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Spectral Dragon

Loremaster's page

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has someone a link explaining the "parry rules" mentioned here?

Please help me classify the following "drawback":

You only heal half the normal hitpoints from healing spells (including potions). Likewise Regeneration requires double the normale time (e.g. 2 minutes instead of 1).

Option a) Natural regeneration remains unchanged.
Option b) Natural regeneration takes double the normal time, but regenration is very good (no scars etc.).

Another very small issue with the Animal Companion now: For my 1st level Druid with a 2HD animal the Animal companion sheet "activates" 3 HD fields to enter data, one row too much.

Pathfinder SRD Acrobatics (Dex; Armor Check Penalty) Jumping and Falling sub section wrote:
Creatures with a base land speed above 30 feet receive a +4 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks made to jump for every 10 feet of their speed above 30 feet. Creatures with a base land speed below 30 feet receive a –4 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks made to jump for every 10 feet of their speed below 30 feet.

Is the penalty received because of the armor really the "base" land speed? I would suggest that the base speed, is just the speed that is given by the race alone. The armor penalites are just a "modifier" to the base speed, resulting in the total speed.

damn it, you're right concerning the -4 because of the hide armor. If i remember correctly (I dont have the sheet at hand) it does display a "-4 RACIAL bonus", that was it what made it somehow mysterious. Perhaps this should be corrected.

Another rather small thing:
- Animal Sheet: "Improved Natural Attack" seems to increase the dice by 2 steps (e.g. from 1d4 to 1d8 or from 1d6 to 2d6). I checked it with Bite and Clas.
- Page 1: Skill notes: My human druid displays a "-4 racial bonus on acrobatic jump checks"? where does this originate from?!

Small thing perhaphs:

- Item Tab->General Equipment->After choosing Item Type, the Item Dropdown doesn't display anything, hence you can't select the items.

- There is a trait (Sacred ...?!) that should add +1 to the DC of Clerics Channel power (damaging undead), this Bonus isn't added yet (or at least not displayed on Page 2 that lists the abilities).

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.


didn't find an answer within the search results: The bonus damage from point-blank-shot does apply to:
1. an Alchemists primary bomb damage?
2. to primary AND secondary SPLASH damage?
3. to none of them (because thrown splash weapons don't qualify for the damage bonus).


Tried it (the current 0.75 version xlsm) out today - very nice stuff!

Some bugs:
Animal companion:
- Tried to enter a bear (small) as animal companion:
- Hitpoints (2HD): should receive CON-Bonus per HitDie, currently gets only 1 time bonus (+1 instead of +2)
- The bear does not get its DEX-Bonus to AC (has AC 13, should get: 10+1(size)+2(Dex)+2 Natural Armor = AC 15)

Found no bugs with my Druid, only with the companion.

Belfur wrote:
Your paladin did explain to Auric, that he should stay out of the fight, so why did he charge the monster, anyway? Why did you decide so? Did you roll diplomacy or were the paladin's arguments really bad? So maybe it is then your fault as a DM that Auric is in the monster's belly (in the end your PCs wanted to do the right thing)

...that's the problem:

- It seemed that they all realized that Auric will be the final target of the prophecy (after Raknian shouted it out).
- The Paladin (and no other PC either) did NOT tell Auric to stay out of the fight. I gave 'em another round time to do this as Auric first commanded the Golems to attack the Ulgurstata and then readied himself for the charge. The Paladin did some buffing on himself. The Barbarian and Monk tried "heroically" to escape from the Arena as fast as possible. Only the Monk managed to escape, the BRB failed his climb check and later joined the fight.
Even as Auric had joined the fight and Loris explicity commanded the worm to attack Auric (*hinthint*) no one did anything to remove Auric from the combat. So this was their fault not my failure. I just dont know why the didn't say anything to Auric...the situation was clear enough.

40 HP/s are enough to survive a while, while 1D8 CON-Damage per round will kill Auric faster.

Did anyone of u "let the Wights out"? It might be some "fun" to play this (like Guerilla Fighting in Greyhawk), however it will remove us for quite a while from the actual campaign and is of course a lot of work to do and plan for me as GM.

ciao, Mike

In Short what happened:
- Party did't managed to remove the scroll but they slew Bozal. Loris hat to free the Apostle himself with the aid of a wand.
- Final Combat started.
- The Apostle managed to free itself in the 3rd Round of Combat, before Auric and the Golems reached the party (only the Partys Wizards had attacked each other by ranged combat)
- As the worm appeared it startet to snatch the golems, which were directly around it.
- The Paladin mananged to stop Auric from attacking and explained (in short) what happend. Khellek and the Golems allied with the party while Raknian was commanding the Apostle to snatch Auric and to not bother with the golems or the others.
- Auric, not really realizing what was happening then charged the Apostle, together with the Partys Paladin of Pelor. The Party Barbarian and Monk did not intervene and tried to escape the area climbing its wall up to the ranks of the spectactors.
- Khellek and the party wizard were attacking the creature with spells.
- No one did stop Auric from attacking (so all had registered that some kind of "prophecy" will become fulfilled if Auric will be killed).
- It happend what had to happen: Auric got swallowed before he could land a single blow (he had not really a chance to escape the grapple). Still having some hitpoints, Auric trie(s) to get free but only has a masterwork dagger and he rolled really bad. after the rounds in "the belly of the beast" he just managed to to 9 hp of damage. he already has taken 10 pts. / CO-Damage but still hat approx. 40 hp left.
- The Ulgurstata took some serious damage. The Paladin with "Bless Weapon" and Smite Evil landed two Critical Hits. One of the two remaining Golems did another Crit and Khellek fired three Scorching Rays. Even the Barbarian had meanwhile charged into melee. The Creature suffered almost 190 hps and is almost dead.
- The Sorcerer failed to harm the creature, so decided (successfully) to capture Loris in a Otilukes Resilient Sphere.

This are going to get a litte confused:

Should I:

a) Be Kind. Let Auric survive and escape. Let the group slay the beast and capturing Loris. All will end fine...

b) Be not so kind. Let Auric die but slay the beast (what will happen then, is the prophecy still fulfilled...will Auric reappear as a spawn if the beast is slain before the transformations finished?)

c) What about Loris in the Sphere? I think this was quite a good idea...

The failure of the Rescue has great impact on the campaign i think. about 18000 wights running around in greyhawk will make the next few sessions turn off the adventure path, while the group has to "hack themselves" through the city. On the other hand, they let Auric charge into his doom, knowing (or at least fearing) what will happen.

Thanks a lot in advance! I' am eager to hear your thoughts about the situation.

Sorry for my bad english :( i am not a native speaker or somethin similar...

...komme ebenfalls aus Deutschland/Hessen, leite aktuell eine AoW-Kampagne (Teil 2 gestern fast beendet, leider mit einem tödlichen Verlust).

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