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Cruel Devotee

Lobolusk's page

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Tragic Missile wrote:

Well I stand corrected, as a designer stepped in. Although I do have to say it feels like a cop out.

Since we've established that Characters can take "feats that don't work for them" do those feats still function as prerequisites?

For example, a human / kobold could take Draconic Aspect, even though he doesn't have scales, so the feat would be useless.

Could he still use Draconic Aspect to fulfill the requirements for Draconic Glide or would he be disqualified because even though he has the pre-req, he can't use it? Unlike Tail Terror, Draconic Glide clearly states "you grow a pair of wings."

Also, is it just me or does it seem like there are lots of relatively easy ways to gain permanent wings, but very limited ways to gain a tail?

that is a very good question you should faq that question. that is an actual legitimate question.

do we have a list of what was erratted in the newest printing?

I go the other way kind of...

They cant be detected by anything but normal things still make sounds. for instance if the ninja heard foot loose and just had to punch dance you could not see him but if he failed his stealth check you could hear him working off his teenage anxt. but you could not detect his delicate yet angry foot rhythms with tremor sense. and his scent wouldn't register as any thing other than the smell of pure gymnastic awesomeness

I still don't get the difference mechanically between Crane wing and deflect arrows? why is there not any deflect arrows hate?

with deflect arrows you literally just say "I deflect that arrow" and it is is deflected

with crane wing you have to be fighting defensively or take a total defense action and you get to deflect one melee attack.

in a multiple attack game why is this such a big deal?

attack one is deflected

attack 2 hits ect...

SO my one question is what is the big deal? deflect arrows does the exact same thing only with ranged attacks. why is/was Crane wing any different?

I never take deflect arrows I have never wanted to spend the feat tax to take crane wing.

I just guess I am having a hard time seeing the value in giving a feat that blocks one attack per round any errata. most of the guys at higher levels have multiple attacks. Am I missing some strange gaming culture current here? it seems to be no different than deflect/snatch arrows?

in fact we got gloves of arrow snatching in a recent game and it came in handy but not "spend a feat" handy.

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Rynjin wrote:
Why does everyone hate Monks so hard?

Haters gonna hate, they are mostly jealous of the MOnks pure bathrobe wearing fists of doom.

remember when you go lawful you lose the ability to it will have to be monk first.

silently drop them. your fb your rules.

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there was one encounter where a druid had a Albnio Alligator that was fun to wrestle it think it was a CR2

Orfamay Quest wrote:

I admit to not understanding this fixation with "an official answer." The "official" answer is always "the Game Master is in control of the game," with an additional injunction that the purpose of the game is to be fun.

Even if Lobolusk received a notarized set of stone tablets signed by SKR himself, he (or his GM) would be completely at liberty to disregard the wording of the tablet.

And I'd much rather SKR spent his time designing new product than trolling the forums looking for questions that he can take to the local stonemason.

agreed, But no need for stone just need the dragon to pop by and say either A or B. the Majority of my Characters tend to be masked monster wrestlers. I tend to be confused my self sometimes on how it works. EDIT: my dm looks for official answers on how it works, and I am not the only one asking for Clarification. I dont feel like it is a waste of SKR's time.

and My DM usually looks to me to arbitrate the minutia of grapple related things because that is all I do.

a seemonster
b. charge at moster
c. punch monster
d. wrestle monster
E. stand upon corpse of monster looking like a white fat Hercules ready to be velvet painted

Meh I just want an official answer. It is confusing and I have retired my grappler until I get a good answer.

Looking at the James Jacobs post under the FAQed section they wrote "NO response required"

so to me that means the James Jacobs interpretation is the official one right?

I only allow my players to be Wizards, Falcata Fighters, and gunslingers. and one guy has to play the cleric but they draw straws.

can someone give me an example of making a higher ac light/med armor build than heavy armor?

I stole this and put it on my FB page very informative. I also put a link to this post.

Battlefield support ninja with ki powers secondary,

MY plan was

speed katana,weapon focus

ninja stars and feats ect point blank quick draw

I saw the ring of KI mastery and a ninja suit?

this is my second ninja my first one I used a feat to get medium armor and went with mountain armor and want to do my second ninja a little more streamed lined

any body have any suggestions for starting gear for a level 12 ninja?
I was thinking one handed katana guy.

is there a basic must have gear list for the ninja like kI ring ect...

mid way through the day bump mark the faq people

wed morning bump

double bump



If I have a speed katana and make a full round attack does it stack with the extra attack I can use as a swift action I can use with my KI pool?

I have searched and searched and found nothing recent all the posts were form 2010

yes I was thinking ninja taking 4 levels of monk It was recommended to me

so again why would you pick WIS over Charisma? If the saves do not also change to wis

then why would any body want to multiclass to monk for 4 levels to base your KI pool off wis instead of CHA if all your main ninja abilities use CHA?

If I take 4 levels of monk and decide to use Wisdom as my main KI pool stat are all my ninja abilities now using 1/2 level +wisdom for things like assassinate, and ninja tricks and such?

What Happens if you summon a insect swarm into the same square as an invisible creature damage wise for the invisible creature?

sooo the wizard hides in the back contributes nothing to any subsequent fights except maybe a "yeah good swing dorf the bold" until you reach the bbeg assuming you know it is the bbeg and then lets loose...that doesn't seem very fun.

I was wrong the oversize weapons is what doenst allow you to go.

Titania, the Summer Queen wrote:
Umbranus wrote:
master_marshmallow wrote:
Titan Mauler or some similar cheese.
RAW the titan mauler can't do it.

Your wrong

Jotungrip says otherwise.

Jotung grip reduces penalties for weilding those weapons it doesnt give you the ability to by pass the rules for weapon sizes



I am reading it the other way It doesn't increase your Class DR but the calculation of the resistance.

I meant Tactics not what ever that is.

thanks lord pendragon nothing is obvious about this class to me so I appreciate the advice. I have been told that a TWF build is a trap?

thanks! any more advice?

I am running a ninja character for the first time I really like it. I do realize I know very little about getting the most bang for your buck in regards to landing Sneak attack damage in combat.

are there any tactics/feats I am missing. My build doesn't matter very much I am only really asking about common tactics/feats. Is there a Sneak attack guide as opposed to a rogue or ninja guide? what are the basics I need to know?

1. Improved invisibility

2. Feint?

3. Betrayer feat

4. flanking

5. Ranged sniping ( shurikens allwwing you to hit and not have to be close

Assassinate (Ex): A ninja with this master trick can kill foes that are unable to defend themselves. To attempt to assassinate a target, the ninja must first study her target for 1 round as a standard action. On the following round, if the ninja makes a sneak attack against the target and the target is denied its Dexterity bonus to AC, the sneak attack has the additional effect of possibly killing the target. This attempt automatically fails if the target recognizes the ninja as an enemy. If the sneak attack is successful and the target of this attack fails a Fortitude save, it dies. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the ninja’s level + the ninja’s Charisma modifier. If the save is successful, the target still takes the sneak attack damage as normal, but it is immune to that ninja’s assassinate ability for 1 day

would this ability be negated by fortification?

I think the damage would be

I am looking for a fun character to run.

I want a sub standard race I am thinking


I am thinking of running a monk or samurai.

I want a bold rash fun class that is survivable but does not need to be super optimized.

we are running Serpents skull righ now we are on book 5.

I do have a kobold Samurai

i like a kobold monk idea. any body ever done this

so bombs are a supernatural ability and they only do energy damage ( in general) so if you have energy resistance it negates some of the bombs damage but besides that they by pass all other dr? correct?

how about golems being immune to magic?

if it is a supernatural ability, does Magic resistance apply?

In our weekly game we have an alchemist and every time we come across a monster with any type of dr or magic resistance our DM panics (poor guy) and is confused about what type of damage the Bombs do.

I think they do energy type right? just plain old fire damage?

how about an golem with magic resistance?

what type of damage does an alchemist fire bomb do? how about an Ice Bomb or a madness bomb?

this comes up in my game all the time does it provoke an aoo if you move through a threatened square? of the mook down the line? or just no aoo to the person you are charging

Komoda wrote:
No, you cannot. That was asked before with Fighting Defensively. You can not gain the AC by attacking the air each round.

can you post a link?

yes you can do what ever you want. you can scream pudding and full attack the ghost next to you that only you can see and hear.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
Lobolusk wrote:
I guess I don't see a difference between Permanently destroyed and just plain destroyed they both mean the same thing. if something is destroyed it is not coming back or reforming it is basically ceasing to exist or function?

Things can be destroyed and then reform. A number of hard-SF games, for example, make a distinction between broken (but functional), destroyed (but reparable),and irreparable. The terms are, of course, just terms and I could call them "Huey", "Dewey," and "Louie." But the concept is still there.

The question is whether or not something that is magically enhanced with self-repair capacity can recover from what would 'destroy" a normal object/creature.

I don't think that is correct unless PF defines the word differently if something is destroyed it is unable to come back or be repaired


Definition of DESTROY

transitive verb
: to ruin the structure, organic existence, or condition of <destroyed the files>; also : to ruin as if by tearing to shreds <their reputation was destroyed>
a : to put out of existence : kill <destroy an injured horse>
b : neutralize <the moon destroys the light of the stars>
c : annihilate, vanquish <armies had been crippled but not destroyed — W. L. Shirer>
intransitive verb

I guess I don't see a difference between Permanently destroyed and just plain destroyed they both mean the same thing. if something is destroyed it is not coming back or reforming it is basically ceasing to exist or function?

what is the difference?

destroyed means not coming back.

I would rule the opposite. the Mace is specifically designed to destroy one type of creature only. so the mace overwrites the admantium golems description because the Golem is a construct. and the description below of the vorpral admantium sword ect.. is in my mind a general description of how to normally kill a AD Golem.

i think it ruins the whole point of a mace of smiting if it doesnt do what it says. I cant think of a time when i have read the maces description and said...gotta buy that. it wont happen alot in your game chances are unless your characters know they are going to admantium Golem city.

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