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Logan 247365's page

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I think you did a FANTASTIC job. I love it so much. One problem, you can take boon companion multiple times. If we follow the same rules, a lv7 druid taking it twice ends up with 256 minion points, that is just too overpowered.

IMO the spell sees a walking snow man, or in the alchemical version meat puppet in the shape of the creature you were creating.

+2 for elemental plane of meat. I laughed till my side split.

Your calculations are right, but you need to figure out the cost in silver not gold.

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My favorite house rule was adopted to entice players to play clerics.

Clerics don't cast spells they preform miracles. So no memorization required. While limited to the number of spells per day as normal a cleric can cast any spell they have access to at any time.

Yet still no one plays clerics in our games.

I have been a big fan of psionics since 3.0. I never got to play the old first edition rules. I feel that it is a shame that PF is boycotting psionics from their system.

Dreamscared Press did, and is doing an excellent job with psionics for the PF system. They are even working on a APG equivalent book for psionics. But "GOOD LUCK" getting some DM's to allow you to use 3rd party stuff.

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Throw an Alchemist at him. Stack two-weapon fighting, rapid shot, and haste, now that's 40d6 fire damage vs. his touch ac. If he survives he mows down the Alchemist only to find out it was a Simulacrum.

LOVE that class.

Alchemical simulacrum is a buy through discovery to get to greater alchemical simulacrum and or doppelganger simulacrum. The greater version is far cheaper than the spell, and still just as permanent.

I ran an alchemist and we ruled that sense the alchemical simulacrum is a creature, it is permanent as well, but still no control. At the end of the game my alchemist was selling simulacra of all kinds of monsters for zoos and such. We then took over an island and started a hero's college using the simulacra as less lethal opponents for the students.

I read the "Death Gate Cycle". I built a world based on that series of books. We played and entire game on floating islands in the sky. I used Virtualscape to build the maps. Travel between islands was by airship or on the back of flying creatures. Most the fauna of the world were bird-like. There were no typical farm animals. They were all ostrich or emu.

My favorite is the soulknife. Followed by the warlock (3.5 I know). Mix the two together with hideous blow, and you have a up front line fighter that is never without a weapon, and hits harder than any fighter I have ever seen. Then drop elocator on top and you are doing damage from every angel you can come up with.

I have played a summoner and an alchemist. Both classes are fun, but easy to break.

For my summoner my edilon was tanking way harder than the fighter, and dealing more damage than the rogue could even come up with.

My alchemist puts every character I have ever played (save one) to shame in damage per round.

I am trying to use the PFSRD monster builder, but for me the monsters never load. I have waited over an hour and nothing.

I think PF 2nd edition is a great idea. Buying yet another set of "new books" just might be the push I need to get out of the RPG community I need.

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