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Lou Diamond's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 656 posts (657 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 12 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Silver Crusade

Mark, could we get the spell Enlarge animal. Same as enlarge person but
just targeting the animal subtype. For Rangers, Druids and hunters.

I understand that enlarge person works because of share spells but IMO
Enlarge animal would just be simpler to use at the table.

Have you seen Sean's tech eilodon?

Silver Crusade

Sorry Jeraa I meant the Humanoid type. I used person because I was grasping for the word humanoid and could not think of it. I was wrong
giants can use enlarge person. I just hope they are outside.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ravingdork, Orge's cannot use the spell Enlarge Person just like AAsamir can't use it as they do not fall into the person sub type AAsamir are Native outsiders and Orges are of the giant subtype.

Are you going to tell the ancient wyrm that he can't wear plate barding
if he wants too? I'm not. I will refer Jason Bhulman and hope Jason has his Devouring Insurance paid in full.

Silver Crusade

Things I think need to be done to fix the hunter.

1: The Hunters AC should get full HD through level 20. Reason Hunter's AC should be tougher than a Druids as the Hunter gives up 4 levels of spell casting and Wild Shape.

2: The skirmisher's tricks should have unlimited usage but only one per turn as a swift action. All hunters tricks should be a swift action.

3: Hunters should have a Hunter's only feat to choose a Magical Beast as a Companion.

4: Hunter's Should be allowed to awaken their AC if they take an Animal Leadership feat. Basically Leadership for animals.

5: Any spell that the hunter casts on himself effects the AC no matter the range.

6: Hunter's should get a +2 to Handle Animal this Separates Separates them as a better animal trainer than the ranger.

Silver Crusade

IMO Pazio is being far too Politically correct in the number of figures
dispersed between male and female. Your customers are at lest 80/20 male but your figure selection is 50 50 male female. You need more male fighters and barbarians. You have several poses for Armai but no male barbarians. It is not that I dislike any of female figs I like them all but I want figs that I can use for my PC's that is the reason I buy Minis.

How many sets of Iconic's are you releasing next year? Please release Iconic's for all of your class iconic's not just the core iconic's.

Silver Crusade

Rob is there a reason in book 2 why you force the PC's to be 2000gp under wpl and not allow them to buy magic items? Are you trying to TPK the party? we went thru the auction we were only allow to bid on three items before the attack started. We were not allow to by any thing after the attack on the auction even though we saved the church's butt. That to me is railroading the PC's and putting them in a grossly under powered situation fighting undead with mundane weapons.

The story would be good if you allowed the PC's to spend their loot
before sending them aginist the undead hoard with very limited healing
then tossing them against a cr+5 creature and not giving any treasure of note. Just some junk items that we cannot sell because of the events going on in the town. very poor design IMO. Treasure should be placed to benefit the PC's not shaft them. Why no potions or a wand of some sort or a magic weapon after that encounter?

The AP's story is good the monster selection is good but the rewards for PC's is horrible but that is the Norm that I have seen from Pazio. It seems to me that Pazio is terrified of actually giving treasure, like it is coming out of Pazio's piggy bank. I think that this comes form the fact the WBL and Costs for Magic items were not designed by the same people at WOTC and were not corrected by Pazio and the developers refuse to fix this.

Silver Crusade

Swashbucklers are supposed to fill a niche for Pirate themed characters and 3 musketeer type characters. Why would you try to force a weapon like a Katana into this theme? Pazio needs to add a few weapons like the epee, foil, main gauche and the sword breaker with rules.

I don't know why Fencing Grace was not included in the ACG because it was
clearly all ready in the DEV's hands. I think it was just poor editing where it was cut by mistake. It will be added in a future book. That I will by. We must all remember that Pazio is in business to sell books and be forgiving to them when they make a small error in leaving out a feat like fencing grace.

Silver Crusade

Tels, you encountered a non-companion dog. Most likely an urban assault

Silver Crusade

Mark, what is your favorite class from the ACG. So far Mine are the Bloodrager, Slayer and Hunter. The Arcanist looks real good too.

Silver Crusade

Mark, this sounds kind of vanilla but what would you think of a large sized dog that does no increase in size as an animal companion. In all respects this is just an upsized dog but what dog person has not dreamed of a large sized canine buddy?

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Mark could you comment on this feat for Swashbucklers
Mobile Combatant (Combat, Panache)
You have mastered the art of moving during combat and can dance between opponents while attacking them as easily as if you and they were both standing still.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, base attack bonus +10, and the Amateur Swashbuckler Feat or the panache class feature.

Benefit: As long as you have at least one Panache you can move up to your speed and make a full attack action without provoking any attacks of opportunity from the target of your attack. You can move both before and after the attacks, but not between them, and the total distance that you move cannot be greater than your speed.

If you spend one point of panache, you may move between the attacks you make, though you may still not exceed your movement speed.

Normal: You cannot move before and after an attack, nor can you move and make a full attack action.

So...that looks pretty good to me. It's better than Pounce, but it also has more prerequisites than the things that give Pounce (especially for non-Swashbucklers), and doesn't give either the bonuses or penalties of a charge.

I did not write this feat I found it on a thread about swashbucklers
it is some what similar to the Champion 3rd tier path power Fleet warrior.

Would the Devs consider adding a feat for mobile fighters that gives a bonus to +5 to acrobatics to aviod provoking AOO's while moving or tumbling through a threatened square. The bonus would increase to +10 if you have 10 or more ranks in acrobatics.

Silver Crusade

HI Mark, I've got a question/comment on animal companions and armor proficiencies

why does an AC have to take all 3 armor proficiencies to get heavy armor
or 2 to get medium. I understand why armor proficiencies stack for classes. At worst an AC should get the Armor proficiencies of his master at best the AC IMO should buy the armor proficiency for the type of armor his master chooses for him. AC's have no choice in what armor their master buys for them then trains them to use.

My other solution to this minor problem is to make armor proficiencies
tricks for AC's instead of feats.

could I get your input on this.

Silver Crusade

John, I have a question/comment that you perhaps could answer. Why does an animal companion have to buy proficiencies in each type of armor?

I can easil;y see why a PC has to buy individual armor proficiencies but fluffy or trigger has no choice, Rick the range brings barding home for his furry or scaly buddy and straps it on and trains him how to wear it but the AC does not go to the armor mart and say bud I want this nice leather barding instead of this heavy ass plate barding my master brought home for me.

Perhaps Armor for AC's could be limited to what armor proficiencies the master has. OR allow armor proficiencies to be taught as tricks instead of feats.

Silver Crusade *

John, could you ask the design team to make a hunter arch-type that removes the summon ability of the hunter and replaces it with something else. Perhaps Chanel or lay of the hands limited to animal companions or perhaps extra tricks and a teamwork feat.

My reason for this is the PFS rule about only one combat animal out on the board at a time summoned animals would seem to me to violate this rule if the hunter has his companion out.

Silver Crusade

Wolfgang, I would except eating a Seahawks hat instead. Gnome hats are too small to dance around.

Silver Crusade

No I am not asking if a slayer can use a rogue arch type. Slayers have talents. What I would like to know is if a Slayer can use the exact same
replacement arch type abilities as talents at the same level that they would have gotten them as an arch type ability.

to clarify it further what I want to do is add Scouts Charge and Skirmishing attack to the Slayers list of talents.

Why should I have to replace an class ability if I can buy it as a talent?
Most Rouge talents are very weak really with the exception of Trap finding, trap spotting and fast stealth and are not worth taking IMO.

More Slayer Talents need to be added by Pazio. IMO Pazio needs to look at the Talent list for The Spell less ranger from Kobold Games and make some talents like those of the Spell-less Ranger.

One of the big gripes of the Rogue class was that the rogue basic talents were very week. Nothing was done to upgrade them. IMO that is the only weakness in the entire slayer class which is very good IMO the only stronger class in the APG is the Arcanist which just kicks butt.

Silver Crusade

Hi Sean, I've got a question on additional Talents for the Slayer.
In the Scout Arch-type they have Scouts charge and Skirmishing attack
do you think it would unbalance the slayer to let them choose these two abilities at 4th and 8th levels respectively.

Silver Crusade

Hi guys, I just made two weapons enchantments for the Crossbow.

Rapid Reload Crossbow. Rapid Reload Crossbow reduces the reload time for any crossbow to a swift action. This enchantment stacks with Rapid shot but not haste. {Haste is required spell for the enchantment and haste effects do not stack.] +1 enchantment

Bolt Reservoir: Cost 2000gp
The Crossbow has an extra dimensional space that holds 200 bolts of small, medium and large sizes. The extra dimensional space functions as a Handy Haversack the bolt is placed in the breach of the crossbow each time the crossbow is fired any desired bolt that is present in the Bolt reservoir will be loaded, The reservoir is considered to be steel lined. The Bolts placed in the reservoir will not perforate the reservoir.
Spells required Reloading hands secret chest, Craft Arms and Armor.

Could I get some feed back on these.

Silver Crusade

I always thought the battered gun given to the gunslinger was a dumb idea put forward by the designer of the gunslinger class. If they wanted to give the gunslinger a gun they should have forced the gunslinger to take the trait Heirloom weapon: musket or pistol. The Bolt Ace should get a Masterwork Crossbow of his or her choice and use the Heirloom weapon trait to pay for it. Force the player to write a short story on he he came to acquire the crossbow. Sometimes you have to have fluff with your crunch.

On the Crunch side of the class sharp shot deed I think that the Bolt ace should resolve his attacks vs. the touch AC of any target in his first range increment as long as he has 1 grit point. Right now IMO the Bolt Ace's grit pool is not large enough to use his primary class feed more than once or twice and then he can not use any of his other deeds that require grit a very poorly designed mechanic IMO.

I am in the process of designing a full class around the concept of the bolt ace I have replaced the Grit mechanic with Elan which functions as grit but uses dexterity instead of wisdom to determine the size of the pool.

Back to the battered gun I don't see why many people are so hung up on the possibility of a gunslinger sell his battered gun. Why would you sell a primary feature of your class that would be like a wizard selling his spell book or a Paladin selling his holy symbol.

Silver Crusade

Mark could you bring up some problems with the Bolt Ace arch type with the design team.
The bolt ace has the gun smithing ability but use cross bows and gun smithing gives a battered gun.

The Sharp Shot deed does not work with deadly aim because it lacks the paragraph from gunslinger

Early Firearms: When firing an early firearm, the attack resolves against the target’s touch AC when the target is within the first range increment of the weapon, but this type of attack is not considered a touch attack for the purposes of feats and abilities such as Deadly Aim.

the above should be replaced with this modified paragraph
Crossbows: When firing any crossbow, the attack resolves against the target’s touch AC when the target is within the first range increment of the weapon, but this type of attack is not considered a touch attack for the purposes of feats and abilities such as Deadly Aim.

I have a question on Sharp Shot, Sharp shot says you have to spend 1 grit point to use the ability. Gunslinger the parent class ability does not cost 1 grit to use for shots in the first range increment. is this because a crossbow has a range of 120' opposed to 40' of a musket?
out side of kingmaker most combats occur with in 40' there are only 3 combats in PFS that I remember that did not take place within 40"
one in Ward stone patrol one in storval stairs. My point is that there is not enough grit points in most builds to use this ability more than twice. I think the 1 grit point per use needs to be removed to make it reflect the parent class's ability and does not unbalance the ability,
because of the ranges that combats take place at.

Silver Crusade

SSlarn, I am modifying the Bolt ace.

at level one I removed Gun smithing and battered Fire arm and replaced it with a masterwork cross bow. I also removed one Trait for balance.
at second level I replaced fire arms proficiencies and replaced them with
proficiencies in repeating crossbows and double cross bows.
at 4th level I gave the bolt ace crossbow mastery and delayed Nimble+1 until its next progression at 6th level

I modified the wording sharp shoot deed by adding the following paragraph.

Crossbows: When firing any crossbow, the attack resolves against the target’s touch AC when the target is within the first range increment of the weapon, but this type of attack is not considered a touch attack for the purposes of feats and abilities such as Deadly Aim.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Pack flanking, IMO is the best team work feat yet made you and your AC get +4 to hit and count as flanking when ajecant to your opponent. You have to pay a feat tax of combat expertise to pick it up but I think it is well worth it.

Silver Crusade

Dhyr, do not take a fighters weapons away. When the party enters the town the gate guards peace string the weapons which usually Involves wrapping the scabbard and pommel of the weapon in bright string and sealing it with a wax stamp.

why would a fighter who has spent a wagon load of gold on his bright shiny magic sword hand it over to some yokel gate guard and if the gate guard tried to take it away from him the fighter would be justified in running the gate guard through.

The way to handle casters is to hand them a hand bill showing the penaties
for using harmful sells with in city limits and strictly enforce it.
A different hand bill would be given martial explaining the penalties for using weapons on towns folks and enforce it.

Silver Crusade

James, I wanted to thank pazio for the ACG it isw a great book with lots of potential I really like the Slayer, Bloodrager, Swashbuckler and the Hunter.

Now on to my question. Can you explain why when Pazio puts feat taxes in martial feats that have nothing to do with the feat it self. Example the great new feat Pack Flanking has the feat Combat expertise which has a prereq of int of 13. This makes it real hard to take the feat in a lot of builds if you are limited to a 20 point build. I don't see them same feat taxes for casting classes. Maybe that is because I have not delved too deeply in to caster classes other than Magus's and Bloodragers.

Question 2: Would you ask Jason to consider letting the weapons training ability that fighters and some others get substitute for Weapons Focus as a prerequisite for feats that require Weapons focus as a prerequisite.

Also I would like to tell you that you did a great job on the Technology guide. there was only one item that I did not like and that was powered armor. Most of what I did not like was having to refer to other sections of the book to look up abilities.

IMO all magic item descriptions

should be able to fit on a 3x5 or 4x6 index card but that is just my own individual quirk because that is what my GM in my formative gaming years did.

Pazio is really rocking with great content for Pathfinder!!

Silver Crusade

There is no Spell-less Hunter. I made a Spell less hunter Archtype it was real simple. I removed spell casting and replaced it with the Druid Wild shape ability limited to animals and gave them the the class skill Use magic device and the feat powerful shape.

Silver Crusade

Does the General purpose fighting trick grant armor proficiencies Light, medium and Heavy?

Silver Crusade

I have a question on the Slayer's Studied Target ability. In the changes that were announced between the finial play test and ACG release.

It was announced that the action economy was changed from a move action to a swift action. This change does not seem to be in the ACG is this an editing problem or did Pazio change it again.

Silver Crusade

Troodos, from another discussion I had with James Jacobs on the ask James Jacobs thread about multi-armed PC races James told me that the basic combat rules would have yo be rewritten for multi-armed races so I would have to say no.

Silver Crusade

Does any one have a list of Slayer Talents?

Silver Crusade

Vital strike and shocking grasp work quite well together if you are a magus
Cast shocking grasp hold the charge , next round make your attack as a standard action with vital strike if you hit your weapon would deal 2x weapon damage then your shocking grasp damage+ power attack if you have it. You do not get bonus damage for your shocking grasp from vital strike. Yo do that you would need to use empower metamagic or maximize meta magic both of which any self respecting. Magus would have as a feat or from one of his class abilities.

Silver Crusade

Marc, any news on the Herolab files? Its almost mid August.

Silver Crusade

Tels and Alexander, use some common sense. If you want to use a fencing weapon and use dex damage, you can't wield a rapier with two hands the weapon is not designed for it. There was only one 2-handed pricing weapon it was from Italy it was an Estoc, it had a tri-corner blade and was designed to be thrust through the gaps n plate armor.
Not a fencing weapon at all. Fencing weapons were rapiers epees foils sabers and cutlasses and a verity of daggers used in the off hand.

Silver Crusade *

Mike, are pregens for the ACG iconics going to released soon.

Silver Crusade

HI James I've got a balance question for you. Would it unbalance the ranger to remove the Favored enemy class feature and replace it with studied target.

Silver Crusade

Hi James, I have a question for you. Why do you think some Pathfinder gamers only play with core rules and the PRD?

I find that these type of gamers complain the loudest on things like dex to damage and other things. Most of this catagory of gamers are younger
I a middle aged gamer.

I don't understand if they find a hole in the rules that they think needs plugging for their group, they should sit down as a group and write a feat or other ability that they all agree on and use it instead of loudly whining on the boards. That is the wonderful thing about Pathfinder it allows creativity from its players.

I think that the group that only plays with core rules tend not to buy other pazio products and only use free stuff.

Silver Crusade

Could I get some feedback on a new teamwork feat that I made,

New Feat
Side by Side
Category Team Work
You and your partner or animal companion have mastered the art of Side by Side fighting.
Benefit: when you and your partner who also as this feat [this would also include your animal companion] are Side by side facing an opponent. The Opponent gains the Flanked condition.
You gain +2 to hit vs. your opponent +4 if you have the Out flank feat. Whenever you or your companion score a critical hit against the flanked target the other gains an opportunity attack vs. the flanked target.

Prerequsites: +4 BAB and one other team work feat

Silver Crusade

I am playing a angel blooded aaisamer bloodrager with the celestial bloodline.

at level 3 would my celestial resistences increase to 10 5 from race and 5 from blood line?

Silver Crusade

James could you comment on this homebrew team work feat.

New Feat
Side by Side
Category Team Work
You and your partner or animal companion have mastered the art of Side by Side fighting.
Benefit: when you and your partner who also as this feat [this would also include your animal companion] are Side by side facing an opponent. The Opponent gains the Flanked condition.
You gain +2 to hit vs. your opponent +4 if you have the Out flank feat. Whenever you or your companion score a critical hit against the flanked target the other gains an opportunity attack vs. the flanked target.

Prerequsites: +4 BAB, Out Flank

Silver Crusade

James is the cool looking green glowing sword that the Technic League captain carrying in the Tech guide?

Silver Crusade

If you don't have knowledge religion or dungonering you know nothing about drow. A paladin might know that they are evil if he used his detect evil on them and they were above 5th level.

Most people would think they were a dark skinned elf perhaps from Oserion or Gurundi.

Silver Crusade

Use a lucern hammer. It has reach and is a martial weapon 1d12x3. There are no non exotic weapons that have a x4 crit multiplier. X4crit multipliers make a weapon exotic.

The only way I know of to increase a weapons crit multiplier is to be a Kensai or be A mythic champion.

You really don't need a higher crit multiplier as A Paladin. Use your smite. Buy the extra smite feat at 3rd level. As soon as you can afford it put holy on your weapon then add axiomatic with your paladin ability to enchant your weapon. That is 1d12x3+4d6.
There are also. Bracers that increase your level for smiting by four levels. If you are going for a reach build also consider lunge and combat patrol.

Silver Crusade

Panda stats are in the animal archive. A must have book for those of us who like our furry buddies.

Silver Crusade

I asked James Jacobs,in the ask JJ thread about multi-armed races and he told me that the core combat assumtions would have to be redesigned if multi-armed pc's were pathfinderized.

Silver Crusade

Hi James, I was woundering if you and some of the other Pazio guys and gals could start a thread discussing 3pp products and their meshing with Pazio products for playability. It seems to me that there are a lot of
players and GM's that have an irrational haltered of 3pp products.

I really like all the Pazio products that I have bought but as much as Pazio writes they can't come up with all the great ideas out there
SKR games has had good stuff before he worked for you and after he left,
Green Ronin games has good stuff and Marc Randels company has my personal 3pp favorite class the Spell-less Ranger.

Pazio has done nothing to foster this strange attitude but I think Pazio could do a great deal to dispel this. I think that this wold be good for the whole RP industry.

Have a good week end.

Silver Crusade

Vic, would be possible to alternate sets say do 30 pc/npc 15 monsters doing one type on monster like outsiders or undead. Then the next set 30 monsters 15 of one type and 15 of another type and 15 PC type figs.

Pazio has some great art work that just begs to be made into minis.

Silver Crusade

Eric would consider doing a mini line that comprised all of the Iconics,
minis taken from the Inner sea guide and the NPC Codex. I would really like the Halfling ranger and paladin, Kitsune,Nagaji and perhaps some of the planes touched races. Thats and easy 48 minis.

On an unrelated topic, does White Estrid have any siblings?

Silver Crusade

James does White Estrid have any siblings?

I am trying to do backstory for a Bloodrager who is a Angel touch aasimar
how would you suggest how his rage formed? He comes from the Land of the Linnorm Kings. He hails from Halgrim.

James could you give us some hints on how Paizo designed the new tech weapons.

James would Pazio consider marketing a lexicon of Golarion words and names for MS Word and the MAC. I think this would sell very well for Pazio devoted fans.

Silver Crusade *

I should explain further what I am suggesting. If you come from Tien-Xia
you would get some of the eastern weapons that are exotic as martial and some of the western weapons that are martial or exotic would be exotic for a character form Tien-Xia. example a Tien would get a Tetsubo as a martial weapon but would have to take an exotic weapon feat for a Lucern hammer or Bec-de corbin.

Silver Crusade *

Mike and John. would you consider swapping proficiencies with western weapons for proficiencies for eastern weapons for characters that come form Tien-Xia.

My personal favorite eastern weapon is the Tetsubo but with the lack of feats that I would get for the class that I have chosen I cannot see the utility of wasting a feat on a exotic weapon feat for an iron bound club that is much easier to master than a Katana or a long sword.

Silver Crusade

I think Paizo should scrap the extra HP while raging and replace it with DR/- equal to 1/2 of the Barbarians level. IMO this would do the same thing as extra temp hit points and be an easier mechanic for players to use. The Extra Con given by raging will still give the Barbarian at least a +2 on their Fort save more when the Barbarian gets greater rage.

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