerk response to this is that you need to play with less judgmental people. Given the other characters that you have mentioned in the past, I'm flabbergasted that they'd have a problem with a deviation on the core races.

In any case, perhaps it isn't the races. Maybe it is the people you play with.

my judgemental group was upset with my other characters too, even if they let me play them. they still complained.

Having done a google search for Tera Elin, and given your past posting history describing said characters, your groups might be less judgemental and more creeped out...

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Wonder Woman isn't really that hard to get right. The basics of her origin story are not anymore complicated than Thor's. Warner Brothers just is very very paranoid about doing any movies that doesn't involve Batman or Superman, and The Dark Knight aside, has has very poor luck with good scripts

Ya know...I am pretty sure guys will go and see female superheroes...I don't see that as being too huge an issue. The fact that Catwoman and Electra bombed has more to do with a crappy script and poor acting than anything else.

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Purple Dragon Knight wrote:

I doubt they'll ever do Captain Marvel movie... ever. The Marvel Studios universe is more "gritty" and "realistic" than the typical Superman/Krypton feel... Captain Marvel is a little too "super" in her powers compared to Cap, Iron Man, etc. Even Thor in the Marvel Studios universe is comparable to Iron Man (when they fight in the woods it was pretty evenly matched) i.e. Asgardians are strong aliens / magic is science blah blah but not really unbeatable anymore...

I suspect Guardians of the Galaxy could change that, but my gut tells me that it will lean less on the fantastic/fantasy and more on the technology/alien superiority, etc.

Guardians of the Galaxy is about as obscure as Captain Marvel, and Captain Marvel is probably the most significant woman with super powers. And Captain Marvel really isn't all that powerful compared to The Hulk or Thor.

Honestly, all bets are off once you introduce as a major character a raccoon with a machine gun.

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Spiral_Ninja wrote:

Black Heimdal is still a what?!?!? at least partially because I know (on a list I'm on) a pagan who worships the Nordic pantheon. I never asked him how he felt about the casting because it wasn't relevant to the list topics, still it seemed to be a slap in the face to such followers to me. As an example; while I wouldn't object to a black Jesus, some folks would. (I'd actually prefer a semitic actor portraying Jesus). You'd get the same reaction to a black actor portraying Mohammad.

Ya know, if I was a pagan that venerated Norse gods, I have to feel that the race of Heimdal would be way way less offensive to me than the fact they took dieties from my personal beliefs, simplified their story, and made them into super heroes.

If Black Heimdall is the only thing that offends your religious beliefs out of the Marvel movies, you probably have some underlying issues.

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Sebastrd wrote:
Rubber Ducky guy wrote:
But this isn't the comic books. It's a movie. It's different. And it's ok to be different.
When said movie is based on the comic book, it is not okay - not to me, at least.

Except the comics books themselves seldom care about continuity...think about how many retcons, revamping, and resurrections are done by DC or Marvel? Obviously it's not a huge issue for them in their own products, yet the minor change in race is for a movie?

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How about the actor selected has a working relationship with the director, and the director feels he would do a good job of playing Johnny Storm? And given the movie hasn't even filmed yet, its not like you can evaluate his acting or the influence of his race on the movie.

Also, if you really think that casting Nelson Mandela as a white person is the exact same as casting a black person as Johnny Storm, than you live in a much different reality than I do.

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Antlered Serpents are a pretty huge motif in North American folklore, and generally share a few standard traits. They are almost always associated with water, whether it be lakes, oceans, or rivers. They have great magical power, and are generally on par with Thunderbirds and giants as far as magical powers. Many have healing abilities, especially associated with their horns. Generally they are legless, although this varies.

A sample of some different Native American dragons are listed below. Note that these are a pretty random sampling...I have yet to go through and concisely gather data on all the NA dragons and serpent like creatures, so I am missing a lot. But this at least gives give a sample. And some, like the Piasa and Tizheruk are probably weird enough they would best be considered their own monster. More examples are listed on the Native American Languages website:

Horned Serpents/Native American Dragons from my monster list:

Kci-Athussos = Maliseet/Passamaquoddy; lake dwelling great horned serpent; eats humans

Nahuelito = Argentinian lake serpent cryptid; large and serpent like, with characteristics of other "typical" lake monsters

Sisiutl = Pacific NW Native American; Great two-headed sea serpent with a human head and limbs in the center o fit's body, each head horned. may have been inspired by the rubber boa; can change size, from tiny to colossal; slime can cause sickness and death; gorgon like petrification powers; if killed can have great healing powers; natural enemy of Thunderbirds; guardian of the gods

Tizheruk/Pal Rai Yuk = Inuit; monstrous sea serpent, two 7ft long fox-like heads with horns, 6 fins, 2 dorsal fins, and two flippered tails; covered in thick fur and has a serrated fin down it’s back. Stealthy and fond of snatching people of of piers or overturning kayaks; can be summoned

Uktena/Uhcegila/Misi-kinepikw = NA Horned Serpent; giant serpent with glowing iridescent crystalline scales and a single large crystal horn in it's forehead, with magical powers. Also stag horns; pestilence breath; glow can blind and confuse people; enemies of the Thunderbird; not evil, but avoid humans and may be a death omen; can control game

Xiuhcoatl = Aztec turquoise fire serpent; segmented appearance with a upturned hognose snake like snout, trapeze like end of tail, covered in shredded paper like frills

Gaasyendietha = Seneca NA; River dwelling dragon like creature, capable of breathing fire and flying on a trail of fire; connected to meteors

Piasa = Cahokian; monstrous dragon, described as having a head like a bear, antlers of an elk, giant fangs, and a scaly body with bird like claws and wings; head and neck covered in a whispy mane; Tail tipped with a spear; antlers red and body black; destructive beast that preys on people, and would occasionally leave it’s Cliffside lair to terrorize the land

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Well in my case, when people mention white Nick Fury, the first thought that pops into my head is David Hasselhoff, so nope...can't say I miss him...

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Malachi Silverclaw wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Malachi Silverclaw wrote:
Too much stuff for the quote function

The Cosby show metaphor/example really doesn't work though. That's more equivalent to suddenly replacing Tony Stark after two movies with an asian or black actor. Yes...that would throw audiences off; so would recasting Danny Devito in the role.

The Ultimate Fantastic Four team has never been in a movie, and despite two prior movies I would say the average movie goer probably doesn't care what race Johny Storm he is. We also haven't established the relationship between the Storm siblings...are they from a biracial family? step-siblings? orphans? Who knows. When the movie is released it will be establishing the cannon for the series.

In contrast, recasting a major actor after 6 seasons as a different person of a different race is way more jarring, especially if you establish he was born to the family, and not adopted or only half a sibling.

To the comic readers, even the Ultimate version has established who Johnny Storm is. I hate it when movies come out which pointlessly change things, and this is nothing to do with race: I hated it when they changed Daredevil's Radar Sense from being a sixth sense scrambled by rain to an extension of hearing that is enhanced by rain, just to get a pretty visual.

I hate that they changed Silver Surfer's powers to be tied to his board.

I'd hate Ben Grimm to be a scrawny Brit rather than a beefy New Yorker.

I'd hate it if Peter Parker was played by a black actor. I've no objection to a Spider-Man successor being black, but not Peter Parker.

I'd hate it if T'Challa was played by a white actor. I'd find a successor Black Panther being anything but Wakandan to be crazily inconsistent.

If Johnny Storm got hit by a bus and was replaced by a black guy with similar powers, no problem! But not Johnny.

Basically, I hate it when film or TV takes characters I love and pointlessly changes them. Why do they insist on taking what they know to be good (or they...

Here's the thing. If the movie decides to deviate from the comics/books (which all movies do to some extent), the comic version you love doesn't disappear. Adaptations should stand on their own merits, and if the overall plot, characterization, and acting is good, who cares if it deviates in a trivial manner from the comics?

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I'd like to see a group of dragons based on the Native American water serpent legends. I think I can come up with 5 different types based on different variants, but don't have the time at the moment to look up the info:

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JiCi wrote:

Just to start off, I did NOT go through 5,000+ posts, because I think I can get the general idea just by looking at the title.

Let's see now...

1) I would assume that homosexuality is either viewed as bad or as indifference. When I say "bad", I often see it as "bad from a social point of view". There are many noble families in Golarion, most of them wish to establish link and connections with each others through weddings and thus scions from these unions. 2 sons or 2 daughters marrying doesn't look like a good way to "expand" both families.

For non-noble/royal people, pretty sure it's difference. At best, homosexual couples are tolerate; at worst, they're exiled... I don't think Golarion would go as far as killing homosexual people like they did back in the Middle Age. Pathfinder is supposed to cater to everyone... now's not the time to be homophobic in addition of racist.

Furthermore, for goodness sake, we have a bunch of interspecies couples, a.k.a. half elves and half-orcs. if THAT's tolerated, I don't see how same-sex couples wouldn't.

Finally, magic exists. Oh, two women fall in love. One casts Polymorph to become a male version of herself, passes as a male, both get married and then live as two women. And yes, one can impregnate the other while polymorphed. Here's another case:...

Actually the default state for Golarion (or at least the Inner Sea) is that homosexuality is treated as normal and generally not persecuted or the topic of much discussion. There are no examples of exile and numerous examples of same sex partners (cough "that is why reading a thread before commenting is useful" cough). Also You don't have to polymorph your sex to get married. There are two married same sex couples in the most recent AP, for instance.

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I don't see why you care that they talk about it?

As long as they are not hijacking other threads not related to the subject matter, it should be fine. It's easy enough to avoid and I think really hasn't impacted Paizo or the board all that much.

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DrDeth wrote:

The boards have been infested by new posters who seemingly all have morality issues with paladins. For some reason- much like the squirrels in the park despite the signs telling you not to- many posters can't stop feeding them. ("But they are sooo cute!!")

They are easy to spot. They have a new ID, they start a thread on something like paladins eating goblin babies- and that's their first thread ever, and they have maybe a handful of posts.

I report them, but?

I do like how some veteran posters are posting silliness instead of morality debates.

If they are easy to spot, how about just ignoring them? If they are "trolls" than creating a thread to complain about them is pretty much feeding them, something you criticize others in doing.

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I remember shortly after the announcement that there would be modules adding play style options from other versions of the game to 5E, but I never interpreted that as in "modules will all be released with or shortly after the core books".

I pretty much always interpreted that as several books, some of which probably would not appear until long after the game was released, given that higher priority will be given to getting a player's, DM' and Monster book out to have a at least bare bones version of the game ready for purchase.

For DnD to attract 100% of the 4E fans is basically impossible. No edition every released has managed that. Even Pathfinder had it's detractors who prefer 3.5, and that is a relatively minor tweak of 3.5.

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Casmaron would be nice, since then we could fill the map between Avistan and Tian Xia then

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Personally not getting a Firefly vibe from this...I am getting a Farscape vibe. Which I am definitely okay with.

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Any of the core inner sea powers, since there has been a bit of a tendency to only produce campaign guides to the more "Theme Park" areas.

So Andoran, Cheliax, and Taldor

Beyond places, in the revisited line I would like to see some books focusing on abberations, dark lands dwellers, and sea monsters.

A Dragon Revisited 2, covering Imperial and Primal Dragons, would be nice.

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Nathanael Love wrote:

I find these boards typically to be incredibly rude, hostile, full of people who demean others, littered with offensive slurs (This or that is "for queer" which was allowed to stand even after a moderator looked at the thread).

I've greatly cut back my actual money expenditure on this game since I started coming to the boards; its a pretty hostile environment to be perfectly honest.

Ya know...I have never really understood why someone would let the attitudes of anonymous posters on the internet determine how much money they spend on a game. If you had to play with them in real life, sure.

Personally I try not to spend much time in certain types of threads, as anything to do with Monk/rogue/fighter/martial-caster disparity is going to eventually generate a substantial amount of hostility.

On the other hand, if this is in regards to the Psionics thread, I should point out that you were about as equally hostile in posts as the people you were responding too. In a thread with a lot of Psionics fans, typing this:

Nathanael Love wrote:
I am saying don't use psionics. That guy at the end of the table with the gleam in his eye has it there for a reason, and it is not because its a balanced system, its because he has found something he wants to exploit.

Insulting those who like Psionics as munchkins only interested in the breaking the system is a great way to tick off all the other posters. JUST SAYING.

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Rubber Ducky guy wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:

Dingo Australia has 6 states + territories.... You can't get us to unite...

There is no way a hard working industrious New South Welshman like me, would want to be associated with a XXXX drinking, thong wearing, banana bending yobbo Queenslander or an Arty farty, black turtle neck wearing, latte sipping, arial ping pong cultist Victorian or, god bothering socks and sandal wearing serial killing South Australian, or white shoe brigade, isolationist, shoot it if moves chop it down if it doesn't and dig it up if you are standing on it Western Australian, then there is your lot crazy cane toad licking swamp dwelling alcoholic Northern Territorians and you may have noticed I haven't mentioned Tasmania.... That's because nobody should mention Tasmania.

So if Australians have issues between 6 states and the territories, imagine the problems with 50 odd states.

Is Tasmania still a state?

And you left out New Zealand

...probably because New Zealand isn't an Australian state/province?

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Sindakka wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
One idea I found very logical is that if the orc chieftain wants half-orcs because they are smarter, the orcs aren't going to go kidnap human WOMEN. That's worthless, yielding only a very few half-orcs. No, they will be going for a few strong young men.

While that would be logical I just don't see it in the way orc culture is often depicted. They are just too sexist.

Though it does spark a interesting idea for a tribe of Amazon Orcs....mmmm....

*mental image of female Orc trying to seduce male Human*

...I, just... I just don't see this working out well. Call me racist...

Based on what I have witnessed in bars, I have no problem seeing this happen if alcohol is involved...

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
Peter Stewart wrote:
Trying to trivialize that by calling it 'magical story hour' is frankly unfair.

How is that "unfair," given that it's true? If you are playing without rules, you are making up a story as you go along. Just because you prefer it that way doesn't make it less true.

Probably because it reeks of condescension and to a lesser extent BadWrongfun?

Different tables have different play styles, and I doubt the play style Peter Stewart advocates is rare or uncommon. If anything it is considered the default for Pathfinder and 3.5, and obviously has been a successful model for both WoTC and Paizo.

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Captain Sakhbet "The Sandman" wrote:

I realize this discussion has been touched often before, but the last time it was posted clocks in at about 2 years ago. I figure it's time to resurrect the topic.

To disclaim, I am aware that there are two Third-Party books by Little Red Goblin Games. I have bought them and read them. While I find the ideas presented there admirable and even intriguing (I so do enjoy the thought of additional alchemist grand discoveries, upping the DC of poisons, and the "eureka bombs" intriguing, speaking solely of the one class I'm most using currently), seem to require a fair number of additional third-party rules.

Mythic tiers are nice, but I consider them more a separate mechanic than an answer to epic levels.

So, the question remains: is the idea of epic levels for each class still alive?

I am about 99.99% sure that Mythic is suppose to scratch the "epic level" niche, and that we will never see a dedicated epic level book for in the 3.0/3.5 sense of the word

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Lord Snow wrote:
Dreadwave wrote:

toxic ideology

Creationism isn't "toxic" and I'm sure for the most part the intention is not to harm anyone. It's merely crazy.

Well people have already stated it basically but I will chime in:

If creationists were happy to keep their believes to themselves, their family, and their church, than yeah, they would be harmless.

But the creationist movement in the states (not sure if you are in the the USA or not) is heavily involved in trying to get textbooks rewritten or dumbed down, as well as trying to push creationism into the curriculum as an equally valid scientific viewpoint on the formation of life.

This if allowed to spread and increase is only going to increase science illiteracy in our country, and produce generations of students who are not really capable of dealing with such new technologies such as gene therapy, etc.

Plus this is part of an entire parcel of poorly thought out faith-based education reforms, so it sort of goes hand in hand with ideas like abstinence-based sex ed, increased censorship of books with "harmful materials, etc.

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Joe Shmoe 741 wrote:


I assume that Lamashtu brought allies along because her section of "Lords of Chaos" specifies that most demons are allied with her in one way or another. There's nothing in the "Horsemen" book that indicates that Urgathoa and Zyphus do anything other than rent space from the Four.

Yes there are thirty harbingers listed. Harbingers are the equivalent of nascent demon lords, infernal dukes, and whatever the weaker variant of an empyreal lord is. In short, they're weaker than full demon lords, archdevils, or empyreal lords. Not to mention that there are thousands of nascent demon lords in the Abyss alone. If you read some of my earlier posts, you'll note that I mention, on several occasions, that if they'd made the harbingers the equivalent of full demon lords, we wouldn't be having this discussion. They didn't though.

Now lots of good points have been raised as to why Lamashtu's invasion might have failed. Maybe she really was an idiot and didn't bring any allies. Who knows? But my point about the daemons being outgunned by Hell, Heaven, and the Abyss still stands, as does my disbelief that somebody, at some point, hasn't just gone "screw it, let's get rid of these guys." When you're straight up evil, everybody distrusts or hates you, and you don't have as many guns as your opponents, you typically don't last long as a major player.

I feel like at this point further debate is kind of you are willing to discard just about anything we post, and play up or ignore contradictions to your argument.

Daemons and the horsemen still exist in the Great Beyond. Ergo some reason exists for why someone hasn't taken them over/wiped out, we just haven't had it spelled out in flashing neon letters yet.

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