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Full Name

Luaediin Or'danel




Oracle(black blood battle) 5/Gunslinger 1


HP: 32/49 | AC20 | T 12 | FF 17| CMD19| F +4| R +5| W +4| Init +2| Per +11





Special Abilities

Bodyguard/In Harms Way








Elven, Undercommon

Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 10
Charisma 15

About Luaediin Or'danel


HP:49 SR:12 Cold resist:5
BAB: +4
Horsechopper: +8(1d10+5 x3)
Armor Spikes: +8(1d6+3)
Flail: +8(1d8+3)
Longbow: +7(1d8+3)
Revolver: +7(1d8)
AC:20 10+7(armor)+2(dex)+1(nat)
CMB:7 4+3
CMD:19 10+4+3+2

(+2 vs enchantment)
Fort:4 3+1
Refl:5 3+2
Will:4 4+0


Spells: Concentration:7(5+2)
0th:Mending, Guidance, Create Water, Detect Poison, Spark, Detect Magic

Cure Light Wounds
Enlarge Person
Divine Favor
Shield of Faith
Compel Hostility
Burning Disarm

Cure Moderate Wounds
Fog Cloud
Shield Other
Defending Bone

Skills+Feats+Traits+Favored Class:

Unnatural Presence:Intimidate works on animals and vermin.
Magical Knack: +2 caster level

Favored Class(oracle): 5 hit points

0Craft(alch):3 1-1+3
0Diplomacy:10 5+2+3
0Intimidate:11 6+2+3 +2(MW focus Guns)
0Perception:11 6+0+3+2(racial)

1:Combat Reflexes
5:In Harm's Way

Other Abilities:

Abilities:Darkvision 120, Immune: sleep
SLA: dancing lights, darkness, faerie fire each 1/day.
Light Blindness: bright light blinds for 1 rounds then dazzled.
---Skill at Arms: proficiency with all martial weapons and heavy armor
---Black Blood Spray. 2/day when hit by P/S damage can make touch attack for 1d8+2 cold


+1 Spiked Mithril Breastplate: +7ac +5 max dex 15lb
MW Shield, Heavy steel: +2ac -1 ACP 15lb
2x MW Revolvers: 1d8 x4 60ft
---One with 2 each (adamantine, Cold Iron, Silver)
---One with all regular
MW Longbow Comp(+3 Str): 1d8+3 x3 110ft 3lb
+1 Horsechopper: 1d10 x3 Reach/Trip, P/S 12lb
MW Flail: 1d8 x2 disarm/Trip B 5lb
Ring of Natural Armor +1
Belt With 10 rounds each (adamantine, Silver, Cold Iron)
Pair of Platinum Rings:
Handy Haversack
---Gun Kit
---Bullets (28 Silver, 18 Cold Iron, 18 Adamantine, 12 Regular)
---Wand Cure Light
---Wand Inflict Light


Curse of Black Blood (Su)

All black-blooded oracles effectively share the same curse—the curse of black blood. The material affects these oracles physically and mentally, altering both physiology and mystic powers. The blood of a black-blooded oracle actually runs black, and wounds she suffers are infected by her own power and are difficult to heal. She is immune to the effects (both beneficial and destructive) of black blood. Positive and negative energy affect a black-blooded oracle as if she were undead—positive energy harms her, while negative energy heals her (this aspect of the curse has no effect if the oracle is undead). The curse also dulls the oracle’s coordination somewhat, imparting a –4 penalty on all Dexterity-based skill checks. At 5th level, she gains cold resistance 5. This increases to cold resistance 10 at 10th level, and immunity to cold at 15th level.

Skill at Arms (Ex): You gain proficiency in all martial weapons and heavy armor.

Black Blood Spray (Su)

As an immediate action whenever a black-blooded oracle takes piercing or slashing damage, she can cause some of her black blood to spray from the wound to strike any adjacent target. She must make a touch attack to hit the target (if she’s attacking the creature that caused the wound, she gains a +4 circumstance bonus on her attack roll). If she hits, she deals 1d8 points of cold damage + 1 point per 2 oracle levels she possesses. She can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1/2 her oracle level (minimum 1/day).


Luaediin was born at the worst possible time. His birth was 2 months early, and was seemingly forced upon his mother during a cursed time for births. All born in this window of time were thought to be cursed to bring misfortune to those they were near. This of course made the decision of giving him away to the church of Abraxas an easy one. His mother was given a small stipend and was free of what she viewed would be the end of he promising position.

The church did what it did with all babies offered them, set up a ritual sacrifice in the name of their lord Abraxas. When the time came to kill the little boy the priest slit his throat and watched the black blood flow into the cistern. Black blood he thought. It couldn't be, could he have been so stupid as too try and kill one born under that sign. He set about healing the child quickly before he lost all of his blood. Luckily he was a priest so he succeeded. The boy was brought to a different altar. This time his life was offered to Abraxas not as a sacrifice but as a tool for his glory.

He grew up learning what he could of the magic the priests performed. Though it seemed to him that all the praying and studying was wasted on him. He simply needed to want it bad enough and it happened. He wasn't much for books either and was constantly being punished for his lack of proper devotion.

The priests grew sick of punishing him after the thousandth time and prayed to Abraxas for an answer. Normally they would have just killed him but his black blood gave him a quality that the did not wish to loose.

It was at this time that his future Mistress, Zalazra Qlinzra was undergoing the greatest test of faith. Her fusion to the demon in the armor left her physically weak as it did to all of those who underwent the process. Abraxas spoke in his way, and joined them in a bond of blood. Luadiin was to be her guard such that no harm could come to the sacred conduit of Abraxas' power that Zalazra had now become. He was proud of his lot in life and happy to keep this Noble safe from harm. He would give his life 1000 times for her and over the years since they were bonded he has come close many times. They both are living now though and may their god help anyone who tries to change that.