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Vhalhisstre Vexidyre

Lorelei's page

570 posts. Alias of Joy.

Full Name





Sorceress / 1



HP: 2/6 AC: 13 (17 with Mage Armor) Flat-Footed: 10 Touch: 13 / Init: +3 BAB: +0 /Ranged: +3/ Melee: +0 / CMB: +3 CMD: +13




Chaotic Evil


Our Lady in Shadow, Nocticula


Elven, Undercommon, Common

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Pic of Lorelei

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 11
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Lorelei


HP: 6/6
AC: 13
Flat-Footed: 10
Touch: 13

Init: +3
BAB: +0
Ranged: +3
Melee: +0

CMB: +3
CMD: +13

Crossbow, hand / dmg 1d4 / crit 19–20/×2 /range 30 ft. / type P
Dagger / dmg 1d4 / crit 19–20/×2 / range 10 ft. / type P or S
Sword, short / 1d6 / crit19–20/×2 / type P

Saving Throws
Fortitude (0)
Reflex (0)
Will (2)


Bluff +7 [1rank+3inclass+3cha]
Spellcraft +5 [1rank+3inclass+1int]
Knowledge (Arcane) +5 [1rank+3inclass+1int]
Perform (combat) +4 [1rank+3cha]


Auctoratus: Unlike most gladiators, who are slaves captured from the surface word (or bred from such captives), you’re an ex-citizen (or city ‘guest’ from a respected race) who’s voluntarily submitted themselves to indentured servitude (for a period of at least two years) as a gladiator. For some this a last resort to pay off debts or stave off poverty, for others it’s an escape from social commitments (such as an arranged marriage, or an expectation to follow in the family business); for a few the lure of a life of combat and glory is motivation enough. Choose drow, duergar or fetchling as your race.

Peregrinus: Presented as the embodiment of your race (as skewed by the perceptions and expectations of the locals) as a means to bring the excitement of foreign battles and adventures to the citizenry, you’re made to fight with your ‘native’ weaponry (and your gladiator armour is usually designed to echo a stereotypical image of your people as well – such as leaf patterns for a ‘surface’ elf, a dwarf’s armour painted to look like stone, or a half-orc’s armour made to look ragged and brutish and covered in skulls and bones). Choose a weapon mentioned in your race’s weapon familiarity listing as your primary weapon and fighting style. If the weapon is one-handed, you can optionally fight with a light shield or buckler as well; if it is light, you can optionally fight with a heavy shield or tower shield as well, or fight with paired versions of the weapon in question.


Weapon Finesse


Acid Splash
Dancing Lights

1st Level
Mage Armor


You have in your veins the ever-changing wildness of primal chaos, the raw essence of unbound creation. Your mind and spirit burst with the constant inspiration of consummate freedom, though you have difficulty following through on a task when another, new and exciting, catches your interest.

Class Skill: Knowledge (planes).

Bonus Spells: entropic shield (3rd), blur (5th), gaseous form (7th), confusion (9th), major creation (11th), disintegrate (13th), greater polymorph (15th), polymorph any object (17th), shapechange (19th).

Bonus Feats: Agile Maneuvers, Defensive Combat Training, Enlarge Spell, Great Fortitude, Improved Great Fortitude, Skill Focus (Craft [any]), Spell Focus, Toughness.

Bloodline Arcana: Your magic of creation and changing is hard to unravel. The DC to dispel transmutation or conjuration (creation) spells that you cast is increased by +4.

Bloodline Powers: Your ancestral immersion in primordial chaos begets your curiously warped magical talents.

Protoplasm (Sp): At 1st level, you can create a ball of entropic protoplasm and hurl it at targets within 30 feet. This protoplasm acts as a tanglefoot bag that also inflicts 1 point of acid damage per round to a creature entangled by it. The protoplasm dissolves within 1d3 rounds. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

Protean Resistances (Ex): At 3rd level, you gain resist acid 5 and a +2 bonus on saving throws against polymorph, petrification, and transmutation spells or effects. At 9th level, you gain resist acid 10 and your save bonus increases to +4.

Reality Wrinkle (Sp): At 9th level, you can surround yourself with a mobile, 10-foot-radius emanation of mutable reality. This rippling distortion is similar to solid fog but does not provide concealment or block line of sight. Your movement is not slowed by this aura. Attacks from outside the aura suffer a 20% miss chance against targets inside the aura. You may use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to your sorcerer level, though this duration need not be continuous.

Spatial Tear (Sp): At 15th level, once per day, you can unravel the fibers of reality and ride along them as they snap back into place. This power functions as dimension door, while also creating a mass of black tentacles centered on your former location. Both of these effects use your sorcerer level as the caster level. At 20th level, you can use this ability twice per day.

Avatar of Chaos (Ex): At 20th level, you are infused with the essence of raw chaos. You gain immunity to acid, petrification, and polymorph effects (except when cast on self), as well as a +2 bonus to save DCs and on checks to overcome spell penetration against creatures with the lawful subtype.







Height: 5'4"
Weight: 98 lbs
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Silver Blond


After her house was crushed in an unsuccessful coupe against another house, Lorelei changed her name and fled. Unsure where to go and what to do, she decided to sign a contract to become a gladiator. After all, her life couldn't be in any more danger than it was already and she could make a new name and a new life for herself.

Drow Racial Traits:

Drow Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, –2 Constitution: Drow are nimble and manipulative.

Elf: Drow are humanoids with the elf subtype.

Medium: Drow are Medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Normal Speed: Drow have a base speed of 30 feet.

Darkvision: Drow can see in the dark up to 120 feet.

Drow Immunities: Drow are immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against enchantment spells and effects.

Keen Senses: Drow gain a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Poison Use: Drow are skilled in the use of poison and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves.

Spell Resistance: Drow possess spell resistance equal to 6 plus their class levels.

Spell-Like Abilities: A drow can cast dancing lights, darkness, and faerie fire, once each per day, using her total character level as her caster level.

Light Blindness: Abrupt exposure to bright light blinds drow for 1 round; on subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area.

Weapon Familiarity: Drow are proficient with the hand crossbow, rapier, and short sword.

Languages: Drow begin play speaking Elven and Undercommon. Drow with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Common, Draconic, Drow Sign Language, Gnome, or Goblin.

Note on Tanglefoot Bag for the Protean ability:

Tanglefoot Bag: A tanglefoot bag is a small sack filled with tar, resin, and other sticky substances. When you throw a tanglefoot bag at a creature (as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet), the bag comes apart and goo bursts out, entangling the target and then becoming tough and resilient upon exposure to air. An entangled creature takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls and a –4 penalty to Dexterity and must make a DC 15 Reflex save or be glued to the floor, unable to move. Even on a successful save, it can move only at half speed. Huge or larger creatures are unaffected by a tanglefoot bag. A flying creature is not stuck to the floor, but it must make a DC 15 Reflex save or be unable to fly (assuming it uses its wings to fly) and fall to the ground. A tanglefoot bag does not function underwater.

A creature that is glued to the floor (or unable to fly) can break free by making a DC 17 Strength check or by dealing 15 points of damage to the goo with a slashing weapon. A creature trying to scrape goo off itself, or another creature assisting, does not need to make an attack roll; hitting the goo is automatic, after which the creature that hit makes a damage roll to see how much of the goo was scraped off. Once free, the creature can move (including flying) at half speed. If the entangled creature attempts to cast a spell, it must make concentration check with a DC of 15 + the spell's level or be unable to cast the spell. The goo becomes brittle and fragile after 2d4 rounds, cracking apart and losing its effectiveness. An application of universal solvent to a stuck creature dissolves the alchemical goo immediately.

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