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Mithral Scarab

Lynli Kelborn's page

13 posts. Alias of Korgi.


Thank you for removing the bottom 25%

Orcus Of Undeath wrote:
I've seen a lot of wolf related stuff.

I have not seen anything related to wolves. Lots of blood, random dice roll tables, and lot of storage items.

The lost scion idea sounds like a character idea I had minus being a memeber of the royal family. I like what you have for character traits very cool.

I am interested will work on a character

Is it too late to submit something if I did it later tonight. Oh and do you allow stuff from the arg? Cause I would love to play the kin slayer archetype.

Fromper wrote:

Definitely agreed that you can't just do enchanement with nothing else. Or any one area with nothing else.

For instance, I have a new Tattooed Fey Sorceress who double specializes in enchantment and evocation. The Varisian Tattoo boosts her evocation, while the Fey bloodline boosts enchantment. For each new level of spell known, I intend to take one of each, then utilities and other spells later.

At 1st level that means Sleep and Magic Missile, along with Daze and Acid Splash as cantrips, though I'm aware Acid Splash isn't evocation and wouldn't benefit from the tattoo even if it were. The point is I get one direct damage and one enchantment spell for each spell level. If something's got a mind, I enchant it. If not, I blast it. When I get 2nd level spells, it'll be Scorching Ray and Hideous Laughter, etc.

Splitting specialties this way makes you more flexible.

I would love iit if witches got magic missile

Mort the Cleverly Named wrote:
Lynli Kelborn wrote:
Witch class and the sleep hex has been banned.

How about Evil Eye, Misfortune, and Cackle? There are still a lot of good, spammable options for a Witch without the Sleep Hex.

On the main subject, anyone specializing in Enchantment really needs to keep other options around. Many enemies are immune or have high will saves, meaning you need to spread your slots around for other options outside your preferred school. Exactly what to recommend is going to depend heavily on level and patron, though.

Well my patron is enchantment.

leo1925 wrote:

Can you give us some examples?

Also can you tell us your class? spellcaster with enchantment spells can mean a lot of things.

Witch class and the sleep hex has been banned.

An example is we were fighting a bunch of human henchmen types like close to 20 of them in one room. So everyone else got surrounded since they were all pretty much between me and the bad guys. And all I could do was either evil eye them or a command but that was like once. I did a hold person on the bbg granted he made his will save the next round.

And then we found some kind of undead after that and all of my spells were useless for that I shot cross bolts at it or at least I tried didn't hit a thing.

Now I am also a player that is use to hitting things this is my first time playing a dedicated spell caster.

So I am playing a spell caster that is specializing in enchantment spells currently 4th level. And the longer I play the more I realize that I hate enchantment spells. Cause it seems like the most I am doing is impeding enemies for one round and being 4th level I still do not have a lot of spells so I can't even impend large numbers of enemies. So I am growing very frustrated with not feeling like I am being effective in combat. All of my party members were being swarmed by enemies and I was feeling really helpless to stop them.

So any suggestions?

Serisan wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Aid Another.

Light Crossbow.

I was in the same position with my Witch for a while. From the DM's perspective, change a few Humans into Half-Elves. Not all. Just some. Smarter adversaries count for a lot, as well.

From the player's perspective, does he not have Evil Eye? This is how I made other characters shine instead of negating most encounters with Slumber. Evil Eye serves a dual-purpose, as well. You can try it against some opponents to make pseudo-Knowledge checks, while it also is one of the great force multipliers of the party.

The player from what I am aware only has 2 hexes slumber and I don't know what the other one is maybe charm.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Ask the witch to save the sleep hex for dire situations only. Players can regulate their actions far easier than the DM can.

We are still low level so the spellcasters do run out of spells and have a limited selection. So some times it came down to use the hex or do nothing.

I'm sure there has been a couple of different threads about this but I'm playing in the Kingmaker AP, one of the players is a witch that has the sleep hex. As a group we were able to go through a dungeon with little trouble over all especially since the witch was able to put a good majority of the bad guys to sleep, usually before they were able to act, which was very frustrating for the gm. So a couple of crazy house rule suggestions have been tossed around to try to balance things out. The player is willing to switch characters just to make things easy for everyone. So should the player switch characters or should some crazy house rule be put in place, possibly nerfing the character?

Maybe I am lucky and I have never been in groups that had at least open spell caster vs fighters problems. We have had issues where our fighter has refused to rest so the casters could get their spells back since we were running on empty and 2/3rds of the way done with the dungeon.

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