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Lord Twitchiopolis's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 473 posts (504 including aliases). 10 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 21 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Ulfen Woman With A Big Ol Axe


What more could you want? I seriously love this figure. The pose, the colors, the sculpt, it all just feels 'right.'

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Ok, I know it's cold in here and all but....

**( )( )( )

Just opened some Reign of Winter pacs and boy was I surprised when I pulled the Maftet.
While the rest of the sculpt is fairly decent though relatively unremarkable, the chest area is...pronounced.
I suppose the only decent way I can put it is that she is obviously very cold.
Now, I realize that Pathfinder is not necessarily aimed at a younger audience, and I personally have no aversion to such topics, but it seems a bit excessive for the set.

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Hit or Miss

***( )( )

Depending on what you are playing, this book is either a five star or two star book.

In an organized play environment such as Pathfinder Society or in a campaign with little crafting time, this book is fairly underwhelming. many items are prohibitively high costing for low level characters and just not powerful enough for high level ones. There are a few gems here and there, but just not enough to warrant buying the book for most players.

That said, in a campaign that offers time for crafting this book is solid, especially for Alchemists (no surprise there). Players who enjoy crafting, especially the little nuances, will greatly enjoy this book. There is enough information available to play a game within a game as you track alchemical reagents, time spent crafting to the minute of the day, and even tools available. The book also offers different backgrounds of alchemy, from Katapeshi Drug alchemy to Varisian Fireworks to Daggermark Poisons. To that end, it could be called Inner Sea Alchemy in all honesty.

In the end, the book gets 3 stars from me. It's invaluable for that niche of people who will use it, but the average player won't need it.

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Good Sculpt, Terrible Paint

**( )( )( )

I have a friend who REALLY liked Sandara Quinn, so imagine my luck when I pulled two of her! As it turns out, not very.

The sculpt of the figure is a really cool one, pulled strait from her bio entry in the Wormwood Mutiny. The mini even has a translucent plastic "spell" in her right hand, as per the image. This is sadly where the figure's strengths end.

The paint job on not one, but BOTH of the Sandara minis I had were abysmal. The eye (only one is visible) on each was off center and cartoonishly big. The hair looks hastily done, and the skin on her arms and face are splotchy. I know that this is a pre-paint and that production values vary, but the quality is well below what Paizo and Whizkids has shown in the past.

Unfortunately, the shoddy workmanship in the paint eclipses the awesomeness of the sculpt. Two Stars.

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Fondle-Troll Returns...

**( )( )( )

A nice figure, but the sculpt is too small, recollecting the troll from th first Pathfinder Battles installment. He couls stand to be a bit bigger, so that he at least matches up to the Ogre mini.

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