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Little Red Goblin Games's page

1,203 posts. Alias of Scott_UAT.




10th Level RPG Company/8th level Video Game Developer


10 employees

Special Abilities

Game production!


Oh god don't ask me that. I don't want to have to lie and say "Lawful Good"


Gary Guygax


Tempe Az



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About Little Red Goblin Games

We at Little Red Goblin Games have an unmatched passion for RPG material!
We LOVE to explore venues not typically seen in the 3rd party industry. Some of our noteworthy works include the Necropunk Campaign Setting, Heroes of the East line, and Legendary Levels rules.

We accept public solicitation, however we are not looking to publish anything that is not a finished a presentable product. Contact the below email for more information.

Contact Information:

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