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Vedavrex Misraria

Lune's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,291 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Maybe instead of TWF Ranger go for THF Ranger and get free Power Attack?

Imbicatus: I think we both just aged ourselves. It may look worse for you. ;) (I catch the reference though)

Yeah. That reinforces my opinion then. I guess I could see it's use in a double weapon though like was suggested. But taking penalties for TWF and Power Attack doesn't seem like a good plan.

Why is it that when I think of the Damnation feats it reminds me of Elizabeth Hurley?

IMO when getting a free bonus attack it would be better to go for a two handed build rather than TWF especially in a build without a lot of bonus feats.

Why? Is there something that actually tracks whether your foe is currently shaken or not? I'm pretty sure you can still demoralize an already shaken person. I mean, it wouldn't make them more shaken but I don't think there is a downfall to it. You could make them shaken for a longer duration.

A couple levels of arcane archer could be interesting if you plan on going for a bit more spell casting.

You should take a look into the 3.x product World's Largest Dungeon. If you do not use that actual product it is chock full of ideas that would help you. I have played through all of it. My personal opinion is that it is great!

Can't access it from work. ;) I'll check it out when I get home.

Without actually having seen the feat it seems like it would work well with Cornugon Smash + Shatter Defenses.

I suggest getting a Transformative Spear for your main weapon. When fighting without charging it can be a Spear and when charging it can be a Lance.

The Jousting armor enchant gives +5 competence bonus to ride checks for less than 4k. Hosteling would be worthwhile for getting your mount into and out of dungeons and such. Rallying would be great to put on your shield. Rhino hide armor would also be great. ...for both you and your mount.

Have you considered the Flag Bearer feat coupled with Banner of the Ancient Kings? This would be especially good if you took a level of Bard and went for the PrC Battle Herald.

Imbicatus: Apparently you can.

boring7: Sorta. More like the Roman/Greek Diana. A goddess of the wild regions. My character relates particularly to the survival of the fittest, birthing specialist, perfection of the gene pool through genetic manipulation aspect of the goddess. (well, maybe he added that last part)

Rerednaw: We didn't get away. It just left, thank Diana!
I dunno, if my character could have got his hands on him we had a chance but he out maneuvered us and we had no current means of a darkness spell to decrease it's AC either. Not that we would have definitely thought of that either. One hit from it took nearly half of my character's HP and I'm the tank so I think we were pretty well beat to be honest.

I doubt there will be any villagers in this town. It has been ravaged by a cataclysm.

Imbicatus: The PrC specifically calls out that the GM may expand the list to include other animals as steeds.

Hm. You share a similar name to my GM. ... I think you are trolling me. ;)

The archer (and my character) did just change religions. We are now worshiping an ancient goddess that was recently rediscovered. Diana. Basically the setting here is that ancient Golarion is actually Earth.

Anyway, perhaps this new goddess shall smile upon him. I'll bring it up as a possibility. Tongue and cheek at first but I will gauge his reaction and if he seems open I will push it on him. ;)

Ah yeah, I forgot you don't even get the animal companion until later. Yeah. I think you got it right then.

Mammoth Rider is to increase your animal companion's size by one size category. You know, for Gandalf Airlines. ;P

LazarX is mistaken. He will see that when he reads your post. I think he didn't realize how you got the Roc companion.

I suggest taking Boon Companion at first level instead. Summoning is terrible at low levels due to duration. Take Spell Focus at 3rd and Augment Summoning at 5th level. 5th level is when summoning really takes off anyway, that is when you want that feat.

You probably do not need that high of a Wis if you are going to be summoning centric. The DCs of your spells will not matter. Save yourself some build points and spread some of those points out into Con and Dex or Str IMO.

The rest looks good. Perhaps consider a level of Mammoth Rider if you can convince your DM that Rocs should be included in that list.

...are you my GM?



No towns, post-cataclysmic.

Rerednaw: GM stated specifically that he is not pulling punches. There will be encounters that will exist that we are not supposed to win by fighting. There will be times that we will encounter CRs higher than what should be challenging for our APL. This was all expected. The difficult part of this encounter is we didn't attack it, it attacked us unprovoked. But I guess that is kinda what these things do. *shrug*

Even when I take my next level of Alchemist and get 3rd level extracts I will not have a feat available to spend on Infusion. I could, however, make a potion. It is true we do not have someone primarily dedicated to healing but we mostly have it covered. Everyone in the party has some means of healing. Even the Gunslinger has the Heal skill and stuff he can do like cauterizing wounds. Our archer is Empyreal blooded and has the positive energy ray. He also has the heal skill and even with a single rank has a higher check than my Alchemist due to having a stupid-high Wis score. (28) Between the Witch and I we have been able to handle most things. ...just these status ailments are a bit beyond our abilities for the level. That is the long way of saying you are right.

boring7: Oh. I don't want to be a Cleric this time around. I'm sure we will survive, just looking for a way of easing us past this rough point.

From the sounds of what our GM told us that adventure happened. We are here after that happened and after a Cataclysm. The amount of time that has passed between the two though isn't much. Maybe just a year or two at most. There are probably still some giantkin still about. If we encounter them we wont need an ogre-slaying knife, I can beat them down with my bare hands. They are +9 vs ogres! (actually more than that by a fair margin) ;)

I should mention that our current mission is to find a settlement location for the Moon Base Alpha people to setup at. Major requirements are a source of fresh water, a defensible location and verdant area for growing crops. I think the region around Turtleback Ferry should deliver in spades, though the town itself we will likely leave with little interest. Probably we are just going to scan it for valuables and leave. There is a fort to the north that might be more promising and perhaps some mountains that would provide a more defensible area to setup a new town.

boring7: I bet the Dutchess' manor is where we are headed. That sounds like it is likely the large building at the center of town and as none of us are familiar with the place that seems like the most likely place for us to go to start.

While the Scarred Witch-Doctor is a strong class it doesn't fit the concept of what my character is going for at all and doesn't really fill the role of a tank (even with the high HP) which is what my party needs out of me. But you are right, we truly need to compare notes more about who needs to cover what for healing. I have plans for this. may involve murdering his character and feeding it to his Quasit and blaming the whole thing on the Quasit. Or perhaps something slightly more constructive.

Tarantula: There are no shops. That was stated. Moon Base Alpha has limited supplies and we can check there when we get back. You are correct, though, it does look like a good item for us.

Cavall, Rathendar : Did you miss the part where I do not have 3rd level extracts yet?

boring7: I think the GM feels sorta bad throwing that CR12 at us so early and screwing the one player so bad.

Did I mention that the witch specifically is putting ranks into UMD to shore up the spells that she can not cast? ...and then didn't get scrolls for the healy type spells either? Not a single Restoration spell (I got those), Remove Curse (I got those), Remove Blindness (neither of us got those, Break Enchantment (neither of us got those). At least he has a wand of Dispel Magic. Too bad it wont help with the blindness. :(

So question on this: if we manage to use Lesser Planar Ally do you think it would be possible to summon an Aasimar with class levels that has a scroll of Remove Blindness on him? I mean... I guess there is nothing that says you can't summon native outsiders, right? And since it is deity's choice and presumably they are trying to do the best for their following to help their request it seems feasible.

I dunno... what do you think?

Alchemist isn't the one who is blinded. The archer is.

Also, I just figured out what we were fighting. A Shining Child. Yeah, I am fairly certain we can not beat that thing what with the permanent Insanity and all. It didn't even use a fraction of it's power against us. If my character can manage to get ahold of it and keep raging until we kill it then maybe, but I don't see how I'm going to do that with it flying about and shooting lasers and all.

Also, another item of note. We are in Turtleback Ferry. I'm not looking for spoilers and I doubt many would be relevant anyway but apparently there is some module that took place there. Not sure if my DM is pulling anything from that or just using the basic map or what. If something there survived the cataclysm perhaps we can find something in that town that could help. It is half flooded right now.

Its ok, I was waiting for the song reference. ;)

Can't buy stuff though. Covered that in the second post.

Yeah, I was thinking of suggesting he use Detect Magic as a form of prosthesis as well being that he has it at will.

I should mention we are in a post apocalyptic Golarion. We actually have been doing a bit of Star Gate like hopping around as our base of operations is on the moon. It is one of the only places to have survived the cataclysm completely intact. We do not have an easy means of transport back and forth and have to use this very sparingly. The current mission we are on doesn't allow for us to travel back to base without completing the mission.

There are also no real "towns" to go to in order to buy magic items or procure the aid of spell casters. So these options are - at least for the time being - not possible. Basically, we have to make due with what we have. This is something we all went into this campaign knowing and have tried to have a fairly self sufficient party. Well... except the witch. She refuses to conform and adapt. I have tried to offer the player some advice on ways to be effective but she doesn't believe that the staples of an effective witch are actually effective. Further they don't seem to match his character concept. Other than being a dark skinned human female witch doctor type, I'm not sure what his concept is from a mechanics perspective.


I am unfamiliar with what the critter was but my party just ran into some CR12 thing that had a 60' radius of permanently blinding light. We do not appear to have an easy means of blindness removal. We are fairly stuck by ourselves without a solution.

The party:
Zen Archer 3/Fighter 3/Sorcerer 1 Empyreal Blooded with Eldritch Heritage to gain Sylvan bloodline and a Roc Animal Companion that he rides (No debate on that here, please. There has been no official ruling and it is moot as our DM allows it.) that will be going into Arcane Archer. This is my son's character and the one who is blinded. His Roc is also blinded.

Barbarian 1/Alchemist 6 - Hyde type. Going high hit points tankish with the Diehard and Deathless line of feats and Lingering Spirit. His alternate personality is a doctor (chirugeon archetype) and a backup healer. This is my character.

Witch 7 with Animal Patron - Improved Familiar for a Quasit that spends most of its time in Hyena form. Hexes taken: Flight, Prehensile Hair, the healy one and Slumber.

Gunslinger 7 - Pretty much a generalist gunslinger, not a lot to mention here.

The Witch is generally annoying for how the player role plays her (male player, female character). She tries to parlay with many enemies in the middle of battle even when it is clear that they are not interested (or often not capable of) diplomacy. No exception here. She is borderline evil in an overwhelmingly good campaign and has a quasit as a familiar. He sees no problem with this. Mostly though, the character is wildly ineffective. Despite being a witch which (oo, a pun!) should be an excellent debuffer he has chosen to ignore what that type of character excels at and pretty much resorts to being a blaster and terrible melee character. She is also the group's primary healer.

...despite being the group's primary healer she is fairly subpar at that as well. Point and case, she never picked up Remove Blindness. She also doesn't carry any of the other remedy types spells. I have 4 scrolls of Restoration on my character for this reason. She has no Break Enchantment, Remove Paralysis, etc. Even if she didn't keep them memorized I would think she would at least have them copied to her familiar to memorize them when needed. Or at least have scrolls of it or something.

My character as the backup healer does not yet have 3rd level extracts. Even if he did I could not share it with a party member. I can only do that with cure spells. I do not have Infusion and honestly do not plan on getting it.

I have no solution for our archer's malady that I can think of. We have a Harrow Deck but we are very reluctant to use it. I would honestly rather just throw the whole deck in a lava river somewhere. Other than that I believe our witch has a way of using Lesser Planar Ally (scroll or a staff, I do not recall). I couldn't find anything he could call that would have spells or spell-like abilities that would help. The spell is too high level for a 6HD creature to have on it's list if it had character levels and I couldn't find a critter that is capable of removing it with spell-like abilities.

That leaves either my character leveling up or his character doing spell research without access to a library to do so to help. Unless someone else has ideas?

Worse yet we didn't kill the thing. It flew off. We are likely going to have to face it again and it is pretty grim for our CR. It was telepathically yelling at us about something about a locket and a well so it is likely there is some kind of RP story thing going on that we are expected to figure out. My character hasn't had the time/money to invest in a means of reliable flight yet (he has a goat of travail figurine but it is on cooldown right now). Normally he doesn't need to as we have the skies covered with a flying archer and have ground artillery with our gunslinger so ranged combat isn't a big issue. But with our archer taken out that takes a big chunk out of our damage dealing. And a blind archer isn't very effective at anything else either. ... at least he has a ridiculously high perception check.

So... ideas?

Maybe with Lesser Planar Ally we could call a being that has a scroll of remove blindness or some means of doing so with equipment it has? I'm grasping at straws here. I suppose it is possible that the blindness is actually a curse. I have scrolls of Remove Curse on me.

Parry and riposte are some of the worst abilities of Duelist. I would not base a reason for taking Duelist on that ability for any build.

Getting more initiative is always good. Always.

And, like I said, without posting what your build is (like if it has Dragon Style and a Buckler that he uses frequently) it is impossible to predict what would be best for the character. Without that information I would say that Duelist is a good choice for a Swashbuckler.

Add Breaker Barbarian for:


Destructive (Ex)

Whenever the breaker barbarian makes a melee attack that targets an unattended object or makes a sunder combat maneuver, she adds half her barbarian level (minimum +1) on the damage roll.

This ability replaces fast movement.

There used to be a great 3.x spell Defenestrating Sphere. It was a party.

Rynjin wrote:
Lune wrote:
Wait... so you are a Dex an Int based Swashbuckler using a rapier and you are NOT going with Duelist? I don't know what your other feats are but that seems like a natural progression to me.

Duelist is basically redundant with Swashbuckler.

Perhaps I missed it. In what way are they redundant? Do some of their abilities overlap rather than stack?

I mean if you are using a buckler and set on doing so then I guess it isn't the PrC for you, but it does seem to both mechanically and thematically match otherwise.

I just figured out what you need to do. YOU NEED TO DO THIS!!

...get the hurling rage powers.

Saying that your character is an archer would have been something good to put in the first post. How about Run and Endurance (especially if it is going to sleep in armor)?


Shaman Bond: Monk and Barbarian do not play well together. Alignment clashes and all would not allow a Breaker and Kata Master to mix. Sorry.

Durngrun Stonebreaker: That build looks better to me. It seems like it is doing more what you wanted it to do. :) Not sure about your other rage powers though... they don't seem to work towards the theme that you are going for much. Even though the brawler powers didn't add much I feel that they at least match the theme. Plus at least with those you do not have to focus on using a weapon as much which seems to be what you are going for.

You could go for some of the generally helpful powers like celestial to help out your healer. If you aren't worried about the hitting you while grappling and want to make sure you land your roles you could go for Reckless Abandon. Have you thought about going for the intimidating line of powers and with Cornugon Smash? Stacking debuffs is a good way to ensure you are able to grapple successfully for those hard to grapple foes.

Wait... so you are a Dex an Int based Swashbuckler using a rapier and you are NOT going with Duelist? I don't know what your other feats are but that seems like a natural progression to me.

...use a small sized Rapier?

...use a longsword instead and take Slashing Grace?

I'm with blahpers. If this is the first time you have played with this GM I agree even moreso. Better to put the wish in the hands of a GM. Ask for an accurate treasure map or just to know the location of a great treasure. Perhaps add wordage to make it treasure relevant to your character.

Piranha Strike.

Oh, and if you are already sinking a feat into Endurance you might as well sink one more into Iron Will and go for a few levels into Horizon Walker to get immunity to fatigue and exhaustion.

I would like to second (third? fourth?) the opinion that Brutal Pugilist is NOT the way to go here. Go Titan Mauler. Ignore the text of Titan Mauler as written as well as the errata. The creator of the prestige class has posted on this topic and it is clear that the intent of the archetype was to be able to wield weapons that are normally too large for you to wield. The intent matches the fluff and while I would normally argue for the crunch > fluff, but if the developer of the rules backs up the intent that is difficult to argue.

Brutal Pugilist doesn't let you do anything you can't already do. It just makes doing things that you can already do easier. Titan Mauler DOES make you do things that you can not already do. AND it makes it easier for you to do those things. In fact, it lets you do the things you want to do: it lets you wield over-sized opponents. (if you use the developer's intent)

I also would suggest taking Imbicatus' advice and going with Living Monolith for at least 1 level past 10th. There have been some other great suggestions as well. Particularly this one:

storyengine wrote:

Go w giants dual wielding ogres, dual wielding dwarves, dual wielding halflings, dual wielding battle axes. All raging.


You are mistaken. They have to be down by at least 5 hit points.

Get a string of prayer beads for the bead of Karma. I think that works with SLA's. Not positive.

Well... Rick Flare is definitely a Bloodrager. He has a high Charisma and rages. Probably has the Intimidating Glare Rage Power too. Hm.

Well, I meant that the rules do not work that way. But after reading up on it I can see it interpreted either way. So I guess I'm wondering how many groups run with it doubling the Int mod. I don't think that would fly with my DM. I wouldn't run with it that way.

I'm just going to leave this here...

ShroudedInLight wrote:

Wish this was raw.

If these worked for my bolt ace Grenadier then Dr Strangelove would have gone from silly to nuts.

Hybrid gives me a 2x multiplier, three hybrids into a focusing flask gives me a 6x Int modifier, combined with explosive missile I can deliver 7x my Int, 6d6 damage, plus my bomb damage, plus the crossbow damage to a single target from 80ft away, targeting touch AC.

At level 5.

Overkill? Yes. Amazing? Also yes. Shame it's illegal >_>

Wait what?.... Even if you could combine them legally, are you meaning that you would get 2x Int modifier because it is 2x splash weapons in one?

I'm not certain that is the way that works...

Most games I play in raise the cost of Monk's Robes by 50%. The formentioned bracers also get price raised.

Some games I have played in ban PC made items with wishes in them.

The making of Mountains into Islands and Islands into Plains seems like just a bit of mana shuffling, not too game breaking unless it affects the other player's lands. Wait... wrong game.

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