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Lucendar's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber. 1,879 posts (10,165 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 36 aliases.


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If you have the gold for it, Kakra, we can say that you bought them. I'm flexible.

Jalal Hammada wrote:

Here's the Inventory.

We found the following on our last excursion:
Mummy Cat
Heavy Brass urns (2)
Lacquered Benches (2)

More Holy water is 25gp per flask. Also, everyone take a look at the party stores. Lots of stuff there for possible use. Let me know if any individual wants something and I'll transfer it to your sheet. Please put it on your character sheet though too.


Mummified Guardian (sale value: 1500 gp)
Pentheru’s gold funerary mask (150 gp)
Gold-and-turquoise scarab pendent (50 gp)
2 brass urns (30 gp)
Benches not considered treasure

If there is an item list of things to be sold, I can give you the total gold.

How about I will update thread by tonight? :) I have not abandoned ye.

Thanks for all your patience. Work and personal life have been hectic but I am getting a grasp on it.

I will update game shortly. This week is the deadline for H-1B submissions, so work has been hell.

Guys, sorry for the long delay. I lost the module I was basing this side-trek on, but I am in the process of obtaining it again. Hope you guys are still around.

Sorry for delay, hope you guys are still interested.

The update is coming....almost here! :)

Well, since I feel responsible for costing you the GM, I could DM this game for the rest of you and find a convenient disappearing act for Valgrim. I am sure I can go scouring into my stored Dungeon mags, if necessary. My mapping won't be anywhere near the quality of what we had but it will be sufficient. Or we can wait to see if someone else wants to DM such a high level game or we can let game end. Let me know.

No apologies needed. I do plan on continuing forward, just RL has been hectic. I will update by Saturday.

Jericho's player? Really? How quickly we forget MoB! :)

First week back after long break and I have been swamped at work. I will pick up game this weekend. Thank you for your patience.

First week back after long break and I have been swamped at work. I will pick up game this weekend. Thank you for your patience.

I have not abandoned ye. Just a little hiatus for holidays. I will pick up game in New Year. Happy New Year to all!

I have not abandoned ye. Just a little hiatus for holidays. I will pick up game in New Year. Happy New Year to all!

I will pick up game in New Year. Hopefully, Gruug will be back by then too. Happy New Year all!

Great story-telling and managing and great characters. Having played through this on another PbP, it's great to see the changes/nuances. We never finished the fight with Auric, as the Overworm interrupted it, but one of the characters was swallowed and killed the creature, slashing his way out of its gullet, so it was classic! Keep up the good work!

We may have to recruit one more, since Gruug is AWOL, unless someone knows of somebody who'd like to join.

FYI: James Jacobs discussed golem immunity in a thread:

Golems' immunity to magic ONLY extends to effects that normally allow SR checks. A good way to think of this is that if an effect hits a golem and has to roll an SR check, you just assume that the SR check fails to penetrate the golem's SR. Every golem has a few spells that affect it in unusual ways, and these exceptions automatically get through this phantom SR but have different effects than normal.

Effects that don't get blocked by SR, such as acid arrow, a dragon's breath weapon, or the fire on a flaming sword hurt the golem normally unless it ALSO happens to have resistance or immunity to that effect (as in the case of the ice golem, which is immune to all cold effects) (emphasis added).


Trevor, you don't add extra d6 on critical but you do add extra d10 of fire damage due to Flaming burst weapon.

Happy Turkey day to all!

I've always played you can't draw a weapon as a free action with a 5' step (not a regular move); you need Quickdraw feat or else it is a move action. Do you guys play it differently?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I can vouch for Dr. Stefan..great character and potential. Too bad my CC game died due to RL issues.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I'll throw my hat into the ring.
Concept: Female human Varisian gypsy (dirge bard) and follower of Pharasma, who came into contact with the Professor when her husband was killed by undead, whose sad singing ability manifested itself during her period of grief. She believes she has been blessed by her goddess to seek vengeance on the evil undead and put them to rest. Trait: Making good on promise. Social and knowledge skills, buffer, controller, and ranged combatant.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Thank you for consideration. Good luck with the game.

Sure, that works.

The initial recruitment specified only 1 trait but I modified it when Gruug joined to 2 traits (1 has to be regional).

MiniGM, you were part of an expedition in the jungle that met an unfortunate end (be it killed by the wild elves, natural disaster, something else), surviving on your arcane skill and you have not eaten for 2 days and you smelled the food and immediately went looking. Feel free to come up with your own history.

I was thinking that but this is not the elves, just a random encounter. I think we'll stick to running out of food plot line.

Belsiard, any ideas how I could get you in? Party has been traveling up the river and they're deep in the jungle right now, camping. Anyone?

You're on the continent of Garund so Polyglot as well as regional dialects as well as those mentioned by Ialda.

1/2+1 per level or I roll for you

Welcome! Sure, standard wealth seems about right.

Sounds good, just keep me updated.

Baolo, let me know if I should recruit.

Daily, my schedule is clear for the foreseeable future.

Before I put a recruiting thread, does anyone know of anyone who would want to join?

So now we're two down: Aero and Left-Ear. Thoughts?

Guys, thank you for your patience. Things at work have calmed down and I can resume this game, but I'm going to Disney in Orlando for the weekend, so I don't want to start and stop so I will resume it on Monday. Thanks again!

Awesome! I've only had 1 game ever taking the same character from 1st - 20th and he was in the Shackled City campaign.

Just chiming in...Ki throw: On a successful unarmed trip attack against a target your size or smaller...The worm is Gargantuan and probably immune to tripping! :) Looking forward to the battle.
EDIT: I forgot about those damn monks and their ki points! LOL! Good luck.

Sorry for delay guys. My law firm laid off a paralegal and a receptionist so work got real busy. Anyone else going to chime in or can we move on?

Sorry for delay guys. My law firm laid off a paralegal and a receptionist so work got real busy. Still here.

Sorry for delay guys. My law firm laid off a paralegal and a receptionist so work got real busy.

I will update tomorrow on the results of Senna's roll on the gate but the rest of the cavern is free of any more baddies. Evil outsiders tend to scare the common folk away. :)

Sounds good to me. I will restart over this holiday weekend (in USA) and please post as you see fit.

GM Blood, you know I'm a lurker in your AoW game! Thanks for the support and you're doing a great job in your campaign!

Never mind, when a spell-like ability is based on a spell, then it is the casting time of the spell.

I am ready to continue. How do you guys want to handle that Aero cannot continue? One of you bots her till you get back to the city? Proceed without her? Recruit someone else? Let me know your opinions.

Yeah I don't like rolling non-existent dice! Lol..

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