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Lloyd Jackson's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 863 posts (2,638 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 16 aliases.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Jessica Price wrote:

Kelesh is a large, ancient, and extremely powerful empire. It's not a nation: it's a governing body that contains many nations and cultures. (As I hinted at in Inner Sea Races, the "Keleshite" designation is less an ethnicity like Kellids or Varisians and closer to "Tian" -- which is to say, it's not monolithic, and has more to do with Avistani not really understanding the different cultures and peoples and lumping them all into a single designation that basically equates to "I dunno, they're from Over There.")

Kelesh itself has a lot of desert, but it also has jungles, grasslands, temperate forests, and other climates, and cultures that developed within them. The Imperial Family and a lot of the nobility originate from desert tribes, and a lot of citizens imitate some of their practices and dress because they're seen as socially prestigious, which is why Keleshites are seen as "desert people" in Avistan.

Vudra is also extremely large and potentially powerful (and probably better defined as an empire than as a nation), but it's a collection of a ton of different smaller nations and while the maharajah is the supreme ruler, its administration is less tight than Kelesh's -- a mahajanapada is more independent than a satrapy.

Vudra hasn't conquered the world because A) overall they're not inclined to and B) they're not particularly centralized.

Kelesh hasn't conquered the world because after they got rich enough, they decided that instead of engaging in military conquest, they'd try economic/cultural conquest instead. (Join up, get free shipping on luxury goods from around the world!) They're confident that the quality of life the Empire provides its citizens will lure the rest of the world under their rule eventually. They don't need to force it. Qadira feels differently, of course.

Thank you for this Jessica!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Don't look at me guys, I'm just a mouse. Squeak!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Ozak "Badaxe" Daggertooth wrote:
Kingmaker Wolfspirit wrote:

Also, it was just the push I needed to be motivated to create this game.

I would be happy to share notes / materials with prospective GMs after this is done: a "Kingmaker Shared Resources", if you will.

One of the reasons I am signing up is because I would like to run this AP at some point and want to see how others do it. So I would definitely be interested in the "shared resources."

I highly, highly, recommend checking out the Kingmaker AP board here, there is a ton of great material there.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Jesse Heinig wrote:
Lloyd Jackson wrote:
As for running two games, I'll throw this out there for any potential GMs out there. Easy way to recruit players is reach out to the applicants once selection has been made. You've got plenty of solid choices and just slip 'em a little PM. "Hey, got some of that... Kingmaker you're looking for."
That may be how this all started -- I did a recruitment for a KM game (that is just getting through its second encounter!) and Wolfspirit mentioned that the huge turnout inspired him to set up his own. :)


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You've got 3 hours! You can do it!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

As for running two games, I'll throw this out there for any potential GMs out there. Easy way to recruit players is reach out to the applicants once selection has been made. You've got plenty of solid choices and just slip 'em a little PM. "Hey, got some of that... Kingmaker you're looking for."

Kingmaker Wolfspirit wrote:

Yeah, I don't envy the GM this monumental task. What a kind of a crazy person would sign... up for... that?

*looks around* Wait, *I* am supposed to pick from this group of talented writers and RPers?

*abdicates throne*

On a serious note, thanks for all the encouragement and excellent characters. Please make sure to look over the Character Roster to make sure that you're on there and that your characters profiles are updated with any final edits by midnight.

I may make some suggestions and recommend some tweaking still, but I'm trying to get a final, stable list before I start making cuts from 85% of the list of applicants.

That's what you get for putting up a well-written recruitment post. ^_^

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The Scorpion King

Why it's bad: Action adventure doesn't get much cheesier than The Scorpion King. (So say the critics)

Why it's good: It's FUN. It's cheesy, knows that's it's cheesy, and glories in being what it is: A fun action adventure that doesn't let history, accuracy, or anything else get in the way of having a good time. Guy experimenting with gunpowder thousands of years too early. Sure. Flaming swords, hell yes. Sub-Saharan African amazonian kingdom in the middle east. Why not?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Looking forward to seeing the final recruitment post, and what everyone submits.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm not sure I'd worship one primarily. I'd probably be one of those with a small shrine holds the icons of several.

My shrine would probably hold icons too:
Abadar: As patron of civilization and my profession.
Sarenrae: Light of the world.
Pharasma: I just like her and someone worthy of showing respect to.
Erastil: I appreciate nature and his values most resonate with me.
Shelyn: Love and beauty are worthy of worship, and I could use more of both.

If I had to choose one, I think either Pharasma or Nethys. I could see being a cleric of Pharasma for area, and could represent other deities as well who don't have clerics in the area. I help you on the way in and out, very practical faith that, and like contemplating eternity. Wouldn't mind becoming a psychopomp helping the flow of souls along either after finishing with life.

If Nethys, mystic theurge dedicate to learning all the things. I seek phenomenal cosmic power! (Probably end up being a magic 101 teacher for prospective wizards and clerics.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would say you can't have a trans-sex member of a single-sex species.

To be trans-sex is to change from one sex to another. This isn't possible if there is only one sex. Harpies, we'll use those since they are social, probably don't even have a concept of sexes in the way we think of them.

Now, What you might be able to do is create a new sex that mimics the role that other species play. In this case, I think it would be seen as becoming, at least in part, another species. Because that's what performs that role. Other species, not other members of the species. How harpies would take a Trans-harpy? No idea, but probably not very well.

At this time it isn't possible to be truly change sex in the real world, but we can come pretty close. Hormone therapies, surgeries, etc relate to this.

This brings us to gender. Genders are social constructs that center around biological sex. Sex is what your body is. Gender is what you and the rest of the world think that particular body means.

Changing genders is possible. You and society just have to agree that you are are no longer one and are now the other. In practice it's pretty messy, but the core is simple.

Now what this means for single-sex species that rely on other species to reproduce... who knows? Do harpies even have genders? Perhaps gender centers around whether a harpy has reproduced? Those that do are one, those that don't are another?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
xeose4 wrote:
One important aspect of alignment is that LN is an alignment goal in and of itself that someone might adhere to. If Lissala was LN, she would, either actively or passively, disapprove of the LE stuff that went on in her faith - and we know that is not the case.

By the reasoning, she would disapprove of the LG or LN that went on, and she didn't. As you said, one of her most sacred shines was initially dedicated to virtues. To me seems very L(n). She's neutral because she isn't very interested in morality rather than particularly dedicate to neutrality itself, which is a valid form of neutral alignments.

I'll agree that having her as evil is definitely interesting. It gives LE more nuance when you have Asmodeus at the center, but Lissala and Zon-Kuthon on the sides.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Gorbacz wrote:
Ragathiel, on the other hand, is a psychotic omnicidial monster who covers his head with a sheet of lead every time his fellow empyreal lords cast detect evil on him.

Perhaps in your games G, but that is not how he is presented in the source material, and it clearly isn't how everyone else sees him.

For me, Ragathiel is a very welcome, and necessary, part of the Good community. I like an obedience that I might not get every day. It's more powerful than most obediences and is appropriately more difficult to perform.

As for his flavor/nature that people find disagreeable, that doesn't mean he isn't Good. I don't care for Arshea, but that doesn't make he/she/it not Good. Take away Arshea and Good is too sexless. Take away Ragathiel and Good becomes too fluffy bunny. We need both.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Zhangar wrote:

The article makes it clear that she completely approved of the Runelords, and really did recognize Runelord Krune (who was a straight up wizard, not a cleric) as her High Priest. Amusingly enough, her teachings favor arcane magic over divine magic, and so seeing her divine servitors dwindle in favor of arcane casters was not a surprise.

(Like Sorshen apparently murdering an entire city to become immortal. If I understand Lissala right, in Lissala's eyes Sorshen, as the master of those people, actually had the right to kill them all to further to her own magical advancement. By Lissala's teachings, those people had a duty to die for Sorshen's whims.)

That is actually the opposite of what I got from her article. When talking about Thassilon's downward spiral into depravity, it specifically mentions that this was the result of the nation's culture, and not a directive of the goddess. Although the more distasteful practices did not conflict with Lissala's teaching, they don't seem to have been encouraged either.

Lissala's slow withdrawal from Thassilon always struck me as a sign of disapproval. The runelords and her church were abandoning her directives and so she gradually moved away, or perhaps she viewed it as the other way around.

Also, nothing in the article indicates she approved of Krune. He was the head of her church, and many people thought him to have a special connection to the goddess, but there isn't anything that really supports him having her approval.

I quite like Lissala, and she seems like a quite positive deity. Her church was heavily involved in the local community, and even today emphasizes service regardless of the facade the cult is using.

If a slave isn't a good fit for the church's rigor, sell them to a owner with a more suitable post. Apprentices who aren't happy should be encouraged to seek other careers, not punished and forced into conformity. Sounds like deity we need to bring back. Lissala 2015!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Nice job on cleaning up GD.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Crystal Frasier wrote:

Ptemenib--your NPC assistant--was a trans man in my early drafts of Empty Graves, but I chickened out because it was my first AP, I wasn't out to my coworkers, and I was afraid to push boundaries. I was afraid, and you suffered for it. I'm genuinely sorry.

I'm keeping this in mind if I run Empty Graves. Be interesting to see how a trans-man would work in a society that seems to have a lot of bare-chested men around.

Don't feel bad about it though. Ptemenib is a fine character. Do you have any material lying around on how his trans identity would have been incorporated into the story. Like how Irabeth sold her family sword to get the potion for Anevia in Wrath of the Righteous?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

On a different topic, since you guys mention liking feedback. All of our less-than-good iconics seem to be white, straight, cis, men. It doesn't bother me that much, but I have noticed.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Good luck and have fun at Gen-Con.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Norasha Mountainrunner wrote:

@Hammas Wow! Excellent character you got there! Good luck!

Thanks! I used your alias as template for mine, so thanks for the assist!

Quill the Owl wrote:

Indeed! Hammas looks like a well thought out character. I wish that they offered more variety in the non-iconic female half-orc avatars, but it is what it is. I looking forward to seeing which characters are chosen for this adventure!

Thanks Owl! Hurray for cuddly half-orcs!

It would be really nice to get some more portraits of the different races. Imrijka is great, but she doesn't fit very for a lot of characters.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Appreciate the help. Mice aren't designed for this.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

General Discussion is going down! I'm squashing them fast as I can!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I've abandoned pbp games...

"Shame! Shame! Shame!"

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Korak The Boisterous wrote:
Nice. Lloyd, I like.

Thanks. ^_^ I like him too! Not quite sure where he came from, but I'm glad he wandered into my head.

@Treasurefox Aside from finishing the equipment list, which shouldn't contain anything too unusual, is there anything you'd like me to do/change? I know you stated a preference for core races, but I'm hoping the choice of Kitsune in Sandpoint makes sense. I'm interested in using some of the race's abilities in the downtime and puzzles you mentioned.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Sorry for being late to the party. Been, and still am, traveling for work. Got most of the crunch and fluff taken care of and will finish the remaining when I have time.

Hiro Tsukino:
Hiro Tsukino
Male Kistune Bard 1
N Medium Humanoid (Kitsune/Shapechanger)
Init +3, Senses: Low-light vision
AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 13
hp 9
Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +3
CMD 13
Spd 30
Melee: Rapier +3; 1d6 18-20
Ranged: Shortbow +3; 1d6
CMB +0
Str 11, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 16
Feats: Realistic Likeness, Weapon Finesse
Traits: Barroom Talespinner, Favored Daughter(Ameiko)
Racial Traits: Natural Finesse, Naturalized
Skills: Perception +5, Bluff +7, Disguise +7, Stealth +7, Perform(Oratory) +8, Craft(Glass) +5, Linguistics +5, Knowledge(Local) +6, Diplomacy +8, Perform(Sing) +7.
Languages: Common, Slyvan, Tian
SQ: Change Shape
Diety: Daikitsu
Bardic Knowledge
Bardic Performance
1st: Charm Person, Grease

Character Death: I'm comfortable with it. I've killed characters off as a DM before, so I know how it goes.

Waiting on standby: Yes, I would be interested in joining later.

Combat: I usually use description/mind theater in my games, but think google docs and roll20 can be really helpful in tricky tactical situations.

Posting: Assuming I don't have to make another last minute flight across the country, I should be able to post in the morning and/or evening without problem. With shorter combat posts, twice a day should be doable. For RP, more likely 1 depending on how much thinking/typing is required.

Fluffy Tale:

Tians are a fairly small minority in Varisia, though considerably more common there than elsewhere. Like most such groups, they tend to stick together and form small enclaves. The Kaijitsus were a prominent family in Magnimar, and thus a de facto leader in the Tian community, before helping found the town of Sandpoint. With the success of the Sandpoint Glassworks, several Tian families followed the wealthy family to the growing community. And where the people of Tian Xia go, the Kitsune travel among them.

Growing up in Sandpoint with only occasional contact with Kitsune outside his immediate family, Hiro passes easily as a human, and generally thinks of himself as one. True, he and his family can transform into a anthropomorphic fox creatures, but everyone has their little quirks. As a result of living primarily as a human, Hiro's magical abilities have shifted a little. Instead of the single human form most can adopt, his talents allow him to take the form of anyone.

He uses this talent to indulge the fox's need for mischief. Several of Sandpoint's more hen-pecked husbands have stumbled home to a scowling wife who only hours before sent them off to the tavern with an exasperated but indulgent smile. Or so they say.

Most of the time though, Hiro confines himself to the local theater and taverns. Where he has established himself as a promising yarn-spinner with a particular knack for imitations. Sometimes you'd swear it really was Mayor Deverin herself up on the stage. Ameiko, owner of the Rusty Dragon, is Hiro's idol. From a noble family, with her own successful business, and a mysterious past as an adventurer, she is the perfect target of youthful infatuation.

None of this has endeared Hiro to the patriarch of the Kaijitsu family, the Tsukino family's employer, who has started to make less subtle suggestions that their son might want to seek his fortunes elsewhere. Perhaps another industry, in another city. On another continent. He would be pleased to write a very fine letter recommending Hiro as a journeyman glassblower.

And so the Swallowtail festival finds Hiro with a number of choices to make...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

No time to write it up tonight, but a hobgoblin slayer sounds interesting. DM Jelani, would you allow the feat Keen Scent to be taken by goblinoids?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Something I found interesting is the additional information on kytons and Zon-Kuthon.

First Sacristans apparently can gain free will. Very different from the bestiary description. We have sacristan cleric who grew bored with their current location and opted to join the Dominion. Interesting. Also, the Kyton/Zon-Kuthon have enslaved entire worlds. Our cleric is from one such place.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm curious, how will the Indebted trait work with the shield mark that requires honesty?

I'd be interested in putting together a Kitsune skald, maybe bard, with the above mentioned trait. Realistic Likeness is very tempting in this setting.

If not, fighter, human or half-orc, is also interesting.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Liz Courts wrote:
Ben Wooten did the gnoll art—check out the lineup here.

Thank you Liz. You guys did good with this one.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

True. But they didn't do a Numeria AP until they had the technology rules. I'm thinking it's the same with Vudra. No Vudra AP until the psychic rules are in place.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The Deverins are in agriculture. They probably own most of the farmland, or the biggest farms at least, around Sandpoint. It wasn't uncommon historically. Wealthy individual buys a large chunk of land in a unsettled area, pays to bring the needed equipment and laborers there.

At this point, people may consider certain land to be X's farm, but it is actually owned by the Deverin family and X pays rent to them. That's how most farming in England worked(s).

Now, if your livelihood is based off of farmers paying rent to you, you probably want to stay close to the populace. It's fine if the Kaijitsus are stuck up and snobbish. They make their money by exporting to wealthy people in other cities. But you, you need the people to do well because they are you income. You also may have a good deal of unused land still. Hard to attract new renters if you have a bad reputation.

All these renters and the attention you pay to them also gives you a solid political block. Again, the Kaijitsus have a lot of wealth, but don't employ that many people directly. The money the bring in is critical, but is somewhat theoretical to your average person. If Kendra owns your land though, and is there reason you are a reasonably well tenant rather than the farmhand your grandfather was before the Deverins gave him a stake, that's direct. If she supports a position, you probably will too. Both because it makes good sense, don't annoy the boss and because you trust her.

Also, there is plenty of land to support sandpoint. The whole area south of the town appears to be farmland, plus there is the sea.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I've been wanting to do an adventure like this ever since soulbound dolls were featured. If you aren't sure your group would be up for it, try the pbp forums here.

I'd encourage allowing a similar amount of variation in the physical and mental stats.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I think part of the reason this is coming out is to enable adventures in Vudra. Psychic abilities is an integral part of that setting, and James said he didn't think they would go there until the rules for psychic materials were available. Similar thing happened with Numeria.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Just posted review, but wanted to pop in here.

Whoever did the gnoll section, I love you. The witch and barbarian archetypes are great. Pack Rager combined with Amplify Rage will help turn my Lamashtu cultists into the terrors they deserve to be. The Bouda is great for creating the classic 'evil eye' witch from folklore, and with a little change can be suited any race or environment.

Can I please get the name of the artist who did the image for the Bouda? Simply excellent.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Really? Now why would you ever think that? ^_^

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Alex Smith 908 wrote:
I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

Let's not badmouth nihilism for the sake of poseurs - it's nothing to fear. People who say "I choose conscientious Evil because the world doesn't make sense" are merely people who are "in withdrawal" from ontological dependency on false expectations of an ordered cosmos. A proper nihilist exists just fine without such a crutch!

Your comment does potentially cast the faith of Zon-Kuthon in a bit of a new light for me, though, and may explain what makes Him Lawful Evil.

“Bunch together a group of people deliberately chosen for strong religious feelings, and you have a practical guarantee of dark morbidities expressed in crime, perversion, and insanity.”
― H.P. Lovecraft

While I wouldn't fault someone for choosing nihilism as a personal philosophy, using Lovecraft as a source on the human condition is pretty much always a bad idea.

Yeah. The man had a... strong viewpoint shall we say.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

There are only a few dieties with paladin codes, those being the ones in faiths of purity.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Something to keep in mind. Thassilon is a splinter sect of the Azlanti civilization. Now, think about Azlant and the legends around it. Sounds an awful lot like a legendary civilization from earth, doesn't it.

Now, it could just be coincidence that there are two cultures with very similar names, and very similar places in history, that just happened to live on a continent in the ocean to the west of the largest landmass on the planet, and just happened to disappear overnight in a great catastrophe. It could be. And it could just be coincidence that someone from this world that bears some striking similarities with this other world happens to get brought there at the same time that powerful artifacts powered by souls from a long dead civilization that is so much like another long dead civilization are powering up for the first time in millenia. It could all be coincidence.

Myself, I'd be wondering if there are similar artifacts on the world this character came from, and if there might not be a way to make them resonate. Maybe the vortex didn't strip her of her abilities. Maybe it only sent part of her soul through. What if there are two of her now? What if the other half kept her skills, but not her personality. What if what the rival really did was create a puppet with all her abilities, but no soul, memories, or will of it's own?

Perhaps the lost capital of this lost civilization might have the answers?

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You sir, have murderhobos. Honest to the abyss cannibal murderhobos.

If used as the villains for a traditional party, they would be regarded as 'unrealistic' or 'Oh, s@%#! We're dealing with like, possessed demon-cultists aren't we.'

If you encountered the Stag Lord's gang, they would be revolted, then do their best to kill the party. Being a capricious murdering cannibal has that effect on people, even bandits.

I'm kind of surprised they didn't add rape into the mix.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

When I first presented this to Mikaze a while back, he mentioned that Veranallia and Brijidine Azatas seemed like they would be good servitors. I'm curious what other people's thoughts are.

Also, how do you think souls, servitors, outsiders, and the planes in general work with a being that can grant spells, but isn't a deity?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Really? What's it called?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You're totally right. The stories were first published in serial form in the 30s and 40s, but weren't printed as books until the 50s. Lensmen is what led me to Amazing Stories and the pulp magazines. Wonderful stuff.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Grey Lensman wrote:

They can be a bit dated, it's obviously from the 50's in a lot of ways.

50s? They're from the 1930s-1940s, golden age of Sci-fi!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Just popping in to say that the above poster is a gentleman and scholar with excellent taste in books.

As for the topic. The worst background I've seen was, "Well... really I just wanted to maximize the potential of a bomb throwing alchemist. No, don't really have any goals for him or anything, just wanted to see how the numbers turned out. What, oh yeah. It's a guy I guess. I play guy characters. I should probably put the name and gender stuff down shouldn't I?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

^_^ Thanks. I thought so too.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Alleran wrote:
Lloyd Jackson wrote:
Yes, this is the end result of a Divine Source focused character from WOTR. Thoughts on possible holy symbols?
A honeycomb.

For some reason I hadn't even considered that, but it might be a good one. It's representative and symmetrical. Thanks.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Te'Shen wrote:
Lloyd Jackson wrote:
. . . Only ongoing series in the very exclusive club of books that get read aloud during road-trips.
Haha. I have a buddy who really likes the audio book versions. Several are voiced by James Marsters (a.k.a. Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). He (my buddy) says Marsters makes a very good job of it.

Hmm. I haven't tried listening to audiobooks before, but if it's James, I might have to try it. Thanks.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Zhangar wrote:

Dead Beat. I'd read Storm Front and Fool Moon, went "huh, those were neat," and then got directed to Pratchett and, well, read a LOT of Pratchett. That was a huge backlog of stuff to get caught up on.

At some point later, I wound up with Dead Beat from the library and read that.

Reading Dead Beat caused me to go back to Grave Peril and read everything (including reading Dead Beat again).

While a number of the books are very good, Dead Beat's what caused me to actually read everything else in the first place. So I'll have to give the "favorite" slot to Dead Beat.

Yep. That's pretty much how it went for me and my family. Was shotgunning the fantasy section of the library, many years ago, and came home with Dead Beat. Picked it up, and it was good. Really good. Showed it to my mom and the rest of the family. Only ongoing series in the very exclusive club of books that get read aloud during road-trips.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Gah! I posted the wrong version! Yes, Xs are placeholders for name/pronoun. I must have copied the one I hadn't finished editing. I was debating changing the name to something else.

Yes, this is the end result of a Divine Source focused character from WOTR. Thoughts on possible holy symbols?

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hear me Locust! I will unmake you. I will turn your wasteland into a paradise. I will lead your scorned children to heaven. I will burn your body and from the ashes grow a garden of such beauty and goodness that all who see it will be restored. I will name it Deskari so that in time your very name is one with life, joy, and love. I will take everything that you are and make it holy!

Lord of the Verdant Waste
Son of Vengeance

Home: The material plane

Alignment: Lawful good

Temples: Former temples of evil faiths. Wastelands. Ruins.

Holy Symbol:

Portfolio: Wastelands

Mendevian crusaders
Residents of the Worldwound
Tiefling paladins

Domains: Fire, Good, Law, Plant
Subdomains: Archon, Ash, Growth, Redemption

Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword

Tuoni is a not properly a deity, rather a mortal risen to the heights of mythic power. The scion of Ragathiel and a tiefling paladin devoted to his service, Tuoni’s nature and heritage are an important part of who he is. From his father’s side he gained a heritage of iron, fire, and vengeance, but also fertility, honor, and leadership. From his mother, mortality, the fury of the abyss, and a desire to create new life. Raised by his mother and adoptive father, Tuoni was taught early, and firmly, the importance of discipline and self-mastery, and the need for order. For some it might be enough to simply follow their heart, but for him, and his mother, righteousness was a code found in the sacred texts of good divinities. If the heart cannot be trusted, something else must guide it.

This reliance on external codes, and the identity of his parents, made becoming a paladin a natural choice that he trained for from early on. Having spent many of his formative years in Lastwall, Tuoni identifies strongly with that crusader tradition and bears the shield and sword mark of Vigil proudly.

During the fifth crusade, particularly with the reclamation of the city of Drezen, Tuoni became an beacon to many, and organized his followers to best help in the restoration and defense of the city. As he grew in power, he found that his most devoted were able to draw not just inspiration, but real, tangible, power from him in an manner not unlike how he did from his father. This humbling, and exhilarating, power would have great effect on the path he would take.

The attention demanded by being a good leader caused him to notice, really notice, the tortured landscape. He heard stories from crusaders whose ancestors had once called this land home. Of temples desecrated and herds that had once provided sustenance turned into undead abominations. And through all this, in the middle of a war for the soul of a world, children were born. New life was made, and the only horizon for those children to see was a hellscape from a lunatic’s nightmares. This would not be tolerated. The hordes of the Abyss would pay for this crime and the land would be restored. More than restored, it would be made good.

An important part of the Verdant Waste’s faith is the belief that all sentient beings have the ability, and right, to determine their destiny, and so is popular among those who have decided to reject their heritage. Though many of these are individualists who favor the flexibility of chaos, this is not the case for all. Some desire to change, or recognize the validity of arguments in favor of it, but lack, or feel they lack, the ability to do so one their own, and seek a firm structure to build their new lives around. These are often individuals who have failed to achieve their goal previously, or for whom it is an ongoing struggle, such as pit-born tieflings who must continually master their fiendish heritage. Others simply recognize the strength that comes from being part of a united community. Marks of Justice and other magically binding oaths are popular among the faithful. Though there is some variation, all require the bearer to be truthful and uphold the noblest crusader ideals.

X has a fondness for bees, particularly honeybees. As creatures which work together to enrich and benefit all around them, they represent the ideal X strives towards. They turn hollow trees and rock clefts into astounding and beautiful homes full of multitudes working together. From this reclaimed home, they go forth, promoting growth and turning nectar into a delicious and nourishing food. Though generally unaggressive, bees are willing to give their all in defense of their hive, and their sting is painful and lasting. Bees are also the source of X’s prefered libation, mead. There is an element of pugnaciousness in the choice as well. As insects tend to be favored by gods of chaos or evil.

As much of Tuoni’s limited time as a quasi-deity has been spent trying to reclaim the world-wound and restore natural order there, he works with many that would seem uncomfortable fits. As beings connected to nature, azatas, fey, and druids are are frequent presences in project camps. Seeking to right the wrongs done, he has sought out beings who lived, or are descended from those who lived, in Sarkoris prior to the wound. Just as important, Tuoni seeks to make the land itself whole. Proper placement of forests, water-courses, plant and animals species. are all considered before taking action. It is not enough to know what was here, though that often provides an excellent blue-print to work from, it needs to be the right choice.

Make the desert bloom
Even the most blasted waste can be made beautiful with enough skill and sacrifice. This applies not only to physical wastes, but to spiritual or personal ones as well. A personal failing or weakness is a chance to prove mastery over self and create something truly unique. Likewise, a thing’s origin or nature does not determine it’s destiny. Some of the emptiest deserts can become the most productive farms with proper watering and tending.

A thousand strikes cleave the mountain
Adapted from one of Deskari’s own aphorisms, this can be used to emphasize the importance of persistence or community. It takes consistent and determined effort to affect lasting change. If you wish to truly make a difference, carefully count the cost, then proceed with fortitude. Likewise, a task that could take one man a lifetime can be done quickly with the aid of others. Much good can be done as a community if it united in the same task. Gather others of a like mind together, and everyone’s goals will be accomplished sooner.

Relations with other religions: Tuoni is the son of the empyreal lord Ragathiel, and so grandson of Dispater and Feronia. He has good relations with his father, rising to power as a paladin in his service. Ascension to near equal status, choosing a different focus, and granting spells to his own worshipers has complicated the relationship. Currently neither are exactly sure how to proceed and have been seeking advice from older deities. A quite religious mortal, X is endeavoring to cultivate relationships with a wide array of divinities, most notably Iomedae and the gods of the crusade, whose servants he has fought alongside, Pharasma, who he feels everyone should be on good terms with, and his paternal grandmother Feronia, with whom he shares many interests. Cayden Cailean’s advice has been sought in regards to the proper fermentation of honey and as a fellow mortal who gained divine power unintentionally. Overtures have been made to Erecura, Dispater’s current wife as a first step in trying to resolve what is, for Tuoni, a troublingly unsettled relationship with his grandfather.
X also has a number of divine enemies. First of all these is Deskari. The demon lord’s incursion into X’s homeworld, and X’s and company’s subsequent foiling of his plan created a fierce enmity. Slaying him in his seat of power and vowing to unmake him roused the dispassionate Lord of Locusts to an eternal hatred, which the Son of Vengence is more than happy to return. Baphomet is a close second for his part in corrupting the crusades. X has also sworn oaths of destruction against Cyth-V’sug, Treerazer, Apollyon, and Trelmarixian, though he freely admits those, with the exception of Treerazer, are long term goals that would require significant help to accomplish. Still, having specifics in mind is more useful than simply saying all of Abaddon and the Abyss.

Holidays: Holidays form an important part of the growing faith as they bring a community together. They are also favored by X himself as opportunities to honor other deities or events worthy of praise, and engage in revelry. X and his followers specifically honor the first day of spring, both as a celebration of new life and to frustrate Deskari’s cultists, and the other equinox and solstices as important markers in the cycle of life.

Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I drew inspiration from this Hekatriggan and so finally decided to put it in the same place.

Feedback, suggestions, etc. Are all welcome.

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I play because it generally turns into three hours of shared laughter. It's also fun. You play video or board games and always think, what if I could do X. Here, you can, and we do.

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Christopher Anthony wrote:

Money Chris: It's the most girly of drinks.

Me: Wouldn't that be pumpkin spice?
Money Chris: That would be the the white girliest.
Ashley: I'd drink that. I am the most basic of b@*$$es.

Hey. Pumpkin spice almonds are delicious.

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Tacticslion wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Spoiler'd because or my quantum state of potential sleep deprivation aside, I recognized it for the off topic it is!

Your bed. It calls to you. Give in to temptation! ^_^ Also, the captain is correct, you're doing fine.

So, as we're currently on the topic of boundaries and punishments, a question that has puzzled me. Why is disappointing others sometimes an effective form of punishment, and why isn't it at others?

As I mentioned up thread, the primary punishment I received, after the age of 8 or so, was knowing that I'd disappointed my parents. That was it. I'd know they'd be disappointed, or I might see it in their faces, and I'd be crushed and vow to myself never to do it again. Why did this happen and why was it effective?

Even today, independent adult and all, if my parents requested something, I'd almost certainly do it. The thought of disobeying a actual command is, while not unthinkable, foreign. That just isn't how the world works. Yes, I have sometimes wondered if they slipped mind-control nanobots into my cereal as a child.

Orthos, I think your analogy is pretty accurate. We may all be talking about X, Y, and Z, and we're even using the same labels, but each of the variables is slightly different in each experiment. X with Y explodes, unless it's Xa or Yi-Yo, but if you use Xa with Yk then it melts a hole in the floor, and Z forms are great alloy if you're using the later sequence of X, but if you add....

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