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Ok, I love me some Dread!

I've only done a cursory inspection and I'll read up more but my initial thoughts are a little "west of Strange" so I wanted to run it by you before I get too deep.

My character would be a servant of some kind, a runner/assistant, he/she is halfelven and cannot fly making up for this with a can do attitude and a skill in acrobatics/climbing. He/she puts up with the scorn and derision of others with a smile and a shrug, happy at least for the respect he/she garners for being hard working and reliable. This likeable nature however hides a dark secret (a malformation or somesuch. See cthulian tentacles etc) that is at the heart of his/her dread powers. It is something that is desperately hidden from all but those closest and is a deep shame.

My main concern was with the lack of flight? There are obviously ways around it at this point in the campaign but I see my character as being keen to show that even without flying he/she can be useful...

What do you think?

Ps. Would you be open to path of war archetypes?

Very Interested. Let me do some reading...

HP: 1d8 ⇒ 7

Bel will get his blade enchanted by Brezik before they progress much further, 1000gp yeah? That's it for me, safe the rest.

So we are down to 4 it seems. With that in mind are we going to try and recruit or push on? (We seem to have hit a slow bit while we potter around town, seems as good a time as any to discuss.) If we are pushing on (I thing this might be what I would vote for, we have a really settled group here) would y'all like me to change my character?

I never really imagined Bel would get this far, none of the other campaigns I have been in have got beyond lvl-3 and that is rare, I don't really have a strong vision for Bel moving forward. As much as I enjoy the character and the interplay between all our characters I would not be adverse to rolling up a new one, filling in some of our weaker areas now Al and Brezik are really gone. We are lacking with only 4 members, and Bel treads on Viv and Gads feet a lot.


I'm here.

New year has brought unprecedented challenges but renewed determination to make time for the games I love!

I'll get a good post up in the next few hours.

A game of Scion! I've never had a group to play, but these books changed the way I RP, they hold a special place in my heart. I just can't pass this up!

I have in mind a Scion of Hermod (God of couriers and former scion of Odin.) But unless I've missed it in the books there is no official rules for him. Would you be happy for me to house rule something?

I like the courier aspect and the story of him travelling to hel to bargain for baldr's soul/life.

Flipping paizo keeps kicking me out!

I'll have a character up in the next day... (I hope!)

[Edit]I'll check while I'm able to get through. I'm planning a melee inquisitor worshiper of Aroden (explained in fluff) I don't want to cramp with pirate Rob though, given that there shouldn't be too much cross over (still considering grimour archetype) would you consider two inquisitors?[/edit]


Avogadro/Bahram here. I'm still tossing a few ideas around.

Top of the list is some kind of religious nut trying to bring 'civilisation' to the 'savages' not sure on mechanics though, I was looking at a living grimoir inquisitor but it's just not sparking...

It should be automatic, when an alias posts in a certain campaign gameplay thread then that campaign is added to their individual campaign tab. The campaign tab for your main profile (so AbyssDancer for you) should list all the campaigns that any of your aliases are involved in. This is how I used to keep track of my campaigns.

That said the system is not bug free. I say 'used to' because a few of my characters simply dropped out of campaigns, the campaigns were not listed in their campaign tab, nor in my main profile.

Now I use the online campaigns main page (paizo/community/onlinecampaigns) you can 'focus' this so that only threads you have read or posted in are shown.

The forums are quite complex if you've not been using them long, I'm surprised no-one has made a how-to guide somewhere.

Sorry if that got a bit wordy...

Thanks for the chance to imagine GM, congratulations to all those who got places. Good hunting.

Tower Defense Pathfinder style!

You could always have an artifact within the tower's heart that provides a force shield so that it can only be toppled once the artifact is removed. Or even an artifact which provides the animation itself, you can knock down the tower but as long as the heart remains within it will reconstruct itself... in more and more chaotic ways, upside down etc!

You had me at Samsaran! I'm a sucker for blood that flows like a mountain stream.

What's your view on 3rd party stuff GM? (specifically Spheres of Power, Psionics and Path of War)

Some really strong concepts to choose from here GM, don't envy you your choice.

I've been playing on the boards for a couple of years now (I think?) One of the first games I was part of is still going from strength to strength (in fact we started a second game with the same group of players) But every other game I have been part of has faltered and then failed. Once you get a good group I say hold on to it for dear life, but don't flog a dead horse. If it's not flowing it's not flowing.

The problem is I think the problem is self perpetuating. Once a group starts to go bad people put less effort in because its probably not going to work. Equally with building characters, I'm so used to putting effort into characters only to have them wasted (or in need of a rebuild at least) after a week, it's very disheartening...

I would be very happy to carry something on with this group, don't really mind what to be honest but I think we had something good. <sad violin music> if Flan is willing to GM I'll bite his hand off.

Thanks for the heads up Khaz I was tempted when I saw that in recruitment, but me and Warhammer are on an extended break.

Dotting. Been following your interest check.

Just a couple of things...

Two traits? (Do you allow drawbacks? Would you consider a homebrew drawback if I run it past you first, the official ones always seem a little... limp.)

What sort of wealth do we start with?

Within the caveat of no third party, is all Paizo Pathfinder material on the table? Guns?

Think that's it for now, my mind's racing on this one...

servant6 wrote:

Ok, I know I said I wasn't going to submit an idea, but here goes. It might be a little cliché, but I've been tossing around ideas and out rolled an evil druid.

** spoiler omitted **

Check out the Devolutionist archetype from Horror Adventures. Fits rather well I think.

One of the minion players could even play your devolved companion.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In the corner, in the corner of perception, a shadow amongst shadows shifts. None can make out a shape, a size even, but something waits for a master...

Dot. I will be submitting a minion of some kind but will be reading and commenting in the mean time.

Given my less than stellar rolls (17, 16, 16, 9, 8, 7) would you be open to a Gathlain Eliciter

A sort of face come manipulator but very physically frail?

Thanks Arun

Minion! I will definitely be putting together a minion for this!

I think your interest check has proven positive!


3d8 ⇒ (8, 2, 6) = 16
3d8 ⇒ (1, 2, 4) = 7
3d8 ⇒ (6, 8, 3) = 17
3d8 ⇒ (5, 2, 2) = 9
3d8 ⇒ (8, 3, 5) = 16
3d8 ⇒ (1, 4, 3) = 8

hmmm.... those are some rough rolls! But I've wanted to do spheres of power for so long!

Corsario wrote:
If I am allowed an opinion, go Vigilante-only, no VMC.

Tut tut! Who do you think you are?! ;)

Obeythegods wrote:
Core book only, exceptions can be made

What sort of exceptions? Sorry for the tirade of questions.

I am putting together a druid but the animal choices from the core book are very limited , would you allow a companion chosen from the first bestiary? A Roc for instance?

I've been wanting to play a vigilante for a while. This looks very interesting.

I have a character that I think would be perfect for this, just need to brain dump him onto paper/screen!

You know it's bad when two crocodiles sit down for tea... nefarious plans afoot!

I'd love to be part of this. Seems like you have your answer as to interest!

I'll be lurking in the shadows waiting for more information...

Your homebrew sounds very interesting, if you chose to go #3 I'd most definitely apply.

Marvelous this sounds great.

How do you want to do abilities, rolled or points or what have you?

I assume core means no traits yeah?

I think I'd like to make a druid/ranger outdoorsy type.

I just recently picked up the dungeon world rules, I'd be very interested in being part of this. Let me have a scrawl through the classes and I'll decide, but count me in.

My character will be a face of sorts, you chaps just need to keep him/her sober.

Thank you for having us Mathpro!

Looking forward to playing with you all.

This coming week is half term break here, meaning my kids and I have a week off. My posting may be brief until I'm back at work.

As for character concept: I'm looking to run an indiana jones-y rogue/bard/swashbuckler type, he is an explorer and trader in old thassilonian(sp?) Artifacts. But is down on his luck and is currently trying to drink Sandpoint dry. That's what I'm throwing around anyway. What's everyone else thinking?

I'll sign up for Rise of the Runelords. Thanks Mathpro.

I've been hoping for the return of Mathpro!

I would definitely be up for another game if you'd be willing to work with me again. I really enjoyed your DM'ing before.

Count me in if you'll have me.

Belathorian the Samsaran

Dot, this sounds like a lot of fun. I'll keep an eye out for your recruitment thread...

Just found this... Its perfect!

I have just under 24 hours, yeah?

I'll have my character pollished by then, I'd love to be a part of this.

I'm in.

A Warder (or maybe Warlord) melee tank type. Probably half-orc.

Just a thought, but with more diverse and therefore better classes. 6 might prove overkill on the scenarios as written...

Evening all!

Shame that spheres of power is out but no drama.

I'd love to Play something from Dreamscarred Press to be honest, if I can persuade you.

Failing that I have a plan for a Ratfolk Occultist...?

Incoming, sorry for the delay folks.

3d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 4) = 6


Oh I see, two in that manner, I'll be off to keep shtum now...

Good evening Chett.

You don't need to take attack twice, it's only the shiny skirmisher tricks that have limited uses per day.


Animal companions and their control is a real minefield, there's some nice guides out there though. This is a nice start, but zenith guides guide lists a couple of others and RPGBOT has one I think. (Not optimisation just mechanical explanations)

My reading of the hunter's companion feature is that you can teach it either standard tricks, which it then knows and can use freely as normal (i.e. attack) or skirmisher tricks, which it can only use a limited number of times per day (but still knows). Or any combination of the two.

K so we have


...Qina's concoction...

Aleksara, do you mind if I tie my backstory with yours? I can PM you if you want more details but it won't interfere with your character.

Have we had any word from Fez about whether he's joining us here?

Somewhere between batman, nightcrawler and probably a little nighthaunter... But yeah relatively high charisma

Yeah that's what I was expecting to be honest. He'll be a glorified rogue for a while.

I nearly went hunter myself. But I think I'm going to give vigilante a go. Specifically a fetchling vigilante heading for the moonlight stalker featline

That's the problem I'm having with it to be honest. It's very cool in concept and fits with the character I was thinking of playing.

Some kind of old seeming advisor to the high ups who is actually a bad ass with a sword

But not sure how well it will fit in the campaign, and with party dynamics in general. I wondered if anyone had any experience playing as/alongside one.

Im leaning towards not as it is.

What level will kingmaker take us to?

I want to do something swordlordy but probably not a swashbuckler, has anybody read the vigilante? Any thoughts?

The occult thing just rules out a character I have had in mind for a while, no drama's he can wait.

I have another idea but I'll flesh it out a little before I throw it out there...

GM Shai Hulud wrote:
"except anything with the Occult"

Sad face...

Happy to roll anything will y'all.

Only did homebrew IRL so no clashes there. I'll take a look at kingmaker but I don't see a problem. See what springs to mind.


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