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Hey All!

Tide of Morning the next Pathfinder Society game at Heroic Gaming LLC is happening Sunday April 23rd! We have an open table ready for players so click 'going' and play Pathfinder with us. No experience required and no characters required.

Details and signup at:


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Thanks everyone that all makes sense.

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DonDuckie wrote:


what are you looking for when you say reverse engineer? a rundown of different qualities and how they affect cost? Like:

+ extra dimensional space
+ weather protection
+ detection protection

- setup/take-down time
- only 1 usage per day
-- only works when setup (not a "portable house")

We'll more like if I were to try to build this item from scratch (designing this ooc not ic) how do you get to the cost? For other magic items it is easy but I don't see how you do it for wondrous items.

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I know part of costing a Wondrous Item is more art than science,
but are their any good guidelines or examples?

Specifically I'm trying to reverse engineer the Expedition Pavilion ( dition-pavilion) so I can modify it for my game.


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Just finished Night of Frozen Shadows and I thought I'd give an summary of the changes I made to the first half of the adventure.

When beginning to run the investigation I had two issues with the way it was written.

1 - If the frozen shadows knew who the party was why didn't they just kill them? Obviously they had the advantage of territory and numbers.

2 - The angel helmet.

I tweaked the adventure a bit to adjust for these issues.

First I decided that a number of caravans came in at the same time and the frozen shadows did not know which group was the heir. So they were watching a number of the groups trying to figure out which was the threat. This meant that they couldn't watch the party 100% of the time (as is implied by the events like the ravens), and also they couldn't kill all the caravans without attracting too much attention. This would probably have to be reworked if the party ever got to the higher level notoriety events, but my party never got that high.

Second I didn't like the idea of the angel helmet. It felt very out of place for an investigation plotline. So instead I worked out another solution. The party had already befriended the kid watching them (one of the notoriety events), and had basically paid him to leave a note and stay safe.

After the funeral barge the players end up running into a representative of the local Scarzni who wants to talk. They have a meeting with the Scarzni who tell them the kid had been killed and found in the river. (I wanted to reinforce how evil the Frozen Shadows were). The Scarzni were able to give most of the information the angel helmet was, but without the Oni and Jade Throne elements.

This solution also solved a problem I had with the old man notoriety event not feeling like it came from the Frozen Shadows, I instead had it come from the Scarzni.

After that the adventure continued pretty much as written.

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I would love to see rogue eidolon's mod as we'll.
last night my players decided to ditch the relationsh system saying it was too briby.

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From the Core Rulebook.

Assuming NPC gear.
NPC Classes are -2.
PC Classes are -1.

CRB wrote:

Adding NPCs: Creatures whose Hit Dice are solely a factor of their class levels and not a feature of their race, such as all of the PC races detailed in Races, are factored into combats a little differently than normal monsters or monsters with class levels. A creature that possesses class levels, but does not have any racial Hit Dice, is factored in as a creature with a CR equal to its class levels –1. A creature that only possesses non-player class levels (such as a warrior or adept) is factored in as a creature with a CR equal to its class levels –2. If this reduction would reduce a creature's CR to below 1, its CR drops one step on the following progression for each step below 1 this reduction would make: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8.

And on Gear.

CRB wrote:

NPC Gear Adjustments: You can significantly increase or decrease the power level of an NPC with class levels by adjusting the NPC's gear. The combined value of an NPC's gear is given in Creating NPCs on Table: NPC Gear. A classed NPC encountered with no gear should have his CR reduced by 1 (provided that loss of gear actually hampers the NPC), while a classed NPC that instead has gear equivalent to that of a PC (as listed on Table: Character Wealth by Level) has a CR of 1 higher than his actual CR. Be careful awarding NPCs this extra gear, though—especially at high levels, where you can blow out your entire adventure's treasure budget in one fell swoop!

PRD Link to Above

As for the 20 point build, I didn't know that one. That in a rulebook somewhere or accepted wisdom?

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If I understand the rule system correctly.

PC Classes result to Level - 1 CR.
If you though equip them as PCs would be that is a +1.

So yes given what you are describing it is Level = CR.

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For an upcoming game I'm trying to apply the Skeletal Champion Template to a NPC Lvl 3 Human Ranger (as part of an adventuring crew that got on the wrong side of an NPC Mage).

I've been using the Skeletal Champion - Lvl 1 Warrior in the Bestiary as a guide, as well as using HeroLab.

I think I have the basics, but confused on a couple of things that aren't syncing with herolab. Trying to understand if HeroLab is giving me the right numbers and my understanding is wrong, or if herolab is wrong and my understanding is right.

Here are my questions.
1 - Am I calculating the following saves correctly. The HD I'm assuming is the 2 Racial HD the Skeletal Champion template says to give if their are no racial HD.
Fort - [Template 1/3 HD * 2HD (+2/3)] + [Class (+3)] + [Attribute Con NA] = +3 (with rounding)

Ref - [Template 1/3 HD * 2HD (+2/3)] + [Class (+3)] + [Attribute Dex 19 (+4)] = +8 (with rounding)

Will - [Template 1/2 HD * 2HD + 2 (3)] + [Class (+1)] + [Attribute Wis 13 (+1)] = +5

2 - On CR if I'm figuring this right it should be CR 3 with rounding.
Racial HD (1) - CR 1/3
Skeletal Champion Template - CR +1
Class Levels (Lvl 3 with NPC Gear) - CR 2

3 - Finally (and it's a stupid question) on the Skeleton Champion Warrior example from bestiary, can someone explain where the +3 in the Hit points calculation come from and how they got 2d8 + 1d10 + 3 to come out to 17? I know it has something to do with the average value of the dice.

Thanks for the help.

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Looks like you missed some actually.
I'm putting it in spoilers so you can decide if you should look or tell your GM to look

Encounters - Spoiler:

Ranger in house - Did you get both the Kill & the story award

Goblins - Did you get the goblin story award?

Soggy River Monster isn't listed.

Dire Rats & Skitterfoot aren't listed.

Giant Amoeba in cave isn't listed.

Here is my record of all the encounters with the XP set for 4.

Volorog - 150
Warden Story Award - 150
Goblins - 525
Goblin Chief - 150
Goblin Story Award - 200
Soggy River Monster - 150
Dire Rats - 105
Skitterfoot - 150
(Shipwreck) Human Skeleton - 105
Giant Spider - 100
Giant Amoeba - 100
Human Skeletons - 600
Tsutamu - 200
Adv1 Story Award - 300

Total: 2985 xp

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Nope the AP does not assume random encounters.

Jade Regent assumes 4 characters using Medium progression.

Did you guys hit every encounter (not random ones) in the swamp?

I know for my 4 person table I used the Chart I referenced above and divided the Story awards by 4 and it came out fine.

Again don't divide by 4 (or 5) as some of the lower CR monsters award more XP than if you divided.

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Also running Jade Regent right now (just finished Book 1) so maybe I can help.

First APs are designed with 4 players in mind.

That being said if you are using the CR Chart:

It shows you should be awarding the same XP per player for a 4.
Are you dividing by 5 or using the chart where it shows 4 & 5 players?

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Needs a lot more information on the site, and not blurbs but screenshots, examples, etc.

I do a lot of work in the IT field and the site looks like something that promises everything but does not back any of it up. (Seen a lot of Vendor sites like that). My first reaction was to skim and ignore.

Now that being said I have a feeling from your previous post you guys are actually putting some guts on it, and that is cool but the site does not convey that information. At least it does not convey it to me.

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First good for having the discussion.

Their is nothing wrong with a player wanting a hack and slash game, as their is nothing wrong with a player wanting a realistic game. The trick always is to find something that is close enough to everyone's wants that it works.

I would be concerned that the GM seems to believe his way is the correct way. Which I can tell you is never true as a GM you have to run something you enjoy, but at the same time something the rest of your players will enjoy, and you have to have respect for those players.

My feeling would be even if the game really gets off the ground their will be a point he will drive all the players away.

If he is open to learning how to GM better I would highly suggest he reads Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering. It does a great job of laying out players types and talking about realizing everyone at your table wants something different. Though from your comments I have a feeling he wouldn't take the advice.

Good luck whatever your decision

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Okay I think you are approaching the point where you and the other players need to have a conversation with the GM.

The big question is why does he feel this is important?
Does he feel like he's giving out too much gold and he can't challenge you?
Does he want a more low power game?

Find out why he's doing this first and then it will be easier for all of you to figure out what you want to do.

Yep that may involve walking away from the game, but it is also possible he is feeling like he's trying to run a run away freight train of gold.

Being reasonable and rational and having a conversation is a good first step.

Good Luck.

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Would love to see this happen as well.

My group just finished the first book and I'd like to report the event.

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I'd say just use the advanced race guide and do a custom race of the types.
In reality they are going to be the same power level as existing races, as the anthro is more flavor and less mechanics (minus obvious things like senses and attribute mods).

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I'm trying to create a PFS Event with the Jade Regent Adventure Path but while we have chronicle sheets we the website won't let me create an event with Jade Regent.

Any estimate on when the system will be able to create events with Jade Regent?


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Ooh I did not know about this rule.
This is cool as half of my Jade regent players are pfs players.

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Something important to remember is that if you start making more rules that assume you don't trust your players then the tone of the entire community changes.

I've been in a group for a long time that by default assumes every player is out to cheat and lie. The solution from the game staff was to implement more rules rather than just trust the players (and kick out the bad apples). This has given rise to a culture that leads to endless appeals up the GM chain, and insane rules for auditing and requesting special permission for things that really should be no brainers.

I see discussions like this and see people diving down the same rabbit holes I've seen before. Not saying you shouldn't look at rules, but just be carefull your rules don't make all the players focus on themselves over the community.

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Beginner box definitely and you may want to look at what paizo has done for the gencon kids track, though that might be younger than your group.

Don't do pfs for all the reasons mentioned, as well as pfs modules allow very little room to breathe as they are designed to be run in a very set time (and thus gloss over a lot of time to explore or rp)

You could also tie this to creative writing assignment or art with the reward not being a grade but a free reroll.

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Hey All.

Does anyone know if their is a more in game map of Lands of the Linnorm kings similar to the great in game map from the player companion Varisia birthplace of legends?

While I can give my players the map from Lands of the Linnorm Kings I'd rather to give them something more in game.

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So I thought I'd write up my GenCon PFS Experience.

So to start due to obligations (I was an exhibitor's booth monkey) I really only had time for 1 PFS session and that was the special. So all of the bellow is on the special. Had a great time but their were a couple of points, and these points are both good and bad.

1 - Mustering.
TLDR: As we had not played any other PFS game at the con we were unaware of the new mustering instructions, and working of what we did last year (go into the door with the sign next to it that said our tier) failed miserably. If we had done any session earlier we would have known the instruction in a far less stressful situation. It would have been nice to have the mustering instructions outside somewhere. If it was we must have missed it in the crowd of people.

Full Details Collapsed for Space:
Mustering was a mess for me and my partner. We had real tickets and from last year we had learned to do what I refer to as Looking for Group the larp (which I actually kind of enjoy).

We saw the sign outside the door that said Tier 1-5 and assumed where the sign was the door. We didn't notice who the character was on the sign which was a mistake.

We got a group together and went in. This led us to talk to mustering marshals that sent us to wrong tables and up and down the hall. Come to find out the sign outside that said tier 1 - 5 was on the opposite side of the hall of where we should have been.

Once we got the right area it got better with the marshals explaining that they had misestimated the number of Tier 1-5 tables and were working on it.

Our group got seated finally and we were good to go.

In summary I think our big problem with mustering was we had no way to know the instructions until we got in the room and with the mass of people getting it my first instinct was to speak to a marshal that could help. Maybe instructions posted outside and better briefed marshalls?

3 - The space
The space was far better than last year. We could understand the announcer, and while busy didn't feel uber crowded. The only complaint I had was the lack of room in the hallway outside during mustering.

2- GM.
I want to say our GM was great he was a new 5 star GM that I think gained the status at the con. He at the last minute had to handle a Tier 1-5 when he had prepared for higher tier. He handled it amazingly well, and worked great with the 2 completely new PFS players we picked up during mustering. Definitely a great example of the quality of a 5 star gm.

3 - The special itself
The special was great. I've done Year of Shadow Lodge, Shadows under Absalom, and Race for the Key. This is one of my favorites. The use of technology and the general feel were great.

In summary we had a great time, but mustering for us was a mess.

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Ahhh that makes since then.
I read the FAQ but the bit about reduced price didn't click.


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I'm looking at the Gunslinger Pregen as a basis for building
a gunslinger and have a question.

It looks like to me that the pregen has over the 150gp
starting equipment.

Am I wrong here or is their a cost break I don't understand?

alchemist’s fire - 20gp
studded leather - 25gp
longsword - 15gp
pistol - Free with Class
30 bullets - 30 @ 1gp = 30gp
backpack - 2gp
dagger - 2gp
gunsmith’s kit - 15gp
hemp rope - 1gp
5 paper cartridges - 5 @ 12gp = 60gp
power horn - 3gp
10 doses of black powder - 10 @ 10gp =100gp
2 sunrods - 2 @ 2gp = 4gp
waterskin - 1gp

Total 297gp.

So I am totaling something wrong here?

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Patrick Harris @ SD wrote:

But things like exclusive content that will NEVER EVAR BE REPEATED make me feel like if I don't attend every single con, I'm screwed.

I'm afraid that is the nature of most big living worlds like Organized Play, Nationwide Larps, or even MMOs.

Given that you are continually trying to attract players to a 'meeting' of some point (convention, game, etc) you have to offer something they can't find normally.

Honestly I've hears Paizo does it well in that will supply boons to regional or local cons if the organizers just ask.

Special boons like this are really part of the trade-offs of having a large continuing world like this.

Yea it can feel sometimes unfair, but in the larger picture it's needed.

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Thanks for all the input everyone.

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So it looks like I'm going to be helping some new players into PFS at a home game.

I could run First Steps, but was looking for other options for those first 3 scenarios.

Was thinking Crypt of the Eternal Flame but have seen some posts on the forums that it is a very tough module for 1st level characters.

Any suggestions from the experienced GMs would be appreciated.


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Was also a player at the annoying investigators table, and was one of the 2 players that due to the way things fell bumped the table up to the next tier on part 2.

I actually enjoyed the special a lot. It was tough but after playing other specials before learned how to keep rolling with the punches.

Biggest problem was having to continually as the GM 'what did you say' or 'what did the person on the stage say' as the room was too loud.

On the second part we did almost die but through luck, quick thinking, and a ton of wands of cure light wounds we made it. Still the quote of the evening was 'Oh come on the tube can't have that many hit points....'

Given that we were told many many times that this was a deadly adventure I think the difficultly was fair.

As for the insta-kill at the end I think I remember something in the GM intro text about 'be back in time', but didn't pick up on it as we really could only hear every 3rd word the GM said.
I'm not against a text block kill based on time, but their should be a double redundancy to make sure the PCs hear it. Maybe have the NPC ask, "You got that right? If your not back in time the portals close?"

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I think that unlockables would be really cool. Either unlockable for the existing character or unlockable for a new character.

I think the important thing though is to say in the resources document that this is locked but at some point in the season will be available for use from a scenario.

Another idea, sorry if this has been mentioned the thread is getting long, you could steal an idea from the MMO world.

You could use community results to unlock something. # of people that have completed a specific scenario, special results at a con, or in a special.

As an example imagine a race called X being introduced but locked. It becomes available for everyone if certain requirements are met PFS wide.

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I'd like to leave my comments. Overall we had a blast.

My partner and I are newish to pfs. We've done some home games and played both specials that were ran at origins this year.

Part 1-
We got to our muster station after I thought about checking the big board. Both my partner and I had lvl 2 characters so we headed to the station. After a couple of mins I saw a woman with a clipboard who was doing her best to help people out. After verify paying we had event tickets she pointed us at a group that needed two more people and we were good to go. We were sitting in the far right of the room.

Part 1 went well. We really enjoyed the module but we could tell the GM wasn't fully prepared, but he was trying as hard as he could. The biggest problem we had was announcements from the center of the room sounded like Charlie brown adult voices. We could understand every third word or so.

It would have been nice to rp more, but I learned at the origins specials that time is critical and in specials sometimes it's about being fast.

The only part that felt long was the waves of combats at the end, but that maybe because the event was running over the time slot, and I was exhausted from the day.

Part 2-
So the next day we found out to our surprise we got into part 2. The whole table returned and we were told our table and we sat down. Our GM showed up shortly and quickly setup. He was even prepared when we told him that two of the characters had leveled to 3 from the previous night's game. He checked the average and said wasn't a problem and was prepared for the next tier up. He later told us he was a 4 star GM, and definitely proved that he deserves those stars. The biggest problem was their was so much ambient noise it was difficult to hear the DM.

Rather than detail the module we got decimated in the middle puzzle fight and chose running away was the smarter option. We didn't loose anyone thanks to the quick thinking Druid with a summoned ape. We left the dungeon with 15 min left till the end. Come to find out that was a smart choice.

Many of us were newish players and we had a blast. The only things I can suggest is if you have that big of a room you need to work out the noise issues specifically the announcements not being understandable, and some details at the muster stations on how the process should work would be usefull.