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Belzken Monk

Lochmonster's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 516 posts (574 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.

Wishlists and Lists

Wishlists allow you to track products you'd like to buy, or—if you make a wishlist public—to have others buy for you.

Lists allow you to track products, product categories, blog entries, messageboard forums, threads, and posts, and even other lists! For example, see Lisa Stevens' items used in her Burnt Offerings game sessions.

For more details about wishlists and lists, see this thread.

My List

(27 items)

1.  Baron Galdur Vendikon
Re: Why are barbarians barbarians and not berzerkers?
Post, by Egoish

2.  Yakmar
Sell me on Barbarian Rage?
Thread (133 posts),

3.  Tourist
What are some things about the Pathfinder rules that you think most people do not know?
Thread (1,408 posts),

4.  Valeros
Need help on making a decent, heavy hitting Barbarian/Fighter, please!
Thread (53 posts),

5.  Valeros
Criticism on my Barbarian build please - Is it optimised?
Thread (33 posts),

Barbarian Guide
Thread (49 posts),

7.  Artemis Entreri
Re: Grapple Flowcharts on
Post, by concerro

Advice for a "new" GM
Thread (12 posts),

DMing advice

9.  Grazzt
[Community Project] Wayfinder #7 Call for Submissions
Thread (272 posts),

10.  Syntira
Obscure Wild Shape Question
Thread (3 posts),

11.  Grick
A Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat [Ver 0.4 Alpha]
Thread (130 posts),

12.  Grazzt
[Community Project] Wayfinder #8 Call for Submissions
Thread (246 posts),

Detailed spell sheets???
Thread (13 posts),


Dear Paizo, I have some retailer feedback for you, RE: street dates and Pathfinder Battles
Thread (67 posts),

15.  Belzken Monk
Evil Inquisitor
Thread (10 posts),

16.  Attic Whisperer
Re: Inquisitor/Intimidate Help
Post, by ithuriel

Re: Feats for an Inquisitor?
Post, by Teks

So do I ever not Rapid Shot (and other archery questions)
Thread (15 posts),

19.  Mammoth
Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD for PDFs?
Thread (9 posts),

20.  Consortium Agent
Latest state of Pathfinder apps?
Thread (25 posts),

iPad Apps

21.  Dwarf Fighter
Cheap magic items you really enjoy
Thread (337 posts),

Cool Items!!!

Starting to GM for Pathfinder Society.
Thread (50 posts),

23.  Gladiator
Hero Lab and other stuff....
Thread (17 posts),

Illusion Magic
Thread (26 posts),

25.  Exemplar Khymrasa
Reach Attacks
Thread (25 posts),

26.  Seoni
Ashiel's Guide to Adventure Preparation
Thread (329 posts),

27.  Tzitzimitl
Any interest in a Dungeon World campaign?
Thread (48 posts),

DW links!

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