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Little Skylark's page

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Last time we played our group had a discussion about the damage black tentacles deal, to be precise, about the word additional in the text.
Some of us thought the black tentacles would deal 1d6+4 damage the first round and the second round they would deal an additional 1d6+4, bringing the total up to 2d6+8 damage in the second round.
Others thought it was 1d6+4 first round, and in the second round once again 1d6+4, 1d6+4 an additional time.

Since we where in a fight we just did what the DM thought, but can some of you shine a light on the matter?

I'm not a very trusting person when it comes to money, so it would probably make me hesitate. I would, however, be interested to make a reservation and wait for the time it takes to "sell" the other copies.

I worship no-one! Victory is mine!

BlindKitsune Would rather starve to death than never dance the macarena again.

The plot of the dungeon sounds fun.
You could try to make the dungeon tell the story more. Place evidence of what happend here. I think the encounters are fine maybe put something weird in there like a kobold that turn half zombie (if you do something like that think of a reason why that happend.)

Posted this before but I didn't get any answers :( maybe someone has something.
For my next dungeon I'm thinking about having a jungel setting, possibly mwangi expanse. Do any of you know any dungeons in that setting? I'd like to look at something for inspiration.
If there's any thing Maya or Aztec themed that would be perfect!
If you don't think there is anything like that could you let me know as well?

For my next dungeon I'm thinking about having a jungel setting, possibly mwangi expanse. Do any of you know any dungeons in that setting? I'd like to look at something for inspiration.
If there's any thing Maya or Aztec themed that would be perfect!

All the three things you say could be true. (Innately from birth? Chosen by the god? Devoted himself to the god?)I personally think the last two are more interesting.
I'd might have a following background. The character is born normal no special devotion to this god, maybe an interest but no special devotion to this particular god. Then something bad happens and the character does a brave but dificult deed to help/prevent. (This "something bad" and the deed are somehow connected to the god.) The god gives a temporary minor power to the character to help it all and well. The character decides to devote him/herself to the god and starts studing at it's tempel.
It's all very vague and flat the way I wrote it but you can fill in the specifics for yourself and at more feeling to it depending on your character.

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If you like you could look at the treantmonk ranger guide for inspiration.

+1`for a lot of things already said.
What really helped for my group, don't only keep notes yourself but have (one of) the players keep notes (they can rotate this if they like) It helps me get an inside of what they noticed and if they found your clues.

Also, try and find out what you find fun to do.

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One Dm I have is brilliant at "making" civilizations and NPC's. They all have a great back ground. He has a way of describing places that truely makes me feel the ambiance. The other roll plays very well and puts up good fights. I really appreciate the time both of the Dm's put into the dungeon.

I think the reason there aren't more posts is that people feel the need to complain about what's bothering them, if a Dm is doing really well people often think it's normal. (Which it isn't.) They won't come running to the forum "everything is going very well over here, what should I do about it?" :-P

I would like more great Dm stories, I could learn from them.

Start with cha & bluff. You'll need to determine what class he pretents to be (maybe multi class) depending on that he'll need some str or dex otherwise it wouldn't be credible. He could have some levels in things to get skill points.
He'll also need money to buy relics (dragon tooth, claws of a manticorn, a fancy sword that sort of stuff). And a way of gaining the stories he tells. Gilderoy Lockhart comes to mind.

You might have won Synchronized swimmingm but you won't win this one!

Quiche Lisp want's to become a professional Synchronized swimmer

It doesn't feel that good...
But then again some vegetables that doesn't taste good are still good for you...
So: YEAH! I'M BURNING!! (wait, I'd still rather eat pizza) YEAH WATER!!!

Quiche Lisp has been the holder of this secret. A god has made him Lisp just so he couldn't pronounce "Little Sly Quark" propperly and the secrete wouldn't come out.

The ballet lesson

Oeh! congratulations to you all!

Alayern knows how to edit a post but thinks it is cheating.

You get more time, but you can only watch episode one in that time, for all the other episodes you get even less time.

I wish it was normal to sing out-loud in public places.

madgnome's laughter is very infectious. [*starts running and laughing with him*]

Quiche Lisp is gets very mad when someone thinks his name is Quiche Lips. (Which I did, until just now, I'm sorry, please don't.. aaahhhh...)

Yeah, It used to be Smushel Tiwigwa Uvilijo Tipear Ignowuli David. Deliverd to Pittsburgh looked better on my mail.

The next poster has fun with their mail as well.

I have been Dming a group for two years now and most things are going quite well. There is one thing I'm really struggling with, that is describing stuff and giving background stories. As soon as I have to discribe I somehow start to get nervous, stumble on my words, forget which is the logical order of telling things and I feel like I want to stop speaking as soon as possible. It's often unclear to my players what I mean and they get confused by it. (Luckely as soon as they start asking question I 'm in my not nervous anymore and can set things straight). I have tried different things, one of them was writing down what I should say word to word but I'm extremly bad at reading out loud and I've found that doesn't work for me. Other things did not work either. I have no problem rollplaying NPC but I think describing stuff is somehow closer to public speaking and gets on my nerves.
Does anyone of you have a similar problem? Or even better has anyone an idea how to improve this?

Viskous wrote:

Another idea is to describe everything they find with repeated perception checks. "3 twigs, half a pink stone, one dung beetle(normal), 3 slivers of filed iron, a leaf, about an ounce of dust if swept up and weighed, and 17 blades of grass that look like it might have fallen out of your armor as you spent so much time searching this room." Do this a couple of times and they should get the picture that there isn't anything of value in the room.

When I was young my father used this technique on me and my brother once. He stopped because we had so much fun with it that we wouldn't stop searching just to see what kind or rubbish we found.

It might work on other kids though, just a good memory I wanted to share.

Maybe make it easy(er) for now.
In 3.5 you had spot checks, sometimes they where made without a player asking about it. If there is something you really want them to find you could say "throw a d20" and pick the player how has the highest result and tell him/her what they see (even if it's below the DC, but not to much of course). Use elaborate description to draw their attention.
You could rooms with nothing of importance inside them emptier, keep your description shorter. Or after the first few rolls say that their characters don't think there is any thing. (Especially if they rolled well.)
I hope I helped!

If the question was Why would the bard also be a thief? (Coltello, please clarify! I'm quite curious about it to be honest) Than I say: he really liked the stories about thiefs and spies. It inspired him to learn to do the cool things they could and found he was good at it. He might want to make some stories of his own as well.

came closer fast

he was singing

Have you talked about the houserulles with your GM? And if you haven't why haven't you?

@Rynjin Thanks for the post! Great tips! :) I'll definetly use the revenants.
Haunts are a good idea as well! I think I can find a way to work in Father Charlatan.
Now I have to figure out the fluff of the temple. Looks, stone sort, size of the hallways, smells, sounds.

I agree with you as well.

For in-game solving, does the dwarf have any deity? And if so, of what algiment?

StDrake wrote:

Fluff shoud've gone first and if your characters decided to go there then I assume you've given them some reasons to. As you worded it evil characters shouldnt have been able to enter..good ones probably shouldnt want to, so we're missing some important info.

By the limited information you gave I'd expect to see mostly low level undead and some guardians that don't need to go out too often so as not to compromise the security - constructs come to mind and there was this one construct with something about tombs in their names..tomb sentinel? cant remembe. Paradoxally some undead might be good, even undead paladins sworn to protect the place even beyond their lifespans if necessity requires.

Traps bearing riddles requiring knowledge of prayers to good-aligned deities make sense too. After all people prociding burial services had to go in and back out somehow.

You're wright, I gave to little information.

The characters are entering this tomb because there is a corps down there that has answers they need, most of them are good, one is neutral.
The dead burried here where either rich, had to be protected from being turend into undead by evil clerics or had a high risk of becoming undead (murdered brutally for instance).


64. The Lucky Track, a gambling joint
65. Mozzi
66. The Mermaid and the Pearl, Seaside ofcorse

My characters are about to enter a tomb. It's a highly secured tomb, especially against evil. It was built so evil can't get in and undead cant get out.

I do have some security and monsters, but I need more, I would like to give this tomb an old complex feel. Could you help me with different monsters, fluff and traps?

I agree with Yorick, doing an evil act doesn't automaticly "make" you evil. So the smite doesn't work.
I do have to say that I don't know if there are any official rulings about changing aliments.
I think they'd have to do more evil acts, and they'd have to want to do more evil acts to shift towards evil.
Ps. don't shift your characters to easily, your players probably chose theire aligment for a reason.

29. Down and out, cheapest place in town lots of baggers, hardly any quality.
30. Punch, a fighting tavern, there is more beer in the air than in the mugs and they're proud of it.
31. Foxglove, popular with rougue like persons.
32. The Scarlet Pimpernel, a classy place woman come here to chat.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you're going ex-gladiator i'd make up a backstory where he was a gladiator, and good at it, with one friend.
His friend wasn't as good a fighter as he was but he was smart, he was always telling your guy to get out of the fights and go adventuring. That way he could do some good in the world and make a lot more money.
One day he had to fight his friend. You can have this go different ways, he could reject at first but eventually start fighting because they treaten to kill them both, or they could execute his friend, keeping him alive as a price fighter, but his friend ends up dead. Afther this he escapes and does as his friend said, he starts adventuring.

You could have him repeating smart things his friend once said. "As (insert friend name) always said you have to get the blood of your sword if you don't want your blood on a sword."

Let us know what you come up with!

I personaly have al lot of dificulty to sleep during the day, they might expirience that to. Also, the bandids are still awake during the day. Asleep they are a more vunarable target.
On the attacking a whole town part, that's suicide for most levels of characters and not chaotic neutral but evil in my opionion.Chaotic neutral might try to sneak away, if it's worth the trouble or looks like fun. If you like it you could keep some decent level good NPC's around.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

19. Inn the Wall, an in build into a city wall with an innkeeper that finds himself very funny.
20. The Velvet Touch
21. Coppers Grave
22. At Work (ideal when your wife/husband asks you where you've been)

Ps. I took the liberty to count the other inns as well.

You lost me in your explanation, can you give an example?

awp832 wrote:
I guess the actual rules are carrying capacity. What I *dont* want to do is somehow open the doors for Bob the Fighter to win initiative and declare he carrys Jane the Barbarian forward 30ft so that Jane the Barbarian can get a full attack on her turn. With carrying cap, I don't see a reason why that's technically not possible.

I don't see any reasons why that technically inpossible, but I know one that makes is technically ilogical. Under ride you can find that "If your mount moves more than 5 feet, you can only make a single melee attack. Essentially, you have to wait until the mount gets to your enemy before attacking, so you can't make a full attack."(click for full text)

Since she has to wait for Bob to get her there it's not logical that Jane gets her full attack.
I have no idea if there are any rules for carrying big things. There might be something RAW there.

Maybe he is also a scientist of some sort..
If it where my dungeon I might have him study dreams, how he can control dreams of others, get information from them or change dreams possibly.
If you want it to be a small encounter someone could be stuk in a dream. (Either a willing subject to a test (if the guy is goodish) or unwilling (if he's evil). The characters could go into the dream to help him get out, but they'll have to fight his nightmares first.

A smaller thing could be that the characters have some information he's interested in. (They could have obtaint it earlier in the dungeon.)
If they rollplay the encounter well (maybe show interest in his studies or tell him where they have been). He could give them usefull information for the rest of there journey or a small item in return.
One last idea: they find a magic item but can't figure out how it works or what it is. (Not even with identify) the sage has the answer.

Oeh, moral dilemmas! Nice! Nice to hear what you've come up with. Let us know if we can help some more.

61. The diehard Amulet (ring, belt, armor, etc.) Stops bleeding when you're below zero and gives heavy fortification.
62. Ever filling tankard, always filled with beer, never spills more than a few drops.
63. A book with a children's story about a little dragon who's afraid of the dark.
64. Boots of Bull Rush +10 speed, three times per day improved bull rush while moving even faster.
65. A crystal that makes it look like you're bare chested while wearing armor.
66. Great sword of Mighty Cleaving
67. Keen longsword

51. Belt that make you look like you're on fire (made does some damage to people close by.)
52. Ring that makes you unable to tell a lie, you can't take it off yourself.
53. Necklace that lowers your voice, giving you a plus on intimidate (you basically sound like Bruce Willis while wearing it.)

Either he can't come back or doesn't want to go back. For both options there are of course a lot of possibilities.

My first thought is:
He has made a really big mistake while beining on his home plane and has basicly been exiled. I have no idea what that could have been, since I have no idea what is illegal on that plane. Maybe he had a love affair with a fire elemental :p.
For general mostly silly ideas: 100 reasons to leave town
They might not be the ideas you're looking for but they could give you inspiration.

Granted! Now you're so fascinated by the mirror you can't go ten seconds without looking at yourself.

I wish I could make up my mind.

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