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Cruel Devotee

Lobolusk's page

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I have been in quite a few games where technology got super out of hand, It will be up to me to make this work. I just dont want to turn off first time players to pathfinder.

any suggestions on a good this is "pathfinder" AP?

i was looking at the mummy one.

I have a bunch of first time players, And I was wondering how High Technology does this AP get?

does it end up with full stormtrooper armor and laser rifles and swords? or does it keep some of the sword and sorcery setting?

didn't realize it was third party never mind

what about this: under the android race. fixes the whole problem.

Anomaly: Sometimes, a particularly volatile soul can overwhelm the technology of an android body, making the resulting individual subject to emotions, and greatly so. Anomalous androids suffer a –2 racial penalty on saving throws against all mind-affecting effects, emotion effects, and fear effects but can gain the benefits of morale bonuses and suffer no penalty on Sense Motive checks. Additionally, Bluff and Sense Motive are always class skills for them. This racial trait modifies constructed and replaces logical. [JBE:BoHR:AA]

I might just take a level of gunslinger first then switch to ninja.

a little back story:

I am running Iron gods and the team desperately needs a rogue type character. I was going to have them run into a DM run character that is a ninja but is in disguise as a Sargovian Explorer named Mwangi Jack.

I was going to have him part of the 5th expedition int to the mountain of torch.

the reason why I want to hide his ninja skills is I do not want the party to became dependent on me to solve things for them and I want them to have fun and I may occasionally point out a trap or somethings for them.

so I waned him to have a musket he will be level 3 so what feats do I need to wield a musket in combat.

Ascalaphus wrote:
Lobolusk wrote:


do you know if PAIZO has a high res "map pack" of all the maps in the AP we could take it to kinkos and have them print it off instead of painstakingly drawing drawing each square?

Yes, they make those for APs: link.

i looked at those and those didn't seem to have all the maps from the APS the interactive Maps do I am hoping those will work.


do you know if PAIZO has a high res "map pack" of all the maps in the AP we could take it to kinkos and have them print it off instead of painstakingly drawing drawing each square?

NerdOfTheYear wrote:

Also a bit of a maps question: How did everyone physically get the Desert Habitat onto a map/table? I'm counting it as 40" and I don't know any maps that go that big.

I'm starting the campaign in a few weeks, and fully expect my players to get to the habitat pretty quickly.

i had the map printed off at kinkos and it was 2 big for their biggest printers. I just had them print it out big as they could and the squares are 1/2 inch. I will have hem move across it with smaller markers and secretly move the skeletons to intercept them.

it is a pretty big map I plan on doing a "zoom in" fight when they find a skeleton on my wet erase map. I am open to suggestions.

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MasterZelgadis wrote:

Oh my god, we just started playing this campaign, had the second session saturday, and my party made it through the cave, we stopped at the metal doors.

The party consists of:
a half elven sorceress
a human monk
a half elven cleric
a dwarfen fighter
and a gnome druid with a bear pet.

I don't know how a party can be so not-creative :D

The room where the brown mold makes everything cold was a really tough challenge. But not because of the mold itself, the party was so stupid..

"You see a room, covered entirely in brown dust, as you come nearer, you feel that it gets really cold. At the east wall you see a human body"
"Hm..okay..I reach my hand out into the room, does it get colder?"
"Yes, much colder"
"I step into the room"
"[facepalm]..okay, you now feel it's really really cold, your whole body is shivering and you think you can't endure this for a minute longer"
"Hm..I go to the body on that wall and insoect it"
"Okay, you wanted this..3d6=13 non-lethal cold damage"
"What? I am at -4"
"You drop on the floor, unconcious and freezing to death"

After the rest of the party managed to get him out of there, nearly losing the cleric also, a little debate started on how unfair this was and what they were supposed to do.. I simply answered "maybe ask 'what is that brown dust'? After a relatively easy dungeoneering roll I would have said 'This is known as brown mold, it absorbs heat and emits cold, and if you get too close, you are freezing to death!'"

Then after a few more minutes of helplessness I suggested they could of course get back to the inn to recover, and that they are not supposed to explore the whole cave in one run. Such a thing as "go back, recover, come back later" was a fully new and innovative concept to them :D

First time Iran this the PCs threw Fire in the cold room and they all nearly passed out also except for a sorcerer who just happened to be 5 feet back. This is a common theme i am reading.

the second time I did this I let the party create water and make a "ice bridge" to the body then the monk lassoed it and was pulled back. i had to fudge it but these were all new players and they had such a good time being creative with the create water i figure the rule of "yes" worked much better than no.

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WE did this once with like 16 players we had 2 DMs it worked okay.

I ran my game last night and it was a lot better,

I read a few blogs on how to be a good DM and I rolled with it and said yes alot instead of no.

there was a few times I said "serious time now" and it worked I think it is the most fun I have had as a DM and my new players had a great time.

in the fist book from Iron gods the party meets Sef the leader of the Skulks before it happened I gave the party a big speech about not all encounters have to end with bloodshed and I did also mention a every body attack scenario where another character blurts out a word like "coconut" and every body knows to just start attacking. well the parlayed with SEF and it was going really well until on guy decided to just yell the parties version of coconut ie "clown shoes" and attack sef the party almost died but I rolled with it I didn't get mad because I like Diplomacy and I played the part and the party managed to beat the encounter and have tons of fun

thanks for all your advice.

Bandw2 wrote:

This is definitely a thing based on your players.

If you really want that to change you'd need to replace the least serious members.

Some people just don't get invested in the game the same as others do, or they get invested in different ways, and they're going to play how they're invested.

I've personally removed some people from the list of people I'd prefer to GM for and it has lead to a more focused experience. Generally it's the people with the least enthusiasm to play, and I replace them with people who try to make their own character's on their own time and will ask me about feats choices a few days before the campaign.

these are all Brand new players so I am workign really hard to get them interested in making characters and feats ahead of time.

Anguish wrote:


Seriously. When I DM, I've had similar things happen. To a degree, as long as people are having fun, that's good. But I'm at the table too, and I've spent time prepping to run the adventure, so at some point it's time to back-burner the one-nut jokes and move the story on (to the next fun/funny thing).

So I interrupt.

Let some joking happen, but after a minute or so has gone by, just say "okay, good point, funny, but let's try and keep things moving... there's some good stuff coming up that we can get to..." Politely bring things back to the game. If the players resist and won't play ball (or indeed Pathfinder), just wait them out and eventually discuss that maybe you should all be playing cards or something.

This helps thanks guys. looking Forward to tonight.

Claxon wrote:

I think the answer here is that your players seem to enjoy a lighthearted game, let them have it. Don't try to change it.

I think you're issues is you feel like you're putting in a lot of effort and not getting what you want (which is a more serious game).

The only advice I can offer is to change your expectations. If it will make you feel better, don't put in as much effort if you don't think it will make a difference to players.

Agreed I am flexible I just want every one to have fun and fight robots.

AlaskaRPGer wrote:

From my past experience at a table where something similar occurred, there are the main things that could contribute to it (I am not at your table, and I don't know the people, so I am making generalities).

1) The players don't want a serious game. The people making the jokes/acting up are having fun doing that, and they are playing the game the way they want to. There's also the possibility they are playing the game the way they *expect* others want them to play. My advice if you think either of these are the reason, before the game starts tell the players that you want this to be a more serious game, tone down on the silliness. If the players wanted the silliness, this could be an issue.

2) The setting/GM is playing things silly. I really don't think this is a factor in your game, but it was in the game I was part of.

I am guilty of both probably I just need to have a serious time and joking time and be clear when we are doing either.

can you walk me through the Mechanics of being flippant to NPCS? ie Intimidate fails diplomacy fails ect..

ie what are the in game consequences? i have a few characters that try to smooth things over with his High Diplomacy.

Forgive me please I have a hard time getting out what is in my skull on paper.

my main question is how do you keep a serious Atmosphere when you are gMing? fun is okay but there times I want my players to focus and feel the palpable danger int he air.

Background: I am running Iron gods after about 4 years away from TRPG. I want my characters to have fun and it is okay to be a little silly but I am having a hard time Balancing the "fun" factor with the Serious factor.

I spend a lot of time making custom sound effects Printing out giant maps and practicing what is going to happen. In my head it always seems so badsass and serious but within about 45 minutes in it turns to a bunch of good friends joking and being kind of silly, which I like to an extent...

there is no wrong or right to do this that is my motto for RPG

but maybe some advice on how to ton-down the " the sheriff is missing a testicle lets all focus on that for 20 minutes"
they asked me if the sheriff had any kids and why he was so grumpy I didn't expect it so I said he had a logging accident and couldn't have kids. it devolved into a in depth discussion of his particular injury that I was making up on the fly.

because my players are all new I ran the falcons hollow module as a tutorial

I don't want to limit the players in anyway shape or form. but I want to make sure the gravity of the situation is felt ie... you get to explore a sweet buried space ship!!!!!!

one of the best and most serious DM's I ever played with had me do the weight of all the gold and every item we carried I don't want to go to that length and bog down the game.

I am also thinking about letting one Character learn "androfuppin" or what ever its called. but he hooks his head up to a machine and randomly loses one other languange he knows imagine the amazing RP if he loses Common!!!

skizzerz wrote:
Lobolusk wrote:

Stupid Question,

how do I read the little numbers/symbols on the Cards?

If you're referring to the markings on the pawns:

  • The "IG" indicates it comes from the Iron Gods pawn collection. You can use this to split pawns out to their individual sets after you've mixed them all together.
  • The number corresponds to the number on the back of the pawn collection cover, which are the same as the numbers in the product description above. You can use this to verify you have all of the pawns, and also to sort them after they've been mixed together with pawns of other sets.
  • The color allows for differentiating between multiple copies of the same pawn. You and your players can make use of this by calling out the pawn color when saying what targets are attacking or being attacked, for example.

YESSS Spankyou very much!

Misroi wrote:
The same way that weapon store owners with no levels in spellcasting classes know how much a +2 icy burst dagger costs.

yes but that is magic ( I cant believe i just said that seriously)

this is technology there is no known way to really understand it and identify it except for a few guarded individuals. and granted I am only on book one of the AP. but with magic( again I know magic isn't real) you have wizards on every street corner. you dont have electricians/engineers on every corner of a small town like torch, in fact with out a the technologist feat you cant even use skills you have ranks in to interact with technology very well.

This is just me tryign to make it fun for my players, because I know they will eventually come to know what every itewm is and does and it will lose some of its "mystery".

I told them that every thing that is sold is beneficial. and I plan to include basic instructions with pictures like the defibrillators you see in public.

it is a fine line I agree being a jerk dm and doing what I am doing I just want every body to have fun. alot of these guys a have never rolled a 20 in their lives. I still have super fond memories of being in a a tight spot and having no options except drinking a random potion not knowing what it would do.

just received it looks amazing BTW.

Stupid Question,

how do I read the little numbers/symbols on the Cards?

Grumpus wrote:

I have only run 1 session so far of this campaign, but I will rule that the merchants will know what their tech items are and what they do. How else would they know what to charge?

To be honest some of tech items for sale seem to be more expensive than the usual magical equivalents. I don't really see my PCs buying much of it.

I agree I want my characters to work for the knowledge of tech. and for the vendors charging they just pick a price,

I Imagine a few of these items pop up from now and then and they figure "hey this looks expensive and fancy"


I found a good medium to describe the things and having the party buying them.

the CUreall is a black box with a red cross ect..

I read up on the technology guide about identifying.

really nothing?

I apologize a head of time I am scattered brained.

1. my Pcs want to start buying stuff in town. When they come across a flare gun at the temple of Brigh does Joram Kyte know what he is selling? or is it an orange thingy for 500 gp. how much description shoudl I give them?

same with the cureall hemochem ect..

I was thinking of telling them that what the townsfolk sell is beneficial but you wont be able to what it is yet. like if they find a potion and they dont do a spell craft all they know is it is a vial of green liquid ect..

my pcs are still level 1 so they would not have any of the feats to identify technology yet having never encountered it.

what is the exact process for identifying technological gear. I want to make it fun and mysterious not to easy but not be a jerk about it.

any suggestions? i know at some point they will pick up on it and have lazer swords and blasters ect.

so even though that they have 2 domain spells they have to only pick one to put in that slot


I am a rusty DM and player is rolling a Cleric he has a 19 wisdom

on the level 1 cleric table it says he has 3 0 level spells and 1+1 1st level spells.

I went to his table on the bonus spells and assigned him the proper bonus spells +1 extra at each level ending at level 4.

my brain fart is what the heck is the 1+1 mean? is that just 2 first level spells or 1 1st level spell and +1 domain spell?

can somebody spell it out for me???

I have not run a cleric since 3.5

Tragic Missile wrote:

Well I stand corrected, as a designer stepped in. Although I do have to say it feels like a cop out.

Since we've established that Characters can take "feats that don't work for them" do those feats still function as prerequisites?

For example, a human / kobold could take Draconic Aspect, even though he doesn't have scales, so the feat would be useless.

Could he still use Draconic Aspect to fulfill the requirements for Draconic Glide or would he be disqualified because even though he has the pre-req, he can't use it? Unlike Tail Terror, Draconic Glide clearly states "you grow a pair of wings."

Also, is it just me or does it seem like there are lots of relatively easy ways to gain permanent wings, but very limited ways to gain a tail?

that is a very good question you should faq that question. that is an actual legitimate question.

do we have a list of what was erratted in the newest printing?

I go the other way kind of...

They cant be detected by anything but normal things still make sounds. for instance if the ninja heard foot loose and just had to punch dance you could not see him but if he failed his stealth check you could hear him working off his teenage anxt. but you could not detect his delicate yet angry foot rhythms with tremor sense. and his scent wouldn't register as any thing other than the smell of pure gymnastic awesomeness

I still don't get the difference mechanically between Crane wing and deflect arrows? why is there not any deflect arrows hate?

with deflect arrows you literally just say "I deflect that arrow" and it is is deflected

with crane wing you have to be fighting defensively or take a total defense action and you get to deflect one melee attack.

in a multiple attack game why is this such a big deal?

attack one is deflected

attack 2 hits ect...

SO my one question is what is the big deal? deflect arrows does the exact same thing only with ranged attacks. why is/was Crane wing any different?

I never take deflect arrows I have never wanted to spend the feat tax to take crane wing.

I just guess I am having a hard time seeing the value in giving a feat that blocks one attack per round any errata. most of the guys at higher levels have multiple attacks. Am I missing some strange gaming culture current here? it seems to be no different than deflect/snatch arrows?

in fact we got gloves of arrow snatching in a recent game and it came in handy but not "spend a feat" handy.

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Rynjin wrote:
Why does everyone hate Monks so hard?

Haters gonna hate, they are mostly jealous of the MOnks pure bathrobe wearing fists of doom.

remember when you go lawful you lose the ability to it will have to be monk first.

silently drop them. your fb your rules.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

there was one encounter where a druid had a Albnio Alligator that was fun to wrestle it think it was a CR2

Orfamay Quest wrote:

I admit to not understanding this fixation with "an official answer." The "official" answer is always "the Game Master is in control of the game," with an additional injunction that the purpose of the game is to be fun.

Even if Lobolusk received a notarized set of stone tablets signed by SKR himself, he (or his GM) would be completely at liberty to disregard the wording of the tablet.

And I'd much rather SKR spent his time designing new product than trolling the forums looking for questions that he can take to the local stonemason.

agreed, But no need for stone just need the dragon to pop by and say either A or B. the Majority of my Characters tend to be masked monster wrestlers. I tend to be confused my self sometimes on how it works. EDIT: my dm looks for official answers on how it works, and I am not the only one asking for Clarification. I dont feel like it is a waste of SKR's time.

and My DM usually looks to me to arbitrate the minutia of grapple related things because that is all I do.

a seemonster
b. charge at moster
c. punch monster
d. wrestle monster
E. stand upon corpse of monster looking like a white fat Hercules ready to be velvet painted

Meh I just want an official answer. It is confusing and I have retired my grappler until I get a good answer.

Looking at the James Jacobs post under the FAQed section they wrote "NO response required"

so to me that means the James Jacobs interpretation is the official one right?

I only allow my players to be Wizards, Falcata Fighters, and gunslingers. and one guy has to play the cleric but they draw straws.

can someone give me an example of making a higher ac light/med armor build than heavy armor?

I stole this and put it on my FB page very informative. I also put a link to this post.

Battlefield support ninja with ki powers secondary,

MY plan was

speed katana,weapon focus

ninja stars and feats ect point blank quick draw

I saw the ring of KI mastery and a ninja suit?

this is my second ninja my first one I used a feat to get medium armor and went with mountain armor and want to do my second ninja a little more streamed lined

any body have any suggestions for starting gear for a level 12 ninja?
I was thinking one handed katana guy.

is there a basic must have gear list for the ninja like kI ring ect...

mid way through the day bump mark the faq people

wed morning bump

double bump


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