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Sajan Gadadvara

Lobolusk's page

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The Steel Refrain wrote:

Apart from my concern in learning that you're running a Paladin DMPC*, I think you may find that a flying carpet is actually quite powerful and unbalanced at the party's current level (Level 2, as I understand it).

You're essentially giving the character permanent flight, including the ability to hover without any Fly checks. Consider that he can't even cast the Fly spell for temporary flight (minutes per level) until Level 6, and would have to choose that spell as his only 3rd level spell known at that stage.

I think the other PCs would be rightfully annoyed to have one character receive such a significant boon based solely on GM error and player/character selfishness (especially if, as Gulthor notes, from a plot perspective the owner of the Silver Disk would never let him walk away with the money so easily).

While I understand your reluctance to have to correct your error to the detriment of that particular character, I think a DM's role involves ensuring a level of balance and consistency across the game. Preventing one character from having an OP benefit isn't being mean or unfair -- instead, you're acting in the best interests of the entire group and game to balance things out.

Plus, as many others have said, this is a ripe opportunity to flesh out the story, which it sounds like your sorcerer character will probably enjoy.

*: This is an issue outside the scope of what you've asked about, but DMPCs can pose a lot of problems on their own, and having a DMPC Paladin could be especially problematic because of the alignment and morality factors it imposes (which I think are usually fine when it is another player, but risk becoming antagonistic if it is the DM's pet PC who is raising uncomfortable questions or attempting to steer the group's moral compass).

Thanks for your advice,

I dont play lawful stupid paladins I have him as more of a healbot with an emphasis on lay on hands since we only have a cleric every other week. and he can absorb some damage if needed in a fight.

as for the paladin I play him like my own faith I set an example of how my god commands me to live and act but don't expect other players to even have the same world view or morality as me. I wont allow them to be evil but I also allow them to make there own choices and suffer the consequences. its funny actually one player has played before and he is all super scared of my paladin because he is a human lie detector and he can read your mind!!!(not true but the party believes it ha) and for when i now as a dm the party is going to do something my pally wouldn't approve of he happens to leave the room or not be around.

in the prevoous scenario of the Sorc trying to steal konnor baine my paladin offered his sword in finding his parents and offered him another solution instead of pulling his sword and threatening people.

sweet thanks!

Chris Mortika wrote:

I'm going to go against the flow here and suggest that he keep it, and that you build some campaign elements around this guy.

Some campaigns are character-driven. If one of the players invents (or rolls up) a background for his PC as the legal heir to the kingdom, forced to flee the capital city due to the machinations of an untrustworthy vizier, then the GM can use that hook to build several encounters, or maybe even a thread through the campaign. Even though that background doesn't factor into any of the character's crunchy-numbers bits, the PC isn't "just a rogue."

Likewise, look at the backgrounds for several of the iconic characters. Sajan is looking for his sister. A good GM can build a lot of hooks off that. (What if she's been impressed into the Devil Nuns of Cheliax?)

So, this PC isn't "just a sorcerer", he's a ridiculously rich character to boot, having won a fortune in a gambling casino. Run with that. How does that impact his relationship with other characters? How does he carry his fortune? (There's a guy who's willing to sell these black gems with flickering embers glowing inside them; aside from being soul-bound relics of a daemonic temple, they're a convenient way to carry great wealth.) Can he buy political influence?

There are a lot of ways this can spell adventure for the party -- aside from "robbers show up and kill everybody and loot the corpses".

oh this guy has a back story and his every move is driven by it. his parents were merchants that were killed at the had of a rival merchant/pirate he now searches the known universe looking for power and vengance. in fact it has been remarked many times by the party "not the dead parents thing again"

in fact I had Sanvill trent survive the initial fight and reach out to him a and offer the Technic league help in tracking down his parents killers. He agreed not to kill the party but he spent a night dragging the passed out konnor baine through a sleeping room of the party. While invisible trying desperately not to make a noise it almost worked until he hit a chair and woke up every body he then attempted to explain to the party about his quest for vengeance and he technically wast hurting any body ect ect. then party leader promptly responded "not the dead parents thing again!!" they managed to work it out and not sell out konnor baine. but out of all the characters he plays his guy super well and i nudge him with my NPC paladin in the right direction.

my player wants to be a vanilla Skin walker.

our question is this does he have to pick one physical stat to get a +2 each time he changes? or does he pick at the beginning and it is always +2 to str.

does that make sense? or the next time he changes he picks +2 to con instead?


I told him that by carrying this amount he is just asking to be robbed. in fact the party is about to fight the

Garmen umen and in order to save his life he may mention it to the party in hopes of causing chaos in the ranks.

he is currently looking at the 5x5 flying carpet. That is not game breaking and I can rule out abuse.

this is all on me I didn't read it was gold not silver disks he got. he was the only one in town because he missed a session so i thought a good way to re unite the party was to have him receive

The invite to silver disk hall from Garmen umen.
then he would go get the rest of the party and they could gamble it all away instead he kept it for himself and in some made up dice game where he rolled a 20 and I secretly rolled 2 20's he doubled or nothing and rolled nat 20 and i rolled 2 1's so he won a bunch. I didnt even do the math in my head i had him kicked out immediately. he just forgot to mention it the party. I cant force him to tell them. and after a few more games he mentioned he had 20K I asked him how? he explained. hence this thread was born.

the other thing is he and the total party are all new and i want them to feel out the game have fun and work into a serious atmosphere but I cant force it.

he will get mugged if he survives this encounter. and if he survives that i may allow him to find a flying carpet machine under the mountain that takes 200000 silver disks.

IO am going to allow him to spend it. right now he is looking at the 5x5 flying carpet. ha or a portable hole

Gwaihir Scout wrote:

In the order that I recommended them:

Tell him you made a mistake since you didn't realize how much silverdisks were worth. Silverdisk Hall is a small gambling house and wouldn't allow that large a bet (not without making sure it was rigged).

The Ropefists want their money back and steal it. Investigating leads them to the warehouse a little early, and they get to recover some (and only some) of the stolen wealth.

All magic and tech items for sale are listed in various places in Torch's article, as well as the base value of things that can be found 75% of the time. Encourage him to splurge on the more expensive tech items. Since they're overpriced they won't upset the game too much and they'll be a neat bonus.

funny thing is he just mentioned it to me in passing yesterday. he bought a flare gun and it biffed in combat so he was reluctant to spend any more money so he has just been walking around with this treasure. I had no idea

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:

Convince him that 20,000 isn't enough and he should gamble it again to win 200,000. Repeat until he loses it all or owns Golarion.

More seriously, he's going to have to buy things that he can hide and whose effects are not visible or the party will catch on and demand their shares. Frankly there aren't many useful things like that. A Stone of Good Luck fits the bill perfectly, happens to cost 20,000, and won't break your game.

lets say the party doesn't care about it. and I dont really care to much if he breaks the game.

MageHunter wrote:

You could be ethereal. Spells can do that.

One trick is Halfling Invulnerable Rager Barbarians for ultimate DR.

You could be a Prankster (Bard) Gnome and switch out their knife with a banana.

Some spell can lock weapons in sheathes.

Straight up disarm them with greater disarm.

why halfling?

so I made the mistake of having my party sorcerer get comped some 200 silver disks at the Silver disk hall to introduce the location and proprietor. he was supposed to go get the party and let them know but instead he kept the silver disks to himself and never told the party. Instead of doing a really complicated gambling game we rolled some dice and he bet all of it on one roll and won 2000 Silver disks which I found out are worth 10 GP each so he ow has 20,000 gold to spend in Numeria. so what can he buy what should he by?

if you were him a 2nd level sorc what would you buy?
and has a DM what is the restrictions on what magic items are available for the size of the town it is torch from the iron gods AP

IN Garmen Umens Wharehouse where is the transmitter located? in the book it says it is clearly marked on the map? am I missing something?

Rogar Valertis wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
why is the Ranger a better TWF fighter than the fighter? wouldn't you get more feats faster with a fighter? am I missing something?

The ranger doesn't need an absurd amount of dexterity to make their build work: they can stip the dexterity prerequisites and pump strength at dice/pointbuy and only need one stat boost. All dexterity does on melee is up their AC, which is the cheapest thing in the game to up.

To be fair I can build a fighter who is better than a ranger at TWF with 3 lvl dip in un rogue. Requires a bit of system knowledge though.

isnt a TWF character feat heavy and wouldn't the fighter be a better choice?

I know the ranger gets the base feats for free but most folks go for the whole feat tree?

or am I horribly mistaken?

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

The 2 skill points per level is also horribly crippling in a skill-based system.

If the fighter could.. well.. fight, it would at least be fullfilling its core function.

It really doesn't though. When you go to make your character do what you want your character to do out of all the options out there something else probably does it better or just takes a fighter dip.

One handed fighter? Swashbuckler

Unarmed fighter? Monk/brawler

Sword and board? Sword and board ranger

Two weapon fighting? two weapon fighting ranger

Mounted combat? Cavalier

Archer? Ranger archery style

why is the Ranger a better TWF fighter than the fighter? wouldn't you get more feats faster with a fighter? am I missing something?

Two handed weapon? B b. barbarian.

Thanks that is what I needed!

Saethori wrote:
The errata to the shape-shifting removed the daily limitation and the Charisma penalty when interacting with others. Some of the variant heritages changed, too, primarily the boar and the crocodile.

what were the changes do you have them?

I have a player who wants to play a skin walker monk

what are the basics of the race and what was changed with an errata to the shape shifting?

link to he errata?

nicholas storm wrote:
The alchemist INT bonus to damage comes from his throw anything class feature. Arcane bomber doesn't have this and so doesn't get INT to damage.

yeas I just saw that.

How would I go about Leveling him up? do I just treat him as a NPC? ad add class levels?

Quantum Steve wrote:

Mouser Swashbuckler. Make entering opponents squares work for him.

Definitely get Slashing Grace, too. Advanced Template plus standard advancement for adding class levels gives him a 27 Dex, that's scary.

oh man I like that alot!!!

Tyinyk wrote:
Why not just have him be an alchemist? It'll make bomb-focusing much more useful.

he is brand new and I didn't want to introduce him to a bunch of mechanics that I hardly understand.

He wanted to be a Necormancer and I was looking at the Archetypes and came across this.

Just trying to make it easy and fun. I am seriously thinking of making him an Alchemist now.

never mind i see it

my feat choice for him is mostly focusing on the bombs because they are an easy mechanic to master.


really appreciate the advice

you do get your INT damage with the bombs just not the discoveries. Where are you reading you don't get the INT damage?

Bomb (Su)

At 1st level, the arcane bomber gains an ability nearly identical to the alchemist’s bomb ability. Unlike the alchemist, at 1st level, the arcane bomber chooses one type of energy from the following list: acid, cold, fire, and electricity. He can throw bombs of that type, but cannot modify them with discoveries. This ability stacks with the alchemist bomb ability to determine the level of bomb damage, but an arcane bomber that becomes an alchemist does not gain that class’s bomb ability, nor does an alchemist that becomes an arcane bomber gain this bomb ability.
This ability replaces arcane bond.

In addition to magical extracts, alchemists are adept at swiftly mixing various volatile chemicals and infusing them with their magical reserves to create powerful bombs that they can hurl at their enemies. An alchemist can use a number of bombs each day equal to his class level + his Intelligence modifier. Bombs are unstable, and if not used in the round they are created, they degrade and become inert—their method of creation prevents large volumes of explosive material from being created and stored. In order to create a bomb, the alchemist must use a small vial containing an ounce of liquid catalyst—the alchemist can create this liquid catalyst from small amounts of chemicals from an alchemy lab, and these supplies can be readily refilled in the same manner as a spellcaster's component pouch. Most alchemists create a number of catalyst vials at the start of the day equal to the total number of bombs they can create in that day—once created, a catalyst vial remains usable by the alchemist for years.

Drawing the components of, creating, and throwing a bomb requires a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Thrown bombs have a range of 20 feet and use the Throw Splash Weapon special attack. Bombs are considered weapons and can be selected using feats such as Point-Blank Shot and Weapon Focus. On a direct hit, an alchemist's bomb inflicts 1d6 points of fire damage + additional damage equal to the alchemist's Intelligence modifier. The damage of an alchemist's bomb increases by 1d6 points at every odd-numbered alchemist level (this bonus damage is not multiplied on a critical hit or by using feats such as Vital Strike). Splash damage from an alchemist bomb is always equal to the bomb's minimum damage (so if the bomb would deal 2d6+4 points of fire damage on a direct hit, its splash damage would be 6 points of fire damage). Those caught in the splash damage can attempt a Reflex save for half damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the alchemist's level + the alchemist's Intelligence modifier.

Alchemists can learn new types of bombs as discoveries (see the Discovery ability) as they level up. An alchemist's bomb, like an extract, becomes inert if used or carried by anyone else.

I am running Iron gods and had a new guy join he has not played since THACO he wanted to be a wizard. I made him an electric Elemental bomber wizard to deal with those filthy robots.

I am more of the grapple it kind of player and don't really focus on ranged and spells any advice for him on feat selection? I gave him point blank and precise shot.

what is the SChitck for the elemental bomber? what is the classes main function? what can i advise him on to have a good time and be a good part of the group? he seemed to get the bombs down I once played with an alchemist so I have some experience with bombs. can you give me the basic walk-through on this archetype?

my players never quite are able to kill this little guy and he harbors a taste for vengeance. he has become sort of a party nuisance/mascot. i want to level him up with the party so every level he comes back stronger and more determined to kill them.

any ideas?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Vidmaster7 wrote:

I think the question on what classes are effected the most is kind of obvious since I've seen plenty discussion of MAD and SAD classes. So the pathfinder standard is 15 I personally use 25 point buy and i don't notice as big of a problem with MAD characters as I've seen expressed.

So assuming monsters would get buffed up with a higher point buy used what would be the best point buy to allow more of a balance between MAD and SAD character?

I Think the biggest Transition of mad vs sad would be monk vs wizard. If someone has better pile on!

Can I ask why people seem to like point buy? I always have my players roll 4d6 reroll 1 drop lowest.

i always find point buy makes the characters pretty predictable in terms of stats?

there is nothing like forcing a character to roleplay a -7 int but 18 str.

with point buy that isnt really feasible?

can i get a pro point buy poitn of view so i can understand the point buy though process?

do you need he throw anything feat? the thrown splash weapons page says you dont take the -4 to use the bombs


i have had the party attacked by multiple iterations of the skeletons and they know they regen every 26 hours.

my party is going to come up on hetuath the leader of the skeletons.

I know he has 4 arms but does he get 4 attacks? and how should my players identify how to put him and his skeletons down for good? any ways to subtly lead the players to drag his corpse int the desert?

anyother feat ideas I want to keep it mighty simple.

and how flexible should i be with the permanent feats the class says you have to take a feat that improves your attack or defense.

Deadmanwalking wrote:

I highly recommend Dedicated Adversary. It's a terrible Feat to actually take due to specificity, but wonderful to tack on with Martial Flexibility if you have a free slot.

Also remember that you need to meet all prerequisites when using Martial Flexibility and Power Attack and Combat Expertise are thus great early Feats for a Brawler to actually take.

Some other solid Feats he should be aware of:

Dodge (and follow-up Feats)
Pummeling Style (he should actually take these rather than using Martial Flexibility, but yeah, take 'em).
Blind Fight (and follow-up Feats)


good to know.

Lobolusk wrote:

We have decided on brawler, I think I will print out a list of some basic combat feats he can use.

any suggestions? to a good standard list of combat feats for a level 2 newbie.

1.vital strike (yes i know its a trap)
2. power attack
3. cleave
4. Improved (insert combat maneuver here)
5.deflect arrows

looks like Scratch vital strike till level 6.

We have decided on brawler, I think I will print out a list of some basic combat feats he can use.

any suggestions? to a good standard list of combat feats for a level 2 newbie.

1.vital strike (yes i know its a trap)
2. power attack
3. cleave
4. Improved (insert combat maneuver here)
5.deflect arrows

one more quick question how does the TWF feat chain interact with the Brawlers flurry?

if the guy invests in a TWF brawler does it negate the point of Brawlers Flurry?

Diachronos wrote:

The best I can find so far in terms of feats and class features would be to take Weapon Finesse and Linnorm Style, so he's using his Dexterity for attack rolls. With Linnorm Style he can use his Wisdom instead of Strength for damage rolls, but it requires having a constant -2 penalty to your AC and you can't add your Wisdom to damage unless the creature tried to hit you with a melee attack in the last round.

There's always the option of getting an Amulet of Mighty Fists with the guided enchantment, which lets you use Wisdom for both the attack and damage roll and would remove the need for Strength entirely. It's technically first-party since it was introduced in Curse of the Crimson Throne, but it was back before Pathfinder was its own system. If you're willing to allow it, it would be a good choice for him to pick up once he's accumulated 4,000g.

I cant find a link for Linorm style?

IS THE NEW unchained monk also MAD?

Deadmanwalking wrote:

Brawler isn't bad, but the Mutagenic Mauler Archetype is probably better for a new player than the base class due to the aforementioned problem with huge numbers of Feats. It replaces those with the much easier to remember Mutagen.

Unchained Monk is also very solid. Just period. Honestly, it's probably better than Mutagenic Mauler, but the flavor of the two is pretty different and somewhat baked in.

For a new player I'd just go with one of those. Both are super straightforward, which is something that can't be said of most other unarmed combat options (some of which are probably even better...but more complicated).

If willing to go a little more complicated and interested in the flavor, an Avenger Vigilante is another interesting possibility, and potentially very fun without getting overwhelming, but it is a bit trickier to build (though not mostly in play) and has more out of combat options (which might be important).

he is playing a Android so I might tweak it to be part of his nanite abilty like a subroutine instead of the mutagenic alchemist thing.

It has been a while since I have checked out the options for a unarmed punch machine.

I have a new player and he was instantly drawn to the monk and of course fell into the trap of "why can't I hit anything"

back int he day (3 years ago)my stichk was playing a luchadore do I considered my self an expert in playing a wrestling face punching murder machine but time s have changed with the brawler and unchained monk.

my question is this what is a good basic punching class for this guy to play he has zero knowledge of the game and is a brand new player the bralwer lookes good but I am afraid the large amount of combat feats and kowing which feat does what will be a bit overwhelming.

I was thinking of having him go unchained monk or unarmed fighter with a dip into MOMS for him

level 2 and we are running the iron gods book 1

the other thing is that we have ZERO internet where we game so we have to have the stuff prepared ahead of time.

EntrerisShadow wrote:

I was kind of wishy-washy on whether I should post this as a new thread or in the "Tarrasque+Magic Jar=Instant Apotheosis?" thread, but when in doubt, always start a new thread.

I'm running a game that is meant to reach epic levels. To give you the basic gist of the story, the continent the players live on is home to a very large forest that is unspeakably tainted by a "rift" in the astral plane that caused aspects of other planes to warp it. Eventually the players will come to find that the cause of this was when other heroes eons ago attempted to save the world from the tarrasque's destruction by 'sealing' it in a pocket dimension. But because the tarrasque is so powerful, the magicks necessary to do so were so volatile that a rift occurred.

Obviously, this somewhat rules out any "Plane Shift" methods of defeating the tarrasque. Which is fine; I felt the "Plane Shift" idea was a bit cheap.

But it does leave me in a bit of a bind. I'm looking for some way that it might be possible to defeat the tarrasque RAW, without having to invent some ridiculous macguffin or be reduced to a convenient Deus Ex Machina.

I'm hoping my players will figure out something pretty clever on their own, but in case they can't, I need a back-up plan. Something they can discover to make it possible. Any ideas?

could you turn it into a vampire? then it gains vampire weakness?


I have been in quite a few games where technology got super out of hand, It will be up to me to make this work. I just dont want to turn off first time players to pathfinder.

any suggestions on a good this is "pathfinder" AP?

i was looking at the mummy one.

I have a bunch of first time players, And I was wondering how High Technology does this AP get?

does it end up with full stormtrooper armor and laser rifles and swords? or does it keep some of the sword and sorcery setting?

didn't realize it was third party never mind

what about this: under the android race. fixes the whole problem.

Anomaly: Sometimes, a particularly volatile soul can overwhelm the technology of an android body, making the resulting individual subject to emotions, and greatly so. Anomalous androids suffer a –2 racial penalty on saving throws against all mind-affecting effects, emotion effects, and fear effects but can gain the benefits of morale bonuses and suffer no penalty on Sense Motive checks. Additionally, Bluff and Sense Motive are always class skills for them. This racial trait modifies constructed and replaces logical. [JBE:BoHR:AA]

I might just take a level of gunslinger first then switch to ninja.

a little back story:

I am running Iron gods and the team desperately needs a rogue type character. I was going to have them run into a DM run character that is a ninja but is in disguise as a Sargovian Explorer named Mwangi Jack.

I was going to have him part of the 5th expedition int to the mountain of torch.

the reason why I want to hide his ninja skills is I do not want the party to became dependent on me to solve things for them and I want them to have fun and I may occasionally point out a trap or somethings for them.

so I waned him to have a musket he will be level 3 so what feats do I need to wield a musket in combat.

Ascalaphus wrote:
Lobolusk wrote:


do you know if PAIZO has a high res "map pack" of all the maps in the AP we could take it to kinkos and have them print it off instead of painstakingly drawing drawing each square?

Yes, they make those for APs: link.

i looked at those and those didn't seem to have all the maps from the APS the interactive Maps do I am hoping those will work.


do you know if PAIZO has a high res "map pack" of all the maps in the AP we could take it to kinkos and have them print it off instead of painstakingly drawing drawing each square?

NerdOfTheYear wrote:

Also a bit of a maps question: How did everyone physically get the Desert Habitat onto a map/table? I'm counting it as 40" and I don't know any maps that go that big.

I'm starting the campaign in a few weeks, and fully expect my players to get to the habitat pretty quickly.

i had the map printed off at kinkos and it was 2 big for their biggest printers. I just had them print it out big as they could and the squares are 1/2 inch. I will have hem move across it with smaller markers and secretly move the skeletons to intercept them.

it is a pretty big map I plan on doing a "zoom in" fight when they find a skeleton on my wet erase map. I am open to suggestions.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
MasterZelgadis wrote:

Oh my god, we just started playing this campaign, had the second session saturday, and my party made it through the cave, we stopped at the metal doors.

The party consists of:
a half elven sorceress
a human monk
a half elven cleric
a dwarfen fighter
and a gnome druid with a bear pet.

I don't know how a party can be so not-creative :D

The room where the brown mold makes everything cold was a really tough challenge. But not because of the mold itself, the party was so stupid..

"You see a room, covered entirely in brown dust, as you come nearer, you feel that it gets really cold. At the east wall you see a human body"
"Hm..okay..I reach my hand out into the room, does it get colder?"
"Yes, much colder"
"I step into the room"
"[facepalm]..okay, you now feel it's really really cold, your whole body is shivering and you think you can't endure this for a minute longer"
"Hm..I go to the body on that wall and insoect it"
"Okay, you wanted this..3d6=13 non-lethal cold damage"
"What? I am at -4"
"You drop on the floor, unconcious and freezing to death"

After the rest of the party managed to get him out of there, nearly losing the cleric also, a little debate started on how unfair this was and what they were supposed to do.. I simply answered "maybe ask 'what is that brown dust'? After a relatively easy dungeoneering roll I would have said 'This is known as brown mold, it absorbs heat and emits cold, and if you get too close, you are freezing to death!'"

Then after a few more minutes of helplessness I suggested they could of course get back to the inn to recover, and that they are not supposed to explore the whole cave in one run. Such a thing as "go back, recover, come back later" was a fully new and innovative concept to them :D

First time Iran this the PCs threw Fire in the cold room and they all nearly passed out also except for a sorcerer who just happened to be 5 feet back. This is a common theme i am reading.

the second time I did this I let the party create water and make a "ice bridge" to the body then the monk lassoed it and was pulled back. i had to fudge it but these were all new players and they had such a good time being creative with the create water i figure the rule of "yes" worked much better than no.

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