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Lou Diamond's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 766 posts (772 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 13 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Silver Crusade

Mark, in forthcoming products could you add feats for fighters barbarians and bloodragers that do not require a 13+ intelligence and combat expertise. IMO Combat Expertise is the worst feat tax in Pathfinder.

It would be nice to have more feats for 2 handed weapons. It seems to me Paizo of late has concentrated on niche feats for melee combatants instead of more general feats that rely on muscle and combat power.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I just picked this up and I am disappointed in it. There is not one feat for fighters, barbarians or bloodragers that are 2-handed weapon fighters.

Its chock full of feats that require a 13+ intelligence. Intelligence and charisma are dump stats for most martials who are not dual class casters.

Would it have been very hard to add combat feats for 2-handed fighters?

You add two pages of feats for monks who are not really martials but their own unique class and should have been covered in their own book of monk goodness for those who like monks.

The Bloodrager arch type is already covered by the brawler or monk.

Why should you have to have combat expertise to pull your opponents shield aside so you comrade can get a strike vs. his unshielded AC.
it is a great feat with the exception of the gross feat tax of combat expertise.

How about a feat like
Torn Asunder: requires BAB +5; Improved Sunder; Strength 16+
You target you opponents shield with a mighty sundering attack. You make a standard attack vs. your opponents AC if you hit you deal double
damage vs. your opponents shield.

All excess damage is passed on to the opponent.

Silver Crusade

Could an outsider that has the ability to gate in other outsiders, use his gating power to gate a native outsider that is known to him to his location?

Silver Crusade

Mark, could you talk with the other rules developers and come up with another feat to replace combat expertise for teamwork feats and most other combat feats in general. It is one of the worst feat taxes in the game as in punishes martial characters in most builds requiring them to have an intelligence of 13. There is no feat tax like that for a casters to have a physical stat of 13. I could make an argument that it would make more sense for an arcane caster to have a con of 13+ as casting is hard on the body.

DO you know if Paizo has ever thought of using a Mana system in place of the current spell system? I think mana systems work far better for casters than current system.

an ex. a an el 10 wizard would have 13 [con]+20 intelligence+[10x4] for a total of 73 mana to spend for their spells. a fire ball would cost 5 mana to cast. it makes meta magic easier for instance maximized fire ball would cost 20 mana to cast. A Mana system makes it easier to load wands and staffs it simply cost 3x the amount of mana to load a staff or wand.

Silver Crusade

Is the Queen going to make future appearances with Count Varian? Radovan needs to be lucky in love.

Silver Crusade *

I like Sebastian Hirsch's idea of the Monstrous Mount Feat.
GM Lamplighter I also like your Idea about the Faction cards both work well IMO. Thanks for your good ideas.

Silver Crusade

Mark when will the FAQ come out for the Bolt Ace?

Mark would a fire arm that uses metal rounds that has higher damage but a restricted rate of fire and does not use the touch AC mechanic but use the standard rules for combat work.

Example big game rifle. This is a double barreled rife it has a rate of fire of 2 rounds per melee round. The rifle does not have the -4 penalty to hit for firing both barrels and it can not be used with the rapid reload feat or the gunslinger deed that increase the rate of fire.
Rifle does 2d12 19-20x4

Silver Crusade

Buy Rune Stones of Power they function the same for spontaneous casters as pearls of power for memorized casters.

Silver Crusade *

Feral, I think you are missing my main point. PFS is a marketing tool for Paizo to get new players into the game and. To market its products to stablished gamers. If Mike and John piss off established gamers that sped $100 or more a month by banning good things from new material it will hurt the bottom line of Pazio's revenue stream. I do not want to see that happen as I like Pazio's high quality new material.

I do get miffed when I buy a product to use inPFS and things are banned before they are even tested. SLA's were banned for a good reason people were gaming the system with them to get into PRC's early.

Bears should start at medium and at 7th get a size advancement. No druid, ranger or hunter would take a cub adventuring AC's are not throw away meat shields and pc's who use them as such should be punished in game by their gods for doing so.

Silver Crusade

Hi James, I need your help who at Paizo would I direct a complaint about material being banned in PFS. The person that oversees Mike Brock.

For the most part the PFS guys do a great job but I am tired of them banning certain material mainly the material that I really like from being used IN PFS. Their latest offense against animals is banning the Warcat of Rull. I would not be so bent but I spent $20.00 on the book that It was in and now I can not use it because it was deemed overpowered.

Have you seen the artwork for this cool kitty it is just over the top.
I even bought a mini that resembles it somewhat. The Warcat of Rull just deserves to be used by animal loving PC's through out Golarion.

PS I am waiting for next months release of Pathfinder Unchained and will buy it as soon as it hits the shelves at my local game store.

Silver Crusade *

Mekkis, what do you consider broken or overpowered. IMO the Warcat of Rull is neither. The only things that I have seen that are broken are the Summoner and high level gunslingers with ricochet shot. I do not even think that ricochet shot is broken it is just annoying for the GM.

IMO most of what I see on the boards as what people think is over powered is not over powered at all is that those people just prefer a low or no magic game and think because they like their games that way we all should like are games that way. I my self am on the other end of the spectrum I prefer a high powered high magic game. You should never be able to over power the GM just out think him.

As to why I think the Warcat of Rull is cool has nothing to do with the numbers but just what it looks like in the artwork. It would be nice for a mounted character but me myself would not use it for one as the mounted rules for pathfinder suck greatly.

Gm Lamplighter by that same logic you stated above all 5th level or higher magic should be banned because it does too much damage. After all
Disintegrate does 22d6 at 11th level. You are trying to limit a third of at least three classes because you find them too powerful. There are other ways to limit powerful critters other than banning them make a palyer take an archetype that trades something else in his class for a better pet take a whole PRC that is pet based more so than the Hunter.

This ban has ticked me off to the point that I am going to write to Vic and James Jacobs about it because I am tired of buying books and having the things that I like banned so that I can not use the in Pazio's Marketing game PFS and I hate boons as I can not get them because I cnat afford to goto conventions and buy products too.

Silver Crusade *

Mike and John, could you stay away from boons for this. Have Mark Seifer make a feat to get a better pet or make an archetype that specializes in

Boons are fine for those who can go to conventions but some of us can only afford to buy books and minis from Paizo but not go to conventions.

Silver Crusade *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ipad kept changing my spelling for Paizo. As to the Warcat two or three pages before its write up there are stats for it as a companion which are in line for all other Mega-fauna.

Don't try to post from an ill lit car at 0330 in the morning.

Silver Crusade *

Mr Brock, why is the warcat of Rull not allowed? Dino's are allowed mamoths are allowed but you' do not allow war cats. Anything that is cool the leadership either nerfs or bans. Why should we buy new books and give money to pazio if the best things in the books are not allows in PFS which is supposed to be the marketing arm for PAnzio. At least let them be tested for a season to see if they work or not before outright banning them. War cats are farless powerful than. Many eilodons that i have seen, both are class features.

AT least PFS gives out better treasue thn the AP's .

Less banning things from new material until they are proven to be broken.

Silver Crusade

Mark, I have a question on a magic Item. Would you see any thing wrong with changing the armor bonus on bracers of armor to a dodge bonus and charging the same price for the item.

A question on Animal Companions. So you know why Pazio seems so cat centric on animal companions? Dogs are mans best friend and they are totally slighted in the world Animal Companions. Can you design a domestic large sized dog animal companion that is the equal of the new Warcat of Rull.

Silver Crusade

Vic, can we get some male barbarians themed from the land of the Linnorn Kings. I have like 4 or 5 figures of Amari great figures but I need a Male non Shontai for my own PC's. We need Aasamir paladin type figs also. We need Oreads and Ifreet mins. Hobgoblins.

Can you do a set of minis from the monster manuals maybe 75% 25% mixed with the NPC codex minis.

How about a set for the Hell's Rebels AP.

Just filled up my 1520xl bag and need more minis.

Silver Crusade

Marc, why do you think all Hill giant minis look like king sized hill billies?

Silver Crusade *

Buying meta magiced scrolls. If we can buy metamagic rods, gain meta magic feats, gain meta magic abilities via class abilities it makes no sense that we can not buy scrolls that have meta magiced spells on them.

Step 1 allow caster to buy or receive via class ability the Feat scribe scroll but rule he has to pay full cost to scribe the scroll. This eliminates slow progression casters from being hosed buying scrolls.
Example why should a Paladin have to buy a scroll of greater angelic aspect at 8th level if he is in the proper sized area he should just have to go to his temple pay the gold and get his scroll. if he cannot scribe it himself.
Also allow rangers and paladins to by wands at the spell level from their spell list, not make them by wands at a higher priced wand from another casters list.

Step 2 rule for heighten that is on level per caster level increase of the heighten spell example 11th level caster wants to heighten daylight to 11th level he would have to pay to equivalant of a 9th level spell 3 for the basic level of the spell and 6 levels for the heighten. Heighten is messy because it is not a fixed cost like other metamagic spells. The real easy way would just make heighten a fixed cost I would make it a 3x like maximize because it is that good.

Silver Crusade *

Flutter, enlarge person does not work on pols they are the wrong type. Once they become pols they change their type. To enlarge a pol you have to drop a bag containing at least 500 gp on them to enlage them if two or more of them are gathered together dropping the bag of gold in betwen them instead incites a rage effect as they attack one another to get the gold.

Ignore Snotter everyone knows dragons like to eat fat horses, he was just projecting, you are a sleek guardian of animal kind.

Silver Crusade

The Glabrezu is not as tough as I first saw it. Paired with it black buddy makes one hell of a fight. Not to get anything for that is wrong shift the rewards round bit or even sincerest the rewards and it would be fine by me.

Silver Crusade

James, why don't any of the gods or demi-gods have both the healing or animal domains?

Silver Crusade

Hi Mark, do you think it would be unbalancing to create a feat for animal companions to give them a size increase if the animal in question can grow to the next size. example the Battle Cat of Cull starts as medium gets a size increase at EL 7 to large takes feat size increase to huge.
I would also require to AC to have 6+HD.

Silver Crusade

Arch magi, if you think Golarion is a high magic world you have never played in a high magic world. Other than a rod of the viper there have no other wands rods or staffs of note no spell books very few if any scrolls. If you call this hugh magic then you must be dropping some good acid and are tripping.

We should bro finding wands of cure serious at el 12 on the bad guys wands that have utility scrolls buff wands a staff might even be nice. Bracers of armor +4 or greater rings might be nice too. The cultists area joke they do not even consume our resources and they have max hp all of our encounters have max hp. The authors are more concerned with the story than having the pc's earn nice things that are meaningful. There is no balance between story and loot and the quality of the loot. Less mooks at higher levels with better gear. The only mooks that were not a push over we're in the finial boos. Room and that is only because I went full blood rager on them and exposed myself to them and if I had an ac that approached what it should be at my level they would not have hit me as many times as they did.

Why would a deanon lord have no treasue on him or near by IMO that was one of the worst written encounters in 35years of gaming. Defeating a demon lord twice should mean you break the bank and no treasure was rewarded he was at least cr+4. Much more fun and challangingthan the boos fight. He should have known what she had inside of her and she should have been his slave.

Silver Crusade

Thanks Werido the ring of tactical Preston is what I was looking for.

Silver Crusade

I would like to make an amulet that give my allies my Hunters tactics ability so they share my team work feats when they are within 30' of me.

how much do you think this would cost?

Silver Crusade

Mark do Meta magic rods work on Arcane Exploits?

Would you see any problem with making Meta-magic Rings they would do the exact same thing as meta rods.

Silver Crusade

Are the Iconic minis going to be released as singles?
When are Crowe, Kess and Quinn going to be released?

If Quinn is anything like his artwork he is going to be one of the best figures ever made as he totally paid of his artist to give him the best picture ever. Maybe being the Investigator and all he has the dirt on the artists and hold it over them to make his pics just better than all the rest.

Silver Crusade

HI Mark, do you think it would too powerful to have a feat that gave a bloodrager or a Sorc the next Blood line power they can have?

Silver Crusade *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think That the PFS team made a mistake taking Teifling and AAsamir away
neither race is game breaking in anyway. I oppose boons for races because it discriminates Against those of us who cannot afford to go to conventions.

AN easy way to balance outsider races would be to include all of them but
require them to have 4 chronicles for levels 1 and 2.

Silver Crusade

Mark do you see any problems with the following spell I took enlarge person and changed the target to outsider.

Infernal Transformation
Devine Transformation
Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 277 (Amazon)
School transmutation; Level alchemist 1, arcanist 1, bloodrager 1, investigator 1, magus 1, ,sorcerer/wizard 1, summoner 1, witch 1
Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, M (1 drop of an Outsiders blood)
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one Outsider
Duration 1 min./level (D)
Saving Throw Fortitude negates; Spell Resistance yes
This spell causes instant growth of a Outsider creature, doubling its height and multiplying its weight by 8. This increase changes the creature's size category to the next larger one. The target gains a +2 size bonus to Strength, a –2 size penalty to Dexterity (to a minimum of 1), and a –1 penalty on attack rolls and AC due to its increased size.

A Outsider creature whose size increases to Large has a space of 10 feet and a natural reach of 10 feet. This spell does not change the target's speed.

If insufficient room is available for the desired growth, the creature attains the maximum possible size and may make a Strength check (using its increased Strength) to burst any enclosures in the process. If it fails, it is constrained without harm by the materials enclosing it—the spell cannot be used to crush a creature by increasing its size.

All equipment worn or carried by a creature is similarly enlarged by the spell. Melee weapons affected by this spell deal more damage (see Table: Tiny and Large Weapon Damage). Other magical properties are not affected by this spell. Any enlarged item that leaves an enlarged creature's possession (including a projectile or thrown weapon) instantly returns to its normal size. This means that thrown and projectile weapons deal their normal damage. Magical properties of enlarged items are not increased by this spell.

Multiple magical effects that increase size do not stack.
Infernal Transformation counters and dispels reduce Infernal.

Enlarge person can be made permanent with a permanency spell.

Silver Crusade

I have a question why resistance bonuses form a bloodline and race do not stack with each other but the resistance bonus from the blood like can increase.

Silver Crusade

HI Mark, I am working on a new bloodrager bloodline for an up coming game.
it is the Kyton blood line.

I took the chain armor race ability from the Kyton in
bestiary 1 which gives +4 armor bonus and modified by increasing the armor bonus by +2 every three levels and placing the restriction that no other armor can be worn.

the second power that I gave them was grasping chains. which gives them a chain attack with a 5 foot reach dealing 1d8+strength 1 per normal attack that they receive at 6th level the chains reach increases to 10'

they receive resistance to fire and cold 5 and immunity to rust at 12th level the resistance to fire and cold increases to 10

Fir their level 8 power I gave them dancing chains form the Kyton in bestiary 1.

do any of these powers seem out of line to you?

Silver Crusade

Rob, this is another of my posts on the poor design of the AP. Things good about the AP the story is good with a few tweaks it could be great
simple easy tweak in the library have the players find a partial codex
that details the shory and the Sky Pharaoh but have the codex be incomplete and have the players find different sections as they progress through the AP.

I feel you authors a very lazy in regards to treasure placement our party just had two cr 13 encounters that were jacked up to more of 14 or 15 because of maxing the hit points of the bad guys. the encounter with the Glabrazu was epic until we beat it and got nothing. This is one of the worst designed encounters in my 36 years of gaming, When you kill or drive off a major demon you should get bank lots of coin treasure and lots of magic items. We get more treasure from speed bump encounters with which are no threat to us at our level. They should have less treasure and the big bad more.

Your authors rely far too much on magic marts for the PC's gaining magic items. It is far more rewarding to a Player and a PC to find an item than buy one. In this AP we have not found any wands of note no scrolls
of note of note or spell books we just found our first rod and it is useless to us just another item to sell. We should have found a staff by level 12 but we have not again Pazio takes out an Iconic item out because they think it is too good to give out as treasure. arms and armor have been sub par we found no armor greater than +1 scale mail until 10th level. That's a joke by 10th level we should have found at least +4 equivalent by 10th level the armor type does not matter much chain and plate are nice but other types are ok.

Silver Crusade *

What most of the posters in this I hate Paladins thread is that GODS are not stupid they know everything that goes on anywhere near on of THEIR paladins if the devil lover cast it to save their paladin not only would it not be a violation of the paladins code but the Paladins god would look favorably upon the devil lover for saving his paladins butt.

The God in question my make a note of it and tell HIS/HER paladin what this devil lover did and have his paladin have a chat with the devil lover and tell the devil lover in the future to use his emergency cure moderate potion the next time and remind him to mention the fact he did a VERY GOOD act next time he Prays to the BIG A.

Now if the paladin drank a potion of infernal healing knowingly that would piss of his god and he would be disciplined by having his powers taken away until he does penance and gets an atonement spell cast on him.
A Paladin trying to cast Infernal healing would have the spell fail loose their powers and be on their gods bad list for a long time a Paladin would never do this as they know what the consequences of such a dumb act would be when they could have simply just cast a cure spell and get teh same results.

On a side note I have always thought it was lazy on Pazio's part not
to a good version of Infernal healing that Paladins could use. Good outsiders get fast healing so why would a god not grant a spell that gives fast healing to a Paladin.

Silver Crusade

Mark, I have an idea for a new weapons enchantment.
Flexible Bane: Requires Studied target class ability. Your weapon gains the bane weapons enchantment vs. your studied target.

what would you say the + cost for the enchantment would be?

Silver Crusade

I asked James Jacobs a similar question about a four armed race and he told me that the whole comat system would have to be redesigned for a four armed PC.

Silver Crusade

Wraith strike, what I am saying is that an AC should only have to buy one feat for the type of armor the master wishes it to wear, not the ful chain as that is a feat tax that is far to high. Martial feats are all trained feats the game just assumes you get training when you acquire the feat.

Silver Crusade

Mark. why do animal companions have to learn light armor to wear heavy armor its not like bob the bear puts on leather armor before his master buys him full plate and puts it on him and trains bob the bear in its use.

AN AC is not a martial like a fighter or a ranger. IF the AC's master is proficient with the type of armor he wants his companion to use he should be able to train his companion in its use.

Silver Crusade

Marc, I liked the book except for one glaring
omission. There is no character creation stats for
Thusir Giant.

Silver Crusade

Mark, I have some Black blade questions, can Black blades speak? If not why not. Why do black blades gain additional languages as they progress?
DO the extra languages they gain only count for telepathic communications?
Can black blades communicate with people with whom they are not bound to?

Can a black blade trigger a wand or a rod that it has within it via the weapon wand spell.

Mark if some of my questions sound snarky that is no my intent, precisely worded questions are hard to word without sometimes sounding snarky.

Silver Crusade

Can a black blade that has a wand or rod inside of it via weapon wand trigger the wand and or rod as long as it has speech ability.

Silver Crusade

Can you take the feat flyby attack if you do not have a fly speed all of the time? My character has a fly speed only when raging through his 12th level celestial blood line ability.

Silver Crusade

James, is Pazio going to do anything related to casmorn in the nex two years?

I have a geographical/topographical question for you. Does the northern boundaries of Tien-xa meet the northern boundaries of avistan or is their a polar region in between?

I am thinking of plunking a new race in the most northern eastern portion of Minkai.
The gazetteer says Minkai is on the verge of a civil war I was woundering how you would think the populace would react to a highly milirstsic matriarchy lawful evil in nature appearing in their neighborhood?

Silver Crusade

Adam, why do many of the giants pictured in the released art work look like big fat slobs. It seems to me that no art work for giants has an average body style? Not that I am against fat giants the Hill giant mini in the last set is one of my favorites. He looks like an over grown hill billy, like what I have always pictured hill giants looking. The only improvement that I could have though of for that mini would be a large straw hat.

Do Fire giants use giant sized bows and crossbows?

Why are disparate groups of giants working together? Normally the are competitors with one another aren’t they?

Silver Crusade *

3 people marked this as a favorite.

MR. Brock Core only Campaign seems to defeat the whole purpose of PFS
PFS if I understand it correctly is a marketing tool for Pazio to introduce players to Pazio products.

I already don't like not being able to use Pazio produced material that I have bought in PFS, now the PFS staff wants to further restrict what I can and cannot play. You can count on me never playing in core only Campaign.

If I were running PFS I would open PFS up to all Pazio produced material as well as 3PP produced products. There are loads of really good 3pp produced material, the Spellless-Ranger and SKR's summoner and elilodon are off the chain. It would also help end the bias that I see from many younger players against 3pp products.

IMO core only leads to lazy GM's and underdeveloped players. You have to think all the time when new material is released each month. Core only will hurt Pazio IMO.

Silver Crusade

James, Play test was the wrong word. What I am looking for are examples
of characters Rob or someone else at Pazio who has played Mummy's mask AP has used so that I can compare them to my character and show them to my GM because he is not giving us anywhere near the loot we need to buy items that our characters need. In other threads that I have commented on
people have pointed out that we could craft items but the crafting rules are so broken that it not feasable to do this either.

So we can hope to find Items that don't seem to be there because the designers seem to have an anti-martial bias. In this AP it seems they don't like casters very much either as I have seen almost no scrolls given out as loot or wands. My current character will hit 11th level tuesday and the character that I am applying credit to is 7th level and has far better gear than my 11th level character.

Silver Crusade

Hi Mark, I have a question on Arcane Exploits. Do you know if Pazio has any plans on adding Metamagic feats that effect arcane exploits?

Silver Crusade

I think 1 level wands should have 50 charges at max caster level.
2nd level wands should have 25 charges at max caster level
2rd and 4th level wands should be able to have any amount of charges max 25 at full caster level.

I also think that wands should be able to be metamagiced for each increased spell slot of the meta magiced feat it consumes one extra charge
for instance a wand of cure serious maximized would only be able to hold 6 charges but would heal 24+12 or 36 points per charge.

Silver Crusade

Rob and James, perhaps I did not word my earlier post very well. What I would be interested in seeing is some characters that either of you played in this AP or any other AP at maybye 5th 10th and 15th level.

I am interested in seeing their gear so I can kind of set my expectation level for future AP's that I play in. I think that I am comparing my previous play in what I would have to say is a much higher magic setting
in greyhawk/Ferun and Arduin than in Golarion.

How can characters in Mummy's Mask buy gear in the mid point 5th threw 10th level when they are in the deep desert? Crafting is out too as it takes far to long for the timeline in this ap.

Silver Crusade

Rob Is there an option outlined for the characters to seek out and destroy the cult? There are becoming annoying. Our Gm is running the ap pretty much out of the book as he works long hours as a teacher.

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