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Killian Paltreth

Lockebone's page

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Scarab Sages

That sounds really insightfull and awesome all at the same time, Thank you.


to build their polar opposites!

Can't wait to see the ninja go up gunslinger fighter go agaisnt a ninja. that wil be fun. same with the bard. Because the bard guy knows how to play well so that will be fun to do.

thanks much.

Scarab Sages

really nobody has anything for me.

like my bard, i was going to have him face a monk or something. with just enough will save and physical power that it would be a match,

the cleric going up agaisnt a mage or something.

ranger fighing something invisible. possible even one that he is favored enemy just making it tough,

fighter rogue gunslinger is hard, because anything with will attacks he will lose automatically. but if i pit him agaisnt another fighter he will still dominate. so i was thinking a witch type person with hexs. or an alchemist ranged fighter

but the witch, i was thinking just haveing a witch versus witch haha.

Scarab Sages

I have a bard (dervish), cleric (phrasma death and life), ranger/rogue/gunslinger, fighter/rogue/gunslinger, water witch goblin, and a rogue knife fighter (hasnt shown up in a while).

For each one of these guys i want to develope a nemesis. like a shadow of themselves an opposite.

Any ideas?

Something challenging but wont neccessarily kill them. I do not like killing my pc's I like providing challenges that earn them very awesome loot.

Anyways. Thanks for the help. This is my first time DMing in over 10 years and the first time I have played pathfinder so i really appreciate the knowledge base on here.

Thanks Paizo and thanks guys!


Scarab Sages

Looking for HL files for book 4-6 now.

The appreciation i have for you guys putting these guys together is through the roof.

Just do not have the time to build the chars. !

Scarab Sages

Skulls and shackles campaign, my cleric at level 6 with undead mastery feat decided to raise a Kraken they found *random roll from GMG* on a beach, and have been powering through with it in sea battles. Using it to grapple ships and basically null and void ship to ship combat.

*slaps face*

Scarab Sages

2 people marked this as a favorite.

A player/DM of other paths is 90 percent done building the maiden for shipboard things. But I found these to be a great asset to the chase and initial confrontation to ship combat on a grid. They even come with little island cards and they are cheap! _ys_sf_s_165793011_b2_1_p

Multiple different kinds of sets but basically they are cards that you pop out the different shapes and just click them together to make a ship.

They look a lot like this.

which is awesome.

Good luck. Thanks everybody on these forums. I have never posted but i have pulled so much useful information.

Including things like Hero Lab Generated characters.

good day.

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