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Ghostly Guard

LurkingSooner's page

19 posts. Alias of X-lurks.


Grand Lodge

Ah, I see where I missed that very important limiting factor in your original post... oh wait, no I don't see where I missed that.

Grand Lodge


Hit Die: d8.

BAB: Full
Good Saves: Reflex, Will

1st issue: BAB and HD are tied together in PF (except for the Barbarian and a few prestige classes). Full BAB = d10 HD

Class Skills

2nd issue: Acrobatics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disguise, Perception, Ride, Stealth, Survival, and UMD seem out of place with the description of the class and 6 skill points seems too many for such a martial class

For all the class abilities, change the free actions to swift or immediate actions

Weapon Bond (Su)

a) Should be limited to melee weapons

b) target range (anything w/ a spell-like ability or spellcasting) is a HUGE category, especially as you increase in levels
c) there should be an additional cost to replace the bonded weapon a la replacing a familiar
d) the bonus damage, give the target category is extremely generous. limit it to the first attack made each round or don't increase it by more than a dice or two


What does trapfinding have to do with killing spellcasters?

Witch-hunter (Ex)

a) The mark should be limited to a spell-caster, not open-ended

b) the attack/damage bonus should not exceed a ranger's favored enemy bonus
c) the skills you get a bonus to should be the same ones in the favored enemy feature

Evasion (Ex)

Evasion gained this early should be limited to light or no armor, let medium armor be used at a later level

Indomitable Spirit

This isn't a fighter, it shouldn't be counted as one for feats, maybe at -2 levels or half level. And the name has nothing to do with being a fighter if that matters

Aggressive (Ex)

So you gain your Cha as a bonus to hit EVERYTHING you can hit? That's crap OP

Occult Sensitivity (Su)

What other class gets a permanent 3rd level spell as an at will ability? Seriuosly. Swithc it for Detect Magic

Nondetection Cloak (Su)

And another permanent 3rd level spell - though one that wont be used much really. Just give them a better chance to be aware of scrys

Defiance (Su)

A 7th level spell at level 7.... no. no. no.

don't make it automatic as the spell, make it a percent chance or a skill check or something with a possibility of failure. Start the ability at this level with just negating the spell and make it rebound at a higher level. uses per day is fine

Swift Tracker (Ex)

Rangers get this at 8th too. They are trackers, not vigils. give this later or limit it to tracking spell-casters

Mystic Ward (Su)

Another (effectively) permanent spell ability... i hate it, but it fits well enough with the class and its only 3 levels sooner than the monk gets it

Improved Evasion (Ex)

this would be a good time to give them regular evasion with medium armor and skip the imp evasion

Spell Bane (Su)

change the duration from 10 min/cl to 1 round/cl if you are giving them this 8th levl spell this early

No Escape (Su)

a) change the range to a fixed 100 feet

b) let the ability inform him of the destination of transports out of the area or a direction the target is now in realtion
c) this class isn't a spellcaster and doesn't need to teleport as well

Superior Occult Sensitivity (Su)

this is were regular arcane sight should be. supressing should be a standard action a la spell resistance, not a free action

Mind Cage (Su)

complete immunity is BS, keep it as the spell, maybe add a kicker with some feedback for people trying to cast mind-affecting effects on the vigil (1d8+vigil level non-lethal damage, 1d4 wisdom damage, etc)

Locate Mark (Su)

limit the uses per day. this is a VERY powerful spell. remember discern location requires having an item that belongs to your mark

Bind Magic (Su)

a) limite on uses per day

b) ability saves are generally 10+1/2 level+ability mod
c) should disable charged item not drain them

Mage Slayer (Su)

Yeah, this needs to be limited to 1/day

Grand Lodge

no raise dead - summoned creatures cannot use spell-like abilities that duplicate those that have expensive material components

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Step 1: Become a god
Step 2: ????
Step 3: Release Rovagug
Step 4: Profit!

Grand Lodge

pick a 9th level spell, say... Summon Monster IX.

I now can, once every 2 minutes on average with an 18 dex (DC is only 24 with no penalty for failing, and I have a +2 racial bonus to dex!), summon a trumpet archon.

so rather than just the one spell, I really also have mass cure serious wounds, heal, dispel evil, mass cure light wounds, plane shift, raise dead, dismissal, divine power, neutralize poison, spell immunity, cure serious wounds, daylight, invisibility purge, magic vestment, protection from energy, bull's strength, consecrate, cure moderate wounds, lesser restoration, owl's wisdon, bless, cure light wounds, divine favore, shield of faith, and sanctuary

All these at 1st level.


Grand Lodge

Really, its got bonus hitpoints at low levels. That's it. Fighter's a much better melee option if only for the bonus feats

Grand Lodge

Huge, glaring problem:

There's no limits on the spell they select as their "power"

this should be limited to a certain spell level, limited to a certain number of uses per day, and the concentration check should not be dex based (maybe cha), and the DC should be 15+2*spell level or higher.

Grand Lodge

There is the small problem of the high gob being a 3rd party product and not a true paizo race

Grand Lodge

Crits don't multiply damage, you roll it multiple times and add up the results. almost the same thing but it tends toward an average more

Weapon dice - Yes

Strength - Yes

Weapon Enhancement - Yes

Weapon Specialization (the feat) - Yes

Serrated Weapons (+1 bonus to damage) - Probably, don't know where this is from

Vital Strike (the feat and also it's improved parts) - NO, explicitly states in the feat "These extra weapon damage dice are not multiplied on a critical hit, but are added to the total."

Flaming/Frost/Shock (magical weapon ability) - NO, explicitly stated in the rules "additional damage dice from special weapon qualities (such as flaming) are not multiplied when you score a critical hit"

Bane (magical weapon ability) - NO, see above

Holy/Unholy/Axomiatic/Anarchic (magical weapon ability) - No, again

Merciful/Vicious (magical weapon ability) - NO, again

Sneak Attacks - Nope

Grand Lodge

go summoner.

your eidolon can look like a demon

PFS only goes up to level 12, so your max spell level will be 4, hence CHA 14 is fine

to get a bonus 4th level slot you need to eventually find a +4 item

there's all of 3 decent spells that you'll wish you had a higher CHA for:

grease (level 1)
glitterdust (level 2)
black tentacles (level 3)

Grand Lodge

the reason you can sneak up on him initially is because he is unaware of you and failed his perception check to hear you coming and the spell blocks sight beyond 5 feet. So with a high enough perception check, he would have known you were coming and the spell would only serve to prevent him from picking out which square you were in until you got with 5 feet

Grand Lodge

but as stealth covers hiding, and not just fading away, and you're standing in the open (in the fog, perhaps very quietly if you have a nice stealth check) you are NOT hiding. Your foe sees you and gets to smack you around

Grand Lodge

none of this matters

this is not world of warcraft

using stealth does not make you fade out

Combat plays out like this

1) your foe has not acted in combat yet (is flat-footed)
2) your foe is unaware of you
3) you win initiative
4) ignoring a suprise round

1) you cast your spell and move up making a stealth check (full speed, half-speed, I don't care)

2) your foe fails his perception check to hear you coming (you're probably standing right behind him and he's listening to his ipod) but has now taken an action because he's startled by your spell (he gets out a torch, or a potion, or goes on full defense, again I don't care). He's not flat-footed

3) you make your full-attack.
3a) first attack he is still unaware of you and denied his dex, you get sneak attack
3b) the rest of your attacks he is aware you are stabbing him and you do not get your sneak attack

4) you take a 5-foot step away and make a stealth check

5) he takes a 5-foot step into your old square and can now see you and he makes a full attack

Grand Lodge

point is there are no rules saying a human can not use a pony for a mount, only the example that a horse is suitable. Obviously that example is not an exhaustive list. I let players use whatever they want for a mount and use encumbrance to limit their choice

Grand Lodge

Or he's in the eye, cut off from his followers, and keeping its powers in check so it doesn't go about scrubbing life off the face of the planet...

Grand Lodge

base price is 441,000 with a few things left to consider: namely that it has 5 times as many charges as a regular staff (so probably 5 times the cost), the fact that it doesn't lose power when out of charges can be put down to it being an artifact or a wondrous item and not just a staff. additionally modifying the cost (now 2.205.000) are the facts that it cannot be charged normally (but is actually easier to charge) (2 times cost), its rod of absorption power doesn't actually run out (5 times cost minimum), and the fact that if you absorb too much it breaks... (maybe reduce one of those multiples by 2) so multiply that 2.2 million gp by 5 for a nice 11.025.000gp

0 Detect Magic 2000
1 Enlarge Person 4000
1 Hold Portal 4000
0 Light 2000
1 Mage Armor 4000
0 Mage Hand 2000

3 Dispel Magic 12000
3 Fireball 12000
4 Ice Storm 12000
2 Invisibility 8000
2 Knock 8000
3 Lightning Bolt 12000
5 Passwall 20000
2 Pyrotechnics 8000
4 Wall of Fire 16000
2 Web 8000

9 Monster Summoning IX 36000
7 Plane Shift 21000
5 Telekinesis 10000

remembering that there doesn't seem to be a rule for no charge spells in staves, just multi charge spells

add these the extra effects at 1.5 times cost

SR 23 165000
Rod of Absorption (unlimited-ish) 75000

additional spells required: Spell Resistance and Spell Turning

Grand Lodge

People used to hate hand x-bows for being too gun-like, now people hate guns for being guns.


PF did a great job of overbalancing guns to the point that they're almost totally useless.

Expensive to buy even the simplest one

expensive ammo

Slow to reload

dangerous to own

dangerous to fire

normal damage dice with fewer damage modifiers than crossbows

their one saving feature is the touch attack, which is almost always at far too close a range for people that really need touch attacks (low BAB = low hp)

Give me a bow, a throwing dagger/axe, heck, a sling... and stop complaining about some peanut butter in your chocolate.

Grand Lodge

this is straight up munchkin, in the worst way.

the blade is the size of a dagger or smaller. so 1d4, maybe a d3

due to the positioning and the unstable base of a helmet, it is almost impossible to use (-4 if proficient, -8 if not, and a further -2 to hit something for each size category smaller than you)

as you have to lower your head to hit anything that isn't jumping down on top of you, you should always provoke an attack of opportunity when using this abomination of creation

at best, this is an off-hand attack that gets 1/2 str.

stop being absurd.

Grand Lodge

I've seen my players run paladins from 1st through 17th in the Age of Worms, the Curse of the Crimson Throne, and now in Jade Regent. They may be BA against stupid evil that tries to stand toe-to-toe with them, but intelligent evil will avoid them. They haven't been overpowered at all. Worry about the full casters and leave the paladins alone. If your frustrated, throw some moral quagmires at them in a more RP session and see em sweat as they try not to lose their powers.

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