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Really disappointing

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The quality of hardcover releases continues its downward spiral...This one, full of reprints and useless options, takes a subject matter (wilderness!) ripe with opportunity and strikes out.

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Just seems like class bloat - a couple interesting new class mechanics but, overall, this book is a snoozer. Be warned - many generic, uninspired components inside.

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BAD *SS book


Here is why I like it. The system is so flexible that a GM can attach the rules to his or her game anywhere, anytime. Additionally, said GM can pace advancement to fit his or her campaign. Want PCs that are only marginally more powerful than standard PCs? Simply space or limit the number of trials.

Walks like its mythic, quacks like its mythic. It's mythic.

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Not functional, but nice looking

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I bought these to use with my Kingmaker campaign. A very beatiful set of dice. Just one problem, you can't read them. If you want to slow down your game to lift each roll and examine it closely (to simply read the number(s)) - then by all means - this product is for you.

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Good Content, Needs Editing

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This is a handy resource for GMs looking to add a little meat to Ustalav. At its best, the author delivers focused information that is both informative and entertaining. However, at times, this 64-pager begs for editorial intervention. Many of the sentences are long, sweeping, and verbose. I found parts overindulgent and just plain labor intensive to read. Regardless, there is certainly value between the covers and I recommend it to anyone interested in Ustalav.

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