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Lou Diamond's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 708 posts (714 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 12 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Silver Crusade

Rob, my group just finished book 3 and are getting ready to start book 4.
How can our gm upgrade the baddies so we can get some treasure,

Our party consists of a 9th level Bloodrager, 9th level Ninja, 9th level fighter sword and board shield fighter, a wayang 9th level wizard and a mystic theurge.

Our gm is being very tight fisted with treasure as he is afraid of the party just crushing the bad guys and the party having no challenge.

We are at the point IMO where I don't see going forward as the risk reward
is way off I am at least 4 levels below where I should be in gear but still am tearing things up. When raging and buffed I deal 1d12+22 and am getting 3 attacks when hasted. The Ninja is worse as he can get more than 3 attacks around if he spends KI He turns invisible gets sneak damage
as well a being a crit fisher with a 17-20 keen nodachi.

The Ap's just are not designed for optimized characters. How can our gm up things to increase the challenge. The story is great but the challenge level is off.

Silver Crusade

Ian still having the issue. Both with my iPad os 8.2 with safrai and on my windows 7 pro with mozilla.

Silver Crusade

Toy Golems are evil. look at the doll watchers in Iressen. Look at Chuckie and all the murderous clowns toys. Save your self right now and put the vile thought of toy Golems out of your mind lest you loose your soul.

The above is a friendly message from
Para Lictor Morgrym Rufano Order of the Scourge

This your only warning. The Inquisition is watching you!!

Silver Crusade

when I am logged into the site everything after website feedback vanishes but when I sign out the page view returns to normal.

Silver Crusade

What is up with the web site? After the web site feed back all other parts of the site are gone. I can go to the pfs portion by clicking on the link to the left side of the page but advice rules are not there.

Silver Crusade

Mark, is there any difference between the arcane pool of the Magus and the arcane Reservoir of the arcanist?

I am going to make a PRC that combines a Magus and an Arcanist. I plan on giving the PRC the Black Blade of the Magus the arcane pool of the Magus and arcane exploits of the Arcanist but no additional spell casting.

Can you give me some advice on how to do this and have a good balanced class.

Silver Crusade

Rob, I really like the desert exploration phase of book 3. The story is real good. I am really looking forward to finding the Spire.
the only thing lagging is the WBL curve we are about 13000 gp per character though we lost about 5000 gp to Deka when we got arrested. But that was fun too.


Does a Behier count as a Linnhorn for kingship in the land of the Linnhorn Kings?

Silver Crusade *

John there is really no reason not to allow advanced firearms with the inclusion of tech in season 6 and with the reload rules that allow black powder firearms the same rate of fire as advanced firearms. I could see limiting advanced firearms if you really had reloading rules for black powder that mirrored real life.

I really don't think it is a good idea to taunt players with treasure
they find but cannot use because of silly rules that make no sense.
In the future either let player use items they find or don't put them in the scenario or module to begin with.

The rules difference between advanced firearms and early firearms is very small, basically just difference in the misfire rate.

Silver Crusade

Mark, other than mithril which halves the weight Adamantine does not really do anything for firearms. Perhaps it should reduce the explosion failure to zero because the chamber is a lot stronger than a firearm made of steel or iron.

Silver Crusade

Mark, in forth coing book could rules be added for firearms made of mithirl and adamintine?

Are there rules for mediums using Ouija boards or to contact the spirit world?

Silver Crusade *

In the enigma vaults you find a broken mithril pepper box rifle.
Can it be taken to Alkenstar to be repaired?

Silver Crusade *

Meadow, my problem with wands is that you have to buy them with 50 charges in the first place . No 2nd level spell is game breaking even if you have 50 charges.

Silver Crusade *

Mike, what is the point of limiting 2nd level wands until after 6th level as 2nd level wands cost 4500 gp. IMO that is vey excessive . There are no game breaking 2nd level spells.

I really did not look at this before as in pfs I normally play Maltial characters.

It seems to me that the cost in prestige to buy magic item needs to adjusted downwards.

What is the magic level the campaign low or medium? The magic level cannot be seen as high in any means as by 10th level martial charcters are Lucy to have arms an armor of +2 or greater?

Silver Crusade

Can someone explain the term rage cycling? I have not play a barbarian and don't know what the term means.

Silver Crusade

James are there aasamirs desended from Solars, planatars, deva's, or hound archons?

Silver Crusade

James Jacobs told me on his thread that the rules system would have to be redesigned to support 4 armed pc's as I wanted to port over a race from another system.

Silver Crusade

Hi Mark, this post is on guns. Could you talk with the other devs n guns an possibly make some changes. IMO black powder fire arms should only be allowed one reload per melee rond unless you have rapid reload then you get two shots per round. Reduce the price of black powder fire arms by half. If the devs want gunslingers to have a higher rate of fire
Allow rifles and revolvers. With James fine implementation of tech the probation of modern fire arms needs to be revoked.

Gunslingers are a fun class to play and gm with only a few changes they would be great and most changes are only minor tweaks. The only deed that is annoying as a gm is richoett shot.

Silver Crusade *

How about some bad guys that are not dweebs and are actually scary to fight. The snakes are push overs. Make aspis on par with pc's use a 20 point build for them.

Do not restrict material! The whole point of PFS is a. Sales tool for pathfinder products.

Place better items on chronicle sheets. Npc's should get the same wbl as pc's.

As to scenarios please limit things like chases army things to a few scenarios per season.
I really do not like the mecanic for chases as a player or gm.

Scenario stories for seasons 5+6 have been vey good keep it up. I am looking forward to finding tech items in season 6 James did a very good job designing tech items and I look forward to seeing them implemented in the game. To those who don't like tech give it a chance, JAmes designed it to work like most magic items.

Silver Crusade

Was the dying character below her con? If she was at 0 hp she still had a number of rounds equal to to her con to make a stablization roll.

I agree with Pirate Rob on drawin a cure CLW wand as a free action as part a move action as part of a move action that would negate quick draw. Invest in a spring loaded quick draw sheaf. I advise low level characters to tak a withdrawl Action at 3hp or below use your CLW wand or a potion of CLW. For non LG characters before going into combat use a wand of infernal healing.

Silver Crusade

Mark, I have a question about the celestial bloodline would it unbalancing to replace the two riding feats with flyby and strong wings or improved maneuverability as you gain angel wings at 12th level?

Silver Crusade

Mark, do you know when the errata for the bolt master arch type is going to be released?

Silver Crusade

Rob, I am back to beating my dead horse about treasure. Our party is now 7th level we have found no treasure of note in book 3. We found 3 suits of +1 leather armor a 2nd or 3rd level item after the fight with three maxed out assassins. nothing after the bone golem or the cool mummy that we fought.

Story wise the nitpick I have is more clues could have been dropped about Denka and her membership in her order. I am really enjoying the story.
It would have been really easy treasure wise while the party was researching in the one of the libraries to place magic scrolls or a spell
and would have fit the theme.

It would have been nice to find a player handout with a book about the esoteric order of the Palantine Eye and a handout about the Sky Pharaoh we know very little about him. Would have it killed you to put in an amulet that gave a bonus in knowledge history or arcane [not a game breaker at all].

How our our characters supposed to by level Appropriate gear if we find little or no treasure? our Gm is trying to keep close to what is written in the books.

Silver Crusade

My Gm has told me that I could get magical tattoos that would take take place of a belt slot item. I was Wondering what the price adjustment to make an item slotless. The Item that I want is a +4 strength belt
The only reason I want the tattoo instead of the belt is cosmetic I am playing blood rager and I thought would be cool to have Ink of beasts on the blood ragers body.

Silver Crusade

Hi Mark, yet another question for you. I would like to modify the Blade Bound arch type to allow use of all simple martial and exotic weapons except bows,crossbows and polearms.

To do this the new arch type would require adding a bonus feat at 4th level when the Magus aquires his black blade of Still spell and at 10th level the magus would gain the Component freedom Somatic [from the Mythic book]

How should I balance the changes to the arch type?

Mark I don't like the randomness of how the Magus gains his black blade.
I have an idea on how to change this. I would push back to 4th the level when the the magus gets his first stat bump and the Magus would choose
his weapon and what it is made out of. The Magus would perform a magic ritual binding himself to his weapon sacrificing his first stat bump to give his weapon sentience. The Black Weapon would continue to gain intelligence as per the black blade chart. I would also change the ego
rules to mirror the standard intelligent magic item rule. I also would allow weapons enchantments to be placed on the weapon. So in all respects the black blade would be a custom intelligent magic weapon instead of a hybrid magic weapon/ class feature. Can I get your comments on this?

Silver Crusade

Hi Mark, I am playing a bloodrager with the celestial blood line who is an Angel blooded Aasamir. My question is why don't the celestial resistences from race and blood line stack?

Silver Crusade

Hi James, I have a question on why there is such a disparity between the magic level of the characters presented in pazio fiction [which is very good IMO. I have bought all of the novel except the pirate novel. ] and the magic level of the AP's?

I wish Pazio would make the magic level of the AP's the same as the magic level of the fiction and give the characters the means acquire to the high magic that is presented so well in the Pazio fiction.

Do you have any plans to write in the Fiction line?

Silver Crusade *

The black blades purpose does not matter in PFS. Over a blade bound Magus's career he will have over 24 game masters that's asking 24 different game masters to try to force a player live with in a purpose that is not Defined within the rules set.

If black blades were really run with the same rules that intelligent magic
weapons then maybe you could in force the rules for a black bales purpose in PFS. Black blades are a very good concept that was not implemented well in the rules.

Silver Crusade *

as a GM what do you do when you run into a party that has very limited knowledge skills. Last night I ran Weapon in the Rift. None of the characters had knowledge Planes So they could not ID the demons or the Hound Archons. They did not have knowledge arcane so it was hard for them figure out the prisms and how to use them. I told them about the suits in the room with Galchor but they had no clue on what they di so they ignored them they really d not have the time to fool with them any way. I tried to help them by adding a magic item to aid them in the boss room but they lacked the skills to figure out them item [bracers] and did not want to just put them on so they were not used.

This whole scenario was very frustrating as I felt that I had to push them through the scenario. Besides TpK'ig the party what do the rest of you GM's do when this happens?

Silver Crusade

HI James, would it be possible for pazio to put out a Spell and feat compendium every year or every other so feats and spells can be updated with errata and it would make it easier for your players to carry around a

I have one other question for you. on publishing do you know how pazio
could put out their books in the format used by ibooks or kindle pdf readers are very clunky compared to them.

Silver Crusade

HI Mark, does Pazio use a template when it makes animal companions or is each done Individually. If there is a template could it be released?

Could you do a primer on the Kinetisist an put it in the play test area please include a mid to high level character to give us an idea of what a
Kinetisist looks like.

Have a happy Halloween.

Silver Crusade

Mark, do you know if the design team is working on errata for the bolt ace?

Silver Crusade

HI mark, I have a design question for you. Why is there such a disparity between the Wealth by level table and the price of magic items?

I am currently playing I am playing a bloodrager that is level 6 the WBL according to the chart says I should have around 16000 gp. Far to low IMO by what a 6th level martial should have IMO a 6h level martial should have at least a +2 weapon +2 armor a stat belt+2 a back up masterwork weapon a at least 3 potions of cure serious 3 potions of cure moderate
a few potions of align weapon potions of fly, see invisible and bless weapon. A +1 shield [buckler if you are a two handed weapon user.] wand of cure light wounds for your healer buddy to use on you.

It is even worse for a full caster, a full caster needs some form of armor be it a ring of protection robes bracers. all of which are way over priced for the amount of treasure that is given out in the AP's.
wands are over priced 4500gp for an el2 wand. easy fix reduce the number of charges reduces the price. Most of the AP's that I have seen out side of kingmaker don't allow crafting. So you are forced to buy items at magic shops. Most of the items that I have seen in both the 2 AP's that I have played in with the exception of one item that my gm . radically changed.

THe above is not an attack on you or the other designers but I want to understand from a design standpoint why the designers, design the way they they do.

Does pazio desing for a low magic world or a medium magic world? I know they don't design for a high magic world because I paled in a high magic Campaign and high magic Campaigns give out a 5x what pazio gives out in treasure everything costs more though.

could I get you feed back on how pazio lays out an ap or a module.

have a good day Mark.

Silver Crusade

Rob, other than the treasure Mummies Mask is great. The Chariot race was epic though our two teams lost the crowd loved the entertainment.
My character literally loved Muminafra, she liked the Wayang to but my Assamair was her favorite.

Muminafra refered to the Wayang as her dark talking monkey.
Denka hates our party for going around her to Muminafra so we can get what we need done.
The story is beyond good. Our party is having a great time.

Our party includes a ½ elf mystic thurge, a human shield fighter, a Wayang sorcerer and an assamir bloodrager and a ½ elf ninja. The story so far has given us all good challenges.

Silver Crusade *

Mike and John, some of the things that you nix for use see very arbitrary
you allow Mammoths and dinosaurs but not dire animals all are present on in the game but not in PFS makes no sense to me it really would not change things you could always limit by level but to ban A Dire tiger when it is mechanically no different from the 7th level size increase for the tiger.

Could you add some other animals like the Panther to use as an Animal companion.

Silver Crusade

I have a question for the designer of Mummies Mask. Was it intended by you to force the players to sell back magic items at 50% of there base value? IF so why did you not put in items that when sold would not put characters under their wbl? Does Pazio dislike martials so much that they are unwilling to put +2 weapons that martials would use like a great sword or a long bow. You put in a +1 keen flail that violates the rules
keen can normally be put [Talk to the developers and get them to put in the orginial impact enchantment back in game WOTC would give you permission if asked for something simple like Impact.} and on S/P weapon not blunt weapons. the sheeet also does not say if the flail is heavy or light.

Would it hurt to put a fully charged 2nd level arcane wand in a 4-6 module? Either put in a fully charged wand with a good spell on it or give the players enough gold to buy one w/o spending 100% of his or her gold on it. We are playing in osrion wold it kill the design team to put in a suit of chain or plate that had the comfort enchantment on it?

Silver Crusade *

Mike. do away with chase scenarios I as a GM dislike them very much I do not like shoehorning my players in to something.

7-11 scenarios that deal with the Chelish civil war.
1-5 scenarios that deal with the hold of Blezkan and its ties to Giants.

A level 12 retirement arc tied to the Chelish Civil war. This could be keyed in recovering the sword from the upcoming novel in Nidial.

7 to 11 scenarios that have the Pathfinders work for one of the 10 in his schemes for the society.

Boons that actualy mean something. For hunters rangers and druids save a unique animal and have it become an animal companion. In the course of a scenario have arcane casters recover a staff and be able to use it.
No limited use boons make boons effect something permanent on the PC.

Thought out magic items on chronicles other than potions that can be bought and +1 items that are always available.

How about a scenario to find a smith for the intelligent sword that is broken.

Scenarios that involve angels or devils contacting the society and wanting the society to do something and then rewarding the PC's if they acomplish the task for the extra planer personage.

Perhaps have the pathfinders go on a recovery mission for a dragon that has had something stolen from him/her in return for access to some dusty magical tome the dragon has.

Silver Crusade

Hunters gain the ability to use their companions senses.

Silver Crusade

Hi James, I was wondering if there are any Dwarves in the Fangwood Forest in Nthramas? I have a Dwarven Hunter and am trying to figure out where he came from. The reason he does not live underground like most Dwarves is that when he was young he was trapped by a cave in for several days before he was rescued and now has a fear of being underground and in
enclosed places.

Silver Crusade

Hi Mark, would it be possible to get a magic item like a circlet that allows a Druid, Hunter or Ranger to Telepathically communicate with their
animal companion. This would not give any benefit other than allowing the master and commuicate w/o verbal commands so the baddies don't know who is issuing commands. bonus trick would be nice but not necessary.

Silver Crusade *

Can a dire tiger be taken as a companion? You can buy one according to the animal archive. If you have a dire tiger you should be able to do the same ritual you do for any other animal companion then train him.

Note. This is for Druids, Hunters or Ranger-Beasmasters and other arch types that do not have a restricted companion list.

Silver Crusade

Mark I have a Magic item question for you. This is an item for classes that have companions. A set of stoes or gem that takes up the headband slot and allows the master and companion to telepathicly communicate with one another with a range of 1 mile. Cost 6000 gp. cost is open as I did ot price according to spell level. Spell needed Companion Mind Link

Silver Crusade

James, What is the diffrence at Pazio between designer and a developer?

Silver Crusade

Mark how are you today. Here is another of my pestering requests.
In the forthcoming unchained book could 4 pages be devoted to releasing an updated weapons groups list with all the weapons Pazio has released to the point nchained is released. If the Devs and designers don't want to do this perhaps a PDF of updated weapons groups could be released on the Pazio site.

Silver Crusade

Do hunter's have to use verbal commands to command their companions or can they use gestures? Can hunters command via their improved empathic link?

Silver Crusade

Mark do you know who wrote the Bloodrager?

I was just planing out my bloodrager w/ the celestial bloodline.
in the list of bloodline feats there are two mounted feats that look like they were just thrown in there that have nothing to do with celestial blood or the barbarian class. There is no archtype for the bloodrager that benifts from mounted combat and only one barbarian archtype that does to my knowledge. Could you bring this to their attention and maybe
get it errataed. Charge of the Rightous would seem to fit in and Flyby attack would fit in after 8th.

Silver Crusade

HI James, I have a product request for next year. Could Pazio do an Iconics Codex like the NPC codex. I think it would be a great product tie in with with the iconic mini sets that are being released next year.

I also asked Mark about in his questions thread in one of my pester Mark rules posts.

Pazio has great customer service from all of its staff.

Have you played or ran Mummy's Mask. I playing in it right now and having great fun.

Silver Crusade

Last night I was trying to get a new account for my Ipad and the account wizard kept giving me the error this email address not Recognized
the email address for my Ipad is

Silver Crusade

Mark, would it be possible to add the angelic aspect spells to
the bloodragers bonus spells if they have the celestial bloodline?

What is you favorite class and arch type from the ACG?

Two other questions if you get a racial resistance bonus and a bloodline
resistance bonus why don't they stack.

The other question is on dragon hide made into armor why don't you get the armor bonus for the natural armor of the dragon. IF you bring in the skin of a great wyrm you should get the natural armor bonus for a great wyrm not a generic bonus based on the type of armor it is being made into.

on the same line if you have dragon hide armor made from a dragon that you killed why don't you get the elemental resistance for the type of dragon that the armor is crated from. Perhaps a flat bonus based on age category of the dragon.

Can you suggest a new product to your fellow devs an Iconics codex like the NPCs codex? For all the Iconics thru the ACG.

Silver Crusade

Mark, would it be possible to get a enlarge outsider spell. Right now
assimars, oreads, thieflings, Ifrits and undines cannot use the enlarge person spell as it targets Person type not outsider type. could that spell be added to the Magus, bloodrager, sorcerer and wizard spell lists.

Silver Crusade

James, how is pazio going to handle the problem of rebellion with in a Lawful Evil society with out an outside nation attacking the nation.

With the use of magic and powerful Devils that support Cheliax I find it hard to believe an external rebellion has any chance of prevailing.

The prevailing government and church would crush any form of external rebellion against it. Internal Rebellion [within the state or the church] has a better chance of succeeding until the powers that be suspect the plotters and bring bring forth powers of church and state against them.

I am looking forward to the AP. I am playing in Mummy's Mask and having a great deal of fun.

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