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Little Finder's page

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hello there miss...?" The large mans attention is squarely with Shyvanna. "Ain't you a sight for a down man." It seems like that probably was a complement. Though it isn't clear.

he barley looks away to answer Ezreal. "Can't help with the locating. But you two" Looking to Ezreal and Kayle. "Look like ya get into this kind of trouble a lot. Specially if ya looking at gangs. Take this, it me...kinda....well ya just blow on it if ya need a hand with punching things. Or ejecting people from taverns" he laughs again. "If it gangs ya might wanna try the guards. Bet they know a thing or two." He hands over to you a horn made from what could be mammoth bone. looks old and scratched and well used.

no probs. cheers for heads the heads up.

****~~~~~####GOOD LUCK!!!!####~~~~~****

He stretches his neck and cracks his fingers out in front of him.

"I do not normally get multiple visitors at once. Well not for a reading anyway." he smiles for a moment as a good memory plays in his head. "So secrets of the universe little man and a turn of the cards for you large sir."

He shuffles the cards with the delicate skill of a man who has been doing it for many years. Breathing deeply as he does. he twitches occasionally and looks impatient in his seat but he continues.

The diffused light and muted sounds for outside the tent give the whole show a dreamy feel. Non of you are under any illusions this is a show.

"All of you sit down in front of me and pick a card. Turn it face up anyway you like and put it on the table." he fans out his deck and offers it in reach of you all to pick a card.

He seems like he as done this routine a million times. it seems practiced. whether that means fake or experienced you can't tell. As you are watching him closely he does seem very twitchy. Not nervous or anxious more like his body just wants to move.

Outside the tent the hustle and noise of the place continues. As you watch people do look at you and watch you for while but no one for more than the length of time it takes to walk past you. You can hear what goes on inside the tent clearly. unless they whisper then I will require a check. Whilst outside are you looking for or doing anything in particular?

Sorry things took longer than expected with the guest and sorting things out afterwards. back on track now, thank you for your patience.

Within the stuffy, cluttered tent is a table covered in blue velvet stitched with moons, stars, and arcane symbols. A dusty crystal ball and a dog-eared harrow deck sit upon it. Behind this table sits an aged, bald man with threadbare purple robes and piercing eyes. His skin looks like t has taken on the same tone as the robe. Though it could be light, you aren't quiet sure. He gestures broadly as you enter and states in a tremulous voice, "The Amazing Rise sees all and knows all. A double fist of silver for a turn of the cards or a vision in the crystal; a treble fist of gold for the secrets of the multiverse."

He looks worn and figity but friendly enough.

"Nah, Ain't nothin more predictable then greed. Like I said she ain't the first. Join me in a drink friends and tell me whiy ya here. Other than helpin damsels that is. You two as well." looking over to Trundle and Shvanna. "Aint often I run in'ta League members. The last one drank me under the table. An that takes some doin."

He laughs again and picks his belongings up with one hand. Winking to Ezreal as he does.

sorry the guest is taking longer than I thought to leave. Having to post from work just to get a break. Sorry guys felt rude getting on laptop when guests are here.

I have my partners father over for the bank holiday weekend, so it will be Monday evening before I can post again. Have a good weekend everyone.

I have my partners father over for he bank holiday weekend, so it will be Monday evening before I can post again. Have a good weekend everyone.

that is very cool.

Just a heads up guys, I have my partners father over for the bank holiday weekend, so it will be Monday evening before I can post again.

"Fine!" she points to a large leather looking bag under the till.

Anyone that looks will see a very large leather bag with a pull string top. It looks like it is full of coins. If indeed it is full of gold coins, it looks as if it could hold more than enough to buy the inn three times over.

The large man laughs again and speaks to he bar maid "can't lift it can ya miss?

He looks to Kayle. "The way I look I get judged unfairly by ya small folk. That is by way of me insurance policy. I leave it under the till of any place I stay. I tell the owner,'If I wreck ya place or cause trouble, ya get the whole bag as payment.' As ya can all see I ain't had to pay out once."

Returning his gaze to the bar maid. "Ya ain't the first to send a pretty face my way to get the password."

"It can't be moved or opened without the password. Like I told ya, I paid upfront and I have that as insurance. She ain't the first to try and steal it from me. She is the first to try and get a paladin to do her dirty work though."

His laughing stops abruptly.

"So decide man of your god and ya little friend. Who ya going to believe, the brute or the wench? then we will see if ya can ask me for me name."

The bar maid nods at Shyvana's order and shouts a food order to the kitchen and tries to look ever so busy pouring drinks.

The woman laughs a little and smiles. "He is that tent over there hun. Though take it with a pitch of salt ay love. Don't no one but the gods no whats coming." She points to his tent and then returns to her stall.

As you stand around looking to be found, in a place full of people looking to be lost you do indeed stand out.

A large rotund female moves from behind a stall and heads over to you "You folks lost? you don't look exactly like locals." she gestures with her arms for you to look around. "You looking for someone? something?"

The bar maid flushes red and speaks quickly and harshly. "I don't know what he means, there is no bag under the till." She sharply turns to Shyvana trying to smile and calm her voive. "Anything for you miss?"

The large man laughs whole heartily at Ezreal. "No little man, I meant what I said."

The man had made his points and folded his arms. "Ya heard me story little man, what do you think is under the till? Go ask like I said." He turns his attention to Ereal. "I used to go by a similar creed. Better to apologize than ask permission. As me old man would say. He looked sad for a moment. "It don't get you nothin but bad memories poorly learned lessons. Get a bit of experience in ya, some learnin then see what ya prefer. Though ya got one point, I could jus be a liar. Me proof is under that till. Like I said boy."

gm: 1d100 ⇒ 18

The table was empty and no sooner have you sat down, the bar maid is almost on to of you. quiet clearly trying to look as busy as possible. "what can I get you fine...couple?" more questioning her use of couple and asking for your order. Her back I to the table with your colleagues on it but her attention is clearly split between you and they.

The large man laughs. The sound echoes around the room and can even be heard outside by Shyvana and Trundle as they approach. They walk in to the tavern to scene of Kayle and Ezreal talking to a large laughing man.

"Ya think because she batted 'er big eye lashes at yer and asked the strong men for help, that she were tellin' truth. Ask the wench whats below 'er till. Then ask 'er about the chat we 'ad when I first came 'ere? Ya paladins are all the same. Ya see a large man in a tavern and think he is trouble. Ya think the females are victims. There's a word fer people like that, ya know."

He drinks his bear and slams it down on the table. "Don't forget that ya and yer little friend came in to me room unannounced, poked me awake and then demanded I was a brute and a bully. Then ya took me things without me say so and threw 'em down the stairs." He chuckles a little as he remembers Ezreal tumbling after it.

"Now tell me man of yer god. If someone came up to ya and said; 'I paid fair and square for a bed and drinks. I was then set upon by two strangers who came into me room while I was sleepin. Forced me out under the promise of a drink and then while me back was turned, They threw me stuff around and then force me to leave. All at the want of the lady who I had paid a large amount of money to for the bed.' What would ya tell them? what would yer god say about people who do that? and you little man" Looking to Ezreal. Turning his head from side to side as if trying to pick a response. "What would yer mum say?"

He looks at you waiting for a response. His tone is not whiny nor is ti weak. He speaks accusing and making ma point to you both.

You can see from the dirt map that the area you need is in the West area of town.

The weather is still good and the walk is a pleasant one. You do see a few people on the way who nod and great you as you pass. Before you reach the wall the building look well looked after and the streets are generally clean. You pass through the gates on the wall easily. The guards watch you as you pass but do not stop you.

This area of town is distinctly different, in look as well as in feel. It is clear the side you came from have money and this side does not. The houses look dilapidated and fixed up. The streets are less clean and the people you pass are less well dressed. This does not stop most of them smiling to great you or nodding as you pass.

Washers' Row is a tangle of open-air wash houses, launderers, and wagons and tents-while the bulk of those who live and toil here do so in the laundry and tailoring industries, there are some who practice other trades, such as Rise.

At the southern end of Washers' Row, a tattered banner hanging over the entrance to the small side street advertises "Professor Callivario's Stupendous Exhibition of the Outrageous and Sublime." Beyond this overly exuberant advertisement is a squalid setup consisting of little more than a series of rundown sideshow booths and carts with assorted games and amusements of the meaner sort. To one side, urchins pitch pennies at lily pads floating in a small, scum-covered fountain while a bored carnie looks on. Nearby, the sound of cats hissing and fighting arises from behind a cart where a small crowd of ne'er-do-wells has gathered to cheer and place bets. Everywhere lurk faces pinched with suspicion or hunger expressions worn by carnival workers and visitors alike. This is not the sort of place to be careless with a coin pouch.

Veigar, who was taking particular notice, see's a few more faces but they all seem friendly. He also notices that there is an abundance of purple in the side with money and an abundance of red in the other.

Just waiting n Kayle and Ezreal.

Also my first post seems to be shouting at people. yikes, erm I'm not horrible honest guys.

My life is back on schedule now. Im back baby! lol

The child turns to Veigar and laughs. "Rise, you wont be finding him alone. He can see the future you know. He will know you are coming and if you want to hurt him he wont be there." She turns to Garen. "Are these your friends? I'm Lucy. Though the guys call Me Lucky. Rise is in washers Row, over the other side of town. They have all kinds of great things down there. Though..." She kicks the dirt and looks down sheepishly. "I am not allowed to go near it so don't tell ok."

She grabs a stick and draws a rough map into the dirt. "Down that way, then third left then....oh yes then right then you keep going straight, it full of tents and noise. It's really fun." with that she runs off. "Bye good luck hero's."

I took Viegar's roll and actions as aiding Garen. I understand there was a mix up but I took it as I read it. You work better as a team it seems lol

Trunde & Shyvana:
The tow guards turn to you as you arrive. the younger looking of the guard tilts his head in thought as you ask about Kayle and 'the girl'. "Well there was a rather shiny gentleman in here a while ago, he had a guy with him though." HE turns to the older and higher ranked guard. Who replies, "They went to the tavern I think. The shiny one said he was thirsty. Up that road there, you can't miss it." He points down a main road away from the direction you just came in.

Kayle & Ezreal:
The bar maid attempts to reply to Kayle but is distracted by the banging on her stairs. Rolling her eyes and internally berating herself for asking these to get involved. Sighing she pours the drinks and simply replies. "please get him out."

The mountain of a man looks as his bag is flung down the stairs. A deep growl emanates form his mouth. It quickly turns int to roaring laugh when he see's Ezreal fall down after it. "Nice try little man, that bag as done damage to more people than I have." When he laughs he almost comes across as a reasonable man.

ok do elon and carth want to continue?

GM Roll: 1d100 ⇒ 21

A small child runs past as you step out to ask the residents. Stopping in her tracks. "Hey your that guy from yesterday. Why are you at the guards are you in trouble?" her teasing voice turning from curious to accusing as she speaks.

I have your diplomacy roll, now I need your words and actions.

What are the rest of you doing while Garen and Veigar compete to see who can gather information best?

Trundle & Shyvanna:
You leave the tent of Rise and make your way back through washer's row. The next streets seem much brighter by comparison.

You remember that Kayle and Ezreal had mentioned about going to the Arvensoar to speak to the City Watch. The tower itself was not hard to miss and finding your way there is easy.

The bright weather and smiles of those you pass make the walk all the more pleasant.

Ezreal & Kayle:
"Arrangements little man? I will be leaving when I feel my time is done." He sits in the bar and awaits the keg.

The barmaid throws you a confused and worried look as you enter the bar. "I asked you to get him to leave. Not invite him to get drunk. What is your plan here?"

Ezreal, you find it easy to find his stuff, as it is almost all on the floor. Moving the heaving bag is very difficult but you find creative ways of getting it downstairs.


I have a lot of things on and a deadline coming up this week, sorry everything is happened at once for me and my schedule just went from easy to dam near impossible!

Ive not ran off, im still here just got very busy. NPC her for the fight and ill be back as soon as I get out from the undertow.

Hi Krallek

Not a problem, i understand. I hope you enjoy the games and have fun.

Kayle & Ezreal:
"I have no patience for tricks little man. I will share a keg, but if you try anything there will be more faces than yours that get it. "

Nice role playing and rolling. He is no longer angry and the mention of the work Keg cheered him up. But you are both still strangers and did mention that he was getting kicked out so he doesn't trust you completely.

Trundle & Shyvana:
Excellent work at Rise's you got all the info and the bonus XP for it. Ill update the Xp track when this part of the story is finished.

Are you both headed to find Kayle and Ezreal?

She shows you all out and wishes you luck on your journey. "Pleased to have met you all. Always a pleasure to meet people from the League."

GM: 1d100 ⇒ 81

The woman Veigar grabs lets out a small startled sound as she is pulled down to his height. Her slender frame easily gives when pulled and her large brown eyes look at you from underneath her long blond fringe.

Looking scared for a moment, images of muggings and kidnapping run through her mind til she hears the small mans words. "I..I...I erm. I don't know, I... here take this." She throws her bag on the floor in front of Veigar. Looking at the short man and his large friends as she does. "destroy me?" She blurts out more of a question as to whether you can destroy her.

You didn't roll high on your intimidate check, but she wasn't expecting to be set upon by strangers and she can see Garren and the others. So she isn't completely convinced but she is scared.

Ezreal & Kayle:
"Pfft! if the petty members of this tavern are to chicken to deal with me themselves. What if I say no, little man." He stumbles forward and leans into you as he speaks. He makes no threatening actions just words.

Shyvana & Trundle:
Rise turns to Shyvana. "Look around you young'n. You are in the place where outcasts come to be... casts." His words may be mixed up but his meaning is clear. "We are all unwanted somewhere, but here, here we are family. When we hurt, who cares but us. When you are hurt, who cares but.." Looking to Trundle to see his reaction.

"Natalaya's activities aren't known to me, she was until recently, a member of a Sczarni gang known as the Tower Girls, a group of cat burglars. They are themselves searching for Natalya, and word is that when they find her, she'll be in deep trouble. I don't know exactly what is going on with them but I've heard them say that Natalya went mad before her disappearance." He repeats his information to ensure he hasn't missed anything. the man may charge for what he knows, but when paid he doesn't hold back. He is a man of little principle but what he has he holds to. "Last I heard the Sczarni where down by the docks. A fellow named Fenster the Blight was sharing his warehouse with them. That's your lot."

I shall be busy this weekend till Sunday night. See you all in a few days.

I shall be busy this weekend till Sunday night. See you all in a few days.

I shall be busy this weekend till Sunday night. See you all in a few days.

I shall be busy this weekend till Sunday night. See you all in a few days.

ok cool, have a good weekend.

She nods at Veigar as he thanks her and Tor Sasun as he stands to await answers.

Looking to Garren. "They are criminals, do not misunderstand that but they have a good eye for who is the greater threat. when that isn't my guard, they leave them alone or help out. When it is my guard, well thats the times we have trouble." Thinking for a moment on Lux's question."That could be a problem-tracking down any of the Sczarni gangs is tricky. Non of my informants knwo where there current were abuts are. Fenster the Blight may know more."

Trundle & Shyvana:
Rise takes the money. Only 50GP of it. If there is more he leaves it on the table.[/b]"Good, good. Sit and talk a while with me."[/b] He leans forward and continues to talk. "Natalya Vancaskerkin.... she hasn't been heard from among the Sczarni. Many folk along the waterfront, both here in Beacon's Point and over in Dockway and Underbridge, have been disappearing of late-a few each week, in fact, with many simply vanishing out of their very beds at night. I suspect that Natalya is among those who have disappeared"

His face turns bitter as he continues. "as long as only poor Varisians and other destitute folk are being targeted, the chances of the city doing anything about the disappearances is nil."

"theory is that the vanished folk are the victims of slavers who then secretly sell them offshore at night to Nidalese ships-but I don't put much stock in such rumors."

Kayle & Ezreal:
The man wakes up and slowly and heavily curls to a stand. Mountain may have been an understatement. A big wall of a man walks forward. You swear you can feel the ground shake. "Which one of you woke me up?" He says as he swaggers over to you both.

"One should be careful when detecting if a God is magic." You begin to feel better, the pain leaves your head and you are able to see and stand once more.

Elon takes his hands of his head and Graves helps him to his feet.

Ezreal & Kayle:
"Thank you,, please try not to damage the Inn. the quieter this can be done the better." She shows you to the room and leaves quickly adding before she disappears downstairs. "Be careful boys."

You are looking on an a fairly well decorated room, a sturdy looking bed. Which considering its content, its sturdiness was an asset. What can only be described as a snoring mountain of a man is laid over the bed. The room strewn with various clothing and empty tankards.

Shyvana & Trundle:
"50gp. I have information you need, you have nothing I need" He looks cocky but now a little unsure of his circumstance. Both roles where low, in Shyvana's case her words have helped a bit and in trundles case his actions, So I have taken it that the diplomacy has not been good enough for him to lower his price but combines with the intimidate he is now wary of what you both may do, but not scared or intimidated.

Kayle & Ezreal:
"Keep your money friend. I have a patron upstairs who needs to leave and pay his bill and bar tab. He has refused to do either and has scared most of my staff. If you two can get him to leave and pay up, Ill share what I know."

Your head hurts, It hurts a lot, Take 10 non lethal. Before the flash of pain your senses tell you that this is strong magic. Strong enough that no earth bound thing could make it. You cant get enough thougth together to talk. (until I state otherwise) and you cant stand up.

Elon falls to the floor, sitting and holding his head. Graves speaks sharply. "Leave him! he will be fine shortly."

Make me 2 will saves please Elon.

Ezreal & Kayle:
"Well wine I can do. As for gossip maybe. I hear a lot of it, I would need the subject narrowed down somewhat. For two handsome gentleman such as yourselves, well I guess I could help. For a price. The tall dark haired woman who's curves where made all the more obvious by her clothing.

Thank you Krallek.

It is frustrating as a GM. I have been giving you all information that pertains to the man story and some side storys as well. The lack of sharing makes it difficult for me to keep everyone interested and involed. I am a relatively new GM as well so there are some issues from my side as well. but I agree with Krallek.

Kasadei listens to your questions and referring again to her notes she replies. "The Sczarni are a large group made up of different factions. They each have different agenda's and will often come to clashes with each other. The Wreckwash Blades are one group. Thieves and racketeers, anything that will make them a profit regardless of the moral implications. The Tower Girls, well they are different, they are the more...tolerable group. They have helped out some of my guards on a number of occasions. Escorted us through some of the more undesirable sides of town. Warned us of trouble, that sort of thing. We have very little quarrel with them when they aren't breaking our laws."

She also gives you directions to the warehouse and tells you that you can get maps from the market.

"Is there anything else you need?"

Trundle & Shyvana:
Rise sits back in his creaking chair. "Sczarni you say... Aaaah... Secrets! Perhaps my greatest trade! 50gp gets you that particular secret." He will not touch the money on the table. He looks pleased and comfortable.

Kayle & Ezreal:
You enter the Fumble arms. A decent looking tavern. Bright enough on the inside and clean. A barmaid greats you from the bar as you enter. "What will it be boys?". No one pays you any mind but her. There are three men playing cards in the back and a few people dotted about drinking.

"Please join me inside, It is a warm day and I prefer not to discuss things in the open." Ignoring the looks from the short male trying to demean her, looks were nothing when some of the people she came across could cleave her in half. She takes you all one floor up. To what looks like an office. It is possibly the neatest most well organized room you have seen. If this was set now your characters woudl swear she had OCD. She offers you all seats where she can and continues.

"Known hang outs?... She looks through some files. "She's a petty burglar known to run with the Tower Girls. They don't stay in one place to long. I did hear a few months back the Tower girls had a run in with another Sczarni gang, The Wreckwash blades. Rumors have it that after the run int hey slummed it in an abandoned warehouse. I think Fenster the Blight had lodgings in the same place."

Silently reading her notes she looks to you all to see you have followed what she said.

Apologies Shyvana. I was worried for a moment but no you are correct I did state tents and I guess the stereotyping was fair enough given the setting lol.

My policy on metagaming remains the same but I understand you weren't and it was miss understanding in this case.

Shyvana, Trundle:
Rise looks at the gold and takes it. "Natalya is a common name...Sir. Why come to a fortune teller? IS she your betrothed, do you need a reading?" he speaks quickly and with practiced flourishes of his arms, sleeves and cards.

Kayle and Ezreal:
the guards turn to Kayle, "We are not a tavern. There are many good watering holes in the area and the will look after a thirsty traveler. A message will be sent to our head to expect you both back later"

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