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Akiton would be nifty.

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ChainsawSam wrote:

Erastil Favored Weapon: Longbow

Erastil Blessings: Animal, Community, Law, Good, Plant.

4 of the 5 provide a melee perk as a minor effect. The same 4 provide some form of summoning as a major effect.

Community, the 5th of the bunch which is unique to Erastil, gives nothing which benefits the Warpriest.

The Warpriest should not be close enough to anything to use the Minor Blessing's Aid Another bonus.

The Major bonus requires a shield (which the Warpriest obviously wont be using) and when used makes all projectiles targeted within 10 feet of the enchanted shield strike the shield's bearer.

TERRIBLE for someone shooting a Longbow.

A Warpriest of Erastil doesn't have a single Blessing option which affects them and provides a bonus. The Community stuff is downright terrible as an Erastil only Blessing.

Finally, why so many melee only blessings? Is there any particular reason why the minor effects of, say, Good and Law can't be used on a Bow?

I can't agree with this enough, it's not the only favored weapon/blessing disconnect, but it is the biggest.

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After playing the revised version I think the changes that were made are moving in the right direction. I do think that it is still under-powered compared to similar classes. I like how the power boost was focused around the companion and wouldn't mind seeing more of this. Some unfiltered, caffeine induced ideas:
-Larger hit dice for companion
-Better BAB for companion
-Some kind of bane like single combat or single enemy buff for the companion only (sick 'em fluffy)

Cap. Darling wrote:

my expectation was that it would fill some sort of empty space flavor or conceptwise. All the other hybrids try to do that.
Arcanist dosent it simply make the parent classes smaller.

I think given the number or archetypes and prestige classes you could argue the same for any of the new classes, but it is really a moot point until we get some word on the changes to this class.

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Cap. Darling wrote:
i think pulling his DC from Cha but his bonus spells from Int would be a good way of making this caster a bit MAD and making sure he is more that just a different wizard.

Then why play it over any other arcane caster? I am personally glad that casting stat/spell DC disconnect didn't make it to PF from 3.5.

Robert Little wrote:
The blessings are mechanically fine to me, but because they are tied to domains, some of them end up being goofy choices for the warpriest, depending on their deity. Abadar has access to several minor blessings that bolster melee attacks, even though his favored weapon is ranged. Erastil has access to animal fury which makes an ally feral, even though he is mostly about domestication. I think I'd almost rather see blessings completely disconnected from domains and make them more like mysteries (where there are suggested deities, but not a requirement).

I agree, there are some other in there, Air comes to mind, that don't seem to jive well with the deity's favored weapon.

christos gurd wrote:
Temeryn wrote:
christos gurd wrote:


...wait a minute
Jason Buhlman wrote:
The arcanist takes a different route. Seeing magic for what it really is,
I wrote wrote:
I think this class should be about looking at the nature of arcane magic

Oh wow I did not see your post before I posted.

I obviously agree.

you sir (or ma'am, the names not clear) are clearly a very insightful, talented, attractive person (or object, again the names not clear). obviously so, since these the traits of those who agree with me ;)

It would be nice to get our hands on a Wis arcane caster, but I am guessing they are going to stick with Int

doc the grey wrote:
Loveskud wrote:

Actually the favored enemy thing is something that a rangers animal companions already get as part of their class.

As for the rest I'm with you on the aspects but feel like they need WAY more options that are more interesting and viable as you move along then what we have right now.

As it stands I would love to see them mess with the animal companion thing more and maybe even give them more animal companion options like 1 or 2 Int magical beasts, aberrations, and dragons.

I was thinking more just for the companion

I agree with most of the complaints, but instead of reiterating I had some ideas to add something interesting without changing the whole class around.
First, give the animal companion favored enemy progression . I think it is a way to keep the companion as the focus while making the class stand out from a druid.
Second, make the aspects a different kind of bonus so they aren't made irrelevant by spells/magic items , increase the duration to something along wild shape lines, as well as make the aspect take effect on the companion and the hunter.

Sitri wrote:
I am kind of bothered by this class using wisdom to begin with. If this was just a new class and not a hybrid, I wouldn't have this hang up. I would like the class to use CHA for all casting. But assuming that doesn't happen, it would be nice to consolidate the CHA into WIS as you state.

Maybe they are trying to make up for witches not being wisdom to begin with ;p

But I agree, it feels awfully 3.5-y to make it depended on so many stats.


Finlanderboy wrote:

Targets one creature/level, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart

Since the min castor level would be 5 he can hit 5 people.

Doh! Ahh that's right


I am getting ready to run this as T6-7 for my group this weekend.

tactics issues:
Has anyone had any issues where the rogue BBEG failed his UMD checks to activate his wands? It seems like a bad roll would seriously change this encounter. I know we are constrained to tactics as written, but how did everyone else handle the missing extracts from the alchemist that CRobledo pointed out? With that it seems that the rogue's wand of haste only has one charge on it (I would assume he would use it on himself even if the alchemist is potentially more deadly with it).


This may have been answered, so I apologize if I missed it.

From what I can tell Jaelle/Ophetta should not have proficiency with kukris, unless I missed something, which is very possible.

Ran this the other day, noticed an issue with one of the baddies:

From what I can tell Jaelle/Ophetta should not have proficiency with kukris, unless I missed something, which is very possible.


I was looking this over to run for my group this weekend, but I had a question about the abilities of the BBEG...

In tier 3-4 it is stated that Algorn is a 5th level Conjurer and has the "Dimensional Step" ability, but if memory serves that ability doesn't come until 8th level.


Has anyone ran this where one of the players wants to use their own ship? (The one you can purchase with prestige in the field guide) I foresee it happening in my game next week and I am torn on what to do;

On the one hand I can just say your ship is too large to navigate the river, or the trip would be to long for your ship to make. This kinda feels wrong though as there aren't many scenarios where having a boat makes a difference. If I do allow it though it brings in the issue of the crew on said ship, in addition a boat like that would surely have siege class weapons aboard. A plus would be is that it could make the final encounter much more interesting if I broke out the full vehicle and siege rules from UC.

LittleRedNekra wrote:
Razz wrote:
Guess the designers are too busy with GenCon to answer my important question. It's funny, too, how all the gunslinger pics have two guns but no means of reloading without dropping one...

Lirianna uses Pepperboxes or Revolvers maybe?

I don't see how your question is "important".

You didn't know? Razz is the King of Internets! Why wouldn't the question be important.