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LukedaBlobfish's page

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its good but falls short of other bestiarys

***( )( )

i have 3 major concerns with the book as it is. first of all there is a huge amount of art that doesn't look like it belongs in a paizo game, most notably the devil monkey. second the flavor text is almost non existent for some creatures and far too short for others. third there is a lack of mythological inspired creatures, this is probably my biggest issue. of those artworks that don't feel un-paizo, i also personally dislike the appearance of the deep walker (has a lamprey coming out of thew top of its head and generaly looks dumb) psoglav (legs were too long and the eye didn't work for me) and bloody bones (the eyes and hair made it look too comedic) and greatly prefer images i can find on google.
my book also had some printing and handling issues, 2 of the demons were low res, i could clearly see the pixels on one. the elder wyrm had a small tear on the art, and a psychopomp had some ink smudges on the art.

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