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Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Falcone - Victor --> their "brainwashing" of Butch seems like it's a ruse or something... I think Falcone - Victor didn't really brainwash Butch and they're waiting to see if Butch will betray them when Fish comes back. Maybe a test. And Falcone's offering to Penguin "you no longer have to sneak around, you're officially one of my guys" could be true, but I think Falcone knows full well that Penguin cannot rest if he's not completely in charge. So by making an official announcement that he owns him, he knows Penguin will chafe at the bit and start scheming... whether Butch/Fish join Penguin or whether Butch stays loyal to Falcone is the critical variable here...

So far Penguin seems quite content with his club. My guess is something will happen to his mom, which will set him off on a roaring rampage of vengeance.

I just want....something to happen with the mob plotline...

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Freehold DM wrote:
I would say that's unfair. You pay subsistence wages, you get transitory staffing at best.

Yeah the universities are looking for any way they can to cut costs for actual instruction of students, while administration keeps growing and growing.

Making the situation all the worse is the over-production of PhDs, since Universities increasingly rely on grad students to cover classes and labs, since they are fairly cheap labor. That means that the current system is producing PhDs at a far greater rate than the number of available positions opening up each year. So a lot of people have to take adjunct jobs, or leap from Postdoc to Postdoc (and budgets cuts to research make the latter rarer and rarer).

I received my PhD last spring and the market is terrible. I am cashiering at a grocery store, and only since January has my publication record built up enough to land me job interviews. I thankfully landed a postdoc position for the fall, otherwise I would have driven out to San Diego and been forced to enter the community college adjunct market.

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Slayer sort of seems to fill the Assassin niche

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I thought it was significant that they focused on Black Widow removing that flash drive after plugging it in. Marvel has been pretty good at leaving room for villains to come back.

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That said with the above, in the 10 years I have been in academia, I have seen a huge surge in increased participation of female grad students. I do think there is a huge shift, and that things are improving.

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I really wanted to post on women in academia earlier today but didn't have the time. So excuse the return to the earlier tangent.

At any rate, I only recently finished a PhD in Ecology (really biology/paleontology), and have several female friends who also recently have finished their degrees (and know of many more)

I would say that I feel fairly confident that current discrepancies in the sciences are not simply some sort of gender-related differences in science.

TheJeff made a great point earlier about the old adage that sciences progresses by the old guard dying off. This very much also applies to attitudes towards women in science. Unlike many jobs, scientists don't really fully retire, and tenure often means near complete immunity against even egregious offenses.

I don't consider myself a huge social butterfly, but I have heard the following stories:

First, my advisor (who was in a PhD program in the late 70's/early 80's), was forbidden from field work, because it wasn't consider a proper activity for a women.

More recently,

A museum curator told one friend she shouldn't bother with getting a PhD, but should instead work on her MRS

Same friend, when on a field season dig, was always assigned (with the other female PhD) cook duties. Despite not at all being a good cook.

Another female colleague took a postdoc at a prestigious university in the lab of a rather well known researcher, and suffered some pretty nasty sexual harassment

Add on several researchers who have a notorious...record of hitting on/harassing younger female researchers? Yeah I think there is still a lot of discrimination going on overtly.

But even ignoring the overt stuff, there are a lot of aspects of academia that turn women away. For instance, one common complaint is that the tenure system basically means a faculty member has to devote most of his life towards that goal. He always has the option of waiting until his 40's to start a family, or foisting a lot of the childcare onto his wife. A women however really doesn't have that freedom, and many faculty members don't really consider pregnancy or child-rearing "acceptable" reasons why a given person's productivity is not on par with her male colleagues. It's also a lot harder to get tenure when women often get consistently worse teaching evaluations than men, or are judged as less successful than male candidates with similar publication records

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I think it could work, especially if you have a sheltered upbringing...I don't believe their are any rules saying common followers have to be one step away from their God's alignment. I would say that eventually such a character should probably catch on that Asmodeus isn't at all a good god.

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Lord Snow wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:

I'm moderately optimistic. I actually liked MoS quite a bit, and if they can make it as good as that, this should be a good movie.

Sure he won't be the best Aquaman, but he might just be good.

holy shut someone else who liked man of steel! I liked the movie very much and found the complainers to be boorish in their views.

It seems we really must disagree :(

I disliked Man of Steel. I actually fell asleep while watching it, which should be quite the proof of my extreme sense of boredom since it was very loud. It should be pointed out I never read a superman comic in my life and never watched a movie about him either.
The movie was bad because supermen didn't have a character - it literally skips between him as a space baby and him saving people from a burning freighter in the gap of a single scene, and throughout the movie we never learn about him as a person. Maybe that works for people who've seen many variations of his story before but for me that made the character so flat that I just couldn't care.
Then there were the action scenes which were the industry standard of toppling sky scrapers and destroying entire towns and killing thousands of bystanders without ever giving the fact a second thought. Not very heroic - as some people pointed out, it's less as if Superman is saving humanity and more as if two hostile aliens invaded Earth and chose it as their battleground, at the expense of the helpless natives.

Maybe there was some more character development and plot in the middle of the film. I wouldn't know, though, seeing as how I was asleep.

I completely agree. I think Superman is a horrible character to do the grimdark angle on. It works for Batman, because Batman is a dark vengeance driven character. It doesn't work for Superman, which ultimately is a more of an optimistic, hopeful character/comic.

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I think it looks badass. I don't think the original costume would be very easy to adapt, and given that Aquaman is routinely considered a joke character in pop culture, he needs all the help he can get for the big screen.

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Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Maybe if they stretched things out to CR 35 (which I think they could have done with mythic), but currently...nah. Would require a new edition probably.

That can be solved by simply putting out another Bestiary... say in the style of the old Fiend Folio.

Make funky god-like enemies whose powers are auras that force you to reroll if you roll an even result... or if you fail a save, you fall in love with them, and must roleplay that.

Actually, as far as the core rulebook line goes, they would need to revise and release a new version of Bestiary 4. Since Pazuzu and Cthulhu are suppose to be at the top tier of power levels in Demigod-hood, increasing the CR scale suddenly only puts them at mid-range. Which I am pretty sure is not the place James Jacobs and Co want them to sit.

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Like I mentioned, it has the overall same idea as the movie, but is executed very very differently (For instance, the main character is definitely sane, and only spends part of one episode in an asylum, and that is only to get the next clue to the origins of the virus).

So very very different shows.

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Addams Family DM wrote:

About the Civil War stuff, isn't Captain America's actor leaving after Avengers 2? That leaves an unrecognized Captain America as the leader of the Anti Registration side and an Iron Man that is completely in the spot light. Not sure how that would work since the storyline was as much about public opinion as anything else.

Unless...wait...wait...NO! NO! NO!

I think all of the avengers are contracted for at least 3 avengers movies and 3 stand alone movies in the series. This will be Cap's last stand alone but, but he will be contracted to appear in at least one of the Infinity War movies.

Robert Downey Jr wasn't contracted for anymore movies outside of another Avengers, but I am guessing they showed up with a dump truck of cash to convince him to be in Cap 3.

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RainyDayNinja wrote:
Since Spider-Man is based in New York, they're going to have to address what he was up to during the events of the first Avengers movie. Will they retcon him in, saying he was fighting the Chitauri somewhere else in the city? Or maybe the Battle of New York spurs him to move beyond fighting purse-snatchers and seek out SHIELD so he can make a real difference?

That's easy...Spiderman didn't exist yet during the Chitauri invasion. They want to have a Spiderman in high school, which sort of implies he hasn't been active for more than a year at best.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Greylurker wrote:

Good news indeed

Sony really should have gotten a clue sooner. The more their suits got involved with the Spider-man movies the less money they made, they just did not know how to do it right

"...and my managers must learn that their place is in an office, not the arts...." - The Phantom of the Opera

(and lest we forget, Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera is the most financially successful entertainment project of any sort IN HISTORY)

The Japanese branch of Sony was gung ho from the beginning on a Marvel-Sony Collaboration for was the American movie division that insisted they didn't need the deal and that you could spin a whole universe out of Spiderman characters

Really this is just a perfect solution. Sony can make money by attaching themselves to the MCU, and not having to create their own universe. Meanwhile, Marvel can use Spiderman properties to help there own movies/TV shows, and we can get Norman Osborn as the big bad of an Avengers movie.

Now we just need the grim-dark Fantastic Four reboot to bomb, so Marvel can buy back that property (or at least Doctor Doom and the cosmic elements).

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Wiggz wrote:
LazarX wrote:
We get about two bloat threads a month. They all end the same way, with some folks convinced that there is too much and others that want more.

So we keep getting bloat threads... and we keep getting more bloat. Seems like one side's getting everything they want and the other is getting increasingly marginalized.

The question I asked was a sincere one... with so many versions of the game out there and more seemingly on the way, what does the end-game look like?

If the "anti-bloat" people get a win, that means basically cancelling one of the lines, which doesn't seem likely. I also think the anti-bloat people can never be truly satisfied, since some of them have been making those arguments since the first of the Ultimate books, if not sooner.

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Wiggz wrote:


Pathfinder Society
Pathfinder Society Core
Pathfinder Unchained
Beginner Box
Mythic Rules

I know there has been some concern expressed in the past about bloat, but at least past instances of bloat still all used the same ruleset, right?

Having to parse through all the different rules and alternate rules and options and alternate options and versions and alternate versions to determine what's actually legal in your game and what isn't is actually starting to affect our play. I'm looking at the acceleration and I'm starting to wonder what the end-game looks like...

I am not seeing the confusion here

Society and Society Core: These are subsets of the rules for use in organized society play, than in turn don't really differ to much from normal Pathfinder, or Core only Pathfinder

Beginner Box is a single entry level product not really meant to be used alongside other books

Mythic is an optional rule set that most campaigns won't use, unless they are trying to go for a superhero feel or want to extend play past 20th

Unchained isn't even out, but presumably will have a bunch of optional rules that players/GMs can implement if they don't like a certain class or think a particular element of the game doesn't work.

So for the average pathfinder player who plays at home, 3 of those 5 options are not even at the table.

Also, it sounds like Society Core is actually meant to address concerns over bloat.

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The BadfunWrong is strong in this thread.

Personally, I don't see a problem with the rare use of fudging in dice rolls. Sometimes a GM, especially one with not a lot of experience, can misjudge the challenge of an encounter by overestimating the PCs capabilities, or not realize how lethal such an encounter is. A TPK in such circumstances, especially with novice players, can not only kill the campaign but potentially kill any RPG interest. And new players in general can often...make very poor tactical decisions.

I don't think I would fudge die rolls for the bad guys however. If I made a villain too weak via tactics or stats, that my fault and I should deal with the consequences. But if I made a situation too lethal, well...that is also my fault, and I don't see how punishing the players does anyone any good.

Next time I get an opportunity to GM, I would probably give the players hero points to compensate, and not have to deal with fudging dice at all.

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I think it was a ploy to get the Russian Psychiatrist into SRR clutches...I didn't buy his reasoning for being at the facility.

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Hudax wrote:
Jester David wrote:
Pathfinder 2 is in an unenviable position. I can't try and be simple, because that's what D&D is doing. So it has to try and capture the more tactical players and optimizes who feel unsatisfied by 5e. But neither can they go the route of 4e, with too much optimization, dissociative mechanics. They need to do something firmly Pathfinder. I have faith in Paizo, but I'm uncertain they can satisfactorily pull off a Pathfinder Revised any time soon

I wholeheartedly disagree.

If Paizo put out a Pathfinder 2 of the same complexity level as 5e, I think people would embrace it eagerly and thankfully. Maybe not tomorrow, but maybe a year or two or so from now. BlackDiamond is right--5e is beautiful, but it's the IP edition. WOTC has pretty much said as much, and has shown as much in dragging their feet on providing an OGL that would make supporting the edition possible. If Paizo published a very similar product, they would have something just as beautiful, but with the support of Paizo and the 3pp community behind it.

It's tempting to think 5e puts a Pathfinder 2 on the ropes, but I think it's deceptive. I don't think Paizo needs to feel constrained by the direction 5e has gone in terms of design in the slightest. If anything, they should feel liberated. After all, they've proven they can beat WOTC at their own game before. 5e has shown that people are willing (and eager) to embrace a lighter ruleset. The time may come when Paizo (technically) follows suit, but does it right.

I'm not saying that's what they *should* do. I'm just saying they could. I don't think 5e takes away any options from them.

I think the issue is that many people would be resistant to such a change if it rendered their existing library useless, and people would probably be hesitant to continue buying from Paizo's back catalog. While I think a new edition is inevitable, I think it's also going to be constrained to be backward compatible with the current version of Pathfinder

Any huge 4E or 5E style major rule change, which renders the existing system obsolete, is probably going to hurt Paizo more than aid it.

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Lord Snow wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:
Lord Snow wrote:
This is a very good point. In the first CA movie, Carter was presented as some sort of badass that the people involved in the project of creating CA were already trusting (it always irritated me, by the way, that it was made very clear that she is a good trusted woman of action, yet somehow nobody ever considered choosing her to be the first to be tested with the new super-soldier thingy - just one of the things that make that movie bad). So she was involved in matters, treated as an equal and relied upon.
There were no women on the front lines of WWII. The idea would have been unthinkable. Carter was a competent agent, but her operations were strictly behind the scenes. They were looking for a super-soldier, not a super-spy. Hence looking for a suitable prospect among the enlisted men.
But once you inject someone with the science thingy, they become physically unstoppable. I doubt very much the Steve Rogers was more physically fit than Peggy Carter before they made him into a superhero. The only reason women weren't soldiers is the physical edge that males have (even that isn't as clear cut as you make it sounds - Russian women were certainly in the front lines, for example). This is just a sort of dormant sexism in the script, is what I suspect.

the other part to take into consideration...Rogers was very much a guinea pig. They might not want to waste valuable intelligence operatives to test a serum linked to deformity and madness (see: Red Skull).

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nah...its just that we all sort of ran out of things to talk about. I think most of the regular posters in these threads have probably said their wishlist multiple times already, and there hasn't been much in the way of new ideas for a long time.

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thejeff wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
I think it's more likely they are just going to reverse a few unpopular decisions (Spiderman's deal with the devil), while bringing in some popular Ultimate/One-off characters. I don't think they plan on ditching the new characters, especially popular ones like Kamala Khan.

I doubt they'll actually reverse the Brand New Day thing, though they may downplay it somehow. It's been 6 years, another reversal with "Peter and MJ really have been married all this time" just makes things uglier. (Especially with the Superior Spider-man.)

And now everybody retroactively hasn't forgotten Peter Parker is Spider-man?

Blech. As much as that was a stupid decision, it would bad to reverse it again.

The next Spiderman arc after Spiderverse is has the title "Renew Your Vows", with the cover having Peter and Mary Jane together with a daughter.

The spiderverse also establishes a version of Spiderman who is pretty much exactly Peter Parker, only still married. So what ever reality altering events make up Secret Wars may simply go with this version of Spiderman.

Renew Your Vows

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Freehold DM wrote:
Quark Blast wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
you are seriously building an argument based on hours spent going through

As opposed to what?

Srsly pretending to dialog with someone by occasionally sniping at their posts?

...taking several minutes to page through Freeholds posts...

Oop! Never mind. Answered my own question.

this is a messageboard,not a real time chat, so dialogues are going to be badly broken up by the time someone has to respond to a query, sniping or not.

The original question regarding taking seriously with respect to the viability of a program on the part of the US government to provide (sorta kinda)free community college for some (I won't pretend all) remains. If you are honestly putting those two on the same level, maybe I was wrong about what I said earlier.

Rate my professors isn't a great measure of a teacher's ability. Students that in general do poor in a class (because they don't study, don't come to class, etc) often get angry when they don't do well, and of course blame it on everyone else. And some students will mark a professor favorably IF the teacher is super easy, not necessarily good.

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I'm sure he has goals, but until we get a deity article about him in a adventure path, I doubt we will seem him fleshed out more.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Retiring Spiderman, Batman, and Superman really is not going to bring in new readers who have never read a comic before. It may get some new readers from other lines, although whether or not they offset people who rage-quit when there favorite character disapears, I don't know.

If people talk about Iron-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy, it's mostly because they were successful movies that appealed to the non-comic reading community

From all I have seen, comic books are just a hard sell to a lot of people. I don't see how retiring known and popular characters somehow ENCOURAGES more people to buy into the medium

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xavier c wrote:
Do you think the people of Golarion use magic for sexual purposes. Such as spells or Potions that create effects similar to viagra or increase sexual pleasure.or Summoners using there eidolons as sexual partners or How do feel about that.

Sure but probably only among magic-users and the rich (and brothels that cater to those groups). I doubt common folk really have the finances to spend on those purposes.

I could even see it as being a sore spot between the have's and have nots. Ooh...look at the decadent nobles, who are blowing there money on magical sex toys, while we struggle to eat every night or keep the farm up and running.

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Goblins are called out as often inventing gods, sometimes treating an oddly shaped rock as a diety to be venerated.

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thejeff wrote:
Fergurg wrote:

Another though I thunk while thinking was that the gaming community has traditionally been the outcast boys who didn't have the social skills to talk to girls. The boys whose very presence makes the girls ill. Yes, more people in the community is good, and opening up the community is also good, but that isn't what is happening; it's not just a "We want to play with you," but a "We want to play with what you have, and you need to leave."

That's going to cause bitterness, hostility, and opposition from the people who feel, with some justification, that their last refuge is being taken from them - by the very gender that they were seeking refuge from.

Yeah. Grow up and get over it.

There's a difference between not having the social skills to talk to girls and being offensively creepy - pawing at them, crudely hitting on anyone who stays close enough long enough, raping their characters etc.
Those people can go.

The rest can stay. I was pretty low on the social skills scale, back in the day, and I was damn happy to find girls with the same interests that I could interact with.

I can't agree with this more. I suffer from social anxiety disorder and suffer extreme shyness and awkwardness around the opposite sex. I don't see how making gaming environments more friendly towards women is some sort of burden for men, nor do I see "increase women participation" and "increase the number of gamers in general" are mutually exclusive ideas

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The Midgard campaign setting also has PC friendly minotaur stats for Pathfinder.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

IIRC, celestials became directly involved in halting the Qlippoth planar rupture over in Tien Xia. So there is that.

But my guess is that most celestials would prefer helping or supporting mortals, and letting them do the heavy work. Same goes for a lot of fiends as well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Celestials also have the edge in that the different alignments of good outsider closely collaborate with one another to deal with evil. IN contrast, Demons, Daemons, and devils don't really get along that well together, even if there is nothing as extreme as the blood war going on. For that matter, Demons in generally really don't collaborate well, and their alliances tend to fall apart.

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Jester David wrote:

The catch is Paizo has been expanding a LOT in the past five years, really increasing their production. Monthly Player Companions, five hardcovers a year, and more. I've heard comparisons to TSR in it's peak. Having done the numbers myself, Paizo is comparable in terms of RPG books, even if you include the Realms and campaign settings (it does fall behind when you consider the magazines though).
That amount of product is fine when you're the only game in town or are a growing game. But it gets harder when you have competition. Let alone as a mature game, that is finding it harder and harder to produce content. Pathfinder's at the point where continuing as is would be tricky at the best of times, let alone with strong competition.

I just don't see Pathfinder being sustainable. Not with the content already available. Even if 5e tanks PF might drop in sales as fans reach saturation. We're at the point when a "Pathfinder Revised" is starting to seem appealing, but that's a super risky gamble at this moment.

Paizo might need to cut back their RPG department or segue into other products. They could do good business selling 3rd Party Golarion products for 5e, such as monster books and accessories. Conversion PDFs for their APs might also sell well. I think they're well on the way to being "the Golarion company" that also happens to sell an RPG.

I think The Paizo big wigs have stated that the core rules are still selling strongly (I think its been said that the core rulebook has sold more copies every year than the year before, or something like that). I think there are still legs left on the system, although I personally would prefer the release schedule to slow down a bit (I just can't even remotely keep up anymore)

While a 2nd edition might be ever more closer, I don't foresee them ever going back to producing 3rd party content for WoTC. Such a move would probably require a huge downsizing that would purge most of the staff. And I am still not sure whether 5E is going to necessitate such a change.

I am glad 5E exists, but I rather would have both brands going strong, than one extinguishing the other. Personally I am glad that both systems fill different needs and really don't compete.

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My own idea is that dragons can fly (and truly "giant" giants can exist) because they are not mortal creatures which evolved, but rather divine offspring of primal creatures akin to gods. Mundane physics just doesn't apply to them.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Having seen the third movie (finally) last week, I honestly think it was probably the weakest of the three movies

I really liked An Unexpected Journey. The Desolation of Smaug was undercut by extended action sequences that rendered the orcs and Smaug as incompetant (barrel chase and Smaug's dwarf hunt).

The Battle of 5 armies just seemed...poorly put together. First, I still stand by my thoughts on on the second movie, and the death of Smaug should been how the movie ended.

Secondly, it seemed...rushed. You could easily ground Thorin's gold sickness by developing his backstory with Dain and playing up the siege of Thorin by elves and men. Also the elf gems and the fate of Bard were just left hanging.

Legolas should really have been only and extra in this movie. Tauriel should have taken down Bolg. To make a big deal about adding a strong female character, only to have her be rescued by Legolas was lame. If anything, if Tauriel should have rescued Legolas.

The CGI seemed worse than the original trilogy, especially the Trolls. Not sure if it was because I saw it in 2D and not 3D, but it was.

Their was also the inclusion of tons of unneeded details. I rolled my eyes every time the cowardly human lackey showed up on screen.

Oh least I got to see Werewyrms and hobgoblins?

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

^Golarion already does have Pahmet Dwarves in Osirion, although I don't know how much they are fleshed out, or in which supplement(s).

There are also variant dwarf cultures in the Mwangi expanse as well, but I don't think much has been done with them.

Dwarves also exist in the Crown of the World, but no clue how much they vary from the more southern dwarves

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Chess Pwn wrote:

On a side note, the fact that the weekly FAQs have stopped for a while is also upsetting. Like if they made a statement why they stopped like "Due to load of wanting to get X out sooner all people are on this for Y time." But just going silent on that too makes me think that they've stopped trying to meet...

Uh...I am pretty sure the weekly FAQs stopped because of Christmas and New Years, and then the requisite catch up involved from those holidays.

Mark's been incredibly open about the FAQ process, and just the other day answered some questions about it on his "Ask Mark" thread.

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BigDTBone wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Hitdice wrote:
Pell Grants, man. We need more Pell Grants.

Not really. We really need more direct support for public universities.

Finance them directly through taxation rather than drive tuition sky high and then pay it directly for some and make others take out ridiculous loans.
We need to decouple research and universities. That is the primary tuition cost difference between community colleges and universities; you are paying for professors to not teach, work 15 hour weeks, and publish inconclusive work every 3-4 years.


oh wait you are being serious...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My realistic hope is that we will get more art, details and mechanics for things like Snowcaster elves, Pahmet dwarves, etc. I find a lot of the variant cultures to be a bit more interesting than the regular versions

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FatR wrote:

No. Spellcasters in Belgadiad do not solve all problems with magic because plot. But they totally can do all sort of flashy stuff, from blasting people into oblivion to polymorphing into dragons. When Belgarath and Ctuchik duel and start using magic seriously, Belgarath's nonmagical companions cannot contribute in any way.

It's been forever since I read the series, but IIRC there were also cases where magic had unexpected consequences. The main character at one point summons a giant storm to break up a potential battle, only to later get yelled at by his mentor, who had to spend something like a year running too and fro over the realms, fixing all sorts of strange weather that was the result of messing up the meteorological system

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ya know...people make it sound like taking inspiration from Attack on Titan is a bad thing...

I got to say...that anime did the best job ever of making giants truly horrifying. I wouldn't mind seeing more works that go for horrific in depicting giants.

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Laurefindel wrote:

It's easy to get lost in a LotR discussion, but it is nevertheless a somewhat relevant topic because many GM aim to use Low-Magic system to emulate LotR adventures.

Things is, even if the fellowship had access to magic, the setting falls apart when you allow all your characters to play spellcasters and assume the same level of spellcaster demographics that you would in a typical Pathfinder setting.

So "what to consider if I want to play in Middle Earth" is right in your alley.

I agree with others...lets not make this another "what level are LotR characters". Ultimately LotR wasn't created under Pathfinder constraints, and can't be expected to follow guidelines for magic use.

And it's not like it's the only low magic setting out there. I expect Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire" and its descendents is the first thing nowadays that a lot of people think about when they hear "low magic"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Finished off World of Ice and Fire. Definitely a fun book with lots of factoids, most I don't think will be relevant for the actual novels, but still make the world more complex and complete.

Also a surprising large number of Lovecraft references, which I really wasn't expecting.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

E, because what the hell, I can finally come up for a bit of air after spending last week on a research proposal.

Ehecatotontin/yeyecatl/aires/yehyecatzitzin = Mesoamerican; 1.5 ft tall wind dwarves which served the wind god and distributed wind; long-haired; wear colorful clothing; sometimes associated with Quetzalcoatl; could be made from a piece of shaman’s soul or clay figures; black yeyecatl are evil, yellow yeyecatl are good; evil aires live in ugly places such as ravines, and under damp rocks; dwell in caves with luminous lights; aid saints in bring rain to villages; introduced corn, beans and other major foods to humans; may also produce frost, snow, hail, lightning, and thunder; flooding is a result of aires compete with one another; can only be seen by sorcerers.

Elëngassën = Patagonia; ugly humanoid armadillos; large in size, covered in a stony armadillo-like shell; harmless cave-dwellers, but would throw rocks and attack intruders; growly speech used to insult women; only vulnerable to attack from its stomach

En-kwe-shu-i-yen/ogwe’s-hai-i = “Not men at all”; NE Native American; 4ft tall immensely strong, pygmies that arrived after humans. Yellow skin; talk in thin whoops and always well-dressed; tear up trees; hunt with bows

Enano = Hispanic South American; yellow-skinned, red-eyed dwarves, who can cast spells of silence over there victims which they attack

Encantado = Amazon; Shapeshifting Fairy folk who can take the form of river dolphins. Come from a magical underwater realm called encante. excellent musicians who enjoy parties which they infilitrate to seduce women; crave the pleasures and hardships of mortal life. Can be distinguished in human form by the presence of a blowhole. Can control storms, ensorcel humans to do their will, inflict insanity and illness. Most powerful at twilight; often kidnap people for company.

Enfield Horror = Illinois cryptid; Grayish, slimy three legged red-eyed monster, with claws; arms short; stands 4.5 feet high; armored; patchy hair

Epunamun = Mapuche SA; evil hairy elf, which could also appear as a terrible fire-breathing dragon with a curly tail

Ewah/Wampus = half female/half woman monster cat from Cherokee Mythology; spirit of death and the earth, whose cry is a foretelling of death; black in color with red hindquarters

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Beasts of the Boundless Blue, which collects all the previously published Cerulean Sea monsters, except for the most recent supplement

I think there are a couple of other books from Alluria publishing that are bestiaries, but I am drawing a blank on the names now

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Guardians is more similar to Star Wars as a movie than it is to normal Super hero comic movies. And it's really really close in feel to Farscape, if you ever watched that show.

At any rate I agree with the above...its one of the best marvel movies out there, with perhaps only Winter Soldier edging it out as best (IMHO)

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Like a publishing scientist...scientists are...people. They have the same ratio of personality quirks as the rest of the population, and the idea that somehow we harbor a greater percentage of genocidal psychopaths than the normal population actually makes me angry.

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MagusJanus wrote:

Eliminating the idea of limiting information wouldn't create a massive growth of scientific innovation; it would pretty much doom scientific innovation due to the sheer outpouring of rage as people learned exactly what some of the things that have been considered were. And the fallout from the few people crazy enough to actually try some of the innovations in their garages.

We're not talking about experiments as nice as the U.S. government intentionally unleashing chemical weaponry inside of subways. We're talking about things where even the most unscrupulous, sociopathic, people-hating researching at ExxonMobil found themselves morally opposing it.

One of the things the general public doesn't realize about IP law and secrets where it comes to scientific research is just how much it protects them. Science is an outlier career path; in general, it attracts people that are the outliers of society. This means you get some honest, dedicated, completely good people... and it means you get the people where "genocidal psychopath" isn't descriptive enough. A surprising amount of closed-door scientific considerations is weeding out the experiments that are generally just too evil to do. And even if you limit it to just climate research, you're going to find quite a bit of weapons data, including weapons of mass destruction ranging from the traditional (nuclear, chemical, biological) to the downright science fiction (nanites, engineered plantlife, engineered macro-organisms).

Yeah, the goal is beneficial to humanity... but like all good causes, it has its people willing to achieve their Utopia by building it on the bodies of nearly everyone else. Or who are willing to sit back and say to themselves, "you know, mustard gas kills a lot of people, but I wonder if spraying Toronto with it will have an beneficial side effect?"

Most of these get vetoed due to ethics concerns. And for obvious reasons. But imagine all of that dumped into the lap of the public, WITHOUT the censors and systems of control, and waiting...

Are we even remotely still talking about climate change research and lessening our industrial footprint? I have known my share of climate change researchers...I am pretty sure most of them are not Doctor Doom.

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Ckorik wrote:

I would buy a book of NPC's - not the NPC codex like - not statblocks - but an entire book of just NPC's meant to be non-combat.

requirements would be - writeup, goals, skills, accent (with a line of dialog perhaps), quirks, a picture or artwork to go along with.

Could have chapters on different 'plug and play' npc's for 'sheriff, tavernkeep, beggar, forest hermit, etc.'

Some of these could be classes such as 'wandering paladin' - but I'm thinking an entire tome of just NPC's that I could use to drop into my campaign when I need an interesting side character that is more fleshed out - I do this already but it's time consuming and having a large tome of this would be really helpful.

I dunno...I can think of hundreds of's the stats I am too lazy to do. I am not sure I would buy a bunch of descriptions...I could just pull characters from TV or movies for that stuff

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JiCi wrote:

Why not expanding the Chromatic and Metallic species then?

Chromatic: Brown, Yellow, Purple, Orange and Grey
Metallic: Adamantine, Mithral, Steel, Cobalt, Orium

I think the devs have stated they don't have much interest in expanding any existing dragon category, and would rather introduce a new set of 5.

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