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Logan Holt 363's page

8 posts. Alias of Logan Holt.


My players are in RRR still and have already said they want their next campaign set in their kingdom 100 years from now as adventurers hailing from the now tamed stolen lands. Not as rulers but citizens.

A paladin of who would be my first question.

I still use xp but my players are all new to pathfinders so they cant min/Max and honestly don't want to anyways. Also every time they start a new character it comes in at average party level -2. Lots of death means more side treks so I 'm happy and so are they.

Well I'm a bit nervous now. Party of 6 cavalier baron, elf ranger., elf fighter (dex based disarmed), elf alchemist, half elf bard/rogue and a gnome sorc are raiding hargulkas they just got to the barracks. Hargulka dropped his fireball and killed my sorc so now theyhave no chance at magical fire except the sorc had 1 bead left on a necklace of fireballs. Players are not min maxers and no cleric left so I'm running the encounter as written but still baron has 2hp fighter has 10 after that fireball with nargundi hargulka and the rock troll all still up. I don't want a TPK but not sure why hargulka wouldn't throw more fireballs if they flee. Any advice on where to go would be great. Akiros's army beat the troll army 10 rounds ago so I was going to bring him in with a half dozen men but I don't know how much help that will be

Kressel is one tough b?@!? That and hit dice make her very fun to run.

I completely agree with the don't despair part. Make it your own and make it feel real to the party. My players see Kressel as a good leader who trusts her men. They got good insight into how the stag lord operates. (When they eventually took the camp Kressel escaped and they found her weeks later beaten to a bloody mess by the stag lord for losing his camp.) And most of all my players even at 6th level are terrified of the woman. They made her royal assassin so that if any of them got mad with power she could take them out. (Knowing shes a good leader who cares about the little guy and isn't afraid to question authority.)

In my campaign kressel was a destitute orphan who couldn't get work. She tried making an honest living but laws of the land wouldn't allow her honest work.

(I had to rewrite her because my players started out kill everything that moves so I used her as the party's mortality test showed not all who do bad things are inherintly bad.)

Same thing happened with my group had a tpk all characters unconscious but not dead but they took out all the bandits but kressek and one other so I had my kressel CN use her potion to get the cleric up and made a deal their lives for her men.

She robbed the party blind but left those saveable alive and her men were brought back up as well.

I will say my group thought ahead and most of their wealth they stored at omega so they returned there restocked and moved on.

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