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Lost Gamer's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 122 posts (987 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 20 aliases.

About Lost Gamer


GameMaster Links

GM - Zombie Master:
- Carrion Crown AP (group1)- GamePlay, Discussion
- Carrion Crown AP (group2)- GamePlay, Discussion

GM - The Serpent God:
- Serpent Skull AP - GamePlay, Discussion

GM - Captain Mayhem:
- Skulls & Shackles AP(group1)- GamePlay, Discussion
- Skulll & Shackles AP(group2)- GamePlay, Discussion

GM - Emperor Dark Oni
- Jade Regent - Gameplay, Discussion

Player Links:

- Clifford Dunidan, male human alchemist 2; GamePlay, Discussion
- Corrmesa Valingesh, male elf magnus 3; GamePlay, Discussion
- Dominnia Vorsaife female assamir summoner 1; Gameplay, Discussion
- Gellius Frispin, male druid 1; Gameplay, Discussion
- Jerrand Oferton, male dwarf cleric of Gorum 2; GamePlay, Discussion
- Valius Coreton male human fighter(crossbowman) 1; Gameplay, Discussion

- Lost Gamer - Looking to Recruit, for use when I lose a player in a game I am GMing

NPC Tracking:

- Cyler Deeks is in the Carrion Crown AP(group1)
- Skie Watcher is in the Carrion Crown AP(group2)
- Ro Tessu is in the Skull & Shackles AP(group1)
- Szardur is in the Skull & Shackles AP(group2)
- Jonagher Witt is NpC in Serpent's Skull AP

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