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Lorelendral Teklet's page

1,524 posts. Pathfinder Society character for JAF0.

Full Name

Lorelendral Teklet


gnome cleric(theologian)/8; exalted/2


skills: Acro 7, Bluff 2, Diplomacy 12, Escape Artist 3, Heal 8, Know religion 12, Know planes 5 know nobility 5 Perception 20 (22), Profession (chef) 11, Sense Motive 4, Spellcraft 6, Stealth 3, surv 4


HP 92/92 AC (20 T 13 FF 17); bab 7, (scimitar) +7/+12, 1d4 (lt xbow) +10,1d6+0 F +12 R +6 W +12 INIT +3 Perc +20 (22) CMB +7 CMD 19, clw 27


S short, 34 lbs



Special Abilities

see descriptive text






gnome, common, sylvan



Homepage URL

PFS #52335-1

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 14

About Lorelendral Teklet

special abilities:

aura of good
channel energy 7d6* 7x/day - 7/7; *phylactery adds +2d6 dc save for dmg to undead is 10+1/2 lvl+cha bonus (currently 16)
Fire domain: fire bolt 6x/day 1d6+6, range 40 - 6/6;
Fire Resistance (Ex): At 6th level, you gain resist fire 10. This resistance increases to 20 at 12th level. At 20th level, you gain immunity to fire.
theologian abil:can prepare domain spells in non-domain slots.
low light vision
+2 racial bonus on perception checks
SLA1x/day can cast dancing lights, flare, prestidigitation, produce flame (can cast an additional 1x/day any one of these spells (trait bonus));

pyromaniac: +1 CL when casting fire spells;
eternal hope +2 vs fear, 1x/day reroll any 1 on a d20;
use domain powers as if 2 lvls higher than her actual lvl.
Domain Secret (Ex) At 5th level, the theologian chooses one domain spell. That spell becomes permanently modified with one of the following metamagic feats: Bouncing Spell, Disruptive Spell, Ectoplasmic Spell, Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Focused Spell, Intensified Spell, Silent Spell, Still Spell. This metamagic feat does not increase the level of the spell. Once chosen, this modification cannot be changed. The domain specialist need not have the metamagic feat to apply it to a spell using this ability. At every 5 levels after 5th, the domain specialist may choose an additional domain spell to modify in this way. She cannot modify the same spell more than once.
at lvl 5 - Fireball, disruptive, conc dc 17 plus lvl of spell being disrupted.

exalted class features:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency An exalted gains weapon proficiency with her chosen deity's favored weapon. - scimitar

Spells per Day/Spells Known At the indicated levels, an exalted gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in a spellcasting class to which she belonged before taking the prestige class. She does not, however, gain other benefits a character of that class would have gained, except for additional spells per day, spells known (if she is a spontaneous spellcaster), and an increased effective level of spellcasting. If the character had more than one divine spellcasting class before becoming an exalted, she must decide to which class she adds the new level for the purposes of determining spells per day.

Divine Brand (Su) At 1st level, a mark appears somewhere on the exalted's body. The mark's location varies by individual and by faith, but the mark clearly represents the exalted's chosen deity. The divine brand generally appears in a location easy to display, such as on the hand, forearm, chest, or face. An uncovered divine brand functions as a silver holy (or unholy) symbol. If the divine brand is forcibly removed from an unwilling exalted, it reappears on her body 24 hours later. (symbol - angelic ankh)

Obedience (Ex) In order to maintain the abilities granted by this prestige class (including all spellcasting abilities that have been augmented by this prestige class), an exalted must perform a daily obedience to the deity she worships.

Scholar (Ex) The exalted come from many backgrounds and study different aspects of their chosen faiths. At 1st level, an exalted may select one additional Knowledge skill to add to her list of class skills. -

Vitality (Su) Divine energy suffuses the body of the exalted, making her more resilient. At 2nd level, the exalted gains a +2 sacred or profane bonus on Fortitude saves and on Constitution checks to stabilize.


selective channeling Benefit: When you channel energy, you can choose a number of targets in the area up to your Charisma modifier. These targets are not affected by your channeled energy.

extra channeling Benefit: You can channel energy two additional times per day.

skill focus:know religion +3 to requisite skill

Deific Obedience Your reverence for a deity is so great that daily prayer and minor sacrifices grant you special boons. Prerequisite(s): Knowledge (religion) 3 ranks, must worship a deity.

Benefit(s): Each deity requires a different daily obedience, but all obediences take no more than 1 hour per day to perform. Once you've performed the obedience, you gain the benefit of a special ability or resistance as indicated in the "Obedience" entry for the god to whom you performed the obedience.

If you have at least 12 Hit Dice, you also gain the first boon granted by your deity upon undertaking your obedience. If you have at least 16 Hit Dice, you also gain the deity's second boon. If you have 20 Hit Dice or more, you also gain the deity's third boon. Unless a specific duration or number of uses per day is listed, a boon's effects are constant.

Certain prestige classes gain access to these boons at lower levels as a benefit of their prestige class. If you have no levels in one of these prestige classes, you gain the boons marked as exalted boons. If you later take levels in sentinel or evangelist, you lose access to the exalted boons and gain access to the new boons appropriate to your class. If you ever fail to perform a daily obedience, you lose all access to the benefits and boons granted by this feat until you next perform the obedience.

alignment channeling, EVIL Choose chaos, evil, good, or law. You can channel divine energy to affect outsiders that possess this subtype.
Benefit: Instead of its normal effect, you can choose to have your ability to channel energy heal or harm outsiders of the chosen alignment subtype. You must make this choice each time you channel energy. If you choose to heal or harm creatures of the chosen alignment subtype, your channel energy has no effect on other creatures. The amount of damage healed or dealt and the DC to halve the damage is otherwise unchanged.

deific obedience to Sarenrae:

The Dawnflower values the redemptive powers of compassion and patience, and extends them to all who might be capable of good. Offer to heal a stranger of his wounds, either by using the powers granted to you by Sarenrae or with a potion, scroll, or other item you possess. Tell the stranger it is by the will of Sarenrae that you share your healing gifts. You may also use your Heal skill to perform this act of healing service. If you can’t find a stranger who will accept your offer, stand beneath the open sky during the daylight hours. Blindfold yourself with a red-and-gold scarf and try to locate the sun in the sky through the layers of fabric. Gain a +2 sacred bonus on Perception checks.

BOONS for an Exalted:
(Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 132)
1: Brightness (Sp) dancing lantern APG 3/day, continual flame 2/day, or daylight 1/day
2: Healing Sunburst (Su) You can transmute the sun’s burning rays into brilliant, healing fire. You can add your exalted levels to any cleric levels you have to calculate the power of your channel energy ability. In addition, you can spend three of your daily uses of your channel energy ability to channel an especially powerful burst of healing that manifests as a bright burst of sunlight around you. Anyone healed by your channeled energy sunburst who is currently suffering from poison or a nonmagical disease can immediately attempt a new saving throw with a +2 sacred bonus to end the poison or disease effect.
3: Angelic Ally (Sp) Once per day as a standard action, you can summon a movanic deva (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 28) to aid you. You gain telepathy with the movanic deva to a range of 100 feet. The deva follows your commands perfectly for 1 minute for every Hit Die you possess before vanishing back to its home. The deva doesn’t follow commands that would cause it to violate its alignment by committing evil acts, and it could even attack you if the command is particularly egregious.


Observant Choose Perception or Sense Motive. You gain a +1 trait bonus on all related checks, and the chosen skill is always a class skill for you. (Perception)
Naturally Gifted Benefit: Wherever the truth lies, you gain an additional use of one of your gnome magic spell-like abilities each day. This does not always have to be the same spell-like ability—one day you might use dancing lights twice, only to use the additional casting for speak with animals the next day.


two scrolls of cure serious wounds
a scroll of dispel magic (CL 9)
sandals of quick reaction (full round of actions in surprise round)
+2 mithral chain shirt
handy haversack
light wooden shield
light mace
light xbow
10 bolts
traveler's outfit
5 days rations
50' silk rope
belt pouch
artist's charcoal
wooden holy symbol
cold weather gear
belt of incredible dexterity +1
wand of CLW 39 chgs
cloak of prot +1
necklace of fireballs, 2x2d6 spheres
incense of meditation
potion of fly
potion of invis
greater talisman of freedom - These talismans are inscribed with the names of spirits and other figures associated with freedom and liberation. The first time that the wearer becomes grappled, entangled, or paralyzed, he is automatically affected by freedom of movement for 3 rounds. Usable 1/day.
wand water breathimg 2 chgs
scroll of greater dispel magic cl 11?
wand of scorching ray (15 charges left)
phylactery of positive channeling
Eastern Star Ioun stone User understands spoken and written languages as comprehend languages.
pot of lesser restoration x2 (one drunk for con in Wonders in the Weave 10/6/16)
for cooking: techniques, spices, and ingredients gifted from Thakur Kharswan and Lord Raheem (from Ebon Destroyers module)


0(4): (dc 14) light, stabilize, guidance, create water
1 (5+1): (dc 15) sanctuary (), prot vs evil (), burning hands (), shield of faith (), summon monster I () burning hands ()
2 (5+1): (dc 16) burst of radiance (), produce flame (), silence (), admonishing ray admonishing ray (x)
3 (4+1): (dc 17) fireball (x), invisibility purgeb (x), fireball (x), searing light () fireball ()
4 4+1): (dc 18) blessing of fervor (), blessing of fervor (), holy smite (), dimensional anchor () wall of fire ()
5 2+1): (dc 19) fire shield, flame strike, breath of life

mythic Lore:

Lore's Mythic Abilities for Destiny of the Sands part 3:
+2 to any one stat (wisdom)
2 mythic feats (see below)
Hard to Kill - autostabilize, die at -2xcon
Mythic Points 9/day
Surge +1d6 to a d20 roll for a MP
+3 init, extra std action for a MP
Recuperation 8 hrs rest=full hp;1 hr rest= +1/2 ttl hp and restores spells, channels and other non-mythic abilities

Divine Surge: Inspired Spell - +2 cl to

Exceptional Deeds:

Absorb Blow - immediate action, 1 use of MP to reduce dmg from a single source to 15 points (to a min of 0), for every 10 points of dmg reduced, you gain dr1/epic and 4 pts resist acid, cold, elec, fire and sonic. These resistances stack with other dr and resistances.

Legendary Magic - As a swift action, expend one use of MP to cast any one spell without expending a prepared spell... must be on class spell list and must be of a level I can cast. Doesn't need to be prepared. +2 cl when casting this spell.

Path Abilities:
Relentless Healing - can bring back the dead if within one round
Contingent Channel Energy - set a contingency for a channel heal that could include if I die or go unconscious
Display of Charisma - use a MP to give +20 to a cha based roll

Mythic Feats:
Mythic Selective Channel
Mythic Alignment Channel

Lore, as she is called by all who know her, is bubbly, talkative and curious. She likes everyone unless they prove themselves evil or hostile to her or her friends and loves meeting new people.

Her purple hair and deep violet eyes are quite distinctive among her colleagues at the Lodge. While gnomes are not uncommon there, she stands out even among others of her stature, with her quick tongue and engaging smile.

Lore loves to travel and see new places, meet new people and spread the light of Sarenrae wherever she can.

Lore’s backstory:
Lorelendral Teklet was born in Korvosa in Varisia, the daughter of Gimelon and Maricel Teklet. Her father was an established merchant, running a small but successful mercantile business, bartering in a variety of goods, some more clandestine than others. Her one sister, Fionnbharanel, was 4 years older than she was and they were inseparable as children.
The overly lawful city of Korvosa was really no place for a black marketeer however and when Lore was ten years old, her parents closed down their business with the intention of moving to Magnimar. They organized a caravan and moved out of Korvosa with all their worldly goods and their two daughters. The caravan was well guarded but was attacked en route nonetheless. While the caravan survived the attack, there were a few casualties. Among the fallen were Gimelon and Maricel. Fionn and Lore were left orphaned.
While the two small gnome girls stayed with the caravan until it arrived in Magnimar, the caravan master was at a loss as to what to do with them then. Maricel’s aunt, a resident of Sandpoint agreed to take Lore in and raise her, but couldn’t afford to take both children. Fionn, her sister ended up fostered by a human woman named Haleen in Magnimar.
Lore was devastated by the loss of both her parents and her bond with her sister. Still, she flourished under the tutelage of her great aunt, Theodrina. Her aunt was a candle-maker and she learned how to keep books and run a small shop. She also learned to love and respect flames and fire. When Lore was becoming a young adult, Theodrina died suddenly and Lore was again left orphaned. She closed up the shop, and used the money her aunt had left to Magnimar, where her love of flames led her to the church of Sarenrae.
She started studying the religion, and while she had little aptitude for study itself, she did have a great affinity for fire. As she approached adulthood, her studies in the properties of flame and fire were intensified and finally, on a cool, autumn day, she was finally consecrated as a fledgling priestess of Sarenrae.
She left the temple confines, convinced that it was time to seek out her sister. She went to Magnimar to seek her sister, but found out that Haleen had moved with several fostered children to an unknown destination. Lore was devastated and sought for any clues she could find as to where Haleen might have moved to.
She began to travel and three years later, found herself in Absalom, where her affinity for fire and her devotion to Sarenrae brought her to the attention of another cleric of the faith. Her new friend recommended she join the Society, in the hopes its resources might help her find Haleen and her sister Fionn. She agreed and applied to join the Pathfinder Society.
She languished in Absalom for almost a month before receiving her first mission for the Society. Having just completed that mission, she is spending what spare time she has searching for any information on Haleen and her fosterchildren.

destiny of the sands campaign notes:

'Frostfur Captives' campaign notes:

Grimdoc and Lore:

Before leaving Valsin's office he descretly hands you a sealed letter. Without so much as a wink, he ushers you from his office.
The confidence of the Ten be upon you, I’m writing to you privately, aside from the mission briefing, because I require someone dependable on this expedition. If the remnants of the original Shadow Lodge have retreated to Whitethrone, we’ll have difficulty getting to them. I can only imagine the sorts of allies they’re making in that damned city. We need to learn what these goblins know, but not at the risk of making the jadwiga Elvanna aware of our actions and interests. To that end, make sure nothing goes wrong. Don’t allow a single goblin to escape alive, don’t let any border guards live to see the group, and don’t allow an ‘incident’ to happen in Harvest’s End. This operation needsto be smooth, quiet, and efficient.
- Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin

“I need you to book passage to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and cross over into Irrisen. You’re to head north and rendezvous with another team who have captured some ...” Valsin pauses for a heartbeat before continuing. “...persons of interest. We have reason to believe that these individuals have information on the Shadow Lodge cells that are refusing to reconcile with the Society under Grandmaster Torch’s leadership.” Valsin’s expression becomes particularly grim at that point. “If these rogue cells are outright refusing amnesty, then they represent a clear threat to all of us. I need you to take charge of these captives and get them out of Irrisen safely and quietly. Once you’re clear of Irrisen, a larger extraction team will take custody of them and bring them in for questioning. Of course, we will cover the expense of your travel in full, and provide maps to lead you to the meeting point in Irrisen. Because of the nature of the mission and Irrisen itself, you’ll be meeting the other team in the field, away from what passes for civilization up there. The team you’ll be getting the prisoners from will show you the best route out of Irrisen, and the castellan of Trollheim has agreed to grant you passage through his lands. You are responsible for avoiding unexpected trouble between the handoff and Trollheim.”

Valsin gestures for the team to depart, but pauses, staring at his fireplace for a moment before adding, “Wait. You need to know this. Your prisoners will be goblins. The Shadow Lodge separatists made extensive use of the sadistic creatures as soldiers and servants, and as much as you may want to throttle them, please remember that we need them alive.”

'In Service to Lore' campaign notes:

Ambrus Valsin shown HERE steps into the floorspace in front of you all, as you all assemble.
I have a number of small assignments for you and your team, and it would be best if you could finish them before the day’s end.
“Your first mission, to test your mettle and loyalties, sends
you to meet a few people important to the Society living here
in Absalom. These are other venture-captains or close allies of
our organization, so follow their orders as you would mine. I’ve
prepared a list of things I or they want you to do. They’re not arranged
in any particular order of importance, but I want them all
completed as quickly as possible. Only report to me once you
complete them all. Included in the envelope you hold in your
hands is the list, complete with the name of your contact, and
directions to the meeting location.”

from Ollysta Zadrian:
"I desperately need you to bring medicine to an orphanage and let me know if the headmistress, Gilga Baltwin, is deserving of our charity.
Since our quest began, the needy have clamored for our aid,
and I suspect some are abusing our generosity. It may sound
cruel, but there are plenty of dishonest people out in the world
eager for easy gold.

“Do you know of the Silver Crusade? After discovering so
many factions splintered the Society, a number of us banded
together to proliferate the cause of charity and kindness using
the Society’s resources. As it is said, ‘The Dawn brings new
light’ and I’ve made it my life’s work to use our recent darkness
to bring a new light to the world and to the Pathfinder Society.

I apologize for straying off point. Will you bring this parcel
of medicine to Auntie Baltwin’s Home for Recovery in the
Eastgate district?"

re: the books
“Well met. I am Guaril Karela. A friend of mine has a
warehouse near here and he received a parcel on behalf of
me and some of my associates, but there’s a problem. See,
Master Gelbane had to leave town in a hurry and
our shipment is still waiting at his warehouse.
Rumor is he ended up in trouble with the law
and the place was seized. I heard tell from
someone down at the docks that some creep
was snooping around his warehouse just the
other night, so I want to make sure nothing
of mine was taken. He keeps all kinds of things,
from beer to nails, in that old pelican, but every
now and then he stores something really special.
This is one of those cases.

“There’s a big crate marked with three
crows arranged in a triangle. Inside that
crate is a smaller container with a few
books and papers in it. That’s the only parcel
I’m interested in, and as far as I’m concerned,
you can help yourself to the rest of the crate.
Honestly, anything else you want in the place
too. I’m sure the once things get sorted out, the city will
seize most everything else anyway.
“My associates and I often work with the Pathfinders when
it comes to special relics and documents, getting them in
and out of ports and across borders where the authorities
ask too many questions. Most people don’t realize what they
have and frankly many don’t deserve to have it, so sometimes
we help take the goods off their hands. If things work out well
and you get this done, I’d be glad to talk with you more and
help you out with any future endeavors, as long as you help
me out too. I’m good at returning favors, trust me.”

Vision of Betrayal notes:

In the heart of the Pathfinder Society’s headquarters at Skyreach, Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng, a wiry old man with a wild gray beard and glinting eyes, sits on a large plush bench next to a finely dressed, full-figured woman who looks as though this entire meeting isn’t worth her time. Dreng warmly greets you and introduces the woman, Lady Gloriana Morilla; the Taldan woman tilts her head slightly in acknowledgement of the introduction, but otherwise makes no move to greet anyone. Oblivious to any social slight on the lady’s part, Dreng begins speaking.

“Recently, a contact from the Low Azlanti embassy in Escadar approached us with an offer. It seems they have discovered a unique relic of Azlanti origin on the Inner Sea’s floor that we have a unique opportunity to add to our collection for study. In return, however, we must deliver one of our catalogued items to Escadar in exchange. The Low Azlanti drive a hard bargain, so we need you to escort a relics broker to Escadar so he can authenticate the Azlanti item and mediate a fair deal on the Ten’s behalf."

Lady Morilla stirs from her silence and speaks in a strong, demanding voice. “I have used some of the Empire of Taldor's most skilled operatives to plant a false crew manifest and course plans with the harbormaster, ensuring that the Aspis Consortium spies who certainly keep an eye on such matters believe we are moving our relic to Escadar on a ship tomorrow morning. This decoy should occupy the Consortium sufficiently for you to travel overland to Escadar with plenty of time to make the final agreement with the gillmen before the Society's window of opportunity runs out.”

At the mention of a map Lady Morilla's face turns into a twisted grimace. "I believe a fellow named Torch has an old smuggler's map for you. Nasty need to dress your best when meeting with him. Although that is apparently not an issue for you."

"Once you're done here you'll be heading to The Siphons, you'll find Torch down in the sewers with all the other rats."

Seeing the bewildered look on the gnome's face she clarifies that, while much of their journey will be on foot, they will need to be ferried Escadar upon reaching Piers' End. Waiting a few seconds longer than necessary for politeness, Dreng begins speaking again.

"The gentleman who will be traveling with you is a fellow by the name of Nestor Rees. Master Rees is an appraiser and relic broker and friend of the Pathfinder Society; he is a middle-aged man of Garundi descent who has worked with us for some time now. While he tried going on field missions as a Pathfinder in his youth, his weak constitution limits his ability to travel. He has a very sharp mind, however, and the ability to identify genuine Azlanti relics.”

Rise of the Goblin Guild notes:

in magnimar

to complete faction mission, Lore bought paper, ink, pens and artist's charcoal - need to spend the cash on her chronicle sheet for this mod.

Thornkeep campaign notes:

Your boat leaves at sunrise, sailing into the Steaming Sea towards Conquerors's Bay. Once in Korvosa, you leave the open seas and start sailing down navigable rivers through The Bloodsworn Vale. From there your journey takes a turn on foot, hiking through the mountain pass and into Skelt. From there you are able to hire a boat to Caliphas, the capital of Ustalav. The River Kingdoms now so close, you are able to hire a smaller boat to row you up the West Sellen River and into the Echo Wood, home of Thornkeep. All in all, this journey went smoothly.

During your travels, you had time to study the maps given to you by Heidmarch. They don't show much. The town of Thornkeep is small and like other River Kingdom areas, is mostly lawless. You are able to get to the Thirsty Ogre, the tavern in town. Rooms are paid for with money from the Venture Captain.

Ellis is able to study during the trip, finding some useful information in the libraries of Caliphas: Long ago, the evil Nhur Athemon—a powerful wizard and devotee of the demon lord Abraxas—f led Azlant with his household and slaves, making the distant Echo Wood his home in exile. He raised a tower atop the very hill where Thornkeep now stands. Ever fearful of discovery by his enemies in Azlant, the wizard-lord raised webs of illusion and magical wards to conceal his presence. Ultimately, however, Athemon’s efforts were to no avail—in time, his enemies succeeded in divining his location. Azlanti wizards and soldiers broke into the hidden stronghold and destroyed Athemon and his followers, leaving little trace of the outcast’s stronghold aboveground. However, the soldiers missed the workrooms and conjuring chambers under his palace.

Glass River Rescue campaign notes:

Fellow pathfinders: Ruprecht, Grimdoc, Eadie, Tomoe, Eredax

Rescue 3 dwarven envoys from Razmiri priests who hold them captive, then escort them to Mendev. Metella Raugar and Amauhak, dwarves, will accompany us and replace the envoys if we are unable to rescue them. Start investigation and rescue at the Grey Revelations Inn.

Destiny of the Sands PFS 5-12 Notes:

Amenopheus pulls out an old weathered stone. Before Lore and Eadie can make comments and ask questions he puts his finger to his lips and then strikes the stone on the desk. As the stone fractures, it breaks into two crystalline geode halves. He hands the stone towards the lades,
If you find one of the jewels of my order or the person known as the Diamond Sage, I ask that you contact me. Concentrate on the stone and speak a message of a few dozen words. I will hear you and respond with further instructions. It will only work once, so keep it safe.
Found Grandmaster Torch and ran some errands for him.

Destiny of the Sands: A Bitter Bargain scenario end notes:

Someone, likely Eadie or Lore, are wise enough to use the sending stone to contact Amenopheus.
He arrives on the scene about an hour later. He laments that this is indeed the sage jewel and that is indeed broken. After talking with Fleetwood and Lore he realizes that there is still some magic left in the shards. It may contain several of the Ruby Sage's memories.

Amenopheus uses his magic to contact the spirit of the Ruby Sage, who briefly animates her nearby corpse (one of the three dead around the table) and restores it to how she must have appeared in life. She thanks you all for putting her colleague’s spirit to rest and can explain the events that led to her death—the same events that led to her sage jewel’s near-destruction.

Through the gem, she has maintained a limited degree of awareness, and she also related that until only day before, the topaz and emerald jewels sat on this table alongside her. When the thief handled one of her shards, she was able to read his thoughts before he discarded the fragment and fled. She identifies the thief as a man named Kafar, who had intentions of delivering the jewels to the Diamond Sage in a region known as the Pillars of the Sun. It is there that the Jeweled Sages’ built their sanctum, but it strikes both her and Amenopheus as odd that the Diamond Sage would collect the gems there instead of finding new candidates to become sages elsewhere in Osirion. Amenopheus voices his concern that the Diamond Sage’s actions are not typical for the order, and he is dismayed that the jewels may be in the hands of known enemies of the Pathfinder Society.

Sharing her fellow sage’s concern, the Ruby Sage offers her power—mythic power—to the Pathfinders if they are willing to chase down the thief Kafar, reclaim the stolen jewels, and find the Diamond Sage to learn what she intends. With that said, her corpse slumps and returns to its desiccated form.

Scenario End... part three to follow

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