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Vedavrex Misraria

Lune's page

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You can. But if you want to give them better armor like the ones that do have an armor check penalty then you need the feat. ...unless you don't plan on them attacking. Still, it opens the door to ... wait for it ... Medium Armor Proficiency!

... I bet you know whats coming next.

Outside of Boon Companion? Nope.

Ah yes. Forgot it was for PFS. Anyway there is still a lot of table varience at PFS. *shrug*

I didn't say that inspire courage would stack. It would continue to give you more uses/day. Archivist's ability WOULD stack with bardic performance, though but only with Lingering Performance.

Light Armor Proficiency ... then get them enchanted special material armor. IMO the best feat for most animal companions.

What Deadmanwalker is saying is correct. Without house rules Ninjas can not be Kitsune Trixters.

If you go halfling and take Helpful (halfling) feat and the Helpful trait they are likely meant to stack even though the wording doesn't specifically say that. It would bump your Aid another up to +5.

Pathfinder Chronicler also has a similar ability that, again, while the wording leaves a lot to GM interpretation was likely meant to stack with the other two. It would increase your Aid Another by another +2. It also continues your bardic performance ability. It also allows you to store your bardic performances in something like scroll form with Epic Tales. Beyond that the class is pretty terrible, but does lend itself well to these few abilities for this type of build. Well, it does have 2 good saves and a lot of skill points.

Archivist Bard has a lot to offer as well, especially if you are already going Sensei. You get to keep your bardic performance stuff from that class but also pick up the abilities from Archivist. With Lingering Performance you can stack these. Their Loremaster ability at level 2 is nice too if you want that to be part of your schtick.

If you wanted to include a decent spellcaster class in this (I would highly recommend it) I would suggest the Evangelist Cleric. It would allow you to continue your bardic music advancement still. The loss of armor proficiencies do not hurt. You only get one domain and I would highly recommend Luck. If your group is anything like mine they probably aren't too big on 3rd party resources. However, if you can swing it by them the Fate subdomain is only a slight change but probably more in-theme with what you are going for.

Personally, I would go with a halfling with 6 levels of Sensei/Ki Mystic, 1 level of Archivist Bard and the rest with Evangelist. Kirin style feats would be good for this type of build as well.

EvilPaladin's suggestions are good. I'd through in crossblooded sorcerer as well. With eldritch heritage this will allow you to have Orc, Abyssal and Dragon bloodlines. I would also go with 4 levels of Dragon Deciple.

9th level spells only matter if the character is going to get to 20th level anyway. Even then it comes down to personal preferance like was said. IMO, for a gish type like this (even a gish that is mostly caster) I say screw 9th level spells. They wont really lend themselves to this type of build anyway.

Rory's calculations are lowballing it by a long shot, IMO, if you include those things along with the strength boosts they give.

Weird. XmorsX, whom I normally agree with I find I disagree with here. The highest DPR sneak attack builds all use TWF. His scimitar + dervish dance suggestion goes along with my crane style/duelist suggestion, though.

While his sap master suggestion is good that kinda pidgeon holes you into a single combat style where you are dependant on non-lethal precision sneak attack damage. All of which have several types of foes who are immune.

Paladin adding Cha to saves is really good. Thematically, though, I can definitely understand not taking it. Also, classically, ninjas were not the disciplined warriors of the time. That was the samurai. Samurai I can much more easily see being a paladin. Espionage, infiltration, assassination, etc. ... these are what ninja specialized in. They don't seem overly paladinlike, IMO. But, all that being said, sap master is one fairly effective way to go and paladin would bring a lot to a high Cha character. *shrug*

By Trait do you mean Feat? Because Weapon Finesse is a Feat, not a Trait.

For sneak attackers to remain viable in mid-late game it is recommended that they go two weapon fighting. This is because there will be several ways - especially with the build options suggested by all those above - to deliver sneak attacks on each and every attack. So, obviously, the more attacks the better. TWF by itself is great. Improved TWF is less so and Greater TWF can likely be left out as you will not likely be hitting with that attack anyway.

I should also mention that with a high Dex build like this that TWF dovetails nicely. Basically Str builds typically go with a two handed weapon and power attack and Dex builds typically go with two weapon fighting.

If you are not considering doing this then another option might be to pick up Crane Style (and improved unarmed strike) and go with one hand free. If you are considering this then dipping a level into Master of Many Styles Monk would be a good way to pick it up. It does lower your BAB by 1 point overall but what you gain in feats, saves and abilities may make up for it. If you go for one level, you may as well go for two. Also, depending on your stat array if you have a decent Int then Duelist may work well for this as well.

From a combat effectiveness standpoint, though, I would recommend either the TWF option or the Crane Style/free hand/Duelist approach.

Aside from the other excellent advice in this thread I would highly recommend taking advantage of the race's alternate favored class bonus of 1/6 for a rogue talent. At level 6 you will be able to get two rogue talents. If you are worried about this cutting into you HP total then you can take the toughness feat. This feat definitely wont go to waste for levels 1-6 and then for all levels after that you are better off with continuing to get rogue talents. 3 extra rogue talents by level 18 is WAY too good to pass up.

If you are ever content with the amount of sneak attack damage that you do and want to add some versatility and flavor I would recommend taking a look at gaining a 3+ levels in Horizon Walker for several interesting options. Forest for +4 stealth, swamp for +4 to perception, underground for blind fight, urban for +4 to diplomacy are all good for this type of character. Astral plane for dimension door 3+Wis mod/day is great. Work with you GM to see if they will let you base it off Charisma instead as Horizon walker when written was intended more for rangers who are wis based and ninja came out after that. This would open up the option of the dimensional agility line of feats as being a great choice.

Horizon Walker offers some other interesting options as well that can add a bunch of flavor. With an investment in Combat Reflexes, Dodge and Mobility (feats that would compliment the build anyway) you could also get into Shadowdancer which has some interesting options for the build as well.

I also would second (third?) the suggestion to go Scout. If you go with Shadowdancer you wont even be giving up uncanny dodge... just delaying it. A lot.

One other suggestion... consider this a strong suggestion if you are going with a weapon finesse build is the Pirahna Strike feat. Its the Dex character's Power Attack.

I also wanted to point out this thread with a ruling from SKR. It doesn't help so much in this thread except reinforce the only opinion on these issues I have seen posted from a Dev.

I would like to point out that this isn't the first time (and likely will not be the last time) that this questions has been asked. It was brought up before.

Multiple people in this thread were also posting in that thread. Also, contrary to what eakratz has said regardless of the number of people who may agree or disagree with me does not make my opinion any less (or more) correct. For that matter what James Jacobs or another Dev has to say on the matter still does not change RAW unless they actually make a change in the rules via errata or at minimum via FAQ. That hasn't been done here so we only have the rules as they are written to go by.

As was stated in the other thread (by ryric nonetheless) the robes by themselves allow you to have an AC higher than your character level. That already happens with ONLY the Robes of Arcane Heritage on a Sylvan Sorcerer. That only, then, leaves the question of whether Boon companion functions as advertised or not.

So... why wouldn't it? If it is a matter of which happened first then why not just take the Robes off then put them back on after getting the feat? I feel its silly to even have to make that arguement, honestly, but it seems to follow the same logic as the arguement predicating the statement.

Rub-Eta wrote:
To anybody who is disagreeing thinking it should let you add both: How is it that a sorcerer with Robe of Arcane Heritage (who gets a higher effective druid level than a Druid at the same level) should be able to use Boon Companion in a way that a Druid/Nature Oracle/anybody can't?

As I believe has already been pointed out, this can be done.

You can do more than that, Mathwei ap Niall. Much more. See my link.

Drogos is correct, Lore Warden is good. It one thing my build uses. Maneuver Master Monk is also essential IMO as it allows you to perform a flurry of maneuvers.

I do not think I could have spelled it out any better than I did in my original post. Please refer to that.

I recommend checking here for insipiration.

This is not a stacking issue. Stacking issues apply to typed bonuses. None of the things involved here give typed bonuses.

This may seem like a symantics issue but it is not. The question should not be if they stack as this is not a stacking issue. The question is whether they both apply or not.

ryic: It doesn't matter whether the robes increase your character level or not. This item does not have the " a maximum effective druid level equal to your character level." that Boon Companion does.

ChrisLKimball: So for other bloodline powers that increase the number of times per day you can use it or how much damage/healing it does you would not call this an "effect"? I'm sorry, bud. That isn't how it works. Those are all level based effects. So is your effective druid level for the animal companion.

eakratz: I am claiming that it works as written. Thats what RAW is. Rules As Written. I understand what you are claiming but there is nothing in RAW that supports your claim. It doesn't say that, " increasing the effective character level to beyond the maximum level of the character, invalidates the feat." That is your opinion, but it is not RAW. In other words, that is not what the rules state.

Also, it doesn't matter if another GM agrees with me on the issue or not. It doesn't matter if the OP's GM agrees with me or not. When you come to an advice forum generally you are looking for a RAW ruling, not a GM's ruling. If you want a GM's ruling... you ask the GM.

Mutagen lasts for 10min/level, not 1min/level.

IMO - take Titan Mauler Barbarian archetype but do not go beyond 3rd level in it. Take an even number of alchemist levels for the extra discovery, probably just 2 levels. Two Handed Fighter is good for this kind of build as well, I would fill in all missing levels with that. For a build that takes advantage of large sized weapons I would forgo a natural attack routine. Take Power Attack and the Vital Strike line of feats. Furious Focus is also good. Critical Feats later on can be helpful as well. Dazzling Display is normally only good if you are going with a Shatter Defenses/Cornugon Smash type build. Unless you are taking more levels in Vivisectionist to take advantage of landing more sneak attacks I wouldn't go with those feats. Especially if you are only using a single weapon rather than Two Weapon Fighting or using Natural Attacks.

ChrisLKimball: That is incorrect, sir. Mostly due to the bit about, "...and their effects." It isn't there just to qualify, it actually adjusts their effects as well.

eakratz: So you are suggesting that one item makes another not work at all? Do you have anything RAW to base this opinion on? Is there any precident for this opinion?

It has nothing to do with order. All of the effects happen regardless of order.

Boon companion raises to character level. The robes increase it beyond character level. It isn't a stacking issue, they do different things.

You may find some inspiration here.

Your bloodline power IS your animal companion. I was anwering the question as per RAW.

eakratz and Corvino are incorrect. You are correct.

Sylvan starts with "Your effective druid level for this ability is equal to your sorcerer level – 3" then is modified by Boon Companion which states, "...your animal companion or familiar are calculated as though your class were 4 levels higher, to a maximum effective druid level equal to your character level."

That would bring your Animal Companion up to your character level. This works the same way for Rangers who take the Boon Companion feat.

Then donning the Robes of Arcane Heritage state, "The wearer treats her sorcerer level as 4 higher than normal for the purpose of determining what bloodline powers she can use and their effects." There is nothing noting a cap. This would increase the bloodline powers to 4 levels higher than normal. Since you are currently at character level for determining the abilities of your Animal Companion this would increase it to 4 levels higher than your character.

The Riverdance soundtrack is actually pretty good for journey or town music.

Oh, Broken Zenith: You are welcome. Your collection is good but the one thing that it doesn't do is make it so you can have a playlist going that you dont have to constantly switch between songs for. My plan is to take these songs and put them into individual folders for like "Dungeon", "Fight", etc. and then use Winamp to play each folder as a play list for those locations.

This is the tool that I had been using to convert the youtube videos to audio files.

Great suggestions though, all. Keep them coming!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm not at home now and wont be for the weekend as I'm taking the family on vacation. However, when I get back I will post a link to a great tool that I found that converts youtube videos into audio files and you can download it for free. It is all completely legal to use as far as I can tell. It is also very handy as you can find pretty much anything on youtube.

Many of the songs I have been getting I even go out and search for an instrumental only version as I don't like a lot of loud distracting words in my background music. This can be found in large supply due to the number of people who use youtube for karaoke.

I also haven't clicked on Broken Zenith's link and can't get to it here from work right now to check out what it is. Knowing him it is something that makes all the work that I have already done on my home PC moot and pointless. Obviously I am taking full credit for his work as I am the one who started the thread and came up with the idea to share this kinda thing. Go me!

Flurry of Stars is good but as lemeres pointed out it uses up your swift action, and as you pointed out it is limited to Ki. I'd do both. Also, Flurry of Blows can be used with melee and ranged at the same time. Your first attack could be with your katana and all the rest could be ranged attacks with shuriken.

I would suggest a small race to get the + to hit and one that has a natural caster level for racial spell like abalities. Gnome seems like a good choice. You could also go with a small sized Aasimar or Teifling. Aside from that as Imicatus put, "Flurry of Blows + Rapid Shot + Belt of Mighty Hurling + Weapon Training + Gloves of Dueling + Deadly Aim + Weapon Specialization." with 4 levels of Weapon Master Fighter would be good. In fact, I would go with Weapon Adept Monk as well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hmmm... speaking of sound tracks:
Conan: The Barbarian is pretty good for just background music of many types. I'd say overall it is good for battle but has some rather peaceful bits as well.

This is going well. :)

It seems we have a lot of everything except town and shop type music. Like social stuffs. Anyone got good things to use for that?

The Avatar soundtrack has great songs for wilderness travel.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Ok, so I did a bit of searching on these forums and didn't find a thread like this.

Do you use background music in your games? What kind of background music do you find that is good for inspiring creativity and setting a mood while not distracting the players?

If you are giving suggestions, here is what I would like to see:
1. Give us a link. Its the modern day and we have the interwebs. You can find a youtube link or something to provide as an example.
2. What type of scene would this music be appropriate for?

If you aren't able to follow that and still want to post something you think is good... well, go for it. We would rather have your suggestion whether you want to linkafy it or suggest what it would be good for.

I'll start.

Epica - Burn to a Cinder - Battle... preferably a boss fight involving fire

Nightwish - Ghost Love Score - Dungeon

Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge Full Album - Water based, mostly battle music

Also, for your listening pleasure here are a bunch of songs from the Midnight Syndicate Official Roleplaying Soundtrack that is no longer available. Most of this soundtrack would be great for dungeons.

I will post more in the future. But I wanted to get this started and give others a chance to post some of their favorites first.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Racial heritage ... dunno why I didn't think of that.

Also great suggestions, Reynard. I thought of some stuff like that. I'll have to share these ideas with her.

Tangaroa: I like the build. I have never been a fan of bonding with companions though it would be more effective if multiclassing and/or using a PrC. If she does something like Reynard suggested then I'll definitely give her this suggestion.

I didn't want anyone to think I didn't appreciate the suggestions so just wanted to post again to say thank you.

Mithril increases Max Dex bonuses by 2, lessens ACP by 3 and count as silver for the purposes of overcoming DR. It also has a hardness of 15 which is 5 points more than steel and is lighter by half. Whats not to love?

I have a cousin (a girl cousin) who is new to Pathfinder and pen and paper RPGs in general who is going to be playing in an upcoming dragon based campaign I will be running. She has decided that she would like to play a Half-Elf Ranger and I think that is a good idea for a beginner. The only problem she is having is that she isn't sure how to make the character dragony.

My advice to her was to take Favored Enemy: Dragon as her first favored enemy. She wasn't too hot on the idea because she felt that it would make her opposed to ALL dragons including the good ones. I explained that the ability doesn't do that and she may be reading too much into the mechanics. I explained the bonuses it would give would actually help her with interacting positively with good dragons as well as helping her vanquish evil ones. I think that helped some but not sure if it gave her enough dragon flavor.

Outside of background stuff and character flavor fluffyness the only other thing I could think of mechanically was the shifter ranger. But that is only for a certain number of rounds per day. So... let me just ask this in the most broad way I can think of:

If you were going to make a Half-Elf Ranger for a Dragon campaign like the one linked above how would you build it?

I welcome answers that reflect mechnics and fluffy backgroundy type stuffs.

I would recommend going with the first 6 levels of Sword and Shield style Ranger so that you can get early entry into the Shield Master feat. This is the earliest way to get access to that feat. You can still get access to Two-Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat as well. This is a very powerful feat and perfect for anyone who wants to TWF with a shield. After 6 levels I would go back over to Fighter and follow the advice others have put in this thread.

Also, go get a +5 mithril light shield ASAFP!

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IMO the best Cleric/Monks are the ones who have less levels of Monk. Preferably just 0 (just get Monk Robes), 1 or 2.

Take Quick Draw and use Weapon Cords and make yourself a nice girdle of rods to ring your waist. ;)

Hogeyhead: RE: Sylvan Bloodline... there has not been an official ruling on this. By RAW it is allowed. People are allowed to speculate how they would rule but it doesn't matter here as this DM has ruled that it works.

Dex - The archer has an Ioun stone that he is using currently. When it outlives it's usefulness I plan on using it as a hand-me-down. It doesn't do a lot for him anyway, mostly just saves and initiative. He is our scout and it helps with his stealth too. *shrug* I do not plan on using a reach weapon but the character is often enlarged so it is pretty much the same thing. The build is pretty full on feats and I really don't want to give up anything he has. Otherwise, yeah... combat reflexes would be good.

A 26 Str is too low? Its 14 without an item. He has a belt that gives +2 Str/Con, Rage gives him +4 and Mutagen gives +4 he is also often enlarged for another +2. I dunno, that seems pretty solid. I mean he does pretty respectable damage for a tank. With 3x natural attacks that are permanantly enhanced with +3 greater magic fang and a Str of 26 he doesn't tickle.

Extra Rage... I would love to fit it in. Its high on a list of priorities that are higher than it, I'm affraid. I think I would be further ahead just increasing his Con to gain extra rages.

Gloves of Storing. Good suggestion, actually. There are a lot of things he often tries to retrieve that takes actions to do so.

Sprinter's Shirt?...Ah, Quick Runner's Shirt. Wow, that is a good buy. Yep, I'll get me one-uh-them!

Ring of Evasion is good and eventually will make the list. However, I'm more concerned about the weak will save. I was thinking of a magic item that gave constant Mind Blank. I know such a thing would be hugely expensive but my biggest fear with the character would be hulking out and turning on my allies. Honestly, I think he could tear appart everyone except the archer who could just keep him at more range than he had movement. I also thought of getting the Advanced Mutagen Dual Mind that would greatly help with that but I just don't have room for everything.

I think what would be the best item to get if they existed would be something that gives more rounds of rage/day. Or something that helped against getting charmed or feared.

I'm also going to be looking into an amulet of mighty fists with some kind of enchantment other than +1 on it.

Use a glove of storing for the rod.

Really? Not a single suggestion? Bump.

edit: This will end up being important soon as at our next play session I anticipate having tens of thousands of gold to spend. My current estimate is around 20k. And with at least a week of downtime the market should be fairly open for purchases. It hasn't been much of a problem to find wonderous items of the minor variety and many moderate are also available handily. Beyond this it may become more difficult but I still would like the suggestions nonetheless.

...except, like I said, many GMs have issues with switching alignment mid campaign. YMMV

If I were an intelligent NPC I would just ignore your character and walk around it. If he isn't a serious threat then why focus attacks on him? ...espcially if he hurts you more when you hit him.

Rynjin had a good suggestion except that Barbarian and Monk do not stack without some alignment modification. I know many GMs who frown upon this.

I have posted this build before but as I am actually playing it right now I am curious what items everyone would be after for this type of character.

Dr. Ezekial Z. Killian (/EZ Kill)

Str 14
Dex 12
Con 18
Int 14
Wis 8
Cha 10

Taking alternate racial trait:
Shaman's Apprentice: Only the most stalwart survive the years of harsh treatment that an apprenticeship to an orc shaman entails. Half-orcs with this trait gain Endurance as a bonus feat. This racial trait replaces the intimidating trait.
Sacred Tattoo: Many half-orcs decorate themselves with tattoos, piercings, and ritual scarification, which they consider sacred markings. Half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws. This racial trait replaces orc ferocity.

I took Accelerated Drinker and Carefully Hidden for my traits. I considered Berserker of the Society but couldn't take both it and Accelerated Drinker and I think I will get more mileage out of the former.

Also taking the Chirurgeon class archetype.

1st: Alchemist 1: Alchemy, Bombs 1d6, Brew Potion, Mutagen, Throw Anything, Die Hard (1st)
2nd: Barbarian 1: Fast Movement, Rage
3rd: Alchemist 2: Discovery: Feral Mutagen, Poison Resistance +2, Poison Use, Toughness (3rd)
4th: Alchemist 3: Bomb 2d6, Swift Alchemy
5th: Alchemist 4: Discovery: Lingering Spirit, Power Attack (5th)
6th: Alchemist 5: Bomb 3d6, Poison Resistance +4
7th: Alchemist 6: Discovery: Spontaneous Healing, Swift Poisoning, Extra Discovery: Healing Touch (7th)
8th: Alchemist 7: Bomb 4d6
9th: Master Chymist 1: Bomb-Thrower, Mutagenic Form, Mutate 2/day, Deathless Initiate (9th)
10th: Master Chymist 2: Advanced Mutagen: Nimble, Bomb 5d6
11th: Master Chymist 3: Brutality 2, Ironhide (11th)
12th: Master Chymist 4: Advanced Mutagen: Furious Mutagen, Bomb 6d6
13th: Master Chymist 5: Mutate 3/day, Deathless Master (13th)
14th: Master Chymist 6: Advanced Mutagen: Greater Mutagen, Bomb 7d6
15th: Master Chymist 7: Brutality 4, Extra Rage (15th)
16th: Master Chymist 8: Advanced Mutagen: Growth Mutagen, Mutate 4/day, Bomb 8d6
17th: Master Chymist 9: Brutality 6, Raging Vitality (17th)
18th: Master Chymist 10: Advanced Mutagen: Grand Mutagen, Mutate 5/day, Bomb 9d6

The character is currently 6th level. His next level is going to be rather tasty. The character has a +2 vicious anarchic bladed gauntlet mostly that he uses only in the form of Dr. Killian as he also has permanancied +3 greater magic fang on his claws and bite. He has a belt of physical might that gives +2 to str and con, an amulet of wound closure (DM ruled this doesn't work with spontaneous healing... probably rightfully so), lesser metamagic rod of extend, wand of comprehend languages, a unique intelligent light pick that has special properties against devils (hasn't used it once but it casts righteous might on it's wielder when in the presence of devils, so worth keeping), +1 mithril glammered breastplate, +3 cloak of resistance, +2 ring of protection. I think thats about it.

Dr. Killian is a closet megalomaniac. His secret (not so secret) agenda is to perfect himself through biological self advancement. He believes (its not just a belief if you believe his backstory) that he has the blood of advanced creatures in him that if he can manage to unlock will turn him into a perfect self. His alter-ego (EZ Kill) is aware of this and is actively trying to exert his will over Dr. Killian to make EZ Kill become the dominant personality. EZ Kill is not a closet megalomaniac... it is readily apparent. One of the ways he is trying to exert his will over Dr. Killian is convincing him that it is ok to get drunk. This lowers his inhibitions and allows EZ Kill to make more choices for him. Dr. Killian is NG while EZ Kill is CG (with perhaps CN tendancies) so it isn't a huge alignment adjustment. It will actually be a real thing and not just RPed when he hits 9th level where his change in alignment actually happens when he mutates.

His role in the party is as a tank and backup healer. We have a witch who is terrible mechanically but is a passable healer and honestly due to a poor build doesn't have anything much more effective to do in combat anyway. We also have a Zen Archer 3/Empyreal blooded Sorcerer1/ Fighter 2 (with sylvan bloodline also via eldrich heritage to gain a Roc Animal companion to fly on in the future) who is going into Arcane Archer next level who makes an effective ranged combatant and a Gunsligher ('nuf said).

Any particular items you would look into for this kinda guy?

Ok, well, I'm glad that all worked out for you. ;)

I think I did get a few things out of your brainstorm...
I could have the "egg" be an actual magic item. Something specifically designed to trap this being.

Also, I could have each being be from one of the worlds and they could each have a reason to have been fighting eachother when the two worlds first came together.

However, all of this doesn't bring me any closer to a name.

Captain Netz: Yeah, I was thinking something like how the Chaos Orcs differ from the regular orcs in Warcraft lore.

Crap, forgot they are Cha casters rather than Wis casters. Ok. Switch Cha and Wis. Hm. Will saves are going to be a bit low. Not much to do to fix that at least until late levels.

Ok, here is what I came up with. Please critique my build:

With 20 point buy...

Str 15
Dex 12
Con 18 (+2 racial)
Int 10
Wis 13
Cha 8

Half-Orc using the following Alternate Racial Traits:
Sacred Tattoo
Shaman's Apprentice

Every Barbarian level he will take the Favored Class Option to gain +1 round of rage/day

All Barbarian levels are Invulnerable Rager

1st - Barbarian 1: Fast Movement, Rage, Endurance (bonus), Racial Heritage: Ifrit (1st)
2nd - Barbarian 2: Invulnerability, Rage Power: Lesser Celestial Totem
3rd - Oracle 1: Curse: Lame, Mystery: Flame, Orisons, Revelation: Heat Aura 1/day, Fire God's Blessing (3rd)
4th - Barbarian 3: Extreme Endurance
5th - Barbarian 4: Rage Power: Moment of Clarity, Scorching Weapons (5th)
6th - Oracle 2: Mystery Spell: Burning Hands
7th - Rage Prophet 1: Savage Seer, Spirit Guide, Immunity to Fatigue, Power Attack (7th)
8th - Rage Prophet 2: Rage Prophet Mystery: See Invisability, Raging Healer
9th - Rage Prophet 3: Indomitable Caster, Die Hard (9th)
10th - Rage Prophet 4: Rage Caster, Rage Prophet Mystery: Spiritual Weapon, Heat Aura 2/day
11th - Barbarian 5: Fast Healer (11th)
12th - Barbarian 6: Rage Power: Guarded Life
13th - Barbarian 7: Extra Rage Power: Renewed Vigor (13th)
14th - Barbarian 8: Speed never reduced by armor, Rage Power: Greater Guarded Life
15th - Barbarian 9: Extra Rage Power: Regenerative Vigor (15th)
16th - Barbarian 10: Rage Power: Flesh Wound
17th - Barbarian 11: Greater Rage, Toughness (17th)
18th - Barbarian 12: Rage Power: Mighty Swing
19th - Barbarian 13: Extra Rage (19th)
20th - Barbarian 14: Indomitable Will, Rage Power: Fearless Rage

So at 15th level this character could do the following:

If he activates Renewed Vigor he would heal 3d8 +Con*1.5 +15, and gain Fast Healing 2 until the rage ends healing points 17/per turn. When he attacks and deals fire damage with his Scorching Weapons he would heal for 16 points of damage 1/round. And those attacks wouldn't tickle as they would be Raging, Scorching, Two-Handed, Power Attacks.

At this level he would also have DR 4/-, a passable AC, hugh amounts of HP (he is getting even more next two levels with Toughness and Greater Rage) and several ways of soaking damage. With Greater Guarded Life he can convert 26 points of lethal damage to non-lethal damage. When healing he will heal an equal number of non-lethal hit points of damage so a single turn of Regenerative Vigor and his Lesser Celestial Totem/Fire God's

Blessing combo will heal him for 33 real and all of that non-lethal damage for a total of 59 points of healing. He would be doing this at no cost to his action economy and while full attacking. Oh, and next level he would be able to use his Flesh Wound Rage Power to convert even more damage to non-lethal which he can heal back quickly.

Dont wanna wield a torch as a weapon.

Captain Netz wrote:
Lune wrote:
So, yeah... I'm thinking that going with Half-Orc with Racial Heritage: Ifrit and then taking Scorching Weapons is the most consistant way of dealing fire damage. It takes 2 feats, one of which has to be at first level, though.
You can't take racial heritage of a native outsider. Only humanoid race groups (cat folk, kitsune etc)

I understand that. However, you also have to consider that some of this rests in the hands of a DM. Ask yourself, if you were the DM, would you allow it? I think any sane DM would. The fluff text states, "The blood of a non-human ancestor flows in your veins." Is it not possible for Ifrit blood to flow in your veins? I believe that it is the intention for this to allow for use with Aasimars, Ifrits, etc. even though it is not worded so. My logic follows that of the fluff as the intention for what the mechanics were meant to accomplish.

With no balance related issue (honestly its fairly under powered), no reason RP wise to see why it wouldn't be possible and for it to rest in the hands of the DM many of whom I think it is safe to say would allow it I think it is safe to proceed forward under that assumption. I mean... unless you know for sure my DM wouldn't allow it? ;)

So, yeah... I'm thinking that going with Half-Orc with Racial Heritage: Ifrit and then taking Scorching Weapons is the most consistant way of dealing fire damage. It takes 2 feats, one of which has to be at first level, though.

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