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Lumen Nightfall's page

303 posts. Alias of Mark Thomas 66 (RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16).

Full Name

Lumenara Nightfall


Duskblade 4




Medium 6'5 187lbs




Common, Elven, Orc, Draconic, Goblin


Former military / Mercenary

Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 14
Charisma 15

About Lumen Nightfall

Max HP:52 Current HP:38 Speed: 30
STR 18*(+4) DEX 14 (+2) CON 16 (+3) INT 18(+4) WIS 14 (+2) CHA 15 (+2)

Defense :

AC: 16 (20)
Touch: 12 (16)
Flat footed: 14 (18)


Masterwork Chain shirt +4 max dex +4 chk pen-1
Shield spell 1x/day

Fort: +7 Reflex: +3 Will: +6

Offense :


Initiative +1

Melee: Masterwork Greatsword +8 2d6+6 19-20
Melee: +3 Mithral Syberys Shard (Keen Vicious) Falchion +9 3d6+9 +2d6/1d6 to me 15-20
Melee: (Power attack) Masterwork Greatsword +4 2d6+11 19-20
Melee: (Power Attack) +3 Mithral Syberys Shard (Keen Vicious) Falchion +5 3d6+15 +2d6/1d6 to me 15-20
Ranged: 5 Throwing axes +4 1d6+4 10ft

Special Abilities:

Arcane attunement, armored mage (light), Combat casting, Arcane Channeling, Armored mage (medium)
Dragonmarked abilities


dancing lights, detect magic, flare, ghost sound, and read magic 7x/day (attunement)

0-level 6 known: 6/day
Touch of Fatigue, Ray of frost, Acid splash, Disrupt undead, Flare

Chill Touch, True strike, Shocking grasp, Enlarge person(D)
Blade of Blood (+1d6 / take 5 damage +3d6), Ray of enfeeblement (1d6+6 Str damage)


2+Int (4)+Human(1)+Favored(1)= 8skill points/ level

Balance 1ranks+2mod=+3
Bluff ranks+mod=[/b]
Climb* 1rank+3mod=[b]+5

Concentration* 5rank+4mod +4CC=+13
Decipher Script* 2ranks+4mod=+6
Diplomacy 1ranks+2mod=+3
Disguise rank+mod=+
Escape Artist 1rank+2mod=+3
Gather Information rank+mod=+
Intimidate 4rank+2mod=+6
Jump* 2rank+4mod=+6
Knowledge Arcana* 5rank+4mod=+9
Knowledge Dungeoneering* 2ranks+4mod=+6
Knowledge Engineering* ranks+4mod=+4
Knowledge Geography* ranks+4mod=+
Knowledge History* 2ranks+4mod=+6
Knowledge Local* rank+4mod=+4
Knowledge Planes* 3rank+4mod=+7
Knowledge Nobility* ranks+4mod=+4
Knowledge Nature* 1ranks+4mod=+5
Knowledge Religion* 1rank+4mod=+5
Listen 1rank+2mod=+3
Spot rank+2mod=+2
Sense Motive* 2ranks+2mod=+4
Stealth 2rank+2mod=+4
Sleight of Hand rank+3mod=+
Speak Language ranks+1mod=+
Spellcraft* 5 ranks+4mod+2=+11
Swim* 1rank+3mod=+4
Use Magic Device 1ranks+2mod= +3


Aberrant Dragonmark (Shield), Power attack, Cleave, Knowledge Devotion, Arcane Disciple


bed roll,blanket,backpack tindertwigs,5 days rations, cloak, explorer's outfit, 3 potions 3d8+7



Light: 43 lbs
Medium: 86 lbs
Heavy: 130 lbs



Lumenara is a warrior at heart and handles herself with a boldness and strength some would find intimidating, while many more find it alluring, the brilliant flame of her strong personality attracting others like moths.

Fiercly loyal to those she considers friends or allies, she is an excellent friend and a terrible enemy.


Imagine the above image with more mass
As perfectly proportioned and delightfully femininely built as she is, many people fail to notice at first the sheer size of Lumenara's frame.

It is as if someone took the mold for the perfect female specimen and enlarged the scale, resulting in an imposing beauty that towers above the average man, notable in stature and curvature.

Most often dressed in stylized chain armor, cut to display large expanses of skin that prominently reveal both an elaborate series of body tattoos as well as her fiercely mesmerizing Dragonmark, Lumenara can easily be described as unforgettable.




Future progression



You are summoned to Cauldron by an old friend and brother in arms during the war. Captain Skellrang says that he needs someone he trust to help with a problem he has. and To meet him at Tipped Tankard Tavern. Others will be there ask the bar keep for the private room.

Knowledge devotion
You can use your knowledge to exploit your foes' weaknesses and overcome their strengths.
Knowledge (any) 5 ranks,
Upon selecting this feat, you immediately add one Knowledge skill of your choice to your list of class skills. Thereafter, you treat that skill as a class skill, regardless of which class you are advancing in. Whenever you fight a creature, you can make a Knowledge check based on its type, as described on page 78 of the Player's Handbook, provided that you have at least one rank in the appropriate Knowledge skill.
You then receive an insight bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls against that creature type for the remainder of the combat. The amount of the bonus depends on your Knowledge check result, as given on the following table.
Check Result Bonus Granted
15 or below +1
16—25 +2
26—30 +3
31—35 +4
36 or higher +5
You can make only one Knowledge check per creature type per combat. If you fight creatures of multiple types during the same combat, you can make one Knowledge check per type, thereby possibly gaining different bonuses against different opponents.
Example: Alhandra faces a black dragon, a vampire, and a beholder. She has the Knowledge Devotion feat and ranks in both Knowledge (arcana) and Knowledge (religion). At the beginning of the battle, she makes checks to gain bonuses against the dragon and the vampire, but since she possess no ranks in Knowledge (dungeoneering), she has no chance to gain a bonus against the beholder (an aberration). Alhandra's Knowledge (arcana) check grants her a +3 insight bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls against the black dragon. Later, a half-dragon enters the fray. Alhandra cannot make another check since she has already checked for the dragon type this combat, but she can apply the +3 insight bonus to her attack rolls and damage rolls against the half-dragon as well.
This benefit is an extraordinary ability.

Naju : Steamy sex. Chains and blades.




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