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Marcos Farabellus

Lorian's page

Goblin Squad Member. 248 posts. 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.


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Thanks for the info Erik. I figured the hold up wasn't on your side. You've always been as forthcoming as you could :D

I'm definitely excited about these iconic packs, but are we focusing on them so much because the next set info isn't supposed to be public yet? I do like these, but I'm a bit tired of them (just because it's been all we've gotten for months.)

Please cancel my battles subscription.

I'll still be getting it, just a month late or so, i won't have enough saved up in time.


They plan to kickstarter a tarrasque next, but that's the first one. It should be available to buy after the kickstarter ones ship.

Super Rares, and things like that, are what drove me away from Wizard of the coast. Between magic and minis pulling that sort of thing, that's the quickest way to run me off as a customer :/

Those are the non-subscriber prices. I did that last time, but the actually price when it charges is accurate. It confused me too. :)

I'd agree on hoping we keep the iconics in these packs instead of the main line as much as possible, just for the sake of getting the most total sculpts.

I'll be honest though, I'm going to buy them regardless :P

Please please do Huge elementals for fire, water, earth and air also, while I'm on the topic of non-blind packs.


Ahhh, just a variant then. Good info thanks!

I just realized the weasel is the wrong size.

I guess it's a Dire Weasel, they're large, giant weasels are medium.

Here's hoping for Sheriff Hemlock!

My Iconic witch is every bit that bad too. Honestly this is so bad Wizkids should be replacing these as a "broken" mini.

I've got a russian gas mask dude missing an arm, and the witch is STILL more unacceptable.

Isil-zha wrote:
Hobbun wrote:
that would probably sell relatively well.
Two potential problems for a publisher right there ;)

For what it's worth, if you do Huge Elementals I'll buy 4 of each personally!

Sure enough, it just processed my order seconds ago.

Subtotal (3 items) $289.99
Shipping & Handling $32.45
Shipping & Handling Discount - $10.00
Order Total $312.44

Actually less shipping than last time. It's just a display issue then. Thanks so much for checking, I <3 you guys.

Update: just checked, looks my last case the shipping was under 30, and that had extra stuff sent with it :/

My subscription is showing the shipping is going to be about 88 dollars currently.

Is something messed up? This is more than double what it said when I added the subscription.

There's a bunch in Jade Regent.

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Erik Mona wrote:

I promise there is not a crossbow-wielding city watchMAN in this set.

I am very sorry.

City watch gelatinous cube! Half life 3 confirmed!

Anychance it might be the city watch type guys from heroes and battles?

edit: hah, me and cat-thulhu are on the same page!

I'd be just fine with that Erik. I just want faeries and brownies. Don't care what is needed to make it viable :)

Vic Wertz wrote:
Lorian wrote:

Oh actually it seems to be better now.

That said, is 39 dollar really the best paizo can do on shipping? O.o Jesus. It actually would have been cheaper not to cancel my popular collections order, as they do free shipping over 100 dollar orders.

It's a big box.

We don't make profit on shipping—we estimate the actual cost of postage and packing based on your chosen service and your actual address.

Also, note that Paizo will pay the first $10 in shipping and handling for any shipment of products totalling $100 or more (which your case certainly qualifies for!)

I did not realize that, thank you. That means the order will actually be a little bit less then, that helps a lot, 29 for shipping is a lot better than 39!

I re-read my post and it sounded whinier than I meant, sorry. :P

@Mischief Mondragon that's true but they do early bird specials with free shipping each set.

Ultimately, I think this will cost me very slightly more than popular collections. That said, I'm SO happy to be buying direct again I'm willing to take a small hit to do it. You guys ship faster and I want the company to stick around. <3

Oh actually it seems to be better now.

That said, is 39 dollar really the best paizo can do on shipping? O.o Jesus. It actually would have been cheaper not to cancel my popular collections order, as they do free shipping over 100 dollar orders.

Thanks Liz!

The discount shows as 30% on the "hey go do a subscription" link, but seems like it's showing the old price in my cart, not the 280-ish it should be showing.

I'm guess it's still being worked on and will be fixed prior to reign of winter shipping?


lol "Those lots of questions" were me being pesky. Sorry for being annoying!

I'm putting in a preorder cancellation request with popular collections now.

I'd much rather buy through you guys, it just wasn't cost effective before.

Any chance we could get some confirmation on what the final case price is going to be with the promotional discount for subscribing?

Or just getting the subscription store entry updated, then we could just add to card and see :)

Would that be 399.99 x.7 = 279.99 +10 for case promo + shipping?

Or 511.68 price x.7 + 10 for a total of 368.18 plus shipping?

If the former I'll cancel my popular collection preorder right this instant, I'd much much rather buy from your guys directly.

If the latter that's sadly still not competitive.

Erik, to clarify, was that 30% of the 511 price, or the current case price of 399 if we do a subscription?

Could we get some confirmation on what the final price will be for case subscribers through paizo, ideally including shipping?)

I'd gone to popular collections as paizo's prices just weren't competitive, but they take longer and I'd much prefer to go through paizo as I like you guys more.

It's hard to pass up the 314ish price I've been getting with case incentive there, with free shipping though.

Lisa Stevens, (Stephens?) clarified in the product comments when I asked it was added to the kickstarter pledge minis :)

Wonderful, thanks Lisa!

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Is this part of the pack we get for the kickstarter, or does it need to be ordered as an extra paid addon?

I ordered some custom laser cut plastic 2mm thick discs on ebay from a seller.

As for other monsters, these all worked well for me at correct sizes: TF8&psc=1 TF8&psc=1 TF8&psc=1 TF8&psc=1 TF8&psc=1

The Brachiosaurus doesn't fit perfectly, but 3 out of 4 feet fit on the base, and he's stable. Beside, he's supposed to be super long.

The triceratops is just a bit too big, but he looks nice and he stick out at a height above the player minis, so it's not troublesome. It's not a big difference anyhow.

To clarify, the triceratops, ankylosaurus and stegosaurus are huge, not garb, but it seemed relevant to the matter at hand.

Erik specifically said they don't intend to make dinosaurs, so it's a safe one to make do with ourself since it's unlikely to get made later on.

Pigraven wrote:
Lorian wrote:
Glutton wrote:
Wait a minute, where the heck is my garg T-rex?!

Right here! TF8&psc=1

Do you happen to have this guy? I noticed he is 8+ inches long. As long as I can mount him (hehe) on a four inch base I'm good. Are his legs close enough together to where I can mount him? (*Sigh* I just can't win with my words tonight..)

Sure do. I have him planted on a 4 inch base and his feet are perfectly spaced.

He of course hangs over, but like many animals he's the long size of gargantuan rather than squat.

He's not a perfect match, but he's very very close.

Glutton wrote:
Wait a minute, where the heck is my garg T-rex?!

Right here! TF8&psc=1

The scale on this one is perfect for a Dire Croc, if anyone is after one. TF8&psc=1

I love this model, I just wish it's head was angled down. Who is he supposed to be looking at? Are they just really far away?

Or also flying?

Agreed on the miniature market thing, nothing but stellar in my dealings with them, which have been extensive.

I store all my minis on a huge five peace bookshelf personally.

I'm glad they're so rigid, I hated how bendy the DDM ones were.

So much so in fact, that I'm selling off my DDM stuff as pathfinder mini versions become available to replace them with.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'd like to see the size increase bases too, but if you do it please make sure they'll stay on when pick them up to move them if you do.

I had one break in my case, Dominion Invader peg broke at the base line. Easiest glue job possible!

Most of the faces were fine. Alain's was painted too thick, but it's in the right spots, good enough for me.

Imrijka, all three of her faces the green was far too light. It's like she's using white makeup over her green skin and it's not quite covering the green. It's pretty terrible, I'll need to repaint it.

I'm very satisfied on the whole though, thanks for the great minis!

I use crazy glue advanced. Liquid, not gel.

If you can't find that any old Super glue should work.

You should be able to find it in the automotive type area of most grocery stores (may need to ask an employee, sometimes they're with the school supplies or crafts instead. I've never tried to find super glue at a grocery store and failed though!). Or home Depot Lowes etc.

Maximum bond will work if they don't have the advanced, the only difference I've seen is drying time. DG

AVOID gorilla glue. It expands as it dries and will push the parts apart.

Which is the opposite of what we want. Not sure if that's all gorilla glue or a couple of the formulas, but best to avoid it.

Aleron, it seems like several of those would be fixable with a dab of super glue. I'd recommend that on some of them to avoid as much postage fees.

Agreed. Though that customer with 18 breaks, you know the mailing service kicked that one around the truck, they had to have.

They still shouldn't break that much, but sometimes a package just "has a bad time" and I have to think that's a factor on that one too.

Agreed, shocker lizards would make a great common!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm in agreement. I'll take as many animals, animal companions and summons as I can get.

Yay a centaur!

I'm glad I skipped that part of the reaper kickstarter now.

Have we decided to skip bow strings going forward?

Not a complaint if so, it's an easy way to avoid the orc Archer issues.

OK, the standard to activate made sense, I was mostly confused if it could be maintained since that's normally called out.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

The Foretell power of the Foresight school says:

Foretell (Su): At 8th level, you can utter a prediction of the immediate future. While your foretelling is in effect, you emit a 30-foot aura of fortune that aids your allies or hinders your enemies, as chosen by you at the time of prediction. If you choose to aid, you and your allies gain a +2 luck bonus on ability checks, attack rolls, caster level checks, saving throws, and skill checks. If you choose to hinder, your enemies take a –2 penalty on those rolls instead. You can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to your wizard level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

I'm assuming since it doesn't say otherwise it's a standard action to activate.

Is it just til end of round, or can I choose to keep it up and end it when I'm done with it?

The language on the number of rounds per day confuses me a bit.

I'm hoping it's standard to activate, can leave up, but didn't want to cheat :D


Thanks Erik! Have a good weekend!

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