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Kaerishiel Neirenar

Lyan Hurzin's page

635 posts. Alias of pat512.

Full Name

Lyan Hurzin




Battlemind/Quicksilver Demon 17 (Foe Killer)




M (5'10" 200#)





Strength 15
Dexterity 14
Constitution 22
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 11
Charisma 20

About Lyan Hurzin

Key Combat Stats
HP: 133/133 Bloodied: 66 Surge: 33 Surges: 15/15 PP: 11/11 AP: 1
Init: 12 Speed: 6 (7 when have at least 1PP) PP: 18 PI: 18 Darkvision
AC: 35 F:32 R:25 W:32
Resist Necrotic 15, Resist 10 Acid, Resist 10 Cold, Resist 10 Fire, Resist 10 Lightning, Resist 5 All vs range/area, Resist 6 Ongoing

Lyan Hurzin
Hobgoblin Battlemind / Persistent Harrier / Quicksilver Demon / Foe Killer [Psionic Defender]
Level 17
Languages: Common, Elven, Goblin

Str 15 ( +2)
Con 22 ( +6)
Dex 14 ( +2)
Int 9 ( -1)
Wis 11 ( +0)
Cha 20 ( +5)

Key Notes:
- OAs that miss grant me CA TEOMNT
- +4 to saves vs daze or stun
- save vs daze or stun at start of turn
- +1d10 vs undead
+2 to all defenses until take damage for first time after first turn
+4 to all defenses vs OAs



Melee Basic Attack [Standard Action]
Attack: 19 vs AC
Damage: 1d8+8

Lodestone Lure [Standard Action]
Ruinblade / Melee 2
Attack: 23 vs Will
Damage: 10 and pull the target 1sq. TEOMNT, target can move only to squares adjacent to me.
Aug1: Melee 5 As above, but pull target 4sq.
Aug2: Melee 5 1d8+10 and pull the target 4sq and knock it prone. TEOMNT, target can move only to squares adjacent to me.

Step of the Pursuer [Standard Action]
Ruinblade / Reach 2
Attack: 23 vs AC
Damage: 1d8+12 and if target moves away on its next turn, shift 3 as free to end closer.
Aug1: 1d8+12 and immune to slow and immobilize TEOMNT
Aug4: 3d8+12 and if target moves away on its next turn, teleport adjacent as free.

Parting Shot [Standard Action]
Effect: Shift 2sq. and make this attack against any one enemy adjacent at any point
Attack: 23 vs AC
Damage: 1d8+12
Aug1: Close burst 1, 1 or 2 creatures 1d8+12 damage
Aug4: Effect: Shift speed (6sq.) and can move through enemies. Make this attack against one enemy adjacent at any point. Damage: 2d8+12 and mark TEOMNT.

Battlemind's Demand [Minor Action]
Close Burst 3, One creature
Effect: Mark TEOE, or until use this power again
Aug1: One or two creatures

Blurred Step [Free Action 1/turn]
Trigger: An adjacent, marked enemy shifts
Effect: Shift 1sq.

Mind Spike [Immediate Reaction]
Trigger: An adjacent, marked enemy damages an ally without targeting me
Effect: The target takes force and psychic damage equal to the damage that its attack dealt to your ally.

Feather Step [Move Action]
Effect: TEOT, ignore difficult terrain and liquid. Move 3sq.

Stag's Leap [Move Action]
Effect: Make Athletics check to jump with +5, assumed to have running start

Summoned Gith Plate Armor [Minor Action]
Item: Banish armor to secure extradimensional location, or restore it

Acrobat Boots [Minor Action]
Item: Stand up from prone


Ranged Basic Attack [Standard Action]
Psychokinetic Flail +3
Attack: 15 vs. AC
Damage: 1d10+7
Aug2: 2d10+7

Rebounding Dance [Standard Action]
Effect: Concealment TEOMNT and shift speed+CHA (11sq.) Make the attack against one or two creatures during the movement.
Attack: 23 vs. AC
Damage: 1d8+12
Aug2: 2d8+12 and target takes -2 to defenses TEOMNT

Hobgoblin Resilience [Immediate Reaction]
Trigger: Suffer an effect that a save can end
Effect: Make a saving throw against the effect

Persistent Harrier [Immediate Reaction]
Trigger: Enemy hits or misses me for first time in an encounter
Special: Can attack outside my reach
Attack: 23 vs. AC
Damage: 1d8+12 and teleport to a square adjacent to enemy

Shadow Step [Move Action]
Requirement: Must be adjacent to a creature
Effect: Teleport 4sq. to adjacent to a different creature

Sudden Rush [Move Action]
Effect: Teleport to a square adjacent to a creature marked by me

Reactive Surge Immediate Reaction]
Trigger: An attack bloodies me
Effect: I spend a surge

Action Point
Special: Shift CHA (5sq.) before or after extra action

Second Wind [Standard Action]

Ruinblade Immediate Interrupt
Trigger: An enemy crits me
Effect: Insubstantial TEOMNT

Ruinblade Standard
Turn Undead
+12 vs Will
Hit: 1d10+4 and push 8. Immobilized TEOMNT
Miss: Half


Inconstant Location [Standard Action - Stance]
Attack: +23 vs AC
Hit: 2d8+12
Miss: Half
Effect: Until stance ends, can teleport 2sq. as free action as first or last of turn.

Baleful Teleport [Standard Action]
Attack: +23 vs Fort
Hit: 2d8+12 and teleport target 5sq. Target is dazed (se).
Miss: Half and target is dazed TEOMNT

Mind Blade [Standard Action]
Attack: +23 vs Will
Hit: Target falls unconscious (se).
Aftereffect: 20 psychic
Miss: Target is dazed (se).

Absorb Momentum [Immediate Interrupt]
Trigger: An enemy's attack pushes, pulls, or slides me.
Effect: Negate the forced move and gain +4 speed TEOE

Tenebrous Shroud [Immediate Reaction]
Item: When hit by melee attack become invisible TEOMNT

Ruinblade Free
Trigger: I crit
Effect: Weakened and cannot deal ongoing (se)

Armor of the Dawn Warrior Minor
Item: TEOMNT, creature hitting me in melee takes 2d8+6 radiant


Potion of Healing [Minor Action]
Spend a surge and regain 10hp

Race and Class Features

Battle Ready [Hobgoblin] +2 Initiative
Hobgoblin Resilience [Hobgoblin] Power
Athletics Bonus [Hobgoblin] +2 Athletics
History Bonus [Hobgoblin] +2 History
Psionic Augmentation [Battlemind] Incorporated
Psionic Defense [Battlemind] Powers
Psionic Study [Battlemind] Persistent Harrier
Paragon Power Points [Quicksilver Demon] Incorporated
Quicksilver Action [Quicksilver Demon] Incorporated
Quicksilver Dance [Quicksilver Demon] Incorporated


Acolyte of the Veil
Focused Mind +4 to save vs daze or stun
Armor Proficiency: Plate
Minion of the Dark Darkvision
Shield Mastery Shield bonus to Fortitude
Fleet-Footed +1 to speed
Superior Fortitude +tier+1 to Fort. Resist Ongoing 3*tier
Superior Will +tier+1 to Will. Save at start of turn vs daze or stun, even if not se
Iron Propulsion When have 1PP,ignore speed penalty from armor
Heavy Blade Expertise +tier to heavy blade weapon attacks. +2 vs OAs


Acrobatics 12
Arcana 7
Athletics 13
Bluff 18
Diplomacy 13
Dungeoneering 8
Endurance 18
Heal 8
History 9
Insight 8
Intimidate 13
Nature 8
Perception 8
Religion 7
Stealth 6
Streetwise 13
Thievery 6

Ruinblade (+4d8 psychic crit, 4d10 vs undead)

War Plate of the Dawn Warrior +4
Heavy Shield of Deflection (paragon)

Magic Items
Helm of Able Defense (paragon)
Iron Armbands of Power (heroic)
Tenebrous Shroud +3
Belt of Nourishment (heroic)
Acrobat Boots (heroic)
Potion of Healing (heroic) x2

Silk Rope, Flask, Crowbar, Climber's Kit, Chain, Belt Pouch, Bedroll, Backpack



Ring of Mental Power (14)
Iron Armbands of Power (16)
Boots of Blood (16)
Eye of Watchfulness (17)
Hero's Gauntlets (17)
Wyrmguard Shield (18)
Circlet of Indomitability (18)
Tenebrous Shroud +4 (18)
Bone Ring of Better Fortune (18)
Skating Boots (18)
Rift Dancer Boots (18)
Cord of Foresight (18)
Belt of Breaching (19)
Periapt of Proof against Poison (19)
Raven Cloak (19)
Shadowfell Signet (19)
Battle Standard of the Stalwart (19)
Battle Standard of the Vanguard (20)
Guardian Shield (20)
Hood of the Wolf (20)
Brooch of Vitality (20)

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