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Loren Peterson's page

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Oh mi-go, Oh my oh!


Wake of the Watcher does a masterful job of continuing the Carrion Crown adventure path and retaining the themes presented throughout the previous adventures even as the theme transitions from the classic horror of Frankenstein, ghosts, and werewolves to the alien horror of the Dark Tapestry. Fans of Lovecraft, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and the D&D adventure The Last Breaths of Ashenport will enjoy this adventure to its fullest.

Wake of the Watcher takes a large step forward bringing the characters much closer to the Cult of The Whispering Way combining mystery, horror, and adventure all the way. However, the real shining star here is the bonus content. Wake of the watcher includes expanded rules on sanity that can be applied to many situations. The details presented on the beliefs and practices of the Cults of The Old Ones have planted the seeds for a new generation of antagonists, secret societies and mad prophets (be they PC or NPC) in future adventures. The bestiary is a true tome of horrors that provides many new monsters who desperately needed official stat blocks and is sure to tantalize any summoner, wizard, and cleric with an interest in the Dark Tapestry. My only regret is that we did not have access to it sooner.

All in all Wake of the Watcher is a fantastic adventure and addition to Carrion Crown. The blend of horror and adventure sets a mood that only a Lovecraft inspired adventure could manifest and provides an excellent array of new content that any DM can utilize making this product worth it to anyone who needs a new element of arcane horror to antagonize their characters whether they are utilizing the Carrion Crown adventure path or not.

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