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M. Balmer's page

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"'He?' Who the hell is 'he'?"

Readerbreeder wrote:

(When her MAC-10 jams while shooting)

S: Daddy would have gotten us Uzis.

Night of the Comet - Kelli Maroney to Heather Langenkamp.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
brent norton wrote:
B-a-l-a-n-c-e, Balance.

Highlander, Ramirez sings/says this while MacLeod balances on the rowboat.

"Indian Bob, kill the hun!"

'Poxy whoreson' should be fairly universal.

I'm also partial to using 'Baphomet's bullocks!'

3.) A human patron of the establishment singles out a non-human, declaring, "Your kind isn't welcome here."

4.) A group of clever scoundrels starts a staged fight between two of their number. While all eyes are on the combatants, the others proceed to steal food and drink from the bar and its customers.

Your Bunny Rot - 'Error Injection' CD
Mordacious - 'Bone Breaker' CD
God Module - 'False Face' CD
Diverje - 'Hate Stimulation' CD

John Kretzer wrote:

Here are some quotes from one of my favorite movies...

"The last time that I trusted a dame was in Paris in 1940. She said she was going out to get a bottle of wine. Two hours later, the Germans marched into France."


S: "I've got an idea! I don't know if it will work but I've got to try. Turn around!"

T: "I've turned, S**."

S: "Whatever you do, don't turn around until I say so."

T: [turns around]" But S**..."


T: "Yes, S**."

S: "Good! Cause... I think... I'm gonna cry."

Note these quotes are from the same movie.

Murder by Death

God Module - 'False Face' CD
Mordacious - 'Bone Breaker' CD

Aranna wrote:

Ok now one that might be a bit harder:

"Wait a minute... nice boys don't kiss like that."

"Oh, yes, they f$~*ing do."

Bridget Jones' Diary

Aranna wrote:

~sigh~ no one even tried my last quote... must be no one here likes romantic comedies.

Don't feel bad. I posted two quotes early in the thread, and as far as I know, all I got was a couple 'no idea' responses.

[De:Ad:Cibel] - Klondike and Globalized CDs

If it's not too late to join in on this, I would very much like a copy as well.

Thank you in advance.

self_trephination at yahoo dot com

Enter the Haggis

"Man is like a candle. He must radiate life by burning himself."

-Line spoken by Richard Lynch, who once set himself on fire.

I will forever wonder if that was done intentionally as a joke, or if it was meant to be ironic.

"We'll fire together, one at a time."

-One legendary warrior to his fellow escapees.

Jacob Saltband wrote:

'I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said...I drank what?'

Two young men having a philosophy discussion.

Real Genius

John Kretzer wrote:
I have not got a chance to watch this yet...what is it about?

An arctic research station is indulging in questionable experiments when something goes wrong. Investigators arrive to assist, and are trying to figure out what's going on.

I laughed out loud at their collection of garden gnomes.

Best use for monkeys, EVER!

Sad to say, I missed out on this totally. Guess I'll polish up my ideas and wait for the next time.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

88. Ramitall Inn - a very small establishment, but popular among travelers.

Bind.Torture.Kill. 'Assignment Terror'

Corvus Corax - 'Sverker'

73. Adverse grief reaction

Ansel Krulwich wrote:

Your players will be full of ecstasy and fire when you play Rasputin by Boney M for them. Rasputin! There was a cat that really was gone.

Then blow their pretty little minds with the major key version.

I remember hearing this in Germany when I was a kid!

The Ludovico Technique - 'Some Things Are Beyond Therapy' CD

Diverje - 'War Within Me' EP

Diverje - 'Burn Away' CD

Bind, Torture, Kill - 'Assignment Terror' CD

Devo - Now It Can Be Told

Cyberage Radio on

Cyberage Radio on KUNM

Sundays 1am - 6am MST

God Module - Empath 2.0
Diverje - Burn Away
The Ludovico Technique - Some Things Are Beyond Therapy
Bind.Torture.Kill - Assignment Terror

The Ludovico Technique - "Potential"

I'd like to see the Kingmaker framework expanded to allow things like underground tunnel settlements and even the stereotypical elven tree city.

Paizo set the rules up in a basic fashion, so you could build a regular fantasy town and kingdom. That's a great start, how about some variety to the mix now?

'Soylent Green' is begging to be remade. It is surprisingly topical: overpopulation, environmental disaster, food shortages, care of the elderly...

System Syn, their entire library.

VNV Nation's 'Burning Empires' EP

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Leo_Negri wrote:

now why couldn't I remember the Bunyip? I remembered the African cryptids, why not the Australian one.

What about drop bears?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Jiggy wrote:
"Gaggles," of course. ;)

I think a 'murder' of harpies would be a more appropriate term.

I like having the heroes feel like they are bigger than life, but still keep a feeling that they can't run roughshod over the commoners without repercussions

God Module's 'Seance' album.

Jasyn, Courtney, & Clint are amazing musicians and people

I will always associate Blue Oyster Cult's 'Fire of Unknown Origin' with gaming. It was an album my best friend and I would play in the background when we played.

When I was in the Army, we took turns putting CDs on Jonesey's stereo, and it received frequent play.

Not the most swords and sorcery themed album ever, but it's the one I think of.

VNV Nation - 'Burning Empires'

I just checked, and my subscription defaulted to the 'Hold for Monthly Shipment'.

Thank you, Paizo, for setting it up that way. It speaks volumes to your commitment to your customers.

Brad Thornton 231 wrote:
This is a splendid idea. A new Libris Mortis type book would also be welcome.

I'd like to see something along these lines. Not just more types of undead, but ways of creating and customising the existing types.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When I mention my military service in Iraq, no one believes I was there in 1991.

A single-race AP might not go over well, for reasons pointed out above. So why not a series of modules built around the concept?

That way, AP subscribers won't be forced to buy into a campaign they don't want, but the people who want an all-gnome, all-dwarf, all-left handed electrified exploding octopus, etc. campaign can get a product that piques their interest.

KaeYoss wrote:
P.S. Now I want entwined ghouls!

I'll second that!

The world is not going to end.

We don't have that kind of luck.

Men Without Hats: Rhythm of Youth

Alice Cooper: Alice Cooper Goes to Hell

Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare

Alice Cooper: Killer

Alice Cooper: School's Out

Note that of these, only Men w/o Hats was an actual LP, the rest were casettes.

Actual LP records:

Men w/o Hats: Rhythm of Youth
Alice Cooper: Muscle of Love
Alice Cooper: Zipper Catches Skin
Alice Cooper: Flush the Fashion

And I believe that was it for LPs.

I have mixed feelings on this, but I'm hopeful it will be a useful product.

I would like to know how it will be organised. Will there be builds of each class for different the races? What about various builds (tank, blaster, preparing for prestige class X)?

Maybe that's a tall order, but if the book is designed for flexibility, rather than 'Fighter, 5th level type, 1 each' it would make it a lot more useful.

I'm probably going to buy it, regardless, just for the time savings in set-up time. Take what's written, add tweaks, throw in a little fluff, shake well..

Tengu: "How can you kill kobolds?"

Harsk: "It's easy. You just don't lead them so much!"

Snow Crash wrote:

PCs establishing a business and having to deal with all aspects of running it successfully.

Dealing with traitors. Traveling to foreign lands to broker a trade deal etc.
Sort of like kingmaker but instead doing it for profit.

Perhaps the AP could be about operating a mercenary force? Sort of 'The Dogs of War' done for Pathfinder?

Like Kingmaker, any alignment would be possible.

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